Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 13, 1965 · Page 3
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 3

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 13, 1965
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JULY 13, 1965. IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN "InREt Reunion Is Meld By L.L Wright Class of 1915 The Luther L. Wright High School graduating class of 1915 :elebrated its 50th < golden i anniversary reunion Saturday June .?C, at the Gogebic: Country Club. This is ihe first "golden" reunion to be held in the history of ; Ihe high school Of the 80 members, who were graduated, 26 attended. Eleven husbands and wives also were IP attendance. Because manj had not seen each other for 50 years, litt 1 e loldcrs printed with "Guess Who'.'" were pinned or, the members as they arrived. Upon unfolding each one's name was revealed. The banquet table was decorated with a centerpiece of yellow llowers, gold leaves and the: numeral 50. Centered around this were gold tapers, which extended the length of the table. Carl Bay, now an attorney at Ml> ' and William Hooper. I/. S. Airmen Are Helpless as Viet Cong Destroys Planes By HAL BOYLE land smashed through the door DA NANG, South Viet Nam glass above me If I had been (APi — It was ore of the most straightened up—. ' ironical situation^ in a most 1 He and some "25 nilott and air- ironical war. ; men, following their emergency "We felt pretty nclpless," ae-: orc i e rs. raced to two small sand- knowledged Maj. George V bagged hellers while U.S. Moore, Jr., 43. McCook, Neb.; Marines and U.3 Air Force se"We were pinned down, and our CU nty troops moved in. burning planes seemed to be j Por 2V) hours Moore antl nis firing their missiles at us." I men nad to st jn tne sloopecl It happened during an enemy and uncomfort able quarters attack on the Da Nang base whlle exploclin g ammo and here, one of the 10 busiest in the { rockcts lit up the night . world. .. • . T , „ . 'l "The worst thing.'' mourned Three of the six U S aircraft i the major .. was tnat some ot destroyed or damaged in the | thfi mlss , les we had been saving postmidnight Viet Cong assault, f so j t fire on thp enemy were F102 all-weather mtcrcep- seemed to explode and come tor planes commanded by toward us _•• Moore, a clr.inky dark-cye- browed man, is tvpical of the planes Moore. These are l,000-mi!e-an-hour planes kept on perpetual alert. They carry six Falcon air-to-air missiles and 12 Mighty Mouse CLASS OF 1915 REUNION—Pictured are the members of the Luther L. Wright High School class of 1915 who attended the 50th anniversary reunion held recently at the Gogebic Country Club. Left to right, seated: Clara Larson Anderson Myrtle Grimm, Lucille Anderson Toutloff, Carl Bay, Eva Rowell Drew Augusta Kronlund Larson, Edla Saari Lakvold, Evangeline Stenstrom, Caroline Gretzinger Thomas, Daisy Grimm; standing, Carl F. Johnson, Esther Lindquist Berling, Hildegarde Nydahl Morris, Elsie Anderson Oman, Charles Truclgeon, Harold Trewartha, Stanley Lewis, Walter Kellett, Herbert Olson, John Chisholm, Clarence Nytaerg, William Pellow, Fred Pickarcl, Alice Miller Gunderson, Edith Jacobson and Amy Swanson Perl. (Ronnie's Camera Photo i rockets. Their job is simple — to . smash from the skies any ene- veteran U.S. Air Force pilots here. Their long experience has given them an arid sense of humor through which shines their perennial dedication After 17 years of service — he left in wit a welcome greting fol- '" .Robert - Helen H u b -; E. Davison Sr., and other re- owed bv the snn f "Aukl bard, Anna Johnson, Signe J o- latives here. Lane Syne " The names of ihe 80 sephson, Everett Kearney, C a r r Mrs George Saarela and sons, "•raduatcs were then read The Liljegren, Leonard Lind b o h in, ; Detroit, are visiting her par- class colors were rose and silver, Carl Mielkc, Klara Nelson Al- ; enls< Mr and Mrs George the class flower the Ameri can' bert Nicholson, Esther Oksa, i weigcl, and other relatives here. Beauty rose, and the class motto; Martha i Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Heik' , Hit the Line Hard. Don't Foul, • *.sthei Saute - nam - Auvo Silbeig. Minna Jo haye Don't Shirk. But Hit the Line »»'•<• ""*"•?"" fclB " "£ n ' n ; ^'.'