Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 30, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1927
Page 6
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-Three-Day Trip January V '19,i0 and 21, Is IPlanned OTHER FRAYS BILLED Ten Games Already Are . -. On Sch^iile for Cage jSeason ' • Though t be lola juiilor college jfcheilule is not complelcil f<lr this season, somcj very K'KMI Kanies arc '[ tyreaefy ^roiiiiscd Inia fain this • , '^^t^r. Nine jganicH have s Iready been settled, i with another one de. pending onNf^chcduIing t\v «i more ;^ games on th^t trip. j lola has schedu;<'d game i with Ihjdependpnce: Kansas City, Parsons. CofftyVllIo, Fori Scot and Arlt City. ' An attempt is Ijeing made to sihe|lule two more games near K$insas | City, Kas., on .lanu- ary ,20 and 2^ .so that a^thi6e-day trip ran be made in that diiection. tParsons an|i lola usually hard battle. jhave :i {Last season I >la de­ feated'Parsions at Parsons In an ix- <ri period In one of the most thrill • iing games; pliayad on the Parsons [court. Parsons niuuaged' to Win by a good margitt Mhen it invaded the • Ipcal court later in the season. ' Fort Scoh ajid [ola usually havo a hard fight in basketba 1.' Last ycar^the lola-Fort Scott game was pii the Itight of the closing of the second te;im j louruament licld in .,Io)a by the jiinoir I-OIU-R*' iinil Johi was- ahead at; the h:ilf liiiti lost In tile final i)eriod. Ark City and lola l^ad one of the most thrilling; -Jtul liardcst fought battles si-eu in th"> 3ocal couri last st-:is:)n with lo)u "Ueading until I about the last miu- ilte of play when an Ark City I man tossed a basket tJiat was almost lycky in .scoriiig a victory, i it is against such toaihs as these • and other teams, that may turn out . to be -very powerful thif season. that Coach Stpckabrand is sendins ' bls^^eam. Other coriferpnce gamds may be schediil«?d. Also a few games before the cnnfercnt-e season j starts, may be played with non-| •conference teams near Inla.' These • extra ganics would ho part ,ly li> get, itJie team In conilition forytlie open-' • ios of at I Mountaineers of West Virginia U MayLoseMentor Chester, W. Va., Nov. 30. {API- Hard upon.jhc heels of a disastrous football season at Vest Virginia univcrsitv. head coach. Ira ^ Rod­ ders has indicated he may quit tho mountaincei^ at the close of the 193.S season.;^ Spedlcibg ;at a football banquet hei c, Itodfjcrs • said next year might be his last as mentor of the mountaiiiecifs. He did not. however, amplify that statement. Rodgers :wuH the target of some criticism this year, varioujB individuals blaming his coaching methods for the seiies of defeatji the mountaineers suffered. There were rumors that he : would not. bp resigned hi:t lli.i*ry A. Sti^nsbury. university atlilcljc director, rose to Rodgers' defense and yaid that so far as he himself was couceTaed, Rodgers woulil ^gaiu be asked to lake t'hargc of the next >ear| INDOOR POLO MATCHG^NOW International Play Will Feature Winter Battles ARGENTINA COMING The Ithe conference scisn^n. schedule as arranged Iivcse;lt lOlloivs: Jan. 13 —Independence tlicre. 