The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 13, 1939 · Page 2
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 2

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1939
Page 2
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f AGE TWO THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 13, 1939. SOCIETY Miss Betty Love of 408 North Local Amusements Mary and Marthas Have Supper Party LYRIC THEATER The Mary and Martha circle of the Community church A wedding of interest in radio enjoyed a delightful potluck 1 circles was that of Miss Ruth supper, held Tuesday evening 1 Doering, one of the well-known i at the cottage of Mrs. Amuel rDoeririf Sisters," whose mar- Baltzer at Hamlin lake, iriage to Edward n. Reynolds of Dinner was served to 25 'Norwalk Conn., was solemnized members and four guests pres- ., j ,, -d on Aug. 31 at River Forest, 111. ]ent. ^resents "The Mikado with Doering. daughter of Mr. The evening's meeting Jean Colin, Kenny Baker, Jean uou », | d Mrs Edward w . Doering of - , , . .,_ ! Martyn Green and the JJUyiy lRivp pnrpst is a cousin of Mrs ^ *^ e L,'^^^ members of her bridge club at with Gloria Dickson and Dennis her home on Monday evening. Morgan The evening was spent in playing bridge, high score being ROZY THEATER won by Miss Norma Lunde and low by Miss Dorothy PreFon-| p reS ents "Coast Guard" taJne. Refreshments were served by ..he hostess at the close of the evening.** r'V : Those if ""'present were Mrs. iwas preser.o at the ceremony. Lovely in a wedding costume of pearl pink satin with a court train and her mother's wedding •veil, the bride was accompanied i was opened with a devotional service, conducted by Mrs. H. I. Parrott. RADIO HIGHLIGHTS Key station of each network Is listed In the programs. WKAF—WTAM. WTMJ, WQY, WLW, WSM. WMAQ, WOOD, WWJ WJZ — WLS, WTMJ. WMAQ, WXYZ, WLW, WOOD. WABC—WJB, WHAS. WBBM. friends here who will toe glad to learn he is very much improved after his recent illness. Rev. Bailey, formerly of Petoskey, now has a pastorate in Owosso. Rev. and Mrs. O. Y. Schneider i r«|f n «y-. unable to attend but sent gifts. Mr. and Mrs. John Wagner and family of Custer visited at the Bernard Wagner home The service was held outdoors j CKLWB^OKDKA mKFAB^. ^ nfcnncor > iviu, r v VA >i.t> livX-i,* n *,n wr> A T men C1LL LETTERS «ND KILOCYCLE FREQUENCY CKLW 840, KDKA 980, KFAB 770, KFI at sunset. During the brief, business with i bv seven attendants. The maid | The first I\«Q . v . _.___•• rv>r\n r li r\F meeting the treasurer's report was given and the program for the fall season was announced. 1060, 870, meeting for the i October will be a : WBBM 770, WCFL 970, WBAL JVCCO 810. WABC 860, WKAB 85£ WDAF CIO, WEAK 660, WENR WON 7"0 WGY 780, WHAM 1150, WHAS b'>0 WHO 1000. WIBO 570, WJJD 1130. WS'M 650, WJR 750, WJZ 760. Leonard Smedberg, Mrs. Leo Gorzynski and Mrs. Obe Schrader, Miss Dorothy PreFontaine, Miss Betty Jane Peterson, Miss WLS 870. wf.W 700. WMBI 1080, WKZO Randolph Scott, Frances Dee.i$ ^nor wore T gown" of rosY- : month of October will be a ;^ wvoMA ^ 067 wSB°°?O. 127 wTAM W io?S: Ralph Bellamy, Walter Connolly. ; berrv taffeta and the brides-(Bible study, conducted by Miss : WTIC i 06 o, WKBZ isoo. WTMJ 620. and Warren Hymer. Alsoi mai ^ wore similarly styled !Xenia Mason. i^.ss Madge Her- • selected short subjects. i gowns .some in the roseberry (bison will lead the second Oc! shade and some in ice blue. Their tober meeting, which will cen- i ui**w tt.ij *j « f r>« j-»i-» f V\ rt >v* i c? i? i /-»v» o v-t • V\r\nl» lOil£*UC<.lH^-*OWlll'-li.l*V*V-'^/»l*V..AA*>.'