Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1927
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CIRCULATION is the only Commodity a' Newspaper Has to Sell Its Advertisers. The REGISTER'S tion records open io public inspection at any time. VOjLUME XXXI. ^o. M. The Weekly ReKiHter. EKtiWlihed M67. •1 n.- ilui.. u.ily li.:!0.-.t«T. EstHbllHhed ,1 ««7. lOLA, KAN., FRIDAY EVENING; DECEMBER 2, ;927., Th« loU Daily Register. EstsbUslted 1897. . The Weekly Register, Estsbliab«d 18«7. EtGHTi^AGBS OPENING F CHRfSTMASIS EVENT Thouf'^^i f^s Are in City to Sr^ &c ..ita Claus and Seek Treasure SPIlilT iS^PERFECT DETROIT SHOWlN&S GF ^ NEW FORD BRING MJUCH TROUBLE'TQj^MCIALS Detroit. Di 'C 2. (AP)—Souvenir hunters had their inning today when Honry Ford 'K new car was presented to the public in a Hpecial exhibit at the Highland Park branch of the Ford motor company,, ' j puUH of tliB ni'W cut lia(> f- lu'cii iiiouiiU>d on bounlH which elu. ••ollce w »rr« ruquireU to hun- hiiiiK iirounil (hi- wnllHr In tli'-: llrnl jille tbii%a(Hc iieur the lufll. hour of (llApluy all of Ihewe partH Although ardvrn for n{ore tbgn Were stolen. A repetition of the I I'OO.OOO unlui huvo been < received Houvcnir pilfering wan prevented | EdKol Ford, president of, the Ford when KuardH wore brought In. i;p until noon, thoHc In charge of the new cuf exhibit In convention show iH UMUiilIy held, announced a door check showed 31.000 persons had viewed the new niod- Crbwd. Joins in Making BijT Celebration One l)f City's Best in a setting of brilliant beauty, with a spirit of joviality and Kood I • will. Iota 's Second Annual Christmas OiJening last night was en -i joyed by thousands of people who <ame from far anU-near to welcome ihe fir .st 1927 appearance of Santa CJaus and to join in the Treasure Hunt which is being con-' ducted by ^ola merchants. Ida's business district presented a truly beautirul spectacle I . j cji ^; «r*ii c<_.>iL night withiits ceiling of red and 'Accuscd Slayer; Will Seek green lights, the pageahrry of Sau-- Xo ShoW He WasHoHie t« Cl'^us' aud the g»x)d natured' crowd ih ^t; came to see him. the i .sioreji of magnififentiy decorated; .-Jliow' windcjws displayed by mer- j chants aboiit llie square and on motor company, said that'no deliv eries arej being made other Iban for display purposes. Present ^ro- hall, where Detroit's automobile! ductlon IH reHtricte<l to about 6S or 70 units a day, he slated, but production will; be increased as rapidly as possible. BEACH AUBI TO BE! FEATUp OF DEFENSEi PLANS At Time of Crime (^owVtrooni, .Mays lianding. .V J.. Dcr. 2. rAH)—Friends, relati' es neighbors, a ,^)ihy «n<I evtii two (jats wi-re uS^cil today in iin effort to prove Uiat Mrs. .Mursaiet IJJlii-ndahi and Wilts Heacli are innoceiit of ihe murder of the woman's ajied husband; .streetJi : leading from it. Crowd Had Spirll. . Th<» spirit of the crowd was the • most Contagious elemejic of tliu evening. ,.lola and the people of Us 'trade: territory will enjoy the Chr.'snnas spirit—with everything that if im'piie.s—not for a day- or" a w«elt. but:from now until the fi's-.! Room, Miiya Laivding, Dec. tivltics bf the hoiicJaV. Itself, aie : 2. < Al'i-^^ounsel for Willis fleach over. What could, be more de-! l'>'o»»i'itd today to show that Beach sired in any icnimunity lUai'i a i never knew Samuel Hark, the cir- month of Christmas? ^ cus lariat nian, who testified yes' Kvery detail of the <'ven;iig's terday that Beaih had eonffs.sed to pnigram took place, as jr.vvious.v him at lialtiniore that he shot and annpunied in Jhe Rfglster. The kllltd Or; K. vVil.iani l.iiliendahi. c ^irds.. displaying the winning, IJy asiiecnient oi Counsel. Keaih numbers in ih<- Trea.suiv Hunt, was Riven ihf first chance ui d.'were in the Hiojv windows shortly I'-nd himself, altluiugh yesterday, alter supper thiie and by 7:ir. sev- when the <iiat»' rested, it hud lieen ,enU thousand persons were on the ''>l>ecl«d ihai counsel lor Ihe other iitreets Koinif from window to wln-l#'.fcndunt. .Mrs. .Margrtret Mlllen- dinv; checking Ihe numbers upon''in''' W'luld open the defense, ll^elr coiipoUH with Ihose displayed' '"' ' "'" " - " MISSOURI VALLEY FLOOD PLANGOES SENATORS Oft PAIttniEW Party Organization; fias Been Perfected in Washingtorf CURTIS, FLOOR CHfEF George Moffes Again Will Be President Pro , • Tempore Washington. Dec. 2. ^^P) — Ro!