The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 14, 1939 · Page 2
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 2

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1939
Page 2
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THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. THURSDAY, SEPT. 14, 1939. SOCIETY Mr. and Mrs. Freeman R. Stearns entertained recently at their home on North Lakeshore Local Amusements flrlve in honor of Countess Emllio Home, Italy. Count and Guizzi of Countess Guizzi, sister of M. JB. Gray of Manistee, has been Visiting at the home of her brother for some time and was Joined toy Count Guizzi recently. . Cocktails and tea were served during the afternoon and an Informal supper was served later in the evening. Lovely bouquets .of garden flowers were used In decoration of the home. i, Those present were Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Rynerson, Mr. and Mrs. V. F. Callighan, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Slaughter of Kansas City, Mo.; Dr. and Mrs. H. B. •Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Hall of Wausau, Wls.; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Herman, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Read, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Hall of Cocoanut Grove, Fla.; Mrs. E. E. Barthell, Mrs. Ida Bliss of Chatham, N. Y.; Edward Freeman of Nashville, Tenn.; Mr. and Mrs. John Stram, Mr. and Mrs. K. B. Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Gray 61 Manistee, Count and Countess Guizzi and the host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Stearns. ' Knights of Columbus Hold Open Meeting An open meeting of Pere Mardtiette council No. 1492. Knights of Columbus, was held Tuesday evening in honor of Joseph P. Tushaus, member of the Supreme Council. Preceding ins talk, Mr. Tushaus was introduced by Edward Ackersville, grand knight of council 1492. /Opening his address with an explanation of the aims, ideals and purposes of the Knights of Columbus organization, Mr. Tushaus also outlined the benefits to the individual of being an active member of the fraternity. He then told of the Various projects sponsored, by the organization, citing the Columbian Squire groups, a junior division of the club; and also the educational division conducted by the Knights at Notre Dame university for the training of men for camp and other similar work with boys. 'After the conclusion of the address, ' refreshments were served by a committee headed by -.Charles Derler. LYRIC THEATER— Presents "Waterfront" with Gloria Dickson, Dennis Morgan, Marie Wilson and Larry Williams; and "The Mikado" with Kenny Baker,"Jean Colin, Martyn Green and the D'Oyly Carte chorus. OSSAWALD CRUMB TAPROOM Dancing. OLD HICKORY INN— Dancing. HAMELL'S LAKE SHORE INN— Dancing. TODD-L-INN— Dancing. RAINBOW GARDENS— Roller skating. freely of tears. She wept and wept (perhaps thinking of old age made it easier) and so effectively that her director, H. Bruce Humberstone, sent her orchids. (Oddly enough, they were her first. Not all movie stars eat them for breakfast, !you know.) Count and Countess Emilio Guizzi of Rome, Italy, were entertained Tuesday evening at a buffet supper and evening affair at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Slaggert, 313 North James'Street. The supper table was illuminated with the •bronze tapers light and with a plateau arrangement of marigolds, zinnias and gladioli in fall shades. During the evening, the guests were entertained with bridge and other games. Guests of the occasion were Dr. and Mrs. H. B. Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. John Stram, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Furstenau, Mr. j and Mrs. F. R. Stearns, Mr. andj Mrs. M. E. Gray of Manistee j and the Count and Guizzi. I Observing these things, I'll make a prediction: Jane Withers at the creaky old age of 13 is just at the threshold of her career. The bosses seem to think so too. They're giving her better casts—in the current epic she's co-starred with the Ritz brothers, but I'm thinking of Joseph Schildkraut. centered iAnd in the fall, just before she clotes 5 p. >»• of tall takes that long-promised trip home to Atlanta, she's set for a co-starrer with the king of the cowboys—Gene Autry! Time Schedules Mail, Rail, Boat and Bus Incoming Mail Weekdays From south (mail truck) 7:30 n. m. From east (train) n:1 ,° en - m- From south (mall bus) 10:45 a. in. From oast (bus) 