The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 2, 1933 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 2, 1933
Page 14
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,,,,,,.. , ', -- „,'?', *M i';*"*, ? vH^'^«r>7y '"•W^T^^'W^-ff^l • i > i > « - , '•.', HIE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA^, MONDAY, JANUARY 2/1033 ^ HUDSON MLS BIG TO ORCHARDISTS F OR convenience of patrons The Bakersfleld Cnllfornlan ngents listed below will receive classified advertising and subscriptions at tho regular rates: OILDALE Olldale Pharmacy ARVIN B, Dawson Store TA.TTT Marlposa Cigar and News Co. MARICOPA Gate City Pharmacy MeKJTTRTCK Templeton Drug Co. FELLOWS Waggoner News Dealer SHAFTER Shatter Drug Co. WASCO W. C. Thomas News Stand McFARLAND August Chandler The Caltfornlan Carrier DELANO Mitchell Bakery Q TEHACHAP1 Tehachapl News Stand GRAPEVINE McLarty's Store LEBEC liebec Coffee Shop REWARD C. Christian TUPMAN Elk Hills Mercantile Co. CLASSIFIED COLUMNS CLOSE II A.M. The Callfornlan will not be responsible for errors In Classified Advertisements taken over telephone unless correction Is made Immediately after first Insertion. TELEPHONE SI FOR CITY SERVICE For Rent—Apartments on RBNT>—Nicely fumiihed apartment. Modern. Clone In. Also bungalow court, doublo bedroom, nicely furnlihed. n«nt reasonable. 1408 fourteenth itreet. •_ -188 FUUNISIEBD 2-room apartment, Wat«r, llililt. lai paid; use of phono. $18.00 month. 9816 K itreet, . .M» POH RBNT—IVo-room apartment, $10, and onu for $13. Call at 1028 Paclflo itreet. Phone 8130-W. _^__ Radio, Musical Instruments W1THAM Ie BOOWI Our bit Uitd lUtllo Hale now In promii, Prlcti areatly reduced. On* lood ttectrlo net at $9. BO. Othen $14.80 and $34.60. FBI Theater bulldlni. Phone 2884. • »< For Sale—Furniture For Sale—Improved Property POn SALE) for tint mortgeie. Or will rent. Ton-acre chicken ranch, dote In, on houle- Tird. nre-room houie, hardnood rloori. Water and elwtrlollv In home. Phono 1070-J. For Sale—Improved Farms FOR SALE—A small farm, one-fourth mile west of Brundage and Oak street. Phono 757-R. 185 HBru; aro two bar«alni in foreclosure!: l<\irty aim between I-erdo and Nhafter, 8-room houto, barn, chicken houiei, good well, electric pump, $6000. Forty acrei, 4 mllei welt town, 6-room •houiei, 4 tenant houiei, 4-car sarwo, barn, water from Kern Iiland, alio Kood well and pump. $0000. K»«y, terms. Howard Nltlmli, Inc., 1BOO Nineteenth utreel. 1-8-tt For Sale—Automobiles Special Announcements UA8BAOE!—EUealyptui, alcohol and oil rubs, by practical nurie. 1650 Nln»t«enth ilreet. 184 Lost—Found—Strayed LOST—Combination fold pen and pencil, tnltlali "O. R." Return to Our Jones. 1611 Rlihteentli street. Reward. 134 fcOST—Btcwn and white female puppy, with har mil. Aniwera to nane of Trlile. Call 6180. inward. < LOST 1 —Small dot. Part brlndle bull and fox terrier. Old and letting iray. Aniweri to name Teddy. Reward. Phone 9R52-M. LOST—Blown leatlier iloie for left hand. Lined nnder notify 3774-M. Olft. Financial 1981 Ford coupe, {325. 1931 Ford conch, $385. 1930 Ford coupo, $28S. 1929 Ford coupe, f!75. 1929 Uubmoblle coupe, $250. 1930 Essex sport coupe, $275. 1929 Ford l»4-ton truck.. $196. 1927 Ford 1-ton truck, ISO. MANY OTHBllS USED CAR LOT Sixteenth and Chester Phono IK (Opposite Courthouse) ' 158 USED CARS FROM A DEPENDABLE DEALER 1925 Dodge gcdan, $55. 1928 Durant coupe, $85. 1930 Ford coupo, rumble seat, $100 down. • . 1931 De Boto sedan, $175 down. 1929 Dodge D. A. sedan, $125 down. 1931 De'Soto 8 sedan, $125 down. BAKERSFIELD GARAGE USED CAR LOT Next to Fox Theater Twentieth nt a. Phone 2286 16J 1929 Nash 4-door sedan, now rubber, new paint, A-l shape, $295. Chrysler 62 sport coupe, $225. De Soto de luxo coupe, $450. 1929 Ford coupe, $185. 1930 Nash coupe, $335. 1931 Buick "07" sedan, like now, $875. 