Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1927
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ^^^^^ TlkllOtA DAILY KEGISTFR. FRIDAY EVENING. DECEMBEK 2.1927. riuPOSSIBILITIES A lllUe cloud climbed up the sky, -AViih purpose and Intent. ^ jTo hidca sliining silrer moon. Before its lile was'spent. , But all serene, the liwon slione on An'd soon the' little < loud was gone. A iiiilp trolililo trieil'one day To dal-keh'a glad heart. To sp+ead lt.4elf and gro^- .so big Tliat.'aU else must depart. RUTH REMUS IN COURT Woman's AuxQiarr Meets An all -day meeting of the.iWOni- an"3 .Auxiliary of St. Timothy's lipiscdpal churth was hold yester- atiy in. the hpnie of Mrs. A. K. Barker. 24)3 North Cottonwood atreet. i .Mrs. O. L. Cox. president, was in cliarge of the business .meeting in which committees .were appointed til lake care of the'annual all -day bazaar whiih will be held Dccem- 1 lier 10 at tiie K. C. Electric & ! r'iunibing Co., and in-connection with which there will be a cooked ; j food sale. .Mrs.'A. K. Barker, Mrs. But haRpfnefs was there to xtcsy j. M. Lam^r, .^rs. G. F. Ueynolda And so the trouhlo crept away. {ami y\ri. O. II.. Cox will preside -^Alife Wllsop Olroyd in the -New.; nv«r tho In the forenoon Ti'ork: Herald. ; and .Mrs. l»gaa Hunsaker. Miss —• I Ivie IlAll. .Mi>-. .\. A- Sehell, .Mrs. . . ..^ .. „ , I ,\. 1). ^;ori!t)n. .Mrs. IC. I'endarvls, tllis ^AnnmH ( har .ty B:i.l ; ,„,, ^j^^ ,_,„.,. Hj,„„..on JamlesoiT The annual charity bill - uniicr : i,, ii,o afternim)!. .Mrs. Howard ^hi> au.sjilces of tho fi. I'. O. .Stmborough will act as cashier. Klkji, whicir WPS hi'lil last ni«ht in i Tii.. itov. and .Mr.s. Tlionias Getz the club room?. W ;IB attended by a' Hill of Chanutr, idtendi-d the racel- large crowd o"" congenial vatrons i in^: , and was pr<.nnnn.eft a siuial and | „„.,?ilng of tile auxiliary financial aucce.^s. Tben- was danc-i ^.j,,, y^-^^ I). Cordoift 310 ing from nine imlll twelve o cU,<k i ^,.„„,. \va.«hin»jtnn avcnuo ^ when iti excellent mnsi<- furniMie.I by.,,,,. ,„,.,„i,ers ijre aSkcd to hrlnj* Youngbcrgs Orchestra of Ottawa., .jjpi,. ..,;.,„„„j. ,;^.r,rudo-Vand "Sun- Tho proceeds from the dance will - ny Susan" bags, lie turned oyer to ihc ICIks social! " <••>•> iind communiiy welfare fund to b.'] - S|ii 'clnl Sunday IMnnor, niioii used in supplying ilolliing anil oth-|:ini! c^enlnt', .Vic, ".If, Kriley Ilutel. or necessary thing.-; ror ino.lyi chii-j -'• •'• •'• dren during the winier The guests were: M-ssrs ^he Church of the United Brethren ' In Christ. Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Preachfng, 11 a. jn. Junior Christian Sndeavbr, 11 a. ni. Intermediate and. Senior Christian Endeavor. 6:30 p. m. • Sermon',;7:30.p. TO. At the moniing service Mr. Geo. Busley will sing "The Temple Gate" by Knapp, with violin obllpato. In the evening fiervlce the -^hoir win sing. rOnr;*y," oy T- D. Williams. JThere will a so i)e a' s.