The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on March 30, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1894
Page 4
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Soluble Dedicated PASTILLE FOR WEAK MEN .. Iho tklllod ijliy. sluluiiH. ruauli fium youUilullnilliii'rullijii, luo lieu |jnlu)«i'in'u, or over hiHin work. Avoid the lujpuHltlnn of |>rotuiithiun reiuu- dlus uud lub JlhucMio thiU huu V II |t BII thousunds, J'uiiiidod on soloniltlo lueilluul |<rliiel|ilus. lly cllro-'l Uniillc'ulloii to the neul or dlauiiBU Its speultlu i full wllli- , -.,, Tho uulu- rul /unullons of ihu huuiHu oruunl'" i uro . , , i toll! •truniilU und mtxuul vlnor. ~ A» evIUunuu or our . uluiuents ut lilu, vU huvu bvuu wusUiduruglvt-nbuuk *nd In S>ruf. , wo ro!' ~.t days' trial A uuuM'Tisi,y ll luun, younti or old, '' mien. , so we uiuy kuow thuir condition to nirevla iiroiupvvuru. ----- ' HOBSOH FOR THE GULF. Asserts the Union Pacific Is Not a Bankrupt Road. QUOTES FIGUEES TO SUSTAIN IT. Interest: Obligation.* of the Union r.lnllli! Paid From n Fitnd Set Aside For That Purpose — Judge Tluirston Commences the Closing Argument For the Union Pa' clflo— Clark's Statement Not FJletl, OMAHA, March BU.— The hearing of the Union Pnciflo-Chilf case in the United States circuit court was continued before Judges Caldwell and Sanborn Wednesday, the argument of; Attorney Holison not having been completed. Mr. Hob- eon started to show that the Union Pacific was not a bankrupt road,, but that on the 1st of January of the present year it was in a flourishing condition. When ne began to quote figures to sustain his contention, Judge Caldwell interrupted and inquired why, if the facts were as stated, Mr. Hobson did not begin proceedings to have the receivership set aside. The attorney replied that he was not attacking the receivership, but he wished to show that the road was perfectly solvent and therefore able to carry out the contracts entered into with the Gulf company. He as* serted that there had been no failure on the part pf the Union Pacific to pay interest obligations on the main line when due. He alleged that when such, default was imminent George Gould and Russell Sage went down into a fund Bet aside for such purposes and brought out enough to meet the requirements of the case. He asserted that it was necessary for them to , take $250,000 from this fund Jan. 1 to meet the obligations due. He challenged the receivers to show that they had made a single report since their ap pointment as to the condition of the trust imposed on them. When the noon recess was taken, Mr. Hobson had not concluded his argument. There were few sensational features during the afternoon session of the court. Mr. Hobson completed his argument and then Attorney Fattison made the closing address on behalf of the Gulf. Before Judge Thurston, general solicitor for the Union Pacific, began his closing argument, Judge Sanborn remarked that if the counsel would confine his address to the consideration of the measure of compensation to be paid between Oct. 13 and Dec. 18, 1894, he thought the court could reach an agreement on the other points in dispute without listening to any more argument. Mr. Thurston then opened his final appeal to the court. He declared that the statements of Attorney Hobson in regard to the solvency of the Union Pacific were without any foundation in fact. Mr. Thurston had nearly completed his argument when the hour for adjournment arrived. The expected statement of Receiver Clark on the wage conference was not filed in court, but late in the day advance Bheets of the report were handed to the attorneys representing the different labor organizations. Mr. Clark condemns the actions of President Debs of the American Railway Union during the conference, in advising employes to withdraw. Denver Police Case. DENVER, March 29.— After hearing arguments on the appeal from Judge Glynn's decision quashing the writ of injunction against Mayor Van Horn and the new fire and police commissioners the supreme court judges announced that they would not take up the case on error. Unless the old members, Orr and Martin, now retire voluntarily a writ of mandamus will be obtained by the new board to compel them to vacate. Yielding to pressure upon Governor Waite the new board has selected H. M. Behmer, a Populist, for chief of police instead of ex-Chief Farley. William Roberts, captain of a fire company, will Bucceed Julius Pearse as chief of the fire department. _ _ 8I» Telephone Couiimules Combine. PHESCOTT, Ari., March 2tf.