Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 1, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1927
Page 3
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Dr. an'il MrH. tvilion McCarthy, iir Des .MoincH. Iow». aro paying a brief vi«lt to tlip iDoctor's b^pth- .-r. .Mr. Frank Iiavp l)o.?n viHiti tliy'.s motlier at aicCartiiy.- Tiiey K Doctor McCar- DuranRO,, CJolo.. ;IIK]. aro <II-i»'inK through to Iowa. cnniJiiK l»y wav of Aniarillo and Tulsa, " • i J ' — riioiio improvod ;farnis for rt-nt. See Sunfl^Wfi- I»aii ("Onipauy. lola, Air.'?. E.; .V I-'ikc. of nayanl,,was- a visitor in. lola tiday i-nrpnfo to Oaawaio visit \wr jian-nts. Mr..and .1. Z. Dy.s.irl. » ' — . • » KALSTON Tiri:\TI{K ' ' ]\oritu, K;iii>a« ' .MARY I'irKFt)lir) — ill — ,'"MV BK.ST MIM." T'liiisdav, I'rirtay :iiid Saliirday Hi'.',: Kxtra : Mr.s. I'r.inli li. Brown Wtut' to Tupi-kii ilii.s afiicrnoiMi (in l)u^int'.<s Wllih' :!lHri' i-lli' v.i !l lie lllf K 'H-st 111' i'.r iiiiii;. .Mr,-, .lani'-v DUUKII' TI V Korntiil 0 ;ienln7 Today. TIJC City 'K.V(iia"rc-. operjtcd •'>' Mi^ C. I-iutpcH and -M. HiiHRer- frtrd,, lield • its^ formal pp^tiing today. Tlie ExchanRe lias ibe'eti oppn only tIiroe| wcelis 3)nt in Vliat tiin'e. >|frs. Luccock found it necessary •^ohavo niorj.' apace, to take care of; tlie listed. A !ar?e afls<jrtpient of used nicn'.s ovemoat.s,'hatH. ..siioes,. sweaters, ladies' winter coa'i.s,. furs, shoes jiliaiK and dre.^ses. cliildren's wearing, apparol. l)aby buggies, chair.'j wanlrobe i rujpks. etc., are to be fottijid al the i'ixchanpj. The larger things, such as aulbniobilps, dininvji ropni suites, bedroom sui es. llyiuKl room furniture, etc.. are isted and Mrs.' I.!:i-(ock gets ))us)! iand find:^ a bu.vcr; It is a business that lola ha.".'long needed. Kach visitor v«a: given a lian<l made favor. - For (lifts that aiio iiffsrent vi;it Mr. ant'l Mi^. C. II. Haa|<ln, of ,S"f» .Vojtif Joffernoh _ jVeniif, huve reinrtjed from T^ilsa. .Ok.'n.,' where they have bi;en for the iis«t fpw nionthx. • ' —"Von'H Bread," gpod art ever. Fish>(_ar'e ct>n.sldcrc«I a iahl<« delicacy in the West Indies. —O. L.' Chx, M. D. Specialist, Ry^, Kar. Nose an*! ThroaL " 1!he n^xt he3t coming of good stock is to own plenty of it. 4-Dr. .T. •r. Keid, Surgery and .Koi'ay. Phone 33". • .Urs. Pearl Osborne has returned frohi a several months stavin f 'a ^y•; hu^l^a. Oklx , -l-Dr. Lucy E. Poison, Chiropractor; Northrup Dldg, Phone .126.;.. —Dr. A. n. Twadell. Osieopaih. Xew tilobfc Bldg. Phone 191. • A machine that can sniAic three dozen pi ^es at once now saves Ihe .smoker ' the distasteful job i of lireakin.t; in" a new briar or meer- . THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVIENING. DECEMBER 1. 1927. tlie Pandora Cift ahop. 4lt; Snut-i : ."sclianm. • Kquippifd with mechaUi- - .