Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 13, 1955 · Page 21
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 21

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1955
Page 21
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EIGHTEEN EVENING , TIMES;- CUMUEHLAN1), Ml)., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1955 Droilcd Bananag Suggested As Dc«ecrl Always' a favorite for dessert, over them tt cup of brown sugar ••and'certainly easy to do. are broil' cii bananas. You can serve tlicnv and a tablespoon of fresh lemon Juice. Dot with three tablespoons along meat—broiled lamb butler or margarine. chops, for example—too. Peel four firm bananas and cut llicm in half lengthwise. Place grces (moderate) for id to 12 min. •them in a baking dish. Sprinkle utes, basting occasionally. Place under a preheated .broiler, with oven. control set at 350 , 'BONNIE TOILET BOWL CLEANER • lIQUID-no waiting to dissolve —more effective • SAFER—easier on hand; in normal usage • ' 1 • HARMLESS to septic'tanks and plumbing • P1EASANTIY PERFUMED Your Grocer's Potato Salad For Tasty Lunch 'Try potato salad hot for a change, to make a full-bodied main dish for lunch. This one gets its tangy flavor from packaged onion soup used in the dressing. ' Combine 1 package of dried onion soup with 3 tablespoons of salad oil. Gradually blend in 1 tablespoon of flour and m tablespoons of sugar. . Then add, gradually, 'A cup each vinegar and water. Stir until mixture is smooth. Add a tcaspoon'of celery seed and coo over low heat until mixture : is thickened. •. . Add. 1 cup diced, cooked potatoes, 4 hard-cooked eggs, chopped, a tablespoon each, fine-chopped green pepper, parsley, - stuffed sp olives and cucumber. Crumble in 3 strips of bacon, cooked until crisp. Toss until each particle is coated with dressing. Serve with - cold cuts or in bologna cups. ' V • PIM I.. At (Casseroled Potatoes Layer diced, cooked potatoes and hits of crispy cooked bacon in a shallow casserole. Cover with i thin white sauce ano top with but tered -soft breadcrumbs. 'Bake in a moderate oven until hot .through:'if topping isn't golden brown, place under the broiler for a few minutes. HAMS FIRST GRADE FAMOUS BRAND TOP QUALITY 12 To 14 Ib. Avg. NOW ONLY.. Ib 49? POTOMAC FRUIT Market Corner Frederick and Centre Sti. 'Phone PA-4-0234 Fresh Killed Tender Grown CHICKENS FRYERS Ib 4k Roasters Ib 39c GET THE PIECES YOU LIKEI fin! llni Fruitier Rhi^bon Parle will up Trying bnlCKcn ranS BREASTS Ib. 79c LEGS I THIGHS .. Ib. 59c IIVERS Ib. 69e WINGS Ib. J5e GIZZARDS 1 HEARTS .. Ib. lie BACKS 1 NECKS .. Ib. !c :*.b.53e S Turkeys . ib. 59c lb. FRESH FORK Liver «•• 25c Swift's Premium Small Beltiville Rock'gham U<)|«(i whole or Wilson IlalllS ,hank PICNIC SWIFT PREMIUM Hams ib. 37c Bacon •• LAMB ' ALLRITE SLICED " . PON Breast «.. 15c Bacon Mb. P k a . 39c Hoss it. 15c 'INK FRESH PORK SLICED Pudding ib 39c Hams SVoit ">• 49c Pork Side it. 49c SPARE ' WHOLE PORK °" ° . IOOSE Ribs it. 49c Shoulders •• it. 39c Sausage b. 45c Lamb Shou!d»r Roast 4 lb -i. 39c ElMER'S MINT or FRUIT Sublets Vacuum can 39c 1 of each for 75c Really melt In your mouth. sc To Chuck BEEF Roast B " d ' c !35c IRIVER'S mato Juice IT,,* 25c Pork Loin Roast 3 .:± 9c :29c FRENCH'S TASTY Barbecue Sauce 5-oi. bolllt 1 9C AUSTIN'S Safe Bleach All Purpoia for . Nyloni. Rayoni, tlailic Large 20-ai. 49c Delicious Ready-to-Eat Caparale's Pizza Pies 59c NESTLE'S Chocolate Chips 12-oi. Eog " 6-fii. Bog ' 43c 2 '- 45c 10X EXTRA FINE Powdered Sugar 2 >>ox.> 27 c SWIFT'S All Sweet OLEO Coioitd Quaflorj 4 ib.. $1 UPTON'S Chicktn Noodli or SXu3.ta.37c BAKER'S NEW TENDER THIN HAKES Cocoanut «» 17c OCEAN SPRAY Cranberry Sauce 2 ">" 41c SOUP MIXES Onion or v."U2> l <"-33c tUCKY LEAF Apple Sauce 2 303 con, 29C LITTLE CHEF Catsup 2 19. bonid 35c Domino Su£ar 10 *• >»• 9fic SLICED CHEESE SALE • Sweitzer ^. 