5-pc. walnut dining set, $13,50 2-pc. Chesterfield sot, $39 9x12 rug, $8 IVAN L. HAMM 'hone 341 1100 18th St. 188 Professional Cards JOHN W. CULLITON PUBLIC Adcowrt-AWr IKCOMB TAX BBRTtOA AUDTTH, BTSTEMS Bull* 103, Prafetllonei Bulldlni Phone 4601 DR. B.BUZAN Pilraor Graduate For Sale—Miscellaneous (CASH AND CARRY ONLT) 100 Lbs., Recleaned, Highest Grade 100 LBS. HEN SCRATCH, $1.10. 100 Ibs. recleaned wheat. $1.00. 100 Ibs. lay mash (cotton bngs), $1.85. 75 Ibs. ROLLED BARLEY, 60c. MANY MORE NOT ADVERTISED BAKERSFIELD GRAIN COMPANY Baker Streut and Truxtun Avonuo 10-28-tf Over n period of 32 years our reputation remains paramount. Prove for yourself this assertion. Wo continue to sell feed for less than any advertised price. No limit to regular customers. No dealers, no tricks, no phones. i BuRlnesM Is good. PIONEER MERCANTILE CO. Patnleti Byitom ' • Complete Electrotherapy Bertlce. Foot CMTMtloni noun, 10 to 19 a. m., 3 to S, 7 to I p. n, • llodmi lll-m-lH Monan Bulldlni 1711 Cheiter Arenue Telephone 8818 _ Lady Attendant Business Cards SWEDISH MASSAGE •CABINET SWEATS B.BDUC1NO Colonlo Irrliatlon IKSTITUTB OF HTtpOOTH^BAPt / 1I1S P Street 8a.m. loD p.m. Phone (iOtl LAUNDRY SERVICE Laundry Servli-n Dnescelled—THat li Out Sloiin Ton Different Berrlcei and Zorle Odnrleii Dry Cltanlni CITIZENS lAUNony Sixteenth and 0 Btroeti Pliona SSI OAK WOOD, flnl-clan quality. Very cheap. Phone 1808. Sleari' Ice M.llrwy. 1S4 BOB WELCH RIDING ACADEMY County Park Road. Phone 8713-n-ll Well-trained laddie honei, 76 centi hour. Special rate for children until January 9, 18 yeari and under, 45 centi hour Boriei bouiht and Hold (Oontiiwed From Page Sevtn) : VAUE 1932 CROP IS SHOWN (Continued Ffem Pagt Seven) oven In hard times as shown by the fact that this year tholr products had a value of $9341.30,-nnd cost $6306.88 to produce, leaving a net gain over all expenses of 13035.02. : '• ' Other PfoJ«ot« ' The above are a. few of the activities along the linen of Improvement in' the fruit Industry and In 4-H Club Work. Several' other proejots ,havo been carried out, Including: the • Improved pruning of "citrus and deciduous fruits nnd grapes, tho analyses of soil nnd water for nllmll nnd recommendations for its control, belter and more economical nie'thods of Irrigation and the broad subject of the building and malnlenanep of soil fertility. '• « i • • 25-Year Study of Apples Concluded (United Pret» Leated Wire) BUnLINGTON, Vt,, Jan. 2. — The horticultural department of the University of Vermont has reached the halfway, mark In a GO-ycar study of 40 varieties of applos. The project, begun a quarter century ago, has as Its object the determination of comparative values of apples. What variety of apple produces tho heaviest crops, and what varieties produce the highest percentage of marketable fruit, are among the questions to be answered. great financial losses to the bee* keeper to a point where little dam- age'Is done. The value of the honey crop this year la $16,800, which would have been materially less were It not for the control of foul brood, „ •000 Cars Inspected t We Inspect all shipments of fruits and vegetables, both for the protection of the grower and the consuming public, to prevent the marketing of In' ferlor quality fruits which might be Infested with Insects, rots, frost damage or other conditions. We Inspected approximately 9000 cars of fruits and vegetables leaving the county, as well as all Incoming fruits and vegetables, both from a plant quarantine standpoint and fruit and vegetable standardization work. / • We rejected many shipments due to lack of maturity and because of over- tolerance of other serious defects, arid Intercepted many shipments coming Into tho county Infested with red scale, purple scale, mealybugs' and .many other serious pests not known to exist In Kern county. We also act as a clearing house for complaints of growers to the Division of Markets, who enforce the provisions of tho Produce Dealers' Act, and In many have returned money to the grower which ho was entitled to and otherwise could not collect. We maintain two expert trappers In predatory animal control work. These men have rendered a very valuable service to the livestock Industry of 100 pounds mnsli, In cloth bags, $1.36. 