'Jari.lS-j-Kaiii'at' Citv. Kas.. tliere. Jan. :J()-T-JOpen. , Jan. 21-j-Op.en. Jan. 26--ParK6ns here. Jan. 31-fC6ffeyvill^ there. •Peib. l-i-ltidependehce iiorc. Feb. Y -i -Port Scott here. ' Feb. il-Kansas City, Kas., ln-re. Feb- IS—;Parsons there. , Feb. 2-1—Fort Scott' there. \ . 'Mar. 3—,i\!k City here. lDrl G. wTwbedeBetter After' Major Operation r Pittsburg, Kan.. Nov.' 3(l. (AP( ;i)r. G. W. Wcede, veteran i'itts- 'burg Teachers' college football • coach, who, underwent a major operation here Saturday, was report- -cd by pbjysicians to have spent a rqstfiil' night. , Doctors said tluit i "rirhile his'ailment was of a sorinus nature, he had shown mrtrked improvement. In the last 24 hours. Overtures Also are Made To Representatives Of Canada New York, Nov./30. (AP)—Two series of' International matches, more tlian the indoor polo asso; ciation of tlio Tniled State.s' iias prliviously staged in 12 years of existence, are planned for this wi:ster in the most ambitious .schedule ever laid down by the Associati)n. Xefeotiitiohs. are under way, Robert A. (?rauuiss. president of the association announced today, to bring !a team to .New York this winter from Argentina", headed by Lewis Lacey. crack International back.. Overtur'^s also have beeii made for Canadian representation in tlie National championships in .Marcli. The last foreign indoor invasion look place .in 1!)2;{, when a British team was beaten s-oundiy. Eight states are entered in j the Inter-Circuit championships to decide final entries for the title hunt. Sectional eliminations ^V•H be lield- in -New York. .New Jersey. Connecticut, Pennsylv.ania, .Midiigan. llliuois. Ohio, and Ken- !.iicky. No intercolleKiatc tournament has been scheduled. FOOITBALL EXPl ^aRTS 5PUT AWAY IIIEIGROC^SRIES • As .Seen By C. A. CLIFT Footlmll .'.n.! baseball mixed at a banquet tendered a number of iVominenI s |i .iri rcltl)r!lie.< on the eve of the Southern Californla-.Votre Onrac ga.-r.e. l.<ft to right wo have "Pop" Warner, coach at Stanford; |it;!h<" "Kn:; i ;t Swa'," wearing a Notre Dayie uniform; Knute It^ckn''. N'Xi- |};i:n' «o;n!i: (Viristy Walsh; l^)u Gehrig, runner-up to! liii'il). ;;::d llt)v.;.id Jur.i; . co.ich. South'.-rn California; ' ScmtiHg$jOoms AsTrotiblefor Big Six Meeting .Three Allen counfy.uien were tiiiiong the 21 fontliall phiyers to recehe "K" leUers ut I'itls- . liunc Teachers t-ollecc this year. Jim Kwin;;. of lolu. uul »t' tno (piiiie>: of in- jurtes, luuy not be able to itliiy next year because ni liufing I'layrtf wifli Inlu Jnnior.eoileiie. Jie has been )in tiinrresvhe and Mniii-shiiiir tackier and \ia^ been equally good on «ff«nse. Konnotli Pcttit a:id Henry llnx botli of I.,aH:irpe, won letter.-* iliis .vear. It was I'cttifs third yeai,on I .\1. W. A. liall. C'uley K:y<;-i- is the s«uad. but his second year lo Ispoiisorins tlio r..:'ichos a:i>i proni- l ^iake a lettrr. He is a stro .in <Ie -|:seH "a real hliow or your iivmey fenaire player, aiul looms up as a | back." WRESTLING BILL WILLBESTAGP HERE THURSDAY Big Double~Bill Planned With Colored Battle Royal Added Two liig wr<:illin.i; ni:it. he.