The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1948
Page 8
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xiciirr BLYTMKVII>L« (ARK.)' COURIER KIWg COURIER KJEW1 MX OOURJJW NIWB CO. •. W. HAINICS, PubUWnr AW L" VERHOEFT, Editor D. HUttJLN, AdttrOjto^ Man*«« Sir: Mtttoul Adnrtldnc Repr*««nUllYw : WltBMr Co, New York, Chicago, OcUoM, Kxc«pt S«u<Uy m»tt*r »t th< t>cnt- •lrtt«nll«, Arkuuu, undtr »cl tt Con- OeioUr ». 1»1T. awrtd bj Itta* UniUd PTMI •UB9CRIPTION RATES: ««rrt»r IB th« f*»j o* Blytnevllle or u>r town wb«r* o»rrJ»r Mrrlc* !• m»ln- Irtrml. Me ftr uttX, «r «*« P«r month. ^ M*. wtthk) • r«Uu> o( M mllM, W.OO per M*r »l*e for iU monthi, >1.00 for three month*; kf »«Jd wrtjM* » mite »M, »10.00 p*r jrw to «!»«»«. Meditation whk-h at a MM Wk M K Uwv believed in God, but tli<>-;r K>« M K *«r thoufhi there WM non«; their vnwn ai* M mo»« kti»n worriv of onur.w. Barbs A fool IfcmlM h« knows and » wise limn A »»at»«ln« »rtk')« tells wh»l H«cf'i an earful that will please everybody i •termrioo it here again. WltK km and »tre*l oar fire's raised in some tta hi>p »M»«rci ar>H »rt rr»ll) takrn for iUb-hikeri are Juiled or fined In I western B. It'J thumbs down on thumbs up. TUESDAY, JUN1 II, 1>4I Dcw*r i» 19M, .nd did much to b«at them. Tlie litie'h]».y b« turning toward thf Keixiblicani, >nd th« Deniocratt may b» Ij^iiy »j)Jit. But you ;iiay look for DejnocTfftie campaiifner* to land noni« frequent and tcllitig; blow* on this wpnk side of Hie 80ih Conifrcss' record. And they can cosl tile COP a lot of vole*. In K» effort to ciul its J 6-year exile from th« Wbile Ilous*. Situation Fraught With Farm Votes Dold-Plated Vocabulary . John K Lewis, coiiiplainiiiK thnt the court forced him to resume waK« talks iniiler a Tafl-llai'ilcy Law provision, liad this to say: "The inlciti|>crnle judicial .sanctions imposed'ii|X)n UK wor« tillered upon the prnniise of an opprex- sivt> and iiiiiiiiilons statute" \Ve soniptinics tliink Dial, the minors' dwindling welfare fund might last lonjf- rr if their prosident could break him»elf of the «xtravaKant habit of usinn nothing but Ion-dollar words. VIEWS OF OTHERS Record of GOP Congress Vulnerable, Democrats Find On liis western jminl President Truman has been teeing off on Congress in many of his back-platform speeches. And the majority of the lower house of Congress is Uioujrht'ijliy keeping him •upplied until aminuiiHiuii. First the House passed » bill which, V. finally enacted, promises to destroy •ii« reciprocal trade agreements, rather Wi*n «xtend Ihem. Then Uic Hinise ptiss- •d mother bill reducing the appropriation for foreign aid more than oufi-(|iuvr- ter below the minimum figure asked by tt»« Administration. • W« hope that, the Semite will make •ome realistic amendments to these two bills, and that tlie llouso will accept them. But even this will nol undo the damage they havo'done, not only lo the country's prestige but to the Republican party whose House leaders engineered th»m. Tri* bills put one branch of Congress in the position of welching on its own promises. It voted to aid Kuropeau recovery. Yet it would now erect the old high teriff barriers, which proved so paralyzing to wond trade in depression days, and which today would take a tremendous number of dollars out of world circulation. This would reduce I tie chance of recovering some o' the American money invested in foreign aid. The House, by taking H birr- chunk out of EGA funds, would certainly be . steering the whole program toward relief insted of recovery, as Secretary Marshall warned. This, too, is the most nearsighted sort of ecunonimnjr. - The House aclinn, following close on the Administration's vacillation iu its Palestine policy, could make all Kurnpe wonder just how far Washington's word jnaybe trusted. All this is fat i.n the