Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 13, 1955 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
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Thursday, October 13, 1955
Page 16
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!V«N«aMJMr It* Tit* BMMJ i J I •> "V 6 , THUKSDAY, OCTOBEK 13, 19Si SdcffoH Trioma With Coin Ba<j Ml V x l ,().l,! / O Of Local Bank E*ConvicU Arrwted ^ "At Uwdowne Had Bag Of Second National ' 1 A bag, loaded with silver dollars ud stamped "The Second National Bank of Cumberland was included ii the loot found on three men arrested yesterday near Lain downe Baltimore County Tht three ex-convicts were ar retted by Baltimore County police men in a car loaded with firearms jewelry, burglary tools and many other items The men who said they i cr from Knoxvdle Tern, were picket up on (he Washington Boulevard after a car dealer reported batte we missing from several of h automobiles '' Uader QaeiUMiaf The three were identified by Bal tunore County Police as Edwar Valentine LaRue 29 John Edwor Seaton, 22 and James Lew Baker. 87 Capt Gilbert Deyle chief of Baltimore County detec 'lives said all three have serve* lime in Bushy Mountain State Pen itentiary Twin one on a murdc charge They are being questioned today in the Towson Police Station Among the items found in th car were the silver dollars fou revolvers a la automatic German Luger a 12 gauge sho gun • television set 440 shares o stock JO pieces of luggage pock et and wrist watches knives bin oculars radios empty wallets electric fan gold coins pennies in a Jar electric massage ma chine seven volumes of' Stat of Maryland motor vehicle regis (ration lists foreign coins US gold pieces a complete set burglar tools including a loci picking device some nickles in glass jar and a bottle ot pin vitamin pills Whili the men were being ques tioned last night other officer searched their rooms at an Eas Baltimore hotel and a 13-state Barter Season OpensOnHigh Success Note The Barter Theatre of Virgini opened its annual season in Cum berland on a triumphant note las night m Dial M For Murder' a Allegany High School auditorium teletype Vas sent to police in other before , larger audience than states' to see if the men were wan ed elsewhere Serired.n Miirder One of the three has served ove seven years on a murder charge another four 5 ears for burglary and robbtry and the third has prison record for felonious assail and burglary. 'Police were amazed. : at the found in the 1949 four-door c«dan One veteran: officer called it th oddest* case In his memory Police worked In shifts at typewriters last night listing the ar tides lound in the car Police were partlculaily interest ed in the silver f doHars found in .the bag;markediSewniVNationa Bank, Cumberland, but until nooi today;could not learn how it go in the hands of thelhree. City Police and State Police a LaVale said they know of no ban! - robbery in'Cumberland recently. . .Looked At AuUn ' '. ;. •;•'' Reviewing the details leading u| ; to the 'capture of the automobile police reported that'a used car dealer/in the 6500 block'of Wash ington Boulevard, reported .tha three mien drove up to his lot Tues : day afternoon and looked at some of his cars..The dealer,, Andrew Grozcr, said be noticed sevcra firearms in the automobile at the time and made a mental note of It Yesterday morning when Groier came to work, he found 15 or 20 batteries^ missing : from;'his cars He saw: the.rthree men drive by his placer and notified State Police at Waterloo Wraeks.-Cpl. Chris tian Roliman at the Baltimore County" station and. Policemen Wil Ham Cook and Earl .Collins in a matter of minutes spotted the car and stopped it The police ordered the trio out of the car and hold their hands against the side of the auto while they were.