Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 13, 1955 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1955
Page 18
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Dial .-PA'2-4800 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1955 FIFTEEN Jayce^s To Sponsor Speech Contest For Ninth Year : The Cumberland Junior Association of Corhrrierce has v releascd-lo '. principals .of the' is • public and A- parochial high. schools its plans for the ninth 'annual .Voice of. Demo'. cracy speech' contest. uoriald , A. •• .Workman',-'' who ,. is chairman 'of .the Jaycee Voice of . Democracy committee; said this is The county-wide contest usually is conducted late.' in November or early in December. The state competition will follow and Maryland's winner .will -get a trip .to Williams. burg, Va.l for the national finals:' . Twice ,:tlic /Allegariy'. County winner , has won . the, state • championship', -most recently just last year. George Eskin of Fort; Hill High sessions of the. big-money. winners high > prepare five- Chamber Students . •re .requested to minute '.talks on the subject "I Speak .For Democracy." Each school will conduct its own elimination contest to select its outstanding, speaker.' 1 Then these boys and girls, each one representing a different school, will compete.f6r.the county honors. so of Fort Hill High School, who won during the 1930-51 school year. Assisting Workman on his committee, are Glen Br'ant and'James Fceney. NEW YORK-(INS)-Having just interviewed and pried into the.pos Ladies Night Event Set By Khvaiiis Club The • annual Ladies Night program of the Cumberland Kiwanis Club will be held today at 6:30 p. m. at the Cumberland Country Club. •''. ' . •'•:•• Bernard G. Renz, president, will be tbastmaster. Gifts will be distributed at the event. Fresh From the Farm FRUITS & VEGETABLES TOLL GATE FRUIT MARKET Route 40 West Past LaVale Open. Every Doy from * til * . Assignment: America Big Money Winners On TV Quis Didn't Go Hdytvire, Survey Shtiws lit,. U. ». Pol, Otl.I —i By VriYLUS lAneili i .. These good, harried, temporarily realthy people, have toni asunder a few of my childhood fancies. Back in the lovely dewy days of youth, the question went like this: 'Whad'd you do if you had a million dollars?" . ... ' The answer varied, as the little girls and the little b'oys varied, bul .here was always a touch of joyous insanity I was going to buy a kennel of collies when I was very young, As I got a little older, I was going to Buy a kennel of collies ant a stable of race horses. My brother had himself pegged a i sn - ma <| 0 him cautious. So he stop for a season box to Crosley Fielc n Cincinnati, I think, and free hot dogs for .everybody in the park Other .kids wanted, other things; impractical, things ; maybe, bui truly and deeply desired. Having money, however, is ap parently a lot different from dream ing of having money. Suddenly when the check is in'your hand you forget, the luxuries you' were »oing to fatten up on. Suddenly, ife becomes very, very serious. Of all the $64,000" premium prizewinners — including little Gloria U>ckerman, who ; should be, by nature, still in the dreaming stage —none has'Spent so much as a dollar foolishly/" STOCK UP! REGULAR AND BATH SIZE . Tho More You Buy-the More You Save! when you buy two at usual price W.Sy We Offer You This Great Saving We believe, once you try SweetHeart, you'll never be hsppy with any other soap. So we invite you to try SweetHeart, while this giant Vi Price Sole lastj. See why S out of 10 leading Cover Girll—who make beauty their business—prefer pure, mild SweetHeart. While special Hi price packs lost, get SWEETHEART the Soap Thai ACMES with four Skin It must be as Capt. Richard Mi Cutchen, the. (only winner of th top prize money, put'it) makes you pretty serious to get' lot'of money -all at once. A grea dear of responsibility goes with i So you put it in the hands of invcs ment counselors and let ther worry what's'the best thing to d with it all." Probably the most young-at-heai winner—the one who would be mos likely to toss away a few frivolou hundreds on pure pleasure—is pa rolman Redmond O'Hanlon, th Staten Island policeman with fiv children to keep him lively. But the very same things tha make, him young at heart — h quintet of responsibilities — hav ped at the $16,000 prize and ha spent •• most of his winnings to pa off debts. .Catherine Kreitzer,' the Bibl reciting grandmother, has.worke hard all her life and. never had so good. But, perhaps because sh HAS struggled most of her years it wouldn't occur-to her to inves in even one pure luxury.