— Articles of incorporation of six different telephone ! companies were filed with the recorded of this county, the outgrowth of the expiration of the patent on the Bell tele- phono. The parent company is culled the Standard Telephone company and the Bubincorporatious cover nil states and territories. The incorporates are Thurlow Weed, Barnes Allen, T. Nyo, CharluH Stmusso, all of New York. The companies uro incorporated under the laws of Arizona on account of being more favorable and less expensive than auy other ututo or territory. The stock incorporated is not taxed in this territory. Kudu u Twunty-Yimr Huutimt'u, ANAMOSA, la., March 29,— One of the longoet confined convicts in the Aim- mesa prison was discharged on the expiration of a 80-year sentence Wednesday. September 23, 1878, John Simons shot ana killed a man by the name of SchulU, They wore both inmates of tho Clayton county poor farm, where Simons had been for years. Simons is j 70 yours old au4 draws a pension., Itouoveroil Nliioteon Thousand, FOHT SMITH, Ark., March 80.— Charles Kotobum, ulliut Charles Hurdiu, the ox- eaa in«*songor who robbed WoDs-Fargo j of |35,OOU between Cincinnati and Louis- j villo nearly two yours ago, was captured at Almu, u .mull town 19 miles from i thia oily, and f IV.OiM recovered. Ofllcws ' hod boon following him all over tho j country for the last bix months. Ho Wus taken to Bt. LouU. _ I'rvslduut litiruiudui Nvitr Utwtli, LIMA, Peru, March 29.— Tlw condition of Frouldeut Moruloa Uunuuduz, who u inffvriug from iuUutluul disorder, iu ox- tromolj critical uud the doctors huvo re- nolvwl npou uu operation an the lout re- oouroo. """•"- A DECIDED IMPROVEMENT. MH8. DBOMK—So Harry it taking tenons on the violin. IB he risking program t LITTLE AUCE—Oh, yes; he's got so now that we can tell whether he u playing or tuning.—Brooklyn Life. WAS A REPUBLICAN DAY. McKinley Helps to Open the Minnesota Campaign. EEOEIVED BY A VAST MULTITUDE by Uiu A».ui>luUou, Ciucuuo, Murch so.— 'i'hu Wvsturn PttBsougur uuttociutioii linos have fully ratified the deal butwueit the Atehiuou, tbe WwUiwwrt«n» uud tho Union l j uciiu>. Met by Students or the State University. State League or Republican Club? Held a Meeting—Old Officer* Re-Elected—Resolutions Adopted Condemn Democratic Attitude Toward Pensions. MINNEAPOLIS, March 29.—Governor "William McKinley and party reached Minneapolis from Chicago Wedne8day morning. In St. Paul they were joined by Lieutenant Governor Clough, John Goodnow, president of the Republican state league, and others.. Upon arrival here they were met by the students ot the state university to the number of 000 and the University Republican club. The party was escorted to the West ho tel, where 4,000 people had assembled in the spacious library. Along the route to the hotel the bands had been playing "Marching Through Georgio," the refrain of which was "While We Are Booming McKinley," and the famous Ski-uh-mah yell of the university students rent the air. The governor's reception at the hotel was only such as 4,000 strong northwestern throats could give. The North Star quartette sung, "All Hail," after which the governor ascended the staircase and was introduced by President Gooduow. He directed his remarks principally to the students, and Declared it was to the young men of the country that all parties must look. During his address he declared the people never wanted to vote in all their history as they did now. Later the governor was driven to the exposition building,where the State League of Republican clubs was in session. There he made another address, in which he said nobody could tell what was going to happen and nobody knew what the Democratic congress would do. Later in thejffny he was driven under the guidance^ 1 Bjfchop Fowler, Governor Nelson wd MuA'or Eustis to some ot the public *nsfihations and mode a splendid address to the pupils of the Central high school. Mvvtlug Place Too Small. Harmouia hall, the meeting place of the state league of Republican clubs, was packed to 'suffocation when President Goodnow called the assemblage to order. It was evident from the moment bis •gavel dropped