Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 5, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1933
Page 5
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.. TOT.A. KANSAS THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 5, 1933: PAGE FIVE NSWERS y. Miss Maxine Fleming who has •Tbeen spending the' Christmas vaca- . tion with )ier jjarentsMrJ and Mrs. j J. A. Fleming, has returned to Peru i • where she is an instructor in the : high school. cho(jil. ' Miss Eva Hurley and 'Miss .Velma j Shumard of Moran were week-end i guests of Miss Hurley's brother, i SMeriff Biid Hurley and hisi family. \ ' —An Ideal sor/ice chajjel at "the ; Waugh Funeral Home. Mrs. Ida f addis, an instructor in the Washington school, who has i been ill with Influenza': during the j holidays, is able to be up again and feeling much bettdr. r.ii[gK T HE, GOLDEN SPIKE was driven at OGDEN, UTAH. The BRIDGEWATER CANAL' crosses the MANCHESTER SHIP CANAL on a viaduct, near MANCHESTER, ENGLAND. Sketch is ot an OCELOT. Mrs. M.: R. Goblc is ill with influenza. Wrecked Autoinobiles REPAIRED We .straighten Axles and WhnpliS Without Heating c. c. MCCARTY & SON 301 South St.—Phone 216 . Mrs. W. T. Seymour is recovering from an attack of the flu. ' [ 'The exterior of:the Polly Ann ho• tel and cafe has Just been repainted. Mrs. Bud Hurley attended a party yesterday afternoon at the home of \ Mrs. Harry Humphrey in Moran. • O • (Recipes Selected By Ruth Lynn.) Cabbage and Pineapple Salad. 1 ])ackage lemon flavored feelatm mi.rture 1 cup boiling water "t cup boiling pineapple juice 2 tablespoons sugar 3 tablespoons vinegar 1 Clip chopped cabbage 1 cup diced pineapple 'A teaspoon' isalt Pour water and juice over pineapple mixture and stir until ilt has dissohed. Cool. Add rest of Ingredients and pour into glass mold whichhas been rinsed out with cold Water. Set in^cold place to stiffen. Cut in squares and serve on crisp cabjja>;e leaves. Top with salad dressing or mayonnaise. Creamed Sweetbreads. ! pair sweetbreads 4 tabtespoons butter 4 tablespoons flour teaspoon srilt = 1 teaspoon paprika •I teaspoon celery salt Vi cup cream l>-i cups milk Parboil .<nireetbreads. Cool and chill and break aparti Melt butter and add flour. When blended, add seasonings, cream and milk. Cook plowly and stir constantly until sauce becomes thick and creamy. Add sweetbreads and cook 2 niln- utes over low fire. Serve on toast, crackers or mashed potatoes. To prepare sweetbreads, wash well and soak 1 hovu' in 4 cups of cold water to which 1 tablespoon of vinegar has been added. Remove from water and rinse, cover with water and add 'i teaspoon of salt. Cover with a lid and, cook slowly 20 minutes. • Drain and rinse in cold water and remove. Fruit Salad. 1 cup diced pineapple I cuj) diced peaches 1 cup diced bananas "i cup broken nuts 2 tablespoons ]emon juice 1-3 cup French dressing Chill Ingredients!. Combine and i serve j on crisp lettuce leaves. Crabflake.FilUug. (For 12 Sandwiches) 2-3 cup crablakes i 1-3 cup finely chopped celciy ' teaspoon salt 3 tablespoons chopped sweet pickles teaspoon pepper 4 tablespoon mayonnaise Mix ingredients and spread on buttered slices of white bread. Cover with other buttered Slices and press firmly. ! Soviet Riissia stands third among the world's'oil-producing countries. A small ad In the Classified columns often nuts oyer a bigdeal. I D. S. Elliff. who has been spend- MLss Beulah Shockey who .spent thp ChrLstma.s holiday.s of two weeks with her parenus Mr. and Mrs. Grant Shockey. returned to Stillwater. Okla.. where she is ;i teacher in ihc universi»>-; Mrs. Alton Patterson ind her son Dwayne nHumed Monday to their liomo in Wichita; after an over- Chri-stma-s visit with Mr.s. Patterson's parents. Mn and Mrs. Charles , Murphy. ,^ . ; ing the holidays with Mrs.' Elliff, I will return Sunday to Clinton, Okla.i j where he is employed as a civil en- j gineer. • i —Special: 'Velvet and Pelt Hats, Rood style. 