Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 1, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1927
Page 2
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TH&IOLA DAILY REGISTER. TITORSDAY rE^^NiyG, DECRSiBER 1. 1927; THE THINfJ THAT COI'NTS. "it Isn't so much tli* things wc say As tljo vray in jrhich we tUcm. That brightens a brother's worhl of gray. ^jid gives, hlmi strength for the cbniiug Ua^—. NEOSHO VAUIEY (C. U Arnold) I Xov. 30.—Sunday schoot at Sa'.&ni jr.n::])-?! on Simiiay. Dpcemlier 4. at Ji» a. Di. Christian Endeavor at 'T p. in. Prcaciiinfi by the'pa.stor, I IJcv. \: L. \ fzit, at S II. m. Praypr si'rvicc on WodiK -itiay' eveiung. The iJiurch inpiubersliip at Salem say I Including inanf' other (tiends in this locality are deepjy grjcvfd that thdir i >a8t <;r, ilev. Vezle- tnd wife are called uiran to give up Jiiir cliariniiig and most/lailhlu! Chistian daughter, while'she wa.s So we should kindly weigh them. yCd in tlu: very prime of Jife and iiselur activity. And these friends It isn't .so much the! things we do .;)reath a silent pia.»fr of condol- As the way in whiai'we do ihcni, ence in behalf ot pareuts an;'. That' helps to lighten his heavy -hq 4>eroaved hiisbami. and cliil- loadj_ ,• • (Iron. And .lends him Singing along Ufe'.s . ReiJort of Ihi .Vcrisbo Valtey road— l .scliool. Disl. n. for the tliird month So loviigly liursue tlioiu, iviiding Nnvcmlier 2o. 1927: S'unvlicr | . • .1 , , . . I •inrolleil. boys girls 1 (1, total in: I It'sltnowii.t. ..>u,.i?o,ly i,nd ..Ktands,,,,,J„^^. „„, „„„i,„,„ j FORD OTAMPS FIRST OF NET^MODELS '^ ^^^^^^^^^^^ V Y ^^'^ 1^ jiielilu'r absent nor tardy, 7. Tliose •When he; ~ Mifvd, !u- That mii.<s ' -> < ni- uit. wi -.ii *.;,.,yi„j; |u.rf,fcL attendance lare: . greater wiU 1 .M.-Vle and Veiim Snavly. Fern'anil The longest i;oad up the steepes^jf.,.;..,,,, ^vil!i:^^K. (icorge ^ay. iGer- •.I hill. Deterniineil to reach tjie crest. —Ireae .Judy. jalri Paulciic and AVIIIetta WiUyims. I .\lvin and i /oyil KilJion hav; _ ; moved froiri our school this mobtb. ' • ' Klda MaiuMic!, Te.ichcr. lloofcss f« BrWKe <'lub •7'"' '•'•"•'"'^ ^j"''' ; Mrn. .1. .M. Powell \Ms l'<'''.te!>«„ ThanVsgiving yesterday afternoo.. to l.-r N„ I ..MJV «vrc li.e cl .Tldrcu club and two ^uesls in her boni'' at 211 East stio''t. '•.!•.11 vou loiik i!ii'i"r ilic of Will, here they :ire. aficr .ill fhe.«e years Henry l-'oni and tli- pullijig I'jv I!' v.- I'oids Dvcr i -very Htjcet and lijigiiv.ay in .Aini'i ii .ii. ! engine. 'I'lsi-! Kives; you :t 11 idea id win ynu'la'.;: :iP 1 .1 .S ..11I l.ut Ihe iVuslmmis' of; long-j waited nrv. .Kor .l car. Note tbi- guir .shUl at tin- c-x -r-i.;.- rigiii. 'ili<-lhrc<-ilaiigliter.s ami Jil .l ol UJcir j - .-r- . - —--. — The gueil-s were .Mrs.' Clifton were there, to which I , , „i,,hi-,iii» Mr Clark, of Oklahoma City and Mrs add^.l „uito a ""mber of j''" '^^ ^ W H^^^^ R .AV Harry. Lunch wa^ ^e. vcl • fnet .ds ; who helped t.,l«.ci,»^ a „ M and ^r^ m after bridge. . ;„p a goo.} nuxturt ... «>'^>»1. 'pt^-r- I ;lVn;,*;'^„t „,. i:cw ".Model .V engine that soon will be PRAIRIE.HALL Nov. 21».—The faUhful *w w^re out to Sunday school Sunday afternoon.