9:40 p. in. Incoming mnil, Sundays (mail truck) 9:30 a. m. FROM SCOTTVILLE Port- Marqiiottc Passenger Trains From east. arrUv 10:59 a. m. Enstbound. leave 1:02 p m. Bus I.ines Leave for Traverse City, \u. ll :is a. m., 7:15 p. m. Arrive from Traverse City. elo 11:45 a. m., 5:45 p. m. Leave for Ludlngton 11:45 a., m., 5:45 p. m. Arrive from Ludlng- ton ..11:15 a. m., 5:45 p. m.. 7:15 p. m. Leave for Baldwin 5:45 p. m. Arrive from Baldwin 9 p. m. Outgoing Mall Northbound mail (mall truck) .closes 7:30 n. m. Southbound mail (mail truck) C 1 OS£S 9:15 n. m. Westbound (train) closes ..10:40 n. in. Eastbound (train), connecting with north and south trains, closes 12:40 p. m. Eastbound (bus), connecting with north and south trains, closes 5:30 p. m. Westbound (bus) closes 6 p. m. Incoming Meal From south (mail truck) 7:45 a. m. Arrives from east (train) 10:59 a. in. Arrives from west (train) 1:02 p. m. Arrives from west (bus) 6:00 p. m. HOLLYWOOD SIGHTS and SOUNDS To make room for a group of late books, recently ordered by Ludington Public library, Miss Eleanor Hillman, librarian, has transferred a group of 33 books from the rental to the non-rental department, she announced this morning. "Most of these books," Miss Hillman told The News, "have toeen very popular ever since we first put them in the library. (By ROBBIN COONS) HOLLYWOOD—It is an ad- Imirable thing to grow old ' gracefully. And in Hollywood it is a rare thing, too. Today I saw an actress who, I believe, has learned the secret. Fiye years a star, she might easily feel that the best years of her life are behind her. She is now, as movie ages go approaching a period of uncertainty. There" is aii "in- between age" which harasses all players of her sex—no longer young enough for the roles she has been playing, not old enough for grandmotherly assignments. Just in-between. Has it worried her, floored her spirits? Not a bit of it. She is going along (she still has a contract with some few years to go) and she is accepting the fact that in her roles Pere Marquctte Passenger Trains COUnteSS j Westbound, arrive 11:10 a. m. i Easttouncl. leave 12:50 p. m. i Daily. f::c'pt Sundays Pere Mnrquctte Carferries Lpnve for Milwaukee. Wis 3 a. m.. 11 a. m.. 1 p. m. Arrive from Mihvniikc-e 2:30 a. m., 9:30 a. m., 6 p. m. I Lcavp for Manitowoe. ! Wis 4 p. m.. 3:30 a. m. I Arrive from \ Manitowoc 3:30 a. m., 2:30 p. m. I Leave for Kewuunee. Wis 8 a. m. Dp'ly. Sundays included Call dock "office for daily information, j I All beats carry automobiles. > Hus Lines ' I Leave for Muskrgon, ' etc. ..8:30 a. in.. 12:30 p. m.. 4:15 p. m. Mrs. Ouster Ralph Tower was guest Thursday. Sept. 7, of her niece, Mrs. Carl Sellner. Claude Norton recently spent several days in Hastings on a business trip. Mr. and Mrs. George Lehner of Muskegon were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Brandenburg and family Monday. Lee Tower went to Detroit Friday where he attended the Timers ball game. Mr. and Mrs. William Schreck Arrive from Muskegon. i o^n,-,)- TllPsdav evening With ttc. -.10:50 a. m.. 4:05 p. m.. 7:35 p. m. j ^"nrf Mrs I POlVirdSnied- Lmve for Traverse city. Mr. and Mrs. Leonaio bmea etc 11 a. m.. 7 p. m. I berg of Ludington. Thev also Arrive from Traverse City, etc 11:59 a. m., G p. m. Daily. Sundays included Leave fcr Baldwin 5:30 p. m. Outtjuint; Mail Weekdays i Custei' Southbound mail (mail truck) ' ,,ni'o closes 9:30 a. m. I Vlllt. Eastbound mail i train I connecting _ IT _ , with north and south 'rains | PeltOTl bCHOOl closfs 11 -JO a. m. southbound uuaii busi Mrs. Gearhart Storm and in- E:*bou.nci---;blVr-conn«unB 0 ^iS- fant son. Albert arrived at nirtu and south trains. their home Monday from the ciasfs 4:30 p m. t h os pital in Manistee. Outgoing mail Sundays (mail track) j Rpv _ nn£ j MrS- L g Jonps arp entertaining Rev. Jones' parents ahd .brother from the southern part of the state. They 'will visit also at Bachelor at the Paul Hoffman home. . Mr. and Mrs. Fred Woebbek- mg and family and Mrs. Theodore Woebbeking Sr. visited the Theodore Woebbeking Jr. and Lyman Hamell families in Ludington Sunday afternoon. Mesdames Frank > Battige and Herman Rosenow visited Sunday afternoon at the Herman and Arthur Ohst home. Carol Battige was a Sunday afternoon guest of her cousin, Violet Rosenow, and Kenneth Rosenow of Melvin Battige. Civilian Bombing WillJFree Hands (Continued from Page 1) bassy said, scores of Polish towns and villages have been raided. I The papers also gave promin- ' ent place to U. 3. Ambassador i .Anthony J. Drexel Biddle's re-i | port from Poland that Germans i were bombing without regard to ' the safety of civilians. ! The Telegraph wrote, "The i very suggestion that British ' forces might one day be compelled to bomb open towns is enough to make soldier and civilian alike recoil; but Lord Halifax was right to point out that a policy of restraint is based on reciprocation. A healthy fear of reprisals and their effect on the morale of the German population may well prove a deterrent where considerations of humanity have failed." 