-', searched, The three were handcuffed while .the: car was searched it irt hit CAMPBELL-Mr and Mrs John Baltimore a daughter Monday at gt Josephs Hospital there The paternal grandparents are Mr and Mrs Matthew Campbell Mt Savage CUNNINGHAM — Mr and Mrs Joseph H Wilmington Del a son yesterday at Memorial Hospital there The paternal grand parents are Mr and Mrs E E Cunningham 675 Fayette Street DEAKIN—Mr and Mrs John H 945 Braddock Road * son yesterday at Sacred Heart EVANS—Mr and Mrs Edward T 4« Goethe Street at daughter Tuesday at Memorial, Hospital P/RKER-Mr and Mrs Donald 509 Decatur Street a daughter ! today at Sacred Heart POWERS-Mr and Mn T Leo |ft Vine Place a daughter today at Sacred Heart SHAFFER—Mr and Mrs Benja min T, RDj 1, a daughter today at Memorial T SMITH-Mf and Mn Earl J Marlon Street Memorial a SOB today at . Officer Kart F.-,MUtar l of the KiriF.M«HerR*»ifna PMitiaiiMI City Mice Department ha* tub- tomac Valley Hospital yesterday routed"Ms mtfuttM to Chief frith bead lacerations - Her CM* « r*m*«n™. ' ^*fi>,,i i~ H reported as 'good" \ rMoret were enr on their honey moon The Mgnatkm MtoinN tin «n October U Mullerhasac- dfM « pwttloa wtth UN Conbfr- iMdPtttOffke. KIDGELEV FOOTBALL 4UEEN — Jacqurlyn Martin right, is shown as she was crowned Miss Football V of Ridgeley High School A senior Miss Martin was crowned by Melba Marti wbo served as last year s queen Ridgeley plays at Petersburg High tomorrow usual. A stage hit in London and New York and': also.'a movie ^success Dial M For Murder is a clja! enging drama with sure-fir audience appeal Directed by How ard Hunter with setting by L>nn Pecktal and lighting by Albm Auckland,';the Barter production professional throughout The amount and variety of the items scintillating almost brittle opcnmi scene is played to the hilt, provid ng desirable contrast to the om nous sense of impending doon hat finally breaks out into star! ragedy The Barter players de velop this contrast with insight udgmentand tneipic knew-bow \, Owen Phillips ifho has directei most of the Barter shows of the ast five seasons, is the'acting star if "Dial M." His ability to convey the right shade" of' meaning by the merest inflection of voice, the slightest move of hand or hea< and the lift of an eyebrow, is the •efinement of ah acting skill tha sjiised to-a brilliant^degree .in ijctiifing the debonair and selfish 'onyi.Wendice. as he 1 moves to th< inal. phase r of 'a' retribution .that lids' htm,a sagging, .hopeless.vie im of his own machinations. Phil ps is an: actor of high .compe- ence-r-intriligent, experienced and As Inspector Hubbard Del Close a. newcomer' to'Barter K:scores ^h. outstanding' - personal"' 'siiccess in he. current production. His pro ection of-the-easy-going police investigator is so realistically done s to conceal the art.that produces uch perfect : characterization. Another Barter newcomer with ich promise of greater actue\e ment is Jeannette "Randall whose largot Wendice is beautifully ami mpressivly projected. Her ingra lating performance in Dial M reates a desire to. see-'her'as jabrina in the final play' of this ear's Barter season in Cumber- ind, a pleasure'thit is scheduled or the last day of Winter next larch 21. Winner of .the: Barter Award for he best young actor of last season n New York Jerry Hardin does not have too much opportunity in current play to sliow the full amut of his acting ability But as apt Lesgate he is thoroughly omnetent and shows natural alent and technical proficiency eorge Baron Is a young actor of leasing personality and consider ble promise Richard McKenue nd Warren Beckman complete he cast, and-Tom McKeehan-,is stage manager whose fine work is evident'at alhtlmes. Dial M For Murder plays in eyser tonight, The Cumberland season n spon- ored by the Cumberland Jaycees ne of the outstanding promotions of this cine organization Oscar Lashley Jaycee president welcomed last nights audience atpri for,, the Selective Service Bureau of .the'• Chamber of Com- n a brief opening curtain speech—J W. H Bride Injured n, Auto Crash A v Unkmtown t couple had their honeymoon delayed yesterday he* the bride was Injured In* an automobile accident on U S Route speaker MMarRidferuleinMiMiiiaM* ' >• " Mrs