-It (la:- llici-ni'jier siipi" ; Jta/!ii:r ;-rIlOOl iiOa: 1* Sillurilay. Was'iiuKtoii; I'lione '6'. .^^illi i l^rt.'-iciy ciisioni- rrs' wisliiiig to ida(c>,thfir Clivist- Fuas orders now. wrife or cuil mi ^iIS. Ceo. lllili':ard. ."ioti South SI. -Mrs. rioreiKi- Syverud, coiirity hoinc domifustratioii n;;i'ir.. i.s tr>n- fiiied to IH'f liilii;- tod;iy lu 'CiUisc of illness. I \ lar 111 ilei'.i'ii.'iibli' I.iiinp '"oiil on iiaik al IUT inn i .U' <ii". ^ :. Iiv l .ai .ii-.-' Aiil Clliik- I $(i ).-, |,,.|. (Oil (I, .livi red uliil- on al :>•"•«. ,l 'rii<' :-'-'ii-. ili -.iik. Iida .liiiiU iiial Co I 'lione ' , iJK. .'•"irst .loor iiiiiili K.'iiy 'eimi. . r Sl .ipl "|i>ii. i >r Law-' i .-iHc. \ms iin .ivir /iiBlH KiieM ol | .\!rs .1. f liiil: lirr and .M'.;. (tin! .\lis •(«aMi:i.' .\ VMII ~ .iiioiili- In In'e- Wlijli IIIM.C In Ci.veli.- Alii,', > Irimi it l ,ii.-.iii .ss irlii In Kiii Sli("Jiliiy In - |>ii!il llie weili- -•ail with ii'lililieil ' III l-avwiiii. Ilil- afliM -lMr. Miihlii |'< : l-li';-. .\jr... Ii|a .•I'lri;"'. ; I .\h- MOnll. lal mouth and lungs, it -ages" a i ;ipe in a way that wpnld oidinar- rly ie(|Hire week^ of steady use. —If you iwant to 1)uy or build, city or suburban propert.v. The lola Building Ixnin .\ssocialion will make you a loan. low-interest rate, no commission. See G. li. Pees. .Secretary, at old Itegist^r building. Kouiliwest corner of ."oiJare. ('hri .-iiiiiis Seal moiiej' supports ainiosf I'.iiiM .s-fate and] local r«- lii'r.iilosis assoi-iaiiuius ii !i the I'nit- < .1 Slates. 1 ' f No' Lissisons^ Bup Sbe's-GKampioii I ^.Nov. 28.—Jleniard Slraci failed Thurjjtlay afternooti al .the Kraiik .SIrack home. ,' .Mr. and Mrs. WalttT Kine and faiiilly, Mr. and "Jlrs. Ciieslci- King Avere Sunday' dinner j;uestK nf Mr. and .Airs. J. B. Henderson. Mildred and C!arpuce \Vood visited the Otter'Springs school Pri- rtay. Herb?rt Laude. Cleve and Cleo .fackson called Sunday afternoon at the'Elsie HiilmSs home. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Feeney and Oenevieve, Mr. and Mrs. Will FCCT ney, Bonnie .Sedter. "Will Eliisdn and*Cecil Jones spent Thanksgit-- ing day at the John Ellison homW. Lydia Choguili Is visiting Mrs. \V. A. Choguili of Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. ^ed Chui'chill and family, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Os- QOTCER SPRINGS- !«randrr am:- .Mary Rv Tv:; v.. (|^«, Vernon- 0.,tra,ider., . / [[I^^JT ^'^^v /^Sn~" , OVIr. and "Mrs, Herbert'lc ;.::(! . family|s!if.'at .Suudriy ::fte:;! ai ; !hc Clfve Jiick-'on honit-. .MH. linrt -Vlrs. Lewis Chogii'.il mid ' Mr. and .Mr.s. li.. Jac^k^ojr I iiar- ' old'attuiilcd the CJiii.stian Kudtav-' Cliupuiil. lUehnrd Taylor went to 111'.- t.!.;!);;• nu Tiriirsda.v' and got J silica nf woorl lip for .\Ir, \\'ade •. ;K t- in the Ilo :4plt.T!. and SU-y. !.ef» Wolfe and Harr old. and .Mrs. Djtrad Young and W.ayife .