The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1948
Page 11
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TU1SDAY, JUNE 15, 1948 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.y COURIER NEWS Home Price Rise Halt Is Predicted Increasing Number Of New Houses to Be Stabilizing Factor ^ CHICAGO. III.. June 15.-Prl.ces of Vxisting homes should stabilize gradually In the coming months as more •«nd more dwelling units are added to the present housing supply. It was predicted today by Morton Uort- mh. Chicago, chairman of the Kxe- cutlve Comimttee of the United , ioll un i» States Savings anci Loan League. " • , . , . . , Bodfish made this forecast us he ™ e '' o>lse ' designed by James announced distribution of a special ' La£ Augel«« archiUct, circular to the United Slates Lea- stresset oul <ioor activities and pri- gue's more than 3000 member sav- vacy ' lhct ' e ^ an aouiidance! of ings and loan associations and co- i widows '« couple closely outdoor and indoor living, and a generous House of Tomorrow Design Puts Emphasis On Pleasure, Comfort and Modern Living Desiged with emphasU on pleftft- nre and comfort, thU houM, with umt&sumkttg architectural lines th»t could be compatible with mo«t locations, offers a, host of planned features lor mod*rn living. Contrived to taVc lull advantage of JU beachfront site, it combines two units. One is for conventional living, the other for recreation.' While arranged to work u a team, these units undoubtedly could be replanned as .separate structures, the larger one to plete house, the other u as a com- operative banks, giving details of a half to two billion dollars into the financing of new homes ranging in I price from 54,000 to 510,000. One of 1 lavse ** the expected effects of the League j lainou ;S drive is to steady tlie prices of exist- Clecttic Kangt Ha* Oven Qptding in Top A lo»- cost electric rang* hu top-opening automatic, oven th»t bnkcs or rousts entire meal* In, lifl-ouL compartment* or b*kr> I cake's, pies, etc. without conipart-1 monts In place, ( This oven hus an nHoinulf broil-1 rr-grldtllc uccosoiy. imports Pracll- i nil lliillder. Chicago J. and Urge iulair roohiiijj units »llh 1 cook- I Inn speeds. Timing clock control* oven and entire twv Is planned for convenient utensi ing homes. Terming ihe anticipated steadying in the price of used homes "a simple matter of supply and demand", Bodfish asserted: 'As the supply of new low-priced housing is increased, we will notice lav^e bodies oi water or in mouri- rc^ions. Glaitt Hlock in Sialrwell K The formal entrance i« on the i street side. It opens'into a stairwell vestibule, which is flooded with daylight from large panels of glass block installed at right angles on the lower stairs. Translucent but ~o,,, 6 ,„ ,, lull:11 .«u. we win iiouce " ot transparent, these panel* ob- more pronounced slackening in' strlict the view o[ Passersby out. We demand for older, existing units, j ! >rt>vide abundant light on tlie J> shrinking demand, in housing asl curvlll!r stc ! M elsewhere, eventually results in a I Tlle '"'ing room, to the left of reduction of scarcity premiums i the vestibule, is Integrated with the which have been paid for homes" dining room and an outside porch, Can Aid Average Buyer an arrangement affording spacious- By concentrating on low-priced ' ICSj ' for entertaining. Tlie pivotal homes, said Bodfish, the League's P 0 ' 111 is lhe larse Ilr tP lac «, 'lusU progrom will also help to prevent'*'"' 1 tne wa " antl w 'thouL mantel tile average buyer—in search of a ! ornaincntatlon. On one side » wide home—from being priced out ' market. The U. S. League's drive was in- "-~ i——• ••-"• «...- -. i— augurated at the recent meeting of viding entry back into the dining it,s Executive Committee. Commit-1 room. tee members feel certain that the Tll e living room-porch door drive will win support from all seg- abuU against a right-angle instal- ments of the public and "should set' lation of glass block panels ttiat a definite pattern for the entire | provides diffused daylight in one housing industry." Bodfish said that the drive should prove definitely encouraging to prl- . vate home builders desiring to expend every energy toward providing jtfow-priced homes. More low-priced ".ernes, he added, mean a solution to the housing problems of a great number of average American families desiring private home ownership. League officials will meet with savings and .loan executives through-. nut the nation to discuss plans for carrying on the drive in various areas. Comfort i. Ihc le,tur'e ol "thi, im» e ln»Uvely.pU n nc<J Jer further protection against bins- ™ rnpr ',,f i-, a r ,^ 11 ,, ..i.. «.;,, 0 ,... ,„. terv weatlur oi'tcii encountered near ' orner ? f '" c room plus pnvary There nrn s'-ccping accominoilnllons i,,L i^rtinc «r ,,.,i., ^ i« ,«^,.,,_ rom a «JO'n»>8 neighbors. Al inglit ! m (he room for four cucsls, Ijrina- . the room for four gucsls, brins- the panels work in reverse by i!