f Gloria Moore,'- who /was married Twjday to Carroei Metre, Mown,' wMSadnrittad to Pe- hMVi"ttuck Toy Campaign WUl Continue Here Saturday The Toys For Tots' campaign is continuing here in an effort to bring happiness fo underprivileged children at Christmas The third in a series of regular collections will be held Saturday in has been m the merchandising and the area bounded by Baltimore Avenue Maryland Avenue Vir gima Avenue and the city limits Collection points will be Johnson Heights School, Pennsylvania.Ave nue School,'' Scout 'house of 'Boy Scout Troop 7 on Central Avenue John Humbird" School. Browne's Grocery arid Maplcside Play ground. Any one unable to get toys to the 'collection- points should call one of the three sponsoring agen tics and toys will be picked up They are 'Associated 'Charities .PA 4-3411 Marine Reserve PA 2 1404 and Boy ScouU.'PA 2-7700. To>s collected are taken to the depot-at 75 -North Centre street where they are repaired and re painted by volunteers; Eleven Leave ForMilitary ervce clothing business in Cumberland for over a quarter of a century. 'The establishment; to'be known as;"Hirsch's," will be ore November 1. Hirsch who had been general merchandising .manager, at. Cum- rerland Cloak and" Suit Store for many years,. until • he. resigned to start .his own ; business, said, this venture into business attests his 'aith in the growing economy of the Cumberland area Hirsch came to Cumberlandsin :927-and became.associated .with Jacob Kauffman .'at", the Cumber- and Cloak and Suit store.'- Upon the death of Mr Kauffman in 1936 he became general fMTchandistaf manager. :He served two years in the Army and since his return held the same position with Cumberland Cloak His wife Mrs Ruth Hirsch 1 will be associated with him in the business. The couple, who live at 722 Washington Street, have three children,- Fred, Jane and Berta. • Hirsch,, a. 32nd: Degree Mason, s a member of East Gate'Lodge 216, AFv and ;AM; : Scottish Rite, Alb Ghan'-Shrine,: Temple,,; B'nai B'rith, is a-past president of both Eleven' men..left., this morning rojn local draft boards for Fair- nont.W.Va.,; where they will be BeUi rJacob. Coiigregation land the nducted into the Army. P.'Emmett Fahey, clerk coordin- Jewish Welfare, Board,'and-Is; a former director of the. Mercantile ibards. said three of the men or- ginally named to be inducted were iol'in "today's-" group'.'' '-'•'' One of : them,. 1 Leo B. Stakem, M Fayette Street, was granted an idditional month postponement to illow the 'Board of Education to ibtain a replacement for him as » mblic schoolteacher. He will be nducted November. 30: Robert H Remhart 551 Arnett 'errace, was granted a one week twfore the Maryland Court of Ap- Mals Charles Raymond Lmeburg of Hedges\ille W Va of Board 27 r as transferred to a board in Orlando, Fla., for induction. Men leaving from Board 28 were !ex Walter Burton. 513 Frederick treet;-Jimrriie Lee Matthews; 140 North Centre Street Richard Douglas VanFleet RD 3 Bedford load;: -Richard Edwin. Aldertoh 21'VWoodside Avenue; Charles laynard Alt, RD 3, Bedford Road nd, -Thomas?. Andrew McLuckie. 207 Cole Street McLuckie is a transfer : here from Midland, Mich Board 29 inductees were • John J, .IcMuIlen Jr 218 Fayette Street Leonard Crosten RD 1 wood Addition Warren J Home- Flana 213 Spruce Street and James L Lease Cresantown * Leaving with the group of indue ees were 11 local men and five nen from Frostburg who have wen called op for their physicals ieineman WUl Be Speaker At Church Program H C Heineman chief chemist t the Amcelle plant of Celanese Corporation of America and an ffkial of Potomac Council of the Boy Scouts of America will be the Hirsch Plans To Open New Store Soon A new women's and children's ready to-wear and sports wear store will be opened at 77 Balti more Street by Adolph Hirsch who Two Arrested 1 In Connection With Robbery Pair Face* Chargf • , A* Result Of $27,000 UVale Burglary Two men arrested yesterday la Baltimore on fugitive warrant will be