>i h'rank L. «mlth of IIM- nois. and Williiim S. Vcre of IVnusyiLinla. around whose rights to seats in tha senate ' will be wa^ed a bitter fight duri! g the next lew weeks; at- teniled "the jire-session Republican partv loufereuue today Jjy invitatbin. Sniit;i', who arrived here early today from t lji.1 home in Illinois, was a<:companied to the conference rii>m oif the stnatc ehaniher by his colleague, .^enafor !>«•- neeii of IPInoi.-i. while Varc was takin to the ionfeien;e oy Senator Reed of iVnnaylvanii. INTO CRIMES IN Herald and Examiner in Story Today Tells Of Activity INDICTMENTS READY Charge Police and Gang I.«aciers are Working, Together .rhicago. J^ec. 2. (AP)—Chicago gangsters are fighting ov,r profits from gambling, and not from bootlegging, the Women's Christian Temper- .inlce Union said in a statement from Its National headquarters in Kvansfon today. oiijhe cards. A large number ot Ihe wliiilow .shoppers took advant- a)iJ:e,of these displays to jot down n<iles . upon Ihe t'hrlslmus mer- I liBiidlse shown and the pluces whei'c'lf might be procured. .Santn CtauH Appenrs ll'.iicli and the wlilow are jointly cliarKetMwIih the murder of the womxn'jt aged hutthund on .September K..' , " •• to per toll ofl' car •ar- 1, fl'r tO'l I cHteie-l xvlille ort .j ,. . „ , I 'l(di' ' '4..^^ Coal Co. l 'lionc'.h« SuJlta Clans appeared upon iho'' e piw.uiBki. tae sijaori; precsired Vi'.itf T h : .Molay !Jl ''ilch and-)E,IIJ'V"'<«'-. . .u.. . . were " iriextremely Ifriendiv and tlrat the ui friendship Hasted tmtU the en«l of Dr. Llllienaahl's lite. i band,* shortly after .S p. m.. in. a car from the Shelly Mptor Co.. and| d.'strlhuted a barrer of Sifer's r f'andy and dozens of Superior lce| 7 Cream Eskimo Pies ttf the crowds.! , One good feature of .Santas ap-l peiirance,last night tlia't at no time was there a sufficient jam of peo- jile at any one*: place to block traffic aud Santa's journey alwut the scjuare wa.s not marred by a single accident.' ' .^fter he • had made his second Hedges iold of both Beach bnd nr. Lillienijahl having chickens that were diseased. •The doctor gave Beach siome remedy," jiie-said, "that he claimed would cui'o the chickens in three days. The medicine was administered and the chickens began to <lii. Beach told the doctor this and they had a few loud words about the circle of Jhe square Santa con-iefficicacy of e cure, tided * to a Register r,^porter that! '"nils was the nearest thing to Jie had nevpr received a finer wcl- coniej in any of the thousands of townb that he ha.s risited.' Santa hope* that every (boy and gii;l received eltller a share of the candT <ir an. Kskipio' Pie. He had nearly twice. as . much lo distribute this year as lie had last. I impartial observers who watch- Cii the crowds between the hours of 7 p. ni. and !' p. m. e.-^timate •t!iat at le .T 't 7 .00n persins- wit- nes.sed Santa's arrival, and- took I 'dme part in tl^e'ure Hunt. ' TREASURE HUNT REMINDER GIVEN Holders of Numbers Must . Keep Several Things In Mind Now . 3ust to retre-'h i!)<,' m'ntis ,of ihose participating in Ihe Treis: ii.-Vv Hunt (kvhiiii b gin l .i.-!; iiigyiti i i;nd comes to a conclusion toiniir- '! row night:— . Retweeii noon !<afiirduy ami f ' it<<re closing time Saturday night ' prize's 'will be given by merchants ' to anyone who will present a Register coupon with a number on it , eixaiily corresjKjndltig to a Treag- iir» Hunt lucky number.' Those who do not have Register coupon numlwrs identical with Trehsur* Huilt numj)ers hut whose numbers {>ome fair/y close to some rFreasure Hunt number should reg- ^kter tl^eir number, name and ad- itress^ at tHe store where the prize is shown. ;j If the identical number 1.' not presented, the prize will be Riven to trie closest number which - Is regfetered. Prizes In such cases, however, will not be given away Saturday for; the obvious reason'that not until the exact miniite of closing time •will any merchant'.know who the pr^ze winner is. The list of those who win prizes in this manner will be .published on the front page of • ^Monday's- Register atid the prize -winners may call at the stores for j their prises any time