-.e- cial by the male auaitctte. We hopt you will fi-i; it convenient to attend nil ct ih • o ::crv- ices. E. N. MO.VTGOMKRY ••u.::r. Chiirch of the Xazarene. (Corner Sycamore and Monroe.) Sunday school 9:45 a. m. followed by preaching by the pastor. Subject, "God's Call and Our Need." This is a call with which few are familiar. God does not often call to? banqueting but often commands His servants to proclaim a time of fasting and prayer for the in- ;cr?sts of His kingdom. There never was a a series of three sermons to.yotini^ people. These sermons have come out if a qtiestidnnaire recently serft out to 100 students in Tola. The answers, reflect the interest of yon^g people in this church and those who do not attend church I elsewhere ar ^i cordially invited to l ^ttend these services. A question box will be open for the use of any who wish to ask questions on the church or religion. H. G. MATHIS, gastor. 6M .ft Cwt UHfii- H E S-rA*<^o <o fOREC\.QSE LAHARPEAND ITSCJTIZENS .Mrs. SU'lla (ireen Kntertnfns Y. M. (lull. ;I.:iIlarpe< nnd .Momn Kfnir's irrrnld .>i Hold Party. j l»(rro(hy Krbphiih L«Mffc „ and i Hnlds »MpetIn'j- Mesdames W. M. King. I). 1'. NoiUi- j .Svunly-fiv*- pcr'-ons atlenilcil rup, F. .M. Stocker, Yates Center; ' i^n- regular mnnlhly meeting of the L,. B. Chevalier. .I. .G.-:>iitteibacli, Dorothy Kebekah lodge which was, Lfoyd Carter. Howard ,\;ilior. \V. Held ib the I. O. O. F. hall. L. Cox", n. W. IJ.irry. C: A.. Swig- After the businesjs a short pro- gett, L. O. Xorilitup, I>?gari Hun-i gram was given. Li^'ster Cota ' tsakfir, C. H. Shields. Kenneth Kousi, j playtd two iiiano s^elections and W. S. Fees, Hohico .Milor. -M. B. ».Mi.s'; .lessie • Hackett gave a group Brownficld, Emerson, K. Lynn. J. I of readings. The remainder of. the • D. Mittelbaeh. AV. G. Hurnside. .A.' time wa.>; spent In piaying games, R. Enfield, Louis Sclilanger' Frank • and re fresh nients were served. McCarthy. L. .V. <;i-:i, .Mo! i :..'iik, %• •:• . Misse.s Itobcrta Fronk. .Mc - ' I'iiy Teacher's <'lub Holds Donaid. .">lary I.'-abil (.'iorr. lintli Dinner Jll ll»»lel. Krllcy Jllshop, Carol .Gi-ovi-r. l:::v !..i'a\*ill. • Tht* .second meeting (if the city • Leola .\l^Granalian. Cli.mun: Fran- iiacliers lliis yc-j>r wasi held last ces Wiihite, Lila Gavin.H>therKiat.-.., !iiplit at t!ie Ilorei Keljcy with a . ElizalK'th Smith. .Alaryl)i-lle i'l'd- i dinner at six-tliirty o'clock and a gett. Mabel Chatnvui, -MnM^ur j pr;' leaturiug an address by ahce.. Edith Dollison. IJoalvici' iI;-Mr. J. H. Clcnieni, superintendent ?^lurray. Helen Hn!)l)a:-il. Ci::: Hi I : of iJie Indepemience.' Kansas, = Orovei-. Irene Corr..'^I:•.Kine .Milo. , si-'aocHs. Mr. Cienwnfs outstand- Helen .Mllo;'."tles.sra. A'ernosi Pug-! thought wa.'i for better teach, gant Harbld :Troutman. .liiseph Ohe-! inj:: in th> scliools and his address f^^yg Opal Mitchell.) i:aike. Reiniert Hanson. Buster' wa.s exceTJtionally fine. Ther^ were r . tr, nui.-' ir vv tn Hammel. X. J. Brigham. .•\ngelo C. cover.s for seventy-three teachers. ,, ^'^L^-^"'f • , ^^"*'' A,;' ,7, Scott. .Morris Litwin. l.oni.s Snnth. : ii'-retororo the, teachers have G. T. Andrews and i>!iss Clara ,-^Vm. Hess. jr.. H. II. Dick-rsou. hcl.l meeting.-, ^iter ..haool but ''''''•'f ^'=^ accompanied b> .fifteen , Harold Mc.Neely. John Krupp. C., hereafter the plan of last night's '"embers ot the Kings ¥ era Ids of •SVillIam.son. Leo' R«^ine:-.' .lack i meeting will be continueil and an"- ^'-'-i-. -i.„r,.h .Ir<^,e to .Mo- i-ong. Charles Sutherland. I'hiliiir address by a prominent educator W. AVauph, .r. Merle Bollinger. .less I will Ije the program. . C. Benson. P. L. Newton, jr.. .M. H: I •> •> • Milo- Dr. F. L. B. Lea veil. Dr. and | Knlcrtafns wilh Uirihday Party Mrs. iVilton McCarthy, of Des | Mi.