- ing to ten the number ot persons ruminating the porch when interior lights ate on. Uie c;ui accommodate over- nlglil. The arrangenienl of tint remain- i . bnl( . ollv „,.„,„,, ,,„,,, .„ &SJ&H& SS.SK, ^ j j"™'-if ;;-!?£- ^u c r ri H do 'i rroin , ^ cmi111 ?' ^ "CW^•«"™,,f P u f b ''f l°, a ± '° ' ^l': 0 ™"'/" 1 : '•<»«' »•'""> "n, fine "^mre" Jln- | lal security !i»ri!Ui:j some 750.000 - isincn and otli;r fluployea paid on it cotnml.s.slnn hasl^. | The vote to 'jvvjilrte WM Ml lo 75. This «ns 40 vo'os more Hum tho iicc'essary two-tliinls niikJoiUy ntcu- «1. ATHLETES FOOT GERM HOW TO KILL IT. IN ONE HOUR, IT NOT PLEASED, your »5o back ASK any dniL'Rfit for tht* STRONG fitnz.c.irc. TE-OL,. Mid* with M Vrr- ccnt alcohol H PENETRATES. Re*c\i~ • • >»4 kllti MORE. r*rm» U«t«r. ,f arch leads to tlie dining room; on the other a door opens onto the porch, with still another pro- able foi quests or a maid. Adjacent to it is the lavatory. For a rinse after an ocean clip, there is a first floor shower that can b>i entered only through an exterior door. Kitchen Crossroad! The kitchen has entrance doors into both the bedroom and ft?e dining room, plus one to an outside service walk and another into the two-car attached garage at the rear. This permits a free flow of tratfic from the most important service room without impairing the functional convenience of the L- shaped kitchen unit. The garage, and it. 1 ; overhead rumpus room, constitutes a separate unit that was designed sol'j-y for beach activities and recreation. clowsjor a view ol the bench. This room, amply large for ItniirffmpLu parties is fittetl with ft bar, commodious closets for clothing and I beach K<?nr, and a b nth room with ! .stall shower. A gloss block panel in the bathroom nlfonls abundant d ay light ana privacy from persons occupying an Adjoining sun deck, I'rivucy Assured This rttxik Isolates the rumpus ; room from Llic main portion of the j Overwork, undue worry, and l»ck of c»r- housc. It can be entered from the Red Blood Cells Must Be Kept Up Iff Yon Want To Feel Alive Thousands Now Regaining Old Time Pcp»Vigor ao3 Drive Bjr Releasing Vibrint EnergyTo Every Muscle, Fibre, Cell Some Veterans May Pay Lower Real Estate Taxes War veterans in several states are paying more in real estale taxes than is necessary, acording to institutions lending on home mortgages. This is because sonic states have laws permitting a veteran to apply for lowered nssessments on property bought wholly or partly with proceeds from pensions, bonuses or in- Czech Premier Prlyftej without hamperlnr » '"11 flow »f tratte. I'imipus room or from either of The upstairs bedrooms. It is slmpeci ec- CL'nlrlcEilly to assure individiml privacy for its users. Large gloss blocVi panels, set tu right angles over a tub in a bathroom serving both bedrooms also stress this respect for privacy. I« addition, (he hollow construction of the block provide:* insulation to. prevent cold down- drnfis into the tub on chilly Uuys. The window arrangement In botn bedrooms help fulfill the desire of the owner- Stanley Campni), to blond outdoor and Indoor living without sacrificing seclusion. The master bedroom in the front ol ths* house, hn.s ctoub.e sets of corner windovv.s, bui only one opening T; the street., side. The smaller txxl- room has ft U-shaped bank of five windows, but only qne visible from the street, Reco^n mitR Unit ensy maintenance and functional planning HP; as essential to recreation as to everyday living, the arciiltccL has — —.. ,_... provided an abundance of "close 1 , hclps BulM stuj space throughout and an arrangement of floor space and entrances to facilitate a convenient flow of traffic for all purposes. In (his vein, long-tasting stucco, and reduoocl paneling have been used as exterior finish. . lain foods often rethice* the rpd-blood I strength — rind starved, wet It, puny blood Just hMii't tho power to k«*p up your euerify and drlv*. Every day—every hour—million* of tiny red-hlood-ceUi must pour forth from the marrow of jour bone* to replace those tliat ar* worn-out. A low blood count may »fiect you In KCVKII ways: ao appetite, underweight, no enerpy, » run-down condition, lack of resistance to In fret ton and dlMu*. To get real relief you iziuat k.wp up your blood •tT*n|fth.Medical authoeltlM, hy AnalyAla of the blood, hnv* by positive proof shown that SSS Tonic 1« •mazlnKlr effect,v« In build In* up low blood atrength, in non-organic nutrition nl anemia. Thin la du« to th» B8S Tonic formula which contains apodal .and potent activating lU£redt«nU. Also, BS3 ,Tonlc h«lpi you tnjoy th» food you eat, by Increasing tlie fajtrlo digestive Juice when It la non-organl* tally too little or scunty—thus the atom- •cli will have little caUM in Rftt baity Mth Raa. bloat and give off that aour Jood taste. 