Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 13, 1955 · Page 9
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1955
Page 9
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DU1 PA-K60» f«r t WANT AD Ttker EVENING TIMES, iCIJMBERtAND, HD, THURSDAY, OCTOBERi:. 13, 1»55 .m'.'J.'/ii'.v'-K'-'i'-T-.W Industry •;)\<i > -;>, 1 . i v-'-:;...:.,--.--.-v-t 1 ' «^«^;.fi«-v' *~'r-'f;''f'''f?*'-L" -:*tCi;'.'V.-::.;-* •' InGrantsvi IwfM$r : i6ii .iys^.'':^''.\:i-^.'-.'i,'i.' Siv-K-v* 5 • .;••:*'£*:«<. Briqueltei:. ; ; To B« Manufuiiired. ; In Garrelt ^Community ! A new industry, the manufacture of charcoal ••briquettes.; may be started in Grantsville If efforts be Two setiior Girl Scouts -will '.be wiectrt; wls\atterh6OT by a (com. ' • mittee of Cumberland 'Gir • Scotit to raise the necessary : -jcipitaV'are Successful. /._. •."'•'•;:\ : ' •"-",;'> Mountaineer Charcoal Corporation is the name of the hew business venture and i. certificate .'o' incorporation has. been issued by the.State.of Maryland.. ';;:.; ;'.",• IlarryJ W. :: Fritz Jr., this city^ president and..general manager, pointed 6ut','at; such • briquettes arejfpr home use'.as well as for industry,' and. the demand' for the produ' increasing each year. The housed in the building formerly occupied by. the 'Garrett.'iCounty Cooperative Cannery in Grantsville. The site was obtaihpd.'.with.the; assistance of 'Albert H. Hargreayes; industrial pro. motion director for the Cumberland Chamber of Commerce. Target date for production is April i, 1956. ,'•'•• i ! . Fritz said the advantages of the new industry include access to the Casselman Railroad which.- links with the Baltimore'and Ohio Railroad. - It is also only a short distance from Route.40 and within 31 miles of the Pennsylvania turnpike. Nearby woodlands of oak, maple and hickory offer ah ample supply of raw materials, for the industry, Fritz pointed out. Fritz, f chemist who worked with the Celanese Corporation in South America and was located in Cali, Colombia, for two years, has been doing considerable research in the production of the charcoal briquettes . He has travelled to other plants observing .operations. Such sue. cessful plants, he said, are now located in Michigan, Tennessee. Missouri and.Maine. Y ' • '/ ' *.. the local :chcmist, said that according to the Wall Streit Journal, outdoor. cooking has stirred up a record business for:charcoal makers.; ' •'• /'••'' The country's largest producers of the" grill fuel, Cliffs-Dow Chemical, of Marquette, .Mich., reports record sales with July 1935 ship- menus of 1,800 tons, up 800 from last year. Aside from home use, briquettes can be utilized in industry, includ ing railroads, which put them to service in diner cooking. Also they are being used in the ripening of fruit, curing of tobacco and the winter'shipment'of produce in railroad cars'. Uniform heat and cleanliness are the'reasons for the popularity of briquettes, Fritz said. The newly-formed corporation has:been authorized to issue 2,500 shares of stock with a par value of $100 per share. Color Slide ."•' (Continued frontpage .8) get around to the history of Maryland. . Those who saw the slides agreed that they do much to emphasize upon young people that Maryland is "America in Miniature," with its wide variety in geography from the ocean front to the mountains of Western Maryland and the result. Ing varied Interests. The selection comimttec'ihcludes Lucile JRocder, .chairman, ilrs. Aden Everstirie, Mrs. Lorcn Mofey, and Mrs/Leonard J. Mur,,The,committee.!will select 1 ;two understanding. Senior '.Girlsi : to 'Mtend the'Roundup ' '"' lh " " 1 °" at •Highland,. State '.'Recreational ^irt, near;:.P'ontiac;.'.McH/- The ioiihdup will comprise a tent city skills, of;5,dOp girls from, all parts of .the country,' with every .council repre-. sehtcd. • •-.•• -'•..-,.-v:.' : . : . ' • •'/ Size* Up To 50 Siia up to 50 can jiffy-sew this wonderful hew bra-its PRINCESS lilies assure the most flattering fit, comfortable firm support for your figure! :In regular and long-length versions—they're the perfect foun- dations'for your new-season fashions! ? :;•'- .'..•• :;.;':• .;';"• • Pattern W5: Women's. Sizes' 36, j»,y.«;'.«.'. 44,'.«, ,«,•' 50. SiM $6 longer 'version. 1 yard ,S5-lnch. This pattern .easy .to use, simple to sew, is tested for fit. Has complete-Illustrated Instructions. • Send TMrty.flw end In csins for this pattern--a<ld ,5 cents for Mch paUcrn for Ist-class nwillnf. Send to ANNE ADAMS, cart The Evenlni Times, « Pattern Dept. 1« West 17th St., New Yort .11, N. ,Y. Print plainly NAMI, AD'.MEM »Hli CONBi '^tOK-' i" * tTYLE NVMIER, The 'he.mcctihg 'this afternoon will consideration and respect for other 1.800 hourly rated employes of the featured by an-outdoor supper, people;"'.