Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1933
Page 5
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TOLA, KANSAS THE lOLA DAILY_Rg.GISTER,.WEPNE.SI)AY„EVENINa. JANUAI ^X !. m^. V ^-New York. . Jan. 4. (AP>— Tlie stdc^ market turned buoyant todaj-. With imany issues rising 1 . to 5 , points.' Ti-ading was,in extremely .small! volume in the early trading, hut'quickened toward the end. Tlie closing' tone was strong. , Transfers however, wcle only about 800,000 .shares- - i i Tlie-beginning of the rally in stocks Coincided with strength of -wheat.j^nd a fair ri<ie in cotton fol- ' lowed. The improved tenor of the riiarke£s was variously attributed to the drying up of^liquidation. profes- •sional iefforts to discount a spring I uriturn; in general business activity, expressed'deitermination. I of ix)lit;cal leaders to effect governmentkl economies, and talk in Washington of inflation. Jr. the bond market. U. S. governtnents were very strong. — presumably indicating that most attention was' being paid to talk of ("cononiics. Lssues rising about ,5 points in- clufled; American Telephone. Allied _ Cheipieal and Auburn, while those up aroimd 3 ;to 4 included American Can, y^merican Tobacco B. U. S. .Steel,. Unfon Pacific. Santa Fe. J. I. Gandi aj-id others. Issues up about 1 ' tVD 2 pojnts included General Motors, -international Harvo.ster. Johns Manville. New York Central, jPenn- fiylvahi;i and others. Radio advanced ii major fraction. Oils were up 1 i - • ; ' ^ High Low Close /Cities Serv .. 2 '*s isO of f lid ... .. 22'; 21% ^ 21 "s Atnn dan .. .. 57-; 54"; • S?^ AT&T i .'.107':. idsu i 167-K • ' Amn Tpb B . . . .59", 57', i 59 "x :: • Jiuiacontia . ^. .. 8':.- 7 ; 8'i Atchison .... .. 42V 39', 42% Beth Steel '. .. IG 14'1 , 16 Case J • I ... . . 44 V 40',- i 44"« ChiT.sle'r ... J. .-. 17',v IG\ 17'; Con Gas .... .. cp; 59>; Gl — Con Oil ;. .5'., 5% Dnig Inc .. .37'., 37 DuPont 39- s 36-'s 39 . Gen Elec .. .L . . 14-'i 15'i Gen Motors .. .. UK 13'. 14'; Int Harv .. J.. 22'- 20% 22-; Mont Ward i!. ..14 12 ^ 13"; Packard ...... 2''I 2'^: - 2--i — Peijnev'; J C .. .'. 2r)-'. 24'-:: . 25% • Philllp.s: Petrj . . ..• .5', .. 4"1 • ,"51; Radio 1...... . . 5-, 5 Sears Ron ,... .. 20'J 19'; 20'j • Socony; Vac |. 7% .7% * .SLd Briinds ,. 15% 14". • 15% , .SO of NJ .. 31 30 •31 ; Tex Corp . j . .. 13--, 13's 13^', 1 tJ. S Steel .., . .. 30', 26-s 29% I • We.stlnRh K . .. 29', 27', 29', THE NEWFAf>fGLES (Mbm'n Pop) 1 JUSTtiKE A WitE! ByCbwan RENON COUt? I'VE HEAiBft) <ou SPEAK or HEIR. BUT \M4AT OF IT SHE'S STUNNING!! VVAlT-THECE'S A . PICTURE OP J&NbN IN THIS BOOK or ^SHOTS SOSH ! lOOVC AT TH>S purrucci v& HAD TAI<EN THA-f RUST X MET N0UDAI?UNG! UOW MOW THIN VbU APE!! ANO-DOMUF-VOU NAfljHOWT \OUpl MUSTACHE: AND-THIS 01-4E \ OF .POP AND, |. > ^"030! REMEMBER, THAT'S, THE TWrlE T ASKED, NOU TO THE tJiftNCS: AT THE COUNTW- Goeto.GRIEF! THAT «5EEMS UUE AGES AGOllMND HERE'S OKIE OF ME,THE X>f^ VyE BECAME ENCAGEt)- Fbf? GoooKiESSX BUT you SAKESIN^E'VE IWERE.GOINGJ ' BEEN QP>.PlNer >JQ SHOW AT THESE PICTURES) ME THAT FOR T\NO HbURS7/SNAP OF RENOfJ -^UT WHYSO IIMTER'ESTEO IMHER PICTURG Farm Bureau ...N^ws... FARM'CALENDAR Thursday, January 5.—AEss Martin's training school will Ije lieldi at Humtooldt. First Methodist bhurch. Tiiur.-^day, January 5.—Osage., Friday, January 6.—Moran uiiit meets for an all day meeting at the Presbjterian church. A m:t>at cutting and curing demonstration w'ill tie given by County Agent. Dan Braum. Saturday, January 7.— Office. Monday, Januaiy 9.i—Office. Tuesday, January 10.— Humboldt unit meets with Mrs. Robert Hamm for ah'all day meeting. Tuesday; Januai-y 10.—Star Valley. A meat cutting and curing demonstration will be given by county agent. Wednesday, Januai-y U.—Cot- tiige Grove uhit meets all day wiln ' Mrs. Baggett. Topic, bread making, hominy and clothing. Of mm : Volunteer Fire ., Flitters - Check i Spread of Praiiie^Fire Near Cabin Camp Friday Afternoon. i COLONY. Kas.. January 4.