Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 1, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1927
Page 6
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- TgEIOliA^DAILY REXaSTT-^.TITORSDAYlEyENINC/PEOESMBER.l, ' 192T. A clock seems to liav?. per*dli- alitr; I'ike a hiimn thing. Hitw friendlv^ Its licking on a quiet hpra> tyening! To wind tho clc^-k is asacred fainlly rito, which father, as high priest of the hoiisehold, she Wd-perform. V When'establishing a new liome. do not overlook the clock. Is It not a sweet custom to wind up tife clock together oh thl- night in the new home! jThfin. as the yeans 'come and go, the clock will tick iu and tick out jmaJsj- a sweet ob- eprrarice. Sometiaics it will tick in ^ori-ow as Ijff's 'tragedies come —^Ait Wiore likely ii will add merry} busy notes to the household, like the singing of the teakettle. Whe«, after, years of 'joyous Hie together, one aged partner winds the clock a^enc .he will feeltluit the spirit of the other hovers near at-that moment, for the clock has • become so -much a center of the . life of that home. • ~ Do. not select a sjipddy clAck nor' one]Which is evop^naie and frail. Graii'(Jfat'.ier"s j>«ck. which has run thrfceV SCOre-^years ainl ten. is a twig' or',<*fgnlty and honor. .Vever . do'eK it lose a minute nor slack on thejob. and always is it ornameni- :^aranda thing to be proud of. ' . Ji: i.s imnractiiiil. in ilu- ni;w ; homr of today, lo jiut. one iif thos<' maghificent old clocks—but as'you . respect the dignity of your own • hoine, economize on. .something^ t')l ;o 'l /.y6u mi.fet, but <hoo .4e a illbck - wWlcli can be a center of your hpine liJc. How miiny times i wiil •yon, anil yours look inio its fare! '•\\Tnil depi,n(h:U!c you will put -^.npon itshaiiil-i! And how sw -eily will its lOlU's call out to y«i V.v.' -hour. , A worthy dock niakos an idtiiil ' WfddinK lirc 'sent. * ! TIIK WATKK (IKE .Make jonr kitchen as "small as pc^slble. . Tbi? large kfttheh requires miles of extra steps to do thf work/ The rectanguhiir kitchen Is the niost rohveiji^nt. Ifayo a cupboard in tub wall between the kitchen and Wie diiiing rooiii. Make it easy to gel frohl Uie kitchen lo the front and back doors, to the telephone.' tile cellar and the upstairs. Plan for good lighting both day and night, and goo.d ventilation all the year round. For floor, wail, and woodwork, choose a finish which will be easily k9pt clean and which is attractive, uio not !-pend your lite in 'a° dismal kltcheti, or not spemd - und.ue time in keeping it cleajj. In selecting furnishings, one must take into account the need 's of (he room, tlie wall and floor space and whether the articles will be usi'd; enough to pay for their cost anid keep. Sometimes it is more trouble, to take ciire of a "la- Iwr .«avfr"j (han to |cio the work without it. I. Compare the price and ronveniencc ofbuilt-in furnishing .^t and the niovea'hle kind, such as cupboards, ironiug board, cic. • n .rtef mine the. right height for .vour working siirfacds. If they arc not siK-h that yoii <-an work at them comfort.iJily you willgtl unnecessarily tired each cUy and will not be so efficient. Arrange .vour kitchen in working cenier-fj one for; the jjrepara- ti<)n of vegetables, oiie for cooking, for serVing andVoliior RL -tivl- tics. Croup TtW materials needed for any work in the center where I hey belong. Arrang" these cen- tf>rs in the .order in which the work in to be done, ' ^ If il Is no.