ribs of the Reds who, -ironically, are so cordially hated by the ultra-coiiservalive congressmen who drafted these bills and put them over. On the domestic sick 1 , the House h;ts embarrassed two possible pwidcntial nominees of the majority parly. U has put Senator Vandenberg stuiaroly on the spot, and Senator Taft oiilv a little less ' \ SO. Both have repudiated the cut in aid appropriations. Now, if either is nominated, he will have to live with his party's record in Congress during the campaign. There are ,prond achievements in that record. Rut there are also such things as the two bills in question, the House proposal that Spain he included in the KRt>, and other legislative face-falls which any Republican nominee would be happy to forget. But Mr. Truman and His parly will not let them be forgotten. They will probably be the Democrats' biygosl talking point. The isolationist, reactionary record of many Republican congressmen w*» a millstone around the necks of Wtndell Willkie in 1940 and Thomas E. How Much Is a Dollar? The vfthte of a. dollar must be reekonrie nol as 100 cents but. what those 100 cents will buy. For money Is, alter all, only a medium of exchange—a means of exchanging Line's labor for (cod, clothing, iht-lter and other tifccssltle.s ot living. We nil know thai ? dollar todfty will not buy nearly us much R.I li did H few vein's a^o. Bui what nil of us do not. realize is why it won't. Some will say "inflnlioM" and bin me liiRh prices is the cause. But HcUmlly lii«h pficc.s do not cause inflation;" Ihoy ore. sympiy a .symptom of it, just as fever is H .symptom of disease. The reason lor our present inflation Is the tmswitiduf'ss of our money, brought on by years of inllniionnry Government policies. Hark in Hl3ti, Alf Lnndon, then running for the Presidency, \VE\I tied, thai the mouiUuiR national debl lOMiltinp from IniRc deficit fmancitig and unui\uira.l economic: measure* would eventually land this nation in on inflationary ttplral. We are now paying the piper for having i snored, his and others' warnings. U is i;n|M)s.-;iblc (o get something for nothing. A. government cannot rin it nny inor? than an individual cnn, A xov'?mt)ienl ran double his monry and credit, outstandiiiR. l»v a. .simple matter of bookkeeping, but tliat'i Hutomanndly dotible the, .supporting valtic. And it's the vftiue behind the money that determines its worth, and In turn, i|j» piiiclinsitig power. Ours is by jio intniis the hi fit example of & govtM iunetit debusing its money, and then by means of price control n-.teniptinx 10 comjH'l it.s • people to luctipt it.i oreviotis purchasing power. Among the earlier records of "rnannged" money are those of China under Confucius, Home under Dioclet tan, Syracuse under Dionyni.s, ancient Greece under the ulturners who followed Pericles ami wrecked the brtiluuit acliievements of his reign. They Rll proved mi.sernble failurei. Our present flnaneinl plight can be traced back to 10H2 when the Govi-muieni Authorised the i.s- simnce of money seen re tl only by Government bonds. This was followed by our di-parture, from (cold as the biu'king of our mimcy. nnd 1G yrnis of a Governmi'iit puhcy thai held there was noth- itiR wrong with spending much more than it took in. Our nationnl debl increased by leaps and bounds. Bin not the collateral behind ihat debt. Dollars mutually became worth le.<vs when measured in goods, .so, of course, goods tjecame worth more when measured in dollars. Lenin, the first m]er of Communist Russia, is quoted HS ha^uip aniil ih;it "Die bt\si wny lo destroy thy capitalLst M-.-,iem is to debatich the currency. By a coiitinulut* ;noces.=; of inflaiion. gov- ernnuMiix cnn confiscate, secretly and unobserved, un hnportnnt part o[ me wealth of tlipir citi/.e.n^." Sojnr inoiirli.s n«<( Stalin confwntod W; of Russians' .timngx by decreeniR itinl»thp rviblc was worth only ime-tenth a,s much a.