^jifiit Sumlay at iitsf .li'trrt • \V';o(I l:on'..n. • .A!r.~. .!. H. Henderson i.s spending or convention Suad .iy alttrno-.^n at 1 a few days visiting relatives HumftoIdL " , riMnuti?; . Mr. and .Mr.«. Chas. .Millt.r and,; .Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Strack and famiiy. spent Thtirsday with .Mr.! fa:n:iy spent Sunday at ilie Frank j aiid Mk. S. C. Mann. Struck home. Mary Evelyn Ostrander spent' .Mr. and .Mrs. Homer lJurweil Thanksgiving with .Mr. and .MrS.; and baby apen,t Friday night at the!^"day evening with Mr. and .Mrs, <yren fiaugh and Claado. | U'aher King home. , .Mr: and Mrs. Fred tT.urchiJl ; -.Mr^. Fred Chnrchill. Shirley and. and family spent 'Hjursday with j Miir- called Sifnday afternoon- on Mrs. Taylor. Richard; ami Margaret. | Mrs. George WilkersQU. Cecil .Jones spsnf, Sunday with! and .Mrs. Vernon t)st,rander his mother in Cas Cit\. I ""d daughter spent Sunday-at the Fred Solomon, I -ivan Uniwell. • i":!!!';! Ostrander home. Loyd Hawkins!. Enni.^ Ladd. L«w;3 I .\!r. and Mrs. Oren Haugh .spent John Ellison and Joan. ' .Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hen(l«rsoa.: and Mr. and -Mrs. Chester King ' spent Thanksgiving at the Walter •: King, home. The straight anil naiytm- jiatJi is i not a favorite ihorou.shiare with' crooked peo!>!!e. •>lr. aii.l Mr.s. .1 lla< licit, ol MU- divd. M visitint; in the li«<nie of .\ir. ami Mis. Ilraiil . Sliorl;cy. of i;i2 .Vmiii -lii 'Cl. . MIS, llajkelt anil Mis, Slioili-y aie siMt 'rs. .Mr. I Ilailii It t> here la '.dlig ji «i'rles o.' liiiiliiiiMitH lioiii a loVal doiTor. ' yiri..W. P. Cox, $9, never took a music lesson in her life, biit she! is'the champion fiddler of northwest Missouri. She defeated 60 others In a contest at Independence, her ' rendition, ot "Crooked Stovepipe" influenclns the Jiidges to .cast In her favor. ilnplll'li:'"'!'' I. '111. I' ' •'•'•'•l ,i'!i I liail.. <.'! .'ill ji'-r lull' nfl . I 111', $l'i -1 1 i piT Inn ()eli\< ri-'l ^>llil;- nil!;.| Inia .llilll. * rn:j| Cn. I'limH' .'!! • I'"or Ileal i :st ;':e l.oaUs Nee (lie, si'inrllv IIU!:.'. A l.'ian VVMM lalion.; I«ilti'.-hv. Orrii -e in F\vi.\ .Natl, Hatil;.; W 'f kiiiiw Hakery rindiicls are uniiil. Iltll ' Have ^ OU' Trjcd (•iirs'/ VA.N lIDO/.ElfS. " ' .Mr. and .Mrs, K. \V. 'l)enipse.» vis-i .\lr.>, Anna Fnster, nf .M-nnid City i D-.v^, Kiti;;.^')!' L'OS .N'niMil • ani'.'.d this uturtinnn I'nr a visil .'phird sirei'l. e.I the, Tlohnson hod- j Willi lur sisier. .Mrs. \K. It. | pitji] in' ilianiite y .isterilay after- I nr Snutli Thinl stieei. ilonn. .\l'.s. Kiir.- uiKlerweiil .Ml 1 oiieralio:; at, tlu' hospital Fiid.'iy of •« - : ~ r -t • ' " • - ' , t - > '(last weeiv and Is ieporled as doiijg » "very nicely. ! They also er.lleil .in I 'Mrs. Custer Davis, wlie. is in itbe hospital lecujieraliiit; Ironi a recent (M V K.