-^ Prfeachlng next Sunday afternoon. We invite you to come. We w^re sorry we couid npj. attend the. Register's p^ty, but it was iateresting to read about it. Lucy Stanley and Helen Smart who'^re attending school in Moran, spent Thanksgiving with home folk* but had to retui-n to school for Friday- and Saturday. Mrs. Kesterand children.of Moran, spent Thanksgiving morning the W. W. Smart home, while Mr. Kester went hunting w ^ith some i of the men of the neighborhood. | • Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shively. -Mr. and Mrs. F. Kratz, Ted and Bob Seymour of lola came out to F. Myers's Thanksgiving morning to hunt. ! j Lucy Stanley was out of school j one day last week on account of; "ifkneSH. ! .Mrs. C. S. Myers of T..aHarpe. j spent Thanksgiving with her son. • i-'rank '.My«rs and family. . Elizabeth. .Fohn R.. George. Eva- i lyh and Elinor Stewart. Esther, i .Marilois and John Anderson have \ been on the sick list due to chicken pox for a number of liays na.'i. j Mr. and Mrs. Scott Baker .spent' Sunday afternoon w Mr. and i For dis stamping tile number on th^ Mrs. Frank Baton. thf nic.i'b-d:.'-! ii!;sed. —at M.; E. Cburcll Frida CafeterJa*^'lunch, 11:30 1 ChiKken'dinner. t>:SO to 7 FnteHalns &-idee flab . Dec. 2.; gave a crowning effect to the |] „,icc 2 :00 .in !ady high IH.W^TC .I proceedings <'f ; V,,,. j,,, y j.,,.,,,, ,.4,;,^.^ :;!;:;snrein^'°!i^*!;;^ M; S .'E! t^^.^^. v--:^^^^- '"••^^ o 00. DESCRIPTIONOF NEW FORD TP BE GIVEN OUTHERE i!<al'-'r wa-. a'tviscd. ISecaiise of Ill's' iiolii-y. prcKciil .i«ne!s ot thoj .Model T Ford «ius will l)e :ible to VtifC -p their cars in lurlei-i-order as long as those c.irs :enuiiii in com- ipissiiiu. , .Nov. SCOTLAND (.Mrs. .lobn Cibsoii.) 2S.— Jliss Lulu Cuppet .Meals, (iHUghter Irene and son iiiid family at I.aHarpc. A few from the wC-^r side attenii- Details Will Be Given at| ^^J-';,";. Public Reception ' G. Stadler enteriaincd Gilb..n: -Mrs. W:.Uer Safe.;Ue and |^,-,- Alm-.aof :Mr. Jo.m cio Tomorrow! .Mi.'ss Vilni.i -Mclniyre called on .\Jis. David Cation. .Ur.s. .lohn tJib- . .<on and Mrs. Arthur Libby Thnrs- ..HnL ""',t' "^"r' '"r.""; '^Mr 'Tw "cuppet and Luiu were ot the new l,ne „l rord .,.„,. Canute Wednesday, an omoh.Us. tomorrow,. ^ A imblu- re-.ep non ,to i,e by ^.j^,,,,,, Arthur Libby'3 Sunday the .McCarthy Motor ci)jn |)aT )y. local afternoon I "'fhe members pres.nt were: Mi .ssiof Kim t->wnsbi„: .Mr.| and Mr ?.jl>, I'-; ""^^^ than l.tiOnal intr .„l„ttion of ibe .\Vw .o:,) Sunday "at "^Frauk'V "ibsS" Hazel no ^liis. Mr.-.iL. V. llowius. Frank.lUss and son.<. \ ail': I-•^ "^^^^ |mo .lel.v. In tbo ».«an ,l> .f c .mmNai- ;.(r. „„.i Mrs. Arthur Ubby and morrow this new line of i:i ...lera!e I^, \\- r ,.n|,pfs >' • priced ligli; atttoinohilrs will l„ i„-, j^,^ guests. •MX,. .1. j; Griffin. ijrs.,Frcd J>n-: .iolm lilis.s At the close of the . f,„.,* „,„^^ .who ' i.'ad 'holiday t.m. Mrs. A. Piiby ,and Mrs. ;-ay M.-._ and M.^. K i ,^ea s wcuH „„ Thanksgiving .lay. J' IMitchell. •:• •> p IJi. aiul .'.Irs. Ira if. Kerwowl an-; M I):,)iail!). ilhe birib iiC an s-iio"!'d ' The' to .\ei)sh|'i Fiills to remain 1 over: iii.:;hl wit'h "SXv. .Meals's p:irents be- l '(-ie returning! HI tU<'ir ' home at; <!>>. I oinmunfly iiioe.ting that ba .'j 1 A drilling rig is being put tip tioiiiueil to millions of .peopl.. !