returned to Cumberland for prosecution in the 127000 bur glary of a La Vale home on (October 11 1M9 D K Brown agent m charge o .he FBI office in Baltimore sail FBI agents arrested Harold Pau Mum W and James Walter Gold c.i 45 after they had checked ou .of a motel on Baltimore s outskirts I Brown said they were unarmed and offered no resistance State Police Sgt William Baker and Trooper Charles H De Witt appeared before U S Com missioner Ernest Volkert in Balti more this morning to obtain cus tody of the two men They were expected to be lodged in the Allr gaily County Jail late this after oon. Pair Nol Indicted Stale s Attorney Paul M .Flefch or said that the, two men have not been indicted by the grand jury and will have .to be held until the January term of.Allegany /County Circuit Court unless they waive their right to indictment and re quest immediate trial The" state's attorney also "^reported that Sgt (then Trooper /irst Class) Baker was assigned to the investigation of the burglary short Iv after Green reported it to Sta'e Police Some J10 000 in U S government bonds and $ 17 000 in cash was taken 'rom Greens home. Although the Investigation has continued since it was not until last October that Baker was able So get identification of the men believed involved in the burglary Odom and Golden have traveled much in the past six years in agencies would have to-be curtail ed he added Reports are coming in from em ploye groups using the payroll deduction plan They are Allegany various parts of the country which Ballistics Laboratory 100 per cent added to the difficulty of establish *^ ng their connection »ith the crime Fletcher added lined I. April State warrants against the two men were issued last April 22 Fletcher then had ; Hirsch -who -is remodeling the quarters in the building formerly ccupied by^People's Clothing, has ust returned from a '• buying trip oNew York City: - - i S»so Dealers Attend )mner Meeting Here A large group of Esso dealers were guests at a ^dinner .meeting postponement, so that he could be Tuesday night at Ah Ghan Shrine admitted to the bar in Annapolis Country Club which was given by he Esso Standard Oil Company. Among those attending were- G Dr Kopp commented that per haps there are some persons who do not feel they need help from these agencies but every one has benefited from all the agencies services as they make Cumberlanc a better place in which to live He said some of the agencu directly benefit the children A youth membership m Centra YMCA can be obtained for as low as $7 a year but it actually costs [24 a year to provide the Y program for each youngster he add ed Memberships in the Boy am Girl scouts would be much higher and many could not afford to be long if it were not for the Com mumty Chest which provides addi tiohal funds to these agencies to do an outstanding job Dr Kopp ex plained. In -his .appeal.for. wholehearted support;, he asked everyorie-to' : cbn- sider his fair, share and if a person las already given, an additional pledge, could be sent to the Chest campaign offne If one has not given he can still help by phoning PA 23900 and a volunteer solicitor will be glad to Coll on him Dr Kopp stated Cumberland .'canno't, afford to be without the fine services of eacn of these valuable agencies —Salva ion Army Associated Charities 3aby Welfare Society Jewish Wei 'are Society Travelers Aid Society (eating Memorial Das Nursery Central YMCA Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts the general chairman __ said which could be brought by gravity Without sufficient support from to the areas where future industrial the citizens the services of the expansion is likely S. Distnct Attorney,, George C. . Doub .obtain ederal .warrants from'U.S. Commissioner Volkert ' charging the men with unlawfully fleeing Maryand to avovl prosecution for burg- ary. That was don* June 1. Since then Sgt Baker Trooper 'irsl Class John F. Browning Mid bounty Investigator Edwin R jlya have made a number : of trips o points as far away