Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 30, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1927
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR -1 (OLA DAILY REGISTER CHA8.F. SCjOTT fentered at the iota, ijwtotflc* aa Second OMB Mktter. - All Departmentt). - | It iSUBSCRIPTION RATES ' By Gsirlcr In Iota. Gas City. lABaifit and Baasett. ' One i Week .° '. , 16 Oenta One MfonUi ......70 Centa One TUT IT.M BY MAIU ' Outalde Allen County One Tear 15.00 Six UiDhths iS.SO !rtiree Months ...4 .' tLtO j In Allen Cflunty OneiTear •:. t4 .00 Bbc 'Months t i M.OO Three Months %l.U Ofl4 Month too Official Paper cit /Tof "ola. Official Paper C^ry of BaMett. Official Paper AIMn County. ,|y|ei»il>er of— "Satlonil Bdltwrt^l Aaaortttl*^ Kansas Press Aasodlatlpn. Thi Kansas Daily l^Ottt^ Audit Bui«M>f Clrouratlcm. Pr *ss Cohartssof the WoHd. Inland Dally Preea.Association. THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENING. NOVT^WBlgR SO. 1927. as JIBOUT TOUKG BILL. Young Bill White Is In Rochester, Minn., going: throogh the Mayo cllnicj He came there Wednesday' after Ian elght-weeksl Ulneas In New prork City, The illness vas the j^er-effect ot the flu. He had been working hard and -when the faft him, conid not stop, got n^ too soon and keeled over, blew up and nearly took the count. The Mayos seem to think they will hav /B him out good as new in a short ^tlme.—William Allen White In th^ Emporia Gazette.' Bad "news—and good news! Eight weeks is a long time for a^young^ man to be down and the. flu 1^ a^ treacherous disease. The friends of Young Bill and> of his father and mother will not. be .entirely at ease until they learn that he is safe home again, hitting the ball in the old' glad way. AT HIM—YOU MODERN DAVIDS. MEMBER ASSOCIATED /"KILl The Replster^ carries the Asro^Ud Presn report by special leased wire. TJwA.'.soclated Press Js ""diV'T,''*!^ UUNi th« use for-KpuWlcatlon ol 5l «o«s dispatches Ci^flted to «t_« ."ot otherwise credited '^SSf' and also the local news published Bwe; -In. All riKhtu or republlcaUon of epe- I Jrlil iHspatcl ^JS herein are also re- iaerved. Bible'Thpught for Today -• '{ I came not to call the righteous, but sinnerji.—Luke 6:32. , ' SOJIE PLAIN TALK. What follows niay hurt somebody's feelings, but as a duty to the public the Register feels that It'oiiht to be said and that it is up t(5 this paper to say it. Not JpoK ago a- sjtranger in I went'-into a drug stoEo and inquired for certain naiionalfy advertised articles. The. stranger was told that the arilcles were not '.handled in lola, whereas in point of fact the articles , have been handled for many years by a drug store which constantly advertises itself a .s the place where these articles arc sold. A "little longer ago a stranger entered an lola clothing store and asked for a certain brand of hat. He was told that the hat was nolt handled in lola wheri in fact it was then to be ielpn in 'the show window of a xtore that has sold and advertised It for years. Wc arc not told whether the party Inquiring for the drug store articles bought something "equally as good" or not; but wa di^ know that the man who wainted tho particular brand ot hat left town without buying any hat be- cauHo he would have no other. • wintf thcHc two incidents dls-. close.' unhappily, IH that in at least two bimlncsH houses in lola the old doR -in -thc-mangor idea of the way to do business still prevails, tho idea that if you can 't make a Kale yourself you must by all means, fair or foul, prevent your 'competitor from making a sale. That idea has loiig ago been abaiidoAed' by all broad-minded, and it may be added, by all truly successful business men. The modern. up-to-date merchant makes an effort, of course, to ^ell the goods he has. . But when he, .jfipds his cu!' onier will be satis- i fled with uo: ng, except .ihe ape-' cial brand h ; 'Tompetltor