^s cleda McGuire entertained aioines, la. ^ ^ ^ . a.^v jriends last night in her . • '•']'''. *** ' home nl 'ion .\orth Kentucky street JCircle.s Coniplete ttork , , ^ ;„ i,„n „r of the birthday of' Mr. for Today s Bazaar Hay ijaker. Circle jmeetingfi of the Geiiieral (jamcs and mut-ic were the chief diverHions aiul refreshments .were s.lTved. The gncsts were: .Mr. Ray Baker. M!ss Relt^ siierrlll. Miss .Marjorie (inick. .Miss Evelyn Quick. .Mr. and .Mr.s. jliinild Baker, .Mr. and Mrs. I C.;rl .Mlililleion. .Mr. and .Mrs. , . Axsocrate Bible StudcuSs Pythian Temple cjornn- V.'a'iing- ton and West sil-cils 10:do a. ni. Scripture ! Uj»ly for adult u'nd junior Bible stH?.ents company. Adult topic: "The i.of the New Creation." Roni. 2:15. Junior topic: "The Deliverer" (Review). 11:00 a. m. "Why In Sccuiity." Psalm 91:JMU. 7:.'50 p. m. "Oellverance." Wednesday: 428 East .Monroe street at 7:."0 \>. ni. prayer praise and testimony 8or\-Ice. Bible.text: 'All Thy Works Shall praise thee." Psalm 145:10. E. W. BOTLEMAN, sec'y. Fre« M«thoilist Chnroh. The revival meeting at the Free Methodists chhrch has been progressing nicely. Services every night at 7:30. 1 Z Bev. C. B. Archer, our .district elder, will be with ibs as evangelist lis" kingdom There i^''^ "'^•^^Comeand never was a time when conditions!'"^"'" ^"'^ preacher of the gos- dcmanded divine aid and a world-! "^Lf. > \. „,^^ mnr« thon rinw T Pt I Ottn't miss thcsc subjects: "The great ca^I o£the ag|s." "God's Mas- wide reviv^al more than liow. Let »t iiumble pur9-?lves anij Implore His favor and mercy. See Ezra 8:21-23. The Sunday school at Rock Creek will be followed by preaching. ' Booster Band and N. Y, P. S. at. 6:30 p. m. At 7:30 the service will! tcniece." "The Battle of Armageddon." "Eternity." "God's Invisible Arinv." "A Lost SouVs Flight to Hell." "What Makes a Church Pow-- erful"^' "The Judgment Scene, I'The God-P!anned Life," "The a- -. - . .; Prodigal's Reception." The Gumy be evangelistic and the theme is p-_^ ..ip,,te •• 'Christ, the Light of ••mal Characteristics of a Chris- ' j_ \vorld'' tian." • ' • Ruth Remtis. step-daughter of George Remus. Cincinnati bootlegger on trial for the murder of his wife, is shown here ah she appeared m court waiting to testify for the prosecution. The girl was with her mother when Ronius shot her. I>adie!i' Aid -society of the First Methodist Epi^Ji opal. chnn-Ii were Jfcld Ibis week to complete work i'or the annual bazaar which is being held t/iday. and tonight in the <-hurch basement. Circle .No. 4 met .Tucsdny after v.ircie .Ml, H iiiiTL • I II. .^itiij ...K. , noon in the home of Mrsj Honn.r KrancLs Bremer, Mr. Joyce Wilson. Dugjgan with Mrs. Clau'dc. liarkcr' ,A1r. Loon.Trd Cummlngs and .Mr. Jind Mrs.-Ira Snell asi.^siiiig and i Albert Alley, the'meetitig in charge of tile pre:'i-1 <• • rient. Mrs. H. AV. Trl<h. | Woninn's .Mlsslomiry Such-iy .Herts j Circle No. 1 met yesterday afli.r-j Tiie Woniaii's Missionary society upon Iwlth Mrs. Dene f'.ilUie, .Mrs. • of the I'nited'ltri,-thren church met VanCiimp, .Mr.?. E.schelnian ;IMII : ycsti'rd^iy afternoon In the social Mr.s. C. A. Rei(l in liie hnnu- of ^hvlienni of the church ynd wii,s pve- former, the meeting hciii!? nnde!" irsiiied over b.v the jiresident. Mrs.' the direction ot the president. .Mrs., .M-ibel .Manning, y. G. Lawyer. .Vanies and, loiatioiLS of rnileil Circle No. 7 met-ycstcniay afli-r-; Brethren nii.