Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 30, 1927 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1927
Page 7
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PROG RA MS AMONG FEATURED PROGRAMSi . Thurtday, life. 1, S '5?~£°*'^'"<* Comfort Hour—WEAF W&El WTIC ttJAP WTArt TOi^esti - '•"?~SjSy,«'U?«°"'>e '»-''W^EAF W'EET.TPFI WRC WGT V&rAV- w ^aiu ^"3GWFS''\^c^/^'TvW^a*^' ^^'^-"^ WTAtf WRC war ''''^KSDWnO*^'^^'''^'^^^^ WTIC WQY WWJ WsAl »MO-Hockey. BntlnB vi. Pilti,biirs!h-W£B1. ^ MOM'N POP. co^^^MG OVER TOR t31NMER?-"f )Me .V L iBS • HOME TH|! lOLA 'yi ^Y REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EX ^Nmc} Koi ^l ^fBgR 30, 1927J THURSDAY, OECEiMBER 1 . lUu The A*so<Hated'Prei*y Program! in Central Standard tlnia. All lima in F. M. unl«»» ptlierwls* dicated. Wave lengths on left of call . Ktiers, kilocycles on right. 272>«—WPQ Atlantic City—1100 «:00—notPl.Shelbucne Orcheslra HcOO-^hairontc-Haddon Hall Trio 'i 9:30—J<!an Wiener, jorsan f . lu:30—Silver Slipper jQrphcitra 285.5—WBAU Baltlmfore—1050 8:r!0—Mtislc-al iPrbBraiij 7:20—Wilton Oarman, barlton*: 8:00-—Maxwell Houf .aiOO—ClilcjiBO Civic Opera 365.6—WEEl Botton-^O 6:.10—Coward Comfort Hour ' 7:3«—Hoover S'tnllnels S:(iO—Clicquot Club JCsklmos 9<00—.Smith Brotliei-s 1»M0—Brulns-Pitlsburgh Hockey 461.3—WNAC, Boston—650 ' fiiOO—Foot Pepppia i ' . 7 :ii0 —Depyro llu.»aiians 7 :3II—iXlelropolltain Tli':atcr Prugram 3:15—Klks' Hotel Ojclieslra . | I • 302.8—WGR Buffalo—990 . 7:1)0—Groat Oonipoiora' S:«0—Clicquot Club" Csklmoa • 3:«(>—Smith' Hrotlicrs i 9:30—Statler's Pfiiiis-ylvanianB 545.1T-WMAI5 ^Buffalo—550 7:«0—Temple Jlusi" .M;.Icrrs 7:30—Program of <.;i«ssi(s . !t:i)(t—Carboruiidum.'Baiiil l«:Ui—Palais P.oyal Dance JIuyic 535:4— WTIC Hartford—560 5:30—Hotel Bond Trio 6:30—Coward Coriifort Hour 7:30—Capitol The.iter Pre.sentallon . 9:30—Statler's Per.nsylvanians 422.3—WOR Newark—710 .'•.:30—Hotel Shelton Ensemble Th30—Halo Byers Orchestra • t:00—"Astronomy." Prof. P. IT. Gra- liam ' 7:20—New York Philharmonic Orchestra • . 9:30—Drowsy Hour 10:00—Premier Dunce Orchestra 491.5—WEAF New York—610 I 5:00—Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra «:00—Fed<:r:itlon Hymn Slnp , li:30—Cowjird Comfort Hour • 7:0'}^Greal CJimposf-rs 7:30—Hoover Sentinels >i:in)—Clicquot Club Ksklmos !i:on—Smith Brothers •,t:3(i—StatL.T'.s P-nnsylvanl.ang 1U:U0—I'ark Central Orchestra 454.3—WJZ New York—660 5:00—Al Friedman's Orchestra tiOO—United States Army B.nnd <;:3U—Ituth'W.-ilHon: Baiijo Band S:«0—Maxwell Hour 'J:«iO—ijhlcaso Opera. "Martha" 10:00—.Slumber Music; ' - • 4053—WFI-WLIT Philadelphia—740 CENfRAL 7:00—flreat Composers i :30—Hoover's Sentinels S:00—Clicquot Club Kskimos 9:30—Statler's Pennsylvnni:in« 315.6-^KDKA Pittsburoh-950 5:00—I.ittle .Symphony Or.hctir^ 7:00—Same AS W.15C X:(i0—Maxwell Hour 9:u'>-^Balklte Hour ; 483.6—WJAR Providence—120 ' (!:30—Cow«rd Comfm t llnur 7:uO—Pearl Trio , b:00—Clicquot Club IZ.'^liim .is . 27/.6—WHAM Roche:ter-1080 . ri :4 ."i —Hotel Kenirtme <.>nho=tra . 7:0(P-iSame as WJ/C . S:00—IMaxwell Hoiii- 9:00—Ealkite Hour • I 379.5—WGY Sc:iene:tady—790 5:30—Renmore Htitil Orchestra 7:30—Hoover S^nUnt-ls ,S-;O0—qicquot Club Kskimos 10:00—Dance Proyraiii ; 333.1—WBZ Sprirsficid—9C0 7:00—Same as W.r,: ..S:00—Maxwell Hour ;t:00—Chicaffi' <'ivii- Opera . 