11 IV UT« l{< i It is said that 95 rjercent of I the farmers or ueorgia still 'use kerosene lamps for home lighting. iv IK EAT LAGESEN'S DANISH COFFEE CAKES, ROLLS and PASTRY They are rich with Fresh Milk, Butter and Eggs. "Famous For Over 25 Years" LAGESEN'S DANISH BAKERY G05 South Washington 4ve. Telephone 755 v V $ 8 I ! V V V V V i,~J FLOOR SHOW AND ORCHESTRA AT OLD HICKORY INN Featuring Art Mre in a Novelty Act anil Madeline Lewis, Acrobatic Dancer Now ONLY THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS. Two Shows Nightly—11 p. m. and 1 a. m. Cover Charge, 15c. MUSIC BY "BUTCH" AND THE BOYS. " . called on Mrs. Jack Bali. Mr. and Mrs. Werner Andre, who have been residents of have moved to Scott - TVio-,7 inr-liirip mvcrprips his- JI1 5 ^ le ^ci, unit in ner roies I h ?L, in £V± m S e *V «™_ as well as in life she must face torical novels, excellent non- j fiction, plays and many bang-up good stories." The books are: "Lisa Vale" by ju"st!f he I old years and tne to]1 th coiffure (those don't famous mean field, "Tish Marches On" by Rinehart, "Day of Battle" by Sheean, "Trending into Maine" .by Roberts, "The Wall" by, Rinehart, "Importance of Living" by has adopted styles in wardrobe in keeping with her increasing dignity. Her fame came, in the first place, from a certain hoyden- Lin, "Never Another Moon" by|ish boisterousness. She has had MiHer, '^Daphne Dean" by Hill, the good sense, facing facts, to "What People Said" by White, "Out of Africa" by Dinesen, "Dark River" by Nordhoff, "Star Rising" by Kelland, "Un- abandon thr^t harum-scarum personality. She is grateful, you can tell, for what Hollywood has al- Simpson,, ready done for her. There is Tropics" I a beautiful home, and a swim- jming pool, hordes of loving der Capricorn" -by "Transgressor in the by Far son. "Dawn in Lyonesse" by Chase, jpets, and—best of- all—security". "I'd Rather Be Right" by Kauf-; A11 this is in beautiful con- man, "Death on the Nile" by I trast to her early years in this Christie, "The Nutmeg Tree" by uncertain town, years in which Sharp, "Raiders of Spanish : sne refused to give up trying, Peaks" by Grey, — '" " """"•<• ; U! - 1 - ~ t -- j =- ----Link" by Wells, Eastern Stars Resume Meetings .Pere Marquette chapter No. 327, order of Eastern Star, resumed its regular meetings Tuesday evening after a vacation of two months, at 8 o'clock at the Masonic temple. A majority of the members was present and a short business session was conducted by Mrs. A. A; Keiser, Worthy Matron of the chapter. It was announced that there will be a special meeting of the chapter on Sept. 26, for the purpose of initiating new candidates. At the conclusion of the evnee- ning, refreshments were served toV a committee headed by Mrs. Nels Palmer and Mrs. Ernest Kronlein and including Mrs. Irving Clark. Mrs. Maud Love, Mrs. Henry Seeba, Mrs. John Leuwer, "Mrs. Harold Kolb, Mrs. Duelet Boblan, Mrs. Wilfrid Hocking and Mrs. Harold King. —,—# # #—_ Mrs. Chas. Love Entertains Circle Mrs. Charles Love, 408 North Rowe street, was hostess Wednesday afternoon to the members of Mrs. Newberg's circle of the Community church. Mrs. Bd- ward Cady acted as co-hostess for the meeting. The meeting was opened with a devotional service, lead by Mrs. 1*. B. Farrier. A short business meeting,was then conducted by the club officers. The remainder of the afternoon was spent in a social way and the ladles enjoyed sewing quilt blocks. Later, delicious refreshments were served by the hostesses, Mrs. LoVe and Mrs. Cady. •In addition to the 18 members Ot the circle present, guests of , the occasion were Mrs. L. B. Far- *i»iViMrs, P, H. Clark, Mrs. C. D. ; Hplcomb, Mrs. C. B. Bailey and "~I«$ Georgia Thompson. Discovers the South" by Daniels, "Hell on Ice" by "RFD" by Smart, "Fight for Life" by DeKruif, "Hurricane's Children" by Carmer, "Hasty Wedding" by Eberhart, "Katrina" by Salminen, "Light of "The Missing! y ears in which