carries he tells his cusi :ner where he can get exactly what he wants. And does he in the long i^un lose sales by helping his competitor to make a sale? He certainly docs not! He sends the customer away saying to himself, and later doubtless saying to his friends. "Now tiere's a white man! A\^en he can 't make a'sale he helps his competitor make a sale. ;A nian who is^ that broad-minded and generous must be^a good man v^o deal with. Next time I want sonietliing in'his line 1 shall sure- j ly give him a call." ' It never pays to be "narrow between I ho eyes," to bo selfish and moan, lo dp to others as you wotild NOT want others to do to you! That IK tt statement which no- [borfy can NucccMiitul(y contradict.; The iitiiii who 18 narow-mlndod and H<!lflKli and moan cannot con- real II. 11c prolmbiy dooH not Ifuow It, bill he IN continually od .-ycirtlslng biH . tfarrownoss, solflsh- tivHH and meanness until everybody flndH. him outJ ''And do you nuppOHe it helps a man's business - (o bo known all ovcf town aif nar- IX|THE DAT'S Alvin M. Owsley, who Is to be a candidate for United States senator In "Texas next year against Senator, Earie B. Mayfield, is a World War' veteran and a -former commander in chief of the Ameri-' can Legion.. He comes ot a pioneer North Texas family, was born in Denton in 1S85 and received his early schooling In that city. Subsequent!^ he attended the Virginia MiliUry institute for four years, and then took a law course at Tulane University. ' Returning to Dentoii he entered the law practice with his father. He served a term in the Texas legislature and I'Was tilling the office of county attorney when the United States entered the war. Hie made a creditable war record, was oneof :the organizers of (he American Legion and in 1922 was choseni commander in chief. ' A customer came into ^n lola lumber yard the other day and asked for a certain size and ^tyle of window sash. The size and: style were promptly produced and the price named as $1.05. is" that your regular price?" inquired the customer. "Why, yes." "And do you carry them in' stock all the time?" "Yes." "Well, I ^ve had my lesion," said the customer. "I needed eight of these not long ago and sent to a; mall order house for them.; I had! to wait three weeks while they came by freight Then I -paid the freight. Then I paid 11.12 apiece. I And I could I^ave got them any day right hero without freight at |1.06!" And doubtless there are .thousands ot dollars sent out ot this county every year in which the purchasers get just as bad bargains ak in this case. It would seem as If the least an^ body could do would be to find out Hrst whether the men who pay ta^es here and contribute to build ro^s and help to make Allen coiiinty in general a good place to lire in, may be able to Supply you wUh what you want at a satisfactory price, before sending your mpney away to!a corporation that dqes not contribute a penny to any local cause or concern. Senator Nye told Boston the other night that if Vare and Smith are hot denied seats In the Senate "we move closer to that day when every public office will be placed upon the auction block and knocked down to the highest bidder." Which is utter rot! Public life in America is cleaner right now than it ever was in our history. Public servants are held to a h^her standard of private and public conduct and public office is as far from public auctioh as the East is from the West and then some. Senator Nye sla,nders about 14 million voters when he makes his ridiculous prophecy. CARLYLE The orchestra people were very badly disappointed Friday night when - the snow storm came and prevented their going to All^hi Center. We hope that Allen Center will forgive the leather map and give the orchestra another chance. Little Miss Melviii wouldn't respond to our name of Kathryn Louise, but laughs when they say "Ruby