<; it had bern. Siwlin. hemp a dic^.ii::. ;•;;::!;•* :ir. it r.^nlv, vet the sanip kind of roiiti M -at, im ts beliiR accomplish- fd JJPJP ,'ti our nwti roumry by ti( iv ^nmcnlr\l pinr- licrs thnt funlier mriiUion. if intlatioii is to ba Mopped, ihn Government miithi riaidly reduce il.<; spending, make .siu>si initial payinenNs n^nmsL ihe national debt, refinance C;OV PI nmrttt bonds thrntiKh banks at ralc.s nl tractive to individuals to facilitate their sale by the banks to the public. The tiovenmiEMit shouUl al*o eliminate specu- luiion by the Kedriai Reserve Bank, anrl reduce taxrs so jijn (o mtikc av;ii] : tljle more "venture capital ' | 0 nmvutc the plant* ar.ti niHchmery lo Jncirasr pKiduction of L he ihincs our j.^ople noed. When Tlmt is done, thr c«m.i in your dollar will have morr puvchasin K JM >\ver nnd make more --PATMFINDEH NKWS MACiA/lNR. CO /AFTER T«8 I ^LtCliOJ! j Six Power Plan for Germany Offers Challenge To Soviets and Problems for Western Powers | tei-narioDA) control of the Ruhr. , The plan is to let these west Cer- the Russians wanted. o( | mans draw up their own constitu- wa 5 a voice in ii.s admims- I lion, set uf> irieir own legislative Ky 1'eltr Kilson XKA \ViishiiiRlon Corrfsponilent WASHINGTON > NKA I The ruirt six-power plan for Gormany will be] tration—for their own benefit-. i executive and judicial machineiy a great tiling—if it works. j British Foreign Minister Bevin I wl iri become a provisional govern- The Unit-td States, Britain, Frant-e ; h:u stoutly mamtaiiicd, however, ment under the three occupyin and the Benelux countries of lie!- [ thai, there could be no Hus.sian par- ^iiuii. the Netherlands anrt Ltixetn-| ticipauon in administration of tre boiirg have taken a hold -slop ml Huhr unlc i .--.s there was at the .sarn- pyi powers. It will be a federation German states. There will be pro - , vision for other Gcrmnn stales— Iheir agreements Lo unify the thrte ; lime international control over in- | meaning the states in the western zone.s of Germany. ?eL up i dti.itrmt production in the Russian' a provisional German government. 1 zone ot Germany, His Output Curtailed, Veteran Letter-to-Editor Writer Quits THI DOCTOR SAYS r Thousands of people develop at listery Irritation of the skin evt-ry •ear either through pure careless- less 01- because they do not know "Hough to recognize, poison ivy when they see it. It h»s been estimated that 350.000 people get into rouble with poison ivy each year. Poison Ivy grown only in North America from Canada to Mexico, t is entirely absent from ojher parts of lhe world. There is no poison ivy season, ax the stalk is langerous In winter even when eaves are not growing. In summer, however, more people are out of doors flnrf hence more likely b* ' i exposed to this poisonous skin ritanl. LEARN TO SPOT IT Everyone should team to recognize the three-pointed leaves of poison Ivy. Much of the trouble :omes from failure to recognize it. Some people are more sensitive to the poisoning than others, but, anyone may fall a victim. Some people Doast that they never get poison ivy. Sooner or later, if (Key con- Ifnue to expose themselves, they usually regret this boast. It is well known that people who have seemed safe for years may come down when they least expect it. On the other hand, a few people ore extremely sensitive to poison ivy and can develop symptoms even » »r Harmon W. Nichrt. VnHrt Prrm Hl.ff <;«TM»on4*!i» WASHINGTOH, June-IS. —(UP) —I h»T« never written a letter »« an editor In my life. That ought to put n* t» a class by myself. When r view with alarm. I view it in Die .smallest room In the house. Nobody ever comes buzzIrT mj buzzer, a-la-Oallup to find K I'd rather settle for a De<rey or a Vandenberg or an Kuenhoww or a Truman of * Wallace. But k> (i«t to Ihe point. Wh»» started this business was an *J1- lorial in the ^Chicago Sun-Timet. Dog." Fascinating. It was » piec* about i man named Halter Johnson of Paimsville, Ky.. who h»d' turned in his resignation to th« Louisville Courier-Journal a* a letter-to-the-editor writer. The story said thai Mr. Johnson, man and boy, had been it they in the smoke from and brills the rich induslvini Rvihr j UMder inrcrnational cotitrol of cheso ' Since u is tnast unlikely Uiat Iho Ru.