Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 13, 1965 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 13, 1965
Page 10
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TTN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN TUESDAY, JULY 13, 1963. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omorr Wednesday, July 14 "Tlie wise man controls his itetiny . . . Astrology points I he way." ARIESr '.Mar 21-Apr. I!)-: Crc- Bth-'-. endeavors now likely to <uccceci You can gel 11 s ilirouuh .support of tricnds. Fine time for attending special social affair. Express hopes. wishes Ihrougi; unique method. TAURUS (Apr. 20-.M a y 20>: L/ynawic approach to probl c m pays off. Be confident in manner, bearing. Highlight pr i d e of achievement. Person -in authority can be impressed. Know this — act accordingly. GEMINI iMa\ 21-June 20>: Study habits, customs o! others. Join in unusual i'estiviies Be pware of spirit 01 independence. Pleasure and gain can come through reading, discovery of new ideas. CANCER (June 21- Julv 221: Tap fountain of knowl edge. Means do some basic research. Don't fear the unknown Get at the truth and you will be free of uncertainty. Be independent, original. LEO (July 23-Allg. 221 : Public reaction to efforts depends upon ••special touch." Means w h a t- ever you try ... do it with a flourish. Emphasize seiVjc 1 of showmanship. Exhibit dramatic skills. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept 22:, You can enjoy yourself in company of co-workers, travel companions. Realize others do appreciate your efforts. Throw aside tendency to be petty or jealous. Give and you will receive. ! LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22i: Favorable lunar aspect highligh t s adventure and change. You learn by experimenting. Don't, fear change. Activity with younger persons favored. Good for planning creative entertainment. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21 >: Affection due to be received and given. Means you can arrive at Irank. basic understanding. Day to put objectives on line. No time for hesitancy, beati n g around the bush. SAGITTARIUS fNov, 22-Dec. 21): Family relations, communication with friends stressed today. Be tactful. Highlight diplomacy, understanding. Fir.c foi vacation activity. Give thought to special card or gift. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 • Jan. 19): Avoid self-deception concerning values, purchases and sales, Means be realistic. Know that time is on your side. No need to rush or panic. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18 Cycle up. You can makp right moves, see important peo pie. Time to come out of shell. Make known your views, abiliti e s. | BRIDGE BY JACOBY WEST NORTH * A Q .7 4 VK5 * K J 7 6 4 4 J 8 EAST 13 * 5 4 109 72 VQJ1062 ¥843 * 1 0 5 3 • 9 2 + AQ104 49653 SOUTH (D) 4K863 V A 9 7 » AQ 8 4K72 Both vulnerable South West North 1 N.T. 2 4 3 N.T. 5 V Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass 24 3 * 4 4 6 4 East Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V Q. BEN CASEY 2877-H1 o DAISY SPKAYUD: t:m- broider an easy-sew sheath with this lovely spray of daisies embroidered in colorful cross- stitch! You"li enjoy wearing it' Pattern No. 2877-H has tissue for sizes H-16-lo inclusive: hot- iron transfer for embroidery: color chart: full directions. To order, send 35c in coins to: Anne Cabot. ; Ironwood Daily Globe, ' 407 S. Wacker Drive : Chicago, 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. . and size. Send 50c now for your new '65 Spring-Summer album! Regular features; custom collection; items to crochet, knit, stitch! Highlight personality, person a 1 appearance. PISCES (Feb. 10-Mar. sue Be aware of needs of friends. Financial question may be sertled with tact. Practice of Go.den Rule applies. Finish project Extend influence. Expand a :tivi- ties, circle of friends. * f> f> '• If today is your birthday . . . you have natural inclinatinn to find out things and to explain to others. Would make fine attorney, reporter or