that week. . Remember""that it is not.neces- .sary to hold exact numbers in or- j^er to hare a chance at one of the .P /Freasure Hunt prizes. If your He^ster coupon number' approximates any one of .them; closely at . all. register • your number, name •and address—aiifl then keep your 'eye open for Mbnday's Register. a quarrel jhc two ever had. There was some i ^-oldness for a.time, but the friendship soon was resumed. "The so-called Peggy Anderson notes that passed between Beach and Mrs. Uiliendahl will be shbwn to be brief and . harmless lettei)s tliat have nothing to do with any illicit intimacy. ••We will bring out ithat Keach never in his life saw Shmuel Bark until he took t^c stand yesterday." Hedges said it would be shown that Beach could not have been at the pcene of the crime and said witnesses woult] testify that, he was in his owji hotnc ac tlie time. Charley Phillip?, attorney,of record for Mrs. LilUendahl theVi opened for his cHep^. He pictured the LilUendahl home as a completely happy one and shrugged away the quarrel between Beach and Dr. LilUendahl as of no import. ! He said that, two negroes were seen in the lane when the killink took.idace by-a woman who will take, the stand. Mrs. Lilliendahl says, negroes killed her husband.' "\Yhen you liear the witnesse?, we will produce you cannot believe the prosecution story." 'he said. . Ho then asserted that-the blood found on Mrs; Liiliendahrs gar- inenlls after the killing came, from a nojie bleed her- little son had had the day before. Major General Jadwin to Present Proposal to Him Saturday AVashingtou, Dec. 2. "(AP)' The .MisslBsippi Valley flood control plan, evolved by army engineers after months of intensive study and investigation, probab".y will reach Secretary Davis of the war department tomorrow, • .Vlaior (I 'encral Kdgar Jadwin, chief of army eng'neers, has" been d*i\oting hiSitime exclusively to the preparation ot the final report for "Qll ^ast two weeks and hop^d to- da^b be able to present it to the secretary ,tomorrow. ! A gencifal, outline of the prdject lias been iiisclosed In addresses by General ,/adwin but no intimation has b -en {riven of tiie possible costs or the appropriation whit-h youlii be recommended to congress' next Week f .ir carrying oiit the program. The plan In Its final form Is ii comhinutlon ,of the results of the studies madtf Iby several se-parale engineering boards and by, the .Mis- sisslppl river cdminlsHlun. tienernl .Ihdwin Kelho Tooil . coi|Htliictii >n of HpllluayH, estnl)- 1 those It .aders yc.'<ierd (iy. llMlinieai of reservoir sites, crea-l V .hi;l..r ^11 oi ihe i.idepe lion of !by-pn»sp .s and similar ex-' podlents. to nupplemotit Iho Icvec system. ' An outrituhding factor In !nnftl plan Is expected to pe its recom- jmcndntton against including in the (.Mississippi Valley pro- iJect at this time ofextenslve rpser- Ivolr or other flood control works ^n tributary streams. General !jad- win hu.s indicated that-the engineering studies have shown that such works, while' undoubtedly of value in relation to control of local flood conditio;is, would have little hearing on the flood problem In the Alluvial \>Iley of,* the Mississippi Itself. hicago Herafd said the fed.- found ,"amaz- Chicago. Dec. 2. LAP)—As : a roundup of crime developments in Chicago Iti the past few- hours showed a bombinif. a series of laid .s. Ill arrest.s. a)ii\ the slaying • o( one inan.l the ( and Kxamine^ Xodsij eral government liad ; ing evidence" of collusion between l ^'hU -HKif poiice officials and polltl- Wa.shiiigton! Dec. 2. (AP) Side- clans and operators of liquor and s..pping ail coiyrovtMsial niatteis ,P3 '"''linp rcsort.s. " , ,. , , . : The evidencj. said the newspa- .senate Republicans perfected ihei: j^.^^, ohtained in the past party organi/.iitioii today ior iht ^,„„„ih in :i secrnt investigation, first si 'salon ol the 7(i h (ongrc:-s Kverv police captain, said the and uii.-.iiiinously'nomi .-uii .d tUorgc ncwst.niier. ha .s b-en continually Moses of .New liamjishiie. to .sue- ,;h..„)ow,.,i hv federal 'operatives. ccFd h:iii.-e)i .IS pre -ideni pro teii:-^^'.,,.,l ,,r,.,.incf coiiimirteemen } pore. , ' • niid 111 ir "lesser lieutenants." have i .Xoinln.itions for the two othei |,„,.