Kathleen." ' Mrs. Gail Smith of Garnett, sister of Mrs. Melvin, has been in Carlyle helping take care ot i .her new niece. The W. C. T. U. held an Instl- tute Weilnesday afternoon at the church and public services were conducted by Mrs. Kershner of Wichita. Mrs. Russell, the county preal- dont visited the schooi and gave a reading. Mrs. W. P. Archer is spending Thanksgiving with her son, Elmer AJtcher. The November and October birthdays were celebrated Friday by a marsbmallow and wiener roast. {Lorraine WIngler, Erma Loomls, Bob Brainard. Norwood, Herman and Hazlo Roberts were the honor guests. Mrs; Upshaw aided the happy event bjr a generous; supply ot home-ihade cookies, which were amply appreciated. The bazaar is the leading event this week. Do not! forget the date, Friday all day auj'd evening. You can find anything in the line of eats, ientertainmedt and Christmas presents. • The Latham family and' Miss Leno^e Hamilton (were the guests ot their parents. Rev. and Mrs. C. G. Hamilton during the Thanksgiving pcation. j Miss Hartman spent the vacation' with her pasent at Richland, Kansas. Mrs. Wilkinson [was tho; guest ot her daughter, Mrs. Lori Arnold of Springfield, Mo. ' The Brainard family and Mr. and .Mrs. T. .M. Vezleafad Mrs.lva Vezle and Howard speiit thei day at the Sawyer home. j There were so many'vacations in November that s{:hool notes have a secondary rating. The third grade ot the lower room and the fifth and sixth grades of the upper room have been carrying oft tho credit trophies. I 'row and'selfish and moan? jWell, , hardly! . J ' the point' of ali which plain Kplcaking is that if lola is to prosper all the men who do business here must educate IhcmselvS^ out i 9f the old. short-jsighted. costly .ijotion that if'a man can't make a deal himself nobody shall make it. • and climb up to.; the modern, up. to^datcl siiccessfulj idea of "each i for all and all for; each." Get the youriself if you can, tmt '^eep. Uie_ business in town whether you get it or not! William Allen White is right in criticising the "Pioneer Mother' statue recently erected in a Kansas town on tho score that it is not truo to history. This country was not settled by women on horseback with children 1^ tiielr arms. It WUH HCttlod by who camu In covered wagons. Mr. White snld: "Tho pralrh -H wore conquered by wheels: the inoUntnInK !hy saddles and riric^. Tho statu^ might represent Mrs. Daniel Bobne, or pioneer women ot Vermobt and Pennsylvania, but, not tho j pioneer women of the prairies." 'amIlicH As NEWS FROM LONE ELM AND VICINITY LudieK' Aid Ho.Nls Bazaar and Chicken Dinner. -Betty's Birthday" Appears December 9. Personal News. .\ov. 28.—.Mr. and .Mrs. T. F. Peu- alnd and family and Miss Mildred Games spent the day Sunday at the Frank Newlon home. Tho Ladles' Aid of the .M. E. church will hold a bazaar Saturday, December 3, at the I. O. O. F. hall at 2:30. A chicken SUPIKT will be served at 5:30. Miss Gladys Sprague, of I.a- Cygne, kansas .v spent Thankegiv- Ing with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sprague. Roy Stout and .Miss Blake of Newton, Kansas, wore vlslilng relatives and friends here last week. Remember the missionary program to bo given at the .M. E. church Suiiday, December 4, at 10:30 a. m.J The plasterers from lola are to begin work on tlie new Peniaud home Monday. Mr. and iMrs. V. ..I. Hester and children ate Thanksgiving dtnnei' at the Hamilton home In Colony. Mr. and !.Mrs. Lee, Burgess took Thanksgiving dinner at the hotel In ;Colony. • On their way back to Lone EHm they spent the evening with the B. W. O'Hara family. Mrs. A. L. Wilson, who has been sick for the past week, is slowly improving. ! Tom and Jim O'Hara are improving after a ^iege of bad colds. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Stineman of Topeka, spent the week-end with their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne .Sarver. l^Irs. Will Simpson and son and Mrs. Yates, of LaHarpe, were calling at the Penland home Thursday viewing the new house and visiting.