<.n W. V. Bale's land, near the Th.: do-ii-s of ilie s'low niotiis are : M-K-T rtiilroad. several miles 1 to be openeil* promptly ai :i a. in. sonlbwesl of bis home farm. 'am' altelKlniits will lie. i.a liai d -Mr. ilnd .Mr>;.. h. L. Hart I 'lid son {hroiighoul | the rciuaindir Oi tin cliiVl-en and Grandma Libby spent from Tliu^viiay uiiiil Simday at the home of .Mr. and Mr.i. Arthur I.ibliv. I 2 utreel. The dining labl3 at which a ono family, and later went on to l>a-, himself has announced ih:;t rthere is nothing finite like the new Ford car." ami lias stated thiit it wi !l ])rove as great a pioneer in liie present field of loW -priced l|?ht ears iif quality a .s the lainoiiij .Model T was a pioneer in its fieW' for misre than nineleei' ye ;.Js. ; The ]ierf<»rma:icv of ihoe nev.- ciiis. it is said, will be staMlnig wliKji vifweil in tlii light i>l ai '.lo- llKiiil !Annoa] BrothechiHid (lass Banquet The annual .supper of tlie meni- liers of the Brotherhood <-lass of the First Baptist chiircb was held last night in' the dining room of the temple wjth places for sixty men. It is \ihe usual iiistom to have al K^i'!>!t siippVi-. Imt this rime i each one •rv,..! uit', ; ='' >4-hich t.'..' iii ;fi .i'. i.- y. lih Bhct rn a liuntinK I 'a'ii 'y. Dwight Uiver. organizer of the afanirVJSiS'^K .^i'amii^ >•-'•. V'^. ''".TTl"''"""""t^;!'!'"'.1^ "!::\.:v"':;!' IT T ^"^"r'; !;hree geijoiaiions of heels in a sii!- .Mr. and .Mrs. .Mm White and baby visited his sister, Mrs. Hathaway, Sunday. .Mr. an,1 .Mrs. J. .1. Crnrt.;wenf to Neosho. .Mo., to see Mr. Craft's .father, who is very.sick. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Cation spent ! Thursdav evening at David Ca- j lion's., • . .; ' • .Mr. and Mrs. Johifi fJibfon had as dinnr-r guests Friday. Mr. and .Mrs. Charles Gibson of Oilton, » Tliomp<:on. Mr. hlldren- and and: Blanche froiii lola ilid n<>t learn i : maiihfactnre of the .Mo<iel T line i Kveryone is improving t|iis fine , Company officials at Detroit | weather, trying to get com in the repeater! their .»:irly annolnieement j,.rib. Arthur Libby is the first Mr. and Mrs. Will .Anderson j were here from Wichita lo spand j the Thank.sgiving vacation at the I parental Andruss home and with j Mr. Anderson's brothers. ! Thert^ was no school at the hall ! Thursday and Friday , and the j teacheri Miss Cline. went to her: home ai Parsons la spend the vii- ; cation. iMr. and Mrs. Axel Wikluml; were giieats at the parental Cline • home at Parsons Thanksgiving. >.!f. aiid Mrs. Wright and family ' of Savonburg spent Sunday at .Mr. ; W. Stanley's. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Wiklund audi childreb entertained the following: relative.^ Thanksgiving day: Granii-, pa and iGrandnia Kalni. Grandma; Wiklunrf, .Mr. O SC^JT . Waiter and j Arthur Wiklund. .Miss .Anna Wik- i lunft. Mr. and .Mrs. ."vTeimcyer am!; fariilly.. Mr. and .Mrs. Henry Kalm I of near Moran, .MrSj Ethel Swink i of Kansas City, antf Mr. sriid .Mrs. | Elmer Thomas and family of near ; Humboldt. Needless to say they i had a fine time and plenty of good '< eats. . I Mrs. Swink spent Thursday night j and part of Fridav witii ner iisier. • .Mrs. Wiklund. .Mr. anrLMrs. I. H. Ka.-:I>. r m ! Colony. .Mr. ami .Mrs. H -Thert \ Brown aud family of Coiiien Val-; ley, Mr. and Airs. Robert Gri-.L'gl and family^ of lola-. .