„ „nder survei lunc-f', i senate otl.ce.^. setietjuy mil .-ier- ! Tli<. newspaper >iaid it had i)''en geant-at-urms, iveut over uu'll a judiiaied ihni a number of Indict- further conference lomoirow whi .i „„.„t^ |,!i,.:iilv have been prepared, leaders are coiisiderin+; lite pnipos- |„„ „.(re U'^his withheld until the als of western'independents enihod . Rovemnifnt 's casj is competed: If led in a program wliii -li deals not" ;.„ii,i,„„.nis are to b^ returned, the fjuly wilh I'M-,, oini -s. I .iit >v;.,h i',.rj.i,| and Kx-nulner's infoirna- tlie-farm relief .|(.,„ it. il„.y probably will IVii Independents There. di^iree conslpriicy to violate the ; Only two of the independents at-, v„|j,|,>.„| „,.( tended the cinifeience., .Nye ofj f.'oiemnient lliis Ktldence .\'onh Dakotu, and .N'orvls. of Ne-j« Government men have learned, braska. They have been ^jpokcs -jmp newspaper said, that saloons men for the group In the meetings |^,„l i^anibling resorts have oper- p<»yment of «oine WILL ROGERS ARRIVES IN-MEXICO AS GUEST OF PRESIDENT CALLES Mexico City. Dec. 2, (AP)—Will Rogers,; traveling today as a guest of President Calles» on the latter'.s tour of-northern Mexico, said: ^'I didn't come to Mexico to find comedy in government—there's plenty of that in • Washington," ^e added; "I am the only man who has^ come to Me^co without any of the following intentions: One, to write a book on Mexico; two, to tell-the Mexicads how to manage their countO'; three, to mix in politics, because there is plenty of them in my own country; four, to buy a uerape (Mexican saddle blanket); fife, to eat chile aud tortillas, because they make them better in Texas." .-Amazed because he had crossed the coiftitry "without finding a sin­ gle wind mill." Rogers i arrived from I..aredo barely .on tjime to catch the presidential trdin. He was welcomed- by Arturo Saracho ^nayor of Mexico City, who ex|>re«se<l pleasure In shaking the hand of his "American.colleague." I Rogers, in reply, promised Sara(ho that he would be able to con- Verse with him in fluent Spanish within five days because for the past three days he'"^ad been devouring a book called "How to .Lenrn Spanish In Eight Days." PROSECUnON HAS TRIED TO BREAK REMIIS INSANITY State Seeks to Show He Was Not Insane at Time of Murder PRESIDENT USES flONUMENT STONE jfO SHOr UNION Coolidge Declares It Is Another Example of Nation's Unity Washigton, Dec. 2. (AP)—Dedicating New Mexico's stone in the W'ashing^on monument, Pi^sideiit j Coolidge today declared this tri• bute another evidence of the unity which binds the forty-eight states into one jiation. , The Union, he said, is like a-; ! family in which each member has ! its distinctive characteristics and Cincinnati. O.. Dec. 2. (APiTltejjndvduality but < bound together, prosecution in Ceorge Remus'niur- not only by thi? constittitieJn, but Cincinnati. Dec. it. (AP) -A crowded court room, women about equalling men. re.'iound- ed with loud guffaws today Avhen John S. Beiger. a witness in ,George, Remus's murder tria^. afsf-rtcii Franklin Dodgb. .IK. shfHiIii be dead with Iniogene Holmes Rcmus, shot liy her husband In Kdcn park here last Octolier i": OFF GERMANY Revision of. Treaty of Versailliea Seems to Be the Object GERMAN "ls "SPEiAKER Discusses Strengthening Of Article 19 (of Covenant ^ Paris. Dec. 2. (AP)—While disarmament questions were being considered at Geneva today, speakers in ; the I^encb Chamber of Deputies to<^k oc=- casion -to laud Fr'ance'9: achievement in reducing tnilf- tary and naval expenses, de- clariiig that France has taken the lead since the war, in voluntary efforts for pleace. I I.ondon. Dec. 2. (AP)f-Pre- \ mier BaWwin's statenjent in the. hoii-se of commons on Tuesday, • tliat the Russian govfernmet^t htisj not yet given assurances . of hbn-interferon'ce In British internal affairs as a i condition precedent to .considjjratlon of resumi>tion in their relations, was coimtered today by Maxim" ' Litvjnoff. "assistant ?oVlet commissar, who declared that such - assr.mnces already have been , givpii. : n undj-rto^k the weHvlug vo- 1 with old guard leaders, but did not j mod only ujKJn the pqymr rot till" scleral nspccts of tue I bring berore the party conference '•uroiert Ion inoney" which, in conlriil wt*k which. lUvludes: miiiiers which were presinied lo j,r...lnlis went to "high rn leaden •! ri der trial today drove at John L. Berger. I.os Angides MiUicnialre, in tin effort to blur the sharply lined picture of an insane lofe slayer he depicted yesterday. The' dcfens • completed Its direct examlniiiion of licrger with two questions: "Have; you formed an opiiilon as to Remus'' mental condition prior nileiits Ol - H „1le.. (ifficorx ' V . f'-hno^n. I'nited will go 11 •>('« Willi the ri -giilHi Ol- ^tatex IiNtrfei .