- f Mr. and Mrs. John Butler, jr., of Yates Center, spent Thanksgiving at the Alfred Rodgers home. Mrs. V. J. Hester and Bessie Helms were Moran visitors Friday afternoon^ Mr. an4 Mrs. Will Byfleld and Beulah and Mr. and Mrs. Wcssie. Byfleid and children of near Geneva,, were Sunday guests at the Denny home. Mr. and Mrs. C. X Eastwood, BRONSO^ (S£r«. O. M. Quest.) Nor. 28 .-/r. J. Banunons has sold tils Interest In the* Hanamons Bios, hardware company to Us brother, J. C. Hammon& - | The Woman's Home Missionary society will' nieet Thursday atter- noba ot this week at the home ot Mrs.. LL B . Kayser. MIss'WIdner spent Thanksglring wltlx home folks at Pittsburg and Miss Starliper at Hepler. [ . The mlsatenary pageant "God's Girdea," will be given next Sunday evening at the M. El chnrfh. This promises to be flne. 'G. Qulst, wife and daughter, spent Thanksgiving with B. McBride's near MUdred. Leols Crowder spent the. weekend with her parents near[Altoona. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Mlnich and Mrs. Howard Myers were lola visitors Saturday. | • Mrs. L. Bryon and daughters, Irene and Eleanor vlsitled Mrs. Edith Norton near Carlyle Saturday. • • j . Mrs. R. S. Elliott visit^ several days last we^ with relatives in Oolnmbusl i The-many friends here of .Mrs. Ada Ooodno were grieved to hear other serious sjckness at her home In Alhambra, CallL Her daughter, Marion McGee,{ oflola, left last week for Alhambra. ; Marion Johnison has been real sick at the home ot Joe Gregory In lola. Bill Lynn has bought the Quill Perkins home and will move this weA Ffank Perkins's are moving Into I the Geo. Harris property. Walter Wright and family spent Thanksgiving at Dewey, Okla.,' wiDh Prof. Lehman and family. •Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hull ot Kansas City visited Ed James and family last week. Jv E. Zimmerman and _ L. S. Wright were in Ft Scott last Friday on business. Mr. and Mrs. Will Moore entertained relatives from Ft. Scott and Walnut tor Thanksgl\ing. .Mrs. Cal Morrison, Max and Mary Mr. and ^rs. R. B. Banta have Rae Edge ot Moran spent Sunday returned from their Texa^ trip and at the. Helms hom& are very much impressed with that Orv'ille Denney spent Saturday country, night and Sunday with Earl Gilli- Miss Bess Holieicke returned land. from WichKa Sunday. Her moth"Betty's, Birthday party" an er came back with her. operetta, will be given at L O. O. Park Caldwell and family spent F. hall at. Lone Elm, December 9, Sunday with: Fred RudlsUI and' by the grade school, Mrs. Frank family. Smith director. Admission 10 and E, Zimmerman and wife and P. 25c. Mlnich and wife and Charlie .Min- Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ellington and ich and-Robert Trendle and friend, Betty Frank spent Thursday after- MISS Gillis, of Kansas City, were ARTIN Jabbed his knife Into the blocks folded the apron gingerly, and jamhied it into a hamper in the back room. Be sighed, •^y Golly t The flrist time I've ,had even to think! Dread 'em every year. Tomorrow's Chrlst- mas," He shrugged deprecatingly. Something about the drooping half- sneer of his mouth was pathetic.- A brindle and whit ? mongrel paused for a jnoment in Ids excited search tor scraps, -yed ids companion quizzically, and returned resolutely to his sniffing. "Turkej-s and ducks and chickens 's all'they think of. Now and then bacon or ham. I used to think Christmas was different" The young man rolled down his sleeves and reached for his coat "Even she—" bis bltteroeK.