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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
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Wednesday, December 28, 1960
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-FOUR LING IIATION ft Ladies League Won Lost 44 20 44 20 34 30 30 34 iBank 28 36 .26 38 pany 25 39 |dens 25 39 Sal game—Mrs. Clar- 207; Mrs. Leroy EMrs. Clarence Tin- Kmes — Mrs. Leroy |Mrs. Clarence Tin- Jon Blumhagen, 501. _jie Oil Company, 0 gs, 4—Groff Drug, 0 3—Darling's, 1 M-Ieidelberg, 1. rl Schmidt, secretary Official Newspaper for Allamakee County and the Town of Postville POSTVILLE HERALD A LIVE NEWSPAPER IN A LIVE TOWN Sixty-Ninth Year. POSTVILLE, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1960. Number 9. t'S CrasWUction .... rcROPinefct monies .. iHreftcs Ms Company 44 20 41% 22% 38 26 .38 26 34 30 34 30 ..31% 32% 31 33 28 36 25 3D 21 43 18 46 i : ljfi|b«ry . gra«?§F£trikettes. 1 $d<)WL%ld, 4—Bande's, 0 i 'jCfresK^ 0 - 4—Cook's, 0 Co.. 4—Sal's Gals, 0 so- hK^3raiSf4 --Ossian, 0 fetterafipHi-Way Lanes, 1. Individual lines —Mrs. Har frhomjSSjM, 192; Mrs. Clarence ttt.-tMpmes- Florence Albright, f/fejB8BSS ua ^ series — Dorene "'WaiSmK S ' C,arcnce Tindell Ar^^^^Sfimes—Meadow Gold iPillU ^Bonstruction, 788; Al V lontijtolggstopany, 785 'ttJJ ^HSgfteries —Meadow Gold llSlons 'ruction, 2271; Al ^g-jpany, 2210. Doerring, reporter Mm 13 17 18 28 30 30 32 34 Stummes Win Home Lighting Contest Here Santa's Work Shop Is Theme Of The Display; Harnacks Are Second "Santa's Work Shop" was the theme of the lighted Christmas display at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Stumme on Maple street Which was judged first in (he Commercial Club's holiday decorating contest. The judges picked this display first with neatness being the point of winning over second place. Second place winner in the con- tost was the Orville Harnack residence on Summer street which cen- ered around the nativity scene. The next three places judged were as follows: George Huebner, "Noel, Noel", on Tilden street; K. T. Cook, sleigh and window displays, on Post street; Gene Mork, snow man, at north edge of Postville on Highway 51. Prizes were as follows: first— $20.00; second—$15.00; the next three—$5.00 each. School Ranks 121st In State On Enrollment The Postville Community School District ranks 121st in the state in total enrollment according to . a study released last week by the State Department of Public Instruction. The 562 school districts in the state maintaining approved four year high schools were included in this study. The Des Moines district had the largest total enrollment with 41,696 j students enrolled. The Postville r Community School District with a total enrollment of 966 ranked 121. Silver City with a total enrollment of 105 students ranked 562. Schools in the vicinity of Postville were ranked as follows according to total enrollment, the rank, name of district, and total enrollment given in that order: Thirty-eight, Allamakee (Waukon), 2.083; 42, Howard-Winneshiek (Cresco), 1970; 43, Oelwein, 1,498; 53. Decorah. 1.778; 75, North Fayette (West Union), 1.409; 87, New Hampton, 1.207: 91, Sumner, 1,192; 121. Postville, 966; 148, Valley (Elgin), 824; 150, Elkader, 810; 187, Monona, 704; 211, Maynard, 652: 233, Lansing, 614; 249, South Winneshiek-Calmar, 586: 296, Fayette, 506; 298, McGregor, 505. PAYOLA Winner Receives $100.00 Mrs. Don White, right, Is shown receiving $100.00 in script money from S'an Schroeder as her name was drawn in the final PAYOLA drawing Friday evening. Mrs. White was in Schroeder's Grocery to claim the prize. This was the final drawing from the present PAYOLA contest. Herald 60 second photo. Students Given College Help Amirjcan League •ron'^Clijithing 55 (n'lrh^Iement 51 low- VOfflffi; 50 i's PlSMmds 40 foJMfife 38 .aojBBBf;.; 38 •mini WHpane 36 h 'Packjng 34 ens State|Bank 32% 35% mi • Giove' 29 39 rrn RealjEstate 28 36 . A. . v ,t 27 41 R bcrts' Son 25 39 in Products 22 46 kvdlH^f 20% 47% .Hit" racftl 'y 14 54 iderstmX' fc—Drahn Imp., 2 ,ndvw/Gbjd. 3—Hi-Wav, 1 jou's&a~Ky's Clothing, 1 B..A!^4S-Hygrade. 0 0th Packing, 3—Marianna, 1 UZWgiBSnk, 4—Walnut G., 0 fclty.-S^Frankville, 1 fll setics**—Fred Martin, 654: Helds, 610; Robert Enyart, 600: <T2JJiS,iM8; Melvin Radloff. 