1 Don't w«ltr Jtnerfiz* TOUT body with Hell, red-blood. Start on BBS Tonic now. As vigorous blood xurgea throughout your whole body, jr*»t«r fr«chne*« and strength should make ymi rat bettfr, sleep better, feel better, work better, play better, liavn a healthy color (low In your (ikln— nrm flrsh fill oitt hollow plnces. Millions of bottle* sold. Get a hottfe from your drujr <tor«. S8S TOOlO An Ion in 7apotocky. above. v;n- n.imcd to succeed Kfcmcul G"(;tt- vv - a]d as premier of C/echoi-lo- vakia DV the National Coah'tior Front. Gotlwaid was namcc president to i :place £duar4 Benes. New Washer Disappears When Not Being (/sec/ A new Streamlined Conventloii- rU Washer rises from square enameled steel cabinet when lid is removed and foot pedal pressed. Tvi4 is elevated flush with cabinet, top and full view wringer tiau> finger- lip safety controls, says Practical Builder, Chicago 3. Pump control, drain hoe« and electric cable fit inside cabinet whdn tub and wringer are dropped back iuo ana wringer are oropped back H ° USe Q 0 '^'/ Overrides -inside on special counter-balanced : President Truman's Veto spring mechanism. Read Courier News Want Ads WASHINGTON, June 15. lUP>— The House yesterday quickly overrode President rn'mfi I's veto o' a. bill which would exclude from snrance granted by the United States or the state in which he lives. i That part of the purchase price' which came from such payments is exempt from assessment in states , having this legislation. The ' same benefits are available to veterans' by widows with proceeds from dead veterans' national service insurance. In New York, for example. 1,5,000 of the purchase price is exempt from realty tax. Inquiry at local tax collection offices will reveal whether exemptions are permitted. ^ STOP ITCHING • DISCOMFORT TONIGHT • , Enjoy the loothinrand comfort- _ mx medication of Cray's Oinl- * G RAY'S "o INT"MIENT C IlllHEXIIC KfFSOOUCTIOIli OF FtMOUS SCOTCH PIUBS { .W* ltyt« In Vitchtfl >r^t DfrlW f Select yow DEAL'S Paint iml Wallpapw Store) IM K. M»ta St. ... And it's Importance in Helping to Keep Down Disease and Epidemic Cleanliness of our bodies, as well as our general surroundings, is of vital importance in checking disease. Too, water is the most vital factor in the functions of our sewage systems. These are only two of the reasons why an abundance of water must be available at all times. Our staff is ever on the alert to protect and maintain this water supply . . . and their efforts are always directed toward providing our patrons with an improved service. Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" Bigger and Better Y*s, Charley's Electric Shop is now bigger »nd better. We have just added a new (ruck lo our present facilities' in order to serve you heifer. So, for prompt, expert, complete Electrical Service, come to (he place equipped to handle your problem: 1C* V CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP "Service Is Ntrt Our Motto — It's Our Huslness" 112 So. 5th Si. Phone 2993 BROADCASTING v The Antw«r To .... . . . Your Water Heating PROBLEMS! Your w»uc hating problem] «nd ch* momtnt yon juvc an automatic eltctrit watt h«*icr innilltd tiett't why: • Elmric»r heating ii 11 clian and dtptn- da6/f as rlfctric lights. It'«cl» in —inside and out. Bt- cjtut it's flrcrric, there it no fiet, or flame, no fines, no soot—nothing to create dirt. 0 It'i automata. Onc« initalled, -foot electric w.itn htater requirei no mention. It« action is completely automatic, controlled by » thermostat that requires no watching—no constant re-setting. £ It'i M/V Flamelew and fumeleji. Nothing to bfow up and caust damage to family or home. A It'i fdaptibt*. Pttmiti short water linn and requires no flue or vent. £ It'i tconomictl. All of th« hot wi(«r jott nitd for only a f«w c«nti a day. See your friendly tltctric tppliamt Jfalrt todty. H.ive him (ell you more about these big plus features and the many oiher advantages that you'll find in in automatic <lemk water hcaltf. in Automatic ELECTRIC WATER HEATER Ark-Mo Power Co,

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