-sian.s will ever agi'ee to tliLs, [aeie V,'O1|U1 .seen] to be little ini- .This presents the Russians . mediate danger that the Russians ! join the fe a..' - [ail nccoinpli" n.s tlie diplomats call it — R "thin^ done." The i-hal- len^e i.s what the Ras-staiig can do about it and wJ)'nt -iJiey \vj)l rio about it. The rn.M j problem is wheth- zone of easl Germany—to join tlw lederation Inter on, Russians May Howl Now If Ihe Russians decide to play ball and let the eastern Germans I'deration now, they may will be grained a voice in control ( perhaps nave a voice in creating the over Ruhr coal and steel. ; new provisional government. II Whether anj international an- i they don't, join till later they'll Ihoriiy fan control production of a« ; have to came in on terms laid down industrial area like the Ruhr is a i by the west Germans, problem that only time cnn solve, j ' T he Russians will probably howl Tlie six powers are now in agree- | their hearts off thai this action by ment on principles. But it has tak- j the United States. Britain, France er inU'i natiomil control of the Ruhr will work. There is a precedent for It. Them was international control \ en nearly three year.', to reach this and Benelux is a violation of tin of the neighboring Saar Imliistnalj agreement. And if six t>ower.s : Yalta and Potsdam agreement Iw.sin under the League of Nations h.v, e learned anything out of their, The Russians will probably main- back in 1923-25. It, didn't work. | postwar experience, it should be i lain this in an eflorl to divide Ger- a fire in which poison ivy is being burned. This is because the smoke particles carry tiny droplets o( the oil from poison ivy. There is no sure quick cure for ivy poisoning. Several preparations ror the skin are helpful anr! there are some extracts from poison ivy which seem to be helpful in prevention and in some cases in treatment. However, doctors are in some disagreement on the value ol tliis treatment. The best policy to follow is to avoid ivy plants. If a person comes in contact with a plant and knows H. thorough washing with soap and water two or three times should be carried out followed by rinsing carefully after each wash. Many cases arc serious enough to require a doctor's advice. » • • Note: Dr. Jordan ts unable to answer individual questions from readers. However, each day he will answer one of the most frequently asked questions In his column QUESTION: Is hardening of the valves of tlie heart dangerous? ANSWER: Perhaps it would be best to describe this condition serious rather than dangerous" Hardening of the valves usually causes heart murmurs; if the damage to the viilves is severe enough the hearl may not be able to overcome the difficulty and this, of course, Is dangerous. ing letters to (he whtor for over 20 years. It was kind of « hobby with the guy. He got printed maylw two, three times a week. "Good stuff, too," Mr. Barry Bullock, associate editor of the Courier-Journal said by telephone. "We like lo print the other side of the picture. Mr. Johnson took PDji apart and booted (lie Republicans around. It just went to show that we could take a fair view." But, Mr. Bullock said, It began to get out of hand. "Looked like about the only correspondent we woulrt print was our Mr. Johnson." "We did what maybe we should have done a long time ago," sairt Mr. Bullock. 