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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
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Monday, May 10, 1965
Page 10
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TtTf IIIONWOOD OAIIV 11OBE, KONWOOD, MICHIGAN MONDAY, MAY 10,IMS. Mart Continues To Move Lower This Afternoon J. Smith Approved as j Landscape Architect LANSING (AP^ — Fourteen landscape architects, including! six from Michigan, have been, approved for registration by the Arch- Obituaries Nicholas A. Polvi Nicholas A. Polvi, 41. former ... i it --J i ji , r, j .. oi-iuc outuu ui xjaiiuavutn: rtitu- ' «7«.»> ™^L r r^^^ Michl S a .» «•!*"«? ap-^Twenty-fiye adults .completed 'Tartha. Tuesday afternoon, at Grounds Course Completed by 25 4 Circles Will Have Meetings MASS — Circle of St. Paul's Lutheran Church will meet this a Chicago hospital, following a ;proved were Leon Christensen - the Grounds Maintenance t " Aill <,„.,,., lengthy illness. of Livon j ai M ark DeVries of J Course sponsored by the Goge- pILrh He was born June 1, 1923 at Grand Ra pids. Jerome King of bic Community College, in coop- qa ra Thlir o ril w nizht at NEW YORK (AP)-The stock DeFer, Wls.. attended the Hur- Unlon Lake Jonn Smltn o{ Iron . ^ration with the County office of %,„„! A, tpmrt MniStti- market continued to move ir- ]ey schools. and_pnpr to hisJH- wood . wllliam Strahan of Lan-!the Michigan State University nome OI p Moneue. sing and Howard Vaughan of j Extension Service. Okemos. Program Slated Here on Tuesday The Ironwood Chamber of home, East Commerce will sponsor a spe- !cial program Tuesday morning tne at the Ironwood Theatre which Hospital Notes - GRAND • VIEW. Admitted i Sunday: Wilber C. Blaisd e 11, j 320 E. Cloverland Dr., John J. Kangas .Jr., Route 1, Mrs.; Thomas Silver, Clyde M. Taivalmaa, Route 2, Joel D. Sodervick, 344 E. Pine St., medical. i Discharged Saturday: Ange 1 o; E. Minelli, Pence; Gregg Lindner, Mary Kay Benetti, Jennifer Senate Leaders Hope for Action On Rights Bill schools, and prior to his , , , . ... ,. ness had been in the Merchant regularly lower early this aft-' Marlnc on tne Great Lakes . ernoon Trading was active. ! surviving are two brot h e r s. Losses of most key stocks Earl and Arthur, both of Chica- were fractional. go: four sisters, Mrs. Matt Klos- A fairly vigorous minority of-inski of Northbrook. 111.: Mrs. stocks advanced from fractions Armas Hautala. Mrs. Hugo Bast- to a point or .so. man and Mrs. Milton Lento, all Analysts saw the action as a of Ironwood. continuation of Friday's consul- 1 The remains will be brought idallon movement which fol- to the Ketola Funeral Home. Fu- lowecl a string of successive neral arrangements have not historic highs for popular aver- been completed. eges. The effect of today's losses ; Mrs. Cloilde lcl . c Ann Drury, Oscar T. Frangquist '. By WILLIAM F. ARBOGAST night at the ls desi B ned to better acquaint! sr., Mrs . Laura McDonaldJ WASHINGTON (AP) — Senj y . ' the local citizenry with what! Axel E. Mobert, Mrs. Stan 1 e y ate i ea( j ers hope for passage Jacob Solin, director of the '^h"* Thursday'night, at the Gogebic County as to offer itsjforter. Mrs. Adolph Rantanen, adminlstra- illpcrp nr*>Rpntpri rnrMfir.ates . . _., . . . Trnmvnnri- riicnhnrrrorl ennri Q »r- mis WCCK OI me dumuilblitt Registrants of Gogebic Co. Are Classified BESSEMER The Goge b i c Board college, presented certificates h nrnp of FllVn Flink of completion to the group at a home of EIlen Fllnk " dinner meeting Tuesday night at the Cook and Baker School, Chisholm Building. Ironwood. The course began Feb. 9, and covered the following topics: Soils, trees, lawns and par k s, flowers, principles of landscap- lng tourist and recr eatlon de- Nominations for Offices Listed an- tourinEnub- Ironwood; discharged Sund a y: tms week ot tnc aominisua own people and the touring pub Mrg AntQn Kogtac Montre a i ; lion's Negro voting rights bill. lie. Two one-hour sessions are scheduled; the first to begin j Nolan, Ironwood. promptly at 9 a.m. and the second at 10:30. The programs will be the same at each of the ses- Samuel J. Cerioni, Bessemer;!In the House, emphasis wih be Mrs, Olga Giacherio, Andrew C. on appropriations measures totaling more than $60 billion. DIVINE INFANT, Wakefield.! The key to Senate progress on Admitted Saturday: Nick Hon-'the voting rights bill may be a 2 on the averages was slight. The Associated Press April meeting, as follows: 1-A. David Neuman. Sam u e 1 ' Mrs. Claude Anible. 