— Ali though a few days late, we welcome i the New Year aud join with every- Ipne in hoping that it is a prosper: ous and happy one and that we find ; that comer around which prosperity ; is lurking. I Mrs.! o". G. Farris 'and daughter j Francis sijent the week-end in Cha; nute with relatives. Mrs. John Kent and children h.ave been visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Scott, the past week. Mr. Kent drove down from Emporia, ; Sunday, and they returned home ; with him. Miss Fern Scott accom- ' panied them for a two weeks' visit. More than twenty volunteer firefighters gained control of a rasring I prairie fire just west of the Bun- igalow tourist park. Friday, late in ' the afternoon. It is believed that sparks from the Missouri Pacific railroad ti'iiin ignited the dry grass. • Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Skourup and Ilolpful Thought: ; sons. Kansas City, spent from Fri- I would not life for yon be 1 day until Monday with his parents, one of ease, for 'tis'in oveirom-i Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Skourup. and ing that wo grow. j other relatives. ! i Mrs. John Schafges drove to Fort ITon-sehoId Hint: i Scott Saturday, to attend the fii- ,Bread hints. Pleishmjin yeast H best for quick breads, but the .starter' sponpe i.s bettcr| for makinfT loaves. Fresh starter is very im- iportant in:making good bread. Try to keep the bread aj, a luke warm tei.nperature during i the rising—a : LOCAL PRODtrCE. KUKS. firsts ....215c • EfigSi si'concis • ....22c Eggs, thirds ....17c EjigK. uimradcd ....22c ' Hen.s. No. 1 ....J :HC Hens. No. 2 5c ^ •• No. ,1 SiM -ings. I'i lljs., up . .....Gc No. 2 Sjjrings 4c ..t-'apqiis; ovr-r 9 ........ ....11c .f'^lpo;l.s;i ovr r lbs .... 9c .'•C-iponS; nvcr^V lb .9. ........ .... 7c Cnpons; under 7 !b.s '.. Go . Slips A : ..'...4.? Buttc-i-nit. lb. . ....19c .Sl,n<^.s. l;h • .....4c Cpclcs ; .....3c "Geese, -lb .' ....:3o Guineas, carh .... 10c White bucks, lb. . . .....4c • Colored- Ducks, It. ......... ....;3c Hides, per lb .....Ic -Mixed Com. bu ....ioc Yellow 'fcoin. bii. . . ::... . ..Ifi.- Wlieat.;bu ....25c Kafir Corn l4c Kansas City Produce. Kansas Ciiy. Jan. 4. (APi—Hens i;-iO. Olhi-i i)ri)duce unchanged. ' Kansas City Ila.v. Knn.s.n;; Cily. Mo.. Jan, 4 (AP> — N(i liay-mniket. receipts too light. Kansas City Grain. City. Jan. 4, (APWWheat. .00 cdr.'f: up L to I-i: No. 2 dark , hard; horn 41',-,"51; N<D. 3. nom 40vi- .lO'-; No. 2 hard 41',-^5: No. 3 41U'- -• 45';';|NO. 2 red 44'-: No. 3. nom 39- 45'i.! May 40';; July 39''!.. Corn-: 14 cars; up ', to '-j'; No, 2 .white, hoiii 22'j-23; No. 3. noiri 2222'-.: ;i No. 2 yellow, horn •22-'i-23'i; No'. 3 ^2'-; No. 2 mixed, nom 22'/,• 22% ;i No. 3. nom 21'v-22: May :24'; ; July 25'i.; OatsJ 2 cars; unchanged-; No., 2 white, .nom 17-18'-..;. No 3. nom J5':-:i7. Milo'maize, o3'';. Kafir, nom 40-44. ; Ry'e,:nom 31'1-32. iJ.arley, nom 21-23'J. -K. c: LivcstiK-k Close. Kansas City. Jan.;4. .(API—Cat^tic:i fed .steers, yeatllngs and V, fat sill' stock steady to .stii)rig;- .spots 25 liielier;_on the better klrids'of light weight; .steers; three loads of good yearhiigs and one load of choice, 11:^2: lb. steeis .5.7,'i; steel's, good, and choice', .'i5ff-900 Ib.s.. 4.75-6.75. Slieeja: market same as'early; bulk ic'd -lainbs and better grade natix'es- S.^bri^: fed clipped lambs 5.25; top ycnrlihgs 4.25. Hogs: ..unchanged. E.sliinated livestoeli receipts for tomorrow; Cattle 2.000; hogs 3.000; neral of her cousin. Mrs.' George Swearlnger. MLss Ann Skourup. Kansas City, spent from Saturday until Monday witli licr parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Skourup, and othbr relatives. Telford Young and James Young. uood wav is to set the crock con-1 who .spent Christmas; hi Coats with taininsr the bread in p pan of warm.: home folks, returned .to Colony Siit- water. 