-iilorncv. drt-lined gaiiiziitfou 0 ^1 llie vote next commen' o'« the reported gov- for the reorkaalzatlou of the >eii-,^.rtunent iiiive -illi'allon. exeunt to ate Ifsi If, 'ij |-!'eMds iiii ;icly tiijjrn >pltfrale the i-oi -ment l .e ni«dc! nPo ' "'' ''rtncs iicollipt the rc-ornnient w-as Peter Danielson Seeks ; Citizenship Papers ' Peter'Danielson, of Savonburg has filed application In district court for naluralizati6n papers .Mr. Danielson'.was born in Kris- (iansiad. Sweden. He arrived in .\ew York City. -May 1, 18S0, according to the application. REPORTS INSULL WILL TALK NOW Chicago Tribune Says He Will M of Gifts To Campaign Chicago, Dec. 2."(AP)—The Chi cago Tribune said today that Samuel Insull. public utility magnate and Daniel S6huyler. his attorney have offered to tell a- senate committee the names of all candidates to whom , campaign contributions were made by Mr. Insull Jn tb^ 1926 primaries, but associates of Mr. Insull refused to' coniirm orl deny the story. Mr. Insull,! his office said, neverj comments on such statements but prefers to give out his own infor-i tnation in his own way when he; hag .any. , The Tribune said the offer of Mr Insull and his attorney i which it said had been made iii wrtthag probably would result in the dropping of possible contempt proceedings against the utility j magnajte which were threatened last winter when Mr. Iu[<ull refused'to tell a senate committee investigating contributions! to the primary cam- l>aign of. V'rdnk U Smith, United States Senat<]r-elect. the names of all those to' whoid be made cohtri- hutions. Mr. Insnll told the committee of contributing -heavily to the campaign expenue of Mr. Smi^th while Smith was still a member, of the Illindis cotnmerc<! commission. Wmi, Penn—-5 cents—A Good Cigar Uecause whi<t conceMifions Ihe leaders!iiiahe after they lijive considerd ilie pro of the c .Ose division ' be- ulti 'Ca:;s a:.-.! ii - i.-i t -;i:.In the sena.ti. three or f-iii- ni thv independeuH cou .d iips,; \:.<-',u ganlzation p ans. • C ii JII n 1> Nained. gram of thcjiiKicpc 'nent' tween RepultiJca:;? "nntnrnl'v Interested" in recv*nt I'linir ifiinns'c «-hf<-h sp«>m"d rp'a- ted to violation of the prohibition 1-w Tiie iiomtfine raids !\nt\ arrr.-tts. tn.uether w'th tlie iiccidenta' shoot- ftijt to death of a cimsmith at F?nrinKiield. 111., were tinke'i direct- Pdllegtate Hilarity BD^ . lludiciallyby Missouri Court Body . Jefferson City. Mo., Dec. 2. (!*P) Collegiate hilarity was dealt #lth today judicially by the Missouri Supreme court, wheti it' upjield judgment of the Cape Girardeau county circuit court in refusing Geor^ge D. Englehart, former student of Southwest Missouri State Teachers college a^ Cape Girardeau. $S,0O0 damages for his expulsion following an impromti> student "jubilee" one night in July 1923.. . School ofncials hare fuU ps:»er "^Vm. Penn— -5 cent^A Good Cigar I and coiitrol over all stadent "pranks" and jubilees," the court held; In effect. ; The high Supreme Court's opinion, describing the collegiate oc­ curence, 'said "Bedlam broke loose aftei* the lights wfere out. A frightened do^ with a can tied to its tail ran yelping up and down the corridors; firecrackers were exploded in the halls to snch an extent the people In the Immediate vicinity thought a bombaninient was going on; water was thrown over the transoms and all Jthe while a Tictrola played. "Bariiej^ Google." rbat and nothing elae. At the party conference, Charles jy or indirectly, with Chicaeo's Curti-s, was re-elected i pane warf.nre. The killing of Fred conjerence ijchairman and flooi'A. Drullard. S2. however, was he- leader; J'ani.fes E. Watson, of Indi-. tiered to have had no gang con- aua. again ^as fhosen vice-chair-i nection man and" diisirtaiit 1 leader, and ; «.