100 pounds scratch, $1.10. 100 pounds cracked Indian corn, $1.80. GANN & ROSS, Olldale, Calif. 12-fl-tf HAIIQAIN on freezer caiei. icalei, cuh re«i«t««, moat >Ilctt, rnlitntnt fUlura. . Complato. N«« uid Ufid. Hliowc«» life. 100 Biker. ISO PRESIDENTIAL QUESTION INDUSTRY IN our cotinty and last year killed 'about 460 coyotes and 800. bobcats. This method of predatory animal control was substituted for the old.system of paying bounties and has proven much more effective and valuable, to the livestock Interests. ,; '- ; ' •'••'.. We are required to Issue certificates on shipments leaving our county.for, markets'in other x states.,. Practically all of the potato crop grown here Is sold In the northwestern- states, which require a certificate of inspection from point of origin and vacuum fumigation before entering their States. If It were not for this service rendered by our department the growers would be unable to -market their crops In these states where'they can obtain the best prices. We are also required to examine and Issue certificates ,to persons engaged for hire in ,the control of plant pests and to supervise their work and revoke their license to operate if improper materials or work is employed. This affords a valuable protection to growers. Agriculture is fast becoming Kern county's greatest and most Important Industry, and upon the .prosperity of agriculture will depend the prosperity of Kern county." As our agriculture develops we hope to keep the advantageous position which we now Hold In being free from mo« of tho serious Insect pests and plant diseases by keeping our fields and orchards free from most of the serious insect pests and plant diseases. COonfMncrf miH j»«0« fi«ven; ' ORANOKS. OIUNOES—Large iwcct nittli, 11.39. Juice oronies, DO centi. Double criU. Da- llTerod. Ilione M88-W. 188 WOOD—Bemeraber Peopto'a Wood Tud. All hlndi, dollfered. tiontit raeaiuro, 12.50 pet tier and up. 17J8 Pacific itre«t. I'hetie 336S. I'l PIANO for ills. Small il»e, In perfect condition. Will led chop, and ilvo t«rm» to roiponilble party. For partJculari. wrlto George BobUtton, 435 Waihlnilon itreet, Portland. Oregon. 184 PINK—Cleaning, preiilng. repairing alterlni, ladlM 1 and raen'i garment*. Flnt-olaii work. Low piicei. 2430 L ilreat. Telephone ST10-W. 137 foil SAIiB—Large houie at BOS Trier itreet. Fonl City. $350 caih or »400 termi. Phone 8T49-R-2. nt. 8. Boi USA, Bakenfleld. 185 FOR SALJI^—Good baled alfalfa hay. Call R. Sonsa. Phone 23li«-W. 13* PFIEFFER & KNAPP'S WASHING MACHINE SERVICE Service on all makes. New and used •washers n.t big bargains. 1001 Nlles street. Phone 4132-W. 168 !!0-1NCH oak. *S.OO tier; Euoalyptui. $5.00 tier: cotton wood, $3.25 tier; block wood, $3.00 tier: 12-Inch oik wood, $4.00 tier; cotton wood. 12.75 tier: block (rood. $3.75 tier. 470 Washington avenue. Olldale. Phono 8202. I 135 1409 18th St. Phone 831. IBS Immediate Service: No R«<1 Tape FLOYD DUNLAP 1623 Nineteenth Street .Phono 391 158 1931 Oakland 8 sp. coupe, 6 w. w., $495. 1926 Chevrolet 'sedan, $45. 1929 Hupmobllo Century 6 sedan, $350 TOP PRICES PAID FOR AUTOS Chester at 24th Phono 5828 158 'ER $100 FOR 1 YEAR 1KERAG13—NO BONUS) suranee at Board Rates nnd Be Convinced CREDIT CO. ! -Wide Institution | ie Bldg. Phone 105!! 1GS and Builders and carpenter*! m>rk. Dxr cheap for cuh. Telephone But Eighth itreet. 189 Opportunities ___ TNER wanted. To take half inter, *eet In Income property netting 10%. • - • " Only small sum Cherry street. required. 1824 Help Wanted—Salesmen MEN WANTED—For lUwI.Igh routei of 100 eofuumtn In and near city of Bakerifleld, auntie* of Bail Kern, Inyo and parts of Santa Barbara, Reliable buitler can start earning 183 wekljr and Incnaia arery month. Writs immediately. BawMgh Company. Dept. CA-4-B, Oakland. Calif. BETTER USED CARS Oakland coupe, $35 down. Ford "A" business coupo, $50 down. Hudson sedan, $90 down. Bulck sedan, $125 down. 12 closed cars, light sixes— $50 down on any one. CADILLAC USED CAR LOT Eighteenth and "Eye" Phone 1833-W 158 0. W WILUNOnAM. h»u«e morer. Office 2113 Chwter atenue, Bakerifleld. 