<; deepened, "with everjthlng. Flfteen- I>onnd turtey!; Lord! T wonder what she'd think it she knew how I feel. More than likely doesn't know I'm alive, and me falling all over myself to save heist cuts for herl Oh well, come on, Srnd!" Spud crtmched a meat scrap reluctantly, i i "All right FlnLsh thaf IS'o hurry," Sljartin strolled to the window and gdzed out at the other festive shop displays. "Christmas 's Just a day people 'take off to eat and give presents in, and if you don't know anybody and room out there's nothing to it" "One thing. Spud!" Martin's voice brightened. Spud wagged a responsive tall without looking up. , "In two months we'll have the mortgage paid oft this Joint! Gad, of chfldren oiroilcrd "SUent Nlght.f Martin smildl bitterly. He; too, had believed/lbat story ot the birth of a Christ child, once. A "prof at college b|>d refuted It Too bad. Prttty^ory. She had, come to" the window now to listen. How lovely she— D—n! . fl I The cafol had broken oft Into ter-f rifled screhms. A car 8ped.-4^way. 'Martin found frightened children shivering oyer tlie writhing form of a boy. Martin carried him to tbc.light It was the fellow who bought blt.s of liver and now and then a scrawny soup bone. . The girl have seen the accident for she fame out-:and was spying that she bad called an am-' bulance. They both rode through the crunching KIIOW to the hospital and waited silently. "Not as bad we had feared." -the doctor Anally announced. "Sad case, th()Ugb. ' Little fellow is moaning now about who'll take care of his mother. Rent not paid, he says. Seems he's been eam- noou at Welda. | dinner guests of Earl Tompson and School began] again Monday -^te Sunday, niornlng after two days vacaU<fn Mrs. Mary Osborne and daughter, for Thanksg ving. ; uieta. ot Blackwell, Okla., came Mrs. B.^V. O'Hara was calltog week for a visit with rela- on .Mrs. A. L. Wilson, Saturday tiy^g Perry Mason of Ponca City;, /^E«XTi:«ir A Ok\A.. spent his Thanksgiving va- UJbiJNl!iVA caOon with home folks; (.Mrs. Delia Leavitt) . I^i*. and Mrs. Cummings had as November 23.-No ladles meeting dtanei' gueate Sunday. Mrs. Majme until December 9. when they will R ^Jf °^„^^^J^Zr,tS:fJ^'nf''vf meet with Mrs. C. W. Yoweil. sco^t ^ dangUters of Ft ^u^?}" .f'*'"'^"^ "^H H l"* ''charley Mlnich ot Kansas City ;the timber, where they were cut- ^ame Thursday for a few .davs ting wood, is improving, we are ^T^h r^^Sve" ^ ' n ^iM^^oo ^uf T^«i= '.„»nf Hembrough and wife of DelU Leavitt and Lewis spent chanute spent Sunday with her "•^Siy H S OP and Lewi, Leavitt ''X^'lin^'^Srarir Law- L '':d''S^r^''hS.l ,roTl ^^.S"'' reh^w '^reSeX^Th^'glvrnl da r.;?.TrrrL« ;«w .hi. «^<1 «?«rti3 and son of , [u .. « * Eureka spent tbe week-end with '"o ;•^o7A'?t'hu*r H ^titrHoSin ;^i-^r**^ '"-^' ^: al^LThlfw^ir mlu IaJ^« ^^^u Tillery were Iri Ln * ' caHed to Inka. Kansas fiy the ser^^S .^H .^Vippln'^;^ dragging.the ^^"^"'^'^^'^ gravel road Tuesday. • 'Mrs. Dan West and Miss Orval A.lan«o« ^ T^u' Hollemau went to Lakin, Kansas ^.„t .ht! ^1' to see their brother. Perry Mosier, fornia the past three months stop- very sick, ped on her way homo to visit --om C!amic who Is at tho Ft Mrs. Christy. It 's been a pull getting started Into bu.sines.<!. Then long, long months to save two hundred dollars." Outside a Hjibt snow was falling. Late sliopper.s hurrying along, laden with bundles, scarcely glanced at the tall young philosopher who. followed by a lieterp- geneons dog, strolled homeward. The eiclnding gayety of Cliri.stmas Eve laughter amr brightly lighted houses Intensified Martin's loneliness. He passed the house where she lived and fitraiaed his eyc.