Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 21, 1974 · Page 10
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 10

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, June 21, 1974
Page 10
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Employment Program Counselors Named Counselors for the Equal Employment Opportunity program have been announced by officials of Tyndall civilian personnel. Chief of the panel Is Leon V. Gist, of the Base Commissary, extension 5225. , Other members of the panel and numbers where they may be reached Include Rose D. Keeton, 4265; James A. Troche, 3115; Waymon E. Rowe, 2693; •7:30 p.m. at building 1153 on Tyndall. All members are Invited to attend. ENTERTAINMENT SCHEDULED "Ash," a versatile rock-pop-variety group, will perform tonight and tomorrow from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m. at the NCOClub. The Officers' Club will feature "The Prophet" tonight from 8:30 until 12:30. SUMMER FUN—While tourists are charmed by the vacationing tourists. And when hurling ones' self white sands and tranquil Gulf waters at Mexico into the swimming hole from a rope tied to a tall . Beach, youthful residents'ofthe area turn to more cypress tree becomes boring, they turn to the latest M^mtmi |||^«i A A MoOflofl adventurous activities than swimming on the fun-in-the-sun fad — para-sailing, right photo. All RUfV9pUpCI MM IIUCIIUU beaches. Like young persons everywhere, they take that is needed is plenty of beach, a jeep to tow with, a great delight in "gathering up", left photo. Once specially-rigged parachute, and plenty of youthful DAIAMA TflY HAflPlllflC gathered, they decide to hit the "ole swimming verve and one can soon be literally flying over the l #w I VI U • U A III j |9 hole", center photo, a favorite spot seldom seen by white sands and emerald waters of Mexico Beach. m..»» — Mexico Beach Natives Turn Out After Tou rists En joy Weekend BY HELEN ST. JOHN The young people of Mexico Beach work hard all week, and E. Rowe, Billie Gibson, 2354; Jessup W. Hand, 4126; Clifford D. Sargent, \ A / L* ! * ^ A — A I I 2265; Shirley Mailhoit, 2665; YY II I T© MfTl U T blOC K ©CI and Carol W. Nadeau, 7524. • • w • WIVWIXWU NEW LOCKER SYSTEM A new system is being implemented by the Tyndall athletic department for lockers at the base gym. All personnel with an assigned locker are requested to see Sergeant McCrary at the gym and sign for it not later than July 1. The lockers must subsequently be signed for by the tenth day of each month or they will be issued to personnel on a waiting list. BLOCK DANCE The Tyndall Youth Center is sponsoring another block dance Saturday, June 22, at Santos Park at the Air Defense Weapons Center. Music begins at 7 p.m. with dancing until 11 p.m. to the sounds of "Shadow." A slight admission fee will be charged to defray the cost of the entertainment. Everyone is invited. NCOA MEETS The Miracle Strip Chapter of the Noncommissioned Officers' Association will hold a general membership meeting tonight at In Deerpoint Soon Deerpoint Lake fishermen may be interested to know that the stocking of the lake with the White Amur Fish will be done in the "Near future, about two or three weeks", according to County Commission Chairman Issac Byrd. Byrd stated that the stocking will be done by the Florida Department of Natural Resources and the Florida game and Fresh Water Fish Commission on a limited scale and the project will be watched carefully by various agencies for possible adverse effects. The commissioner pointed out that the cooperation of four agencies was required before action could be taken on the project. The Department of Natural Resources, the Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, the local Health Department and the Department of Pollution Control all had to agree before the project could begin. The purpose of stocking Deer-, point lake with the White Amur fish is to curb the aquatic weed growth, which is threatening to make the lake impossible to navigate. The White Amur feeds on aquatic weeds, arid it is hoped that stocking the lake with the fish will cure the problem. ' Another, and more costly proposal, is to install a lock or other system to lower the water level to the lake thereby killing the weeds by exposing to sun and air. This idea, according to Byrd, is to be considered as a last resort, as it may have unforeseen effects on the ecological balance of the lake. Byrd pointed out that the commission had discussed using the White Amur fish to control weeds with officials in Arkansas who have been successfully using the program for 15 years. do their thing when the tourists are here on the weekend, but Sunday afternoon when most of the visitors are gone the natives takeover.... Para-sailing., on the beach., is a favorite sport for the young people here...a jeep or two or three, loaded with a gang of kids head for the beach..the jeep pulls a 30-foot rope from which a modified parachute is attached...they take turns riding, boys and girls alike...hanging from the rope, hanging from their knees or sailing like a looks like a thrill...when they are ready to come down the jeep slows up a bit and they glide to the sand and make a soft landing, usually on their feet.On this day one of the light weight girls was pulled into the damage done, but the chute was wet...but no sweat. There are other places for the bikini-jean set to have fun...again they load up several jeeps and they off to the "ole swimmin hole"...Wetapo Creek, just five miles