69c American «' Pimento "> 49c CHASE t SANBORN INSTANT COFFEE jt'ior 47c DAINTY DELL MILK ' 6. »>i — 73c Ig. hd. 35c Snow While Cauliflower Gr«n or Rid Peppers »> 15c Whitt Wint< Radishes • Iry Thtm Bok'.d— ACORN 15c Squash .... 2 "» 19c New Florida Oranges .... *>«« 59c Fancy Apples Salad Mix Cooking Onions •• Small Tend.r Beets ... 19c . 79c Tenclar Horn* Grown Kale 2»» 29c Now Florida " Grapefruit • 3 <<» 29c Morflond Gold SWEET •Potatoes • 4 >>>,. 29c Fancy ICEBERG Lettuce : 2 ig hd,. 35c .!Una!l GREEN Onions ^h lOc New J«r»y Potatoes 1Mb. p'<k 39c Nic. Rip. PRUNE Plums 2 ib>. 29c GRIMES GOLDEN, YELLOW DELICIOUS RED DELICIOUS, WOLF DIVER 25c E0YLEBIKK.SANITARYMARKET , QUALITY FOODS 232 VIRGINIA AVE. CUMBERLAND MD. DIAL PA 4-4360 Beef, Pork Prices Lower, Dairy Products Plentiful By The Associated Prett ' A big variety of hearty foods for robust fall appetites awaits the budget-minded housewife this weekend in food stores. At the meat counter she's likely to fiiid such marked-down specials as'boneless beef potroast, chuck ,jj roast, smoked picnic hams, frying chickens. and roast loin of pork. Some markets are also featuring ready-to-cook turkeys. . Pork prices are down again in some cities. Next week they may lower still, reflecting a superabundant supply of 'hogs at mid- West livestock markets. The National Assn. of Food Chains has asked its 12,000 member-supermarkets to promote' pork as a "big supply—big buy" feature. Lamb Prices Unchanged liito The Oven '..When your ovcnte on, you might like to try ii shoulder lamb chop dish that'lS'baked. first brown the chops in a little fat in a skillet, the birds now coming to market'. Then'put tlicm' in "a baking dish The nation's cow herds have also and surround with cannci' tonia- been working overtime, with a resultant, abundance of dairy prod' ucts. The huge outpouring of milk in the Eastern part of the country some very,thinly sliced rounds of is partly the result of hurricanes lemon. Coyer and bake in a mod- 1 Connie and Diane which brought er «te oven for: about an hour or until the chops.are tender. If the sauce has too'.much fat., remove; some .of it;'.-if. it 'is thinner tjutaj you like, cook, it down in a small saucepan on top of the range. A generous amount o> butter or margarine, spread on bread slices, when you are making sandwiches, helps'.to keep fillings from soaking into the bread. • • ' a.pound in some areas. Meat specialists described shoulder of veal as an excellent buy. Lamb prices, higher. are prominently featured among the "specials" for the weekend. Prices in some cities are down as much as six cents a pound. At wholesale, broiler prices are the lowest since lost Christmas, reflecting record production during the summer months. During August, commercial hatcheries • sold 108 million chicks—eight per cent more than a year ago. These- are drenching rains. to, parched pastures. Cheese' is particularly plentiful right now. The U. S. Department of Agriculture has tagged it as the 'food headliner" of the week. Best buys in produce this week, ail labeled by government marketing specialists as "outstanding values," include potatoes, onions,'peppers, spinach and applies. "Good Buys" Listed Listed as "good".'.buys are lettuce,, sweet potatoes, carrots, cauli- Beefeaters will find chain store flower,-snaps .beans, winter varic- prices of sirloin steaks marked ties of squash (such as acorn and down anywhere from 2 to 10 cents butternut), green, cabbage, endive, escarole -and California tomatoes. Table grapes from California are moderately priced. Citrus fruits are however, are mostly unchanged or beginning to arrive from Florida in increasing volume; prices are down Chickens, for frying or broiling from the .week before, but they're not likely to hit ; their seasonal low until late November. .Fish sticks,'- fresh-frozen and ready for warming in the oy,en, continue to rise in favor with busy homemakers. Sales.are up.around. 