10:05—li J. .MclCnellys Orchestra ' 468.5—WRC Washington—640 7:0Q—(5r»>at Civnpn.«er.s 7:3«—Hoover (S-ntiu'-ls S:oO—'iiunl I 'lnb INklmos : 9:00—Sniiiti,' i:ioili.r.s ^. 296.9-pWWNC AsUc'ville—1010 S:ir,—OptimiM ''' I'rosram , 9:15—Blut-> ••1 M-;.IS . lu^OO—Plaz;i 'rir:iiir Fn.lic sifr-KYW 9hlcag»*-S70 ?: 00—.Studio Program 8:00—.Maxwell HJur 9:U0—Chicago CI*lo Opera 10:30—Kentucky Seren:ider« 365.6—WiEBH-WJJb Chlcaao—^ 7 :0n— Edgitt'ater Beach Orchestra' .S:)!!!—.Mooieheart Hour »:Oii—Smith Brothers 9 :30—Civic Opera, "Mr^rthji" ] 305.9—WCN-WLIB C'hlc^ago—980 7:<'(>—Old-Fishloticd Almanack 5:30—Hoover Kenllpels S:00—Cllcijuot Club ICsklmoa !t:nO—Civic Opera. VMartha" 11 :00—The HooUhums 344.6—WLS Chicago—870 P:40—Collese Inn Orchestra 7:30—Supertonc Hour 447.5—WMAQ-WQJ ^Chicago—670 r,;(in—Chioaco Theater Organ 7 ;1<'—\Vliiin<-y Tiio s.i:, —c. P. Peacock Program ^: 45—DIscuB-slon of; Opera 9 :00—Chicago Civic Opera 361.2—WSAI Cincinnati-;830 7:00—(J oat Composers 7;::«—}l lOver .Scntinitis 9 :ii0—Soiilh Brothers 9 :30—S:aller'a Ivnn.sylvanlans 399.8—WTAM Cleveland—750 6:00—Hotel Cleveland Orchestra 7:00—The Jesters 7::;o—Hoover Sentinels - i:Oit—:wlllard CaAliers 282.8—wAlU Columbus—1060 5:00—Stales'ttestaurant Orchestra 5:30—Deslilcr-jWallick Orchestra 543.1—WFA'A Dallas—550 7:00—Great Composers 7:;:0—Hoover Sentinels • 9 :00—Slusicat Program • 374.8— woe Davenport—800 7:30—Hoover Sentinels .S:00—Maxwell Hour 9:00 —Smith i Brothers 8:30—Chicago Civic Opera 535.4—WHO Des Moines—560 7:00—Great Composers 7:30—Hoover Sentinels . S;00—Maxwell Hour ' 9 :00—Chicago Opera,' "Martha" 9 :30—Statler's Peiinsylvanlans • f 440.9—WCX.WJR Detroit—680 6:30—Bandall Ramblers S:no—.Maxwell Hour 9 :00—Chicago Civic Opera 10:00— .VcKlnncy'M Cotton Pickers 352.7-i-WWJ .Detroit—850 7:00—Same as WI: A F ti:iio—Clli'quut Club Ksklmoa 9 :00—Smith Brothera 9 :30—Statler's I'cnnaylvnnlans 3!;0.2—WDAF Kansa* City—810 7:00—(Jreat Composers 7:3it—Hoover Sentinels. ' H-.ini —M.ixwell Hour 9 :00—Smith Brothers 9 :30—ChlcnBo Civic Opera ;, 293.9—WTMJ Milwaukee—1020 S:«0—Maxwell Hour ' ' lo:Oii—WIsobnain Hotel Orchestra 405.2—WCCO Minneapolis-^t. Paul—740 7:30—Hoover Sentinels * 8:30—The CrafLsmen. •9 :00—Smith Brothers 9:30—ChlcaKO Civic Opera ^. ' 5CS.2—WOW Omaha—590 7:00—Great Composers ' 7:30—Hoover Sentinels S:00—Maxwell Hour 9:30—Chicago Civic Opera 499.7—WOAI San.Antonio—600 8:30—Kclvlnator Hour 545.1—KSD St. Louis—550 7:00—Great Composers . 7:30—Hoover Sentinels. 8:00—Maxwell Hour •J:00—Smitli Brothers ' a:30r^Chicago Opera. "Martha" 10:00—Statler's F&nnsylvanlans i 848.6—KVbo Tulsa—860 7:30—Hoover Sentinels S: 00—Maxwell Hour 10:00—Dance Orchestra 344.8—WCBD Zion—870 8:00—Mixed .Qu4rtct and V'ocallafs SPECIAL STdCE DP ONMARKtTS Bigr Advances Drop off As TTcker; Falls Back 01 Markelts -New York. Nov. »0.| (API—Vio-' lent biilding for special stocks .set t! more than a score issues to new 14-Year-QId Boy Rules Moors liiKli reconl.s in today's* rttock market, with cuius running from 1 to 7 points. So Ki'eat was the volume of tradinft, however that tlie ticker lell 22 minutes; beJiind the iiiArk^t .by early afternoon, caus- inK wide.spread coiifu.sion in' brokerupe hoiiseK. and bringing abbiii considerable liqnidation, witli] resultaiil ,' irregularity in prices. Trading averaged more. than; 50O.UtiO shares an hour in the ' fir.