The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 2, 1933 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 2, 1933
Page 12
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,„.,, ^,,,, 1T ^___,^™--^__ ,„_„.,,^ r .„ ,,. .^ |Nf ™, > - -. -* ^,,., ^ <,, Q t v ( «x;--,£ v.r,r^v v*,-^y.^^s^$|/ w^H.'f >,i^;^r;.s^y r :£'w r vv^r^|%''"^f ™W$P ff' ,:.' , ' ' ' "'.'•'• ' r ', ' ( , < ' c ', "'<.' ^," f ' |/. •'*"•,'' V" I- 1 '" 1 ''^J,* 1 !/' /' f'y- ^V^*''* 'V"'"^ '• '^Hi; 1 '" f HE BAKEfiSFIELO (iALIFdANlAN, MONDAY, JANUAfttf-'2,1933 " ^ fflONAL* HUMOROUS CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON BUU.D THEIR. NESTS OF MUdE UM»%ANO STICKS AND OfTEN CONSTRUCT HOMES wei6MiN« AiMosr *. TON, *j HARDES]T XVMO ^ST WOOD IM THE WORLP COMES PROrtV THE TftOP(CS, WHILE THE SOFTEST AND LICHTESr C£WE9 P»CWS TEMPERATE ZONES Cm* IY NC* KHVKI. (Ac. SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK • tm WTO «i«v>ci me. ^M..... .„ "If he takes a trip thli wlnttr, I'm next on that chair by the window." v THE TINYMITES By HAL COCHRAN (READ THE STORY, THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) •T: 'M JUST us scared us I can be to •yank, the big: propeller. Gee! I fear that It will knock me flat," said Puncy, with a frown. "If someone else la game to try, BO wo can rklo out through the sky, they'd best he very careful, BO as not to get slapped down." "Now, wait a minute," Soouty/crled. "There'll be no trouble 'bout this ride. The airplane hag a starter that will . make the engine run. Now all somebody has to do Is step rlffht on It -with his shoe. Hoy, Windy, try It out. You'll find how eas'ly It Is done." "All risht," said Windy. "I am game, but don't you lads give me the , bin me If everything goes wrong as Boon as I try out my luck. (Plcturti by King) "I trust you lads ull realize you must be cureful In the skies. Play Bufe and do not fool around, wherever you may roam," The elf then left and Scouty cried, "Well, let'a cot going on our ride. They nil climbed on the little 'Piano and soon 'roso In the air. Somo birds soared by. The lads had fun when Coppy neatly lassoed one. It flew along beside the plane, though given quite a scare. HE'S LIGHT ON SHOES SALT LAKE CITY. Dec. 26.—J. H. Venable la "God's gift" to shoe repair mon, but manufacturers do not care much for his type. Since the year 1807 A'enablo has had only flvo pairs of shoes and ho still has two "I hope, as all you Tlnles know, i of the pairs unworn. His only trou- tluit I can make the engine go, but | bid is with soles and these he has something else may happen. Then, ! repaired every 90 days. In that 35 of course, we will be stuck." He hopped In, anxious as could be, and stepped upon the starter. Wh«e! ' The engine promptly roared and Coppy b-Tioutcd, "It's all right. "Just let It heat a little bit and then tb« fine piano will be fit to take UB Bearing through the air. I'll bet we'll •>e a. sight." ' • * * Their friend, tli" llltln elf, then • cried, "f hnpo yrm luivo luck on your r|d<>. I muat bo leaving you right , to go bitck to my home. years he has only worn out two of the five pairs of shoes. HE'LL EAT OR ELSE SALT LAKH CITY, Utah, Dec. 20. William Allen has an aptitude for get ting meals without working for them. When the Salvation . Army refused to give him breakfast because he would not work for It, ho throw a chair through the window. Tho result was OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS VOU'U. MIL 6m TO AT GPAB , . POMCH WSG. (KITH AGREtlM W1V.L V* Al HOLD G»T DO S TO HfeV-P A Guv — ROMS PtGHT 1. CA^V, OOOP? -TU.LT CM FG.R »F 1 MtLP V MAvJt A B»G» HEL.P A To«»-Ai M60T1RAL, , \A F06S - , I'LL STILL H D »F;l <=>TAV MCT^E-RS GET GRAV. . , M « •« «^ct •e.T/ OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN TOSSING TWCAN ~-VOU C A SW&U. HA-A-I TMOU6KT YOU QU»T THE NOTT6T5 t <SOT IT TH.YING. TO THINK. WHERE 1 TMEM CAN -DISCOLOR MAKERS -^v tn f YOUR UNCLE. -BEN, QUICKER THAN APPLE "BENTLEY HOU5S ABOUT AS LON<b AS A •POST OFFICE PEN VAUTDGVtL.Lfc; ONCE A KNIFE ON TW WA/SON •R7R NINE YEARS H E AN' TK' TOWER OP WERE Trt* ONLY THINGS ON A SUANT? , YOU A HARPS' NEW !< /-7 .«' THE GUMPS A Very Cordial Invitation By SIDNEY SMITH VISU.-AWDY- t HAVE A OR YOU- ANO THR«*'S A R5AU TREAT ^ B FOR VOO - TOO ARE CrOlNC* TO HAVE OPPORTUNITY OF MfcfcTINC. MlW M1LUE A.NO HBR MOTHER— » AR|E Bfr^(&., AM Wl WMftr SMMEN I THINK THAT I UTTL.E DA!UJM4r ONCE - l BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Boots Nearly Forgot! By MARTIN A'^OCPT VOO ov\W. -v FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Falling Barometer! By BLOSSER SET >t>UR STUFF. FRECKLES.. WE'RE LSAV!M<? RIGHT VJE'LL HWETO SET OUT BEFORE IT IT WONT TAKE ME BUT A MINUTE, UNCLE MARBV= X. HAVE EVERYTHING MJE'RE (aO!N<5,TAS CALL OSS1E AN' TELL HIM TO TELL 7H" OTHER WPS /f ^~~ IT DOESNT LOOK. SOOD Tt> ME.... .VWAT DO >bU: OF IT, 9ILLY ? OFF BEFORE FROZEN IN. I NEVER COULD READ TWAT BLAME BAROMETER 8V THE BONES OF THE TEN TINKERS .'/' SHE'S 3ELOW TWENTV NINE....VJE SETTER SHOVE ETCV (JETS ..AVE,AVE!f '« 3* i A SEE • I'M SO NERVOUS I J FORSOT OSSIE'S NUMBER..... HERE I'M LOOKIN' IN TPE O's V^IEN I • SHOULD BE LOOklN' FDR PLBTZENBALMJ BOY! IF TWIS ISN'T STARTISIS THE MEW V OFF RISHT, I DOMT VNHAT IS.'/ -/* THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Making .Hay! By COWAN tlmt received a nice ride 10 th« Mu- j tlon houiu*. whore ho arrived just In lime for lunch. I OUST DOOPPeD IN TO Sto* HAPPY NCW VEAO 1 , HEAVENS WMAT'S ALL, THE ABOUT? WHETN VOU GCT TWPOUGH IN THEPC, DON'T FOPGET THOSE SHELVES IN THE KfTCVCN OH, HELLO I'M «O GLAD SH-SHl POP MADE A WEW ... _ PtSOLUTiON TO DO ANVTHING APOUND THE MOUSE THAT I ASKED HIM TO— GETTING >EVEWYTH\NC DONE BEFOPE HE.1ftRtK*CS IT ' J*&?j ..-53

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