The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on March 30, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1894
Page 7
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toll DAILY ASP WEEKLY, ALL HOME PRINT. ___ i fettmNBti Is the only newspaper In Catl county that Is printed all at home and It con- i more local and count; news than any other •pets ID this county. POWKHS & COLOW), FRIDAY, MARCH 80, 1894. If EOPUE AND EVENT S. open hi cf. era nt Moore's. l r opening at Shadle s. |shoes repaired at Moore's. shoe blacking at Moore's. pest $1.00 work shoes at Moore's. I house to sell cheap. J. E. Griffith, ilie to rent on the north aide. J. E. room to rent. Inquire of Wm. Abridge. Bailey, of Cartollton, was a plena- it caller today. fi)o not buy Oxfords this ipring until ou see Moore's line. Lou Merchant is in the citv visting his brother, E. N. Merchant. Two houses on north tide for sale or rent by C. E. Reynolds, r Wilson Bros.' fine underwear Just opened at MOSES SIMON'S. ,..,••• • ••• \fehu Doran, of Coon- Rapids, WBB in thlfcity todiypaying,ftis taxes. , , • \ Annual sprint; opening, at Miss Todd's next Wednesday and Thursday, i ,;:.,. , Office oocupied by Jud?e Paine will be for rent May Jst. J.-E. Griffith, i D., B. Uaselton was in the city Thursday paying taxes and called at-this office. V Wanted, 150 bushels of oats. Inquire at the whole-sale house of Letts, Fletcher Co. < G. W. Wattles was in the city over Alight from Ornivha, returning this morning. ;i The King's Daughters will meet with Hiss Matie Welherill Saturday afternoon. The stockholders of the knitting factory will meet this evening at the Bank of /Carrol). '.Hatton is now ready for business with a. fine spring stock of curtains and fix- tares. Millinery opening next Wednesday and Thursday, April 4 and 5. at Miss Todd's. Choice new maple sugar. Fresh made, guaranteed pure. MoLAGAN & SOHO- IIAOHEB. Good girl wanted to do penoral housework in family of two. Inquire of Mrs. Jno. Tolson. 45 '.try our caned goods, tbe price* and Ulity , will euit you, MolMOAN & 1UMAOHBB. lose company No. 1 will meet this taning at the Keckevoet building. ' order of the captain. Don't forget the date of the spring millinery opening at Miss Todd's Wed- aenday and Thursday, April 4 and 5. r you are about to get ready for Ipring cleaning call and §cc llattou's itock of wall paper, curtains, fixtures, etc. ,Do not spoil your shoe* with infefior dressings, but if you would like oine- thinK good "and nice, you will find it at Moore'B. •JohnnieOooke fouud a purse containing • email amount of money. The owner can have tbo Bomo by calling at this office and proving property. The agreeable flavor of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral makes It easy to administer to children, its groat merits couuriu Its popularity. II. B, Russell, a. C. Steveus and J. H. Willoy were at Dedham today having been appointed a commission by tbo court to partition the estate of Carl Wenizel, 4 ! Perfect health U seldom found, for Impure blood Is so'general. Hood's Sarsitpa- rilla really does purify thu blood and restores health. Ready for thu sprint; trade with tbo stock of curtains, flxturus, decor- wall paper, etc., ever shown in Gafftfll. J. W. Huttou. ' Mrs. J. A, Reynolds, of Carroll, visited friends and relatives In ami about out the fore part of tbe week. Tho acknowledge a plonsiint «nl and a year's .subscription.—Auburn Ue cordei. "IKuat'siii a uwiiie'i" 1 Well, that depends. For Instance, thu IIHIIIO of '• In sufllploutguarantee that Ayer's •riiiajs » genuine, aclenilllo blwm-pui m ttr, aud not a jham.llkeHo much that K»I<> by l|te name of "Barseparllla." Ayui'x tfarsuparllla Is the standard. Neil Monday tlio board of supervisors 'Wllluweliu regular session. Consider ftbje work bas aoouumlatod during the DilHItree months and the board wll iMUloubtedly require the greater purl oi the week to dispose of it. Oh*uiborlaiii's Cough Itemed)" gives UK b«|M^ltif»a.MP.u.ofauy «P.UHl> •««" hftlMlle, wed «H a seller leads a 1 1 ether pre Millions lu thl* market, i recommend I bftu»usu || is the bent lueillclno 1 ever hun died for coughs, cold and croup. A. W •»-.'v:k.J: ~..