The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 30, 1997 · Page 12
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 12

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 1997
Page 12
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B4 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 1997 Fun THE SALINA JOURNAL DHbert W COMPANY WON'T GIVE ME KY STOCK OPTIONS UNLESS I SIGN THIS NECO EMPLOYMENT /r; YAOA, YAOA, YAOA, YAOA, YADA, YAOA, YADA, YAOA, YAOA , YADA. Peanuts WHAT DO YOU THINK? T'h NOT READING IT. I TU5T LIKE TO LOOK AT DOCUMENTS AND GO YADA YAOAv, YADA. I DONTTMINK I SHOULD 60 TO SCHOOL ANYMORE.. WHO ARE YOU TO 6W "NO" EVERY TIME I ASK TO SEE THE LET ME REAP YOU AAY OFFICIAL JOB PESCRIPTIOKI INSTEAD OF GETTING SMARTER, I'M 6ETTIN6 PUMBER EVERY PAY.. I FIGURE IN ABOUT ONE MORE MONTH I'LL BOTTOM OUT.. H-30 W TO TYPE, PILE, ANSWER PHONES, AMD, ABOVE ALL, SAY'NO' WHEN LT. FUZZ ASKS TO , SEE THE GENERAL" * YOU CAN'T ARSUE WITH AN OFFICIAL JOB DESCRIPTION HI and Lois Born Loser IfAPLYIKG yfA / YOU'KCiTKe.ONLYP£KOS\ NOT HEMJH CONXI005? For Better or For Worse !-|'MC SOON, AN' I'VE MOM, IF I SET My DRIVER'S LICENSE THIS SUMMER,HOW WILL I P£AB1-E-|£> HRVE THE WeU.,IR>NTKNOW,r —, I — BROTHER WIU. NEEP fl CflP,. HAP A COMBING ACCIPENT ; THI5 MORNIN6 J ( WERE THERE ANV ,. ^L^- SURVIVORS ? Ptektes Rex Morgan, M.D. Jumble BY HENRI ARNOLD & MIKE ARGIRION Unscramble these lour Jumbles, one teller to each square, lo lorm lour ordinary words. INGGO | ^ > •v. j f^ "^ s ^ 01997 Tnbun* M«Jil StMtei. Inc. Right) Rmrved ENVAH ROCTAV f > V J LAWHER HOW THE MAKE UP ARTIST PE5CRIBEP THE FORECASTER. Now arrange Ihe circled lelters lo form Ihe surprise answer, as suggested by Ihe above cartoon. Answer: Till' K. -^^, j^v ^/Tv ^ (Answers tomorrow) Yesterday's I Jumbles: AFTER EXULT GAMBOL FUSION I Answer; The young prince's first attempt to ride a The young prince's first attempt lo r horse became this - A NOBLE EFFORT Cryptoquip SZT QMMAH QMDA KBMETOTTITE KRYIDH DROTK SM BFDD ZRYKTDA F STT SMSFDTE. Yesterday's Cryptoquip: NEEDLESS TO SAY, THE MONTH SOLDIERS HATE MOST IS CERTAINLY MARCH. Today's Cryptoquip clue: A equals F The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another. If you think that X equals O, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error. The Lockhorns "UEROY WASN'T THE ONLY FISH IN THE SEA ... JUST THE FIRST ONE TO TAKE THE BAIT." Family Circus .I K.tni. .„.. Dm ny Cowies SyntJ, inc. "Sometimes I get my shoes on the wrong feet, but I always get my socks right." Crossword BY EUGENE SHEFFER ACROSS 1 Airborne vampire 4 Touch 8 One of the Three Bears 12 Actress Thurman 13 Asia's mistress 14 Something to shake or break 15 Voting favorably 16 Fruit 18 Bilbo Baggins' nephew 20 Clinton's 43 Small plateau 44 Aussie hopper 46 Swiss mathematician 50 Fruit 55 Tin Man's prop 56 Exchange premium 57 One of the Baldwins 58 Humor magazine of note 59 Animated character 60 Carnival attraction DOWN 1 Fan 2 Cupid's forte 3 Poi base 4 Left, to right? 5 Feathery accessory 6 Grecian vessel 7 Labels 8 Zany 19 Conk out 22 First person 23 Antitoxin 25 Thunder god 26 Thunderclap 27 Nashville entertainment 28 Padlocked fastener movie sibs 29 Honolulu's instrument 61 Early hrs. 9 Actress MacGraw 10 Lavatory sign 11 The time of your life 17 Listening device 21 Claire and Balin 24 Suggesting older styles 28 Fruit 32 Industrial arts 33 Motorists' org. 34 "West Side Story" song 36 Crew member 37" —of Fools" 39 Fruit 41 Whines Solution time: 28 mins. Yesterday's answer island 30 Apprehend 31 Stratagem 35 Nonattendance 38 One 40 H-deux-O? 42"How — love thee?" 45 Khayyam or Sharif 47 Tibetan monk 48 Physical 49 Beatty movie 50 Butter serving 51 Head sweller 52 Brazilian resort site 53 Roman 1,051 4 ' 30 54 Brit. ref. bk. OTI lit /IDCFY? ^ or answers t° today's crossword, call O I LHVIl EZLr : 1-900-454-6873 (99 cents a minute) on touch-tone or rotary phones. You must be 18 or older. A King Features Service. ...You KNOWYOUR UFE IS REAlLYBoRi AND PREDICTABLE ...WHEN YOU. STAKT VIRYTTNQ YOOR DfARY SO YOU WANT ) ( YES, AND THE ") TO BEGIN THE V MAIN COURSED DINNER WITH <\WILL BE PRIME FETTUCCINE ^ •( „ RIB ALFREDO? AND BAKED POTATOES, LOAPEP WITH BUTTER/ SOUR CREAM AND CHOPPED BACON BITS AND POR DESSERT WE BAKED , ALASKA MY GOODNESS, WHAT'S THE OCCASION FOR ALL THIS? IT'S A PUND-RAISER TO. KICK OFP CHOLESTEROL AWARENESS WEEK Cathy IRUIN& CflLLEO FOR THE FIR5T Time IN THREE VEMRS. THE FIRST THIN& I THOU&HT 06 WflS MV FAT. THE ffWN FROm THE /nOST "" SI&Nlf ICflNT RELflTION&HIP OF mV LIFE RESURFflGED. mv WIND imnnEDiflTELV FOCU&EO ON IW FflT. A HUNDRED CONFUOTINfr 1 EMOTIONS SNAPPED ON LIKE l\ HUNDRED FLflSHINfr EMER&ENCV LI&HTS.../IND flLL I WAS flttWRE OF WAS r somE cflLL IT I S/W THE BRflIN RUNS TO THE THIN& THflT MOST RESEmBLES fl PILLOW. Sylvia TH4T.. PMVIMG BINGO BUT VOUWE WOT A /MAKES /ME FEEL SOOP 1 PONT WOW WHAT I'LL DO IF TOSV LEAVES! HOW WILL CO/MPRO/MISE, BETTV COAIPRO/MISe you pop, be IN Or A ofW- ona, N Fe? yow pAY i° /o^c OWN BAHK?/\re bv -the nc^ACre -MM ASK5 Y«° -TO Accep-f -the "? WovL-D yo^ prefer R'>pneopF« oft "No, Nofjo iN OTHers IsKe yowr5eLp IN A ' ' » -

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