-'sioiiarles were given noon with Mrs. Jlerman Tholen. in .iiiswer to roll <:itjll. Mrs. G. S. j •with Mrs. C. B.'Stephens ain! Mrs. Hi? hiip. was in cahrbe of the ies- T.'E. Nordgren as.sisling and the s.iii on ".V Trip Throilg.h Palestine." (he .Methodist church ilr<5ve to .Moran Saturday where they «njo>^I a part.v with the Kings Heralds of the .Morani church. Those going from hero were: Florence Roe, Irene Hoc. Thelma Stevenson. iMaxine Cole. Tvon Stepliens, Kenneth Stpj.hens. George Danfortb. Klaine Kerr. I'von Kerr. Edna Flack, .Mable .lohnsoii. Clair Johnson. Inez Griffin. Marie Yancy, Dorothy CuitLs ami Ruth Curtis. Tho Y. .M.. club was pleasantly entertained at the home of Jlrs. , Stella Green Wednesday afternoon, I'.Voveniber 2:t Tho afternoon W.TS spent with faniy work and mus,ic. The hostess, a.s.sisted by .Mrs. Viliu (ircen and .Misses Wamlu aufl Sarah (ireeii, served!». Barker. .Mrs. Edna Icr. .Miss Clara, drove to Cherryvale Sunday taking their daughter nnd sister who has been visiting them, home. Xir. and .Mrs. W. C. Crowell en*- ter(ained -Mr. .and .Mrs. George Ford of Sand Springs. Okla.. Saturday. ^ • The propcrt.v belonging to. Jess Bniwn in the west part of (own. better- known as the I'. E. ()odown place, is reiK)i'ted sold and the house will be inoved out of town. Byron C:owell cain.? home from P'ittsburg to spend: Thanksgiving with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Crowell. •Mr. aiijd Sirs. Jake Hoke from near Clianute visited here Sunday. Ralph Crowell oil Grace. Idaho, and Lawrence Crowell of lola, spent* Thursdav night with Byron Crowell. * t LAMAIIPK. .Nov. :!0:^-Tho junior class of the high siilit'ol enjoyed .1 party at the home of .Ada .\lura- bau^h l''ii(Itiy <;\-eiiing. November 2T,. prcscn' wore: .Alisses M;irie .McCIinnis. ..AU-ircclla Wooil. Riifli C'lowell. Einmn Shanglinessy, Mlldre:! Robinson, and Ad:'. .Mum- baugh. .Alessrs. >Va'r."n Sellman, ill..-Ian Kf.nisbe'-^. I.a-.vreiice M<»ans. R^iiicM (".in'p'i"ll...;'Mii)! i-y Uathrom. I'lillip l'.'nsmiiiger|.;!';'l spofr-or. Mr. SlaytoH. : •.\ir<?. Tom Grev.'i' received word ' First Methodist Church. Sunday school, 9:45. .Aloming worship, 11. Subject. "Christian Character." I Junior Epworth League, 5 -p. m. Intermediate Epworth League. 5j /•Seplor Epworth League. i:3^ p. ni.l I Evening worship. 7:30. Subject] Christ's Joy iU; Life." ' Oiir services are planned for liiu- tual helpfulness. AVe beMeve that there is help here for the si<-k of sotil. for the disappointed, for the discouraged and the hungry soul. AVe also need help and inspiration In times of prosperity and happiness. Let us also find these in tJie House of the Lord. C. n COLDS.MITH._Eastor. CARRIE M. FLOAVER. pastor. Chri-«tlnn Chnrrli. | Come to the Rally Day services j of the Christian cljurch Bible school at 9:4."> a. m. Sunday. Dr. Harold Lo'vitt. superintendent, will have charge. Special music and classes for all ages. A goal of r.oO attendance has been set; let's mak-,' it noi. Iilev. J. I^e Releford will | at' the morning service of . the j church at 11 a. m. Every membei All arc welcome. Services every ; night next week. • I REV. B. KIER>Pastor. 