\. .„...ii»™ in i^or sale bj clothing in this city. A. U. Quint appeared for defendant and Stone & Dawson for the plaintiff. Rev. James F. Biady, formerly of De Witt and of St. Mary's church, this city, has been appointed pastor of Coon Rapids and Dedham, in Carroll county. —Clinton County Advertiser. The modern way commends itself to the well Informed to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done In the crudest manner and disagreeable as well. To cleanse the system and break upholds, headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, use the delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. Wilson Bros.' fine underwear just opened at MOSES SI'MON'S, SPECIAL NotiCE. In order to meet any and all so called clothing peddlers who are canv»sing this town and vicinity, 1 have made special arrangements and am now ready to show to the public a line of sampleii from which I can make suits from $18.00 and upward, and pants from $4.25 to order. I will gurantee a' perfect fit. Call*anci see our samples and prices. MOSES SIMON of the famous, The opening given by Niswonger & Wiedermeier Tuesday evening was a grand suecesi. The new store brilliantly illuminated showed to good advantage. This firm has « splendid line of goods. which can be attested to by the large crowd of people that attended the opening. •,-.;. •/•Grand opening—Mrs. Frank Shadle will give her spring opening of millinery goods next Thursday and Friday, April 5 and (J, at|'Which time she will serve cocoa, and wafers to all lady callers free. All those purchasing a hat will be presented .with a delicate souvenir. Mrs. Reese, a specialist from 8t Louis, has charge of the trimming department and will guarantee satisfaction to the trade. The Coon Rapids Enterprise -wants to know why the counties of Sac and Ci 1- houn pay so much more for medical treatment of the poor than is paid in Carroll county. Calhoun county pays $800; Sac county, $230; and Carroll county only $99. Tho probability is that the Carroll doctors are accepting very light fees, and, perhaps, the Calhoun or even the Sac doctors are paid too much, However, the contract for medical treatment is let to the lowest bidder, and there may be some difference in the imount of work required. Carroll's frugal German citizens are not of the kind that often require public assistance. —Sac-Sun. "Perhaps you .would not think so, but a large proportion of diseases In Now fork comes from carelessness, about cntch- ng cold," says Dr. Cyrus Edson. "It is uch a simple thing and so common that rery few people, unless it is a case of )ueumoulfl,pay any attention to a cold, few York is one of the healthiest pltices u the Atlantic Coast and yet there are a a great many cases of catarrh and con- The c white Test THREE TRIM WALKING GOWNS. at the .left is of figured green »nd black French delaine and baa a and green revere. The Center walking costume has a Russian blouse coat white Test and green revere. The center wanting costume naa a Jtussian Diouse coac basqne. It is of rush green camel's hair. The third dress is a polonaise gown of indigo cloth, with upper garment of gendarme bine, reference to this dtfendaot." Sheriff Jeffrey will 6«nrt Saturday for Aonmosii. Be will wait until after the judge hue passed upon Chris Sttitl- miller who bna been convicted of hog stealing, A motion for anew trial has been filed nud will be posted upon Sat or- dny nnd should the petition be rejected the jndge will pnea sentence upon him too ond Mr. Stublmiller will aconmpRny the party to the "pen." Blessings ore not nlwnys sugar-coated. No, neither nte pllls.but Dr. l'lerce'8 Plenfiint I'tl- letn lire, and Ilicynre genuine blessings In (stietir- coiited) dlf guise to this suHerer from biliousness, constli'iitlon, Indigestion and all demngt incuts of the stcmnch, liver and bowels. Buy thfm nnd try them, You can't make u mistake, Thej're powerful, yet pnlnlecs, ' And plrnsnnt tot Kite. ARDOR DAY. J, H t» |b« f «4«ral oaurUt Council Uluffn tb> cut <of Hart, Bebaffnw &<M*rx vi Mipclien wai decided lu favor of tl\e »ud tlw euU grow out of ib of lUe Jouus NIcuoU stock i sumption which have their origin