teacher. U ft fl General tendencies: Cycle high for Aquarius, Pisces. Special word to Leo: Stay out of any dispute which could bring legaJ complications. By JACOBY & SON Here is a hand from "Do You Play Stayman?" illustrating the convention at its best. North's two club response tsks South to show a four-card major and South replies with two spades. North continues with three caamonds which is an all-purpose strong bid and South merely re- bids to three no-trump because his no-trump opening was right in the middle. Then North bids four spades and as Sam Stayman points out he has succeeded in saying, "Partner. I could have bid four spades right over two taut I am interested in a slam olid my side suit is diamonds." South notes that he has good diamonds and first or sec-' end round control in every suit and decided to accept the' slam invitation by means of a five heart bid. This is enough for North. He jumps right to six spades. ; It is a mighty fine contract,; but after the heart open i n g careful play is necessary because trumps don't break and the ace and queen of clubs are: in back of South's king. ' He wins the heart lead in dummy and promptly leads out the ace and queen of trumps. West shows out and he pauses lor a moment before continuing with the jack. Then he leads a heart to his ace: ruffs his last heart with dummy's small trump, gets back" to his hand ; with the ace of diamonds, picks up East's last trump with the king and runs off the rest of the 'diamond suit. He loses the last trick to the ace of clubs, tout he can afford it. Q—The bidding has been: East Sooth . West Norfh 1 * Dblc. Pass 1 N.T. Pass * You, South, 1iol<h 4AQ76VKJ76 4 .t *K » 4 I : What do you do? A—Pass. YOB don't like no- trump but you have no five- card suit and there is DO Kood reason to disturb this contract. TODAY'S QUESTION West bids two diamonds and North doubles. East passes. j What do you do? j Answer Tomorrow ! " i Quick Quiz | i Q—What chemical clement! was named for a mythological i god? i A—Mercury, a liquid which j flows so freely that it was named j for the fleet-footed messenger of i the gods in Roman mythology, j Q—Does sunlight that falls on ; the earth have weight? ! . A—Yes. Light has appreciable weight—or pressure. The light pressure on the surface of the earth is given as 2 pounds per square mile. j Q—In what languages were I the books of the Bible originally! written? A—The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek. Ann Arbor Man Heads Michigan Vets' Group SAULT STE. MARIE (API — Harold Schnieder of Ann Arbor was elected commander of the Michigan Veterans of World War I Sunday at the group's llth annual convention here. Other officers include: Mike Macalla. Detroit, senior vice commander; Ray West, Huskegon. vice commav.cier; Glen Carpenter, Lansing, chaplain: G. Edwin Slater, Detroit, judge advocate; and William Tarr, Ludington, quartermaster. Hope Will Entertain Troops in Dominican HOLLYWOOD iAP) — Comedian Bob Hope left by plane from Holywood Monday to entertain U. S. troops in the Dominican Republic, a spokesman for Hope said. Hope and five other performers will tour the country for five days. Accompanying him will be actress Tuesday Weld, • comedian Jerry Colonna. singer' guitarist Tony Romano, actress'. singer-dancer Joey Heatherton, and singer Lola Dee. Alaska, in addition to Mount McKinley (20,320 feet high), has 6 other peaks taller than the highest of Europe's Alps. , SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox BUGS BUNNY f WHEW: I'D BETTER! WEMCVE MY COAT! A -* s I THAT SUN IS TEWWISLV //, HOT! VA SHOULD HAVE A \f ', TOPO\'VER C2ATE, ), I < BUT THiS'LLDOlN A PINCH: AL—By Dick Turner fi "Now, Eleanor! Maybe the chef criticism!" doesn't like constructive World Tour Answer to Previous Puzzle -You mean you think it is necessary to warn people that this prescription may he habit-Iorming-at $27.M)V" ACROSS 1 (ialway 4 Kurnpeim S~ Said, K R ypl 11! Individual 13 Belgian t'liinmunity M Athena 15 I'romnm IB Cooked in bnl lat itwo word IR Missives ' lid