81. Wa-;G. Albert Jr.. James Bracket. inta D J ec "o " Ironwood Council, Knights Colum *> l ' s ' f ° r tne ' 1f9 . 65 - 66 were d at a eet " g ° F Bda Inst T. OCUlldl. UlaUlUl/tUI of i e^bl'lThmentron the Tang^ M i vich. Cecil Oberlin, Battle Creek,' state and local elections. well as the general public \vill lrneciical i Mrs. Clarence Winkow- The amendment is opposed by take advantage of the o'ppor- ski - Bessemer, surgery. the Senate leadership of both Discharged Saturday: John parties and by the administra- Hartmann, Saxon; Mrs. All e n .Won on grounds of doubtful con- to better acquaint with the area. The former Ethel Myers was i The Dow Jones industrial av-j ton'rsept'Ts'. iTsFaf MiTling'ton ! l-C,7nducted7 Wilfred Dumas ||, mnpro .^ i ^ nllt>1 erage at noon was up 1.05 at; and nad res ided at Watersmeet and Richard Aho. can mie out 93 ?: 57 - , A .,• . T-V, i since 1956. She was married To 1-D, Patrick Skaja. General Aniline & Film was Mr Anible May 19 1906 at Snei . i i-y. William Chiapuzio. Gene admitted to trading on the New, York Stock Exchange and op-! s urv j v jng, besides her husband, j Thomas Urmanic. are three sons. Francis of AnvU,! I-SH, i until 11-1 .Floyd of Watersmeet and Lyle j Peterson. Dean J.._..,. ««•"• •„,.„„,.,„.„,. nf the-counter market. of Monroe ; one daughter. Mrs.'Clark, John Kostac. James Av-.Pjopiletoi of work and^with experience should For { he po st ol grand knlg h t , - y Kostac was nom i na t e d, along "•• i with Michael Petroski, For depu- 1 ty grand knight Bernard Krause other, W as nominated. Other.posts and point that with dence. In addition to Bednar, fast-moving program, fea Seppamaki and son, B r u c e \ stitutionality. turlng visual aids, has been |Crossing; Edward Hocking,; * * planned as follows: (Ramsay; discharged Sund a y : j Botn . Democratic Leader Mike „ ------ •=- -•— -i- , surviving, oesmcs nei nusuanu, i -mw'ao wiiunmi,. , r\ntnnannn l n .??_ a 3 ? 4 • a 8am of Ji from, are three sons> Francis of AnvU , MH . . until 11-18-<65,, William i " e "- O"^ a ?on . Ament. 'ci.ari« W Ha"aUn"w and instructors were Roy-Stog MSU : caTTo^tT.-tadudedTH' o V aTdl £*«*«* '?£!»*• TmnwnnH iThnmnB Tivmanir Extension forester; K. J. Moiia- ; Johnston and Joseph McKevittI Plynn. manager of the Ironwood Tourism as a Business,"!Mrs. Raymond Pete, Mrs. Jo-iMansfield and Republican Lead- sport shows and the new county i seph Kern, Brenda Chi 1 d e r s, er Everett M. Dirksen favor an recreation map-Five-minute in-iMarenisco; Patrick Moyle, Wak, amendment — l "- *"Russell Ifield. government bonds were firm. Corporate bonds were mostly l^rta'a^Ww oTcaVitoV n"iV ;; e7i t't.'Richai^ Yi vT'^w 1 n N ««ery. Ironwood, and Dr. Al cate ; Chester DeCur, Joseph one community did to brighten unchanged in light trading. U.S.,^trotS^ MSU specialist in en ' Krause and Michael Maurin, up its downtown district - An....... arold of Muskegon Heights :!wiita, John Valesano, Dav i d< tomolo g v .- u .... t warden; Stanley Armata, Ken- drew FBednai, county exten- 10 grandchildren and 14 g r e a t-l Walnio. Jerry Corgiat, Ger a Id; Receiving the certificates of neth Comparin, Edward L. Fabi- «on dnectoi. grandchildren {Peterson, Wiltred Alden, L a d d! completion were Frank uero- n y and Edward Luczak. inside Brown Funeral H o m e ,; Honkala. Robert Kolinsky andi va f- David Hulstrom, John Kor- guard; Frank Kasieta, Walter Crossing will open for ! Joseph Ballone. i P ela - Alfred_ Fertile. W i 11 i^a m Kusz, Michael Pavlovich. John Stock Market gon County Exten-; for chancellor: Dale Olson, re- Chamber of Commerce. f . » • s-jij-.