in this neglect of the simplest precaution of every lay life. Tho most sensible advice is when you have one get rid of it as soon as jossible. By all means do not neglect It." Jr. Edson does tell you how to cure a cold but we will. Take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It will relievo the the lungs,ald expectoration, open the secretions and soon effect a permanent cure. 25 and 50 cent b3ttles for sale by J. W. Hatton druggist. FniB. The fire alarm waa sounded this afternoon and io a few momenta Adams street waa filled with an anxious crowd of people. The wind wae blowing a gale and everything was aa dry M tinder. Had a a flre got under headway it would have ba»n a difficult task to have pat it under control. The came of the alarm wae due to the root of "The" Laundry oatoh- ing flre. The bose need to supply water in the building waa preeatd into service aud the flre was extinguished without tbe aasiatauoe of the department. Beware of Ointments for Oatarrb that contain Mercury. At mercury will nuroly destroy the BOIIBO of sruull and completely ilori"k-o>ttliawholeay!ti!m whuu untuiliiK It tlio imicoun Burfnuei, Such'articles ilioulilimver M'iiHcil except on prescriptions fromreiuualjle piiyMi'liini.-, tin the daiimgu tliry <lo In ton fold to lliu K"ml jou can possibly derive (torn tliuui. Hull'* Cuturrli C'uru tmuwfHctured uy K, J. Clionoy * Co., Toledo, O., contains no mercury »nd la lakfii Intornnl- ty, neieiiKdlreiily uiion lliu blood and mucoui surfucBuof llio »)mem. In biolng Hull,* CM- lnrrli I'urubuHiroyou )(il ibv genuine. U U inkon liil«rn*lly, nnd inudo lu Tolvdo, Ohio, )iy V. J. rii«noyftUo., TontliuonliiUfrou. Sold l>y uriik'ylstu, [Jilro 7t>o. )n r bottle, A HUMAN WONUKH. Prut. MoKweu will appear at Muuio hi.ll Friday svpniog, April 0 and 7, io Ui.i woiiilerful peiforuiauce of wind r»ud iog, Uoia ouuof the moot remarkable UIBU of the da; in ttiio uml mesnierlam, iu which he uln<> performs some wonder- tul feat*. UM will glva a free teat exhibition umirr tho un»pio«8 of a corn- niitteu of our oili^ua Friday uoou aud will perform ituy of tba lente, suoh m tilllug peworijjiioua limply by reading ilm mlud of- tbtt drugglit; picking out uuiufu iu rogietere uud prououno- ing tbeuii fludlug uiddeu articles; opeulDg bafee; and driving through the atrtteta blindtoldud over tbe route taken by tha ooraiuUtee. Prof. MoKwen ia the gruatmit wonder of the day, MAKBH A CONFESSION, It ia reported that Hpiokler mude a oou- fawiou at Ibe jailA'bariday eveoiug, aftw b« Uad been nentecoed to Hire* yeara to tba itate peoiteutiary, in wbiob be ex- onerates Mingns, Hupp and Grubbs from tbeioharge of crime for which they have been indicted by the grand jury. He implicates several other parties at • Coon Rapids with-having been connected with tbe lawless depredations that have been committed at that place* which it is claimed will create B sensation when made public. We are slow to give any ore- denoe to any statement be muy make, for he has proven himself to ; be au all- ronnd crook, unworthy tbe confidence of anyone. Spiokler may ba honest in bis confession, but we would tooner think, judging from bia past record, that be would sooner make a false statement than a true one, and especially so if h« could injure an enemy by so doing. Little, if any, confidence ia placed m what be eays by those who have bad dealings with him during his career of lawlessness in this county. Every Young Man should be possessed of certain information without which ml lions contract pernicious and most destructive habits—habits which make young men permanently aged, pale, haggard, listless, devoid of nmbltlon, easly tried, languM, forgetful and Incapable; Oil mad-house* and swell tbe lists of suicides; separate husbands and wl tea; bring untold suffer I m to millions, even unto th>> third and fourth generation. Parents, guardians and philanthropists can do no butter service to tha rising generation, limn to place lu tbolr hands tbe Information ami warning!contained In a little book carefully prepared by an association of medical men who have bad vast experience In dealing with the gruve maladies here hinted at, and who feel