Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 13, 1955 · Page 3
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 3

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1955
Page 3
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• Wtl •&'.i^WAtoT^D:^i*<"£ BYfNINO TIMES, •ifcutf .iiiLlMV.. Rbiilinint ^ : € : . ; .-;;;;' •'; .;'Bjr ( ,'CHARLES ;MfcRCER V,/• j- ( : ,V NEW iVORK W^-' ; Will • Rogers .-.'. ence said, "Everything, is funny, as long a's it's • happening to some- .'•:• f'Now mpst .of the comedians'who Afire -coming back to television this "cason .:have : comc -.Hack; 'everything has to: be funny'even, though it's happening to them: instead of . somebody it'lse. ''\-'"'• .'• .'-,-, >'v : '"" . '• GeorgeiGobel. and;Jackie JGiea son are. back. Bob Hope and Milton -..-Eerie- have 1 put. in ../appearance's! Jack Benny! and Jimmy Durante and Red ;,Skeltoii.,and -.Groucho Marx --survive.There are'new faces oh the set such as Johnny. Carson : . arid Phil 1 Silvers. '- '•••' . .-• * It's Persoial Matter • .The business of judging what's . funny 'is pretty much- a^-personal ihatter.' between' a-viewer and-his :. ict;-:-' '. . f ' "'• '•••"•• -. While nobody asked my highly .. personal opinion, here it 'is:any• way/ .-(7 ••;'.- • :••• . • •• • ;'-.- : --. ; . ^' Gobel ihade me laiigh more on .his. opening show than f did'at the .. end of last season • when I. was laughing : pretty, hard.- He's; wisely killed., off: that : husband-wife .rou- . tine and if-he doesn't belabor.his °. e - : ' •mother routine;too heavily, and .-keeps floating lightly. he'll have • irie laughing 'all season. Gleasori,.'on the. other band, Now She Shops "Cash and Carry Without Painful i KucirinE backnchc. litjidadic, ormusciiUl ftches ft . , nmy fame on wtthovei-Hr«;r- . ilmin. A i»l Iulk» who cat and drink unwisely : •ornctlm« t ifuffcr riiild bladder irritation : t .;wtlh that r«IlMui; uncomfonabte fwltuic.' : If jrDtntremi«cniblFitnd wornuuibecMUM' af these d!M»mr(jrt^!)(«ti l s Pills offcn iiclp by Utcir pain relicvine their wxtth- • ing effect to.i-'KKc bliulder intialiou. iiriil fay ihpir mild diuretic action througfi Ute fc Idner* — teDrtinB to lncrr*w the output of U>c 15 toitec.Q( Vfdney. la\>ft. . ; , , . \ . So if nnReinp,l«ck»elie (n«fcw you frt] draKcird-out,misemUe...withr«Ut*((,NlMi>- |f-«f ni£hU... don't wait.. .try Duan'* I*i!U... Itct (h*T nwSie'TiKppir.'rcTJtf'infllioiia hxve «n- Group To Attend Forest* pri liash't amused me. of VThe. lloncymoohers. ot.his husband-wife bickering:roii- .inc. That's his formula','of course, the openers I'm -:dyspeptic:. then/his insistence >hersJ" : rin tired oii lopping eyerybbdy's line nettles and he must figurc^he's stuck with presses.™ as a'•'wiltjr• guy. arid. it. But 1 .don't see' why .he should I lope has his ups and downs with me,' but in general he .gets laughs Btrlc Tries Too Hard . Berle. strikes : me . as. trj-ihg loo hard.. But Benny/, as. relaxed . as ever,; makes - ; me- relaxed- too: Du- rahte .is, in my .wife's ..words, -"a sweet little guy : full of warmth,-' vhich.-is what much of humor should -• be." ' Skelton sinipiy , isn't " ; O.T; C. Acting Olf f iccirs my dish "• because nearly all his routines are hauhtingly familiar. Groiiclio amuses me except when BUNIONS me; Silvers; as :l've'^said before entertains nie mightily'/Carson im admire his'iexperimehtal approach to'.video. . A\' nurhber of area ' men .'are among. 