«» ,. — , . « . OSSAWALD CRUMb TAPROOM i bouquets were of cockscomb and ter on the missionary book, 1 - ** \A/(~\TY1 Oil t~\T T (T O \M Cl TT Women of the Way." Dancing. Margaret Woodland, Miss Norma Lunde, Miss Katharyn Mark and the hostess, Miss Love. The next meeting of the club | j'AMELL'S LAKE SHORE INN will be on Sept. 26, at the home j of'Miss Mark. Dancing. OLD HICKORY INN The next meeting of the cir- i pink aster buds. Mr Reynolds was attended by ; , ine ., n , t m - , 0 . the bride's brother as best man ide will be on Tuesday, Sept. and ushers were Warren Doering, brother of the bride; Willard 19, at the home of Mrs. Fritz Klein. Mrs. Mattie Paulsen # * * Lakeshore Study Club Has First Meeting Dancing. TODD-L-INN Danciing. RAINBOW GARDENS Roller skating. _* * •*_ Waennai Uncle Mike of the I will act as co-hostess and the ''Manhattan Mother" program), i meeting will feature the read- j O'an Soule", Sam Ryder of ''Boch- j mg of reports o f the[delegates ielor's Children"). Jan Marshall. ! to tne Ollvet institute, held j continuity writer for CBS; Wells i H. Barnett of WLS sales depart- in June. The close of the evening was spent in a social hour and a (Eastern Standard Time) NEW YORK, Sept. 13.— The national broadcasting company announces a revised schedule ol war news programs, to be highlighted nightly by a Kennedy roundup. ooth networks, tne ^cheuule piu- vides six European pickups on j \veok dnvs. five on Sunday. I In addition, there will be 19 ntv\i periods whicn will present | developments as reported by i of Petoskey were recent at the Jamison-Bigsby home. Sunday evening supper guests, Sept. 10, of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Wagner and family were Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. VanDyke and son, Ronald Warren, of Summit, and Mrs. William Kennedy, Mrs. George H. Gardner and houseguest, Mrs. Carl Hockberger of Chicago, and Harold Kennedy, all of Ludington. Miss Carol VonGlahn left Tuesday, Sept. 5, for Muskegon where she will take, a clerical course in Muskegon Heights business college. Mr. and Mrs. Ory VanNortwick recently entertained Mrs. VanNortwick's, brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nelson and son, Laurence, Vermont. Mr. and Mrs. John Kaminski of Manistee called at the Peter Jankoviak home Thursday evening, Sept. 7. Uunn Lake Mrs. George Powers of Portland, Ore., was a guest of Mrs. William E. Tubbs at the Pi- oneer Cabin for several during the past week. days Miss Mary & Lou" Smith of Fountain was a euest at the Tubbs cottage for four days during the latter part of last week. Mr and Mrs. Clare Tubbs of Freesoil were dinner guests Monday at the Tubbs' Pioneer Cabin. Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Ebbinghous have returned to their home in North Manchester, Ind.. after spending the week as guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Isenbarger at Gunn lake. Start Now to Build Resistance singing Party." star of At the reception held after the ! ceremony, Tom, Dick and Harry The first meeting of the Lakeshore Study club for the fall sea- ; son was held Tuesday evening at j the home of Miss Elizabeth Kloppman, 204 |North Gaylord avenue. Twenty-one members of the organization were present. The meeting was opened with the singing of the club song and th/e members and guests were welcomed by the president, Mrs. Nell Mallory. i^nl n io t m%S S per1 S MTrwett g e tained'at ^dinner Mondav eve- S£S£°&$$&£ ^pljThJr 0 annojjnce the marriage „„,] i* ...on /lonirlnrt tn nurnhnSP I ""I ner uaUglltcr, IVlcU Hid, LU I^I^^Se^uTS'^ie Nason of Chesantag. The new programs, for the sea- 1 T] The ^edding^ occurred ^n iraent. and Michael Stewart, p arty for Harold La; . sen | a recent, bride, was given. Mrs. Larsen was presented with a gift jV.CiCliiUllJ', iV'll ~ 'of radio fame Decker, Louis Michael Stewart sang. I Hurt, one I Tom, Dick and Harry team, acted as master of