-<t three hours. K:iiiv:is ProiJuco. i Kiins:-.'; .City, .\ov. ;!0. i.\P) —1 KRgs: ti'sls. iHf. seconds. iCc; c:ini'.'j<'d cttvront rec-eirt.". 3Sc. O'jier piodiice unchanged. LAHARPEAND r ITS CITIZENS \y. C. T. .r. Ketiurt* Siii-eesxiiil ' IHslr.Vt' Convention .^lonilay - .Mrs. Anna .'.Ijers Knter- tiiin> KoHiitiTPs U'lth Dinner I WIM> START—Buying trapped cottontail .rabbit.^ Xijveniber 28. 21c West street. Frank Brodbeck. MERCHANDISE touring-: (oac):."like new: '2S P(, ;ike new. Sove!':il bt CJAINS— (.Mrs. Opal Jlitchelll I i.AUAKPE, Kan... -Vov. 20.— The ; \V. ('. T. I', i-onv-.-p.tion ln'Id at,the ; Methodist church Monday was a :.very suice.-'.-ful iiiei-'tinj! in cvory {\«iy. A good attendance was i i present. -.Mr. Charles F. Scott, j FORf> I-ARG|. I -Mr. Leslie needing and .Mr. O. T. ; jAndrew.s and .\!rs. Kois-hner of : Wichita were the sneaker.^. A i more thorouflh' report will ho i Riven ity the se<Tetaries. .•Vlrs. Ann:!'.Myers entertained the I'.'ollowing rehilives. :;i Thankngiv-• 1022 TOr]:i.\(;, A.VOTHKU FORD SPECIAL,—1924 : Ford coupe. |42.i. We buy, sell or trade. AIcxander'-Auto Sales A'- Siijiply Co.. 20 :rj;. Wash. Pho^:iSS. 'lAKLA.N'D —. neal<?;'r.s - PO.VTLAC ; '21 Oakland jpnort ; tourin.s. : Ifk.^ r.e-.v: '2.''!;t:^ck Usht six touring, . rip.' siinne: ,i'24 Hnick, roadstei-, •CHIN\A CLOSKT—tlood; round din-, good, new't^res; '25'Pord coupe; i ing talile and 6 chairs; sell cheap.r ... hevi-olil coach, like new; '2.1 906 Easti street. Chc\rf .!i 't AiUcIes For Sale SI Pontiac GOOD TRACTOR—Anjl plows for iitiac coach, iter <heape7 .sale clic.ip; exrelleuc Phone 71S or' 2 1. conditibn. Jlobart .Motor Co. I . er.. .suitable tor store; school or sarapre; first cla?s condition. Brig- h.ihi Hdn'a Co. FORD. I'WG ROADSTPZR. FORI). 2 i«>2r, cori 'r :s. FORD. 192:; ROAD.STKR. All ol' these cars good; uiul !':ui 1)1' purchased; <)!! e:!sv terms. Kansas City Hay Kansas City, .Nov. 30. (;APl — Hay\unchanged: receipts 40 cars. li. C. Ilii) l »y r. S. <.nidps. Kansas City. .Vov. .'10. (AP)--i (I', ij;. Dent, or AgriculturpL unchanged. Following the death of his father, the heiovod Moroccan sultan Moulcy Yous-sef, the youligest son, Mouley Mohammed, 14. took up the lirst problem of state—what to do with the couple of; hundred wives left by hfs father. The boy sultan (shown in the Inset and to the left, rear, must decide the probitm for himself. The deceased suitan is pictured in the center, with another sdn to the right. J'.OVER MOTOR CO. 212 .n;FF. -Hay Wheat Prices Aveniffe Lower. Chicago, .Nov-^ :iO. «Al')-\Vheut.j,^^^ fv.ldweM's prh-cK averaged lower most of tho'| lime'today, but rallies were fre- (|tienl, 'based on suggestions that woriiiTilnporl lAoda this season will he the largest on record. A leading British authority i.ssuMd a fore- mut that European import require- me:»lf4 are to be .'^G.OOO.tlOO iiushela in e.vcess of last year. Deliveries STONY POINT i (L.'dla .McFarlandi < Nov. 52 .-.Mr. aii.l .Mrs. Homer jThonipsnn spent Sunday evening at j ing dinner: j .\lr. and .Mr.