\lr. and .\irs. Arthur Boi'ken and boys and Mi. • John Boek'n were guests .Saiiuay : of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hoeken and | family. Mr. and Mr.?. .1.. R. Stewart of j lola, and granddaughter. Margaret | Crook tcok dinner I'riday a". .Mr. ; H. Boeken s. i 6< The threshing machine is in the; f neighborhood again so tlie ifarin i ers have pjenty to keep tUi'iii ' DRYCdODS-WOMEN'S WEAR-MIIUNER I'OLA-«--KANSAS : lOtA'S POPULAR STORE SPECIAJLS For Friday afid Satiirday GROUP 1— One lot of new Fall H.ats consisting of Velvet and Velvet and: Silk combinations. Former values to ?5.00. Choice for Friday and Saturday— 0 $1.48 GROUP 2—AH other Velvet and Velvet and Silk and Mefal Combinations, also entire .stock of children'.s hats-^ 1/2 PRICE Special Reductions On .All Fell Hats Special for Friday and Saturdav OUK ?,()\VER PRICES:WILL SAVE YOl MONEY SENEKER'S For Prompt Results Use th^ yXv. and Mrs. Clarence Lutz and I sfSn .\lvin. were Sunday .gnests al the U. V. llaie home, a::d l^^ter in the day their daughter. :\lrs. Dan 'Hunter and .Mr'. Jiimter W "!-e' prcsi-nl. With one or two <'.\eeptioiu» "Wr. ipiail i aiw! .Mrs. G. \V. (°<>riU 'II had iheir class children and f;uiiilies all wiib them f«>y Tliauksgiving <|iniier. -Mr.j and ;Mi'-. Henry ilillbrant aie! ilaughtc-r. .Mr. and .Mrs. Ejiii tion cansed tlie plants \u go to i line will liol make the IVIodel TI jshel shucking. <nu 'ii'cr i ''apidlv, and the seeds! line ob.solete. The manufacture of i .\|r. and Mrs. "iJurgland and Petie • '• '• • ' •• •''new p-jrls for .Model "I" replace-! am! ICriing Cation spent .Sunday at nients will continue to 'ie an im- Urnier Cation's. to ;;e!iiiin.;!e in far h-ss time tlia:i ns:ia!. I (Mirlaiil factor of the Fo Th" iriilh luin's. and so would ' as loner as any of t he Moi^el T ear-^ yo'i if you wejv strttehed as mu'ii. .-irc Mill: in operation, t d idanls .Mr. anil Mrs. Homer Cation and 'I'iiginia sp.nt Friday evening with le loial :\Iittle Wisphorg and Liane. I3\vigbt Diver, or.ganizer of the Mr., and ;Mi-. Henry Hillbrant Kansis Utilities Company at Clia- > aie! ilaughtcr. .Mr. and .Mrs. Kjiii nuteTwas the sjieaker of the eve-mniiirant and .sou .linimie. Mr. and nihg He gave first an account of J .Mrs. Lloyd Hillhrant ami baby. .Mr. ning. He gav. a duck hunting trip in .\orlIi Da-lian.I .Mrs. lohu Hillhrant and Or- Vota in compahy with his son and j jiha fonicll. look Sunday at the| one other liiai(. The ihree men I " i brought down I ninety-nine ducks, the limit, of 1 Int. law in that stat.'. His jsecond spceeb was entitled "Shop."' in wlii^li he nave a fine illustration of iihc pri<iiiieiion of elec^-icity. sayitig that the iiower of ertfr^y. Ili .f llufinessing of it and tbe application in the right direction could be applied 10 life in •bringing ahoiil : (he perfei 1 hrotii- «!rho6d of man. I . • l Dr. F .1. .Mcfcweii was iM'' pep song and cheer leaih-r -of the evo- Little Green Capsule Stops Riieumatic Agony iiing and .Mr. AValter King playe for the singiiiK. ^> •> •:• <• •> •> • KU .A Issued DAILY AKSTKAr'T from offiec of lola Abstract Coniiiuiiy 4f •> •;• •:• ''^ <' <- •'• <• ••• •> ••• ••• (Xiiyemher ::<'. lltL'Tj ' - Margurel! Long :ind .1. T. I>>ng.. bor hushar^d. Hr Tbe lola lliiildiiig .\:-,L<)al» .