-; und a <f>!oii.-iI batiie tt yal a:o '.jilloi! lor toniorntw ni.iiht ;u .s:l.'. >dock .-it basketball pros:)ecl at Pittsburg. Brock, a freshman, played seven games this yr:'.;- j.i naltaack. .V bad .satili ovi -r his eye held hij'i on: of (Wie Kamo. !!;• i:; ;i i ;;.st inait- on tlie offense. j IVIlh the winter scasiiu rom- imr «>«i, biihlci):all is euuil'u Into its oiwi Jn loiii. The junior enlleKe and Hluh school eoaehes hjje lartfc sijn -.uls out for prac- llre. \ city Jiain has been or- iranized nhich uiJI conipete in the .Selian league. In addition several independent teams are beliiir organized. Ten percent of the iiioccedslwill be given to tlic 1-adies" .Viixiliaiy of Uic .Vuieric:;:! Ij:'£;io .M. fiViicral admissioii is T;') cents, lavlics k 'lci'. . In ono of till- two niiilchcs. l )en- Ver Kid I'urlc.v. wliii claini.> \t> i;<.•1 forJiivr world's d.i.niiiinn :jl ITiJ pouni!.'<. will wivsllo B(il )i)y ili.ib- eris. "KsK -s" ^lelton. of U\..\. Melon i!a's lit in Ijc.itint: M )!i!i y\nui I men at 'his woight. I Joi- BuMi^.' 14S pound."-. •)! .fopliii, i .-.lo.. cont-.-ndiT for t'lc v.-orld"^- wcl- I lerwei.eht (si!-, nu "t.s Ory-ille Vo:i lot' Krodonia. I'.otli matches arj i liest two fall'- oiii -ii' tlircL. JUNIOR COLLEGE BOYSNEEDWORK TO GAffTSCHOOL Must Quit Unless Income Shows Up; Girl Has New Position Indiana!-:.I's—Jack Duffy,. Toledo, and Frankie Osne.r. Indianapolis. dr.'W (ftil. i'-rankie Jones. Indianapolis, and Joe .Miller, (,'iii- cago,.drew (Sf. Los Angeie.s—Ace Htidkins, .\<'- braska. stopiK -d Herman .\uerliach (1). - • Portland, Ore- Luis Vincentini, Chile. ;\nd Joe .Marcus, I'ortland. drew (U)>. Denver—Den . Long. Colorado Springs, wor l)y t,•clinical knockout from .Mickey Colien. Denver, (ti): Pete Innis. Cliicago. knocked out I)on!;las .loitlan. Denever (2»: -Mickey McKnislit. i'eoria. Ills., de- tealeil Leo Hays.* Denver (10). Kansas aty .Nov. 3t). (AP)— Proponents and opponents of the Missouri Valley non-scouting, agreement in football were e.xpectf od have an opporluuity to ex<- presfi their views here tomorrow when representatives of the oew "Higi Sl.x" Athletic conference liiect for organization. Tomorrow's meeting is; prelimin- .:iry to the anmial llall session of ti :i; Viillcy confere:ico. <-a!led in St. Louis. December .2 and 3. An informal and incomplc-te poll pf V.illey coaches and athletic directors indicates tlJat harmony, dues \ not exist r^gar<iinK the "gentlemen's agreement" to eliminate 'scouting. adopte<l la*t spring and ti-ied during the season rc- Ifcntlyi ended. AVIiilcj no pen:ilty I was siifcified for rii falioli of the j agr(:ii |5enl. coaches aid in^litulions ; were ^ilaccd on fhjjrr iionor to 'abide jby it. large No reports are being ie;'civcd iu lola as to \v!i:'.t became of Jim Kanavan, tlie bo.^ei who ran axvay froiii his niat'.li in lola Monday night.. Kanavan evidently slipped out. of town without anyone getting a line on where l;a was' SQir.g. Ih'. probably is figi!ri\ig on "trippiiiK' KiMir .oiored joys will i,..:tiii- ipatc in the •Cliinese" battle royal.! frowil ai Diamond Friday evening ' ; ELMCREEK '"^^ ""'"'"^ Ktpoft of school riLslrit; Vi. for m.