1 urdny night. Telfotd left, "todky, for Manhattan to resiime his college RECIPE I work and' James will resume his Dry Cured Pork. : studies at the Ida junior college. For each 100 pounds of meal use: ' p.ext week. 8 pounds salt 2 'j pounds mola.sses or sirui) made from sugar and applied hot or 2 'j lb. brown sugar. ', 2 ounces saltpeter 3 ounces black pepper 2 ounces red pepper. Mix the ingredients well. Rub the Hei-man, Bert, and-Del Scott were Topeka visitors, Friday. Mr. and Mrs. John Hamilton. Lowell Hamilton, and Mr. and Mrs. Zan Ballard spent the week-end with relatives in El Dorado. Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Goodell ^nd daughter, and Mr; and Mrs. F.; E. mi:-rturn over the meat thoroughly , Wllmoth and daughters were Sun- and pack it away in a barrel, box day dinner guests at the J. H. or on a table. About the third day '•. Skoiirup home, cast of Colony, break the bulk and repack to ii.sure '; Velma Shumard of Pittsburg, thorough contact with the cure mix- ; and Eva Hurley of Kansas lure, then alio-*- the meat to remain'! City, spent the week-end with the until the cure is completed. Thi.s 1 formers parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. will take two days in cure for each ; Shumard. pound that the intiivldual piece^ of' Mr. and Mrs. 'V. E. Mastin retum- rnc.nt weigh; for example, a 10 -lb.: cd Saturday from University-Park, ham will take 20 .days. After the ; lo'wa. where lliey had been visit- meat has cured hang it in the i liia: rel:itives. smokehouse without washing.. When the meat is packed in tight barrcl.s the liquid formed will aid in curing the heavier pieces of meat, which .should t>e at the tNattom. Some persons attempt to the P. A. Keefover. who spent the Christmas vacation in Grahtville. has returned to resume his commercial teaching in the high school. Miss Finances Conard returned Simday from Ottawa where she foiegoing formula without the salt- spent the Christmas holidays with peter but the result will not be sal- 1 home folks. Miss Conard is tlie isfacnry. The saltijeter should by home economics teacher at the high no means be omitted. Be sure to school. cook dry-cured pork well before it H. Jack Denton, who has been is eaten. ' visiting his parents. Mj. and Mrs. —^—- i H. J. Denton, returned to Emporia aiorus' Sieets. I yesterday. The county, chorus had its regu-1 Miss Lucille Porter spent the lar meeting Monday evening at the ! Christmas holidays in Blue Mound home of Mf, and Mrs. Braum. Since | with nome folks. ' t here is .so much sicTtness in the i Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Mattox enter- rounty, .there was not a very large ' tained with a New Year's eve party, attendance. Those present had. a Games were played and at. a late vciT jolly time singing old hymns, hour refreshments were served. After the singing the guests enjoyed present were: Mr. and Mi-s. some excellent po; scorn .sen-ed by C. W Kelly. Mr. and Mrs. O. P. the.' | Goode!!. Mr. and Mrs. Hunt of Qar- . Regular meeting niglit.s are Ihe | neti. Dts. R, D, and Audra Pulllam. and third Monday night inj; Frances Stanford. Miss, Capi- Ihe month., - ' tola Wll.son. G. Murlin Welch, R. D. —'• . i Mplesworth. Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Meat Ciitilhg Demonstration. | Bi'ook.s. and Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Tl:e county agent, Mr. Braum.; McCaughey. held the first meat cutting demon-'. Richard Wallar. who si)ent the .stratioh of the season In the Car-1 Christmas holiday with his parents, lyle neighborhood on Tuesday aft- i Mr; and Mrs. A. C. Wallar. returned emodn. The meeting was at the i fo Emporia. Simday. home of Mr. and Mrs. George Ket-1 • Among the Colonyites who visited itie at 1:30 o 'clock. 