••...< i,,- t S m *. .Jfen Frederick Hi'^'^ "f -Maine. wi:.s .s"- l >re "!ird whk she* down hv three lected as-;co.iference sccritiiiy. in ."..y, iv'-.> w-'pi'^d'thei'' nn 'omobiie place of James E. Wadsworth. of in i ffelit two »>'nck-« from Xew York, who retired iroiii the ..-(t.-r ceene. • e <cTned. senate last March. "•-eue, n'aies "»> t'le motorcar Senator Watsson again \v:-s se- nw^y'-io^ >i;ii {eh ool 'ce pro- lected as chairman of the co;iiii)it- pbecfed would lead to arrests, tee bn committees which Senator | The slaying of Drultard wai Curtis was authorized to apiHiint j ascribed to frictibn existing be- Tlie- independents were given t (we »>n two f.'>ctionR of the electrical one place on this committee. .\'ye workers' union. Dniliard having being named tia- tlie ninth man j been active in a group seeking the The others In the order' of thidr; overthrow of the one now' in con- selection are McXary. of Oregon:. trol. Fred Drullard,. an uncle ofj. Moses; Smoot of Utah; Reed of jibe slain man of the same name, is Pennsylvania; Edge of .New Jer- , a member of the unions executive sey; Gooding of Idaho; Oddie ofjconncil. ' .Nevada. Three men. all armed..- were ar- Selection of .a candidate for i rested for ouestionins. One of chaplain of the senate to succeed! them wna Josenh Williams, aecre- the late Rev. J. J. Muir, was ieft.tarv of the union. t9 a special committee- of five j The Itomi ^nc —the eleventh In a which Chairman Curtis is to name ; fortnight of soasmortic ganr skir- The Chairman also is toiname the i nitshinp—was hlame<l by nollce on party "whip" and undouJitedly »il jt .he undorworld— fcht for control again, sidect Senator .'Jones of !of srambiine and iVice. An unten- Wa.shfngton. " i anted pool '"ilT om West Madison Committees on order of business 1 sir-et was ih" place Immbed, the and patronage also are to be named 'evnloefve beliKr niished through by the chairman. the "lookoiits" window in an arm'• • • iored front door. The explosion Elks Memorial Service ' friKhten^ii tennnts of the building, ^To Be^Held Here Sunday „ Following tiiTTng established Charl^ M. Fuuk tO . custom of the Order the local lodge ; Head filWaUlS LIUD of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks will celebrate next Sunday, the first Sunday in December, as Memorial Sunday with the usual elaborate program of music, ritual and addresses. An orchestra' made up of "lola musicians wilt furnish the instrumental I mnplc. Mrs. E. W. llhglund will 8in ^~a solo as will Mr. Eiverett Land, and there will be a quartette rnnkinBj,„ October fi laitt, when he killed his wife?" asked Charles' H. Elston, co-counsel with and for Re- musT "Yes.': responded Berger, "Was :he sane or insane?" "Inaa^e." Prosecutor Charles P. Taft II. immediately launched into an effort to pin Berger down to specific dates pi bis association with the tale-bfairlng t o Remus. "Talking in very plain English, I said December iS or 16." Berger .shot at his cross examiner after one question. "There's no use of your sitting there and trying to puzzle me up. Mr. Taft." Berger upon direct examination told in detail of his efforts to bring about a re<^oncil,iation between Mrs'' Remus and IRemus, and the violent outbursts -by R«mus when the name of Franklin L. Dodge Jr... of bansing. Michigan, was associated with that of his wife. by "sentiment* 'of mutual respect and regard." (f;oneva. Dec. 2. (XP) —The security committee of the preparatory disarmament conference, which has.been in session JuTC for the past few days, ad- ' journe<l today at the call of the chnfr. and probably will hold • its npKi meeting February ^0, ' (.'cneva. (Jec. 2. i.AP)—Germany mad Charles M. Funk was elected prpsldent of the loin Klwanls club for the year 1927 at the anniial meeting -for election of officers whIcM was held at the Kelley hotel last night ' Rev. C.. I. Coidsmlth was elected vice president. Clair Kerr, teller at the First National Bank, was eWted treasurer and Dr. P. J. made up of Mrs. Ifaglund. ; Mrs. iMcEwen district trustee. The Dene Billbe. Mr. Harold 'JCelley i board of directors was chosen as and Mr. Everett Land. The ad-|tollows: Russell Harry. C.'Canat- dress-of the day will be.delivered [sey. A. R. Sleeper. Frank T.