'We put » piece in the paper saying that any 'regular contributor' to the letters-to-editor column would have to hold hii steam. Keep 'cm to one letter every two weeks." Here, our man Johnson for two decades had been filling up whitejj space in his favorite paper. DOUIR' it whenever the spirit moved, which was often. And sometimes wordy. And on almost any subject. The Sun-Times. In its editorial .s.-iid it was a great admirer of Mr. Johnson. Amen and amen. It added, The set-up now planned for ti-.u j thai where everybody is boss, no- ; many permanciitlv Ruhr is a 15-vote International I body is boss. | The Allied reply'will be that Ihii Amhoiiu for the Ruhr. The Unit- ; 'I he Ruhr is not to be tmerna- i new action merely carries out ihe e(i Sintts. Bu'.Eim, Trance and the; iionalueci in the sense thai it will I Yalia and t'ot--dam asreemt'nU lie a sepnrte country. Only its heavy am | paves the way for the intend- industries will be InlcrnaUonnlly e d uiiilicaiiwi of Germany. that great newspapers S-T and the C-j have however, like the their problems. Also Amen. They get letters by the thousands. And when you rton't print 'em, you get more letters by the Ihousands. for not printing 'em in the first place. Mr. Johnson, an insurance man who never, never got a plug info his letters, felt that the world wa» moving so fast that a man who couldn't speak his piece more often than once every two weekj wasn't speaking at all. He got soic. He cancelled his subscription. He resigned as, a free contributor. The Courier-Journal ^. was sorry Indeed, but It had maci« ff- a rule. It has stuck to it. according to the stern Mr. Bullock. And as tlie Sun-Times said in its editorial, this wa= s fancy reversal. Ordinarily, the writer geti the rejection slip. Cli-rmans \vni have three votes each, the Benelux countries one apiece. The job of tilis Authority \vill bp; controlled, to make sure that the to allocnie ihe coal and steel pr<j- Ruhr does nol again become an ai- The immediate goals are putting llnoiuh a currency reform, eslab- uiiced in I ins ai-L-ii to initusli ies ' senal tor the rearming; of Germany lislung common trade in all three where it will do the most good. Tlu '• agemsl the resl of Europe. Poliil- U-Mtern zones building up an ex- Ruhr bs.iin covers about 1000 fquare it-ally anrt Korertiincntnlly, the Huhr I [lort-import program and ending miles anil is roughly equivalent to I is to be a part of the new west, j the collection of reparations from a 3o-mi!o aien around Pittsburgh, | German federation. current production U is considered ""'" " '""«™> '- •- >• ••• i NO nne can yel ,, la (; e a timetable ] necessary lo end Hie present eco| for setting of this new German gov- | noniic chaos so Hint Germany ran ~ contribute her fair share to the whole Elirope.lJl recovery program. Without Germany, this recovery is couriered impo-ssiole. stead of a million plus, AIowixv A.skrcl International i eminent. The American, British ana <'" T >lrt)l j French zones comprise two-thirds of Since thp end of the war the Rlls- i postwar Germany's area, and three- sums have been Agitating for in- fourths of its people. IN HOLLYWOOD li Year* Ago In Blytheville— Panmvorlli Black lias gone to Hardy, Ark., on a himti.'n,- trip. Mrs. A. R. Holland and children, accompanied by Pat and Tod Harrison, left today for Rector, Ark., NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will within the time j fixed by law apply to the Commis- i sinner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer at retail at 415 West Ash St., Blytheville. Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he Is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted ol a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to r ^!l bDer by th» undersigned lias been revoked within five years last past; and that th« undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws r^ thl.1 state, or any other state, r.l.ting to the sale of alcoholic liquors. ISAAC HOCKENHULL Subscribed and sworn to befor» hamik'd the play. 1 opened the king of clubs, and when it, held, I continued with the club we. which Dr. Barry trumped „..„_ llllu „ „ with Ihe four of spades. He then I me , his g rtay of JU ne. 19W. took two rounds of trumps, and [ when I showed out on the second round, he did not make the mistake of pulling the other two trumps in my partner's hand. Instead he led the queen of dia-l when first brought to Philadel- monds and took the finesse, my ,, ma from Santo DomiiiRo in 1798. partner winning with the king and , hc lom! u o was not regarded as « W. F. Cobb. I.SBA.LI Notary Public. My Commission expires Aug. 2, 1951. 4 [ Holy wood Keel probe in Wash ing ton mny be responsible for Grclit G ;irbo'.s return In the M-recm via her olrt studio. M-G-M. As as re- suit of Thr Hod mvrMiRauon, MG - M i c - i.v^ i iv I i t ,s .s 1 1 i re on co m - immism. "Ninotrhka." The re-i5.sue has ' bcpii sa well rocfivcd. and Garbo alone wirh it. thai now tha Mudio i.s lalkiny .ibout .vfarriiig Gee Gee in another roiuody. Hollywood and television still aien'l rn^Kri! i they're making eyes like mild at eac-h otheri, but at least Hollywoort now is willing j to admit that there is ft thing j as television. Jimmy C a K » e v ' "Hoys Town." OH BRIDGE . Charles Bennett -----<-«-------_«__•....» wains Ida Ijiiplno lo go to England for "The Trial of Madeleine Smith." Tlie role at one time was slated for Vivien Leigh. "Ontral Park" I'ps Dnrbin Slapstick finally lias caught up with Deaniia Durbiti in "Everybody's Sweetheart" 'new title for "Washington Gir'i".'i In one scene she fals over backwards into a lily pond. Deanna's latest, "Up in Central Park." T hear, will re-establish her at Ihe box office after . club a series ot poor pictures. By \Villum K. McKcnney Arnrrira's Caul Authority Written for NKA Scrvicp FaiVs, Puts Declarer on returning the queen of clubs. I knew then that if the doctor made j the mistake of trumping this, his • contract would be defeated. I But he thought for a while and then cahnly threw away the ace of hrarts on the queen of clubs. N'ow if East continued with a club, ] declarer would trump it in dumn:y, ; load a heart to his hand, pick up i thn rest of the trumps and claim = the balance or the tricks. marketable product. to visit with relatives. The Rev. and Mrs. J. Allen Web>> of Wright City. Mo., are guests of Mrs. Webb's father. J. T. Alford. They will be here for two weeks. The mercury dropped to a minimum of 48 dccice.s here last night, the lowest figure for June in the last five years. The South Hills Civic Club of Pittsburgh. Pa., recently held a pr.rty at, the South Flills Country to organize the Chiltlren'.s : Cancer Fund of Penn.';yKaui.i. f About, ten years a?o the chiidren's" Now it can be lold; The reason i Cancer runri of N'cw York was or- \vatches a horse rare rm a television i for Drtris Day ' s low - throat >' voice ' j?ani7ed an t i has accomplishwl A screen in "The Time of Your I.ifc-i^ 8 rowUl on hcr vocal chords, j grcal deal in the right a^ain.-t. So dow Bob Hope in "Sorrowful 1 As Io " B fts ll rclnaitl ' s harmless, cancer m children. Jones." And 11,0 pint or "The Girl her doctor won ' ! ° t)Crntc on . thc From Jnnps nracl't" revolves "about I lhcory lhnt " " >1Rht chan 8° hlir On the Air Waves SO THEY SAY t>i«am?<d wealth was never nmrr- |H>\ver[til. WUrer.vhrri, greedy men are in ihe sadrtir. Thry are rpstrainiiiR labor from pxcicisinp Us common tlghl*.~Ph;hp Murray. preAiclcnl. CIO. 