140 Von SALK—Dairy fnllUuri. PMturc for 100 head cattle. 4 to 0 weoki. Interaction Button- wUlmr.HliRfter hlthvray. W. B. Wllion. 133 Fruits and Vegetables HORIZONTAL 1 Of what country is Alexan' der Zaimla >' , president? 6 What -weight equals 60 grains? 10 Vehicle. 13 Carousal. 14 A northern 'state of Central America. 16 Deficient in beauty. 18 Crippled. l'9 Male. 20 To scold.. 21 Clasp device. 23 Tellurlde of lead. 25 Put a shoe on. 26 3.1416. 27 Twelfth of a foot. Answer to Previous Puzzle HfdOSl VOTl RAIJJ—Grapefruit, $1.00 per box. Bring con- Ulneri. At Bdlion. Phone 85-F-V 188 Poultry and Livestock 116 Small nail. 54 Gtfeen. 37 Demonstrative pronoun. 3d Northeast. 40 Red vegetable. 41 To encouraue. 43 Lifeless. 44 Spore plant. 28 Legume plant. 45 Fish. 29 Matter from a, 46 Confined. 47 Varieties of granite. 49 Assumed. 51 Occurrence. 62 Turf. 53 Drove. sore. aODltcli millet. 32 To choose by ballot. 34 Marrow. 35'WratU. tentff. 11 Beer. 12 Sun god. 14 Fence door. ISGlr!. 17 Congregated. 21 Prattles. 22 Fraud. 24 Collection of facts. 2C Dry. 26 To place. 28 Cot. I 29 Auditors in Pits. 31 Native metal. 33 Upright shaft. 34 Nominal value. 1 She-cats. 36 Pulping ma- 2 Pertaining to chine. . kidneys. 38 To long. 3 Evening, 40 Inclination. 4 Snaky fish. 41 Chief. 5 Clergyman. 42 Paradises. 6 Ridge of sand. 43 Action. 7 Rodent. 44 To run away S Preposition of from. place. .46 Golf teacher. 9U. S. ambassa- 47 To total, dor to Great 48 Bugle plant. Britain. 4» Postscript. 10 Collection ot 50 Nay. COMMERCE CHAMBER AIDS ENTIRE COUNTY ("Continued from Page Seven) have yielded without th* tt«« ot obiri- , , merclal twtiHmer, th« T«v«nue obtained^ • by'the grower* would, have.been-oriiy^j 1448,000. this tertlllier,, program to ,> , . mo gave the «rowera -ap added In-• „. t come of |42«,Oob,TwhicH, wfts all dl-j ' - reotly traceable ,,to the Increased yield by the use of ammonium* sulphate fer- >• » tillaer.' . , , ,The decrease In prices of nil agricultural commodities and particular!}" that of potatoes, reduced the growers'^ Income for this industry from $807,000 In 1930 to approximately $400,000 in 1082. Had.the growers In 1082 grown , potatoes without the ammonium sulphate recommended by the agricultural extension service, the Income 1 (or the f ' potato'lndustry would hare been $208,000 Instead of the $400,000, giving the. grUwer this year a total ot $192,000, greater gross income than he would ,», have secured' had they hot .been following the fertiliser program. 0 Othera Profit Wlille the grower has profited materially from this program carried on during the past 10 years, .It would not^ be fair to close this report-, without setting forth : some of the value that commercial and Industrial firms:have , received from the two recommendations followed by the growers. Transportation companies and manufac- >" turers of this county can well be. reminded that If the growers had not followed the two . recommendations, • that of fertlllcatlon and seed treat- , ment, there would be no potato Industry in Kern county today. Trans- • portatlon companies import Into this county each year approximately 160 carloads of seed potatoes, from which they receive a revenue of well over $10,000. 'They transport over 65 cars of commercial fertilizer, with a revenue of at least $6000. After the 1932 . potato crop was grown, transportation companies transported over 2600 car- .*~- OKNTT/B laddlo honei for eale or hire. Able Hunt. 1100 California atenue. gee YOUNO T. B. tested cowl, young rinlo ilud. Bell or trade for dry cattlo, fat Hon. Brawer'i Dairy. Phono 289fl-W. .' JACK SBZ:— PRICE OF EVERT CAR RBUCED! 1929 Ford truck, new rubber, $195.00. 