-^. Hec-k • Farmer and; son. ."Melvin of lola; ; ; .Mr. and .'.Irs. Loren .Meek and ba- ' by daughter of Mapleton. Miss Opal .Meek of .Mip!-ton: .Miss Kl-> mer llarlowof I'iltsbur.i? :m<l Xiv.] .Andy .\ickki;on of LaHisriit. j -Ji'.st refeiv.'<'. sonictifin;: nev; in ; a work .--•bo" bee!, has naiis. guaranteed to stay ori. * 5( vi'r::! ii. \v jiumbers in lydie.'^' >l!oes at a low I'l-inch ov.Tsize halU-rs., TRUCK P,01) V-.\. a rl y new Inter-. hll pails riplStiM Ihtit !):eak. SI.;", i naticmal -^-niin ii .uly r ;ir — j Sheet, lineil roajs for men. «.->.ni):; 'Wholly Motor Co.. 11'% jChf.stcr Yokuin and little daughter, I i);>ys' Si.diK .M::py other Jbiufis fo'.'J'l'; • J''!'"'':/'f'- ! Mr. and ifrs. Yokum Of lola; Miss less monev. It i.r.ys to i.adi' i: 'Ruth Shel::in and Mr. .lim Aid and , LaHrirpi'. Rot!ch-Klii':ti. K.\FIR FODDER—Ooose feathers, •;: heifer realvej: also want some-" one to ciit hei'.ge on shares. .\. D. . .Moriison,_Iola R. . RIFLE—Oood 22 Remington re-. peater. also sin:?Ie barrel shotgun ; and good wushin.:; machine witli„'" wriiip^er. 24 So'Jth Vermont street. / r ;AJ)iO.S—.Musical instruments of • all kinds, gur.s, v%atci'es. clothing, shoifiiruituie or ;ill kinds. miflJ :;oats and fox terrier .!i)g.s. Phone !M>". Chimney Sweep. " : .: PllO.VE --^ I Bnsinoss and OiBre Ktinliiment Rt TYPEWRITEItS—For sale, rent qr trade! /W?iJIiams Typewriter Co..' Auto Trucks For Snie I2 ! _rn_Easi MaiI:son. ,^ (vs./r"'.'u'i W.\GO.\ BOXES- .\ev. wa^o:i ftox- > wtsi ,iatk-| ..j^,,, Allen qounty Farm Kfinliinient Russell -Mattock's icxk dinner Siilurday with his niicle. .1. W. .\I(r- rarlaiid; Mr. W 'Ich of Mor'i'.n boiiglit .iev- eral head.of <";ttleof T ..111 Ireland Saturday. 'AlV.-:. Ali.'-tiii .McF;trl;;iid and little Hon, .Mr.s. (;r:i-.i' Steward an! family all siient Thanksgiving at Ml. Shr;;<i!;'s.' • and crowd from the Reh'ekaii Iod;.'es Odd plan Jjiyilenient Co!. Sou;!! .leffe Auto Accessories, Tlres^ l^rts J3' Fellow '^I'^^'I^'-"^'' - Chevrolet Superior.! I.'.^ed I ;irts. tires an-! batteries. to at- .^irs. orkua MeFarland an.l Mrs.l,en„ „,e anniversarv associatiion ! JH!S-V''IL}^>'^''i"'^-^'*'' 1 w"!:n.^l:.y.''"': .^•'•^""'•«|mo«ln«.i at lluntlmhil Th«r.sday | _ jgjSIN^^^^ j FAIUVIEW i'ECA.N'S—For s:il.^ W. A. Dawso:i. Phone 971F11. ir.;. ],er po l<d;i Routd .10:00 WESTERN /468.5—KFI Los Angelei—640 I^rama rro- 475.9—WSB Atl.-inta—630 Tr.lO-iHoovcr S'liliiuls K;00-4.MiiMv.i; ri..'ir MtOO-tCiah r;<..'r;ii.i 10:<5-trjf-. I'. .\. :• 1' W. .n. (irfian 384.^KTHS Hot Springs—780 K:lin —Stmiiii I'lavii.- I'roKrnnj S:.'ili-^V<Kal .Snio I'rn^raiii 'a;«0—CharUs Duinhiliter's Orchestra 336.9—WJAX Jacktonvilte—S«0 soo—^laxfcell Hour MOO—T)aniie Orthcslra 322.4—VVHAS, Louisvilte.1-930 ";30 —Hoover Si 'ntliirls •f l:OD—Maxwell Ifour 322.4—WSM 8 New Oi'leani—930 3:20—Llberiv Theater OrcheXtra 254,1—WRVA Richmond—1180 6:00—VlritlnlBns Orchestra «:00—Maifwell Hour »: 00—Vocal and StrlnB QOartttiT -Ix>ulse Bowden i gmni i. 11: OO-i-N. B. C. Concert •Program i:':OOf-rurccll Mayer, violin 336.9—KNX Los Angelaa^90 10:00— Violin and Plarjo 1:: 00 -;-BIUmorc Hotel .Orchestra " 1:00 .