'Tola. New Year's eve were the fol- A good deal of interest was shown '.owing: Miss Frances Goodell. Miss at this meeting. Thirty-five people : Marie Smith. Glen Henderson, were present. • , Reuben Chatterton. Miss Frances Tniere will be a' series of these ' Swickard. Richard Brooks. Ralph meetings in the county, if you are ^ Jone.s. E\-erett Motcalf, John Hol- interestrd watfhAhe announcement zapfel and Richard Wallar. in this column and vou are welcome: Everett Metcalf returned to Em- to come. pcria Monday, after .spending the ; Not only the method of cutting is holidays with his parents. Mr. and I demonstrated at these moeting.s. but Mrs. Ed Metcalf, and other relatives, also the curing of meat. Kelley WTiitacrc,. Ottawa, spent I last week with home folks. ...•licep;3,000. I Miss Martin, home health and Miss Elizabeth Boyer. a student sanitation specialist is here from at the teachers college in Emporia. : Kansas CitK Livestock. the college todav for a two dav returned Monday after spending the Kan,sas City.- .Jan. 4. i API— 1 training school. Tlie one today was Christmas vacation with her moth- <USD.^i—Hogs. 3.000: no directs;•; held at Moran and the second one er. Mrs. John Boyer. and family, lairly; active, uneven,. 220 Ih -S. down j '^-m be held in the basement of the Mrs. Gu.ssie Wilson has purchased 10-15: higher than 'Tuesday's aver- j Methodist church. Tliursday. Janu- the Dick Turr^er residence, former- Gifiger Rogers and Monroe Owsley hate important roles in "flat Check Girl," thenewTca: picture in which Sally Eilers and Ben. Lyon ore featured. out a tire and a family/ in a car in front became panic-stricken and drove into a ditch. Trying to cx- traet the people from the wrecked car, Mr. Stilwell suffered a very painful; injury to his finger. Mr. J. H. Burnett reports that his daughter. Mrs. Will Frazier; is improving. 'Walt Hull and John Martin were lola visitors Saturday. Mrs. Annie Molesworth. Miss Frahkie Dysait. Ellis Chatterton, and' Gordon Molesworth were lola visitors. Satiu'day. LEGAL Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Dickensheets. Waverley. spent Sunday in Cpiony. Mr. and Mrs. Elza. Chesebro and family left Monday after a visit with Mi-s. SimpsoHi near Colony. The Chesebros live in Wichita. Fred Knoepple. Emporia. Sunday with relatives. iFiist Published in The Ipla. Daily Register January 4, 1933.) SHERIFF'S SALE State of Kansas. Allen County, ss. In the District Court, Thirty- Seventh Judicial District. Sitting in and lor Allen County. State of Kansas. The Union Central Life Insurance Company, a corporation, Plaintiff, vs. Georgia E. Hamilton. Jesse A. I Hamilton and Gale West. Defendants. By virtue of an Order of Sale issued by the Clerk of the Thirty- Seventh Judicial District Court, in and for Allen County, State of Kansas, ill the above entitled cause, and spent [to me directed and delivered, I will Ion the 6th day of February. A. D., 1 (First published in the lola Daily Register, on'December 7.- 1932.) SHERIFF'S SALE In the District Court of Allen County, Kansas. • , No. 17148. Metropolitan Life Insufance Company of New' York, N. Y., a corporation, plaintiff. • V. : • Roy C. Edwards and Edna M. Edwards, his Srile, The Fir^t National Bank, LaHarpe. Kansas, a corporation. Great Lakes Pipe Line Company, a coi-poration, if legally exi.sting, or if dissolved, its unknown officers.'successors, trustees, and as-, signs, defendants. By virtue of an order of sale issued out of the District Court of the 37th Judicial District, sitting in and for Allen County, Kansas, in the above entitled action, I will, on Monday, the 9th day of January, 1933, at 10 o'clock a. nx., at the South front door of the court, house, in the City of lola, "Kan-sas. offer for sale at public auction and' sell to the highest and t>est bidder for cash in hand, all the right, title and interest of the'defendants above named, in and to the following described real property situated in Allen County, Kansas, to-wit: The North Half of the Southwest Fractional Quarter, less right -of-way of. the Missouri' Pacific Railroad Company, of; Section [rWrty-one iSil), Town-' ship T\venty-four (24), Range. T -Acnty '(20), East of the Sixth Principal Meridian. Said real property is levied on a.s the projierty of the