49c and 75c. Edwards ' Millinery. I i Harlan George, coach at the lola ! junior high school, who has been ; seriously ill with pneumonia the i few weeks Ls now able to be ! out of bed and about the house. Keith Richardson returned Fues- ! t. H. Reynolds, proprietor of the day from Wicliiia where he took Revnolds Texaco station, was able Mr.s. Ricljard.son to the Southwestern Osteopathic ilipspital lor treatment. to return to his work yesterday aft- Monday ! ernoon after being confined to hi-s ' home by illness the past few days. The Sale Without A Name -COATS- Only .'57 of (he belter Betty Coats left. Purs. Silk Linings. Regular S2.=).0() Sellers. Les.s than Half Price $11.98 ' CET YOURS VOW All Sizes, 14 to .« ' One Rack Ladios Coats, Cliolce S5.00 Children's Coats, good heavy warm one's . ... . $2.98 No Name .i-Pound Stitched Cotton Batts 23e Bat 2 to a Customer NO NA.ME Ladies' Pajamas $1.2.") Seller. Special S9c ."Made of Fancy Ouling.s 20 Per Cent Discount on All Silk Underwear 2.S Per Cent Discount on Entire Line of Silks. A. C. A. Guaranteed F^eather Ticking 19c Yd. All Wool Goods One- Half Price. Yard-wide Ught .Outings ""jc Yard. Sanitary Napkins, 13c for box of 12. 9-4 Bleached Peppereli Sheeting 29c Yard 81x90 Pullman Sheets j Special 69c Dresses We don't want to invoice a single fall or winter dre.s.s. yours at They are 1/2 W^e These dresses have not beer marked up for this .sale. Just think! Y'ou can gel a 'iilk or wool dress now at the price of a ;ood house dress. Choice of Any Hat in the Store 69c Special I Tomorrow No Name, Yardnvidc Prints 12 iVaVds to a Customer SAVE ON YOUR iilankets l^irfje Size, Douhle I'art Wool. Plaid Sateen Bound I E.xtra Special $1.98 Pair Bias Tape and Thread ; 7c • . O. \. T. Seninff Thread 300 . yard Spools Go SpooV ^l.W) PiinncI I.ace ("ur- Uins 79c each. 25c Cretonnes 1 Special 1.3c yard 10'; Discount on all Gossard Corsets; and Girdles SH.K HOSE S1.35 Kant Run .SI.19 $1,00 Silk Hose .....89c 69c .Silk Hose 53c These are all Berkshire Silk Hose. RAIN GOATS Prepare for Stormy Weather. Guaranteed for one year $2.98 and $3.98 All Seams Sewed and Cemented. S1.95 All Wool Sweaters S1.59. S2.39 Wool Skirts Special $1.69. .'SOc Quilt Biitts Special .ilk lb. SPECJA I. FOR SATURDAY WASH DRESSES Ten dozen new dresses, sizes 14 to 52.; All fast colors, newest styles.- While they last 2 for $1.00 A New ONE IF IT FADES RICiiAR0SON'S SbUTHlSIDE SQUARE GJROCERT AND MARKET CASH 10.5 EAST MADISON • 1. • $1.00 GROCERY AND $1.00 MEAT ORDERS DELIVERED!! CASH Savt MMV -onjooib ^SEMINOLE ^\ . Endorsed by TISSUE Abielutaly |p H ra and f'conon loll" 3 Rolls 19c 1000 SHEETS not lh» wMMi 650 QpirriA! Lee No. 2-cans St'wberries ^ drfil/IAL 70 dgl syrup, extra special; * rflFFFF ^ Peaberry 3 lb. 57c r DL Folger's, lb. can, special 33c 3 lbs. SENSATION (6-Cup Dripolator)... $1.05 CANDY Fudge, Gum Drops, Beauty Creams, Chocolates, lb. —_10c Peanut Brittle, 2 lbs 15c 1% AI^WC 2 lb. pkg. extra quality 18c MP A A IS«9 Pound pkg. Pitted ....... 