«wyer. by Thomas E. Wagstaff. of jlnde-JA. R Enfield, "Woodie Perham, A. pendence, lOne of the most pleasing i E. Garrison. U. S. AND MEXICO ARE NEARER NOW Such Is Opinion as Trip Of Marrow .and Cajles : Is Started Mexico City. Dec. 2. (AP)—Inaugurating what is regarded! as another step forward in Mexican- American *relations,_ Dwight "W Morrow. American Ambassador.' and President Calles were traveling today oh the presidential train on an inspection tour of Mexico. This is the!first time that a Mexican executive ha^ invited an American envoy! to ac.cotnpany him on such a trip. Observers believe the trip will redound to the better undersfand- ing of both governments and consolidate th^ friendly relations between the Ambassador and the president* which were started on a ham and eggs breakfast at Calles'e ranch a few days after Morrow assumed his post., . Calles may find a way out of the Mexican government's difficulties in meeting international obligations next year oWing to decreased revenues and arrangements with bankers. He is ekpected to talk over the situatioii with Morrow during the weeks! they will be together. Because 'of the ambassador's financial training with b. P Morgan and company, it is suggested that.he may be'able to point out a sofntion to the difficulty. speakers in Kansas. The program w^lU begin at 3 o'clock and the public is cordially invited. The exercises will be held in the main, hall of the Elks rooms in the Northnip building. • j-v— i Governor Paolen Sends Condolences to Woman Topeka. Dec. 2. (AP)—Governor Paulen todajr. addressed, a message of condolence to' Mrs. Herbert S. Hadley of St Loois. widow of the former gorerhor of Missouri and a native Kansan, who died last nigUt Wm..Penn— 6 centa—A Good Cigar The hoard of directors and the officers will elect a secretary at their first meeting which will lie held .shortly aifter January 1. Savonburg Man Reports Theft of His Overland Pete Dahl. of Savonburg. '• this afternoon reported to the sheriff's ofRce the theft of an Overland car belonging to him. - i He said that he left the [ car parked on the east side "of the square and that when he returned it was missing. An Overland car was parked -in his stall, and he believes the car was taken by mistake. eignty." the president, said, "each must observe the rights of the others to the. extent thtit eiu;b has consented to abide by that general charter iinder which we exist. ; ,• "We must guard zealously against sectional antagonisms. The integrity of every, state must be preserved and her prosperity considered bu» -• •'• «^U||MUy a»d section must not uti to remember that the welfare of the nation aa a whole depends npbn cooperation and mutual helpfulness." . The placing of New Mexico's memorial stonq in the monument to the first President leaves only one state—Idaho—without such a Tribute.. Steps are underway by that state to add the iorty-eighth Eton^. .Expressing confidence in the future of New Mexico. Mr. Coolidge dec]are:d that few states surpass it in healthful climate and that too little Is known of the beauties, advantages and possibilities of this mighty southwestern empire with an area equalling that of ew York, Pennsylvania and South Carolina; combined. We have the anomaly ot a state." he said, ^'with a background of civilization, dlder than that of any other states having spread be-, fore her the bright prospect o^ a vast development' undeir -fnodep. scientific, industrial, agricultural, .educational, architectural, and san- 'itary standards." WEATHER and ROADS . FOR KAYSAS —Fair tonight and Saturday: rislnir temperature. Temperature -T -Highest yesterday 4.=;. at 3 p. m.: lowest last night 20 at 6 a: m; normal for today 38; deficiency yesterday 6; excess since .lanuary Isl. 437 de-j grees; this date iast;year—highest j 62; 'lowest 28. : . ' Precipitation' for the 24 hours I ending at 7 a. m. today, .00: total for this year to date. 51.53; excess since January 1st 1.5.12 Jncb- eg. Relative; humidity at 12 noon yesterday. 4.'» per cent; 7 a. m. today 89 peT cent; baroineter reduced to sea level. 30,31 Inches. •Sun rises 7:21 a. m.: sets'5:02 P- m. • . , Road ConditlonH- Wichita, clear, roads good: Hutchinson, fair, roads good • i Salina. partly cloudy, roads gobd: Manhattan, partly cloudy, roads gt )pd; "Arkansas city, clear, roads koi>A: Tor peka. cloudy, roads good:: Pitts- mj9ii what is generally're- : today "•While each! must maintain - Its !