Unit they one It to humanity to warn the roung of the laud against certain destructive habits,which are far more prevalent than any layman can Imagine, and which if persisted In gradually undermine tbe constitution and health,.and des troy the future happiness of the victim. Cut o t this notice nnd unclose It with ten cents In stumps (to pay postage,) to World's Dispensary Medical Association, Invalids' Hotel aud Surglc al Institute, Bulfalo. N. Y.. and the book will be sent, secure from observation, In u plain sealed envelope. DISTRICT OOUKT. Monday afternoin fche case of tbe State vs. E E. Spiokler was onllad on for trial. County Attorney Korte appeared for tbe state and tbe jndge appointed O. W. Bowen as counsel for the defendant. Spiokler asked to bave the bearing of the OBH6 postponed a day or two but tbe judge refused the petition, but allowing him until 5 o'clock of tbe same day to consult with bis council. At the expiration tbe prisoner appeared in court aud though bis couneel G. W. Bowen plead guilty to the crime of burglary ae charged in tbe indictment. It ia claimed rbat wben Spiokler was brought into tbe court room and loofcec into tbe honest faces of the witnesses for tbe state and who bad previously been his neighbors, but were now before him to testify to bia guilt, (but bis bear! failed him and be saw it was na well to owu up to it manfully and throw hlmeell on to tbe mercy of the court ae to try to dafeat tbe law. He bas eaved x tbe county a bill of expense by BO doing am it wus undoubtedly (be best tbing to him to do aud bia counsel advieed him well wheu he told him that it -Was tin best oouree to purcue. Tho next vase waa that of Luviui 1't.teiu va. Lebrkwmp for trial by jury F. M. Davuupurt itnd G. W. Korte «p- pouring for the plaintiff aud M. W. Unaub for the defendant. Tbe purlins to tbia iio'iou Imvu hud several legal oou- tuslu in tbd courts during tbe past year. The plitiutirT uuld aouie ooru to the defuudaut, but tie she never received pay for all of it she bad a writ aworu out aud Ibe plaintiff waa placed iu tha oouuty jail on tho charge of luroouy. The gruud jury failed to tlud mi iudiotiuHiit. Then tbe plaiutiiT brought option io re oover Uamagea.for false imprisonment. Liu waa suooessfnl aud scoured ft verdiol for a email uniouut. Now tbe plalutiff verdict for the plaintiff tor 987.50. Ibe next case called for trial by jury was that of J. B. Wiltey vs. Joseph Sell. A. W.' Beach appeared as counsel for he plaintiff and O. W. Bowen for he defendant; Tbe case was beard before the court, who took it trader advisement and baa not yet re- urned a judgment. The case of Commings vs. Sells went to tbe jury this morning and was Mill oat at tbe time f going to press. This morning all of tbe coses against he liquor men were 'dismissed by agreement and judgment rendered against he plsintiff for the costs. Mr. Hamill did the right tbing in ibis and by so dong in a measures made right tbe wrong be committed iu bring tbe action. The injunction cases are by this all dismissed nnd f s Sheriff Hemill is as much pleased «t being out of the dirty work as are the parties to tbe action. It.WBB an ill advieed affair from tbe beginning and something to which Mr. Hamill should never bave become a party. The jury was excused for tbe term Thursday afternoon with tbe exception of tbe twelve who were bearing tbe Cnm- minge-Wiltou trial. THREE * OP COON PEN HEN- ISTHB TIME E. E. SriCKLEB, BAF1DS, WILL SERVE IN TUB TIA11I FOB BURGLARY. Judge Paine senteuR-.l Spicbler to ;hree years in the etute ) ecitentinry for breaking into Onret Bros', store. Tn poeeiug tbe Etutcccn tbe jndge spoke 88 'olio we: "Mr. Stickler, yon bave been indicted for burglary, and to that charge you hava plead guilty. Have yon anything to 'say now why sentence should not be pronounced on yon on your plea a guilty? By tbe court:—It is enid here in favor of lightening the sentence tbat this defendant has put the county to no expense. Tbe entire list of tbe witnesses on tbe part of tbu state and those wanted by tbe defendant bave been sub- pcopid'aud attended bere, and after a motion for a' oontiiiusuce bad been overruled. Looking back at tbe