that the accommodations were not sufficient to allow all the delegates breathing room. After a prayer bad been offered by Bishop Fowler, President Goodnow announced the meeting would bo adjourned to the exposition building, which has a seating capacity of over 5,000. Headed by tho band, 1,000 odd delegates marched to the Exposition hall, mode famous liy tho lust national Republican convention. After a. brief speech by the president. McKiuley's well known face und form advanced up tho uinlo. Tho vast iissomWugo roue cheering and Iho band played "My Country, Tis of Thee," President Qoodnuw in presenting the governor asked tho iutro duction bu by rising and giving three cheers, which was entlunjiatically responded to. Governor McKinloy thou delivered a Htirring mldn*n. After tho retirement of Governor McKinloy tho election of officers wiis taken up, John C. (j sod- now of thin city \vus re-elected by iiecla- million. F, C. Ktuvuua of St. Pinil was elected to succeed himself us secretary. At 1:15 buBiiioss was declared fouciujerl and the league inljoimiod until tho availing ineetiug. Uuveruor Nolctoii I'ronlilml, The evening meeting was provided over by Governqr Nelson of Minnesota, who, without formality, introduced Governor McKinluy. As he roan (u gpuuk ho was onthuslusliirtlly greeted by 0,000 peoplo, representing every Republican orgiu.ii-.'itiim of the state, lie spoke from manuscript an hour und a half, und the closest attention was puld to his word*. Interruptions by uppluuHu when a gpo- dally striking point in hU address) was wua reached were frequent, and at the conclusion he wua accorded u rising vote of thanku for his courtesy in visiting the northwest und fur the uiuuturly ulfort imucutod. The committee on resolutions completed the work assigned to it, und at tho umuB-ineetiug, at which Mujur McKiu- ley tipoke, presented a set of resolution* for adoption. These were lengthy iu character and embraced u searching arraignment of tho Democratic party, particularly In regard to 1U action in regard to pensions; indorsed the administration of Governor Nelson of Minnesota; commended the officers of the league for faithful service during the past year, and concluded by reaffirming faith and loyalty to the principles of the Republican party. Jokal Will Deliver the Oration. LONDON, March 29.—A special dispatch from Vienna says at the request of the president of the parliament and prominent liberals, Herr Maurice Jokai, the well known Hungarian novelist and writer, has consented to deliver the oration at Kossuth's grave. Herr Jokai took part in the revolution of 1848, and therefore, is well qualified to speak upon the subject of Kossuth's death. Asking For a Receiver. OMAHA, March 29.—Robert H. Hamilton, attorney of Kansas City representing $1,500,000 bonds of the American National Waterworks company of Kansas City held in the east, was before Judge Caldwell asking a receiver for the company. Caldwell said he would soon designate a time for the hearing. Bought Itarlug;g Uruguay Stock . LONDON, March 29.—A number of London houses have purchased the whole of the remaining block of the Baring Uruguay bonds held by the Bank of England. ' Emperor Francis Joseph Enroute. VIENNA, March 20.—Emperor Francis Joseph has started for Abbazia. Utah Sheepmen In Colorado. DENVER, March a«.— Complaint haa been made to the state veterinary board that Utah sheepmen have invaded Mesa, Delta and Garh'eld counties with sheep infected with scab. Feeling runs high and Governor Waite may have to call out the militia. A petition having over 8,000 signatures has been presented to the federal authorities at Washington asking for the protection of the Mesa county reservation from damage from Utah sheep. Demise of Governor Trelchol. Los ANQELKS, Cal., March U9.—Gov- ernor Charles Treichel, of the soldiers' home, died at the Santa Monica home. He had been ill for some time. He was well known'in New York and Philadelphia and was in the New York custom house under Collectors Murphy and Arthur. He came to the coast in 1869. Bat Myxtlflud Teimusseeani. NASHVILLE, March *9. — The announcement that Howard Gould was engaged to marry Miss Kirkland, a daughter of General Kirkland of Tennessee, has mystified Tennesseeans. There is no General Kirkland known in this part of the state. Miss Tyler is well known here in her professional capacity. Full In LKIVO With a Singer. NEW YOKK, Murch yy.