ceremonies. John B. Covering ; FETED flT of J and Marlin lovely collective gift from the circle. Guests of the occasion were Mrs. Alderink, Mrs. Charles Associated Press and other news.g-~££ services. European week-day pickups lor WEAF-NBC are: 7 a. m., 11, 4:15 p. m., 6:15 (except aauu- tiavs when it's 6:30), and 11. Sunday pickups will be at 7 a. m. 11, 4:lo p. m., 9 and 11. , f, L ™;riJSkrc nfVh, ' Bontekoe, Miss Laura Holmes of the members of the | , Mi Atrn . s Tu npT . n Mrs. R. E. Knowles of 923 East Ludincton avenue enter- - jkeLiiwa nji. w*.t^- u*-t* \ -r Q iQon son were Hhen handed out by toe | '^ e Mrsl9 ^ onaid Murplly of Lansing, brother-in-law and * Pere Marquette Literary Group Meets on Tuesday and Miss Agnes MacLaren. * * * Duster Members to Meet Members of Uhe Sunday school cnhinet of thp Bretheren church will meet with Mrs. Mabel Mc- Kpnzie at her home in Custer Thursday evening, Sept. 14. at i which time plans will he made Honolulu The first meeting of the year j f 0r the next year's work wh<"h ' '"' Literary Viii h^ 2 i n on the first Sunday program chairman, Mrs. Peterson. The meeting was then turned over to Mrs. Florence Huff, lead- sister of the groom, attended the couole. Mrs. Nasnn is a graduate of of the Pere Marquette club was held Tuesday after-|i n October. Teachers of the noon at the home of Mrs. M.; intermediate Masses and nil Blodgett. 301 North Harrir.on' those unde" that atre will be street. Thirteen members of the:chosen a t this meetin?. as will club were present. jothpr Sundav school officers. A business meeting was con- j All cabinet members are ducted by the president. Mrs. H.!urr°d to bp nrespnt as it is a N Morse and plans for the,very important meeting, coming; season were discussed.; er for the evening, who gave an ,; Lu ^^ 5 mi u, a ™^ oi , Mrg R Cartier was chosen to . ri fif^octir,^ Hocfrint.inr, nf the' Ludington mgn scnooi ana nt r,vooiripnnv tn fill the J np tnst PT-A to Meet interesting description of the made to the West coast during jtended Alma college, where she met. Mr. Na.son who was also a student at the college. the vice" presidency to fill the vacancy left by Miss C. Roehrig. the early summer. The trip in- eluded 17 states and Mrs. Huff Mr. and Mrs. Nason will illustrated her talk with anec- i make their home in Lansing dotes from her diary and with] where Mr. Nason is in business. pictures and booklets obtained! Guests of the announce- on the trio ' men t dinner were a <rroup of Roll call was then conducted iintimatP friends of Mrs. ' Na- | and each member responded I son's. Misses Genevieve Gustaf- ; with notes on her vacation. i son Sara Buchanan Barbara , At the close of the evening 'a (VesMmg. -Qeraldme Swarthout. j /^iioiniK. iiinr»vipnn via* <jprvpd 'bv ! Phvllis Swarthout. Ruth Reach,! the ftat' Marian Beach, Jane Rhora. I the week-end The afternoon was spent in a social time. of association will Kwas 'announced thai: the club - ™ at tbe Pehoolhou»e has purchased a ^^ipm;^^ ^K^wlSim wili the Pere Marquette Memonal, bp p ., ven fnl , OWPri> with tne an _ association. . inual rprpotion fnr the teachers. A lunrh°on will he sprv°d by officers of the organiza- * * ~ it ion. •rv c« i,^. i i -^ ] nnrpnts and natrons nre Darr oCnOO 1 lU'-'rpd to hp present to ?et the " "•" (work off with an early start. Miss Virginia Bartelsen spent; REEK SCHOOL.