583; J'Sc1ii}U|„;58l. (ft^KSgfred Martin, 244 and liJftbn 'ftScJniltz, 238: Clarence re ^ISfyCgRobert Enyart, 236; WnfceVft 17; Dr. Fields, 217; j '•Elli-s,"ai|; Wilbur Cahoon, 210. - Leonard Thoma, secretary. A "college homecoming" conference was held December 2 at Postville Community high school. This conference was composed of the senior class of 1960-61 and recent Postville high graduates who are currently enrolled in college. The purpose of the conference was to present realistic and practical information to those interested in attending college. At this session the college returnees answered questions such as: "What is the real cost of college if I am to have an average life?" "What is'he greatest change in •ransferring from this school to college?" The college students were introduced wilh each one giving some general information about their school. The rest of the period was devoted to ques'ions and answers about college life. Those participating were: Roma Schweinefus, Luther college: Dennis Eder and Bob James, State University of Iowa; Rose Ann Sadler. Iowa State Teachers: Mary Martins, Carthage: Bill James and Donna Leubka, Iowa Sta'e University; and Jerry Davis. Upper Iowa, Fayette. NEWS FROM . . . Those In THE SERVICE lft On Leave HM/3 Douglas Drahn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elvie Drahn of Luana returned home for the Christmas holidays after spending two years in the Far East and Hawaiian Islands. At The Theatre Thursday. Friday and Saturday, December'29. 30 and 31 — Vincent Price stars in Edgar Allen Poe's, "House of Usher" Stores To Close Monday, January 2 Postville retail stores, profession-' al offices, banks, and the post office will be closed all day on Monday, January 2, in observance of New Year's day. The holiday falling on Sunday, places the closing date on Monday. All stores will reopen as usual on Tuesday, January 3. Postville retail store's will be open this Friday evening, December 30, until 9:30. Retail stores will close at the usual hour of 5:30 Saturday evening. Christmas Baby To Clermont Couple Four new arrivals, three boys and a girl, were added to the community during the past week at Postville Hospital. Following is a list of the births: Girl, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Duwe, Luana, Dec. 21, 7 lbs., 9 ozs. Boy. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard West, Hiawatha, Dec. 23. 7 lbs., 11 ozs. Boy Mr. and Mrs. William Wullner, Postville, Dec. 24, 7 lbs., 14 ozs. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Melver, Clermont, Dec. 25, 9 lbs., 8 ozs. Medical Patients. Mrs. C. F. Meier, Postville, Dec. 22. Robert Scheffert. Luana, Dec. 23. Mrs. Elmer Sander, Postville, Dec. 23. Janet Donlan, Postville, Dec. 23. Roy Tatro. Clermont. Dec. 24. Elgie Ferguson, Monona. Dec. 26. J Mrs. Don Olson, Postville, Dec. 26. L. T. Birdsell, Monona, Dec EASTERN STAR OFFICERS ELECTED Officers were elected at the regular meeting of the Postville Chapter, Eas'ern Star, on Monday, December 9. Officers elected were: Mrs. Harlan Sebastian, Worthy Matron; Harlan Sebastian. Worthy Patron: Mrs. Herman Christofferson. Associate Matron; Herman Christofferson, Associate Patron; Mrs. Felicia Dresser, Secre'ary; Mrs. Bertha Folsom, Treasurer; Mrs. Marvin Chevalier, Conductress; Mrs. George Eder, Associate Conductress. The officers, together with the appointive officers, will be installed at a public installation on Wednesday, January 11, 8:00 p. m., at the Masonic Temple. Practice for installation will be Friday, January 6, 7:30 p. m. Anyone interested in the installation is welcome to attend. Taxes Will Show j Some Increase In | The Coming Year Residents of Postville will be paying about $3.50 more in taxes per $1,000 of assessed value in 1960 taxes payable in 1961, according to the tax levy breakdown prepared by Allamakee County Auditor L. E. Ricker. The tax levy in Postville on 1959 taxes payable in 1960 amounted to 79.790 mills; the levy for 1960 is 83.433 mills, a raise of 3.643 mills. The rise in Postville taxes was the result of increases in the levy of taxing bodies —the county, school and town. Largest single rise was in the school levy which was jumped from 37.176 in 1959 to 40.509 in 1960, a raise of 3.333 mills. The town levy edged up from 28.072 