-i—Cocoaiiut jJrove .Orchestra 384.4—KQO Oakla-d—780 10:00— The rilKrInuj 11:00 —N. B. Ci I'roKrara 1 li :00— Hotel St Francia Orchestra 508.2—KLX OakUnd—590 S :10 —Dinner Concert V>:ifO —^\'arlety; Hour 454.3—KFRd San Frarclico—600 X: 30—The C-clllan» 10:00 —Mona Oil I'rosram ll ':O0— Danrc Orcheslru . 422.3—KPO San |Fr*nelf»»—710 10:i ')0 —Paawell'Houf 11:00— .N'. l\. O. Vvvsraai 12 :00—States Urstaurunt Orebeslra 447.5—KFOA Seattit— W» 10:00—.Majjwell Hour 11:00— N ,H. C. iProRram 370,2—KHQ Spokane—810 10:00—Xlaxwell Hour ll:oO—N, n. C. I'roBrnm 12:00—Mablon Uerrfck'a Orchestra of wheat in Chicago tomorrow are! Lelia .McFarlami wire Iida vi-itcs^^'"' v'i'' 'Thursday. .Mrs.'.Myrtle .Mans has nttirncd " "' home isftor several v,-eci;s visit witii her mother in Biouson. .ill.,. Ceorge Hi;oi!?!:ton and evening, ..Mr. and Mr.", it. .\. 1!" .i .^ey and children of- Ilazt-iton. K:insas are .J .'-"v. 2". iii.d .Mrs. Or:i V.'olf 'Visiting the hitters aunt. Mrs. f.-.f iij..:- i;..r.,Mn' vi>ite<i Suui'.jiy;Frank Spradley and family. •.'. i'i! .V';r;. ;inile :iiid auiil,! -MJss Ada .Meek i'ctur;]r'd Ilonsphnid (:<>nd«' uml.. 1. expected to total l .OOd.OOO to l.r .OO,000 husheJs. . : closed steady, at exactly the fame as yesterday's fihish, cot'ii'/i to 1 cent lower, oats unchanged to I cent down, and provisions var>nng from l.'> cents decline to -a rise of 2 cents. Kansas«4.'itT OnUn Kansas Cits. -Vov. .10. (APIWheat: receipts 75- jcars; unchanged to 1-2 cent lower; No. 2 dcrk hard, 1.44ii©1.48>.i ; No. .1, 1.40(??1.41; No. 2 hard, ! 1.27 1-8«1 l..-i8»i; .Vo. :!, l..'5S: No. 21 reel, nominally 1.40©i42V.: .\"o. .1, nominally lM :>(filAa\i:. Close: December 1.22 1 -S: May 1.27 1-8. Corn: receipts 148 cars; unchanged" to 1-2 cent lo\t'cr; No. 2 Vhite. SOffi'SO 1-2; No. 78*1-2; So. 2 yellow. 82: No. ;t. S0> No. 2 mixed. 7 !IM!: So. :t. 7CiArr79 1-2. Close: December. 79 :{-S; May 87 if-S: .Inly 9I). ' , Oats: receipts none; iinc.h.i.nged to 1-2 cent higher; No. 2 white, ."iO. nominallv 50 (11 52 l-2i .\o. .Milo maize; 1.29fil.:!n. Kaffir: L26/f»1.2fl. <Rye: nS(f?99. Barley: 77(fr78. •,1 .\'..y. .^,ii;th -.n.! •. ife 1 .-'iir'l.iy x.ith .M;. ;:nd i -Mis. H. i!:-. Co;::..!-.- v .-i -st .jf lola. 1'luite ill at ii. :•!!-. ii: /Mr. • n.l S 'iu.-.rt. Ch;;s. Wi!- part of town. . | '/ur anil .Vadiiie weti in Sat- : -•'r;^. Aliie Mitch"!! wiio has 'IK-OU ! inpss Sorvlr «s Ofiered f3:'Fr ^'"sKvE -~Th()se"^ leaky auto top:»: Ford totirin.:; tops dressed, fi.r oi'.i' >v<:c;.. ^l.r.O: coiiy tcips, | ?'1 .00. Work guaranteed. Smitli's :from a visit with her luother. I-or-: f;;,v:it,(. " 12! .North streel. Vi.^itc;! ;i <-n .Meek and, family ai .Mapleton. Mr.-'. .Jesse' Tiirn.'r is rcp.)r 'i. d v.-osl I)rrssni:!kinr an;! Mi'lhierr 21^ ISIfJAS a .\.\(iF^—Bargains in gas range's. Ilehninger's Fiirnituro. Store. 11$ AVest Aljilison. _| Wanted—To Buy 66 WA.N'TED TO BUY—All kinds of cattle atid hogs. .1. C. Butclier. W-\N.TED - Sewins, .r-^Jair work, of ai: 'kinds. Velining-coats. Prices reasonable. Work guaranteed. urday ami attended the opening of i ^'siting her son. H-nderson .M:t-! :M ,.s. Cnodrich. l::i>t; Ncoslli!. the ite^i.^ter ..'.lildiag. This r.eigli- chell. and faniily. reiurne-l to h.-i i rjione ins .l. _ boi'.io'jcl prettv well represent-1 home in' OsawatomieJ Kansas. 