-;iiili ending 'Ocloher 2S: Pupils ct;ro'.' .1. girls .">: IKIVS :;. iotal per <oiH. ot :i!tcnda!i<e ;i ,"i "'s. Those nvisli '-T altst-nt nor lardy wrre: back to sunny Gelifornia. Despite { .Marparci Cra.v.-^on. the weather", it's too hot for iiim around here. Twehe games already h:ne been hilled by the local .iunior e^illrt^e' euue a'.;Kregatii)n and Coaeli Ira .sioekehrand is liii'p. ing to bill twenty mimes for (he season. It sounds,like |i pretty sfiii' schedule, but a better team may he e.vpceted because of .it. , I Children's Matinee of • Big Parade Here Friday North Carolina State V To Play Michigan Team Ralelsh.;.N.C. .Nov. 30. (AP)-North Carolina .Static has scheduled a <botball game with Michigan Sfatc next .vear. to "be vlayed'No- A -erabor 21 at Kast Lansing. ^ IF EVERY ONC \WAS FRANK-fHERE'D BEVERYUffLE COMMElVS^tiON I)y speciaj arrangement Metro-Ctddwyn .Mv. .Ma?ruder ol the Klite has received- pt rniis.^ion to show the I Big Parade at a spp- cial pi ice for school' children Friday ;tfternoo|i at 4:1^ o'clock. I'poii serins where tlie Newman iit Kansas t.'ily :;howc'i Ibis pi(lure lo cl'.ildi'-ii at r-.-ducei!. priiv-s Mr. .Magruder .called K ;in !-;»s City and received I pernitssioii to exhibit this picliiro jto thilUien under 12 at L ')c and sch (H>! i-liildren over 12 years of age ;!t 2 .'.c. .\ Danish women's hock'-y team' is to visit Kiigland for seri<'s of malcht's with the leading women's teams of that country. J. H. Cray.son and .^!a^y Jane Kr'cdiund. Those rocoiving ^lie liig'iiesl nu!iii)'-'r of marks [or lioiior ro'i points were: ! Laura (;ray.--()!!. first ami Helen Cri'nur anil .^largarct (;ray.-:on sec- end J. 11. (;r;:ysi)ii. tliird. Vis- jlc.r.< :i!ways welcome 'i iiose r'^"ivj!ig the liiKf'.e.s! avor- agi' jn' Id-inoii'hiy cvaininations W( rr :• Laiira'tir-iys'iii and .Margarei t;r.iy. in, bTli :-ai :krrl fir.^t. rarh hi'viiig an avcr.ige m' !i(>. Kay <'r :::".i 'r rani . 1 .-••..rond will) an av'.'ragc <>\' '.'>. ,iail 'll'-li-n Cramer t''i:rd. with^ ;n avcriigi- of !tl. .Mr. ami Sirs. Klnii-r Correll have with ! niiivcci iiUii their now lioin,- wliicii tliry lavr Iiiirn Imiidnig. We are to welcoino thcni into our community. .^irs. Cny Yesterday a plea in the Uegiiiier for a position for a high school, ; girl, wiio needed work in order to NcW Dodge Car Is kceji going to school, brought live, G » - i. T i r» i or .six answers. Thanks tj ihe' OeeU Dy loia UCalCr .spirit or lola citizens, the girl \v.-\ a position today and can remain in' Yesterdav in Kansas City Mr. A school. j !|r:. Klli.s, Ol the KUi^ ;.Io;oi Co.. Today Dean Fleming of loli Juii- saw for the.lirst tis-.• an • •.itir.^ly • or collegt- declared that hj- lias j new Dciige Ic^r. lo be kn"vv:i as thf two • iuilii.striou.s and honest ^ouig; \'!ct«"'ry Si.v. This privjtc men in school here v.-ho •Will be: was con;ii 'i-'( d by .Mr. !".. '!. Wii- loreed to liave sckuid ui !!"sii liu y imr. pr- li 'i 'i of l)oii.!-'». r.iMS.. .