mills in 1959 to 28.199 mills in 1960, a raise of .127 of a mill. The county levy was up .183 of a mill from 14.283 in 1959 to 14.725 in 1960. The millage to be charged on property for taxes in 1960 payable in 1961 in other towns of the county is as follows: Harpers Ferry— 78.263 mills; Lansing—75.474 mills: New Albin—80.149 mill; Postville— 83.433 mills; Waukon—85.260 mills; and Waterville—77.300 mills. SOCIAL SECURITY CALL DATES SET A representative of the Winona, Minnesota Social Security district office will call at regular intervals during the months of January, February and March. The contact stations in this area are: Decorah—new City building, 12:30 p. m., every Wednesday except February 22. Waukon—assembly room, court house, 12:30 p. m., every Tuesday. NO KIWANIS MEET THIS COMING WEEK 27. First Baby Of 1961 To Receive Many Fine Gifts 16 Postville Merchants Will Honor Miss (Mr.) In First Baby Contest Sixteen Postville merchants will be waiting to greet the first baby born in 1961 in Postville Community Hospital. They will extend a cheery welcome to the little tot in the form of a fine array of gifts that will give the little Miss or Mr. a good start in life. In order to qualify in the first baby con*est, the winning baby must be born at Postville Community Hospital; the parents must be residents of this area; the exact time of bir'h must be certified by attending physician; applications must be received in the Postville Herald office by January 10; and in the event of a tie, awards will be distributed at committees's discretion. The complete rules and announcement of the contest appear elsewhere in this issue of the Herald. The prizes include everything that parents of a new born baby could possibly want—there will be blankets, shoes, . food, and many other baby necessities and in addition there are gifts for mom and dad. The 16 sponsoring merchants ef this year's First Baby Con*est are as follows: Anderson's Clothing, Citizens State Bank. Dereen Style Shop. Farmers Store, Waters Dairy. Harolds Cash Market, Don's Jewelry, 'Kramers, Kittleson-P e t e rsen Hardware, Lutz Studio, Postville State Bank. Louis Schutte and Sons, Schutta's Shoes, Schroeder's Grocery. Stumme's Grocery, and the V and J Koffee Shop. Students Chosen To Dorian Festival Several students from oPstville high school have been selected to Saturday, December 31-Midnightl take part ^-nngDoH^ (jKvrch League 0P »E ||fe 47 21 ruh Bowlers 41 27 nn.^&ran 40 28 yjlle '|S |||eran A 39% 27% nr<r<.bun? Lutheran 37 31 in Lutheran B 34% 33 % m int LuJheran 33 35 nnsburtrlBowlers 33 35 alia Lutheran 30 34 pa Lutheran A 28 40 dci Lutheran 21 43 f ^ViU^lAikeran B .....:....20 48 L WrmeribuM B., 4— Clermont L., 0 %TU. BtfAjGunder Lutheran, 0 « i&tvillq LIA.., 3— Luana L. A., 1 F»pnona ,Ii |3— Church Bowlers, 1 VlStvllle LIB., 2— Luana L. B„ 2 ,y ptdlla L*|2— Farmersburg L., 2. JKh 'Qerie<i|.— Leroy Thompson, ,DaviJl ,Schlitter, 600; Leonard |Ba,.iSs*; Kh' JJnfeLeroy Thompson, 238; p > 1 flQ»fti226; Robert McNally, rMalffi^chultz\ : 217; Harley W^ffieSl 215 ; Leonard Thoma, t'CwSnEZieman, 211; -David Jttcrjjggf' " ^"^fff^ 11 * ^k° m ^' secretary. £fmif Country League 48 20 SHWBBred 40% 27% 1 40% 27% | 39% 28% insurance r .....37 31 je 36 32 Insurance 36 32 Bank 35% 32% isfer 34% 37% 34 34 32% 35% :age 30 38 i lair 29 39 VH^^atjon 24% 43% ?llliRlnsurance ....23% 44% lothing 21 47 4— Trojan's, 0 •age, 4— Hi-Way, 0 •ife, 4— Luana C., 0 3—State Bank, 1 'irkler Bros., 1 iter, 3—Ri-f^side, 1 i, 3— Schfo'eder's, 1 -Frank's Rec, . • Louie Miller, 590; 574; Marvin Mohs, Have, 570. louis Miller, 233; Mar- George Taylor, 226; \ 218; Vernon Glave, Iran, 213; William Kord Thoma, secretary on Page Five) show. Jack H. Harris' production of "Dinosaurus!". Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, January 1, 2, 3 and 4—"Ice Palace" starring Richard Burton, Robert Ryan, Carolyn Jones and Martha Hyer. Anderson's Sale To Start Thursday A 15-day year end clearance sale will start at Anderson's Clothing on Thursday, December 29, and continue through January 14. The sale listing includes suits, parkas, topcoats, and winter jackets. CUB DEN HAS CHRISTMAS MEET Cub Scout Den V met at the home of their Den Mother, Mrs. Robert I H. Burling after school on Tuesday, ; December 20. The mee'ing was called to order by denner Jimmy Burling, who also conducted the Flas Ceremony. Roll call was taken by assistant denner Allen Handke, the boys answering by describing the flae of a South American country. The cubbers practiced their skit for the January pack meeting and began making a monkey and a parrot which will be used in the skit. A game called "Santa's Pack" was played under the direction of, den chief Bill Burling. Refreshments were served by the Den Mother as a birthdav *reat for the den chief and a Christmas treat. The boys sang Christmas carols as they ate. The Living Circle was formed at the close of the meeting nominated by their director and j as 'he cubs repeated the Cub Scouts then screened by the directors and j Promise and listened to the Den " - — ' Mother's Christmas thought. on January 4 and 5. Students selected are: Valerie Luhman, mass choir and girls' trio; Barbara Schultz, choir and soloist; Jan Schroeder, choir and girls' trio; Kayo Cook, choir, girls' trio, and soloist; Douglas Kiesau, choir; and Richard Falb, choir. Students are Thieves Steal From Laundromat Thieves Wednesday evening of last week took about $8.50 in dimes from a coin change machine at the Meyer's Laundromat, according to Cal. Williamson, town marshal, who investigated. The theft was reported to Sheriff William Huffman, also. The thieves apparen'ly entered the laundromat just before closing time. By some unknown means, they were able to trip the coin changer in the dime change box and cleared the machine of all its dimes, about $8.50. A quarter ma chine next to the dime box, was not molested. There will be no meeting of the Postville Kiwanis Club this coming Monday, January 2, as Monday is the legal holiday for New Years. The next meeting of the club will be on Monday, January 9, at which the Division lieutenant governor will make his official visit to the Postville club. professors at Luther college. BRANDT TO ATTEND WINTER ISU COURSE Robert E. Brandt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ewald C. Brandt of Postville, is one of 75 students who will attend the Iowa State University's winter course in farm operation at Ames. "Many of them are already farmers," says Dr. Duane Acker, professor in charge of the farm operation program. Many Family Christmas Parties Allamakee — Fayette AREA BRIEFS Clayton — Winneshiek •wn dor on'i an f • Mar ,jBrai 'Orson's ive Ga*r.a fit Businesses Burglarized. WAUKON — Two business places in Lansing were burglarized Sunday night according to report made at the office of Allamakee County Sheriff William M. Huffman. At Lenz and Underwood about $5.00 was taken, and at Garrett garage, $35.00. Both places had been entered by breaking glass. , New Position. DECORAH — Norman Ellingson of Decorah has been named superintendent of mails for the Decorah Post Office. Ellingson becomes the first superintendent of mails in Decorah. Open House. GUTTENBERG — Between 2,500 IDUXlu and 3,000 people who thronged the new Guttenberg Municipal Hospital Sunday for a glimpse of what modern hospital service will be offered in the new institution came away marvelling at the services offered. The hospital which will not actually open for patients for a short time, was put on public display for the first time at the open house. Lease Acreage. ELKADER — The New Jersey Zinc Company has leased acreage in Clayton County, Iowa, for the purpose of exploring for mineral deposits. While no deposits are known in the leased area, nevertheless, company geologists think that they may be present at depth Christmas day dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Oldag were Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Knudson and Marcia of Elgin, Kathy Knudson, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Anderson and Douglas, and Dr. and Mrs. R. Schneider and family. Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Foels and family, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Foels and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Foels of Luana were Christmas supper guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Foels and family. Christmas day dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. DeGarmo and family were the Rev. | and Mrs. J. L. DeGarmo and family of West Union. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Garcia and Jonathan of Cedar Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Olson and Mrs. Lucy Gericke were Christmas dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sander. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Anderson and Christine of Des Moines, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sebastian, David and Mark of Tracy, Minnesota, Mrs. Bertha Anderson of Waukon and Edith Sawvelle were Christmas day dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Sebastian. Christmas day dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Christmas day dinner guests in the home of Mrs. Lydia Sebastian were: Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Schara and Randy, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Durnan and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sebastian of Mason City. Christmas dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Mork, Clifton, Diane and Carol were: Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mork, Scott, Becky and Todd, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mork, Randy and Grant, Mr. and Mrs. Tennis Mork, Alan, Larry and Terry and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Harris, Dawn and David, all of Mr. and Mrs. Milo Harnack. Louis and Merlin entertained a group of relatives for dinner and supper Monday. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Willard A. Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Schroeder, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Harnack and their families, Mr. and Mrs. Luver C. Schultz and Mr. and Mrs. Orville Harnack, all of this locality; Dorothy Schultz of Houston, Texas; and Mr. and Mrs. George Lundt and grandson of Oran. Christmas dinner guests in the home of Melinda Casten and Herman Geick were: Mrs. Theresia Postville- Mr. and Mrs. Raymond I Baltz, Martha and Rallnda Lam- Frieden,'Cindy, Crystal, Julie and, mert, Mrs. Agnes Bowers, Mrs. Jeff of Monona; and Mr. and Mrs. |.Tack Casten and Lenora Hems of A list of the petit jurors who will serve for the January term of the Allamakee county district court were drawn this week. G. B. Richter is the presiding judge and the term begins January 3. "Following is a list of the petit jurors: Petit Jurors. Bartels. Ralph Lansing Baxter. Clem Waterville Becker. Jne Lansing Brainard. Shirley Waukon Brown. Dorothy Waukon Buege, Dnrothy Waukon Cronin, Florence Waukon Cunnineham. Leo Waukon Davis. Harry Postville DeBuhr. Anton Waukon Evans, Jean Waukon Ferring. Raymond Lansing Gilbertson. Gordon Waterville Gass, Margaret Postville Gregg, Neva PosH'ille Guese. Lydia Postville Hart. Vernice Postville Heim, Lucille Waukon Heitmann. Gladys New Albin Howe. Lorna Waukon Huebner. Stella Postville I=eli, Fred Lansing Keermeen. Lillian Lansina Herman. Leonette Lansing Klocke. Bernico Waukon Krueer. Rueben Waukon Kruse, Rov Postville T.ager. Maida New Albin T.eui. Marie Postville Meine, Carol ..: Wauknn Meyer, Betty Postville Meyer, Fremont New Albin Oldag, Leonard Postville Olson, Ruth Waukon Osland. Inez Waterville Palmer, Irene Waukon Pladsen. Josenh Waukon Nelson Farm Sale To Be January i The closing out farm sale of Carl Nelson, who lives seven miles north of Luana. will be held Wednesday. January 4, starting at 12 :00 o'clock noon. The comolete sale listing appears elsewhere in this issue of the Postville Herald. Included in the sale are 24 head of cattle; poultry and equipment; 22 sheep; corn, hay and oats; and a complete list of farm machinery and equipment. E. L. "Diz" Dean and Mayhew Eaton are the auctioneers: Postville State Bank is the clerk; Farm Loan. Service is the agent. Sale Dates Claimed Sa'.urday, January 7—Closing out farm sale of Herman Christofferson and John A. Palas at farm northeast of Postville. Sale listing to appear in Postville Herald January 4. Mayhew Ea'on and E. L. "Diz" Dean, auctioneers; Citizens Bank, clerk. State Charles Thorson and Cheryl of 1 Clermont. Christmas dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Miene and Mark were: Mr. and Mrs. Donald Chicken and family, Burlington; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Null and fami- lv, Cedar Rapids; the Rev. and Mrs. Cloy Miene and Debbie of West Des