0 I The BapUst Temple AVe are hoping for a .real reaction from the Brotherhood ban- •iiiet held last Thursday evening. Sixty men sat down to the tables and it was really a riiosl Interesting event. Let us alf he'in our places in the class on Sumlay morning at 9:45. The pa.stor will "begin an ex- wbrth while to get the whole study' by attending'the morning'service regularly. The Communion of the Lord's Supper will be observed. The B. Y. P. r. and Jhc evening service will bo held at the usual hours. Plans are now nniler way for » fine Christmas .-service and it is hoped that we will have an exercise wdrthy of tlie season.* ' It is' hopiil (iiiii our men will accept this inv:tatron to the Brotherhood on morning. church at 11 a. m >^^ery '"e'n''e - ^ „, p^„y^ First Rpis- should he present, as ;'mportanl, ^^^eta^ f^^^^ biLsincss is to ?ie transacted. i "orvice The studv wlH occupy The Christian Endeavof '^"^^^^''^^ .'^^^^Z \veek^^^ Jvill be q.ritc First Cliurc'h oi' <'hrl«f .Scicnllst. Sunday school at I<:-45 a. m. Subject: 'God the; Only Cause and Creator." AVednesday evening meetings at 8 o'clofck. Services w/ll be ht'tcl at church edifice, corner of Sycamore and streets. The- reading room over Ramsay's Dry Goods store. 1011-4,East Madison avenue, open each week day from 2 to 5 p. m. The public is cordially invited to attend, the services of the church and to visit the reading room. president. Mrs. C. M. Grover. pre-! i .ti v.nich -Arrs. Lee A el elding over the husines.-^. i M-iln-l Manning talked All meetings were well aitended ^ lalton was in charge It-to and Mrs. Mrs. Irene ot the w'oii- All meetings were w.-U ailende.d ' I niton was in cnargo u '"^ "1 „„3in ,„at LaHarpe is where you and committees were .-.PiMiinfod to j der box .n which all the members '"^^ j;"*),;;;'"^'T^i,^ Just robe in cOiafge of.the large array of., took I'-^-'U,^ T'-'-'e » ''.rief bust- 'jn harness, • Tliey arc .Alr.-i. Gerty j><iinvi. ...i .-r. ........ • Barker and .Mr.s.. Dora .Newman f ^fom" her son, I.evertto Green, who were guests. .Alenibei!; present went to the .S. t;. A. bospHiil at were; .Alesdaincs Anna llartle.V, Toiieka Saturday. .N'-ivciirbfr 20, .Alinnic .Stevenson. Edith Johnsoii. j saving he would undergo :\ ton.sii- Lctiio OxeiiiVer. Alice Richardson.j Ifctoiny operation on Wednesday. Lntie Livingston, jyiona .Alorrison.i'.November 'M). • A'ina Green. .Nettie SCmvl^r. .Mfnnie ' Becaiiiioii. All enjoyed a jiieasant afternoon. 'I'he next meeting will be with .Mrs. Anna Hartley. December 7. Rohai't Snodgras.^ of Leon. Kan."?., is visiting his, brother. AViliiam Snodgrass. atnii Mr.s. Snodgrass this week. Roach-Eliiott are saying once meet at 6:30 jj; m. A jiageant.' '-Perfect IJove." will be given by the niissioiuirj- society ' and its auxiliaries Sunday -svening.', It is requested that everyone be in his setit promp^tly at 7:30. I A'isitors are cordially 'invited to j attend all services. First Presbyterian Church Christmas is a Christmas festival. It is Christ's birth we celebrate. The church has promoted this observance from the beginning. The christian home has always stressed It as the important event of the year. Business prepares for it weeks ahead. AA'hyij should not Christian people us->'i the .same wisdom in instilling its: spirit into the heart? Read the! Christn|as story. Sing the Chrtst- mas hymns. Pray to the| Christ of ChristnJas. Live the Christmas spirit. iBegin this first Sunday in the ('hristmas month. Come tc church next iSunday. At the morning worship there will be a duet. "I'm a Pilgrim " by Miss Dalgarno and Mr. Kerr. At the, evening hour the young peo- ple'f? choir will sing the. ".