1931 Ford Victoria, clean, ?34G.OO. 1928 Ford roadster, good transportation, $25.00. . ' 1927 Dodge sedan, now rubber, $120.00. 1929 Plymouth sedan, clean, $250.00 Ijots of others. PAT'S CAR MARKET Phone 1724 2316 Chester Avenue Jack Bundy, Manager 158 DOUOLA8S: CASH PAID FOR CARS. 210.T I 192K Pontlu coupe: A-l ihape and tlrei. Buy. I1G6. 102~> Dodte ledan; two new tries. A-l. Only $79. FOH SAIjB—1930 De Solo do luxe sedan, to settle estate. Sacrifice. Pho'no 4471-R. 136 1929 WILLYS-KNIGHT 70-B coupe, fonder well and trunk rack, pood ' paint, almost new tires. A-l mechanically. Will sacrifice for quick sale. 2S9 Qulnoy street. Phone 44K2-M. 136 -I— Situations Wanted—Male WANTED—Pruning by day, hour or contract Phone 9-F-2. 185 Situations Wanted—Female GUARANTEED radios, now and ro- podscsBed pianos. Low prices and terms. All contracts carried by us. Don C. Preston, Hotel Tegeler Bldfr. 158 LAUNDRY wanted. It poundi wet. 60 cenli; rcuih di7, «»; flat rinlihad. TO; all tlnlihed, M; 5 emu «xUa m ihlrtl. All work guarantied. Pbona 1274. 01« Facinc. Ill nr.T.fAiiT.B woman vanti hoar work, 85 cenU an hour, or care far children. DO emu an arenlm. Call 481 Lake. • 184 1-AJUL.Y LAUNDRT, fl.CO a week. Ererrthlni furalihed. Call and delivered. Phono 23>4-R. 1618 Bliteenth itreet. 183 For Rent—Rooms With Board and board. JB.50 per veek. Oomforlitilt roomi. pleuant lurroundlngi. Pro* parking. Alia UaailMit dlnneri, 60 centi. 20M Nlnr- tnnUi «tr«.l. Telethon. 837. 8-tT-:f BOOH and board. 18 per vrtei. Homo cooked meali. Itoomi heated. Hot water at all hours Shower and tub bathi. Large parking ipace. 710 Baku itmt. Dakar Street Hooim. ROOM and board. |8 week. Comfortable, oiilet place. Free parking.- lunch and dinner •erred reaionable. 2093 California arrauo. Near high achool. tlOOM and board, home privileges, phone. Ooot cooking. Free parking. Walking dlitanco tram town. 2S23 Eighteenth itreet. 189 HOOM and board for ladr. Lovely room with htat hot traltr. telephone and gorag*. Plm* 2079-W For Renter-Houses UNFURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT Three-bedroom house, hardwood floors double garage, water paid, $40. Two-bedroom homo, hardwood floors neat and clean, garage, 126. Modern little home for |20. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1818 Cheater Avenue phone 129 12-28-t FOR RENT—Furnished, modern 6 room, 140. Water paid. Phono 620. Henry EiBEler. • 12-27-tf Radio, Musical Instruments Wanted to Buy-Miscellaneous WANTED—Greeu ginger alo 12-ounce hottlei, 15 centi a dmen. Slur Soda Works, 4011 Eiit Nineteenth, Phono JM. 138 WANTKD to bur, a wood and coil range. In good condition. Write P. W. Muslcr, Buttonwlllow. ^ . 184 WANTED—Small cleaning and pressing business. Phono 210 or 1166-J. 12-31-tf Legal Notices NOTICE OP ANNUAL MEETING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that tho annual meeting of the stockholders of Bakorsfleld Mutual Building and Ijonn Association will be held In Ha offlro at 1509 Nineteenth street, Bakersfleld, Kern County, California, on January 11, 1933, at 7:30 P. M., for the purpose of .electing a Board of Directors to servo for the ensuing year and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the mooting. HOWARD NICHOLS, Secretary. Dec. 30 to Jan. 10, Inc. Club and these trips are to prepare for the vast number .of Inquiries which are coming in through the All-Tear Club advertisements, and the visitors, who will come. Flans are In formation for the signing of a few of the historical points and those of scenic valu'o. The newly appointed business relations committee, Headed by A.' C. Dl- mon, H. E. Woodworth and Edward Benson, Is planning for the new year's work, which -will be announced later. Study Needs 'The highway committee, with Judge Ferd Snyder as chairman; R. L. Patterson and R, McGray, has attended many conferences and taken many trips throughout the state, studying the state system as relates to Kern county's needs, which Is