The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 14, 1939 · Page 3
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 3

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1939
Page 3
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THURSDAY, SfePf. 14, \m:- THE DAILY NEW$-LUDtNCTON. MICHIGAN. PAGETHREf HEWS BRIEFS The nicest courtesy that yon can show your guests is to have their visits mentioned on this page. The nicest courtesy you can show your friends is to let them learn of your visits through this page. Please caU the society editor, telephone 108. Rehearsal—The choir of St. John's Lutheran church will rehearse at 8 o'clock this evening at the church. To Iowa—William Zygaj of 308 North Ferry street left this morning for Dubuque, la., where he will spend a few days in visiting his sister, Sister Mary Rachel. To Manistcc—Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeVries returned recently to their home in Manistee after spending two weeks as the guest of Mrs. DeVrles' mother, Mrs. Fred Snow, of 405 North Qaylord avenue. Postponed—The meeting of East Rlverton Parent-Teacher association, .scheduled for Friday, Sept. 15, has been postponed until October because of the Western Michigan fair, in progress on that date. To Meet—The Parent-Teachers' association of St. Simon's school will meet Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the school auditorium. There will be a special speaker at the meeting. A large attendance is desired. Word Received—Word has been received of the death of Mrs. Carolyn Montgomery, wife of Stanley Montgomery,'former resident of Riverton. Mrs. Montgomery p'assed away Tuesday at her home in Lansing, where- *shd and her fiusband had lived since moving from RJverton a few years ago. Services will be held at 1 p. m. Friday at Lansing. Houscguest—A recent houseguest of Miss Elaine Youngquist, 317 North Harrison street, was Folke Ferre' of Springfield, Mass. Mr. Ferre' has studied for the past four years in St. Paul, Minn., and stopped in Ludington enroute to Newton Centre, Mass., where he will enter Andover-Newton Theological seminary. Dr. Nels F. S. Ferre', a brother of Folke Ferre', is an instructor in the school. Funeral services for Mrs. Joseph Ruba of Victory, life-time resident of Mason county who died on Sept. 9, were held Wednesday at 10 a. m. at the church of the Sacred Heart in Victory. The Mass was conducted by Rev. Gordon Grant of Scottville and appropriate organ selections were played by Mrs. Ronald W. VanDyke.of Summit. The many beautiful floral pieces and Mass cards -evi- deliccd the esteem in which Mrs. Ruba was held by her many friends. On Tuesday evening the Sacred Heart Altar society, of which Mrs. Ruba was president at the time of her death, met at the home to recite The Rosary. Friends from several surrounding communities were present at the funeral services. Pallbearers were her sons, Charles M., Joseph J., Peter W., John J. and Ralph R. Ruba and her nephew, Robert Ruby. Interment was made at South Victory cemetery. Out-of-town persons who attended the service were Mrs. Martin Ringleberg of New York City, Mrs. Emma Munson and family of Duwiglc, Mrs. Joseph Prohnschki of Bay City and Mrs. J. O. Vanier of Sullivan, Ind. Buck School School Opens There are 40 pupils enrolled at Buck school this year. Barbara Goosen, Harold Luttrull and Shirley Ann Sibley arc in the beginners' class. Eighth grade pupils are Nellie Powers, Louis Limdberg, Lloyd , Wilder and Robert Marrlson. The woodwork has been newly painted and general repairing done. New seats were placed in the building. Paul Bedker is the teacher this year. Mr. and Mrs. George Pelton of Grand Haven are the new owners of the store at Buck's corners. Mr. and Mrs. Pelton plan to continue the general merchandise business and'will add a line of tires, tubes and accessories. The Peltons took over active management of the store the first of the month. Alfred Beard has cut down the old apple orchard west of his farm buildings. Little Buddy Marrison was severely injured and cut aboyc the eye when he fell from the slide at Buck's school last week. Several stitches were taken to close the wound. Mrs. Charles Lambrlx is visiting relatives in Indiana. Mr. and Mrs. C. Westbrook were Sunday dinner guests at the J. H. Birdsall'home honoring Mr. Blrdsall's birthday- anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Kokx of South Weare were supper guests also. Mrs. Martha Charlahd entertained Bethel Ladles' Aid at her home recently. A social afternoon honoring Mrs. Sara Yakes, who is leaving the community, was enjoyed. Silo