Crucifixes L'l Auni-lo •J'.iTo yaehl 2-1 MaKRol •Jti Hourglass item 27 Kncrvatc 30 Kicry 32 Impair 34 More expensive 3f) Ocellus 36 Cathedral city of England 37 Cumtjorland and others 39 Charge, as a liner 40 City in California •11.lew el •12 Thieves' slang •l-i l.ilirratc •in Repeal 51 Present time 52 Bohemian stream 53 County in Texas 54 Mine shaft hut 55 Affirmative votes 56 Wrinkle JiuWN '1 Poker slake 3 Period of liujc last past ' •1 Of greater age Ti Forest creature ft Ancient I'rfa 7 Corded rubric It Legal term !i Hodgepodge ID City, Michigan II Children 17 !Hiy of week 19 Clyde Beatty. MM- instance 'j:i Peruvian iniiunlains 'J-l Walk in water 'J.'} t'nmean cily -JH I.i'ather thong 27 City in Old Mexico 28 Old FOR ONE-TENTH OF A SECOND THE PATIENT HAS BEEN "SHOCKED" BY A 550 VOCT JOLT OF ELECTRICITY. SECONDS AFTER THE CURRENT IS OFF, HEART MASSAGE AW RESPIRATION CONTINUE. * IRRE6UlAR...«/r >y HISHEAKTK fi£4T/r»S ON ITS OWN AGAM By Ncal Aduna j WITH ONLY MOMENTS TO RETURN A'OSVp' HEART AMP BRAIN TO UFE,COft99 PERi=ORrAEP ITS MIRACULOUS LIFE-SAVINS MISSION ..THE TEAM OF 19 MOTORS AND NURSES WITHDRAWS REAOV TO RESPOND INSTANUV TO THE CALLOFOOfle 99! KRKCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS C'MOM / T,'^ GOING y*~ v ' HAPPY'' DOWM To MAKE A SAV/MGS A DEPOSir AT TME / LOAM COMPANY" CHAPPY-' SAVIr4<5S J>> r,. _ AMD LOAN . >^P^yO_S COMPANY/ ^f v>-/ ^~ •' \ \ By Merrill Blosscr «-' ?*£ LOOIC AT THE MAIL SLOT/ Mi V MA. he. T.U. fef. U5 »«. ON. T/S I'RISCILLA'S POP By AI Vcrmecr THE BALL GAME'S ON AND SME WANTS To WATCH THOSE NUTTY COWBOYS! /ANOTHER QUARREL OVER T. V? WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE WE NEVER BICKERED OVER TV.'/ iMORTY MEEKLE By Dick Cavalll LITTLE 61RL, AE& YOU TALKING TO THAT ( NO, MA'AM—I'M ^ I TALkllNS J \ -TO AAV R2ISND / ( WINTHR0P- J IN MV tW WE WS3ENT ) PERMITTED TO A6-3OCJATB /, WITH UTTL&. BCV-STHAT LCC*1 CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner MADDENING' WASH 1 . THOSE \f WITH EVEM PAIHTING& MAY BE- TRA£H...VET v OME GOOp THEV coyu> SB THE SARGMM . EVE.ICOULP OF THE CEMTUR.V1 T A. JUPGE 'EM AT GLANCE! OR. IF ONLY A I'M RftCXIW MV VOU KNEW 0106 \ RRAIW TO THINK (OTA ASOUr ART! JOF SOME EXPERT VOL) CAV1 TRUST WOT TO GRAB ' FOR HIMSELF: PAT STUBBORN OLE GOAT... STILL 6ALKIN' AT BUVIN TILL HE CAW S£E WOT HE'* GETTIN 1 '. PUH-H...BY PEW HE WONT "PAY MORE'W WORTH: WE NEEP PA HELP OF A ART EXPERT WE- CAN 6PIBE1 THE BORN LOSER ALLEY OOP By V. T. Bamlui 1!U Masculine nickname :!l Nullify :!.'! Skirmish !!(> 1'aKcantry 40 Memoranda 4 1 CJiow '1 'J Scope 43 Depend •14 Fleer 4ti Pennsylvania coiinly •17 Immediately 48 Kentalc sheep . 50 Legal point. EN'J KitrmsK ASSN. YOU PON'T HOLP MUCH HOPE FOR THE PEOPLE OF MARS, DO Y3U? WET-L, I DO KNOW THE TRANSPORT OF VOUR PEOPLE BACKWARD IN TIME IS NO SOLUTION WHY:DOVOU 6AY 'AT THIS TIME'? ...AND THERE'S NO INDICATION EARTH WAS A HOST TO VISITORS FROM SPACE AT THIS TIME BECAUSE THERE IS EVIDENCE A COLONV FROM ANOTHER PLANET WAS ESTABLISHED ON EARTH AT A. MUCH LATER TIME... ^ ...NOT MORE THAN ABOUT 50,000 YBVR§ I'D SAY PRIOR TO OUR. 2OTH CENTURY OUT OUR WAY—By J. R. Williams JuOFF ; WELL. •s>o VDU'RE REALLY FOK. . I'M ALL FOfi n: IVHAT A IT'LL BE FOR ME MOT TO HAV F TO AKi3L!E WITH YOU AKJ> MORE:. SEE THAT 'lOU STAY IN LIME AND" KEEP ~!OU OUT OF TROUBLE.' SO LDM6. CHUM .M IMP.' ! F T H AT '5 TH' WAY L OJ -EEL .ABOUT )T I'M , <5C>MNASTICK AROUMP / AMP oET IN^OUKHAIK ) ~FJK SPITE.'YOU /: T SOMNA (3ET X J \ OFF THAT EASY/ yfr- WHAT'S THE MATTER PIP YOU FORSET SOMETHINS? IC WOFKY WART OUR BOARDING HOUSE— with Major Hoople l VOO] CAM 6JPPLY IT, <( MA3Ori, WON'T IT/ TAKE A REALLY J TALL OMPlRETo PUT-THE6AS OVER THE ROOF 2 ^ JM,YA6,t'V£ 3UST PAIMTEO 1rfl6 ^CAU& Y\^ OULDMT /.ODEL OP A BASEBALL PARK-"NOW I'LL. DEMONSTRATE MY PeVOLUTiONAK 1 /// A ",~ A! «ri^-nc?v,Ki«. -rcciANIftUE.' IN AV5AK /} -r 5AME ^YSTBVl U6EI>; [ u 50 PLAY CAN 6e KeSUMED IMMEDI- ' ' riwl ATeLY AFTER A -SHC>W£K/ EVEK YOU •S.KEPTltS CA^ 6EE POSSIBIUTIE6 1

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