-'ijiblf have a separate room fcr, the 'luunderiug, and kei^j ihe kitchen ixx u place lor the pre- liarntlon (if fond and all that pertains to lh;it. , Bv doing all year shopping ble, 'TheWpfubpirilfaas. ' You make llie Luiden.heavier Fo: foDu who make the sales. 1 i"aspo |i eggs 1 »;a .sp {on cinnamon tcasrfT.n doves i.j teasi on nutmeg - rupj So'ften l t,-f jam is best. Si: misfurt- v\ wdl bi'ate i.-.'rfciti.v , fionr I attti: aijd s'.ir in sugar, 1 addjain Ur.d liiix well. Any kind Q. When a married womin and an unmnrried woman meet, who lioivs firs:?; A. Tho in.arrli'd woi;ia;i ho .vs firfit: Q. \rc> -'Inng (j.\pre»sions an indication of bad manners? .•\. Yes. they are conFfjIeretl vulgar. ' ' I <i. When faking frK-nds f» the ! '.heater, is it ncces.-tary to tcko them to dinner, too? A. .\o. ! used. !)i!t hlatkberry is in as, much flour as ill .13, —.-• J Brown auii uiixiZTk. ivm^iv*»i .4*»f. absorb. Add ' eggs, \ iea,j|nR in footwear. Tlie browns S1I0KS and black kid-skin arf- !;oat until mixture is blciid.d. Add _ more ilour. his-ulvc sai!:; in cream and liilj' altoinalely with lemainiifg ^ fiour. .\M\ s;)lces and bi'.it well. (. Bake in .i iloaf.—A. C. TO.HATO ,s«rr quart can tomatoes appear in all the varying shades at rich autumnal tones, froiri tlis faintist of tans to the rose beiges and deep russet** and mihdgaay brown.s. The Wtesf* of 'shoes differ fiiom tHo,, sunith?r on a 5U>st housewives, in • |[)ri'4i'riag canned go0(^. will inquire of the grocer, something like tiiii: " Wlint priced corn have you'" ing tnid that (hero are twenty and twenty-five cent cans In the liouhe'.ylfe will say; j "Oive me a ean of the twenty cent 1 "kinil." She naturally expects the j meilium priced can t.o be'not tr.i>. poor in qualit.v nor does" she wan^ j to pay an e.'ctra price I6r anything! fanc.v. • Ru; different i brands of canned 1 1 medium sized onion sliced Let this" boif 15 mlnutL>^. then put througii^ sieve as many tomatoes a.s possible: put back in .steiv kettle and add 1 teaspiwn .s-oda and stir well. Heat 1 quart sweet milk I- I I to b.oiling point; iiour boilins niilk ' f-,,- "i into boilmg tu:rtatoes: rnn'ive from imcen. j jj^^ ^^.^^ hatter and salt to tssle land srrve at ijnce with vraikers-—• A. C. I' canned K«o;is are quite different ,^^^Xurnv'-ar and.each housewife should learn '•""^^"^ the brand, .-arnod by Her retaMer , .d one VKAL STKW lbs. Veal cut in smiU pl>MOS CUM diced carrots cup diced onions Salt and ,'tyies in that they are cut • higher \tv^t. Saljot ties, twcji and •' even three .»trap pumps' antl oxford.'; lead the mode, tffeels still rsniain higii.. lor those wiio ;insist en that type.' A great deal of at- tejition given tii trininiingj. and .T .'l t'jrts-of intricate and unique efforts are achieved by insets and :.pp!lque[% or .>i'ptile leath.r and contrasting klilslsn. -The iicwe.>t evening shnesjare fashioned niothrr of jirarl kidskin. (Jijii! and ?Ilvrr kid' wili: continue in ^aod taste. They are esp.ciallv app-o- priitiv with tiu- iin-.v meln'.iit m;i- tcvial.. : TJIIS SfiOH Vis DRMta Hll«_ Alili-BRAN gave him new lease on life when it' checked constipation No matter how chronic constipation has become—no one need give up hope of relief. Read Mr. Williams' cheery ntessaga: on X'r.- tlown-crade hi life. Never had may ,sickness, bat 01 lata years have Leen Uoobled Wilh constipmtioii. £esi>a to make np'ny mind thct I was about dan: up. HavQ taken tablets, eaten fruits, etc.. bjt did sot ect^ciuch. kelp. Bcsan to use }-oar AL11.-1IKAK tt7ice n i!ay. Have eained 6 tioondsj Feei tike a fishtrai; eoc'c. BovreU an refiu !i «r. You hivo crrtninly done a lot for huaanity," i " ; L. C. WnjJAiia . I RushviHei N. Y. ALlA.BEAN is guarasleed to relieve cii>nstip?.tion. Est tr.