15c £^0 %^iC% ML ^ lb. can First Prize A ^U^VA (18% Butterfat) CATSUP PICKLES Two 14-oz. Bottles Snappy Flavor Full quarts Sweet 25c. Full quai-ts Dill or Sour 19c 15c MACARONI "' MR^ XdT'- l^c Magic Washer Makes work delightful—A modern Soap Powder Large 27 Oz. Package, Special 19c BEANS Small Mich. Navies 10 Pounds 29c MARKET CHOICE BABY BEEF CORN FED BOILS RIB OR BRISKET Pound. .6c i. " ; ROASTS Tender Chuck lb... 12y2C STEAKS— Round or Sirloin Lb. 2Sc 2 for 45c 5 lbs. large White or Pntos A%c RAISINS CORN MEAL Extra Fancy Thompson's Seedless, 4 pounds 10 Pound Bag 12c Missouri Pack 6 Medium Cans OW^C* Fancy Whole Grain, 5 lbs 20c Ml^fCl Cracked Rice, 5 lbs. .. 13c ORANGE and GRAPE FRUIT JUICE Dr. Phillips No. 1 Cans. Sfior TOMATOES A«9 A fit Extra special. Extra qual.« fTKiAfS Extra Sieve. No. 2 cans CORN iZ.^'cl „s 29c MILK4TaUCans22c Morris Supreme Brand SALMON fSS^ 19C ADDIliC Jonathans—7 lbs. . . ... 25c Arr LEJ Bushel Basket $1.29 Best for School Lunches ~ ORANGES I Sunkist-2 Dozen GRAPE FRqiT "^ttS^ SWT. POTATOES r .'SL^.-l'o rri5c 29C HEAtY BEEF GOOD QUALITY BOILS Per Pound 5c R6ASTS Chuck lb. 8c STEAKS PER Lb. 15c; 2 for' 25c LOiN STEAK Per Lb. Special 10c Hamburger PureMeatNoSer.41bs.25c BEEF UVERLb .8c 2 Lbs. 15c CORN FED—PORK—HOME KILLED HOG HEADS Half or l^hole lb. 2 >c FRESH SIDE Half or Whole lb. 6c PIG HAMS ROUGH Per Pouiid 6c TRIMMED 7V ^c FR. PORK SHOULDERS roughlb. 4y2C ^TRIMllfED SV ^c SHOULDER R(fASTS and Steaks lb. 7c SAUSAGE Pure Pork 4 Pounds 25c PORK LIVER lb. 5c OLEO Per Pound 9c SWIFT'S LARGE WIENERS Lb. 10c BULK KRAUT Fresb Barrel E 5c LARD Any Amount Lb. —BACON— HomeCuredHalf or Whole SlabLb. 10c Swift's Premiiuii or Armonr's Star Lb. CeDo 19c A Few Geese Left—Wliile Tliey Last GEESE Live Pound 7c; Dressed 10c her at The housewife who manages well and keeps within her food budget buys atA&P. Quality with Economy. EIGHT O'CLOCK Pure Lard . . . ^ American Cheese DAISY ; , , il'IJ WHITE HOUSE Milk EVAPORATED .... . * n „^^L^„ lONA BRAND IN THICK.SVRUP reaches i SLICED OR HALV^ . Scott Tissue ...... M l, BUDWEISER OR . ' alt PURITAN . ... Old Munich Malt . . . . Red Beans ^" BRAND^ . , . .' QUAKER MILK ' Macaroni, Spaghetti NOODLES . Sl^redded Wheat . . . . Apricots ^R°AH^ . . . . . lb. 6c TALL , CAN 5C .'2 ?Xiis «25c . 3 ROLLS 20C CAN 39c , 3 CANS $1 . 5 'c« I9C . 3 19c PKG. lOC No. Hi CAN I3C FANCY BLME ROSE MICHIGAN NAVY BEANS, 10 lbs. 29c GRANDMOTHER'S Bread ^ 2^^.l5 <f CIGARETTES Popular Brands—2 pkgs. ......, .27c BACON, slab, lb. I Oc and 12c PRUNES, No. 10 can. ,.. .25c "Daily Egg" IM^ash ........... 100 lb. bag $1.49 "Daily Egg" Scratch Feed. .... .100 lb. bag $1.19 THE CRE.VT -ATLANTIC * PACmC TBA^CO.. inDSLB WKSTraNDmBION I BETTER FOOD STORE 1 P •a /X f>l K TM E D I F- RE R EN* CE~ EM IN OLE TISSUE ^\ £ndoria<l by ^\ phyiiclbni. Absolutely pur* and "catla* toft" 3 Rolls 19c 1000 SHEETS met Ifc* umal 630 Raisins, 4 pounds ............ Navy Beans, 5 pounds ..' Fancy Rice, 3 pounds Atlas Oats, large, 2 for 23c; small, 2 for.. Royal Anne Cherries, V/z can, 2 for..... Macaroni, 2 pound boj{ Tomatoes, No. 2, 4 cans 25c; 12 cans Economy Soap, 6 bars rt's While and Weighs One Pound Cocoa Hard water Soap, 5 bars Meal, White or Yellow; 10 lbs. 10c; 20 lbs. Bulk Ooats, 5 pounds Hard Candy, 2 pounds ..., " Mixed Nuts, 2 pounds Pecans, 5 pounds Yellow Pop Corn,;shelled, 9 pounds On cob, 13 pounds ....— Sorghum, 10 pounds ....... ,. 23c ..14c ..11c ..13c .35c ..13c . .70c ;.22c ;.23c ;.18c .lie :.i5c i .21c .25c .25c .:25c ..37c Lard, pound oc; 10 pounds Hogs, half or whole, pound Sausage, pound 5c; 5 pounds Fresh Side, pound 7c; 4; pounds Shoulder Roast, 4 pounds ..; H OK H Weigh Alive 225 Pounds Each ..47c .4^c ..23c .!35c .25c Boils 5c HEAVY BEEF (Choice Young Cows) Roast 8c Steak 10c;

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