studio gates A Southerneri clan £ ed sn "t in her face more •- •• - - - 'often than they opened. She Ellsbenr ! knows that where she succeed- 'ed, hundreds perhaps as ambitious and talented are still fighting for a chance. She is duly grateful. is a stange thing, but Kemble" by Armstrong, "Sleep or " " Aquila" by Allen and "Wind! ure over Wisconsin" by Derleth. her ernaitv ai not ., Personality — ailu, not 11 incidentally, for her fig- the Jones (Amber) Schoo 7 Jones school opened Tues-j'^' day with Miss Florence Clemen-i ler C'/iM n r> 4- t\r\ n\^ r\v r T J \-i r\vn r\'/*r\ 1 O i _ ' ! The lady has pluck. She is not giving in completely to calendar's quick-turning It's A Portrait of A Good Healthy American Boy— He is full of life-fun and continuous fi^ood spirits-why-bccause his parents had the fo.rethough to keep him physically sound during his younger days and at the present time. They were j Careful to pay attention to the little symptoms that might load to severe diseases. If he contracted something,they didn't trust to luck—they called their PHYSICIAN and had him thoroughtly cheeked over. If a prescription needed filling it was'brought to us careful compounding from fresh drugs and chemicals. for FESTMl ave sen as teacher. There pupils enrolled, six it is because Marie Dress,n ""-I »»«« luuuu new fame and ptehth £ ortun , e after Ho ".vwood had eigntn jher all "washed up." Perhaps it is because, like any sensible graders and one beginner. Mr. and Mrs. George Hackert woman she realizes ha" the of Ludington called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Gordon Sunday afternoon. Elmer friends yea rs have nothin do ' with one's grooming. Even an I octogenarian can look sweet Berg and several and neat if she tries—as this of Chicago recently! actress' 81-year-old grandmoth- spent a few days at the farm in this district. Berg j er, now here on a visit Droves But the strangest thing of William Kessler, who has been all is this: by~ growing old ill, is improving. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Morse and daughter, Susanne, of Big Rapids, spent the week-end at „ „„„„ the home of Mrs. Morse's moth- j her cute ways were slipping in- er, Mrs Bertha Neil. jto mere muggishness; she was gracefully, the actress undoubt- ' edly has prolonged her star- i dom. A couple of year's ago ! some of us were afraid that i Mrs. Antoine LaPointe, who was injured in a car accident several weeks ago, is improving. Matthew Sroka spent Sunday afternoon with Robert Gordon. Sir Isaac Newton was the first man to estimate the distance of the stars with reasonable accuracy. working too hard at her trade Today, all that is gone. Poise and serenity, and greater charm therefore, are hers. And she is a better actress. In her present film, "We're in the Army Now," she- sings a song about flowers (her voice is improving tooj and at the end she is required to give Guaranteed Rubber Stationery and Special Electrtt Heating P#ds, SAVE 4 A$ lAHLMARK'S ^TXr >;^B_ flr^^^T^* of thft ANOTHER BIG SPECIAL BREAKFAST SUITES $16.75 as low Finished in beautifully done oak—well built, nicely designed. See the new chrome sets with reversible bakelite tops—padded leatherette seats—very smart. CONGOLEUM RUGS, 9 x 12, ______________________ only Obel's Furniture Store Owned and Operated by Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hendrick On East Dowland Street NOW IS THE TIME TO SAVE WITH DAVE—You'll find all of our items priced to save you money. Here are our savings on canning items: GRAPES California Tokay, Ib. 5c Brand New! Fashionable Colors and Fabrics Smartly Fur-Trimmed Coats 1475 The new coats are decidedly feminine in line, coir or, texture. They nip in at the waists, flare at the •skirts — they're gathered, pleated, turked. Her* we have all the newest dressmaker styles in handsome nubby finished fabrics—trimmed with rich flattering furs. Why not choose your new coat today! Sizes 12-44. Fashion Please! MARATHONS: Have the Styles— LOW PRICED! 2.98 All the fall favorites— plus a few exclusive*! All fine fur felts/ Featuring wider brims, lower crowns, new mixtures! •Rrg. r. S. Pat. Off. CAN RUBBERS, CAN TOPS, Mason doz. A complete stock of Kcrr regular and wide mouth can lids and caps. Always a complete stock of spices of all kinds. Fruit cans and jelly glasses. WHITE PICKLING VINEGAR, - | Qp PECTIN, Powdered, Shurfine PAROWAX, gallon W pkgs. Pkg. IOC Very Fashionable! Very Smart! 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