filling, corn 'cutting and bean pulling are keeping farmers busy at present. Eileen, and., Keith ^ss, began their, work at Penhxper high Behoof Monday. Ji^rg^m Pet#r- sen \s em'bllQa at tusun'gto'n high schoplvand' Wai tec ^ller^i& tendjng Morton sofibol-v • - •••- ••-•-• - •- AS SQUALUS IS RAISED FROM STEM 10 STERN FIRST TIME California is named after an imaginary island figuring in an old-time romance. What Causes Getting Up Nights? Getting up nlghtH inuy be nnturc'n warning of .sluggish kidneys. Ir excess nclcl and poisonous wuste lire not rcgu- itirly eliminated they may also lead to painful, scanty or i'rcqucnt flow, backache, leg or rheumatic pains, headaches or dizziness. Kidneys often need help same as bowels, dot a regular 25c box of BUKETH from any druggist. In four (lays If not pleased your money back. Locally at S. M. Snow's and Joseph Sahlmark's. Druggists. —Central Press Phonephoto The periscope and conning tower of the United States submarine Squalus which foundered off Portsmouth, N. H., breakwater as the submersible is raised, from stem to stern, for the first time since salvage operations were begun. Shortly after, the stern of the craft again sank to the ocean bottom. There are 24 dead in the submarine. Give Exact Rules Of New Apple Advertising Comm'n Apple growers of this region , same shall be cancelled by were advised today of regula-1 stamping or writing with ink tions of the Michigan State Apple commission -governing collection and operation of the apple advertising bushel advertising one-cent-a- levy on all apples sold by growers. The one-cent levy was recently established by state enactment, to create a fund to advertise and promote Michigan- raised apples. According to the rules, apple advertising stamps, available in various denominations from one-quarter cent to $1, must be the grower's name and date, thereon. Stamps affixed to containers, liners or grade-tags shall be destroyed before containers, etc., are re-used. Regulation 5, General: No Michigan apples shall be transported by any carrier, stored by any storage or sold to any dealer until such advertising stamps | have been fixed or attached by ' the grower of said apples. Provided, that apples being moved from the orchard where grown to a packing house or ware- affixed to all apples sold by 1 house within the immediate growers. The stamps are now on j area of production for grading sale at the National Bank of Ludington and the State Savings Bank of Scottville. Exact rules set up in the state law are: Regulation" i; ..... assegsWient: The assessment of one (1) cent per bushel of apples packed in any container or two (2) cents per hundred pounds gross weight of bulk apples, levied by Section 9a of said Act, shall be collected by the purchase from the Commission, of Apple Advertising Stamps, which stamps shall be affixed, attached and cancelled as provided in Regulations 2, 3 and 4. Regulation 2, Shipments within the State (Intrastate) : (a) Before any apples packed in containers are shipped on any railroad, boat, truck or other conveyance to any point within the State of Michigan, there shall be attached, before shipment, to each container, its liner or to the grade -tag, Apple Advertising Stamps equal to the amount of the assessment on such apples, by the grower thereof, or by the grower's agent, (b) Before any bulk apples are shipped on any railroad, boat, truck or other conveyance to any point within the State of Michigan, there shall be attached to the carrier's copy of the bill of lading, shipping receipt, or weight detail, or to the invoice, before shipment, Apple Advertising Stamps equal to the amount of the assessment on such apples, by the grower thereof, or by the grower's agent. Regulation 3, Shipments to points outside the State (Interstate) : Before any apples packed in containers, or in bulk, are shipped on any railroad, 'boat, truck or any other ' conveyance, addressed to anv point outside the State of Michigan, there shall be attached to carrier's copy of the .bill of lading, or invoice, or to the containers, Apple Advertising Stamps equal to the amount of the assessment on such apples, by the grower thereof, or by the grower's agent. Regulatioh 4, Cancellation: Cancellation shall 'be deemed to have taken place., when the stamps are attached directly to containers, grade-tags, or liners. When stamps are attached to bills of lading, invoices, shipping receipts, weight details, grower's agent shall keep a record of the 'bushels or weight of apples shipped by him during each calendar year. Regulation 8, Exemption: Upon request under oath, executed