defendants above named, and the same will be sold without appraisement to satisfy said order of sale. Dated at lola, Kansas, this .7th nay of DecemlJer, 1932. ( BUD HURLEY, Sheriff of Allen County, Kansas. By OUs Lambeth, Undersheriff. Dean McElhenny, Attorney for Plaintiff. (12)-7-14-21 -28 (l)-4. ~ Mr. and Mi-s. W. F. Tonkin, Kan- 1933, at 10 o'clock A. M. of said day. 1 sas City, spent Sunday and Mon- at the south door of the court house day with his parents.'Mr. and Mr.s. the City of lola, Allen County. C. N., Tonkin and family. j state of offer for sale and C. E. Seger. who has lieen ill. is [sell to the highest bidder, for cash much improved. ! ii-, hand, the following described real Mr. and Mi-s. John Borton and 1 estate, to-wit: family returned to Hutchinson, Sunday; after siiending the week with her parents; Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Stilwell. \iiss Vera ,Stonakcr. lola. visited friends, here Sunday. ' Bert Wells, who has been quite ill. is some improved. Ml-, and Mr.-5. C. -K. Barackman drove to Predonia Sunday, to take her sister. Mrs. J. A. Milchner and .son. to their home. It is said that Lewis Fogleman The Southeast Quarter (', ) of the Southwest Quarter (',) of Section Twenty-two (22). and the West Half (':;) of the North West Quarter 1 ',) of Section Twenly- .•?even (27); All in Township .Twenty-five (25) South, of Range Twenty-one i21) East of the Sixth P. M.. containing 120 acres, more cr less. Allen County. Kansas. ' Said lahds and tenements will be ,sold without appraisement to satiijfy left Tuesday for Anthony, to work.'!-said Order of Sale. . L. O. Nickels made a bu.siiiess tiii) j BUD HURLEY, to Garnett, Friday. 'j Sheriff of Allen County, Kao. Lois Barron, who has been car-j By Otis Lambeth. Undersheriff. ing for the Charles Short family. Sheriff's Office, lola. Kansat. who have been ill with the'flu. re-1 December 30, 1932. turned home Monday. E. M. Chatterton made a businrs:^ trip to lola Tuesday. : B. M. McCaughey drove to.lola Monday, on business. Mr. and Mrs. Will Snodgrass. Lone Elm; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Snodgrass and family. Moran; Mrs. Laura Serene and Jack Andcr.son. Welda. spent Simday at the" E. G. Golden home. ilicnard Porter. Emporia, visited home folks a short time. Friday. A. F. Huskey atid family six-nL Sunday in lola at the Fred Sinclair home. Mr. nnd^Mr.s. G. F. Robins, Pitts- j burg, are visiting her sister, M:-.s. Sophia Johnston. They are for- 1 mer residents in this ^vicUiity. j C. J. Sloop, Attorney foi Plaintiff, il) 4-11-18-25 (2) 1. (First Published in The lola Daily Register December H. 1932 .1 NOTICE. Cap Hair, .sentenced August 3, 1923, from Allen County for Rape, will present his application for a Ijarole to the Board of Administration, at their next regular meetinfe held at LaiLSing, Kansas, February 7. 1933. Petitioner: CAP HAIR. (12'i 14-21-28 (11 4-11-18. A small ad in the col- iimiLs often puts over a hie deal. (First Published in The lola Daily Register December 21, 1932.) SHERIFF'S S.4LE. Stale of Kansas. Allen County .-ss. In the District Court, Thirty- I' Seventh Judicial District, Sitting in and for Alien County. State of ICan- sas. Case No. 17220. The Union Central Life ilnsuracice Company, a' corporation. Plaintiff • vs. Francis B. Murdoch, Minnie L. Murdoch, and The Humphrey Investment Company, a corporation. Defendants. By virtue of an Order of Sale is- .sued by the Clerk of the Tlilrty- Seventh Judicial District Court, in and for Allen County, State of Kansas, in the above entitled cause, and to me directed and delivered, I will on the 23rd day of January, A. D., 1933. at 10 o'clock A. M. of. said day. at the south front door of the court house in the City, of lolft, Allen County, State of Kansas, offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, the following described real estate, to-iivit; North Half Ci) of Lot Five (5) and all of Lot Six (6>; Block One Hundred Four (104) of the City of Ipla, Kansas, I as shown by the Original (Recorded Plat thereof; Allen County, Kansas. Said lands and • tenements will • be sold without appraLsement to .satisfy .said Order of Sale. BUD HURLEY. Sheriff of Allen County, Kas. By Otis Lambeth, Undersheriff. Sheriff's Office, lola, Kaiisas. December 19, 1932, C. J. Sloop, Attorney for Plaintiff. (12) 21-28 (1) 4-11-18. OUT OUR WAY By Williams ape; ; heavy weights strong to 10 arv 5. The topic for study is "The liiglier; ton 3.05 on choice 180-210 ! care of the Feet" and -Recreation.