-j" •" - ^iw 1 - ws^^AT^iEwT^s™ ">-^*2sss°z ffiss^^tSK .Tss; s «™ss?s; ra ™s Service Trades Receipts Are Up expressing the 1 sense of Congress that poll taxes have been used to discriminate and directing the attorney general to challenge them in court. Atty. Gen. Nicholas Katzenbach favors this approach too. But Kennedy and Sen. Jacob K. Javits, R-N.Y., said in a statement issued Sunday night Gogebic County's 132 servi c e that adoption of the Mansfield- points of interest, narrated j establishments had total receipts Dirksen proposal might lead to "The Assets of Gogebic Coun"—15 minutes of colored NOU.N' QLOIAI'IU.VS ' visitation at noon Tuesday and ?-A. Carl Buraglio and Roger' Richards, Edward Shifra, Rudy Novak and Gerald Swanson, by Mickey Davis manager of; of $2.0 million in 1963. an in- prolonged litigation without end•SJ remains; iSS?be taken to the: Salonen (until 7-l-'65> TomiBed- i Slmonlch. Jack T. Smith and outside guard, and Kostac. the Michigan Highway Informa-, crease of 4 per cent from 1958, ing state poll taxes. 'Watersmeet Baptist Churchlnar, until 4-14-'66. ! James Soraruf, Ironwood; Paul trustee for three years. tion Center at Ironwood. , according to a report of the' . They noted that a challenge .to NEW YORK iAP)—Followine Wednesday noon for services at 2-S, until ll-18-'65), Dennis Cer- J Contralto, Dennis Gustafs o n. Kostac also announced that! « e creation in tne Ottawa Na -'1963 census of business just re-, Virginia's poll tax is currently is a selected list of stock trar- : 2 P.m.' that day with the Rev. ioni, Peter Wilson, Daniel Jezek, ! Mr s. Edwin Gustafson, Mr. and additional nominations may be \ tional Forest and bcenesnom leased by the bureau of the cen- be fore the Supreme Court. They sactions on ?he New York Stock Albert Stover officiating. Burial Roger Relich, David Gustafson, i Mrs. Nick Kalla, Mr a n d made at the May 20 meeting, or i "jc Sylvania Tract -15 minutes sus, U. s Department of Com-. said adoptionp of their amenQ . Sangi at^midday with ne will be at the Watersmeet Ceme-1 Charles Petranek and John Jaci- i Mrs. Uuno Koski. Nick Mllako-; prior to the election which w | of co ored sli des nanated by merce The last previous census ment would hasten a decision in Hianffp from nrevious close tery sin; Donald Chiapuzio, until 7-1- vich and Douglas Fender, Bes- be held June 3. Provisions will Richaid Guth, U. S. Foiest Sei- |O f business covered operations! cnange irom previous ciose. _^t- " isemer; Walter Sorvari, Hurley; also be made for write-in votesl vlce - 1 during 1958. 1 "Where Do We Go From change Allied Ch Am Can Am Mot Am Tel & Tel Armour ,Beth Steel Briggs Mf Calum H Ches & Ohio Chrysler Cities Service Consumers Pw Cont Can Copper Rng Dow Chem du Pont East Kod Ford Motors Gerber Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Hamm Pap Inland Stl Inter Chem Int BusMch Int Nick Int Tel & Tel Johns Man Kimb Clk LOF .Glass Ligg & My Mack Trk Mead Cp Mont Ward NY Central Penney, JC PA RR Pfizer Repub Stl Bears Roeb Std Brand Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stauff Ch Un Carbide US Steel Wn Un Tel U—iUp. D—Down. previous 54 D 47Vij D 12=! g 68U D D Funerals 39 3-A, Richard St. John, John .John Garrick, Mass; Lee Lar- for any of the offices. Koski, Richard Matrella, James i son an d Albert Maurina, Iron Members of the house commit- Lukas, Levi Toolanen, Wa 11 e r' Mountain; John Mlinarcik, Cry- tee, with five to be elected, 10 Carlson and Richard Bennetts. • stal Falls; Lawrence Soelt n e r j were nominated and they in- MRS CATHERINE VALSUANO 4-A, Elwood LeGeault, Reinoi of Moran, and Jay Bastian, -Iron: elude: Comparin, DeCur, B e r t Here"—Summary remarks Glynn. 24' ' a U 69 78 U 52% SOV's 59" 8 U 547 i, D 44Va U Funeral services for tr_i«..