1— _ ; •vl in attei!d;.n:-o at the Register | 'A MMniTMr^K ^i""-^^' ' Movinfr, Trnckii)?, StoRtpre; 25 opening. The ctiuipment of tlw:. buildihg was ever so nice.. ' daughter visited Sunday at Au.stini .)''•' ^-r.d .Urs hrnest Stji^rt and j. Tf .,i»„.o«-„ iK-hv spent Sna.::iy at the-^parentaii LOST—Larg daughter, Mildred, •iisile.-i Sunday Afternoon at Car .Maycumber's. .Mr. and .Mr .5. Kd Beaman visited Saturday rvehin^ at Ross Kitch- inl.ler'k " Mr. and .Mrs. Park .Caldwell and strayed. Lost, Found 10: Ilolenian'a. J. W. MeFarland and daiightsr. ;;randson. Harvey white bul! dog. Recall Sneeele. Phone 964-11. jCALL DE.A.N TRA.VSFER — Phone .SS.">. will move you by hour or contract, with e,xpcrienced men'.'. jWoK. Smart liome . j ward. I E'.cieit Sinifii nuskcd cor;: last' 'week lo:- h:.^ ttiic!-!. W. .\. Ford. TRAVELl.VO B.AO—Brown leather. WANTED-Slipplierd. Collies, JFox Terriers. Spitz Puppies.^ Desctlhe age and price. ; .\o moritirels wint- ed at any price. E. A. Rfcketts, Kincaid, Kans. ' " ' W.A.NTED—Fox Terriers. Collies, Spitz, Shepherd' puppies. State age. describe. -No mongrels wanted at any price. E. A. Ricketts., Kincaid. Kans'. containing ladies' clothing. ".Alar- 1 garet Teoves. Parsons, KaK." on • Ltbi»r;".! reward if re- — AVHEN YOU MOA'E— Or store yoar j" e')0d.<5 call Corr'^ Transfer. Offt.:e | 1 residence l ^C. .;' EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted—Female S3 Lr-!ia, and little Lee .MeFarland, were down near. ,,„„,„ narl.nI Ka,..,^Monday ::n:, go, a !-j^^^^^^J""-„ ^ ^•Sl ^Ha ^lf {0 Of lola visited i;;!;,;!;;- Y '^"^"^7 ^'-^^ ("rS'-io I ^g :!r oml ^e!" Sund-ny lit the home of his lather. „ „l , .,, .1 .z=^ • —=£r=.::. = . r. Tt _ 1 I- o boy. we sure x.ill have to hami , •.T.r ^.m..^-»»^ ^A^ti^lSlllnd found a fin.>. 'l!:: ^^^Ze'^t^ ^ ro^ ! —^^nCTIQNS^^ bright re 1 ..rter by his be., i.ous. lYa^^nTt^ doI ^llJs •.,:.l"::,N I ____JVue.Jon^ ine parrv > no losi . t.. . . j^,^ ,_.„t,,r,i,i„p,, <,very miuut.-, puBLIC AUCi -IO.Y -Pnlilic auction,„ :n... se lur cupie on uirm,,. i by watching the paper fropi th.-j every Satnrdhy at 1 :00 o'clock at | more fi>!r compiir.y than anything:. ROOMS AND BOARD Rooms Withont Board 1 58 SLEEPING ROO.AI—Close to ths- square. Phone 96. ; (JIK?^.-A\Iai!;ed for genera;' ROOMS — Fiirnished. modem;. 10A I work. . lli'fiiiire 917 S. Washington, j ff,J ^ft^eet garage. Inquire :!1.5 South Chest-- •time it started into tlie press until' Rjsbop's Sale.s" Pavilion. Mi's. Arthur Hamilton „ p,.^^,^,, folded, j J ft;. NORTH LOGAN . • . (Liwt AVei'k)' Mrs. C. F. Pribbernow and Charles of Humboldt spent Sunday .nfternooti with the Wm. Prlbber- inow fam.ily. ' ' j Mr. and .Mrs. Beacannof. and fabi- ily .spen Sunday afternoor at Bort brth's. ' V.l,-. and Mrs. Clement a:! family :ind jMi.sSes Florence an- .'"ran- t'os Chicken:- spent Suni'-ay ; • Bur^-11 HowellV.. : The AVillin^ ^Vorkers club held a food sale last Saturday a' the Self Service ptorei in^H^aiaold''. _.\ Dqrsett J ^roduce Co. ' Xt^ East Street; lolji Fbone j Cash for Ponltrj sBd Egrgs We win come after pottltry. OS Call any' tlm& Comer Easst Monroe and Elm Sts. lOLA, KANSAS We Want Your Poultry, Eggs ' andHidies. nice sum I was realized and fve thank >ou|for your liberal patrdn- Jige. Mrs. Chicken and Paul called at Fred Dice's Sunday morning. .Mr. and .Airs. Harold Sears and faTli% and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Callaway and Jimmie.spent Sunday at C. O. Kinney'h. Mr. and .Airs. Leslie AVomack spent -Sunday with -Mr. and Mrs. Ray Collins. 