79 advanced .Army 'ROTC students at West. Virginia University, :.Mqrgaht'own', who, have been appointed temporary cadet ; of fi- ' ' '' \ Get tiii. »u D-Scholls linopad STACEY'S MARKET 51 N. Centre St. DIAL PA-4-6S66 .. . . . -..,. , They -include: Maryland— Jqhr . "Holmes, Richard C. Po« and bcrald L '.' liarfisohV Jr., Cumberland; 'John M; Dickinson, Lpnacon- ing; -James F. t>evine;.and Rich. ard C.- Shoppert, Westernpbrt; ! Wayne'.' K. Harrhan, . Accident; t ni«r.Lifii! Roger k. Gibson, Mt. Lake Park.' West Virginia— Max D. Carpen- l !er and William H. Loy.- Romney; Ho ^. D: Di?ve Jr-] . Mathias; Robert J. Coffman and Albert E.' Zalatoris, Davis; Paiil T. Dayjon. 1 William M. Bane and Joe A. Swisher, Keyser. - ..' . ' - Fresh Clams Cherryitbn* . dor 49e Chowder .. . doz 59c -. FreiK and Cooked Shrimp Freih Flounder Filet» Fretr) Haddock Filett Soft Shell Crabi Lobtter Tails Salmon Steort . Halibut Steaks Freih Deep Sea SCALLOPS CRAB MEAT n- CHINCOTEAGUE OYSTERS li. Qts. Pts.-j«-V and in SHEUS Porgics ....... Ib. 29c Norfolk Spots .; Ib. 39e Eels (drctt) .... ib. 49C Cotfiih (dre.t) .. Ib. 59c Sea Trout (large) lb.49c Salt Mack'tl FileMb. 49c . Ro<k''Boss;';Kfi : '-ilb;;! Butter Fijh .. . . Ib. 39c Limited Paliciils PARIS —';11NS1 —' Czechoslovak kian refugee ^sources in Paris say the Czech ministry of- health has ordered hospitals in_ Czechoslovakia to cut,down the lengths of stays of patients and limit the number of patients admitted: The move was taken for economy measures, it was said. : Expensive Salad WASHINGTON-UN'S)—On tiny Providence .Island north of, Madagascar the hearts of coconut palm Irees'pr'oyide a delicacy known,as "the millionaire's salad," says .the National. ^Geographic . Society.,',^ palm heart is obtaining by cutting down a mature tree. To serve ten persons costs abbiil $200. UP TO WITH TOW 010 RtHHCCRATOR M HIAK T«, M* w«k • tb. timt to pi rid erf TOMT oW refi!»•»*<»... while ihm We Mtra tr»d« fcl oflcr IMM. Cocm in or pbooc •••. Refrigerator World's First Air Conditioned Refrigerator Hm't that brand IMW kind 'of refrigerator that's Air ConrfirfiKMrf t« k««P fooch frnb«r. Completely automatic.: Never nwdi defaulting {face 23 iwo d*gn» fnemr. New DouMt Drpth Dairy B«r.vYw»r-:tliM- week only on ih» moaey-«mnf offer. YOURS ON CONVENIENT EASY TERMS BERNSTEIN FURNITURE CO. CUMBERLAND, MD. luick Reading *• LONbON-- (INS). : A Quick eadihg Center has been set up in .ondori to-teach anyone to-double lieir reading speed/- ;:•. j Three- representatives ,of 1024, Carpenters Union, AFLi will attend the 'dedication , of the ; William L. llutcheson Memorial For cst "•; at.; East; '.Millstone; -N... Jyi Saturday;'- •',.-•.',:,•''•'.•• • ';'. '.••.•'*. it 1 ,-?.'.," The • tract of '• virgin ; forest was purchased :. by (lie /International Brotherhood ... of 'Carpenters ; and JoiMi'S -as » living memorial to the former president of the union. It will- be presented to Rutgers University .for use in its ecological program. -,','•;' -..-S'.i. .' Y -.-.