-in.! find work. • w;is allcndcd by inoii- ihnn 6i>fl Both hoys have been plaviaRon -dealers <d" Un mid -wi-suTn ierri- the junior coUege football icran • t<;iy. It .vas th- s< .end ol" a ser- and are bright p:•o.sp(•ct^; for lias-;Jes ri;" .showings, ol ilic <:a- in tliy keti)all. Dean Fleming is hoping i I'nitcd t-'iacs. the last oi ulucii the response will bo as goinl a.s ii> \vi!! hi- held in .Nov. York. Dic-n:' bi-r Till -..u'X Stii. Mt !n)!:gli- df ;;iils v.f!i- •WMIK pubic, the nt'v.- car i.s ropor ^'-d tc 1)0 a, new deparliire in aatomobite engiiisrering. -Mr. \i'iiiner chrrac- ttrizes it jTs a ra/iical iniprovi-nu-iit over the ])resent\day design. Xo mention was made of its price Th" president of Dodge Brothers SETS RECORDS F(iR VICTORIES Lee "Longshot" Hardy H^s 207 Winners to His Credit • SEKANB the case of tho young lady. DIAMOND (.Mrs. B. K. Spurgeon.) .Nov. 29.—There was a Kennedy received the box of chocolates for the njosti popular >oung ^„ ,„„g,^^.,, .^.j,^ .j,^ p,,rly pro- lady at the pie supper. 'ductioa ol the Victor Sis. the .om- ^ .Mr. Babcock was trading in lola , program for 1928 wiuid be baturiiay. ; ! complete. consi:jtit;gj in addition tc the new car. the present 4-cylinder TOPS ALL OTHERS Boy, 18 Years Old, Has ! Only One Year's Ex; perience at Riding i Chica.MO. .Nov. .'.U. (.\ PI —Lee :"I.dii .i ^shot" Hardy, a lad ol' IS with only ono year's experience in the saddle.: holds the wurid's record iiir winning mount.* in brcd for ij sin.n'.o season, by viriiio bf ridin;.;;to victory in 207 i races. • i Previous records were held by j Ivan Parke .witii 20.T winners, and (!uy (jainer. wit!i.20;{. Hardy is the third jockey tb Across 200 in thj hii;tory of the -American turf. He ibroke in on Ohio Humboldt Wai- Be Oppos, ingi Team in ffl?^ M Game of E^gue PRgLlMII^Y GAME : Register SquiS Will Meet City Reserves in Opening -Fray I On Friday night of this week the i-age sea«on will opeii for tola with . the loUi city team agaiiiit the HuntboUlt city team ia tbV^st lo- • cal game ot the Sc-ljan. leagiie. The local squad has -Ijcen pr^cttcl^ . rf-gul.-irly this week in prejjaration for this gainc. jv' -i' The game whi^U is tte/.^econ^ .•^ncojnter in the leasufr,.3fiU.l>e first game in IoI«i this, acason. tjlis team or any other Btjnad. Tiiel gitme will be played ip t ^lB mer-. chants building at the fair groun4sMj| whirh has been prepared for bas -yw keiball itliis .-.oasW. J The DoMoIay band is schedu^fe :y / fo furnish music:during the gamC^ft which will probably .start abot& 4 eight o'clock. The preliminary is to be bet ween the Resteer team -j/V and the Jola-tow|o reserves. "Jininiie" Piggjof the Sandwich Inn who handled the'-Ihn tea"fe' last ' year and has-been'responsible for seoHig that lola: entered :the new Icagno this se.aSon, said'last evening that he could not state much about starters for the game until .".fter K.niglit's practice. Pigg is managing the team which is coach -i od l)y .Merle- Bollinger. , . . In the opening Sekan leagu«<k of ih'j season at Mildred last nlghtr' *| .Mildred emerged victorious "jn o( •12 to 24 battle. • ' \ his many friend L. K. Roush haslrcnted a farm Dr Lone Kim; Cny Knglisii striiiii reoslrrs III itilcl <vira g(io;l Rr;id( Those riiosliirsi -.Wi e^gs laid bv In i.