___ ,S ^ «t th M a rv Saturday at the St. Mary Sullin, Roland Maki, John j River. r *" Mertz, Kenneth Jussila. Bruce! Ronald Develski, Joseph 76" b U 3 's;phy, Harry D 1',-asciaw, James or at the Pallbearers were John Redol- 108 45% U 37% i,m, 4 ni and Phillip Laguna. _. ' A«W^.4,lfLJ, J^ri/J*C*JU AriT13t8, J-'L.iJUJO i . ija " i Olejnczak, Elmer Waurio, Fred LOUIS Leo-1 A i berti Art hur Peterson. Eugene Soap Box Derby Clinic Slated Harma, Howard Johnston, Kas ieta, Bernard Krause, Er n e s t Leonard!, Dan Misuraco, Francis Ryan and James Soraruf. Benefit Show Nets $36,000 Men Are Asked To Stay in Navy WASHINGTON (AP) — See- the case and increase .the chance the court would declare , The service trades in the cen- the state law unconstitutional. oy j sus of business included those * * * providing: Personal services to The Kennedy-Javits amend- mdividuals; miscellaneous busi- ;ment also was endorsed Sunday ness services; auto repair and: by tne commission on Religion other auto services; and other l3nd Race of tne National IfJi-'Lff." 10 ":.. A^,.!". 1 ?. 111 ^ i Council Of Churches. Virginia. Alabama, Mississippi and Texas still collect poll taxes for state elections. They tres; other amusement and recreation services: and hotels and mote j s ; have been outlawed in national The selected service trade elections bv the 24th Amend- retary of the Navy Paul H j establishments in the cou n t y ment to the Constitution. Nitze today urged Navy off i- j employed 182 persons (exclu- i M u r r a. Rudolph Hogberg and , Out of town persons attending R i cha rd bellies «i the funeral were Miss Elizabeth ; i Valsuano and Mrs. Kathleen 65 U V'j DeLucca of Milwaukee 55 1: 2 D 1 4 Miss Charlene Valsuano 44'A u '/:i John Lyons of Detroit. 43% D \4 37 D 4851s U and and Drivers Pay Fines, Costs •'•> U U D MRS. JOHN WARPULA Funeral services for John Warpula, 57, of 137 W. court today"." after pfeadTrTg r , ,^^... Tlie House Judiciary Commit- A Soap Box Derby Clinic will; DETROIT (API — More than ' cers and enlisted men to ex-j s j ve ~ of proprietors™and had"a tee hopes to complete its work be held Wednesday at 7 p.m. at | $36,000 was raised by a benefit i tend their service voluntarily! payroll for the year of $401 thou- on the House version of the vot- the St. James Hotel here, an-! show Sunday night which for up to six months to ease a sa nd. nounced Don DeMario, chairman of the Soap Box Derby Committee of the Gogebic Range Junior starred entertainers Sammy; drain in experienced manpow- Davis Jr. and Dick Gegory and! er while the fleet is on crisis columnist Drew Pearson. duty off South Viet Nam. ing rights bill this week. The state as a whole included: The House, after considering 44,412 establishments with re-ia batch of miscellaneous non....... t . iceipts nf $1,793.1 million—the bu-; controversial bills today, takes More than 5,100 persons at- This is the first such appeal reau of the cens us report: "Se-,'up Tuesday the $14-billion inde- Chamber of Commerce. All boys who have signed up tended the show" cailecT "An i to be made by any of the U.S.j e [ ect "services" Michigan, 1963 pendent offices appropriation for the derby and their fathers Evening with Sammy Davis." ! armed services involved in the census of business." from which bill which finances agencies Two drivers paid fines and are asked to be present at t h e The money will be used to help'Vietnamese war. tnese data are taken may be sucn a . the veterans Adminis, costs in Ironwood Municipal, cl ™l c: ,_..... . ,„ ^ rebuild Negro churches in the ; ^Nitze called on the men to; purchased from the superintend-: tration and the National Aero. a . . fc .. . , I7 . ,. _—. 0 The ** r *y ,? irec tor will be south destroyed or damaged by i "make a personal contribution j en t of documents, Washington, nautics and Space Administra- Francis Street,, who died Wed- guilt y to traffic charges, when ^ esei 2L a A :Uie _ c [! r1 . 