indictment and comparing it with tbe affidavit made in tbe motion for a continuance it looke to ma aa though tbe defendant bad intended to make oil tbe opposition to this prosecution tbat lay iu bis power aud that be only put iu the plea of guilty at tbe last moment. Now, In tho motion for a continuance it is stated tbat bo can prove brlugn suit to recover for tbe amount Btill due ou tbe ooru originally purchased uud wbioh brought about all tbe subsequent litigation. These 850 bushele of com sold by Mrs. Peters to behr- kuiup will prove uu expensive intusaotiou before tbe case is Uuully disposed of by (be courts. Tbe oase of Mrs. Peters vs. Ij«hrkuuip waa gtveu to tbe jury,wbiob,«f ter retn«la> lug out until about 11 o'olook, returned by un absent witueno that a roll of butter which WHS shown by four of the witnesses on tbe part of the elate to have been io the building the,evening before the breaking bad been, purchased by him and taken to his borne two days prior to tbat time. Now putting all these things together, it doee tic t Icok to me us though tbia defendant WHS iu n position to oak For any great etrttch of mercy iu his behalf. The statuto under wbioh this indictment ia fouud doee not require thnt proof of the stealing uf uuy gooda should be shown, but it is based upou the idea tbat the breaking in IB witb iuteut to steul. Tbe statute fixes tbe limit of the punishment in thin ease to teu years. Had there been a trial of this case and a vet-diet of guilty I think that one half that time would bave beeu I ho proper nuiouut of punishment to buve beeu iuilicleil. I always feel like uinklug a sentence lighter where a party pleudu guilty, even though lie does it at tbe last uoiueut thuu where u conviction is bsd only upou Ibe verdict of a jury, Iu tliia case I will tu Ibe punishment atiiuprUouuieuliu tbo penitentiary at Auuiuosa for u term of three yeare, uud fix tbe bond ou appeal at $1,500. I think tbat, under the circumstance?, ie it very light puuUhuienl, considering what the records of tbie court show iu POBLJC SCHOOL TEACHEH3 URGED TO OB SeltVK IT WITH APPBOPBTATE EXEKOISES. State Superintendent Sabin has issued a sixteen-page pamphlet containing on addreea to the tetchers in the public schools in regard to tbe observance of Arbor day, Friday, April 27, and a program of recitation and song. He says to the teachers. "The success of Ai bor day depends very largely upou your efforts in interesting the children and their parents in theprograui Which you arrange. Wo have had the annual prepared with special reference to your wants, and hope you will spare no paiiiH to observe the day in accordance witb tbe spirit of its founders. "We make this address to you.ond not to the is customary, for good and valid reasons. Traveling about the state at times, we are pained to notice the bare and desolate condition of too many of the school house yards. Ol ten the trees which were planted in former years nave been allowed to die, evidently through want of care. Seldom have we noticed any attempts to cultivate shrubbery or llowers about the grounds. Very little Jias been done to make the approaches to the build- Ing, or Its surroundings, In any way attractive. -It is not enough to plant n tree, with pleasant Arbor day exercises. It must bo cared for afterwards. The children should be taught to have a real pride inthegrowfh of the IVashington tree, the Grant tree, or of any other, even though it may have no particular name. "We are not doing enough in ourschools to cultivate the aesthetic nature of the pupils. We do not take advantage, especially in the country schools, of the attractive side of nature, in bringing to the notice of tho children the beautiful thing* concealed in the Brasses, the llowers and the trees. Teach tho children that it Is a crime to destroy In wanton play PL'<T« or the nests of our singing birds. Kimlnoss todum 1) animals is another needed lesson to be taught in our schools. "Ina word, do not let Arbnr day exercises end with the close of the special program. Rather continue them throughout the entire school year, het every day. In a large sense, be an Arbor day. WANTED. To buy some potatoes at MoLngan & Schumacher's. STOHB ROOM von RENT. After April 1st tho store room occupied by Kem|)ktr& Coolidge grocers will be for rent U is a desirable location and also cer'rril. I will'also rent the store room B> >oiniog the above room facing on Foui.u street. Applv to B. H, DKEKS. CORRESPONDENCE. 