1 AA'c arc glad to report that Mr. J. A. AA'oniack continues to im- pj'dve. The Sdnday school sent hinv .a nice box of fruit and the AViHing AVorkcrs club sent him S;ruit for TlianUs^iving.. j Mr.; anil. Mrs. Hay and little girls spent; Sunday afternoon at Burrell rioweli-s. M I ".'a^nU Mrs. C.len Riddell were supper guests of Mr. and.Mrs. Fred Dice and fahslly Tuesdaj-. , ; , FrMAtallcn. Leslie AVorh- ^ .inil r- Frcd Dice butchered a hog for'j J. \. A\on*4ok .Alonday. 5 Tile'^\^lHng AVorkers clnl) met November 16 with Mrs. Dan Hiint- or. Twclv^ members answered roll call. After the business meeting ^trs; Chas, Stroh. Sr.. bad charge of the NoVjenA >er. birthdaS' program. The l^ostess served deUj-1 " ntfrasSmenCB, /^e liextniectt]. Kansas iffy J.lvestirk. Kan.-ias City. .\ov, :m. (AT) S. Dept. of Agriculture)—Hops: 9.5IM); early trade to shippers uneven, steady to l.'ic .lower; mostly lOf/ L".c lower than Tuesday's average; now, extremely .slow, packers bidding fully 2."ic lower; stock pigs steady; early top $.S.SO<)n 2.10 f(2ri(i-lbs.; desirable l.sOWi.'iO-lbs., $,S.60'i(,s,Stl; M0(}} 170-lbs. JS.OOW S.-IO; no heavy butchers sold; few imckiiig sows, 17'fi 7..")0; stock pigs. Cattle; r,,m )n; calves i.'20O; beef, steerft steady to slrong; weighty, offerings receiving most action; other klliiiig classes cattle, scarce, steady: yealers strong; stockers and feeders unchanged; good 940- Ib. yeatllngs. $15; bulk mediiim to good sjiort fed steers. |ll(fri .1.7.'»; vea'l toj) $l.r50. ;'. Sheep: 6,500; Iambs slow. 10@ 13c lowtr; sheep steady; fed jatnbs mostly $13.5a(?? 1,1.60; some held higber; wooled .yearling wctliers, $11; best ewes offered $6 .50. )Hojppir^^ D/ttrS TILL off lill tomonow iT The wise nun's nJe, youl find. Apply it to )'Oiir sijoppin?, foBa, And gel it off your mind. by (a lini? for it. (Leila .AlcFarland.1 .Air. and and gnin.lda,ughte.r •{o-'^'-Hh , readvs for the c.nrriers. all .lone bv j Bronsou; Mr. Bert HamiUon „,achinery. That is great! Fort Scott, and .Air.and Mi,s. _^ . • : Ceorge Broughtou and' daughtc|r.' .Mildred, took dinner Sunday at the Ben .Alarrs home. . i Mr. and Mrs. Park Caldwell and ; ilaughter viiiite'd Sunday in Bron- j son ;at RndiselPs. Mr. and .Airs. (KHJige P.roughlon j cnteVtaliied the following for diii-: ner on Thanksgiving: .Mr. anil ; lAIrs. lyektcr Amey and daughter'.. La von, of (larnett; Mrs. Cora Haiji- ; iltoii and little granddaughler. .Mrs.' Evil Bniri.'i, and .Air. and Airs. Ren .Alarrs. .Air. and .Alr.-<. AVilson. Bern and ' Cfcorge Ruckman, .Air. Snid.r and daughter, Emma, and .AIvIit and , Evedean Harclerode, of loin, all j visited Sunday at Earj rinider's. .Mrs. 'f;race Steward ami <Iaugii-1 ter. .Aladelne and Leila .AlcFni^jand i md little nephew. Harvey Lee .Air-I 'Vrland, were lola visliors Satur-j ilay. I i Miss Inis Broughton of Ft. Scott ; visited Sunday afterno<Jh at her father's Mr. Emery Brdughtoi^.^ ; Jfrs. Grace Lowaryi and ilatigh-; trr. .Alis-i Sadie, visited Sunda>^ at ' J. AV. McFarland's. ^fr. and Mr.s. Roscoe Tico and li;- , Je daughter. Mr. Dave Tire an(j[ ^aogbter. A'eric, .Air. and Mrs. i . • — — i..