<< for n glimpse of her. In fancy, he told lier about Spud, the market and even hinted of his love for her. From down the street a group Ing all they've had. When I told him be might be here three mootbii —well. I never saw a kid so downhearted." I Slartin hesitated. "I've got two i hundred dollars," he heard himself saying. "If that would do the kid and hi.i mother." He had a fleeting desperate picture of an- " other ten months of saving and stalling oft the second mortgage. He walked home with the girl. Her name was Mary. A regular Christmas name, he said. She smiled. "That was a beautiful thing to do. Mr. Bowman." she told him. '"Did yon notice the peace and happiness In the little fellow's fac^ after th^doctor had told him? Mr. Bowman. I—" she hesitated. "I, don't suppose you'd care to, but I— we'd like to have yon eat Christ- ma.s dinner with Us. I went up this afternoon to ask you, but yoii were entirely too busy to notice me and—" "Too busy to not ire yon!" Martin gasped. "I thought you'd never notiped me'." Spud had been waiting. His sleepy accusation as he arose from the doorstep was scarcely noticed. The song of the little Injured caroler .was running .tlirnugh Martin 's mind .and replacing a cynical philosophy. "It was a silent niplit like this," he said.f Thoughtfully, he looked up. In the east, one star seemed larger (hnn the other."?. (©. an, WMtern N'ewipaper i;Dlon.) Your Worst MQNTEVALE (Norma Isaac.) Nov. 28.—FrankI Isaac spent Wednesday night and Thursday Mr. and Mrs. School will dismiss today fori tho remainder of the week. Mr. and Mrs. LL T . Wolf of Idla, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Settle and Mrs. Laura Nokes ot Welds, were spending Sunday at the^ L. with his parents, S. Perkins home. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Isaac. Chas. Fox and Miss Yetto were The ladies Farm Bureau and the atternoon callers, all anxious about 4-iH girls met with Mrs. Berrie how badly Zack was hurt • Friday afternoon. . Delia Leavitt and Lewis were Mlsa LucUle Dozier spent Sunday shopping in lola Tuesday. with Tansy Smith. —! 'Mrs. C L. Isaac and Norma Measles and whooping cough spent Thursday atternoon with arc followed by tuberculosis la Mi^. Clarence Isaac. children. A local tire dealer Isnjt particularly <:urious but he ca.n't help wondering how a fellow who buys his tires from a mail order house feels when he drives up to a local tire shop and helps himself, or perhaps Is helped, to free air and water! . • . An Atchison man, refused money by. his . wife to purchase more liqiwc to continue the tpot upon which he had been traveling tor ^evieral' days, committeed suicide. -Under the circumstaiices the>mo8t .jconsidefate and ' seniiihie thing he ,iciu'U, "liavj dui^ I i The Sallna Journal declares editorially that ' "Crime inust be frowned upon." Well, we should think it might be treated as severely as that, seeing it is crime. - The United SUtes Army ate $90.000 worth of turkey Th.anks|:ivlng. 1 With a kitchen apron over her Uack dress. Queen Mary recently put in a busy day helping to check; and so^t thousands of garments collected b.v the Noc'llework OMIW for diKfr ':'Mi()^ii !i:nr!ii;; teufi^ n j ":«;k aud -. .»o^ ... The Monte Vale school children had two days vacation for Thanksgiving. FvB Mowrer spent Saturday night and Sunday with Dorothy Stinnet Miss Lois Rogers had the mls- tortune to break her car downSun- day as' she was going to church. A garage man .came out from'.Moran and repaired the damage. Clarence Isaac, Euleta, Earl and Arthur called on Charley Isaac Sunday Afternoon. Donald Mowrer spent his Thanksgiving vacation with Mr. Ed Wilson. Mrs. Rogers and Bcsslo spent Thursday afternoon with .Mrs. Earl Chezem. I Leo Hill left Sunday for Kansas City, where he expects t<!> get work. j Mrs. Blanche Isaai: and Norma were Shopping In loi'a Friday. \ The Ladles' Aid will meet November 30 with Mrs. Will Morrison. Mrs. Olie Stickley ana son, Ralph, visited Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Dlqkersoa Sunday. Harold Dozier Is in the senior class ptey which will be given at the Mildred high school Wednesday evening, November 30. Donald Mowrer took dinner with Russel Stinnet Sunday. Ro^ Stout and a friend called on Ws aunt Mrs. Y. L. Dickerson, Saturday. : Mr. and: Mrs. Y. L.. Dickerson visKed their daughter, Mrs. Archie Boman, Wednesday. asusuar.POPHAM^s ASTHMA REMEDY Fn flUUIS m. tin rrap. flenhod. 