Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 30, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1927
Page 8
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• I, • " * ITHEIdLA D IILY REGISrm WEDNESDA'y.EVENING^^^^ 30. 1927. THE i, I • • MINUTE you see the pictures of the new Ford car you will ix delighted with its low, smart lines and the artistic color combinations, [there, you will say, is a ttufy modem car. j But a still greiater thrill awaits you ' when you slip into the roomy seat behind the wheel and start aWay for your first ride^/Thfcn you will know; that you have foiind the most unusual value ever offered in a low-price car. You will like the feeling of speed and power that the new Ford gives you-—the comfortable, prideful feeling that comes fitom having a car worthy of any occasion and equal to every emergency. You will like the flexibility and safety of the new Ford car as you weiive in and out of dty tra£5c—its flashing pick-up as the Ught turns green and the iign says "Go." You will like its smooth, .quiet steadiness on the open road where youi can lazy along according to your mood,! ;Or do 55 and even 65 miles an hour if you desire. .The new Ford has unusual speed-—no doubt of that! c/f smart, low, speedy car that • ' • , has been built to etzdure ' ) • • The new Ford will climb hills that you never thought a low-price car would climb on.high. It will pass cars that you never thought you (^ould pass. The longest trips will seem easy, for, here is a car tiiat puts new joy in motoring. There is still another reason why the new Ford car is the most outstanding; value ever offered in a low-price car. An important threC'Word reason that meanjsl a great deal to you — endurance — durability —long life. ' i • • The new Ford car is made t,o stand up under thousands upoh thousa(nds of miles of steady running over all kinds of roads. It has even more stamina than the Model T Ford because we have learned to make every part stronger and sturdier without increased weight or greatly increased cost. Many of ihe Model f Ford cars arc still in aaive service after 75,000, 100,000 and 150,000 miles. This new Ford car will do even better. In the words o|f Henry Ford: "It is our ambition to have every piece of machinery or non-consumable product that we turn out so strong and so well-made that no ode ought evet to have to buy a second one " Four-wheel brakes] and standard, \selective gear shift On the right, we are printings for the first time, the complete details of the^ new Ford car. Read them over carefully, especially the paragraphs dealing with the new engine, the new bodies, the new standard, selective gear shift transmission with roller bearings, the new four-wheel brakes, the new hydraulic shock absorbers, the new mechanical design ignition, the new o^ing system and the new dry-plate, multiple- disc clutch. Then"decide that whatever else you do Friday you are going to set aside at least fifteen minutes to get the ftdl story of the new Ford car. It is more than a new automobile. It is the advanced expression of a wholly new idea in modem, economical transportation., / FORD MOTOR COMPANY Dctrpit, Michigan FEATURES OF THE NEW FORD CAR 55 TO 65 MiLES AN HOUR The MrMr Ford has unusual speed. It will do 5 S to 60 miles an hoar with ««se. This is a cpnserrative statement. In manjr road tests it has exceeded 65 miles an hour. So well does the new car hold the nwd that yon can travel at high speed for long stretches with a new feeling of comfort and safety. Even bad roads majr be taken at a fest pace. You ' will be.delighted too widb the way the new Ford climbs the hills. You will fece the steepest grades with cotifi- dence, knowing jroa have |X>wer and power to spare to , climb them all without gneady-reduced speed, with^"' strain, c>r unaeGessary shifting of gears. 