-o table- spoonfiils daily—in chronic cases, vrtth every, juneal. Doctor.^! recom- iTJcr.d Kt-Ilogs's kceanse ii is lOO^o Iran—100 <;i) efiecttve. Delici^as v-iLh iv.ilk or cr-'ani— and add imL '.z or honey. Ready to cat. Fine in ccUinf;. Sold ^,1(1 served eve-ywhviro. ilade by Keiip^in liattlti Creik. I:ecipe3 on packa:^c. In Gteene's Cash Grocery Phone 233 Baby Be^f. Round and \Ann Pot Rcasl. Baby Pork Chops, per Jb. Shciildcr Perk, nice Hamburfrer. per Ih. \y\ KJnfJs of Smoked Salt Pork, « lbs. __ Lard. Home Rendered Fre?h Shculdersr, in Fresh Ha-,si.s, in rcu Fresh Side, in rouij S- Bm'. per lb. per lb. nd leah, per lb. ISc; 2 for _--20c _L-15c Melits, Batcirand Hams.,o6 ....Sl.i50 „_..13c 1. lOilbs. .. rcugb. per lb. lirh, per lb. -. 16c t. per ib. 15c Hens and Youn.^ Chicken.s. i. Till- •niiiky is Ihe rouil tn hcaUli for lnhies and growing children. For adults, the- water route' . 1.^ till" cure lor UKiny ol our ills. The word "liydrotlKTaiiy" lias liecn invented to give it dipiiityi. It ^Inifily means a iwash. to flush -iaway our iniiibles, and should be a'j.iTil it'll iii .sid.- and out. Kiglit k! if^si'S a (l:iy is llic do.-t KKKlHNf; -TIIK KII»S" It i.i a lucky lad or lass wlio can sav ip "the kids." wholeheurt- tdly. "('oni:' oil over lo our house afl^r the g.inic. .Motlicr is going lo liave a feed ri'ady." .-Vnil tl^at is music in tlie ears 'if' "ihe kids.'' Vhiry know ".Mot lier." Of course. Mother cannot afford 10 give a liuilcli a banquet very fuls. , Vuinbir 2 ^1; contains |k<-llpful;:. N'umlicr "iv.w coiilaiiis 4 1 iip- fiiLs. Number 10 can conlhins IS ••up- fuls. I. t'olrt' w.ntcr i.s a tonic, gu'jd tur .the ikin :",nd I lie iulcrual oitgan?. It. promote.- appttit'-. aids i-limiiia- Ijoii, and Iinnlatl-s a i^hiff.^isli .f'y:-iif m. • • i • 11 one lias indigcitioii or a head- acii.e or cold coming on. liol water, sipped sJoi-ly will often effect a .cure. Thejjulce of a lemon in it helpiv. Taken When hungr.v, iii*it-ad of food, drinking ivatcr• lias ;a' illaco in the" reduction diet.; Tiiose wiio are rugged will! get groat b(?'nefji from I the cold niorn- jij^B splash, all the year round. This IS a. great 'preventive of catcjhing ieol'd. The warm bath is more c'.c.msing .than the cold bath | and It is well for night, but if i.s too •debilitating for a morning practice. J S.MItES . _ A .-minister was so busy that he sometimes, had to hurry from one appointment; to another without having tliiie to give himself prepar- a Ion. Du<e.-,he found himself Iji ii e pulpli lo pj-efich ;a funeral ser- ihou. but he hadi neglected to find • out of tlie deceased. Ueuch- Ing over 10 a mourner, he whis- jiiTi'd. "Is. II .vour l;;niiier or your Mllhcr'^' TI|(- • iiioiinii'r • replied. "li '.H my cou'.iti." •.Mollicr" is wise this, .i^he h.-:s a 1 rock ol" liaked bcaii.s and a gallon (•r <-(>;o:i ;ind :'n apple npicCe. Or it miy I)!- ;•. batch nl" hot bf;;ciiit and; honey ov apple-lmtter.' Another time it may ihe a big pan of .'i.aphetM :,;id dough-nut. It dnesn.'t matter nnic!i -.viui^ it is—just'so 1t i.-; liot *nd .filling and generous. and sliould be able 10 order that which she knows she wants. . The. prlic Hloue is n-.: a certain guld.-.; viv.wu utlml- tJrdfr ^evera! laiis tif corn or Mr..iii pea.s. of various brand.s and prices. | Precure a cut of l)eef. < iiuc!; or and check ii;> carefully on each.' round steak or off tli'> rina 1 one' learning just what yc^'ii like best, j or two im-hes thick. Salt Lour and' th: rcafter order by liraiid and ''• heavil.v, chop and flonr some; more; price.' , ' "j pKice ill hot skillet with medium - "Wliat is a .