of the utmost Importance to Kern county when road programs are proposed by various organizations. Matters such as the possibility of correcting the flooding of tho Kern canyon road In' case of high water, and many other local problems, have been investigated. A complete and detailed report" with maps on the Palmdale and Pasadena cut-off was made and presented to the highway commission, and the work Is progressing. With William C. McCowan. H. S. Jewett and tho Board of Supervisors, a meeting was arranged with tho Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and -the Tejon interests In an endeavor to get the Te- Jon interests and the highway commission together on rights of way s- tloments so that all i possible • work available could be started for early this winter to relieve unemployment Other matters too numerous to mention aro being considered and invcsti- gated. Publicize Field Tho airport committee, headed by C. ^J, Gibson, E. B. Duncan ant Lloyd Williamson, has worked closely with Hal Griffin, manager of airports In publicizing the airport, furnishing pictures for articles. All - airplan manufacturers in- the United States have in the past been contacted, fa mlllarlzlng {hem with conditions here for factories. Co-operation wa gained in changing air mall schedule from early evening to midnight from southern California to the east, per mltting most of the mall to go ou the same day. Work has been don with Washington relative to a moor Ing mast for Bakersfleld and an al base or training school; Due to th fact that this committee, headed b other chairmen, originally lease ground for 'the first airport and sup ported It for some years, shows tha It has been and Is an active body. The water committee, headed b William C. McCowan, Is 'workln closely with the water Sevclopmen commission on the state-wide -.rate rougn tms commmee me cnamoer negs of ,49 000 ln the commerce Is assisting tho water 800>000 burlap Backs, mmlsslon in carrying on their of- Murlilnerv anil rh. rogram in trying: to obtain special esslons. They made ''a trip 'to Ban Jlogo and joined the Economic Coun- II of Southern California and rec- mmended Its members in Kern ounty, which organization has been f great assistance to Kern county in •ater and highway matters, as it emprises the leaders of the 13 south- rn counties. One meeting of the ouncil was held In Bakersfleld. Through this committee the chamber ommtsslon in carrying Ico detail and contact work, /which moans a saving of some $3000 a year o the water commission. The wlldflower committee, headed >y B.,j. Synimes, R. I* Thayer, Norman Thompson,. Lyman Benson and j. I. "Welll, Is preparing a wlldflower >rdlnance, first studying ordinances n effect In all sections of California, or .protection of wild flowers, and las .completed tin exhaustive report in Fort Tejon as a wlldflower pre- ervo, including maps and charts, and •resented to the state parks commls- lon and to the Tejon Interests by Aired Harrell. loads of potatoes, from which they receive upward of 200,000 in revenue. Merchandise companies secured $90,000 for 160 carloads of seed potatoes . purchased by the grower In 1982. Other merchants handled 65 carloads of fertilizer, costing; approximately $66,000. The 2600 carloads of potatoes produced this year were sold for more than $400,000, and of course all these potatoes had to be in burlap sacks, which caused some merchant to do a busl- of over The To Ereot Signs' committee, with J. L. iO\o, chairman; A. J. Alexander and W. S. Allen, Is Investigating-directional signs for tho ctiamber of commerce, nnd a new self-Illuminated sign at Midland Trail nnd Walkers Vuss, and directional signs at Bat-stow as soon as,; routes are settled; this matter has been Investigated. Tho" legislative committee, with W. S. Allen as chairman, W. • H. Jahant and W. H. Hitchcock, IB investigating eglslatton proposed for the coming session. The resolutions committee, -with B. W. Smith, chairman, E. L. Hongham