60 per ceht. from a year agd. : Aside) from the convenience factor, one o the biggest -stimulants in boostin; sales has been a steadily downwarc trend in prices. toes, diced onion, thin strips of carrot.''Season with salt, pepper and'basil.', ".'.'• .'''•' , If you like, you may .-'also-add the BENNETTS SELF-SERVICE MARKET Route 40 LoVale FREE DELIVERY CAtL PA 4-4313 Open 'til 9 P.M. Men., Tuei., Thurs. and Friday Until 6 P.M. Wednesday and Saturday LEVER BROTHER COUPON SPECIALS Rinso Blue 2»52c Detergent ;,±;66c With Coupon LUX Toilet 3-21 c SOAP c±.2f*19c LUX Liquid 2 "68c Detergent ^.7590 With Coupon . . '. LUX c,Z 2<=..53c FLAKES : r..; 51c PILLSBURY CAKE MIXES 3 - 89c Chocolnli, Tallow or Whii. " . .' . Cigaretles pluc ;L'169 Swifl'l Stltit B«f Chuck Roast "•• 55c Sugar 5J b; 49c Chan & Scnbor Coffee 95c It's getting time to stock up on Halloween Treats. Candy Bars ••• * Balis 3 lOc Don't Forget to come in and lign up for Free Basket of Groceries ;•• Nothing to Buy — Just Register! Van Meter's .Market. Route 220 - CRESAPTOWN FRESH Ground Beef Tender, Juicy Round Steak Pure Pork Sausage Ends & Pieces Bacon Center Cut Pork Shoulder Roast Baby Beef Liver Jumbo Minced Ham Betty Crocker Cake Mix Yellow, White or Choc. ARMOUR Milk KINCNUT Oleo VPUHf Lard GOOD LUCK Flopr NAIISCO PREMIUM $1 Crackers "»>"25c IONNIE $1 Jonnie -- 15c M«ri«n VIENNA SISaisage 6-79c JUICY FLORIDA ; ,.: '<i.i«n 29e LARGE PASCAL t b '. b , I 49 Oranges BAINll . IAKGE PAS! Dpi MM! 6^.606 Otltry U.S. No. 1 Grodi A Potatoes 100 bH 15 lb. Peck 39e— PEN UNTIL 8 THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY^ Leaf You get the tingling taste of five prize apple varieties- grown for .flavor in ; Lucky Leaf's own orchards. Spe- cially processed to' seal in all the flavor from all the apples-^-flive you the tastiest apple sauce ever I Packed for you in both tin and glass. Try Lucky Ltaf Apple 'Juice , and Lucky Leaf Instant fruit Pit Fillings, loo Uiul l'A-2-4600 for « WANT AD, T«k«i -. "':.: . ' ••-••• IN BOTH P. S. MARKETS FRIDAY BONUS IN ADDITION TO OUR LOW PRICES 2 BONUS ITEMS! MOHAWK SHEETS 81x99—72x108 Limit 2 with Order of $10 or Over 15 PC. Wrought Iron CASSEROLE SET §0.99 Reg. 4.95 Vdlut - WROUGHT IRON BASES AND KING FIRE OLASSWARE. A' MOST PRACTICAL XMAS GIFT. S2.99 WITH PUKCHASE OF *10 OR OVER. . .' .••'"-' Sour Pitted Cherries 5 cans Public Pride Oleo 6 ""' Crushed Pineapple 5 cans Pill., Cake Mix 4 bxs ' Sauer Kraut .... 8 No. 2'/j cans tomato P«te _...:. 1 2 eanj Softee Tissues .... '6 rolls BUY' IN DOLLAR LOTS AND SAVE . . . Dill Pickles 5 j",'r Prune Juice 4 >Vu, Armour's Milk «">< ORDER 10j- Pork & Beans •••• ?;.'».*' Early June Peas 8 •»"• Chic. & Noodle Soup •• 8 .««• Oil Sardines I 2 ' 0 "' SPECIAL! Tuxedo Tuna 5 """ Red Kidney Beans 10 '£„'; Swan Soap 24 '" Vti Jergen's Toilet Soap 20 *• Hunts Tomato Sauce. _12 «•»• Tomato Paste 12 <»» Mixed Vegetables 7 «-• SAVE ! Strawberry Preserves 3 •„£;£; Vienna Sausage 7 «•>• Woodbury Soap ••• 16 «*" Tomato Juice 4 ""Pork & Beans 10 '£„'.• Whole Kernel Corn 7 <•"» Del Monte Peaches 3 *"** BIG BUY! Wilson's Lard 6 ^. Cut Rite Wax Paper 4 »". Tom. or Veg. Soup - 10 <°™ Potted Meats 15 .««» Swan Soap -.. .'. 10 '&1 Cream Corn 8 <=»• Apple Sauce 7'«« CHECK THIS! Fresh Hamburg 4 *.. Sirloin or Club Steaks .... ; - 3 i>». Smoked Bacon Squares — 4 ">•.' Smoked Sausage 2 1 /2. i11 "Armour's Sliced Bacon • 3 *>*• Veal Shld, Chops 2Va ^ VALUE HIT! Roasting Chickens .: »>. 29c Veal Leg Roast 2% •"»•. Chuck Roast 4 »»: Slab Bacon 2 >.•• Pork Steaks- •.:..^..;.."2^.. Lean Pork Roast 2 ib>. LOOK! 1 Red Tokay GRAPES POTATOES 3 Pk , $1 PUBLIC SERVIC FOOD MARKET: 2<s N LFODCf t.r

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