- lbs.: jrood and choice. 140-350 lbs., j 2.50-3.05; packing soiVs, 275-550j lbs.. 1.80-2.35: .stock pigs, good and choice. 70-130 lb.s-.. 2.50-75. 1 Class Jieeting. The college class will hold their c,'regular meeting tonight in the h :2h 'Cattle. 3.000; calves. 200; market j school building in LaHarpe. generally steady with a little more | The regular lesson will give way a.ctiop on fed steers; good around l.ononb. fed steers 5.75; steers, good and choice. 550-1500: lb.s.. 3.85-6.75: common and medium, 550 lbs. up. 2.75-4.,50; heifers, good and choice. .•-,50-900 lbs., 4.25-6.CM): cows, good, ly occupied b^ the W .jO. Wilson family. Mrs. |Wilson, former telephone operatoh has been replaced by Mrs. John 'Hamilton, who began work at fivb o'clock j"esterday morning. The annual telephone meeting was held yesterday and resulted only in the change of F. S. Denney to the boar<J and Mrs. Wilson off of it. Miss Frances Goodell spent over- to the opportunity of hearing the specialist from the college. Mr. ; Seath. and Mr. Caulfield will show ! . a .strip of films that will be of in- night Satui-day. with Frances Swick- tcrest to everj- one. Miss Martin ard. will also tie.with us and will talki Harry Hazelet. Independence, was •i.25-3.O0; vealers. (milkfed), mediuin! to the girls in the class. Remember' a business \'isitor in Colony Mon^ w choice. .2.50-6,00: • stocker and ! that the class is inviting the parents day. icedeV .steers, good and choice 3.75- 1 to be with us tonight. , John Turner has returned from a 7.5. ; ' : - '• — ' ^''sit with relatives in LawTence. I Sheep; 3.000: lambs strong to 15 | Carloadings Drop. Miss Marian Marshall returned The to Kansas City Sunday, after spend- an- : ing Christmas vacation with her liiuhpr: sheep and yearlings steady; I op fed lambs 5.40; lambs, good and choitje' (.X) 90 lbs. down, 5.00-50; ^ood and choice. Vx) 90-98 lbs.. 4.75-; ,').40:: ewes, good and choice, 90-150 lbs., 1.25.-2.00. (x?—Quotations (and wethers. '• based on ewes Carloadings Drop. . Washington. Jan. 3 (AP) American Railway association . nounced today that loadings of rev^ sister, Mrs. Dan Boone, enue freight for the week ending Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Stilwell and December 24 were 494,'80 cars, a de- Mrs. John Borton drove to Wells- crease of 22,216 cars, under the pfe-^ ville last Thursday. They were in ceding week but an increase of 53,- i an accident but their car did not 681 over the same week last year. | turn over. Mr. Stilwell's car blew A«e.- A OOCr VM»-\oT GCOO A Dq(&.'=' -Tne«''S HH. C \-r -B> SORE. ovj TH" cRosT>y GOTTA pAcvC HIM HOMEL — JisT A VJov'SAKlCE.i'S, y HE.i-\-'=vN'' FEED \ : \ '\M AM' OcsrroR W VMtr\ei4 l-\6.''=> . — AM' HE NCvTS Woo 11^ TROoBv-'E •vMvTH FlGt-\T\Ki' Tv^et^ AM' 1 TMIMK' Www MOST l-^\OS Love A DOtr IS co-z. yjt. Auu Liv^e APPRtCt ATiO^ , AW A OOCi IS Trt' OMW NiOTlTiS £oME.OF|"Th\lM(S- THAT. A H'lD v-\, Bor bi^W Tk-UMGr TV-\AT THiMvC^ iM TH BERfl\es\' -Tv-V' TME , BoT HE. uiK'e.s Jl^T AS-WELV- V»J>TH A BtJ.M, BEPORT CARD GOt)D iGlTS MUC^ APPReciATiOM FROt^— TvH' OKiL«Y THiMG- THAT LOOKS Up To A V<'\0 »S A Doer- THE PffOBtEM SE-TTUERS-^OUTOF SCHGGL a".F?.W|LViPkM3, Bia.u.».PAT.di'>. e IKI3 BY WtA 8twvi «^we .(-t (First pubUshed in The lola Daily Register December 28. 