on forms prepared and supplied by the Commission, the Commission will refund to any grower the value of stamps equal to the amount of the assessment on his production not to exceed three hundred bushels of apples. Such request may ' years be made only once in any calendar year. The greatest diamond ever found is the Cullinan diamond, found in 1905, and weighing 3,106 metric carats. It was named for Sir T. M. Cullinan, chairman of the Premier Diamond Mining Co. Unbroken safety records for four employes of an oil producing company add up to 84 BUYER'S INDEX READ f THE ADS* Your Progressive Merchants Show You Where to Shop and How You Can Save Money. LOOK THE ADS OVER . . . YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO OVERLOOK THEM! ALEMITE OIL AND LUBRICANTS DECREASE Auto Kcpair Bills LUDINGTON AUTO SALES Phone 600 W. Loomis Street ROYAL-NATIONAL Made to Measure Suits—Overcoats $23.50 and up. BOBIAN TAILOR SHOP 118 S. James Street. or packing shall not be deemed a shipment or to be shipped, and provided further, that the provisions of this act shall not apply to apples sold >by growers or growers' agents direct to cider and-or vinegar plants for use in making elder and-or vinegar. Regulation 6, Stamp Purchases: All Apple Advertising Stamps shall be purchased from the Commission or its authorized agents. The Commission or its agents shall issue an official receipt to the purchaser showing the amount of money paid; the number of stamps delivered and their denominations. Triplicate copies of the receipt shall be made; the original being delivered to the purchaser. The second copies of the same must toe sent by the agent to the Commission together with the funds collected, each seven (7) days. The third copies shall be retained in the original receipt book. Regulation 7, Grower's records : Each and every grower or New Under-arm « Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration* 1. Does not roc dresses — does not irritate skin. 2. No waiting to dry. Can be used right after shaving. 3m Instantly stops perspiration for 1 ' to 3 days. Removes odor from perspiration. 4* A pure white, greaseless, stainless vanishing .cream. 8. Arrid has been awarded the Approval Seal of the American Institute of Laundering, for being harmless to fabrics. IB MILLION Jars of Arrid have been sold. Tiy a Jai todayl ARRID 39{f " y * Al "" " orei (al.o In l «°««t good. 59c Ian) WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS FOR • SALT • SUNDRIiES • PAPER BAGS , '••, WRAPPING PAPER , ( • GUM • TAPE • TWINE • NUMEROUS FOOD PRODUCTS LUDINGTON PAPER AND STEVE GODilsr W^Jeiale Only ^ IN A MAGIC CHEF GAS RANGE BANCE All MAGIC CHEF Burners ore. guaranteed for the life of the range. Even though-you are not in the market for a range, come anyhow and see why your friends and neighbors are buying these modern ranges. If you do need a range you will get a better value. It has all the features found only on the most expensive models. Buy ?2ow and Save The Gas Corporation of Michigan "If It's Heat You Want—You Can Do It Better and Cheaper With Gas." SEETHE NEW M A G I C Students need a great deal of energy, so feed them quality foods! Blue Ribbon Stores have the finest foods ... at prices that save you money! Creamed Cheese Wls "" nsin Carnation Pastry Flour Colby, Ib. FLOUR, 24i/ 2 ib. bag 5 Ib. sack 196 73C 18c Little Boy Blue, No. Z size can Corn Peas Green Beans Kidney Beans' Cut Wax Beans Defiance Milk Tomatoes Little Boy Blue, No. 2 can Miss Michigan, 2 for 3 for Defiance, . 2 for 3 tall • cans 3 for 25C 3 fnr 25C I7c 25c 19c 3 f r 25c 3 bars 20c FEBUOY Golden Berry Sf' 2lc Wheat Cereal Rich in i£ tamin * 5e Metal Waste Basket ',:" v With Z Packages of CHIPSO, each Fazicr brand, A 14 o/,. bottle *« for Salted Crackers Cdrri Flakes 14c VEL THE AMAZING NEW WASHING DISCOVERY WHEN YOU BUY A 25*PACKAGE 35^ VALUE -MEATS- Smoked Ham b °Sg^ b31b - 25c Beet RoaM Pork Sausage Chipped Beef Salt Pork to braise or boil, Ib. large links, grade A, Ib. Vi Ib. cello, serves 4, pkg. Streak-o-Iean, pound 12 ic 23c 15c 17e -VEGETABLES- Tokay Grapes Sweet Potatoes Green Peppers Tomatoes Honey Rocks Onions per basket MELONS, A large •• " 10 Ib. . bag 2 ,y. 4 ,„. 19c 6, b ,10c 15c for 15C 17c Your Blue Ribbon Stores E. UUTCH & CO. 317 S. James Street Phone 3 WRtDE'S GROCERY 2(!3 S. M:ulison St. 598 ELMER ABRAHAN1SON 402 S;; Washington;.Phone 90 ALSTROM & ANDERSON 509 S. Wasmngton Ave, Phone 373 JOS. M. SELLNER 229 Second Street Phone 109 THE itCUNOiyiY FOOD MARKET 1018 S. niadlsnn St. ' Phone 195 •••••.:"*o**. SMI

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