1 Correspondents, to Insure tUe publication rf tlolr letters In tUe weekly, must mull tliem no they will reach our office Wednesday..) UNION ToWNSUIP. Mr. S A. Duvis thinks of going to see the mid winter fair soon. Mr. 11 arve Morris was a Carroll visitor lust week. Mr. IP. Thomas is the new director r.t thu Star and Miss Maggie Doran i; the teacher for the spring term. Mr. Geo. Morris has laid aside aM care and gone to California to see the fair. Mr. Kd. James has moved from Union township onto lib farm in'RIcbland. Mr. Frank.Spear and wife, his brother Dave anil wife visited, at Mr. and Mrs Url Ulanuhaid's a short time ago. Mr. Thomas hodger presented his wife with a line now sewing machine the other day. ; Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas were at Gliildeu last .Wednesday ou business. Mr, J. Ayresand wife, will live in the J. Churchill tenement property uud farm tho MoLiiughlln nighty. ,„ „ „ March 19 "«>« Koun." What did yen think of the young winter. S. K, Arblnuast purchased a now net of harness last week from A. L. /uvity at Coun Kapltls. Mr. Harris has hiul his house raised ami PLEASANT John Gollwirt/.cr was In Carroll Monday on legal business. The school at No. 7 closed this week with appropriate exercises. AbeKuighl has rented part of .1. Gilley'« farm. The school at the Amos district closed last Friday with a big exhibition. Hog buyers from Gliilden were on tho war path nenr us last week. Mrs. E. Rlbblc, of Carrolltnn, vMti'd last week with her daughter, Mis J. J. McM>ihon in Carroll. A big law suit is brewing in thl» vicinity all about hogs. M. John True, of Delolt. Neb., visited last week with relatives mar ibe Hill. He is a son of C'yrus 1J True, formerly of Oiithrie county and late of Fresno, Cal. "IPetoo have been annoyed by that fowl on the river, but the owner says thnt It got its religion renewed this winter and will shout sometimes even In the presence ot weak kneed Mavericks and worldlings." Carroll Market Report WHEAT-43eto 4«u CORN-24C OATS-23c HOGS—84.10 POTATOES-40 BUTTEH-lBc EGGS-To CATTLE—82.00 to2.60 Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. ' H. C. STEVENS & SON. MA.PLE GROA r E « BREEDING FARM N- Short horn cattle and Poland China hogi. tg~ Yo\jng Stock for Sale. ' . • • . Carrollla. WINDMILL IRRIGATION. Flunk foundation phtci'il under it. in having thing* tiM'tl up. Suppose wo will havo to bi- a littlo morw regular or "Santa" will bo after us as well us ''Jim.'' Tin- debating Foeli'ty at tho Stnr has closed for this winter. Cliwrloy Davis siiwul wood for L.Harris lust MoniUy. ll'o umluriiluml them wus a party at Mr. Juhn Aycr'slust Thursday evening. The ro has been ovor one thousand ilol- lurs Mibscilbul to builil 11 I'. H. ehuieli nt the Illr.lii appointment near (illilileii. Nlissiierllit Morgan spent Mondiiv anil with her frit-mi, Mi»s J.aiuu The tndlvldunl Irrlpntlnn Pump Plant M Operated by fioitie KniimiB farmers. When windmills were first suggested for irrigation purposes, men laughed at the idea and looked upon it as a visionary scheme. Now, does the individual irrigation pumping plant pay? Ia the last foar yenrs a number of small pumping plants have been installed in tho vicinity of Gacden City, Kan., and farther tip and down tho Arkansas valley. Each plant consists of a pump operated by wind power, and in most cases a small reservoir made by scraping out the soil to a depth cf a few inches and making banks of it two feet or mora in height, so as to form a baain three or four feet deep. The pioneer in this line of irrigation in the vicinity of Garden City has a five inch Gnuso pump, supplemented by aa ordinary 4 inch cylinder, the whola run by a 10 foot windmill, giving a pumping capacity of 05 gallons a minute. His mill nnd. pump cost $182; bis reservoir, $16; total, $148. He bas used his plant four years.irrigating four acres each season