\ssoeiad 111, lot 9, block lohi. $1. ,• , noRE IMOPPINC Kvery once in a while a real dis-; eovcry is made in medical history : - oui' tlial l)'.'nefil.< a of iin-, fortiinate people. '. ! .Vnd now ii's Ihe patient lueii and \ women who have long suffered the ' torlijiing. rlieuniatic agony of pain rackeil. swollen joints whose lurn has eomc who have drawn the prize. TJie fame of the lltjle mcen capsule, because of its eanny jiowcr (o sp'cdily slop the terrible rlieii- imitic pains that malA; life almost unl;eiirable. is rajildly spreading all over America. Vou go about comiuering. your merciless'rheumatic enemy In a different way -a knock-out Way. lOvery hoiir.Jbe first day you lake ine llliU' green cupKiile for Jutut tun hours—tlicn relief comcH. . The second day. take one every two hours-for in lioujs —Tlienftake I llltle green capsules every: day unfil every liltie twinge and every bit of tenderness is gone and your |jrheumatic troubles have cea.'sed. The liltle gfeen <:ap.'?ule now so niuch in demand from coast to -."oa.«t must have a name so it is known in every wortb-wjiile drug <lore in America as Allenrhu,Num­ ber 2. .:\s is usual with successful rcme- lies, there will probably be imitations so for your own protection "nsist on Allenrhn Number 2. And please rem*mber this— the Ittle green capsule .must give you* irompt relief -5 -must give you abun- lant satisfaction— mtjBt free you "rom rheumatic distress of the -irice you' pay for the full bottle will beprompHj.' refunded by Cooks irug Store or any reputable drug- I'ljlst in America. '*wh^re savings dre greatest** SOUTH SIDE SQUARE ] lOLA, KANSAS Cunnii^ Li|dy Dolls and Baby DoUs Uttle GirU Will \jme Them! No one could help loving these rlariinp- baby and smart young lady dolls I Christmas 'Would not be-complete -withc^u^ them. Some of Them Laugh—^And Some of Them Cry Baby dolls, as life-like as can be, will cry when you tnistreat them! Any piie of them }if|bt the small girl for Christmas. Dolls v|rith -"tlT*^*^ ; golden curls-^r equally ; pretty dark ones—tare waiting for someon^ tqj claim them. Daint3| Dressed Dons, Are< Moderateljir Priced A, doll with a dainty organdie Ansi and ^ criip; bonnet to match is irresist­ ible-—cr one with a more demure frock and s'anbounet. 27 Years of Successful Merchandising in lola TnulKlit .Siinta comes 1> town-YNil his munininlh collection of Never lieiore bus lliere been so many. toys in Tojiand. Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house. . . How manyj little voices, repeating th'^s lovely, old poem; all the while determining that Santa won't catch them napping this year. But \Ye think he will—and they*ll be all the halppier to fin^ some of thes^ toys under the tree on Christmas morning. Felix KaJs ItiMiue DollH S.ixoi»h«ine<i .Vllihiiliet BltM-ks ' ICnbher Balls Tin linrns FootbalU Bnselmlls , Hi'sebair Bate Blackjboards Keal Drnms Fairy Tales Xerhanical T«y« Flyer .Sleds i;ieclflc Trahw Buddy \, TnickK Cement .Wlxers .\a (onioblleH A Doll lloHKes' IFoll Fumitnre Tin Soldiers .\ra..Va J )oll<i Toy Animals Teddy Bears Roller Skates BulidinfT Blocks : I Tnne in fonigjit on ViViX? for the Hooter miislralprorrjini, makers of the Hooror^ SucHon Sweepers. ^ ' ; .V

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