.turned to Minneapolis after Hard." The commencem e n t Chestei Toutloff and Anna Knui . spending a few days vlsitlng his program of 50 years ago was son> parents, Mr. airl Mrs. A r n e read. At the end of the program Helkkila and relatives in Berg- Gifts were distributed to the small gold autograph books were : , and following: Myrtle Grimm for passed around. Macknic coming the farthest .Calif o r - Co-chairmen were Miss Evan-; ™- and IVHs^ A. beU Macknic niai: Mrs. Bella Saari Lakv o 1 cl geline Stenstrom and M r s . 1 £nd son have i tu ineato tneu ior having the most children, the Lucille Toutloff. Assisting were > 1 °™ '" „ "'J k v lsl fine relat- most grandchildren, the youngest Carl F. Johnson. Finance; Wal-^pendng a ^ eek V1 ^| ieelat child and the oldest child: Harold icr Kellett, transportation, and nts ancl mends in ine a r e a • Trewartha for changing the Fred Pickard, publicity. least, and Fred Pickard f o r _ _ having the least hair. This was ^ .,««/»„ Rriafc followed by reminiscenses from UnTOnagon Dneri classmates ancl a review of the —— school yells. Mr. ancl Mrs. Edward Jones The WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Harry wants scientific evidence to prove that an adult homosexual can be changed into a normal husband o r wife, so be sure to study this case and the ingenious experiment by the British doctors. Send for the sex booklet below and PREVENT these tragic deviations before they become firmly entrenched! i cal shock helps make the view| ing of an attractive male an un- i pleasant experience Saddle-Lites to Ride in Parade The Saddle-Lites Saddle Club of my To do this, they are re- 1945 and was callud back in 1951 quired to get airborne m fwe'_ durin wnich hp hap flown u minutes - they have done it in different types of fi p,htcr or 2>.ii minutes - and reach an al- ,,„„,,,„,. qi , m .o n HP «Hii is ruled titude of minutes. 40,000 feet in 10 And to balance the situation, Ironwood will participate as soon as the previous homo-j Hiawatha Festival parade July|j s called "Hell Boulevard" be- by the simple Philosophy of a ,_.„„ soldier — an eagerness to close In 11 months here the F102s with the enemv traveled 1.375,000 miles in storm SQ f ^ vclerans O ver and sunshine, by day and by. ne re are like that, night - without fvndins an ene-j Tney clo , vt look likc figntel , 5 , my plane to dare their strength. lb th . t fl amboyant. The F102 flyers are on alert 24 Bul u ar £ fignt/>1 . s hours off 24 hours. ; , <Th t scramblP from our ! ^ V - h !L eJ ,?, I l_ a - 1 5 rt .! i .!lf^. ar L™ a ": trailer to the bunkers when the ground enemy hit us was the fastest we ever made ' he said. trr few steps from their planes. It sexual victim presses the but-! 17 in full regalia ton and thus removes the photo; Tne c]ub nas recen ti y pur- and Mrs. Leonard Kekke. CASE W-444: Harry G., " * of the attractive male, a p i c- cnased new outflts .. to D ring up ture of an attractive girl lm- the dignity of the club and to mediately flashes on the screen. | show the people of G ogebic This is the standard method, county that the Saddle-L i t e s by which we train and retrain; ar e a sharp outfit and worth cause every jet plane that roars "We call ourselves the Royal Order of the Sand Crawlers. We off shakes the trailer and every-; t a few bruises and scratc hed thing in it as if it were a leather j f oreneac i s but " cup full of dice. At dawn, within 4Va hours, the ... , • ill, UCIVVLI. \Tf i H 111 I * /;* JIWV^IU, lit tV.