- . ATI DOLE ACED WOMAN- AVantcd ! RW .T- .USJTA TF VCiTt WPVCV fo.keep horse for coi;pIc oh farm, j l'l»K KI^JN 1] else. AlJrife C. C. .lacoljsnn. Sav- I Farms' and Land' For Rent AUTOMOTIVE Kan?.. R. 1. Antomoblle Aecncles I FINA\CIA»> Money fo Loan—Morlpatres A USED CAR—Is as tiependable as; : i the dealer who sells it — Dodge i F.-\RM .-AND CITY 4i» _'S(> ACRES. Or 120 acres of Max-I i soil farm smitheast ot LaHarpej _ i wiih improwmeiits. Phone t204Ji loja. Bas."!. Ilonses For Rent ;;en«a c.osTfi! \ FAn.« LOANS-Quick .ervlce and i }±L^J^: _^«i>%j!^'"::: Is. priced to sell. Ellis Mo ^or ! reasona^ble rates. A. D. Haw- 1 fotT .'vnK- Cood r, room mloderri, 0.. 214 North Washington. ; thonic.; 2i:: S. Washington. ! j^.r rent, aftex Dec} 1. n-ir.r"--. . r 1 MV^x-^'v'-r,. IV^AV . i J'h6iie,,;;i, ._- _ ----- LOANS Sales and Service,' The best'place; rate oi) farms; . city d''.. \jo\\fi BUNG.-ALOW-- Five to buy good. dep'.;iida';le used cars, j or short time. R. .AI. Cunningham, j cl<;j6ble At present wo hav.; a complete : I ' line els Co , mJDSONlSsExl -SalesanavSei ^-l ^fO^ LOAN On farmsr „rl^'"»'"v Ice. Bud White Motor Co. 219 '!fv p:.i;'<rty. i.„we.-;t rale. Stewart South AVasi;ington. Phone 180. ; •^' Fun'i; 77 modtTD,' rage. .".l.-. .North Pt^eet, L-r. A. .T. Ciindv, fla's. Aiitomohlle.s For Sale f).,K. ir .SED CAR.S- 192! l-' road] ster: 1921 Ff)rd touiiiit;: 192:! Forci / rtmdst.-r: 1922 ; Fird' coup-; 1921 ! Dii:i«e t<i;:rii'g; l'.t21 I)(>d;;e roa.I ' ster: 191S Dodiie toitrinL': 192'; i- Chevrolel st(la:i: 1921 ChevrolcT ; touting; 1924 Ch-vroh i tun irnck.l" with' grain body; 1921 0%'erland ' _ timrfng: 1919 0;d;lan.: touring. : . ^V ^itp HOrSK 6 room it:od<-in with garage, 620 .\-. ^.fl.i-.soii. Pho.'S67J. 11 ; MONEY'TO LOAN On real < stale.; (•O TTAO K '-Partly motl- i-e:.r,y:.''.Ie in s'n:.JI monthly pay-j „,„, nirni.slied. on paved street, m^nis. Tho'U'l.,.:n.-; n.'ver c..;.iedaei .i:u.|;„„„ fi.altv Co.. over Ilrown's ' - -l;eHei-li(t-aiise'•(•''raper .-iiid mere i Drug Store. cor;veilJeiit. Se(-uiily Iliiilding i:~ '-' - ' - ' •' \ =^:~-is.- I--):iii It -Vatl. Hank BIdg. j Farms and Land For Sale 83 LIVE STOCK Iforshs, Cattle. Yeliicles AA-ELL IMPROVED SO ACRES— — J And well estabHshcd filling sta- 48 j ticn on main trail north and south. Price $6,600 for lioth. AL .A. Schlitk. Sheily .Atotor Co.. ll.s West .la;-k-i soil. Phone 60. ye-rirliilg good' (ol 1925 FORD: COrPE- 1921 Buick! roadster: 192'> Ess:ex c-ojipe: 19::T Ford conpe- 192C Siar ••oaih. .Mi are in gi>od shape. Vv'<- !:-adft" Ross Arbii'ckle's f;ar?.ge. Cl :!y..;|^>,-- dea'.frs. Phone .^G. f MILK milk. C ifouses For Sale' 81 male past | voitr last chance; also j H. Peet. LaHarpe. • : iCOTT.\GE-."i room modern, good giving! garage. c:oSe in, ift.a'-very low -Good jersey, • n be seen in town. Bhelly price. JoJin Reulher. .Motor Cd..,llS AV. .laekson. Pho.60. MODERN HOUSE—Furnished, good PlG.S;-:t pigs weighing iabout j location; or will rent. Phone 656 (SO lbs. each. 21 S. A'erthont street, for appointment with owner. F'RErKT RS AND HIS FRIFIVDQ THEN HE'S A THIRD COUSIN. BY BrX)S3ER

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