40-HORSE-POWER ENGINE At 220O rerolntioiu per minute, the new Eord four-cylinder engine develops 40 horse-pow^. This r. p. m., or revolmioo speed, is low for sudi power and shows that . Ihe engiiw is unusually effidenu It also mfans long life, for the lower the speed of the engine^ ihef less the vraar on in parts: The boreis VM inches and ihe stroke |(<4 inches. (S. A. E. and N. A. C C rating fbr Uce^ purposes, 24.03 horse-power.) '. ' ilEMARKABLE ACCELERATlbN The new Ford is remarkably quick 6n the get-away^ In tests in high gear, with a Tudop sedan body and two passengers, it has'accelerated fromjs to 25 piiles per hour in 8}^ seconds. This acceleiatibn is an outstanding feature of the new Ford car. ' PREVENTirfG VIBRATION The engine in the new Ford is practically vibrationliuM. This is due in part to its lower r. p. ttu, the s^cally and dynimicaHy halanrrd crankshaft, and the aliUninum pistons. To iosoi* quiet, the timing geari are made of bucfc- lixcd febric instead of metal, and the cams on the camshalt arc so designed that the "Valve push rods follow them closely, preventing valve clicking. , ^ GASOUNE ECONOMY You will get from 20 to 30 miles per gallon of gasolin i, ' depending on the speed at which you drive. Feed to tlje carburetor is by gravity from a unique welded one-pic< e steel tank integral with the cowl. UNIQUE NEW blUNG SYSTEM The oiling system is distinctly Ford in design, being a combioatioa of pu^p, splash, and gravity feed. The pump delivers the oil to the valve chamber, from which it flows by gravity feed to the main bearings of the crankshaft.- An oil ^pper is wovided on each connecting rod bear-: in^ cap, so that tne force of rotation of the crankshaft drives oil into the connecting rod bearings, aS well as splashing oil over all working parts within the engine. This is a simple but entirely dependable system, assuring proper lubrication of each bearing and each cylinder without pressure. t wheel is quickly and easily obtained; Tlje brake pedal and the Hand lever each operate all four brakes, i Total braldng surface is 168 square inches. All brake working parts are cadmium plated to make them rust-proof. MULTIPLE ORY-DISC CLUTCH The clutch in the new Ford is of the multiple dry-disc type, which is the roost reliable. It is also the ea^est to operate, for it takes hold gently and smoothly. It has foot driving discs and five driven discs. COMFORTABLE TRANSVERSE SPRINGS, The springs are of tl)e transverse, semi-elliptic type* designed and built for the new Ford. This type, whida vras used in the ^odel T, was adapted tO| the new du^ because no better spring type 'couldjbe fouisd. They are built of the finest spring steel, and. the leaves are wide and thin. Each spring is built up of varying sizes and number of leaves to give proper flexibility and to meet riding requirements of the different body types- The size and number of leaves used in these springs is one of the reasons why the new Ford is suc6 a comfortable car. TTie construction of the transverse springs also contributes] to the safety and efficiency of the 4-wheel brakes. ' HYDRAubc SHOCK ABSORBERS The finest type h} draulic shckk absorbers are sandard equipment on the new Ford. These combine with tbci low center of gra 'ity, the minimum unsprung weighs and the easy riding qualities of the transverse^ springs to make the new Ford one of the most comfortable cars oo the road today. THREE-QUARITERS-FLOATING REAR AXLB The rear axle of the new Ford is of the three-quarters- Ooatiog type. The aide housings are made entirely of steel, built up bj^ vralding steel forgings to steel tubings The differential housing, to which these housings are bolted, is made ofj rolled channel steel. The axle iha£» carry none of the wjeight of the car, the wheels running oa roller bearings on the housing. All bearings in the rear axle are of the roller type. Drive is by spiral bevel gear; FORD-DESIG]|iIED STEEL^SPOKE WHEELS . great strength are two features that Ford-designed steel-spoke wheels^ d by welding, and becomes one , cannot work loosel Each spoke u of 4000 pounds. Outside spores- the wheels are easy to dean. Tfaexe iaeach wheel. acid assembled Sp >kes \ strep ph thit PEi(^( , ECTED CpOLING The new Ford car has a centrifogkl water pump, and large radiator. The fan runs on the pump shaft and is inade according to airplane propeller design. It is exceedingly difficult to inake the new Ford engine overheat; only abuse will do it, ssdi as running without enough oiL IGNITION SYSTEM OF NEW DESIGN The ignition system of the new Ford is unique in mechanical design, extremely simple, and will give the car owner exceptional performance with' a minimum of trouble. There is only one coil, in a water-proof case. The