-Like mos of the other winners, she is labo ing at her old job-^and doing ou side work, too, taking advantag of this opportunity to make mor and ' more money for what sh calls the Kreitzer "nest egg." Gino Prato? Probably he comes the closest to fulfilling a dream with his sudden, wealth.. But eve his.trip to Italy to visit his father and .his modest wedding for hi. daughter, -are not luxuries in th youth's dream school. They''ar investments that would have bee made in any case; Gino was sim ply able* to make them sooner, an in finer style. After deep thought on the mat :er, I've concluded: that probabl most any of us would react muc :he same as Red, Gloria, Gather me, Dick and Gino have done. W would put much of our new mone> away and feel secure. • But oh. to have back the day when your security was built-ii and money was to be put into lol .ipops instead of banks. It's only kids who can romp carelessly on Fort Knox! Knights Of Colunibus Set Dance Tomorrow Cumberland Council 586, Knights of Columbus, will observe Colurn bus Day tomorrow with a danc it 10 p. m. at the council home The dance, open to members am' riends, will be informal. The committee in charge of th affair is composed of Raymon Wempe, John Vpcke, Thomas Simon, Joseph Soethe and Willian McCleary. Music will be by Johnn Ritchey's orchestra. Complete Itockl . . • tow prictd every day. Phone yovr order or thop in person. Delivery FREE on $3.00 .or more. MAXWEll HOUSE Instant Coffee ' ' ~ SI .55 Seedless Raisins 2 '^l; 37c SAVE 9c ON TWO PACKAGES Pillsbury Gingerbread Mix 2 > All PURPOSE SHORTENING SWIFTNING 3 *• . . Dog Food ........... • .............. 5 Mb. ««• 69c —Con ol 48 cant So.39— SWANSOOWN Angel Food Cake Mix .......... p«^=- 49c SUNSHINE - ' Krispy Crackers ................... n>. t>°\ 25 c 47c 79c GIANT SIZE TIDE 69c '• • —SAVE 5c— LEHY LANE *~ TRICK OB IREAT Candy Assortment 49c KBAFT Velveeta 2"=. b»85c BIG EYE, CENTEK CUTS SWISS Sli " d ° r ''"" •••• ">• 59C WISCONSIN -IONGHORN Mild Cheddar »> 47c Kralt CHIVE or PIMENTO Spread •••• '-«• p/'e« «.p 33c TREASU8E CAVE • Blue Cheese - ">. 69c Peas 2±41c Nlbleh Corn..» 2'±37c Del Monti A A p_- Whole or O *°" ^jlfk UOin Creom Style * <oni WWW R.d Kidney Beans 3^350 Md. Chief Kale 2 bi !^31c Whole Groin Hominy 3";j Del Monte Lucky leaf PURPLE Plums 2«: n . 7 37c Campbell's TOMATO' Soup 3r,35c Argo SUGAR Peas 2^ "The Finest'Meats in Town" at Garliti Brothers! SWIFT'S PREMIUM or ARMOUR STAR BRANDED STEEK Center Cut Pot Roast of Beef ^. 57c —Tender ond Flavorful—Wolle'pree Trim— ' I Small Lean PORK LOIN ROASTS • : -'•• • ' '—Extro Cloie Woite Free Trimmed— • ' •'•••" 1 to 4 Ib. ' , 3 to 5. Ib. • 3 to 5 Ib. Loin End E9jh Blade End OA& Center Loin CA. cut,... ib. OwC cut.-.. ih waC c u i. it. D9C SWIFT'S TENDER. GROWN .•.',.-•• . . Fryers ^ »3 IB. me, CUI.UP f, a ...'. i°..43c —Yeor old'Rooiilng or Sltwing-Hiiu, i to 4 lb..ihe, lb'.'-43e— ' •. ' • ARMOUR STAR GENUINE SPRING Lamb Shoulder Roast 3 >° > —Mtoty ShoulHar Chops, Center cuti, Ib. A9c~ SWIFT'S PREMIUM BLUE LABEL HAMS ;„:•.::."• i, 53e NEWI SWIFT'S FULLY COOKED SKINLESS SHANKLESS HAMS; i».47c (EMIU : D BACON SWIFT'S PREMIUM SLICED ^ ' • • 2 lb '-.35e, EXTRA FANCY, IAROE RED SUCING .••'. 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Sliced Tomatoes Slice tomatoes, sprinkle with salt nd rnlnced frcsh'basil; douso with Yonch dressing and rcfrlgeri intll scrylni! time. Use about ablespoons of dressing for medium-sized tomato.". '• •' Keep • Jar of chcaio sauce In Elegant Eating the refrigerator. Serve over.hard- cooked eggs and top with crisply igte cooked bacon for lunch: or pour 0 [ two over a can of drained boiled onions cheese each and heat for a supper vegetable to little serve with meat, poultry or fish. Sumptuous first course: Red caviar served with small thin squares pumpernickel'bread and cream whipped until fluffy with a heavy cream. Have a pepper grinder handy, too. RIVAL DOG FOOD IS SO GOOD...IT'S The spotless, modern plan! wfcere RfVo/ij made Try "New Formula" RIVAL CAT FOOD Looks Rood—smells good—taste that delights any cat. Made with freah ocean fish, liver, kidneys, choice cereals. 8 and 16 oz. cans. So good, it has earned the Good Housekeeping Guaranty Seal! 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