\( HA\<;K riveiinals=-_-.*:'lc?;12 !:-._!«:tto!!!iii A -.$:!1(i ^l -J M'lis Ladies' t'oals . dills' Cnats . !?i'. s' llvenoals ALL coon .\K\V .<i 'e i"s lor Harsains! I oper;itioii. -• Sill-: H 'lse for Clirislmas Mleguiar 12.50 values. .«1.7.^: $2 val- • jnes. SI..,!).: ?l ..iO values, S3c. Ed•11 wards Millinery. .Vcniss .Soulli ironi Postdfiire ~ * * i .Mrs. IJc-rnice Trehell and her iiiniiur. .Mrs. \V. Z. P.ariels. of 416 isDuth Warshinglon .avenue, are .lioiiiV! iiom a iui. ines-- nip to Kau- —Bazaar and J-ood Sale in Per feet Bakery Bldg.. T, S. Jeifer.'^^o:ij. by Catholic ladies. Saturday. Mrs. \V. K. !•: Kraiise. .Mr. an.l Mrs. Connie I'Crause and .Mr. ami Mr;-. William Krause drove to Ciia nute this afternoon to be with Jlr.-t. Inio Krause. who underwent a mas'- Sel^t from complete stock?. Include Christmas Seals. .IOII> K. BHK.N>AX John ]•:.• Breiiiian was liorii in .Savannah. Mo.. Jul.\' I.".. LSTifi. and pa.ssed away at Ills home 4iiOu | Prospect. • Kiin.-:»t. City. .Mo.. So-< venibeV 1.'). If»27.' ' .Mr. iireiinau beforo Ruing to' Kiiii-a .H City III AuKUsi. 1!I22, had | I been II resilient (if Allen «'oiiiily for } Iwenty-flve yenrs. re ,;ldlnK In I.ii- : llarjie. On .N'oveniher 20. 1S76. Iie'i was nulled In marriage to .Miss :. l{o<i^ t; I 'I'iry iind to this union! eight children weie liorii; CIcniiai C. .Madgi' .M.. and Mr,=. V: ('. ,\or-: Strom and Frank S., of the home: • f, \V. ntennnn nf .Moraii. Kans.; i Set. Jack Breiiiinii. Jefferson Barracks, .Mo.: .Mrs. Blancho Bennett i of Denver. Colo., and Brennan., of (."ity. Besides the be- j reared wif<> and ehildren he leaves, : a host of friends: also one sister. Mw:. J. i). Thoinp.son. of Hepler. Kans. ! John E. Brennan was a member j of the Blessed-Sacrament church i and hi .s mass was said liy the Rev. | Father .McCx 'ivry. The Imdy was .sent to Fort .Scott. Kans.. for burial. We have lo.U .-^ beloved husband and'tender loving father, a true friend, and (Jod alone can comfort j our aching hearts.—A Friend. 'sas Ciiy. .Mrs. Trebell has been toid operation at the Johnson hosh ImyinK new unvelties !o," till- i'aii- pital this jtfternoon. • dnia iliU .Siiop. ; ' —• • '• - Hein/ dei'ionstralion, Silnrdaj, Deceinlie'r :t. ('niiie iiiit and sani|ilc Ileiir/. <|ualit^ products. .\, W, An- (lersiiii. rhi\ae 21)2. Corner Second n,i:il Lincoln; Tip Taylor, of Kansas City, wo-s till' t'liisi ol My. a:iil .Mi-;, .\rlhiir L .\ir1e. r.ln -.Viirili slieit nver the ui-i'k-eiid. Xaznar —at .M. E. Church Friday. Dec. 2. Cafeteria lunch. ll::;o to 2:00. Chicljcn dinner, .'i::!'! lo T:"0. —Dr. Montgomery. Chiropractor, lola Launilry Bldg. Phone l .is! :Mrs. Crant V.'IIWH- r .'id < Iiildren. Tom ll:./i'. Boberl and Kulh liillbe. wil^l le:ive for KaH;5as Cily. .