\umber 2fcai:?" ask.s : i^ep fat. brown well on liotli sides, one lioiiscwiic. ,as ..she^'icrtd.^ it in (Add a pint or more of wate'.% place the advcnising. 'The iiiiiiihcrs ii:-; ^otitccs around il. cover closely dicate Ihe sizi-J itui! !-inim»r for iialf hour. .Makes .\iimlie;- 1 c.u; cOiitairis l',i < up- ieniler meat and a ilelicion- gr.ivy. fuls. i • , " I The '.ulvantages of Ibis re< ipe is .Vuiiibt-r - cuu tonlaiiis cii'ji-' ihat oni- can iililijic-'the i-hi^ap^r ' die of r :;?;iaHds most jt ^pnar pepper to taste. Cook i song writers ...t the pre.-cnt ii until meal Is lender, j a .vo.iiig woidau. Mis;. Oorolbv Forsler. ..-ho- 'las written -iver .Mchtv siH^es 'f'.il .-ongr. and !>al- lads. • can ix.'.t!) eai: « very little thickening a few • i^inutes before serving.—A. C. ^1. . ALL-BRAN •Uts of ineaf. I". .STK.VKS, SI'Aisi.SH .STYI,I> S^me as Swiss steak, except add io'nc inedlum oni»:i. 1 < an of loma- lo .ii .and small red pepper clove, instead of the r';>laloes.- A. ('. < Worry is the oiOy inti!!:'sl by those who borrow trouble. paid Some men scK-ij justice while DtlU'TS havi- it .r .inist upon ibem. FOE PRICES PLUS QUALITY A$b SERVICE .siiopmo AFD Tl :e ^hopping trip' is robbed of its exIiau«tion if one is well .prepared beforehand. Iijis a good practice [to write down and .piit into .voun purse the description of anything ,-you need wheji on the next triji down town'. Thus you will notM '.ave to hutit up tape measure and run u]wta!rs to pioas-; ure the cui tainsor hunt iip a dress and figure Out how much lace, ut the last mljiule: ;or get the scissors and cut «ff a .sample of ^ods to lintch. \|hile she car is waiting for you at 'the door. Be- f.irc .voii start to get' reafl.v. put (^iwii and claKslf.v .vour list. Alake. n; note of what .von want and at vvliai .siore and at what cotinier, ijit'ji while yiui have the clerk. .vo« can go tl^rou};!! yoir list and not liavc 1(1 rMnice yoiii- steps cr wait iii '.rdurl Mine for a clerk. '• A li 'gJHlalor wliii w ;uiti'il In pri-- t'ciul he .rciiKiiibcr> d ili'lr ii.iiif rtlid faces got around H Ibis w .iy; ^ HeizIiiK Ilu ir . liaiiiWi w .-iinily b" , uouid look Miiiillnnl.v liiii'i IIn -ir j ifnl '1 '.e .ves and Inquire. "AikI bow is I iic | i )iiii ;il (s. old ccmlilaiiit?" , It never faileji. r liii ii.'ii coiik ii'aiihvrrli s long or tlii'.y wlii \y lilfl.r. l-'or one (llliill^or brrrl''.'. lidi! one ciip-of svati r and Iwi <.r siiniir and cook l.ii's liri'i>k -aboiil ten ' .^ntS. S(>L».M0> S.VYS ' 1 < : —— ? • Wliete you will be ten yt'ars from jiow depend^ iiiwn whether .vou syre drifrtng toward defeat or steer-r ing toward success. -1 Sausage With Oi-.without griddle Calce.s. Xothin.y finer for if it,; i--.< our quality, pure porl;, no cereal or \^U»^)-. Per 11). 2 1bs.:J3c. M.&M.MARKEt iMeai fhat You Can Eat Just; a Few of Our Many Barg-ains .Coffee Bulk. lb. 25c . Regular Chas*' and Sanborn's Seal Brand 57c Coffee, lb. .16c ' No. 10 Yellow Free ^Peaches, can -^Sc • 2-lb. Bc\ Crackers, 25c Quart Jar I\Iustard 20c SenrchliKhl Matches Regular 7c size, 6 boxes for 25c Unfge Calumet Baking. , Pbwder 28c, I -I Ib.s. Best Rice 25c 3 Pkg.s. Jelto 25c 2-Bushel Sack Earlv Ohio •Potatoes $2.10 P cntv of Nice Apples by tht< Basket. IS-lb. Sack Zephvr • Flour 9tm PORTEJt'S West Side Square , WE DELIVER FLOUR—24 lb. Diamond H, no better sold at the price :, ...$1.00 RICE—4 lbs. filue Rose 25c BEANS—3 lbs. Navy or Pintos 25c WHEATIES—3 15c boxes .30c PECANS—10 lbs. .. MATCHES-3 boxes ..