for tho first three and nino acres last season. He could irrigate 20 acres if ho had tbe land and has mad a from §100 to $175 an acre each season off his land, growing gnnlen stuff and small fruits, and has a Sue lot of fish iu bis reservoir, which will add considerable to his profit eventually. The foregoing is only one of many similar plant* by which water is lifted 13 to 15 feet and scattered nbont tbe valley. Summarizing results as far as obtained, the Colorado Field aud Farm says: It appears that the average gross re- tarn of fruits and vegetables bas been, $100 au ncro annually, and tho average quantity of lanil that may be handled by tho ordinary family under this system may bo estimated at 10 acres. A good crop of fruit at average price* will, of course, yield much more than tho amount named, and BO will small fruits and vegetables under favorable circumstances. While sonio men will farm 20 acres by the means described there arp others who will spe'nd their time profitably upon five acres. As to cost of securing a water supply by this means, whero water has to bo lifted up but 15 to 20 feet, pumping plants may he provided which will furnish n steady aud reliiiblo supply at a cost of not ci- coediug $15 an aero for small tracts and a less comparative cost for larger ones. What will bo tho cost and result of attempting to pump water for irrigation upon land win TO thu water has to bo lifted from gruuter depths remains to bo KU tar aa Una locality is concerned. "Polygamy IIUH been dropped through courtesy to tho United, States govuru- ineut," Buy tho Mormons. But u good strong iloso of United States law, with the power ami tho determination to en- forco it, as well us tho making of an awful example, of :t hundred or BO Mormon polygnmists, waa what obtained f rum tha rascally I'tali.saiiitstlm littlo eourtesy of giving up polygamy. Must people would bo cotirioous tmilvr 1'ku ei Smith, M. O. Ituthranff was ealled to Kansas Saturday, where his tulhcr is not >>\|ieeti;U to live. "'I'" tot'", BAST L1UKUTY AND IIIH'K HUN, The cold wavu hits put it stop to .semllnu for the present. Ituv. 0. A. Carlson hits been visiting his parent* At I'llot Munnil. Ilia lu other John of the (illditen Normal sellout uu- ooniimniod him home. The people of ihU plai-e are * first It was lit grlppu followed by a . of rush, which was thotiKht to bo measles, and now u genuine "meuslo" u noliig tho rounds. Thu Ituok Uun school elosed with a varied uruKraiu of lnlerei.llli|! t'XKieUcs. H was Mr. Hemoy'n lourth term In thl* district, llelsaii excellent teacher and the schuol la (orttumto thut beouies his service. Owliitt to tho numornus eases of sickness amont; the pupils thu Ku>t Liberty ii'hool close J without Iho usual literary exercises which weio nostponed until Thursday evcnhvu, Iho iiuil. The weather was un- lly the luvakln;,' uf a M'ulToM u»eil in ill* building of thu liarlirUl Avouue I'rrsliy- Uii'lau church itt Columbus, O., Thiumut i'ttlrcluld, Joseph Leopold ami William I.OIIK wero precipitated '.'5 fcot» Kuirchlltl IVHJ iiutautly killed, uud l^eopolcl prul>> ubly fatally Injured. _ favorable and several of Uiu scholars wer« too III to bo present yet a highly credlt- sblti eniurtuluuieiit wusgivini. Ho wUlj that the term nfsehnol mlijht have lasted the year round so that we could httve ru- taluetl Mr. Uunuau In our dUlilct. CURES OTHERS To purify, enrich and vltaliio tho blood, •nd uior«l>y iuvigormto lite livur uud lUgt*- Uve orgtuin, braco up tbo m-rvo*, ami put the system lu order ismioi-ully, "Uowen M«dic«l UUcovei-y " ban uu ixmul. OV8PEPIII IN ITS WORST FORM. EariM WMWUU.V, ^., ( cf 0<»^kiii'Uh^U, vrlto Iwvo tmd dyipciwuk li> it« woi-»t loruui know wlmt U rvully uuit Uu- what iiucli a coso ni-v<u I bavo found lu your kindly eiu-oimnjoiiiuut, and yuur' (luldetv Motll- v«l nUi-overy.' AltlioiiKh I can now I'luiiu, K uny oitu eau, tliut I Uavo u cast Irva stoinavli, \ ulwaya fecii VdUf 'ilulden NtXlUttl UlSOOVlTV' »tld tllU ' 1VI. lets'on wttiul front'Ml evwry t, nu tu»t juluo reouuimoud tUesy uicdiuutm to »utr«rlnif {n of tliu IUt(Ur* Sold ev«rywu«r«. WHV NOT YOUV

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