1 ? to ans w . e r racially-motivated violence. t^ m ,f et j n » th , e _ t P r ?, sent ^ c! ^ a L"! D-C. 20402 and at U.S. Dept. tion. D 84V4 D 39 44V 8 D 38*8 D 58 ; nesday. were held Saturday af- arraigned before Judge Charles i ternoon at tne zion Lutheran c . Keeton Jr that may arise, The show was sponsored by lenge" by voluntarily staying : of commerce field offices for stated DeMario, and it is also [the Michigan committee of in uniform another three to six 1 ^50." 3?': Church, the Rev. Thomas A. ~ Ernest L Ruby 18 of '11 Ge- P lannecl to show a movie of the''America's Conscience Fund months if their terms of serv-' ' ' 8 Schultz officiating. Interment ne va Street Ironwood "paid 1964 Nati °na' Soap Box Derby'headed by Melcolm L. Denise,' ice ai- e due to expire. | .,. was at Riverside Cemetery. { j nes and costs on two lramc at Akron, Ohio. | Vice president of Ford Motor Th e appeal comes at a time] StnnHhv ,'r; Pallbearers included K a y o charges He paid fines and DeMario also stated that more. co wnen the Navy is under dual *^»VlllVIWy '* Makela, William Kilponen, Carli cos t s O f $31 20 on a charge of sponsors-are needed for area ' i_.—.--. - „-. D g, Kaartuhen, Reino Kangas. Carl rec k 1 e s s driving on Aurora boys ancl an y° ne that would like 4 'Salminen and Elmore Frederick- street and $31 20 for dirivinc too to s P° nsor a bov an d his car is son. fast for conditions on Aurora and asked to cal1 him at 932 " 5694 ' Out of town persons attending Lawrence Streets. The offenses the services included Mr. and occurred Saturday, it was re-; 46V4 D 58% D 44 U 74>/2 D 803/4 D 42Va ~r. Vz V's VB Mrsi Richard DeMore of Mil- ported, waukee; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pop- Rites Slated Raymond R. Eliason, 27, of 101 f _ Jf -aylor Street, Ironwood, paid and Marilyn of Ludington; Mrs. $11.20 fine and costs for viola», 8 John Pardini of San Francisco, tion of the noise ordinance Sun- 79Vi D Ve' nam and ^ au B nters ' Elizabeth .Taylor Street! 7ronwood,' 'pa Vd Pof .. 7 and Marilvn of Ludineton: Mrs. ;<tn on ««„ „—i —*„ « ..:_,_ ' *" 136Vfe U S25/& D Dominican Continued from Pare One ing or revolution — or whatever it was — broke on April 24. there were shouts of jubilation when the Navy 'strains: Continued from Pa£e One •- Deployment of fleet units secretary of state for inter- > .for extended periods off South American affairs, also predicted' 'Viet Nam and, the Dominican fresn troubles ahead £„„ said Repl ' mc - the Communists have a priority Then it expects to receive the 1 annual defense appropriations . bill, on which a final vote is i scheduled next week. The de- j fense bill will provide an estimated $48 billion in new funds. THE WEATHER . ,. t t -A drop in enlistments and a list of Latin-American govern- TEMPERATURE* IN IRON-WOOD - ......................... * pie for various reasons, includ- that they hope to subvert overthrow. He named no Vs ;Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kaar- day on O ak Street. 47% D i/< CHICAGO PRODUCE .of Mercer; Mr. and Mrs. Harold 'Sachman of Manitowisn Waters; ySS£^B^Tw"- W B^!jg- -"Jig' Eu « ene 8unie and steady; wholesale buying. prices j ^lanri unchanged; 93 score AA 58J/ a : i Asniana. 92 A 581/2: 90 B 58%; 89 C 56V4: Cars 90 B 57Va; 89 C 57V4. in the streets. That has hap- ing higher pay in industry. nations Vaughn aoDearecl on a ipened before. It happened when Last month, Nitze asked for, Ir^ teiPvK fn£rv ™ ».ti PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - A : the Trujillo dictatorship fell. It volunteers to fill a limited num-; R e p Hale BOKKS D La solemn requiem memorial Mass happened when Juan Bosch was; ber of jobs ashore in South —beputv Secretarv of DP tunen of Detroit; Mr. and Mrs. ficlcets""were Tssued bv the wiil be celebrated Wednesday at elected president in the first Viet Nam. More than 14,000 lfense £ vr R vanpp siairi nn~ Walter F. Olson and Mr. and Ironwood police deoartment 10 a - m - for Eileen Jeffers Yag-;*ree elections since 1924. But men responded. ! ABC's ''Issues' anri Mrs. Toivo Sunie and daughters H ' i er, who disappeared from her governments come and govern- Navy sources said that if radio . MoiuUy. M»y Id. I'.Hi.V Fur 24 hr. pcriud ending :it 12 noun. 2 p.m. 49 10 p.m. no (i a.m. 57 4 p.m. 49 iUidm'gM 55 « 55 fi 49 2 a.m. 5710 a.