and H. K. Woodworth, has prepared all documents for'the committees dur- lig tho year. ' Tho rules and order committee, with W. H. Hitchcock, chairman, William C. McCowan and Judge Ferd Snyder; carries through on all matters pertaining to the organization. Aok Co-optratlon Other committees appointed by various city organizations advise with the directors from time to tlmo. I wish to urge the local cltizenu to visit tho Chamber of Commerce, where they can obtain literature, maps, and statistical reports, to mall to their eastern friends, and In this way asHlst us Ih our work and help boost the Machinery and chemical companies, "» secured a business as a result of this potato industry of approximately $6000 for machinery and chemicals for ban- 4 dllng and treating potatoes for seed. Industry Menaced * Had the University of California Ex-V' / tension Service In Kern county been,:, unable to uncover a treatment for the)'' seed-potatoes or Increase the yields,-, by applying fertilizer to the soils, the . r potato Industry would not be existence' today In this county. The merchants would also bo minus a greater portion of tho $400,000 worth of business which • was the amount secured by the grower and spent largely In Kern county for labor, food, clothing; and materials, from which local merchants all profit.' During the 13 years in which this service has been working upon this program a large number of growers have put themselves out year after year in permitting trial plots to bo tried in their fields. Many of these proved fatal, but the grower realized that In the end results would bo so- cured. Tliese growers, too numerous • to mention, are> to be congratulated for their co-operation and their expenditures of money •which has aided the entire Industry and the entire population of the county, including day, labor, ranch labor, merchants, as well as all their neighbor growers. . Growers and business firms alike will benefit further when tho 'remainder of tho potato program comes to'j completion. All mnjor agricultural Industries In Kern county have bcon assisted, as • has tho potato Industry, some to a leas degree and still others to a much greater. ' county. _, Our success has only been made possible by the 100 per cent co-operation of all civic Bodies, the Individual citizen, and the Board of Supervisors, and to these I wish to express the thanks of myself and the directors for their unlimited co-operation. GASOLINE ALLEY Home Again KING riMOBODV WOULD GOESS THAT WAS A TRAP DOOR. I'D LIKE TO SEE O« GrJCLG WALT THROUGH THAT TUNNEL TO GET US, WE DONJ'T NE.EO AMN PADLOCK ON THAT, GOOTCH WE CAN! KECP THIKJKIM' SPOOKS WE'RE APTER THAT IT WOULD BE A SUBWAV! ALL. RIOMT. . LIGHTS OUT SULLIVAN, Ind., Jan. 2. <A. P.)— New Years eve merry makers here Saturday night celebrated the last night of tho brightly lit streets In this city for a while. With city funds tied up in a closed bunk, the council ordered uH streets and boulevard lights turned out cxcopt eight In the business center. Legal Notices THE BUNGLE FAMILY Relatives, Ha! By HARRY J. TUTHILL I'OU RBNT-Mwlam E-roora funilahKl home. Oeuanalile. Inquire 3&7 But MlnelMnth atrMl. at Inyu itreet. 138 | KURNIBHKD bwiia for rant, J30.0» per oionUi. Xl»8 roomi, tleaptix porch and garao. lilO Euraka itr»«t. or phone J8M. 1»3 COMFOBTi BLB a room coUmm for two. 19.00. I'itiO week; UgliU. water free. Thr.4 mllai eail in Edlion lildmaj. Balnbow benlea BUtlun. 1X)UH-HOO1{ houie and ileepltif porch. Comfortably furnished. Carafe. 903 CbetUr annua. DNnjllNI8H>;D beautiful modern duplei, In re- itrloted reildentlal dlitrtot. lunt, li». Water paid. 810 Oulncy itreet. Phone 414B-J. 181 WlJIBX-ttOOM furnlihed houie. OM and Ilihti, 118 a month. 110 Bait EUhth._itr»at. PIVB-EOOll nimlihed cottace. Two bedrovmi. yarage. 199 a month. Inquire 229 Chiller ' For Rent*—Apartments _ apartment*. Nineteenth and D. Qrerituffcd furniture, Krigldalro. 