'file uatsoii faees a ix^Mibl,. depression because *e at-R irymR In do too many tilings at one lime "mil M-e »r f bryond the capacity of the nation.— Sen. RobMi A. Tuft iK* of Ohio. * t » 'Hie fvHtcrmty .sooner or ]aler pioduct-A hut one kina of fraternity- -the kind Jonah enjoyfd when he was .swallowed by th« *haie. —Sen. Arthur H. Vandenberg <R> of Michl««n. Bracken's erfort.-; to find girl «Virginia Mayo> to star on A tcic vision show. [ "Non-.lrrk Kolc" I Krfdie I'ulls his part In "Jones Beach" a "non-jerk role." A hit ! movie some u m e.s Van harm a ca- ; rrer. Eddie admit* that -The Miracle o! Moi Bail's Creek" was the best picture he ever made, but that it was no ^ootl for him peisoiially, 1 *It tvprrt HIP as ft jerk." he (old me. 'and Paramount insisted thai t go on plnyhiR jerks.' Thai's what sTarted his row \vilh tl^e studio. "Temperament." he \ said, 'had nothing to do with It. j T just didn't want, to go on playing • Jrrk.s all my life." mill ion-dollar singing voice. Doris ; tells a funny one about Jack Car- MJU talking her into' knitting him n pair of socks when they siartcd work together In "Romance on the. HiRh Seas." 'He has such big feet," she said, 'it look me t he whole picture to knit 'em/' * « * Diannn I.ynn and Bob Neal definitely have called off their romance. 1ml Dijumn won't be lacking male attention. Gary Grant and Franchol Tone make love to her for I he next two months In "Every Girl Should Be Married." Yvonnr Wood, thr III fashion dfslfnfr. l« startinR * one-woman rrusade for ilollywood fcm- 'I'lirre works ago I said Marth* I mcs lo gain weUhl. Moans Y>on- Slew.irl and .1. E. Lewis were i>n i nr: "Tlifrr are no hips In Holly- trie vrrgf of A separation. Now j wood on which lo nan(f lhe new H'» official, and Martha will i<-l i look. Ihe divorce. • • • There's talk of Andy Russell and Rubber—E-W v-il. Sonlh Wcrt North T 1 * 2 * r>;,,s 1 * Pass .! * I A RASX P SS ,; Openinp —*K ~ HOKI7.ONTAU 4 Long melev 1 Pictured radio ( ab - ! performer, • S Bnglike part Meredith 6 Indian 8 He is a ^ Approach 8 Companion fl Answer (ah.) tfl Steamship (ab.) 11 Covered with pitch 12 Toiletry case 13 B.imbooiike My good friend .John A. Harry is aiding the cause in Pittsburgh and has interested his brother. v>r. Tf he net-pis Ihat London Vala- ! his wife. Delia, as a new husband \ James Barry, who until recently was cilum offer this summer, Perry! and wife radio team. . . . H always I resident physician of the Children's Como will collect 530,000 a week-- happens dept: Seven years ago | Hospital in that city. five G's more than Danny Kaye received. . . . RKO ts paging- Jlm- mv Cucney for the role of .lohnnv Paramount had Robert Ryan tinder j We player! some bridge after the sfock contract for $125 a week. | party and today's unusually inter- Oilier day the studio called RKO esting haud came up. liic Iwo Rrndfrick, Ihe famous New York to ask Bob's loan-out, salary. The .Harry brothers were my opponents. cop. , , . M-G-M will «-iMu« Answw wns; »100,00«.' i bui lhe doctor wn* vhe on« who of ceremonies 14 Enliven 15 Handler! 1 fi Man's name 17 Shores in Regret 20 Weight unit 21 Sen eagle 22 Disencumber 2:1 High card 2fi F.xisl 2ft Klow-ers .10 Shelf 33 Babylonian deily 34 Names (ab.) ; ,15 Preposition 36 Half-em 37 Prattle 3D Birds' homes 41 Worm 42 Fcmaie sheep 43 Gibbon 45 Tardy 49 Short sleep 52 Yale 53 Withdraw 55 Bustle 56 Motive 5R freebooters 60 King's home 61 Fragment VERTICAL 1 Stsy 2 Nested boxe* 3 Climbing 38 Antenna grass 40 Hotly of* 18 Symbol for tin Congress 24 Coins 4.1 Sweet 25 Slaves secretion 26 Solitary 44 Athena 27 Renovate 45 Unaspirated 28 Corded fabric 45 Near 20 final pnddle 47 Tilts 11 Obtain 48 Great Lake 32 Abstracl bcinfi 51) Arabian £uH 51 Pillar 53 Mythical bird 54 Work unit 57 Symbol for < samarium 59 Part of "b«*

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