\In.. tomorrow afleriionll 111 tlieir ear In spniiil a few days .'ind to eeleliiatv Hie;'.'inllliitli Idilhd'ay nl' .Mr-;. Jiill- lieV, inoTlii','. .Mrs. .M.'iiliia .Mleii; on Saturday. -^Wc pay G''' on Full Paid and J'l-I 'uliii.eiit .Sloi-k. 'fJie best investment, the b. .'it .iiiMliod lo save. Seciiriiy HIdr. iV Loan Assorladon, loin, Kansas.' - • ; - Beai'lifitl iiiclallii li .'.ls for tli.- Plit.lie .il! .Uiiii nrder.'-; lor .','ood j'lolidays. r.or ^'i 'O'is i olor? ;;|.'iimill^ I t:.!;!!:.!!! :-'r;idr •t'nal,. nioderati-; *^"h K'lli'.iind >;ivei-. ici m < I 7.',. I'llees.ln Ibi Inia .liiiil! .'.'fnal Cn. j I'alwards .Milliiieiv: I'! ,ine ' < • - • <'nr|(enler.<'onlrnc(iir. ;\i ;is Lnr.t Siiiiili i- v.orkiiiK in i " !loiis,.s. !.ar.i.'.i s. " ;urrlii 's.' re- tli-• in.v ihiiallM al (hi- Itii iiy^a v ! mod, ling, luiill -lii i aiiiiuls. nal; -I'lri'; dm !iiK 11'- -';. • till' (•!iri:-liiias hnsi- Doiiviiiu. rnniiii!; l-'iaiik .\L Keilv. I.nwi si pi ice II" \V« s| .lai'k-iill. I I.. •^lii- Ihf liiu .line di:.'.. six I .iiie Aiv .ai '-r Keii! ifjuiin. i;i. K. C. I'i'.'clrii- and riiu"'.'iii !i:. ''n. •i' • ' • , ,.Mr. .-'.lid .Mrs. T. A.' Ilall, •'<( ZV.i .^•(jii'li Walnut sli 111. .Iiave rcieived wnrd.ftniii tl.eii* s'in. Olivtr Hnd^e. I nai ;i !of ll!" .">in.'. :'la llii'Ii s 'llnil ti;iei. Wilt t!ie ;l"all lielails nl' lli.' piiine his Irani ALi.v.s Ininnvniw wili 111' hvn .iili 'ast n.vir staljnii K\'(l(). l)/'.:)','ni>i:; al U •.•<lo:):. Til" .Vo- 'it ':li s( li,>i<; f(-;.i,i iield ilie 'inslUn ijir till' past iw\) > Word was received by iriends in l»>i.'i inday Ivini .Xir.-. J. .V U 'll'-nii tiial .-lie was Ii: iii;;ilii.' lier liii'^liaiid _ I 'vi'lii llnl Spi'iii:;s. .\. .\L.. to Kl M 'asn. ulii'i' 111' will 'iili r 111 hospital for lleatnieiil. .Mr. Wilson ' suffered a slrv'iie Tliaiiksiiivini; lav. ' Krie 'ids wisjiinp: pet in touch • Willi Mrs. Wilsnii may Midiess lier :atl:;iM f.'ililnii:i.i sirnl !•:; I '.isn. ' T .'Xa--. Christmas Specials for Fridayi and SatMay Big Specials On All Coa^^s ' ^vaI;' 'li': < Iialii:ii'.) * F. 1.. 15. ifrWKl.L. M. i>;i * Special atientinu j;iven His-; * eases of I'lijoii and Kei turn. 1 - Kiectni-Jilivsiolherapv -'I * Office lola ?^ Bank Bldg. * P.'ioiies 147 and 7n.'' A s^;!^ for $121 lor shontijig a •well im the W. A. Ealheitnn jil'op- <'r!v ii'-ar .Moran. was broiiglil .to4 j ilav in di.sHi»:' court l>y .he Inde* peiuieiii Torvedo eompany of Find-' iav. Oliio.jjigainst II. Boxer, holder of thi' lease <in the l.ind and Mr. kathertoii. owner. 'atarrh of Nose r Throat Made more endurable, often benejnted by inhaling vapors -W^/VAPOR OmniMiaioNJmUsiD -VuliiCi IIP .lo, it 'lD .t.**. Choice anv coal In Ihe slorei . $21.75 One lot Coiifsi {)nines to iiJiO. Choice—' ' $14.95 -•rli».7."i Sl»."rt ('«ats._ choice EXTRA SPECIALS -•il-Stt 4i«e«lp <; loves u the new sliadi's. .'Special DTc pair >1.S5 iVhile, .l -Mi. fStiloheil Ciittnn Baits 5ir>c;earh. sfl.i.". CerilUroi^ (all col- ois> sRc jard. ."