6-room houie. a'-' 5518 Ortnie. Apply -031 Nineteenth itroet. ;ro- 4 ' «rr »lore. I'huoe 0521-J. M' WHAT A WONDERFUL TO START A NEW YEAR.. WITH CLARA AND DErVWCK, ON^OUB. HANDS. I WISH SHE KNEW HOW I TEEL WHEN SHE TMES TOl TELU ME HOW TO MA6H POTATOES, AND THINGS „ LIKE THAT./ . AND HOW I .LOVE TO HEAR. 'DERRICK'S IDEAS OP HOW TO PUT WALL i. STREET L ON THE I SPOT. WHAT dEMie* 3Avsi ii> JUST TALK. BUT CLAr«> , P.EALLY THINKS SHC. K.NOWS AT LEAST j TEN TIMES AS MUCH AS I DO . ABOUT COOKINfi. YESTEH.DAY SHE TOLD ME WITHOUTJ EVEN SMILING THAT SHE WAS A PIE-CRUST QUEEN.' IMAGINE) WELL JO WE'LL JUST MAKE THE BEST 'OF THINGS. AND SIMPLY BE OURSELVES EVERY TIME ..THEY... WELL; ANOTHER THINS THAT JUST GAQS ME ABOUT CLArVA IS HER PRIDE. THE WAY SHE »LOW6 ABOUT DERRICK'S BROTHER WHO RAN FOR CONGRESS SO OFTEN AND SHOOK HANDS WITH V -7 OR. THREE ^PRESIDENTS TWO BECAUSE HIS KNIFED HIM. HE RAN-FOR OFFICE ON THE err 1-3 WHAT AN OUTLOOK FOR US. ALL DAY CLARA SITS AROUND THINKING UP QUESTIONS TO A6K ME ABOUT PEGGY, TOO. WHY HER ENGAGEMENT TO BOB GRUBBER HASN'T BEEN ANNOUNCED. SUCH THINGS. WE'RE HOOKED. WELL, AS I SAY JO, LET'S JUST IE OURSELVES WITH THOSE PEOPLE. AND LET T S NOT 7 GET CHICKENHEARTED AND FORGET THAT WE'RE MERELY ACTING IN SELF- DEFENSE. NOTICE OF THE HEARING REPORT OF VIEWERS ON PROPOSED ROAD No. 759, ^ • j Office of the Clerk* of the Board erfft Supervisors of tho County of Kerrf, State of California. To All Non-Consenting Owners of the Hereinafter Described Lands, Take Notice: >t ; That the report of viewers heretofore appointed by , the above-named Board to view and lay out proposed County Koad No. 759 commencing at a point In the northwest quarter of Section Eleven (11), Township Twentynine (29) South, Range Twenty-nine (29) Eust, M. D. M., from which point, the northeast corner of Section Two (2).?'. B "'? Township and Range, bears N. 29' 54' 30" IS., a distance of 7298.47 feet, and running thence S. 43* 06' 30" IS., a distance of 153.86 feet, thence on and along a circular curve of 000 ft. radius, concave to the southwest, distance of 386.59 feet, thence i 0* 21* SO" AV.. a distanc-o of 327.01 fee», "J 0 "S?^ OI L and a'ong a circular eurv of 1200 ft. radius, concave to the northeast, a dlBtance of 592.71 feet thence S. 27' 56' SO." E., a distance o 1821.41 feet, to Station ."A." thenca on and along a circular curve of 280 ft. radius, cononvo to the northeaHt, u, distance of 407.49 feet to Intersect Die California State Highway. Also, beginning at Station "A," and running thence S. 87* 66' 30" E., a distance of 2.40 feet, thence on and along a circular curve of 220 ft. radtufi. S2 n oo V S tc J thc n° r <hwest iv distance of, 170.98 feet to intersect the California State Highway, has been set down for learlng by the said Board of Supervisors at their rooms In tho County Court House In the City of Bakere- . field, said County and State for January 16, 1938, at 11 o'clock A. M.. where any and all Interested therein may npear and mako objection thereto If deemed proper. The said roail will pass over, through and upon landu owned by: Estate of Louis Olceso. By order of the Board of Supervisor of the County of Kern, State of Call- fornla, mado December 27, 1032. County Clerk and ex-Off'lelo Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. Dec. 29 to Jan. 12, incl. OF THE STOCK- i.'TS-.T.-i.-^'i ' " £ BAKERSFIBLDi MASONIC TEMPLE ASSOCIATION.; Notice is hereby given that the an- J\ ual T, ni ,* etln J lr , of the stockholders of the Bakersfield Masonic Temple As- Koclatlon will he held In the Masonic Temple, 1980 Eighteenth Street. Bal'- jrsfleld, County of Kern, State of-California, on January 11, 1938, at 7:80 o clock p. m., for the purpose of elect- Ing a board of directors to serve for the ensuing yenr and for the transaction of such other business as may properly jt-pme before the meeting. WALTER StOnTlQNSliJN, I . ... i I Baliorsfiold, Calif., Dec. Doc. 28 to Jan. 11, inol.

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