1932.) NOTICE OF SUIT In: the District Coiirt of Allen Cotinty. Kansas. i New York Life Insurance Company. Plaintiff, ' •. . :• vs. •. ' Louis S. Mogel, et al.. Defendants. No. 17231. To the defendant (jrant Colby, if he be Uving, or if he be dead, his unknown heirs, executoi-s,. administrators, devisees, trustees, or assigns; and to the defendants Draiier Oil. and Gas CJompany. a corixira- tlon, and SOiithern Kansas Gas Company, a corporation, if said cor.- still in existence, or if they':or either of them, be dissolved, the unknown; officers, successors, truistees. or a.ssigns of such of said corporations as may be dissolved: You and each of you are hereby notified that together with other defendants you have been sued in Ihe above entitled court and at;tion by the plaintiff above named, and that you must answer or. plead to the petition arid su,)p]c- mental iietition of the plaintiff oli file- in the office of the clerk of .said court at tola, Kan.s,is. on or before the 9th day of Pebrunr.v. 1933. or the allegations of said petitions will be taken as true and Judgment; will be rendered in favor of the plaintiff for the sum of thirty-seven hundred twenty-four and 60-100 dollars (S3724.C0), with interest thereon at the. rate of ten iier cent. 1 10';) per annum from December 1, 1932. and for the further sum of forty-nine and 5-100 dollars (S49.05), with interest thoreoh at the rate of ten. per cent. ilO',) per annum from December 22. 1932,' and for costs of suit.. Further judgment will be rendered foreclosing a mortgage held by the plaintiff securing said indebtedness as a first lien on the following descrit>ed real estate situated in the counties of Allen and Anderson in the state of Kansas, torwit: • The Northeast Quarter of the Noi-tliwest Quarter iNE ',. NW 'i) of Section Twenty-two t22). Township Twenty-three i23) . South. Range Nineteen (19) East 6th P. M.. in Allen County, and' , The South Half of the South- frest Quarter (S '- SW Vi) of Section Fifteen (15), Township Twenty-three (23) South, • Range Nineteen (19) East 6th P. M.. in Anderson County; and the court 'ivill order said property sold to saitisfy said indebted'^ ness. interest, and costs, and each of you and all .per.sons claiming by through or under you or any of you will be forever: barred from , an.\right, title, or interest in Or to said real estate orl apy part tlicreof, and siich other and further' judgment will be rendered as to the court shall seem jufet-and proper. ; NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. Plaintiff. By HOMER V. GOOING. Its Attorney. (12)-28-(l)-4-ll ANNOUNCEMENTS Personals OLD MAGAZINES and books wanted. 'When moving or cleaning house give them to the lola Public Llbraty. Phone 1405. or 382 and y.']'-S^^ithem • ^ j_ 3 Strayed, Lost, Found NOTICE—Blank "policies of the Na- tioniil Security Fire Insurance Company having disappeared from the agency of I. E. Lineback of LaHarpe, Kansas, their use is unauthorized and property owners are hereby warned against th6ir acceptance as follows; - Fire PoU- ,cies numbers 505026 to 505050 Inc.. Tornado policies numbers 20976 to 21000 inclusive, dwelling fire policies numbers 801977 to 802000 in- cliLsive. combined dwelling policies numbers 603130 to 6(^3150 inclusive, grain certificates numbers 9241 to 9250 inclusive, "autorhobilc policies numbers 15326 to 15350 inclusive. Also Agents Commission of Authority. National Security Fire Insurance Company. | STRAYED—Large iron gray mule. Reward. Phone 695. W. H. Guy. lola. Kas., 324 South Third. ALFTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale BEST USED CARS IN TOWN 1931 Chevrolet dual wheel tnirk. short wheel base • 1931 Chevrolet. Truck, long wheel base 1928 Chevrolet Truck , 1932 Chevrolet Pick-Up 1929 Chevrolet Coupe 1927 Chi-ysler Roadster 1929 Essex Coupe 1929 Hudson Sedan 1928 Pontiac Coach 1930 Pontiac Coach 1931 Pontiac Sedan 1928 Hup 8 Coupe -Plenty of Other Bargains BUD- WHITE MOTOR CO. FORDSON TRACTOR , and plows. McCarthy Motor Co. SALES SE^V?CE Ply "^0 "th Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLISi MOTOR