-n. 54 8 p.m. 50 4 a.m. ~>7 12 noon .10 Relative humidity 90 per CITI. Barometer: 6 a.m. 29.R8; 12 noon 2B.7J. THE Answers" By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 'honeymoon-Ta^-V-coasialiments are overthrown7 "' " enoug^officers, and men step) ^omTm^rv'SSntr Albany, cloudy "^ ^ **' waters. J There is little difference to the 1 forward it would cure a situa->,,..,, n..-,,,,,.^ t _ , , rf , . , .„ The former Miss Jeffers. 61,'man who must scratch out V tion in which trained men have! SStineeK as n Jl St ?, ucn : A . bunt ' uert » ue - clear H. King of A" important meeting of the and heiress to a railroad for- ; Precarious living no matter who! been leaving the 7th fleet in the; _TWO pLuhi o\n «n n 'tn,. 0 ' m^rniTp'^r" ' Board of Directors of t he. tune, wed Superior Court Judge sits in the .National Palace. i South China Sea when their en-! N p h ,?_,L." e £",, T senatois ' Bismaick, clcai - - In the heart of the city, where j listments or tours of duty ex-' INeuias * a s woman L. Eggs steady; wholesale buy- Ing prices unchanged to 1 ! X- higher; 70 per cent or better Grade A whites 29; mixed 27>-a. mediums 25; standards 26; dirties unquote'checks 22. MRS. GERTRUDE BODOH Funeral services for Mrs. Ger-! at fhe s P° rt Bowl here - trude Bodoh of Gile were held i Hiawatha Racing Associati o n • Thomas C. Yager, 47. last Mon- wi, L be _heldat7;SO this evening day. The coupfe were s.ums are and where the pired. Hruska Boise, clear : to the mainland from Santa Cat- shooting is heaviest, the faces in alina Island on a chartered, tne streets are blank. They fcA UVtV' **\J \A\Jll VT4. V^«*«- VTV>A.fcr AJf-.l\C f f»\l_ •«! •• — w»*»««vw.»x-v»| t Saturday at the Hurlev Presbv-L hc llurlc . v Joint School Dis-, yacht Tim- -y when she disap-j watcn m a sort of stunned resig- terian Church with the Rev. N.L. 11" C J .? oard , of Educa f io » will peared. "" ~> — " - i nation at the display of Ameri. Daynard officiating. Burial was I h ? lc l its V e ^ ular monthly meeting; Yager tok. authorities he left' can mi & nt wnich has suddenly at Riverside Cemetery in Iron-! at . 7 thls evemn 8 a t Hur ley! his wife at the wheel and went ! descended on the island. They These trained men have to be replaced by new people ;*""*'«'" " iaL t-resiaenc jonnson unicago, cioi ooslne a threat to effinifir^.v in ? hould maintain'military forces Cincinnati, r posing a threat to efficienty in a critical area, the sources said. Navy officials said they were cloudy that President Johnson Chicago, cloudy rain in the Dominican Republic to i Cleveland, cloudy prevent a Communist takeover. Denver, cloudy 84 M 70 48 84 M 43 32 64 41 85 M 80 M 80 6-f 86 60 86 62 59 36 'High School. *ic*v j vAA^viaihj oaiu nicj wcit T i»« «•»-.• ^ . > . ", unable to talk about the num- r, 1 "" 15 AP interview Saturday, j Des Momes. cloudy 75 44 CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO <AP) — .(USDA) — Hogs 7,000; butchers 25 to 75 cents higher; 1-2 190-220 Ib butchers 20.75-21.00', mixed 1-3 190-250 Ibs 20.00i-20.75; 2-3 240270 IbS 19.25-20.00; 1-3 350-400 Ib sows 16.50-17.25; load 325 Ibs 17.40; 400-450 Ibs 16.25-16.75; 2-3 450-500 Ibs 15.75-16.25; 500-600 Ibs 15.00-15.75. Cattle 5,000: calves 10 slaughter steers strong to 50 higher: load prime around 1,375 Ib 29.50, highest since January 1963; three loads prime 1,225-1,325 Ibs 29.00; high choice wood. ^^^ Honorary pallbearers from the ; _. ... ~ Hurley American Legion Auxii- i -There will be a meeting of all , u ..