distributor is located on top of the engine where it is dean and easily accessible. Connections are made to the spark­ plugs by short bronze springs! Tjc coinddentai lock on the new Ford is placed in t!ie ignition circuit. It not only replaces the regular ignidon switch, but in the "off" position grounds the entire drcuit. From the switch to the distributor a steel cable protects the primary current wire, this wire being grounded to the distributor casing, thereby making it impossible to wire around the device. The new generator is of the power-house type. ^ STANDARD, SELECTIVE GEAR SHIFIl The new Ford traiumission is of the selective sliding gear type, with standard shifts It has three speeds forwani and one reverse. iThe main shaft runs on ball bearings^ the countershaft on roUer bearings, and the reverse idler oo • bronze bearing, litis is the highest type of bearing, mounting and is unusaal on lighy cars. • All gears are made of heat-treated dirome alloy steeL You will be delightnl with the easy, noiseless shifting of gears in this new transr mission. Yoo can go from one to anodicr easily, silendy, with the pressure of a finger. EXCEPTIONALLY EASY TO STEER -, The steering gear oa the newJFord cu ii irreverriblfe Shocks are not oansmitted back to the hibds of the drivers You need not grip the wheel tighdy. 'A light touch is eoougii to guide the car safely. Large steering wheel Is made of steel, covered with hard rubber. Li^ switch and horn button are cbnvetutiidy located on top of wbeeL NEW FOUR-WHEEL BRAK^ The brakes on the new Ford car are -an exdusive Ford devetopment. They are ,of the medianiral, internal ex- , pao^ng-shoe type atul are self-centering. This is the most reliable and die {simplest type of four-wheel.brake and the easiest to adjust. All adfustments are made from the outside witboot iemtmng any parts. No special taola are Meded^ UaifiaaB. ontreici adiustmeni on each Original design mark the. unique. Each wheel is piece of metaL has a tensile si do not cross, so areronly 30 spoktis fBEAUTIFUI NEW LOW BODY LINES There is a bit of tbe European touch in the coachwork and contour of the new. Ford. Bodies are steeL Fenders are ofthe full crqwntype. Appointments and hardware- are of a luxurious type seldom found in.-ta low-price cari Upholstery is of: rich, durable material. Cushions are deep and easy. 'Odot. handles and window lifts ^e ftiUy nickeled. -Speedometer, gasoline gauge, ammeter and ignition lock are mounted on an instrument panel of satin-finish nickel, illiiminated by a lamp in center. Headlamps and radiator] shell are fully nidceled. Qosed cars iry-type sun visor and crown rooCi taken iiicfdesigning the new Ford to t space and ample leg room. .Qear, is assured at front by 'unusually nar-. row pillars and at sides by spedally designed doors with large windows. CHOICE OF FOUR COLORS The color combinations used on the new Ford are e^e* cially artistic and attractive. | Four color choices are offieceii for each body type^a mostjimusual feature in a low-price' car. 'Purchasers may choose any one of the foUowmg colors—Niagara Blue, Arabian Sand, Dawn Grn^, aod Gun Metal Blue. Belt and reveals are finished io contrasting colors, with attractive striping. The finish is pyroxylin lacquer, < ine of the finest and most endniitig finishes for automobile bodies. It is not affecte^l i|y bear orcol.d, withstands all kinds of weather conditions, and is not easily marred or scratched. The lustre ^r*r .M^ improves with washings ^ A QUIET CAR In designing the new Ford, every preAutioa w«s taken to prevent sqiMaks, ranles and drumming soutMb.! Body panels and frame sections are welded and riveted together wherever there is possibility pf the body wieaving.j In all have the new Great care has provide generous unobstructed visioi structural details thej 'the utmost quietness GREASE The chassis of the grease gun system, of lubriduion. new Ford bodies are built to; afford andcomfort. GUN LUBRICATION Ford is lubricated by the pressure, simplest and most efiecdve o^ethodl thk STANliARD EQUIPMENT j 'Starter ' \\. Dashlight Five Steel-spoke W^ls Mirror Windshield Wiper; Rear and Stop (igh* Speedometer j'. Oil Gauge Gasoline Gauge' Ignition lock Door Lock Complete Tool Set i

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