«arded heij- a .s an openiipg step in own peculiar functions and sover-ju! c:iinpal.=|i for eventual revisioa of the treaty of Versailles. • Speaking before the sec irity cominlitce ol the preparatory dla- . armttmeni "conference at t^day^a .session. Coiint Vou BernstorflT, ttia j German defegute, d»clijr«d that any study of the means of tiromottng international peace jhrough the strengihenln]!! of international security shonld give ini'frortaiice to Article m |of Jhe^ league covenauM!. . Thf« arfji-ie'i detJarea that . tba league «ass(mbly may from tim^ to time advise consideration ^by mem- . bera of tbe.'lcngnc of treaties which « 4)ecome inapplicable and con^d> • eration of international conditldnB who's^ continuance might endanger the peace of the world. . I ^ f Although the German ambassador did not -mention any specific j treaties, his remarks were generally taken to be the fh-st official reference of revision made by this qerman government. , A confmotion was caused among le delegates by the reference and comment among them as they left too meeting, indicated the existenco of a general conviction that CJer- n^any had made an opening of a d^ve for the alteration ot the Vep- sailles dociiment. •' v' i ' ^ Having quietly l:iunched hia bomb concerning the revision'of •'. • treaties. Count Von Bcmstorff went \ on to emphasize that everything phould be done to prevent war and \ to find means to settle peacefiiflj' • every conceivable international diS:^ ; pute. He said he was convinced I , that the covenant of the leagtie doea. not /urnish sufficient secufr ity to the nations and should be " revanjpetl 05 s.trengtjiened.., 9 . . ' The tfnaion>in (totithernj&nrcqpe^ caused ;by rlvalrK ov«r AitKima afeo" had an echo in today'il session oi (('ontfaiaed on Page S, Vo. l >.j MIDDLE WEST IS VERY COI^ TODAY Temperatures Are Lowest Of Season In Many Stateis Now II Kansas CitVi. Dec. 2. (AP)-^A chilling north wind today brought the lowest lempcratares oC^the season to the Middle West. The mercury at Kansas City and Topeka. went down to 15 degrees above' zero this morning, with th^ prosr pect of rising ipto the thirties tomorrow while the cold moves south and ea .st. • . A Meanwhile the Northwest con- bti.^. clear, roads rough td good: ll;--:^ ^'j^^J^T^-^^ Dodge City, clear, roadsj good; Emporia., clear, roads good: Coffeyville, clear, roads good. I Win. Penn—5 cents—A Good Cigar i Win. Penn—5 cents—A Gooip Cigar Chicago pmple Decides to ffave \ Divorce After Forty-Nine Y^rs Chicago, Dec. 2. (AP)—Fred and Bertha Lehmanh won't celebrate their golden wedding anniversari* next spring because, they explained to Judge Sabath in superior court, they can't make a go of their married Hfe any longer. "We've b.een ^tarried nearly fifty years, and knciw- w;bat's best for each other." - Mrs. Lehmann. 65 years old, told the court "We've decided we'd be happier in homes for old people, ishe In one, me in' another." said FVed Lehmann. 75. a retired wliolesale fish dealer • Judge Sabath sought to prevent the breach, but with no suijcess. "Have yon arranged a financial settlement!?" he asked. ' j | ".We are dividing what litUie I have." th«| husband of halt! a century replied. "It's Just eno.bgh for us to enter the old people's hom^s." perati^res. Hibblng. Mlnrn.. with 25 below zero, being the coldest spot in the United States. Fair and colder weather tonight and tomorrow was predicted for the SouthAvest, with frost extending nearly to the gu ^f coast to Texas and to the southern part of: Louisiana. • Kansas Is Cold. '. Topeka, Dec. 2. (AP)—Northr western Kansas early this taiorning experienced the coldest weather so far his season with the mercury dropping to 15 degrees at Topeka and to It at Kansas City. "The cold weather is movinS eastward,", said 8. D. Flora, met^ eorologist. "and generally fair, and slightly warmer weather 1? in pros- pelt for- today and Saturoay.'*- Concordia reported a low mark' last night of 14 degrees: Dodge City, 20; IVichita, 23, and Good-, land, 26. 1 I • 25

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