— John H. Flagler, the multi-millionaire, is 'soon to inurry Miss Alice Mudelick, the contralto of tho Church of the Ascension, a talented and beautiful young lady, with whom it is said tho magnate fell iu love upon hairing her sing ut a concert. Orient I'oittollluu Ituliburs. Sioux FALLS. S. D,, Murch 20.— Deputy United St.ateu Marshals F. L, Wade und Bcigelmuir took Williamx, Mortunu and Mooru, the Orient postofiice robbers, who have boon confined iu the county jail hero for some months, to Pierre to be tried. __ MlllUtor Tliumlou to Wml April 5. BUNTUN HAKUUH, Mich., Murch -0,— Elaborate preparations uro being niudo ut the homo of Miss Harriet IS, Potter of bt. JoHoph for her murriuge to Minister Thurston of Honolulu. The event is announced for April 5, Curtis Itvnomlnutotl. KMI-OUU, Kuu., March Sit.— Congressman Charles Curtis was unanimously nominated by the Republicans to uuc- cood himself uu Congressman from tho Fourth Congressional District. your Tramp* Milk* • Bad MUtak*. TACOMA, Wash., March BO.— Pour tramps attempted to hold up Ed Morrls- noy, u prize-lighter. Morriwuy knocked two of them down. Two others escaped. Four liruwurs at Oslikunu (Juuibluc. OSIUOIHH, Wia Murch UU.— Thu four local brewers uuve combined uudur the uumu of the Onhko.sli Brewing company with u cupitul of ifJfiO.OUi), SMALL SPAHKS FROM THE WIRES. A livery bluMe uud conlunU, iiiuludlu,; 10 IIOI-WM* and ihrue dwelling* wurolmrutiu ut Knyi'tUi, Mo. Further duvelopmunt* ot Kolu'» dual with thv llouio Market club of Uonton are wukluK u Bennutlou lu Alabama What is CASTOR i A Castoria Is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infante and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. It Is a harmless substitute for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil. It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years* use by Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and ollaya feverighness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd, cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieves teething troubles, cures constipation and flfrtnlencr. Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the ncomach and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas« toria is the Children's Panacea—the Mother's Friend* Castoria. "OMtorta Is *n excellent medicine for children. Mother* have repeatedly told me of ita (ood affect upon their children." Da. Ok> 0. OBOOOD, Lowell, Mui. " CutoMa to the bent remedy for children of which I am acquainted. I hope the day la not far distant when mother* will consider the real Interact of their children, and um Castoria instead of the vartoui quack nostrums which are destroying their icred ones, by foreleg opium, morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful •fento down their throats, thereby sending them to premature graves." Da, J. F. KmcniLOi, Conway, Ark. Castoria. •' CMterla il so well adapted to cnttdftti Owl I recommend it M superior toMqrpraMripOoo known to me." H. A. ABORBB, X. D. f 111 So. OzfordSt., Brooklyn,H. T. "Our physlcUus in the children'i deptri ment have cpoken highly ot their experience fa their outride practice with Cutorid, and although we only have among our medical nippUei what to known at regular product*, yet we are tree to eonfeM that OM menu ot CaMoria hai won m to look with favor upon It." ' RMITBD HOWITAI. AHD Diipnrunr, Bottoo,! Aixn h. SMITB, Pm., Tho Content Company, 71 If array 8tr*et, Now York Ottgyv "HE THAT WORKS EASILY, WORKS SUCCESSFULLY." CLEAN HOUSE WITH SAPOLIO REMEMBER [IB Is the cheapest place to buy your Oandies,Nuts, TTruits, Oysters, etc. Orders for Ice Cream given special attention. Fine ne of Domestic and Imported cigars. Remember the place. M. E. BOBBINS- Proo South side 5th st., Bichmann's old stand. A DOLLAR in flush times does not amount to much. It only goes about so far: ' But now, A DOLLAR goea at least this far: If you buy your goods at WESTBROOK'S DRUG STORE. Ot the Famous Clothing ud Merchant TallorlD. louse, Carroll, Ion. WE ARE READY TO TAKE VUUll MEASURE For u nobby Spring or Fine Dress Suit Trousers or Overcoat. Our Stock is Complete Our Prices Suit the Times Steam ship tickets to arM from all parts of the world at lowest rates,

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