—Mrs. Henry Hasselbring and Mrs. Cyril ?re co-hostesses at « delightful party held Sun- I Sept. 10, at the home of ' Mr. and Mrs. John Hemmer complimenting their daughter, Miss Loretta, whose marriage to Kenneth Johnson of Victory , r - - , .will be an event of the near i I" Over WJZ-NBC on week days: ;f u t ur e. I.; 1 a. m., 11, 4:15 p. m.. 9 and 11. | Airplane bunco was enjoyed "I Sunday pickups for WJZ-NBC: ^y^ng t ne afternoon with Mrs. ^ 7 a. m., 615 p. m., 9 and 11 p. m.iHasselbring and Mrs. Carl An- \*l T-r>MT n M"^T~"WVAT? NTsr 6 derson winning prizes which > FONI GHT: WEAF-NBO—b were , presented to the honoree. - 1 Fred Waring: 7 One Mans F ami-; ^^ if , s wpre received b | ly; 7:30 Tommy Dorsey; 8 ;Mlss Hemmer and before op-' wnat^ My Name; 9 Kay Kyseii eningi the use Qf eacn was ( college. .'guessed. WABC-CBS— 6:15 Lum and ' At the close of the afternoon ! Abner; 6:30 Summer Colony; 7 homemade ice cream, cakes Bound; 7:30 Paul and coffee were served at small ! \vhitemun: 8 "Valley Foige tables. } with Philip Merivale. Guests present included Miss ' WJZ-NBC—Easy Aces; 6:15 Hemmer, honoree: Mesdames ' Tracer of lost persons; 7:30 Harvey Goff. Gerald Stewart,! Hobby Lobby; 8 Horse and Buggy Peter Jankoviak, Roy Thomas,' clays. • Carl Anderson. Kenneth Beltz i MB3-CHAIN—6 Trail Blazers and John Hemmer and the I ol 1940: 7 Name three; 9 Ray- Misses Barbara Petre, Ruth i mend Gram swing. ', Smedberg. Mary Alice, Teresa '• ' and Catherine Hemmer, and the ! Thursday brings: WEAF-NBC hostesses. Mrs. Hasselbring and! —11 a. m. Swinging strings; 12,Mrs. Hemmer. against winter colds. 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Ludington Ave. £ BUSSES TO THE FAIR GROUNDS i rot tlo yoi lea Pie 108 so; da en St th Ml Lo sei Cc th th Ju nu all sti 1 rel Ra we an Ka All ler of m< ii a t rel be ho Jo sti clt; evi tei pr frc wi: bei be Noon concert orchestra; 4:15 Gray Gordon orchestra. WABC- CBo—a a. m. Richard Maxwell; 10 Chansonette; 10:15 Brenda • Curtis serial; 1:45 p. m.. Mellow 1 m o m e n t s. WJZ-NBC—11:30 : Farm and Home Hour; 1 p. m. Concert salon; 1:30 Dacior jaz/..' j M&^-CHAIN—9:30 Melody; Strings. A number of friends were ATAAhJO A^l* I**** a.»-«--j-i----—--• of the home were decorated with a number of lovely bouquets of fall flowers. and Miss Laura Kloppman. * * * Miss B. Johnson Entertains Guest at Evening Event Miss Betty Johnson, 301 North Harrison street, entertained recently in honor of her houseguest, Bob Pardee of Newberry." Miss Johnson's guests of the ^REMEMBER!! 1 i Miss Laura Kloppman: The rooms Helg p Harmon and Betty Ash- , Mr^^^^ in Mav a 12 . ^ months business course in nine , force . however, thai ! months at the Howell Scnooi 01; < . Ilhmlr j np \ nei ^p „ wfnnt- ridius sociate S u SK= th a^?»s SSf HS'°o? 5S5LJS3S1 KSSiSSS?A".,S^'UT S£\^XS^M™^. rs. Mcoiure, a,uiii . , va « ne Peterson, Ila Parker and , work in Muskegon. She was en-i ——•—-~—"^- r-ns- — Messrs. Robert Kabel nf Indian- , paged to take down soeeches | apolis, Ind.. Dale Speidel, James j given before the Consumers'| Emm" and Rnb Pardee. i Power company and at the Elks Mr. Pardee left for his home' convention. at Newberry this morning after i Misses Laura and Dora Fend visiting at ' the Johnson home i have returned to the Howell for two weeks. ' school to complete their courses. West Rlverton | Rev. and Mrs. EdwarH TNT were recent guests of Mr. with hei paients., ^ recent]y deve loned TNT were recent guests of Mr. and A. «. r>Lii.eiaci - lrie p tn bomb 'is only 28 inches Mrs. Harold Harmon. Rev. Bai- It explodes with such ter- ley, former pastor of Zion that anv ' Evaneelical church and its as- Paul "••"' Grace Evangelical, has many HOMOGENIZED Soft Curd Milk MAKES BETTER MILK DRINKS Cream in Every Drop The Park Dairy Phone 55 We Deliver These busses will leave the bus depot as soon as filled and will pick up passengers enroute. If a few wish rapid transportation from the bus depot, the taxi will run them out for lOc. Dahringer Bus and Taxi Service GO TO THE FAIR. v >I< Prices on Canned Foods May Shoot Sky High >:| Why Not Do Your Own Canning? 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