- prrcliasod .some Wliito Leghorn lo her flock of While Lrgjiorns. liut::hod from thai have an i-yn-iaying re ijri! of .•;:;l ORKS. .MI •. Jolin (.'riuiior wen' lo "Kaii::is City \Vc(jii.'.-day. .November lo spend-Tlulnksgiviiig. i . _ . _ •_ .MSs ^'-•ri•o(•r•)ifl ;:l .il/(•, fir.-l Kng- :i>;Ii wo!i'.;'ii tiii'iwini iho Cha-.nel. won a <'!iympuiiisiii |i i.i iuiitliiig dnrju'.; tiie Into wa;-. .Mr. McKinney was not .so well last week, but is improving again tY ^e 'pV ^^enl"^ s7nio*rTini .ra now. whicli willbej good news •« j B.,.yii„der car. " : "Dodge Brothers. Inc.. is pared to onj iv ne.Vt vo;ir the s hi:no.y."| MglUeen nuinthi we have lifoii f.rganed .ilnics!; c.\- l.ioyd Rush spent Sund..y at Mil- j ^.>.,,„^,: ..j.^,. pre- hig- Mr dred. .Minnie .Mai ".veok-end with Itousli spent - the her hiece in lola. ! I cluslvely in a roiidju;; .Mr. and -Mr.";. L. K. R-.msii and ufacl'.irinj: raiit raciliti: : ;ncnt oi" jiiinif »>Jiicli I will t!ie Viv''!iry l" tracks in 19215. i and was several ; months getting ; his first .winner home. This happened on Septem- iber ::o. Iil2fi \\t (,'olumftus.- Last spring Hardy began riding ion Chicago tracks, almost unknown, anil became a sensation almost ovornight. C K. "Boots" Durnell purdiased Hardy's contract for $12,000. and Hardy has since been ridin.;; for the Three D';; stable •managed by Durncll for K. T. \Vagi;onon Texas miUionaire. ..... ..... .V.-...-,.. ;,..,r;nit lis to iiio.iuce the Vii;';>iy Minnie Mac spent. Sunday with -Mr. j^;^ ,.„„,.;,;,., ,,„. g,.,;.t- and Mrs. CciuOisk. I ,..t doPar value over of^en.:. Dbdge Mr and Mrs L. K- R"'s1' ; ,;rothors has Imn; =.nd .sold more .Minnie Mje called on .Mr. and -Mr---! .jiaM 2 nuliion < an •' ' Xw Kills v\as K;i!!s:::; Ciu Ir. I., !-'r'.'d BorJ;nia::. Spiirg"ou Sunday evening. I KImer Jomsiand little son. Wal- 1 Icr. called at i the parental Jones' Iionie Sunday ijnnrniug. i llairi'.d Jdricf am! sislers. ^.liniiiei .\„.i ,ji, and Mabel spopt Snn.lay i.fieryopn j.' .j. v.ilh tii.oir brolhor. KJnior and fam-j.,^ niarri;lgr :i(;l>IOI!illi. jl tc 10. L; n.ii.^an jars a w:j;iian :i d'spiisitirm so :'Wi'rt much Legalized Boxjhg Law May be Made in Hawaii — • I AVashin.ston. -Nov. :!(»: (.-MM— allteinpt to legalize boxing in Ha-i waii will he made at tho coniing SO!: ••pn '}f congri'ss by Victor K. Houston, newly oloete-l delegate froin'th" torri.tor.v. A sinular measure fai:ed in the house iiidic iary I comiJiitlee ;.l the :ast session. THE PERSONAL TOUCH Many beautiful gifts, can be madii at home. Dccalcoinania Patterns Cloth Fix Text'ile Colors Cone Paste Colored Bronzes WHEN BBTTBR AUTOMOBtLES ARE BtJILT. BUKX WILL BUILD THEM Used Play ot Cornell "DILL ROl'KR of Priinoiou i« on* ' •'•^ of football's "f 01 oiniKsf coarhea. •Ticer'teams arc always well liitorod in the strategy of Iho game as woU . th< fuiKlameiiials. tt ' ' Riiriltoper is'a sreat ro.nch because he l>^.nlwa .vs willing in loarii:. .not tiH) pijouil to ac't 'opt the grid -M'lsdom of oiher.s. In the Yale .same. Prinretoii used a short forward pass bchiiid the .line that didn't seem to travel but , a few yards.' It was very deceptive and resulted in a nuinlien oOarly ^ains that helpeiV Princeton to its only touchdown. J.. Later while talking to one of . iKopir's assisiauts. 