as Indiana rying to track down the men: >er 4 Odom and Golden were re ported to have stopped in Cum jerland and made a phone cal rom a local- hotel: However,.they fled before they could be' appre- lended. Fletcher said that the FBI hen was alerted to be on the lookout for the men and their arrest resulted. Others Implicated Several other men are implicated n the burglary,' the state's attorney^ said,] but-he : declined further comment' because Ken apprehended. , Brown said (Mom's record dates lack to 1919. He was arrested in 'ebru'ary 1940-in Nassau, County, New.York, and sentenced to Sing ling Prison oh a grand larceny- extortion conviction, the FBI said. Brown .said' Golden's 'record hows convictions for burglary:|n Wisconsin in 193 r when he got i : 5 years and in Indianapolis. in 1934 when he drew a year and day.for heft of interstate shipments. In November 1934 he was shot in:In- lianapolls while committing a bur- ;lary," the record showed; and sen- enced to 3-10 years. He'•" drew « 5-10'year term in New. Mexico -in 'uly .1941 on a charge of possession burglary tools: Brown reported. Chapman district manager rrr.t f«i M»«t ind J T Ramses sales supervisor r * A * ° '" eel rom Hagerstoivn. R. B. Macbeth nd James • K. Richmond, local Ssso- representatives,, led a dis- ussion period. The. John Humbird School Parent-Teacher Association will meet today'at 8 p. m.; with room visita ; tion scheduled al •7:30 p.. m. Chest Units Bring Benefits To All, Drive Head Reports Dr. Charles L Kopp, general chairman of the Community Chest drive, today urged all citizens to assist ihe volunteer campaign workers by receiving them cordially and giving generously, to support the nine Red Feather agencies f Further Use Of Tri-State Paper -Company, 127 per cent; First.Federal 'Savings aric />an Company 107 per cent Poto mac Edisori.'llO per cent (incomplete) First National Bank 100 per :cent: .Wolf" Furniture" Store. 57 per cent; Sears Roebuck, 121 «r cent; ; Cumberland Office ily Company, 100 per cent,- and Central YMCA 136 per cent Two women's teams in the resi [ential division have turned in good eporte—the team Mrs. Paul Keiier, lio pericent, and the workers led by Mrs. W. H. Siehler, 11 per cent. .The fourth report meeting by all workers will be held'tomorrow at p, m..'in Central YMCA, and the y Onty last week Tuesday Oclo- Un»l report KUKK mxt Thursday at 6 p m in Central YMCA Cliild Study VfeetingSet Dr. '.Ira . Gordon,. a consultant rom the "Child" Study"-'Institute .of lie'' University of Maryland will escribe .some of .the hewer;scien- ific findings in this field ;.'at the arent group .discussion tomorrow i"•.Beall Elementary. School in 'rostburg. ',.-. : ';;The program' has been arranged y. the State Department of Educa- on • and the pupil personnel - de- artment of .'the' Allegany": County chool systemi - The program- is pen to all parents in the county. • -A parent group from-.' LaVale School will demonstrate a'-nieeting nth the: topic being'."Sex Eduiia- on."-.-, Miss Esther Carter, Visiting eacher for the county school sysbe: chairman of this dis- ussion. Miss Dorothy W. Shires, late supervisor of pupil personnel, ! ill • serve as consultant for • this art of the program Mrs Clar hce C. DeHaven, of-the LaVale group will be the leader Following the afternoon session hich ends at 3 p m an evalua on"of the group.will:be given by T Gordon arid^leadership training ill ht given. A luncheon will be erved in the Beall Elementary afeteria during the noon hour. for the layman s ! Sunday at Emmanuel Method-: i«a*rcii; 27 H«m*W Street : Tne atwly «toci»toHk!