Moines; and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miene and family. Christmas dinner guests of Mrs. Fred Heins and Mrs. Mildred Kamp were Mr. and Mrs. John Gilson of Waukon, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ol Home Elimination Speech Contest The Thespians of Postville high school are sponsoring a home elimination contest in preparation for the Iowa State Speech contest. The program will be held on January 16 in the high school gym. The program will consist of the readings that are being prepared by the students. There will also be two one-act plays presented, "Over the Ten Cups" and "Antic Spring". The names of the contestants will be announced at a later date. Fire Destroys Lowell Trailer Ewing and Inez Watson and Debbie dag and Merriellen of Sheffield Mr were: Les Hermanson of Waukon;!and Mrs. Dean Oldag and Kathy^f and Mrs Gene Ewir^a^ famU j Hampton, Mr and Mrs. George Ol ly Monona; Mr. and Mrs. Marten 1 dag and Debbie of Alameda, Cal, Schutte, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ewing, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Martins, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Lawson and Lois and Olive Grinder, all of Postville. fornia, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Miller and family of Chapin, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Szabo and family, and Leonard Oldag, Jack and Janice. Postville and Mrs. Jessie Ward of Madison, Wisconsin. Dinner guests in the home of Mr, and Mrs. Robert H. Burling, Bill and Jimmy and Mrs. Myrtle Aitchison on Christmas evening included Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Burling of Elkader; Mrs. Carlton Schroeder, Jenanne, Sue, Stephanie, Emily and Barbara, Mrs. Gus Miller and Hall Roberts of Postville and Miss Ellen Miller of Decrfield, Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Hill and Louis Hill, Jr. were Christmas day guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arbe Behrens. Mr. and Mrs. John Palmer, Mrs. Lawrence Dresser and Ruth Turner were dinner guests Christmas day in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Turner and children. Additional Christmas Locals On Page Four Fire of undetermined origin com- ple'ely burned the Frank Lowell trailer home located near the Hyx «...» grade plant about 2:30 Christmas Ouandahl, Ruth Waukon i morning. Rask, Sam Lansinff The alarm was turned in by Rose. Wilbur Waukon Ralph Auer, who could see the Ruprecht. W. C Lansing flames from his home at the west Sander. Marine Waukon edge of Postville. Schneider. Milton Waukon Happy New Year to All Stahl, Richard Lansinc Svebakken, Doris Waterville Thnrnton. Carl Waukon Walsh, Alice Waukon Weber. Llnvd Waukon Weihs. Al F Waukon Wendle, Kermit Lansing Wilkins, F'ovd Monona Wiltgen, Helen Waukon Winters. Mary Jane Waukon Wucnnecke. Roy New Albin Wurtzel, Mamie Harpers Ferry Grand Jurors. For The Year 1961 Grand jurors drawn to servo throughout the entire year of 1961 are as follows: Benson, Emma Harpers Ferry Boardman, John Harpers Ferry Kewley, Elmer Waukon Kolsrud, Gilman Waterville Lubahn, Ernie Waukon Mathis, Leo Lansing Meiners, Donald Dorchester McNeil, Daniel .-. Postville Selberg, Elmer Waukon Selberg, Walter Waukon Weymiller, Louis New Albin Wilder, Gene Dorchester The entire trailer was in flames when the fire department arrived and there was no way of saving the home. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell and son were away from home during the holiday weekend visiting. The Postville Volunteer firemen were called out on three other occasions on the holiday weekend. A call Christmas eve about 8:15 was answered when wiring in the Frank Wittenberger car parked near the Community Presbyterian Church caught fire. Only minor damage was caused to the car. Two emergency calls were received on Monday. The rescue unit was called to the home of Mrs. Emma Brown as a leaky refrigerator was sending fumes into the home. Before this call was completed, firemen were called to the new hospital site where an employee of James Weaver, was buried up to his neck in a ditch cave-In. The man was working in a 14 foot deep ditch when one side of the ditch began caving in. The workman was removed before injuries could result. i 1.7' it

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