^ f ._,. iary were Miss Alice Jack son,! committee chairmen, organiza- investigation this week. Mrs. Joseph Gayer Jr. Mrs 1 tional chairmen and all persons Edith Cox, Miss Ellen Cook, interested in the individual proj- Mrs. Josephine Brunell and Mrs , ec * s( of tlie Hurlev clean-up, Genevieve Max. paint-up project tonight at 7:30 Active pallbearers were Gust at tne VFW Hal1 on Silver St. Walter. Felix Obertone, Joseph Jelinski, Joseph Erpsa m e r .;, i I11O Wilt; rlL UlC Wlieei aJlU Went' «V.W^^IIM^VA ui* vi»\^ loiniiu. Aiity "iiMWiv. \j\j uuirw ctuuu^ nit. llLllll' • -r*,,,,!. ,,^,-j *.• , , y '»-*,*. •.. i i i below. When he returned toithe are neitner friendly nor un-j bers of men who, it is hoped .i J^a, 8 ^ y l ^ eM ^Se''] ?*** j Fairbanks Xr ^^^"^ge^Coast^ard.lJJ^y faces - The V ^ s^m| will^ joluntaiily extend their, ash{m ,. flt gantQ ^^^1 ! Fort Worth, rain Yet where the concentration' of U.S'. forces is heaviest, there: is almost a carnival atmos- i phere. The ever-present entre-! ! preneur is doing a brisk road- M M M M T T .05 .02 I Insurgents Continued from Page One Planes Continued from Pa*e One 86 67 43 31 81 61 1.72 28 "just in time to avoid a ma- Helena, clear 61 31 jor calamity." He said there ! Honolulu, clear 85 72 .. had been no opportunity to take i Indianapolis, cloudy 80 64 this up with the OAS in ad- Jacksonville, cloudy 86 62 vance. • Juneau, rain 39 32 .15 i side business with fruits and: while attacking a camouflaged He said "as soon as the action Kansas City, cloudy 80 48 ' .-v _»_•„!__ mi. _ • . ' j . _. ... .... . \VQ c fa L^o« n *-i-\y«n*. *. —. *\--. Trtc A n o'A 1 oc ftlfMiriw ^7fi CiK list of 53 Communists said to be, soft drinks. The Americans are'truck. The pilot was killed. Ac- was taken - ambassadors to the. Los Angeles, cloudy 75 55 Gogebic Commaiidery Knights: inside the pro-Bosch revolt ', cheered. ' companying pilots said there ? AS weve informed and a meet- 1 'Louisville, cloudy R!? M 2 64 .10 John Shea and B J Bertolone' i Templar, will meet tonight at' Bosch said: "There are going to 1 Nobody asks why this should had been no groundfire or ene- ing was called '-° enable the;Memphis, cloudy 87 68 Out of town persons attendin<- 7:3 ° at tne Masonic Temple. i be 53,000 Communists in the Do be. It is just the Dominican Re- my aircraft. The crash was OAS r -° take Jurisdiction. Miami clear 78 75 : ' minican Republic because of the Public. ! listed as a probable accident "Given the circumstances and Milwaukee, clear «« •" the services were Mrs. Berni c e Mondt, Santa Clara, Calif,; Mrs. Madge Penrose, Milwau The .Icssicville Sport Club will Marine intervention, and they! 83 69 57 41 . , , . . . .„ kee. Miss Gladys Penrose. old Jessie ville Pool Room. Mercer; Miss Josephine Krainik, ) meet this evening at 7 at the i will be U.s.-made Commu- „„,! M »t^nn i left i Ann iv>o oo nn iwc and prime 1,150-1,400 ibs 25.00- . . as 75• fhnifp iono-1350 ibs i doh) £>, cnoice i,uuu-i,jau UK> ...,_ Mercer; Mr. and Mrs and . . The heaviest raid of the war tlie necessity for OAS ambassa- Duolirnre Rnciae Cluh ; to date was flown Saturday, tdor . s to obtain instructions from New Orleans cloudy 86 67 K/.P, i? w/ 9 ? V Iwhen 242 planes carried out an tneir governments, OAS action'New York, c oudy M M With him during the interview| Will Meet Wednesday assortment of strikes. has been prompt. Okla. City cloudy nn 97 5.00-27 . Ray Bo-i rxA " units of the Blue Knights, was Jose Figueres, former pres, I The Range Duplicate Bridge In Washington, a $l.6-million . "However, 'he pace of events 9 m . al \ a ', c ' ear , «u.,, mnwauix^, a llu Mr. and i Drum and Bugle CorDS willjident of Costa Rica and a possi- 1 Club will meet Wednesday night contract has been awarded the m this case :loes Indicate that Philadelphia, fog onn i nnn ih C |Mrs. Olaf Kallaak, Mr. and Mrs ' meet tonight at 7 at the Ameri-; ble choice of the Organization of at 7:30 in the American Legion Ellicott Machine Corp. of Balti-' the OAS sllould Consider stand-. ^V° e . mx ' , clea !' aU\J*ljUUU IDa l-»_i ^-...11 « «... , ». :fian TxPo'lrtn n In nvnnm c T'hio in_ A moi*i/*»ar» G* ot«o f/> <-<^*.*.n «« ««— A t.,u „««.., „ «„ *^_. f: _>__ . nv fn>*r'oc? ^Jl^/-^ t-\*-vlif; nn i -.