- The trailer has an entrance aquadron nad replacement i rr»i C7O*Fti^rr * * Tirtfrnfi r/"*h A1 v_ * _._.. sign saying, "Dogpatch Airlines." TOey were hoTseBucrts oi Mi-: 20, is .the college student inter-; trying to learn a maze. or guinea pigs, who a rej keeping an eye on," said club! When the Viet Cong attacked: ain A_I ______ _ ______ i ___ iof1«"Jfio V*T yooofYrlv rlio Tll'Cr planes from the Philippines, and was ready to rove the skies ; officers. ested in writing a paper on sex-; We have found that if the rat The club is planning to hold a . ual deviations. ; gets an electrical shock when horse show at the f airgrou n d s Miss Peggy Riley, a student since homosexuality is such ihe enters the wrong alleys, he on Sept. 5. This horse show will at Northwestern Michigan^ widespread threat to the' learns faster. i be sanctioned by the U.F H.A. Mrs. Eva Rowell Drew read an d family, Milwaukee, are vis- letters and messages from the jting his parents. Mr. and Mrs. class members who were unable Gus Jones, to attend. M d Mrs wi u iam H eil- Memonal rites were held for h e relui . ned tc t h e i r the 26 members, now deceased. „„,,-,„ t Horicon wis . after College, Traverse City, is spend-1 propei . adult personality devel-l B ut we have also discovered "•• The Saddle-Lites are expecting ing three wee.cs visiting her oprnent> ne wished to stress that; that a combination of pain for| a bout 150 horses a* thh show. subject. mother, Mrs. A. J Riiey. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parker and family have returned t o Chicago after visiting his par-!to a normal personality and I the wrong plus pleasure for the; at 1:30 a.m recently the first .. Our Uots aren . t frustrated explosions blew Moore to the b t , naven . t been able flrtnv TJo i-Qv» tn fhct Hnni- anH i . .. floor. He ran to the door, and now figures its jammed handle saved his. life. "As I bent over to jiggle it," to engage the enemy. They look for him all the time, but he hasn't shown up," Moore said. "Every damn one of them aches for the enemy. They all "Dr. Crane", he added, "can | r i gn t choice, will be still better; ei g nt members volunteered toi /WLl t At/U iJV/l iJV-O C4. IUAI. Uiivj *« . , , , idV^U^-O AV/i Vii\^ V-ilV-lUJf. J- 11V, J n **. At a meeting held last week, through the window behind me fight to squeeze in on every mis . an adult homosexual change in-!j n speeding up his learning. ents, Mr. and Mrs. George Parker, and other relatives. . These are Anna Anderson, Carl spending two weeks visiting re-! Dr. and Mrs. Roger White Baker. Esther Barren, Gust a f i aM .. ni . Qnr1 f,.ip n ris hpro. i hnvp rp.t.nrnp.ri tn Rochester. Erickson, Jennings Fleischbcin, latives and friends here WATCH FOR GAMBLES 10% DISCOUNT DAY Coming This Week! Mr. Mrs have returned to Rochester, p a r White ! and her grandmother, Mrs. Gus marry happily?" Bluntly, the answers is "Yes But the victim must realize | that his parents or teachers ori Thus, a shock when the rat Imake up the committee for the pole bending and fourth in bar- Ahorse show. They art Debbie and rel racing. Bill Basset pi a c e d; ; sion." inub, a SHUCK wnen me i a. .; Gustafson Dennis Cerioni 'fifth „ | starts into the wrong alleys but:™ Gustafson Dennis o ^om • ;Q nipnf> nf phppsp a« & rpwarri ! ° ullc ".aiigao, 4. . nujr ^11^/^.