^wakening: Chorus" by Gabriel. The morning sermon theme will he "Tlie Friendship of Jesus." In the evening the pastor-will open In many parts of Swcj^n the conditions are incomparable, for ski-ing. In the far north tiro [lls; tricts are rarely pi-netr^ted' bj^ visitors in winter, but nothing could excel the va.'-"t snowfields that are. in many caiics. untrwldeii except by the native nomadf- Lapprs. I Avi.sli to announce to the toeople of lola that I have purchaspcl Ihc Cafe formerly known as the People's Cafe, located at 12 West Jacl ^i5on and have re-opened it under the name of Johnson's Cafe. Our aim is to .cfive .you the| Ijest of meals and service at all time-. We Avill appreciate a portion of your patronage. • ; ' , - * Tomorrow night we. will .serve light refreshments andj mu.sic to those who Avish to come in and get acquainted. Come in tomorrow night betAveen 8 and .10 o'clock. . WS0N ,1 'rbp. lanc.v-*-ork and o;lnr ariiclcs forbios.^ jn.-cjing. pale today at thi- I>:i/.r.;ir. .\ cafe-! •'.lef-iq dinner v.-.i- sc-i vs i! at the hii-f •i'; - Chn.-i ni; 7.aar!at noon UJMIT tiie siipirvifion ;!' lif.iliti for .<if-pi iip-r 'liouil 'several ilifferent models i-i tiie door i classy. We bought these rdo -No. 4.uiid a chicken <Iih- nelr^hlor. will lie . .-icrv.Mi at; the ilinu.T _ — this evening, iii-wliicli the j .Among wage general jniblic earners fubercu- most s<»rious iliseasc. belore the count and Lctithcr ; TTp ^o^date Baby Bnntlngs are not ilcceftMrily wrapped In rabbit 8kln.s. iA. quilted crib cpver like tho one 8h|0wn here, with.two alert pink or Wne bnnnic» standing gtuinl tn It. aiumieirs tbii purpose Jast ois well. .{Tho vtigne for quilted things is par- jtlcnlarly keen right now only In' afeadfof the old, labprtoua qtiltllng l«rhich required a fnime to work .on . Bsd tho tiniest of fine stitches, pres- Wttday qnUtisK has been much sim- SiUfied.! The design shown can be •worked In a .eomparitlvely short £ i(ne or an even simpler pattern can ^selected. The materials rMjnired for maldng iBiis attractive baby's qnUt are two Iflotn: bags, boogfat from your baker "sftw aifew cents,' thrce -4ta «rters of a ijratd jof 'wo<rt bat^big, lialf a yard of •plain gingham, piiik or bine, and mercerized embroidery twist to anatdL Ordinary slteet wadding will {do, bat the Und tlwt coines akpe^djr qniltcd to ebee<» doth win be „ tl> work OB and wlU launder well. To remove the' stomping, cover the inked spots with lard or soak them in kerosene. overnight. Then wash the bag oot In lukewarm water. tiiliri-ciilnns'raise, in leather at :i dl wil) sell them that wa^ is still advancing. AVe J^viB see no niore cheap l"atlter. If you arc thinking about harness^a word to (he wise is sufficient. P. S.