from the beach and just a cool glass of tea from the Guilford • homeplace that is the favorite hang out of all the young people as Gertie Guilford sets a fine table. Out at the creek the fun really begins. The kids have rigged footholds up several trees that conveniently hang over the water. They climb up by one, two and threes, they swing off a platform on a long well-knotted rope for a cool dip in the refreshing waters below.... Now and then, one or two will take to the cable., that stretches across the water to the other side. The mayor of Mexico Beach spent his boyhood at this swimming hole, and he is usually among the jean-clad boys taking their turn at the rope. He still enjoys it.. Bobby Guilford, Charles Britt, Chris King, his sister Kyler King, Cathey Williams, Beth Herald and a bunch of others that caught a ride to the creek all watched, swam or rooted the others on with a "GO MO GO". This is wholesome fun and if you want to know where the action Is just follow this group around for a day. Extra Duties Lead To Slavery Charges GROUND BREAKING — Casper Harris, president of Security Federal Savings and Loan, scoops up the first spaceful of dirt at ground breaking ceremonies Thursday for the new building on West Highway 98 in St. Andrew. Left to right are Joe Mathis and Earl Gilbert, directors, Clinton Foster, attorney, Ann L. Jernigan, vice president, Bob Mannion, Bank Building Corporation, Mayor M.B. Miller, Dr. Horton Lisenby, director, Russell Kersey, secretary-treasurer, Bill Showff, Bank Building Corporation, and T.J. Sherman, director. Betty Kent, not in the picture, is bank manager. Army Engineers To Conduct Erosion Alternative Hearing Th*> Mnhilp District. II. S. Thierp am fiwo nitz »..Mo*<.,«~ nn «~..i ...-u.. • • • The Mobile District, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers will conduct a public meeting to discuss alternatives for correcting beach erosion and hurricane protection for the Panama City Beach area. The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on June 27 at the Civic Center, corner of State Highways 79 and 30-A, in Panama City Beach. The total Mobile District study encompasses the Gulf Coast of the Florida Panhandle from Indian Pass to the Alabama State Line. However, due to particular erosion There are five alternatives which were developed in the Corps study. One would be for no action; another would involve relocation, flood-proofing and evacuation of threatened properties; a third would use stone revetments; a fourth suggests stone groins spaced about 375 feet apart along the shoreline, and the fifth involves beach restoration and nourishment. There are two variations of the fifth alternative which will be addressed at the meeting. Both involve borrowing sand from problems along the reach bet- offshore, along the 30-foot depth ween the entrance to Panama contour, and using it to restore City Harbor and Philips Inlet, the beach to a fuller, wider sec- this was" given a priority and is tion. the area wTjich will be discussed All interested individuals, at the June 27 meeting. An groups and agencies are invited initial public meeting was held to attend the meeting, in Panama City on April 2,1971. Everyone will be given an opportunity to express his or her views and to furnish specific data on all aspects of' the study. Statements should be supported by factual material insofar as is possible. For accuracy of record, all impor-' tant facts and statements should be submitted in writing. Written statements may be handed to the presiding officer at. the meeting, or may be mailed beforehand to District Engineer, U.S. Army Engineer District, Mobile, P.O. Box 2288, Mobile, Ala, 36628. All statements, both oral and written, will become a part of the official record on this study and will be made available for public examination. Full consideration will be given to the views persented prior to making a recommendation to higher authority. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (UPIJ— Can extra - curricular duties such as lunchroom and bus duty and coaching cheerleaders, be required of teachers as a condition of their employment? "Yes," said the Leon County (Tallahassee) School Board, superintendent Ned Lovell and principal John Lawrence. "No," replied Florida Education Association attorney Ron Meyer, claiming it violated the 13th amendment to the constitution against slavery. Coin Show Opens Today The 10th annual Coin Show , and Convention sponsored by the Silver Sands Coin Club of Panama City will be . held at the Municipal Auditorium oh the downtown Marina. The three-day event opens today and Saturday at . 10 a.m. and will remain open until 9'p.m. and will close at 6 p.m. Sunday. Highlights of the show are interesting exhibits from the Florida State Division of Archives, History and Records which will show artifacts from sunken ships of an early era. The Franklin Mint the world's largest and foremost private mint will present a collection of the commemorative medals and coins of the Realm as well as engraved silver plates. Tw'd free films, one on The Art of Minting and the Enchanted Isles will be shown in a special room in -the auditorium. Exhibits by the club members will feature rare U.S. and Foreign coins in gold • and silver with opportunites to trade or buy. The Carson Silver dollars will be a feature of the three-day event. There is no charge for admission and the entire display is free to the public. Collectors from all around the area are expected to arrive for the