^.1. , fifth in western pleasure usi n g i piece of cheese as a reward solves the maze, will Kruger, Susie ! and Robert Bolich. Peterson Bc rgl , » , mother, Mrs. John C Stevens. Mrs. David TucKer and children have returned from Lake So this electrical shock device; Recently, the club participat- so cleverly arranged by the Brit- He must resolutely have the | ish doctors is rl ' M in Une »sire to change, much as the| thp ,_.„. _ f t hp ™ nri i tinnf i ed in a horse show at Lake Lini den. Attending the show were fourth in western pleasure and Ray Otto placed third in west-j ern pleasure and took fourth place in pole bending and bar-, rel racing. j crironlc alcholic also cannot be|J£ laws of the-conditioned re-1 Cs ™^ msiwo ^ Julie Kan- fSfbu? mS-t f dfthe a io'b! Howevei '' if a homo8e«ial wilUg?;. ™^ m *.<*^™^ fnends but must do the job j tly force h i m self to date; nimQpif . i .1 i ^ i. t > ijiiiiov^ii. i n Hpcii*anip 0*1 vl c»nn to tnvniiP'n Recently Doctors M. P. Feld-; f h J.^JJr an t irgmo Honl ? P can al ' They entered in the nalt e r SyT^kerrema^^pe^! INTERLOCH^N CAP) -W-ima^and M^J^MacCullochJ n; so retrain his ou : look until girls Sn^Sel Sg^nd ^ tume class. Debbie Gustafson placed third Cliburn to Perform Interlochen Camp .- v.~ ,.—- fTERLOCHEN (AP) - ^ ^^ ^ wuj .^^ „„„_ B ^_ t\vo"weeks >V 'visiting her gr^nd- anist Van Cliburn comes to the | England,^ conducted a ^sycholog- becom'e""very desirable rornan- ^ objects parents, Mr. and Mrs Robert National Music Camp here | Connelly. 'Thursday for a performance 1 Mr. and Mrs. William Davi-'which opens a 65-concert tour son and children nave returned'ot the United States. Cliburn is to their home at Warren after v trustee of the music camp spending a week visiting h i s and Interlochen Arts Academy. a p j cture "condition" the victims: . d t] reverse i s true of fe- 1 homosexuality to an aversion j ^^^^^\^^ western pleasiire. toward their own rex. ! bautiful girls now refuse dates 1 plan in; TWO SLIVOVITZS I BELGRADE, Yugoslavia H.TO' —In this country where the most popular drink is slivovitz, a dis- tilation of plums, two towns are named Slivovitz, one of them in Bosnia and the other in Serbia..j In Slovenija, where slivovitz is i less popular, there is a town' fifth in named Vino i wine). Life Insurance For People Ages 39 to 79 Now you can apply by mail, direct to the Home Office, for a Life Insurance Policy providing $2000 guavanteed-rate lifetime protection. Application and rates mailed to you without obligation. Tear out this ad and mail today with your name, address, zip code and year of birth to Great Lakes Insurance Co., Elgin, 111. 60122. Dept. 13G99P114 a reen an attractive male. I 0nex . . . i u ii ij u\_j» VAIIAW Uci'-Go D3OK lO JLtll" The homosexual was provided j ior h , „ or lier with a switch by which to re-1 So send for mv booklet ,, gex move the photo cr such sexual j Problems of Y bung People," temptation. i enclosing a long stamped, re- If the victim does not remove , turn envelope, plus 20 cents and he picture within 8 seconds.' avokl tnese tragic deviations! hen he suffers an electrical; _ ;hock, which links pain with his pleasurable contemplation of HE FID mm im its nmm mm 000 000 Summer fun and summer savings start at your Plymouth Dealer's ! He's had a tremendous year ... and to keep it that way he's offering tremendous deals now. So see him soon. While the deals are still sky high 1 he enticing male. (Always write to Dr Crane in; care of this newspaper, e n - i . . ,, closing a long stamped, acl-1 And he keeps on receiving the dressed envelope and 20 cents electrical shock till he cloes ito cover typing and p rintin gi puch the button and thus remove j costs when you send for one Ol , the picture from view. \ nis booklets ) Sooner or later he thus learns j (Copyright by The Hopkins .0 remove the picture bef o r ej syndicate Inc ) ;he 8-second time limit. ! ' The