-'. ' .Attending from here .will be nalph Porter; .president; J. E. iMullenax, chairman of the Board of Trustees, aild F. Patrick Allen-': dor,: business agent of Local 1024. Seattle, 'Spokane and Tacoma are. the only three cities in Washington with populations of 100,000 or more: '-. -. •..•". '.;:•' .. • . Dry Skin Ikh! 2 emo i.a doctor's' soothihp; »nti- - •eptic—promptly relieves •itch'bl lurface skin rishra, ecz'emt; psbri; tsis Zeini) stops scr»tchihK)ai>a so aids faster healihis.'Buy Extra •Strength Zemo for .tubborn c«Mi. A DffAKUOJX SOU M OS 108*. WAS BRAS with Action-Free TANGENT TAPES YOU SAVE AT FACfORY^TO-YpU PRICES Natural Birch Kitchen Cabinets I Open Wtekday. 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. CUMBERLAND KlICHENSl CUSTOM BUILT ltii«in ', EUEtSllE, MO. rh«n« PA 2.5303 I YOU CAN GET A LOAN FROM US TODAY! YOU GET CASH >25.00 $ 50.00 $100.00 $200.00 PAY MONTHLY ONLY ::•'-'"•• $ 1,4$ $ 2.95 $ 5.90 $11.81 IA1GCR AMOUNTS ON SIMILAR TERMS. 'AMOUNT OF MONTHLY PAYMENTS INC1UOE INT£«EST AND PKINCIPAL ON TWENTY-FOUK MONTH CONTRACT. in FROSTBURG PkOM 15M 8) E. Main St. in CUMBERLAND Pkone PArkrlew 4-4200 18 S. Liberty St. (2nd Floor) LOAN SERVICE '.'.-.' INCORPORATED £•-•»,»••;•.«;•--•' mim-m? osenbaum's A UPAMMMT SKWE «i«S K»k 1WI Refinish your Floors like new in only 10 minutes 1.49 fint 149 Quart 4.49 Gallon 7.98 Gallon SUPER-WIPE • ktptir* scratches and wear. "Reconditions HM surface. '• Hastens erifinal smooth* ness. ,"',.. ' WOOD - LINOLEUM - ASPHALT TILE It's new— <fiffer«nt-77not o wax , or polish, but a lustrous, beautiful FINISH fof all typ« of floor$ / > -, Takes only '10 minutes to do an overage room. 1 Wi j rt Free handy , applicator with every can, Clean transparent 'tooting ^fles tn'4^hours for lustrous beauty and protection. ' "HOUSEWARES— FOURTH FLOOR *X~glamour plus, -comfort .. . v. yours in our .popular FUiDATJNG ACTION bra. :: .-;.- '';'•'; ,.-'. ,. • .. Amazing .action-free TANGENT STRAPS move as you move V . . yet keep the.bra exactly in-place. Your .rounded, uplifted contours stay up, without' binding or.pressure . assuring'your- X*Appeal all day long! ••••''• : As shown—Style 392 in. snowy white broadcloth .-. . A cup 32-36, B cup 32-40, C cup 32-42. 2.50 In "D" Cup — -3.50 : . . . and the most popular bra •-. in.'Arri'ericb.'. . . EXQUISITE,^ FORM'S/STYLE 502 .;. . the'-- ^bro our prettiest customers tell ,. us is in a class by itself! Re-~ inforced and stitched under, ' the cup for a firmer, niore^ beautiful uplift. , " : Broadcloth in whita . ; . -A eup 32-26, B cup-32-40,..,,: C cu'p 32-42. •'•'•*? 1.50 D cup 2.00 INTIMATE GARMENTS — SECOND FLOOR • Another FAMED-NAME FABRIC-from Rosenbdum's collection of QUALITY FABRICS OMPTON Corduroy-1.29 Yd. CROMPTON'S PINWALE OR WIDE WHALE CORDUROY is for the woman who takes pride in her dressmaking talents end really appreciates the very special talents of fine coduroy. These machine washable fabrics look so rich and beautiful m 16 beautiful fashion colors. Purple, Black, Charcoal, Avocado, Shrimp, Turquoise, Wine, Toast, Kelly, Hunter, Red, Lilac, Copen, Navy, Yellow, Dark Brown. For • DRESSES • SUITS • 'COATS • LEISURE CLOTHES • CHILDREN'S WEAR • SPORT SHIRTS • DRAPERIES • SLIPCOVERS } J / ' ' i 1 , b PATTIRNS IY VOGUI, McCALLS, ADVANCI «n4 SIMUICITY ? ' / ' FASHION FABRICS — THIRD FLOOR l ( -

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