••c .Sateriis :is»c yard. •iXW Chailjes l.-jc yard. i«r Kasi rolor Pcr«-ii!e,s !«<• yard. :Wc l'iinl< itist ri»l«r Sir. JCUKl Bed .Spreads (riil- »re«n .Sjircliil ifl.B!). i.-.c-.yaj:d .-Hhle Outings l!hf ii'::^^) liidian Blankets Special ftsa. I ijil.(m Itiilirpd i'urlHlns C9,r if^itO Allen A Pointed Hril Hose ^XJSi pnlr. *IJ'>IK-Arrow Ilrnd Hose :i5r |iHir. A Sale of 500 New Home Made .Xrnas \ ' Aprons, Choice 15 Per Cept Dis- cpu?it op All Blankets , $1.00 An IdenJ fHrlslmas ' ' Dresses \i .w showing our new inid- season line .01' high color dirssrs. .S |i 'eciiilly priced at $16.75 One lilt Bltirk .Satin Ilress. e*. Sjiecial $7.69 r>nc Prp|M>rell 3-4 Slieetiiig Special yard, « li-Inch .•i «c Pillow TtiMng Spwiai 37c' yard. i'lSi Ladies* Knit I'nion- sails, Specljil 97c each. I^c nnnvn .Mnslln, iSpecial -Sc yard. Milinery Dept «3 HatN on tbe i^lielf. lies lo' fUJii, VUftltt— RICHARDSON'S Tune in every Thursday Weekly Kadio Program' jfeaturii .'i noted singers, instrumentalists, r.r- ihesiras from WJZ. KPRC. V.BA;\ KVnO. WDAF. KSD. WMC. W?.M, W.I AX. WHAS. WLW. WSB. WBAL. \Vi;VA. WBT. KYW. WTM.I). V.OC WHO. WOW. WG.MS. nwB. K1)K.\ WH.V.M. WIIZ. WBZA. Tune in ev-iy ThiirsiUiy from !l lo S p. m.. Cenir;.! Time, for; Ihe .Ma.xwell Mouse Cr.ff.'L- iiiogjaat. I ^^Good io the last drop F F.W women cm ever h.ive ta.<;tcil them nli —tiie countless ki'nds anJ Isaacs of coffvL- <^c;it to thi.s country frori; : i.; tropics ci' tour ci /.itin -jnr:;. , Vet 0:1c l>y one, each Has bci-.i trisfi and' .cject-cii. Xo single coiTce grown i.r.;. ever plca -scd those rna^iy women throiigJifmt tl.e (.'•••.itcd .States who tindcnstanj tl:e fine things of lile. i Ifi^'idrcds fif natural coffee flavors—yet every , '\<i I;-, king in some, oiic thing. Tixj • lun ^cnr pcrhapsl too delicate, too "acit'i" or t<y> "Iieavy." , It is .single coffee flavor- hut a ricii Hiiriglitig of many flavors—that is ihe fi .St ever to i^lcase the cHtical people ot titc entire; country. Ye:;r.<; ago a s wtherner of the Vid .Soutii created this special shade of ricliness. TodW Itl, bleid. Maxwell Hrv.:^,-, H won such fame as never be'ore cy vi 1. c 'fF.f. Knov. !t to tht South alQ.-:c i r.:^/ vtj-xr;; .-igr>, that mellow sha.JcoJ d)il-'cr;.>i-.c'. ; ?.Ir\.' .-11 Ilouse hits swiftly made it hy f.-r ihelargestseilingcoff •ointheUnitedS'at^s. A new. experience awaits you in t :hp.c exthi touch of blended ricluiess-in the .<:mooth full-bodied goodness of Ma>:v/eJi House Coffeci See what new coritentmeni: yoirr family finds at breakfast and dinner in their first taste of its mellow liquor. USE c OF FEE It is pkasing more people than any other coffee ever offered for sale

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