1 commeaited on the decepiiveness of tlie short pass. ] "We picked that up from Cor" ;nell,"."Wa§-his rcpl.v. "Our team bad trouble solving it and Roper d^ided it w-ould be a !;ood play to iise a^in^t 'i'ale. We worked on it for a week and had it moving smoothly." All of which is pionf why r>iU Jloficr iscivc of the gitmc's oiratcil i. coach e?.'"" i /e is nlvaijs iriJiiiig lo iearn, Irfoc-tn*/ fccl'lhal he kiioiis - :uiif». • ! ! KhoW of Other Cases "WTHILE watchius'- Vale and J " Princetibu take [their prelim- Jnary'workout prior to the -start of Hh^ eamg, it was bud natural- that ''ithe absence] of Caldiircll from tlie '.Yajif'lJDeup should bf discussed. I .i«x ^^reieret U)at|so|ne one had ito'^j ^^tjie j ^ans jit> a most inop.^ iPortune^iQomenti . '?r «ijEre,*liaffl *t;b€tert any .secret . Juawi his plaj-fng at ':>^iH^^^SSSanr^niaca the- liaiisler nllo, .--o <io one oiijccteT Iii.s playiiiK with Yirte. ''An a manor of fact. I can name yoH three other Mars on prominent elevens, whoso cases arc slmilai* to that of C-aldwoll. yot no' attention has boon paid to iliom. * fsiiiie none of, the players starred as freshmen. and no pcr- siia.sion or induceiHents were offered to them lo change, their cases .-ire hardly identical with the star who shifted COIICBC because pressure was broaght." i . . . 7 'i '/r Cnjflirrlt rtisr. hoiccicr, [ xhoiilil xcrrc lo wake the leading cotlriii:s look closrhi into the jiedi- ijicc of their tithlrlcs from noic on. Brow* Beaten Often "W/^HAT a tough;year this has b'ceu for Browii^and next year it will be even tougher in several respects. iJrown has taken six trimmings in a row. Defeat at the hands of Pennsylvania. Yale. Dartmouth and Harvard carries no disgrace but trimmings from Temple and Lebanon Valley arfe difficult to explain. Undoubtedly th ^e is something uuilcr the surface af Brown. Tuss McLaughry is too gpod a coach and Brown liad too good a- team to experience such a terrible season. On top of this, comes the announcement that Brown inay lose several of its best attractions for next season. It is said Brown will not lie on the schedule of Vale, (fairvarii qnd Dartmouth in 1928. (t will be hard ^o replace thisltrio of big gvnes. .Rroictt h9* lifcn a /ocfpr in fut' em alhletlcit forxn many years lhal it-, 1$ certflin the hiiiiitHi tcfli Xep Drive Buiac for pis overbad rpad D RIVE a Buick for 1928 over the stretch of bad road you know best. . .Notice how Buick's Cantilever Springs smooth away those iaggravating nits and biunps . . . Observe hoiir Buick's Ixjvejoy Hydraulic Snock Absorbers, front and rear, absorb road shocks and eliminate jolts and jars . . . You cannot know Buick's marvelous new riding comfort imtil you have tested it yourself. A car awai^ you in our showroom, j SEDANS ;il9S to ^1993 ,. but watch Iww pther smokers ate changing to

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