- !;.'.,o:'.;;. ';.-o!;; ; ''^ ; '' :; i':'. company. . •-'/•.•' • A /,';;^^y:., ^. ._...-_.,__--.-^,u_..,±;,..*.L THe^purpose of the : RqundiirJ Is Janies W- Stein, president; •-''« "tl» itl»me?o! {the :;R6ur^ proBam:'go^ era! wige'jiiijifeiiseof ij cent* ah are> (l) ;''tb''develbp ah awarcnejjs hwr: was'signed, yesterday" by'of • •t -ii.1'..:' ^.'.ii:j f'' k^ti:;;.*. : ^»:1/< lii flniaio nt Itu if*t1v.6nrin0fi#M.Tiri» 1 ;broaden the; Horizons ^of/teen- e .'girls by- having: them meet community and : slate,' i and . lipo'i Rubber Workers. KellvSprinefield !..•..".••:•,••:••,..••.•:•: i.«.yy : :"A- •;'•;.., •;• '<;''. ••••,.-7-* ;/'j.-s £;; ^'••I'f/.Q-'.-Jf ..";>'; ••-•'••'. •'•.-'• • t An Hour Hike al eight cents an hour for mem-and three weeks after IS years. ben prthe plant's Mechanical Division, and additional allowances for some hourly rated employes, i the said the pact also provided an addition- age. git vi 1/7 iia»nis- ..««•»»•. »•»..• - .. - . ,. .. •-.• •-.. .••••• girls v of,their own agesTfrom other their general ability ; and,,back- parts''of the nation for* a'.greater ground in scouting.'. •• ; ;'...; :•.;,:,; l_-i-|.' •••»; , .''"'I''-' .-'. V. •' "". v -.'»*;^^ rtli^A-Utiftkiirf B/inllt BIFBflt- .'Miss Olive Hurlburt, scout execu- v ln the seiectioh ; oflhe : girisflto live, said-there are a-number; of in scouting. today at Union Grove. Company-paid hospiUlizatidn and surgical; benefits/ fpi pensioners were incloded in the pact signed lan>d 'J J °dgih gvC ontes't'on the Ralph unclnxrtiiir aflnt-niVlIt .. ''. *•*""• * ,.° ' . .^ W. Ferguson farm:, Four teams • :; The agreement also provides an additional half-week of vacation for workers with/ 11 to 15-year 'seniority dates. : The vacation clause previously provided one .week - after ' one year,' two after, three ;year5 erideTearl Firemen Extinguish Fire' senior girls in scouting here who represent this council, .the'comrnit- p'orted. ': Conducted : Ai> A '."'programi.; jri. observance ol arranged by Ernest .._._.,„...._ Maryland N Land Week was .held life .field superintendent of ; , the yesterday afternoon. The wage fact was' negotiated under a reopening clause in the working agreement which is.effec- tive until March 1, 1957. ; The . plant-wide wage, average, prior to the agreement,' was 18.03 of 10 youths took part. They rep ur, the union.said: Negotiations on , the agreement r __ irly:last week and culminated, in ratificaiidn : at meetings held in the union hall last Friday. Sighing for ..the company were F. Lowery,and A feature of the program, was a mission. A tour 'of the'FergusonYJirm will be made' so,that the -group can sec contour sirip.cropping,'cii- Grove camp grounds; . A lunch Club Meets Tonight was served, at noon by' the Union Grove'Homemakers .Club.. . A contest in log-cutting was held with two youths competing against two men lor a cash prize. A turkey calling .demonstration will be "given State Game and In,land Fisn':Com : resented -. Flintstone and: Oldtowri version terraces, -• pasture' improve- High'Schools-of this county and inent and forestry,:practices'and Northern .and ' Southern '"'-•- —-' —' •"---'-" n Schools of Garreil County., ' Brook Bodkin,'senior forest supervisor, presented a demonstration on fire. prevention'.' at the Union High Wendell Tascher. extension. soil conservationist for tIie ; .U. S. Department of Agriculture, 'gave, an. address. The Allegany County Chapter of the Dale Carnegie,Club.will/mcet today at 7:30 p. the George Williams Room of Central YMCA. /President.Warren G. Harding dc- by Ronnie McPhail of Piriey Plains cla'red.World War 1 officially end- as'part of the wildlife: program ed on July 2; 1921] THE MOTORISTS FRIEND i SHOTGUNS & RIFLES EASY TERMS WOOLRICH HUNTING COATS 32-o>. 100 ft Wool $OQ.9S HuiiUfl Plaid IM JACKET OF SAME MATERIAL...$20.95 WOOLRICH PANTS $1ft.95 WINCHESTER MODEL 12 1 1 J- 16- or 20-Go. Winehcittr llghhiinf fair, jam-proof ilidt oction ...tho "Porfort. RBBMNr". Tho itandard by which oil other •hotsiiiu.ort judged. .. . . "' Doublt Front and S«ot $93 .85 ibo% WOOL SHIRTS $7.95 Be»utlf«l , Pattern* W-M Ckl. flu d*Uch»bl* S >h»i etlp mi t nine. A f»v- orlt. rlflt •' BMB* * wr kiotcn. • SAVAGE 149.95 STEVENS MODEL 11 IJ, It. H Gi. P«mB AcUoo.. IW« It ane et the mmy flot kbotiani < thlt T«B »B b!7 ftt JOE'S. Sto» !• led.r. 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