$1:45 ...lOc .. .50c ...65c .. .50c ...20c .45c .25c .15c .29c lOc .10c .25c .25c .15c .25c .20c .10c PEACHES—Feeled, gallon can GOOSEJ^ERREES—Gallon PRUNES—Gallon ...... PEACHES-^No. 2 '/2 can PEACHES—No. 2 V2 yellow cling, in heavy • syrup—2 cans . PINEAPPLE-No. 2}/2 sliced .... PEANITTS—Salted, per lb. ........ CRACKERS—2 lb. box crispy BEAN8—No. 2 can red beans HOMINY—No. 2 »/2 can ....... SHREDDED WHE.4T—2 boxes POST TOASTIES—2 boxes... SAUERKRAUT—2 lbs. , CHEESE—Cottaoe, per lb MINCE MEAT—With brandy, per lb. .PICKLES—3 big dill... r. BACON—8 to 8 lb. average, per lb. ....: 27c klAMSr-Mci^rfeirs skinned, half pr whole, : per lb. >, 25c $AUSAGE^Pure pork; per lb. 20c (GROUND BEEF—No cereal, 2 4bs. 25c BACON BRI^KITS, per lb 21c NECK BONES—3 ibs. . J... .,. ... •25c MACKERAL-2 salt mackeral .. ..25c FISk—4 lake white 25c POTATOES—9 lbs. sweets 25c PEAS—1!} cans 20c natural garden sugar . ' peas $2.30 COFFEE^llb. Foster's Favorite oOc, 2 days only per lb. L,.... 40c COUNTRY HONEY—Per lb .,... L5c GRAPE FRUIT-^Texas. 3 for 25c Ail Kinds of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Chickens. and Geese , . F ?2 Our Display of Christmas Goods . ©OTTER Is Your tJnderWei When a'X' undtjr weight it i.- a "urond-indication Ihtit-h-;; or .she i.s not bbin.T »t-'d enough foo.! conttiining Vitamine A—found in oiilk product.s such a^: butter and ice cream. Plenty of huttei* i.s especially necessary in- wintor. And. of^ you wnni the best— SHADY BF It's the Butter Tkt Belter^ Tk Bread ELF SERVICE lola'sl To say-that we aim to continue setting the pace may; sound like'a chkllenge. It is, it is also a proirise that .our pricey will always be the lowest'possible consistent with quality merdiai disc. As a matter of fact we do ieajd in values given. Evidence of this fact is- GREENE'S CASH Phone'417 GROCERY We iPeliver $3 Orders The Biggest Item of Eipei « n rill. ^ Let us Help You Save on Thelm. Flour, 48-11^ Sack $1.85 I Rice, 4 lbs. 25c Raisins, Seedless 31b^.25c- English I Walnuts No. 1, 1927 crop per lb. 28c sc is Foods. Potatoes, per sack ^'31.58 • pirunes, 3 lbs. 25e rooms, each 37c ^tches, 5c seller aiioxefelOc NUTOLA, 2 pounds Celerfr, Extra ....37c Large and Crisp P6r bunch 15c Tomatoes, 6 cans 44c prape Fruit Texas Seedless, dozen 6Gc Feaberry Coffee 3H5S.$1;00 , G SOAP Spe« iai Friday «({Satta?dtay Oor Voluine of BusiBess SUGAR—25 Pound bag pure cane $1.68 BEANS—Large Idaho Navy's, 7 pounds -... .50c RAISINS—3 pounds new crop seedless 25c CO^^ MEAL—Eypansion, 5 pounds 20c— 10 pounds ''^5c .'Mb. box Loose QQ^ Wilesi Krispys O*'V Cake Eater Bar Free MACARONI OR SPAGHETTI—4 pkgs. . .25c si.oa 87 G Sell" S«>iv|-e IV:•.^cr^.v 3 itoiintis: - - ^ I . PEACHES—Sliced, or halved good syrup No. 2!4—2 for} ........1..:. ^/..,.45c PINEAPPLE—No for Otii X«'vy; York .>Iai »ler Kirnd. - poiinils i 2 '/2 sliced or crushed, 2 45c SWANSDOWN—The Perfect Cake Flour ..34c BULK DATES—Per pound .. laC |0c 25c GINGER SNAPS4-Per pound.. FIG BARS—2 poinds Kxpun.<loii Kh^ IK.II1. BiiK Potktoes No. 1 Ked River Ohios, per neck . Two-HuHhel I Bai; for _ Plain' also fwjsteti' assoirtmen^ regular 25c value Special Saturday Z\ pohik( I s ...... . ,35c Coffee DenienstratioD Sator^y G. Washington Coffee, Lady -Demonstrator -willbe* with il -s. Be socialile. Drink Coffee |nd !eat Cockles; FREE. • ' • I ; , ' . CANDY, REjGULAR 25c JVAJLUES' ; , Assortmert 5 kinds 1 pound 20c[^2 pounds Sfcr 10 Bars Dona Castlfef'^i- let Soap for 83c ^ Genuine Qannfl^|^tkfo;see( Fiqee,

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