%...». r^lT.LSDlirSlll. Cl 1 I John Gullans and 25.00-25.50; good and choice 900- ii» " u „'„ a ,' lu ni' 1"", 1,300 Ibs 2450-25.50; good 22.50- William Ha vela, Bergland. 24.25; high choice and prime Mrs i can Legion clubrooms. This in- American States to serve as one clubrooms. more for five dredges as part or eludes drummers, color guards j of three commissioners to seek At last week's meeting of the a rush project to P° litical Arrange- 1,150 Ib slaughter heifers 26.75: Choice 800-1,100 Ibs 25.00-25.00; average to high choice with «ome prime 925-1,075 Ibs 26.25; package choice and prims M.50; mixed good and choice 24.00-24.75; good 21.00-24.00. the ments tnat would enable »•• • M M 75 61 65 42 74 M 80 49 86 .M 84 M 72 47 Perversion Charge Dismissed in Court Prospects for Jobs Said to Be Excellent , ._ ___...,, v , w w «jv.v«» »»*. *MAJi< rrv.^<Jk tj *n\*\*i,t4tfa v/j UJC *• *i.tijii |^i l/J\JV L l,\J UCCIJcJ J LJlCT -•—-•.-»- ^,..*.\^^>vr - i in v ^^4, t i ^\ i ; ways of restoring constitutional, club 10 tables of cards were in waters of nine South Vietnam- organization to make decisions „"".",• J?r e - , ea . r order in the Dominican Repub-'play and winners were Wayne ese ports. and to take ^rrmn in nnv ft,t,,n> Rapid city, ciouciy 46 36 A charge against Miss Tiani WASHINGTON (APt llc -. Melchiori and Bill K e n n e dy, Two other contracts totaling l-igueres reserved judgment first:: Marie Albert and N'ary , S500.000 have been awarded for ^ Ulred whether future events would j Fox, second, and Dr. M. O. Siv- surveys of South Vietnamese with a 3 P eeci ^ the coul ' se or events. 81 64 76 64 an act of sexual perversion money has been dismissed Iron County at Hrley. Iron County Judge Arne for year's college graduates J n find job prospects generally ox- GreBor HMflov of mmmittimr T V ^ w actlon was neces ' i ula ancl Bi]) Abraham; third, lied port facilities and the country's CamhnHinn ^nnn«cfi«« ?Jll°/l. H ^;'_^..5^ mltU ;}? Lab0) ' Department says thls.sary. | Frank Barbera. fourth; How- over-all transportation set-up| y s ^njDOaian bugQCSflOn W1 " ard Willson and Rose Erspamer, Dredging of harbors to permit >S Vetoed by Rusk Mushroom Picking ^ J ^ ice and K e n n e l h S nt « y by seag °| ng vessels has WASHINGTON CAP.- secre-!Washington, cloudy • - - »nwn B ,^ h become urgently needed be- tary of State Dean Rusk has 'Winnipeg. M Richmond, clear St. Louis, rain Salt Lk. City, cloudy 57 38 San Diego, cloudy 68 58 San, clear G2 50 Seattle, clear Tampa, clear cellent. _ H. The department's annual sur- Contest Is Staged Rowc. sixth. 'S^sS.ii =^^^^:^:e?r=t:^s S^^'^^ja ™£r censes nave been made at the Office of the Oogebic Cou n t y Sr^fl&X JSZ. s* SfcS^ref^r/S !»Sffi1&"2SSffi! (M - Mlssln61 (T - Tracc ' 67 45 80 70 M M M M .12 M M M M .10 T .23 M M erage Tax agents, who made the arrest, was not sufficient est for graduates in scientific > richer today and kept the Na thy and technical fields, opportuni- tional Mushroom ~' Alice'i Decker, Ironwood. i The agents charged that the cefient B: Carter, Crandon, offense occurred at the B a and Marlene J. Rajala, Box. 22 Silver St., Hurley, Montreal. j March. Barbera, Doro- coastal railroad and highway, a consulate in Phnom Penh Goldman and Betty Wern- Other routes are hazardous,. i Cambodia severed diplomatic Vivian I7fr*ck artri IPcth A •* , r*»»«x*»i*i« ...:n i__ j _* * , ? ... .• 'J*-'*'**-^* v«*^4uii«c4L'»^ Vivian Xvii/C dllU UtoLU C i 1 RANGE SKIES Sunset today 8:21. Sunrise to- fioiH ^r QC nnmn f< ^ , port , s now able to handle Sihanouk, the chief of stato, '• planet, Jupiter, now sets right In 1?, S«»a? P « » ere Ma ° ^ Xl - J ° e K rznaricn - l are ' e snlps - P lus Hue - Qui said Sunday that although Rusk | after the Sun, It will return as a he crow"w!n S - SSorl Safl'' Larson amf ^ V ° Uang Nia '' ™™ '***"*' ° pposed that plan ' he . had writ-, morning star late in June and

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