photo of the attractive male thus becomes altered into a signal that a painful experience will follow, :0 this, electri- LOTS OF GOOD LATE-MODEL USED CARS, TOO! GET A GOOD-TIME DEAL AT YOUR PLYMOUTH DEALER'S FURY/ BELVEDERE / VALIANT/BARRACUDA GOGEBIC AUTO CO., INC USE. Cloverland Drive Ironwood, Michigan CLOON MOTOR CO. 101 Sunday Lake St. Wokefivld, Mich. LOANS WHETHER IT'S A PRESSING EMERGENCY, OR HOME IMPROVEMENTS OR WHATEVER THE REASON FOR NEEDING MONEY... GIVE US A CHANCE TO SMOOTH OUT YOUR MONEY PROBLEMS WITH A LOAN OF S 50 to 1,000 PEOPLES LOAN SYSTEM S. Suffolk St. Ironwood Across from St. James Hotel Ph. 932-5100 LOANS Ex-Resident Receives Honor I Mrs. Robert J. Bull, the form| er Vivian Ann Johnson, daughter i of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Johnson, ! 216 E. Michigan Ave., who is instructor in economics at Drew , University's Collie of Libera 1 Arts, has been chosen by h c r alma mater, Albion College. Albion, to be listed in the first edition of "Outstanding Y o u ng Women of America," which will be published in Janua r y, 1966. The publication honors you n g women between 21 ana 36 for outstanding achievement in one or more fields of .endeavor. Mrs.' Lyndon B. Johnson is serving as honorary chairman of the editorial board. Mrs. Bull, who received h e i bachelor of arts degree f r o m Albion College, h;is studied a t the University of Oslo N o r way, and the London School of Economics in England. Prior to joining the Drew University faculty in 1960. she was an economic research analyst f o r the National Bank of Detroit. Active in the comm unity. Mrs. Bull is a member of the League of Women Voters and the Administrati"e Committee of the Colonial Little Symphony. She is also a member of the Society of Certified Public Accountants, the American A s - sociation of University Women, and the Analysts Society, among others. She has been a member of, the D r e w-McC o r m ick Arch- i eological Expedition in Shechem, Israel, along with her husband, Dr. Bull, assist ant professor of church history 1 n the Theological School at Divw University. She lives with lu-r husband at 54 Prospect Street, Madison, N.J, PETROIT & NORTHER SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION Home Office - Hancock, Michigan Statement of Condition June 30, 1965 Assets Cash on Hand and in Banks U. S. Government Bonds Federal Home Loan Bank Stock 3,188,957.02 9,887,421.88 1,700,000.00 Loans—First Mortgage on Homes 129,446,421.47 -Home Purchase Contracts 10,143,937.05 -D & N 'Certificates 444,106.72 Real Estate Owner 157,469.50 Real Estate Held for Redemption 82,892.24 Land, Office Buildings and Equipment 1,728,346.69 FSLIC Secondary Reserve 1,113,413.71 Other Assets 25,645.28 TOTAL ASSETS $157,918,611.56 Liabilities Optional Savings Accounts $129,618,796.11 Fully Paid Certificates 13,823,530.00 FHLB Advances 3,600,000.00 Mortgage Loan Advances in Process 1,066,866.24 Other Liabilities 113,824,17 Reserves and Undivided Profits 9,695,595.04 TOTAL LIABILITIES $157,918,611.56 We, Donald W. Seaton, President, and Blanche B. MacLean, Secretary-Treasurer of the Detroit & Northern Savings & Loan Association, do solemnly swear that the above statement s true to the best of our knowledge and belief. DONALD W. SEATON, President BLANCHE B. MacLEAN, Secretary-Treasurer Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9th day of July, 1965. FELMA A. WALITALO, Notary Public Houghton County, Michigan My commission expires April 25, 1969 SAVE WHERE HOME FINANCING IS A SPECIALTY LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES A. W. HOLMBERG AGENCY MARGARET NOVASCONE AGENCY IRONWOOD BESSEMER JAMES J. CUDAHY WAKEFIELD

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