«n of «te (ethoitt 1 Men's (raup will be i^, •tal^durim, the worship hour Tbejr ara-RobeH'C, Marttr, presl- dMi Maph WhaBty, vk>«pmi- dent^MlBtrd McCarty, Mcntay, 1 to lym Mihtol treasurer, Howard &«£ Schaw, (wmWrs of the •north* Savage Water Under Study Further use of the Savage River Dam and the possibility of setting up a water and sewage authority for Allegany County were the main Hems covered in a discussion by city and county authorities last night in City Hall City Attorney Thomas B Fman and County Attorney Gorman E Gotty were assigned to contact the Upper Potomac River Commission in regard to further utilizing the billions of gallons of water im pounded m the Savage River reser w. The commission headed by John J. ;McMuUen has jurisdiction over the operations of the dam .which .is used for industrial purposes alle yiation of pollution,: flood control and 'supplying 1 •.-Westernport and Piedmont with water! During the meeting between the Mayor and Council and the county commissioners there vas an agree ment reached on four mam points These are Cumberland has plenty of water for'its.-.citizens.and.a third dahi on Evitts.Creek could be used for i dustries. The Savage River Dam is the go best available scarce of water More water would be needed for industries which-decide 'to come to this area Financing might best be done by a water commission. It was estimated that a third Evitts Creek dam would cost pilot operations rc-ughly in the neighborhood of $5, 000000 The estimate on the cost of _ water line from the Savage River Dam to me Cumberland area was set at approximately $8,000,000. Both • estimates were made, by Robert T Regester consulting en gineer of Baltimore'.who has held several city contracts. One-Way Traffic On Patterson Ave. Police, Chief R. Enimett Flynn this morning'announced that'one- way traffic^* on effect on uon ot Patterson Avenue Chief Flynn said that due to th heavy traffic on Patterson Avenue since the Kelly Boulevard has been closed, it has become necessary to put one-way:traffic into effect 3n Patterson from Allegany Street to Avirett Avenue, i '• Chief Flynn also announced that next Tuesday the one-way system on Columbia Avenue and Independence Street changed. .'.•'.At the. present traffic runs one- way going north on Independence Street, and south on" Columbia Avenue.. Starting, next Tuesday the system will be reversed, with traf- 3c going south on Independence and North on Columbia Avenue.'"-.. This system will tie in with the he new one-way traffic on Bedford and Frederick streets. Chief Flynn said. •.'. • • . Since Forticel is a free flowing thermoplastic material;' injection and extrusion molding are considered the most.economical and sat- sfactory processes ' for making: it ilito finished articles. It, has' a short molding cycle which in some cases amounted to a 2o per cent in crease in production per machine .''Forticel has a good balance'of properties in that dimensionally stable, has good form retention;- has surface hardness without jriltlcncss. and is odorless even at high ' .temperatures of- injection melding. It can -be supplied in a wide'-range of colors. Girl Scout Unit Starts Project Girl Scout Troop 13 of Johnson heights School is working on a iroject in which the ground around he Girl:Scout House on Greene Street u being beautified The girls raked the grounds and Jlanted flower bulbs last week. Niey also cleaned.the fireplace in he;Scout House arid will rebuild he fireplace with the assistance of fire' Chief Virgil.Parker of the Cumberland' Fire Department. Members of the troop will win a badge for community service and one for. gardening by the pro- ect Mrs Robert PoBng is troop eader and is assisted by Mrs Alonzo Plummef. NEW nan CARUM-ROOT wuuam Lynch, Crttipfam,;* tsft, It shew* beioi |iren Ml captain's ban as ko received his promotkm In the HMh Signal Battalion, Headquarters and Headquarten Detachm*M, Army Reserve Coif* Pttntng eft the bars K -li. Col, AoW:' hi tut fl«Mt Corp* . tht Untvtritty of Htry\**H b 1M» Ho ww pfomotad Ui tint HttitMMt la July 1ML Durinc Worid WW II at ^MW CMMCNfflMl tCORtMt aervice wtt* the Marior Corps, I* like «o»th lit to • CHMPIQM Obituary ALT—Isaac S 79 Petersburg BAER-Mrs Willis 51 Elkins FREEMAN—Mrs Edith Somerset IsaaeS AH PETERSBURG-baac Sherman Alt 79 died this morning at his home-here following ah illness of year. Born in Pendleton County, he was a son of the late Capt Isaac and Rebecca (Johnson) Alt A retired carpenter Mr Alt had more recently operated * greenhouse business He held member ship in Petersburg Evangelical United Brethren Church Surviving are his widow Mrs Clarity C (Alt) Alt a daughter Jrs Eunice Kirk Bristol Tenn two ton Sherman Alt Petersburg and Forrest Alt, at home a sister, Mn Grace Culletin, Cincinnati and two brothers Mm Alt Moore- fwW and CUreace AH AnUodi The body is at the Scbaeffer FuneralHeme ^i___ _ _*_'\ ({ nMHMIK 90WIOM * FROSrtURO-aervices for William Ptaekett, 47. «f "MtPUai- Mlt otfOtt) WfcO 4fN TlMMMjTi .WlD be «Mdu«M tomorrow at I f,im. J4» Celanese To PutForticel On Market Propionale Division Operating At Anicelle Plant Of Company Celanese Corporation of America today announced plans for. the further diversification of its Plastics Division's line by the inauguration of the first large-sca'.e commercial production of cellulose propionate plastic at its Belvidere N J, plant > Celanese is the first producer of the material which will be market- edBunder the name of. Forticel. Cellulose ; propionate, was first made by,the company at Amcelle plant n 1945 with a pilot plant operation. Department Operates Here A -propionate! department has been set up at Amcelle plant 'and. according to informed sources is employing,' bn : a pilot 'plant' status, from 30 to 35.workers. The-.cellulose ; propionate .opera- 1 lion will give the company another line, of plastics - products in addition to cellulose acetate, polyethylene polyvmyl acetate emuls ons and polyester resins, according to Bjorn Anderson, vice president-ana general manager: of the Plastics Division. 'Assured sources of / high-quality propiomc acid now available for the first-time at the Celahese chemical plant al Pampa Texas, and of high alpha cellulose al affiliated . plants in Canada and: Mexico Anderson said are primar ily responsible for the decision to I production Volume In November Volume production of Forticel will get under way in November Meanwhile sample quantities of the plastic are being evaluated by molders: in such . applications : as fountain pens; ance housings and other end uses where Forticel established its superiority during telephones appli football helmets Jenkins Buys Motel Unit Near Bedford The Penn'-Manor Motel, at: the :urnpike 'interchange at Bedford las: been purchased .by-Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth : E; Jenkins of Erost- jiirg . in one of the .biggest real estate deals in Bedford in' recent . ears.. • '.,:,- - •.-..-•..•• "George R.. Bortz sold the motel property .to the Jenkins couple... Although the exact sale price was. not stated officially, it is believed to be in the'.neighborhood, of $170,000:'.'. . ' • - ' ...... Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins announced :hat they plan to move to Bedford as soon as they.can secure a suitable home. • Jenkins is a business and civic leader in Frostburg; where he', is associated .with other members of the family in the Consolidated Fuel Company. He was graduated from Dickin- son'College in 1938, and from Harvard Business School in 1940. Until 1943'he was associated .with Jan- American Airways .in Miami,-Fla. caving his post there to serve;for wo years in the Navy. AfterWprld War' II he "entered: business..',in ^rostburg Mr and Mrs Jenkins are the parents of two sons. Frederic, 8 and Jeffrey 5 Mrs Jenkins « the daughter of Walter Zeigler,''ont of the leading automobile. dealers in the Altoona area. The Penn-Ma'nor Motel, ohe;~o( he most efficiently operated motels in: the Bedford -area; :was constructed in the spring of 1952 and opened for business July 1 of hat year Situated in a strategic and attractive location near tht Interchange it has seldom had a vacancy. The new owners of the Penn Manor have announced that they will continue the same type ol motel operation maintaining^ all he present personnel and devoting their efforts toward a contlnuanci of the present high standards.

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