CO. Phone 301 Cash—Trade—Terms The Astonishing Performance and Smoothness of the New Plymouth Six: —is ill large measure the re- suit of Its patented FLOAT- ;. ING POWER, a revolutionary ^ principle developed by CHRYSLER. Aisk us about it—and prove it : to your.self in our demonstrat- ; or. :. . '• ROSS ARBIICKLE GARAGE CHKVSLER-PLYMOUTII S^Ies—rSenice^Parts f AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale PONTIAC - BUICK GOOD 'VriLL USED CARS SHELLY MOTOR CO. Authorized Buick-Pontiac 214 N. Jefferson—Pho. 8U Repairing—Garages BATTERY Recharging, 50c. Ideal Garage. \ . ; EMPLOYMENT ^ 14 Help Wanted-^Male ABLE MAN for distributing and delivery work. Pays $26.50 up. Need^ ed at once. Must own car. Address Albert Mills, Route Mgi-., 2215 Monmouth, Cincinnati, Ohio. AMBITIOUS, reliable man wanteiX immediately, handl Watklns Prod.- ucts in lola. Business established. Excellent opportunity, steady employment, rapid advancement foj.- right man. See Mr. Hariier, Hotel Kelley. 11:00 a. m. to 1:00 p. m, ._9 ?L5 :.Q.Q..Pi_?IL_L°..l-Q9_ . > 15 Situations Wanted—Female A WOMAN-rAge 40, wants hbusekeep; ing or care of invalid, Florenc« Curry, Bayard, Kas. ; FINANCIAL 17; Business Opportunities BAKERY EQUIPMENT-'-Consistint: of revolving oven,.mixer, wrapping machine, show cases, etc., a bar.* _gain. lola Land.Co; • LIVE STOCK 21 Horses, Cattle, 'V;ehlcles COWS — Just fresh, a^d cows td freshen soon. J. C. Biitcher. Wesk Street road. , FOR SALE—Extra good pair mare mules, 6 years old, weigh 2700, well broke. Ira Norton. Mildrtd; - Kansas. . ' REGISTERED JERSEY BULL, No'. 338884. Golden Pern Champion^ sired by Imported . Perns Noblft Champion, damed by Bulah Stockr well, is for service at Glenn Ledford fai:m, 1 ml, east and 6 mi; north of LaHarpe. 22 Poultry and Supplies NEWTOWN INCUBATOR—1875 capacity, good hatcher, good .shape- Cheap for quick sale. Terms. Tru- __beys, West Gas. : MERCHANDISE 24 Articles For Sale BATTERIES — Guaranteed. $4 .95' Ideal Garage. MOTOR Oli'j—50c gal.; S gal., $2 ,lft" Ideal Garage. Phone ;74. ^ fLOWS-fSeveral good lused sulky: and gang plows, priced to sell' Allen County Implement Co. 27 Feed, Fuel, Fertilisers ALFALFA and prairie h'ay for salei C- R. Banta. East Lawn. Phone 975P2. : WOOD— $1 .50 per rankj green or" dry, delivered any time. Phone 88. Brownie's. . ' 28 Household Goods BARGAIN LIST— 10 gauge .shotgun; like new. $5; 22x36 plate glassj .,$1.75; lard press, $5; Jjattery radio, $5: table phonograjih, $2; console phonographs, $3.50. records,, 5c each; typewfitef dMks, $2.50; barrel butter churn. : $3.50, like new; Vac washing machine and. wringer, $5; electric ^asher, mo-, tor good, $12,50; small airtight: heater. $1. Store paclied. See us, for bargains. Hfennlger's Puimiture- Store, West; Madison. ; CLOSE-OUT PRlCES-^irculators.' wood and combinatidn heaters.' Trade in old. Curtis', 10 N. Wash.- USED COAL HEATERS and Gasi Circulators priced to ;sen imme-" diately. W. H. Wood Fine: Purni- ture Store, 202 S. Jeff.? Phone 190.- ROOMS FOR RENT 34 Apartments and:Flats ATTRACTI'VE 3- R6OM modern' apartment, upstairs, close Jn. reasonable. 210 East Jackison. Real Estate For Reiit 37 Hooses For Bent FOR RENT—Houses, good location." See G. E. Pees. , ' 36 Farms and Land For Rent 15 ACRES SUBURBAN^as City. Allen County Mvestment Co., 520 S. Washington, lola. Phone! 901. " Real Estate For Sale 40 Farms and Land For Sale 40' ACRES—Adjoining high' schools town, Allen county, oh hard road-..' 4-room house, bam, somei fruit,"; fine land. Price $1600.. Terds, $340 1 cash, $1260 long time at |5 ',(.7n. • Wonderful bargain. Possession. No * _tradg;_jBox 367. lola^as. \ \,_^ 43 To Exchaligre—Reajl Estate FOR SALE OR TRADE — 6-room moderri cottage and business , building, good location; prefer a farm. John Reuther. ' ;! IMPROVED' 20 ACftES^lose lola =i and house in lola. clear, to trade i for farm; Address Box 73. care of '| Register.

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