annual event. Meyer said the dismissal of high school industrial arts teacher Charles Musser and girls physical education Instructor Sally Cable will be challenged in court on the grounds that slavery is illegal. Both Mrs. Cable and Musser agreed when they were hired to do extra chores — Musser as a coach of the junior varsity football squad and Mrs. Cable as coach of the JV cheerleaders. Musser got an extra $1,000 supplement but Mrs. Cable got no extra pay for what she said was several hundred hours of after school chores during a year. The school could not find another teacher to take on the extra work. The school board upheld the firing. CAP Conference Convenes Today Registration began yesterday and will continue today as the annual conference of the Southeast Region Civil Air Patrol convenes at the Sheraton Motor Inn on Thomas Drive. Seminars will begin at 1:30 p.m. with groups from Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Puerto Rico attending the three day conference. Local Briefs SALON OWNERS A Beauty Salon Owners Association meeting will be held Tuesday night, June 25 at the 4 Winds Restaurant at 7:30 p.m. All owners of beauty salons are encouraged to attend this organizational meeting. TAP-ON FEES RAISED The Lynn Haven City Commission passed two ordinances at a special meeting which raises the tap-on fees for water and sewer. Going into effect immediately, the two ordinances raise the rate to $500 for sewer and $250 for water. Sand sking is another favorite sport with kids of all ages. There is a lot of fun to be had for the visitors and the natives as well at Mexico Beach. Carter Family Holds Reunion CHIPLEY—The annual Carter Family Reunion will be held Sunday at Blue Lake Wayside Park, Hwy 77 South Chipley. Everyone is invited to attend and bring a well-filled basket and enjoy the day, said Reunion Chairman J.D. Carter. TALLAHASSEE, * Fla. (UPI)— A bill signed by Gov. Reubin Askew Wednesday requires city and county officials to run quarter-page newspaper ads before holding public hearings about proposed tax raises. The bill resulted from complaints that municipal officials failed to notify the public about tax hearings. The "truth and taxation" bill says that officials must say in the advertisements who is supporting the raises. It also' asks officials to clearly speclfiy the time and place of the meeting. Askew also signed bills which roll back school taxes by 20 per cent and also exempts from the intangible tax the first $20,000 of holdings in stocks and bonds. The school tax bills says that taxes can not exceed $8 per $1,000 of assessed property val­ ues. The present maximum Is 10 mills ($10 per $1,000). Askew said the intangible tax will help the small investor and retired persons living on a fixed Income from Investments. Jackson ROTC Units Honored Robert E. Chllds, superintendent of Jackson County schools, announced that he has.reeeived notice from the Department Of The Army that the Marianna High School Junior ROTC unit has been designated an "Honor School With Distinction" and that the Cottondale High School Junior ROTC unit has been selected as as "Honor School" for the school year 1973-74. Both schools were "Honor Schools" for the prlvlous school year, 1973-74. Hutto Reports On Legislature A run-down on legislative bills proposed by the house of representatives was given by Representative Earl Hutto Thursday in his speech to the Lions club. Hutto stated that this session was a particularly busy one for him. He served on several com- mlttees which included education, government operations, health and rehabiliative services and state law enforcement committees. Bills proposed by Hutto included an increased tax on liquor. Hutto said he was in hopes that this tax might discourage sale of liquor by alcoholics thus helping in treatment for alcoholism. The bill was not passed through the senate. Another bill which was attempted stated Hutto, was the lowering of the amount of alcohol content in D.W.I, charges. The senate lowered the amount to 1.10 percentage of alcohol but this figure was not as low as Hutto wished. A public broadcasting bill was proposed by Hutto to prohibit profanity. Hutto stated he chose to propose this bill after watching a television broadcast in Tallahassee in l w U REP. EARL HUTTO which profanity was used abundantly. The senate also refused this bill. In view of situations today like Watergate, Hutto said a public disclosure bill was 'proposed. This bill would require legislators to report their income by percentage. He stated that the public should have more confidence in representatives and other political figures in government. L.W. Stafford, gopher head master for the gopher races to be held July 4 stated that entries are available at Ellis Duplicating for interested persons. For further information persons should call 769-0303. Other guests included Lillian Zirklebuck, Sue Parker, Dianne Newberry, Ann Mercer, and Cathy Harmon, all of whom have worked with local doctors and the Lions in helping eye patients. Dr. Jim Campbell, Dusty Boyd and R.W. Rollins a Lion from Bainbridge, Ga. were also among guests. SALE 0H LIGHTING FIXTURES I Drastic Ijejjygjpjjsjgve 50% and more on all fixtures! | Choose from our many famous name Brands ... all new and most, in original cartons. I . ' V:'- ! \.' <•' f ' / V - , ' . I For the home PM&S Puts It All Together PMONI 7IS-S252 PanamaX \ Machinery and Supply •\J COMPANY ^ 235 Harrison Ave. • Downtown

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