—The same applies to shoes. AVe arc due for an advance on! them the first ot the year'. Lcverptte Green went to Topeka .Saturda.v, .Vovemlier 2G. to enter the S. B. A. hospital for treatment. J .Mrs. .Alatilda Baldridge Of Clia­ nute. Is visiting her nephew. J. W. Becannon and Mrs. Becannon. Mrs. Emmij Owens who has been at the home of.-her daughter. Mrs. t'. T. Harris, for the past- two or three months suffering with a broken leg. was able to bo taken to her own home Sunday b 'ut it will bo another month or so before she Is able to be around much!. She gets around now in a- wheel (hair and will he Iglad to have her fi'Jends call and ^ee her. • Airs. Rebecca 'Arnold has sold Itor property on s<juth AA'ashlngton street and the house will be moved to a location one (half mile north of the .Aloran cemetery it Is understood. ,; • .Air. i^d Mrs- Boston of Kansas ('lt.v. wh:» hare bt -en vl.nltlng ,AIr. and .Alr.s. Kd Danfdrth for the past ten days, have returned home. Malmec •2JS<'r.35c; Night 25P-.50C I.,aat Chance to Sec TheBigParade With John Gilbeict and Renee Adoree The greatest human document the silver sheet has ever flashed. Your last chance to sec the picture of a lifelinif'. Krazj'i Kat, Kaftoon Koihedy Saturday—1 to 4 p. m. 10c; 4 lo 11 p. m. 10c-20c. .Mr. and Mrs. Everett Rorig^rs and family moved the first of the week to the Harve S'.eplienson farin which they recently purchas- "''^ - (' Chnrch Notice. AVe havo decided to change our | preaching dates, so as liot to Con­ nie bimnles are first cut oat of the giiighain and appllqaed to the stamped clotli. The eyes arc embrold- crcd; ih black. Then the waddinj; is pinned or basted to the top and the ' quilting is begun, always workinjj ! f'ict with tho other ^duirches tint i from the inside outwards. A fairly j have half time preaching. In order! short running stitdi la nsed^ going | to do this we will haVe preaching all the viif through the wool sheet- " ~ • — ing. When the qniltihg ia done, nse the second flonr bag to make tbe back and hind all tbe edges wit^ two-inch fold of the g»ngh»nn, . • •THE WAR! HORSE" A tribute to the horses of the AA'orld AA'ar. Buck; Jones and SII'T . A8manbBl«rpinowtomatch,offly worked witlioilt the; wool lining,: is an atteactive additi«« and can made out of the strips left oror froa catting <mt the cril> CO>««E. to do this we will haAe Preacningj ""••^ ' omaRhlne romance Sunda.v. December L This verc^^^ in ^ smphlns r^^^^^^ will give opportunity to all who want to attend services at each cli\iich. So remembei" next Sun-, day at tho (Christian t-Ii'nrch; preaching morning and evening by the pastor You are invited. J. M. PLUAIMER. minuter. Mr. and Mr,s. John Garvey are in City shopping.' Mrs. George Parlasca and daugb- i • adventure ou. the shell-spattered frontier of AVestertf France. Comedy, "Honeymoon Feet —6th episode of "The King oJF The Jungle "i -Krt2y Kat Kar- tooif Ko^edy Coming: Xbndaj-—;Xon Cbanej ia 27 Years of Successful ^Merchandising in lola Select Your Luggage The Largest Showingi of Dependable Luggage In Southeastern Kansas kat Boxes ......... $2.95 fo $15.d0 Round, Square and Pear Shapes Week End Cases ..... $1.50 up to $15.00 Leather Gladstone Bags . .$10.00 tip to $27.50 krief Cases ....... ......... .$4.50, $6.50 to |11.50 Boston Bags, rea^cowhide — ..... $1.95 up to $5.95 '

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