0. BROWN'S DRUG STORE f»- the disease commonly known as catarrh. It is the result of bacteria lodging on the mucus membranes of the nostrils. Your nostrils are the filters for the air entering your body. They protect you against disease as every disease you contract must enter througl. the nose or mouth. Wlieu you have catarrh disease germs enter your system at will. The cattarr'c Is taken Into your stomach with the food and the lungs are continually being infected viith '.he air 'you breathe. This is the r?-..sf.n catarrh is called the disease with a •.h<iii:ar;(' na:r.fs. . OUR CHLORINE GAS TREATMENT the wonder treatment for. Catarrh Asthma, Deafness and Lung Trouble is a success. During the last tvw ye-irs fhf Copclanil Medical Institute has produced new treatments that have proven a boon to suffering humanity, and your trouble, no matter how serious, may be OMJ ; ih<-il can be successfully relieve'!. RHEUMATISM During the last few months science has producetl a 'new treatment that IH meeting! .witii success. Cases clas.seil as Incunible arc being relieved. We now loiislder IJIabeteK, Pros- latlc Gland iniublcH. Gall Stones Golti-o. lilooil and many other dls- eases curable. Connultutioii, exuiiilnullon and a trial treiitiiieni. , FREE If v(Mi suffer from any chronic- disease, deformity, hidden or doubtful ailii^nt be sure to receive this examination. We' will tell you your trouble without asking a question. bur non-surgical ; methods of treating Keriiale troubles. Appendicitis and many othcjr troubles is one of our greatest Achievements. Pilpy, Constipation and Rectal Bis. easev Cured itndcr u ' ; Guarant'ee. (hir K.\pert Diagnostician WHI Be at thel PORTLAND HOTEL Saturday, December 3 OXE DAY OJXLY Alh Service will be Free this visit Copeland' Medical Institute AtmiE. 2l <<f St.. Kat|><as Clty.|.ir». Sore Throat Is Dangerous Thoxine Uelleves Qnlckly Doii-'t neglect sore throat -r -it often leads to tjknsllitis, scarlet" ^ fever or diphtheria. TakeThoxine, a famous physician's prescription, •A-Iiich is remarkably successful be- , cause it works on a. new principle —goes direct to the cause not ' reached by gargles and patent medicines and brings relief -within 1.5 minutes, or money back. One . swallow- does the work. Contains no iron, chloroform or other harmful drugs. Safe and siire—pleasant to take—much better than gargles. Ask for Thox- ine. 3oc, 60c and $1.00.—Sold by the Evans Store. AVOID UGLY PIMIjLES A jAnpIy fece will not embarrass you Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. The skm shouM b^ to dear after yoo nave taken the tablets a few niAts. i ^ , Cleanse the Uood, bowels and Over with Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the successful substituteforcalwndithaie s no s«rkTip«y ori^n aftertaking uiem. [rkne^orpaiL.. Dr. Edwardfe* Olive TaWcts do that which calomel does, and just as eflSw- lively, but their action is gentle aid safe mstead of severe and imtating. No one who takes Olive Tabms b' ever cmsed with a "darkbrown taste."' abadbreath,a dull,listl^, "noigood'' feeling^c^istipatioa, torpid liver, bad or inmply face. _ jve Tabletaaie a pordy vegetable compound niked with dive od;.Ipiow them bvthdr dive cdor. Dr. Edwards spent years amaog p*- tienu afflicted with liver and bowel compldnts rati Olive Tablets are the famnen8ely (6ffectlvere«ilt.Takenlgfatiy for a wedc. See howmudi better yoa feel and look. eoc. Mothers, Do Tbb-^ When the children, ooug^ rub Mu»> terole on their throats and chests. No telling how soon the symptoms may de-^ vdopnito croup, or worse. Andthen's when you're glad you have a jar i of Musterole at rand to give prompt relief . As first aid, ezoeUent. Keep a jar ready f«-instant use. , It is the remedy for adults, too. Re* lieves SOTe throat, bronchitis, tbnallitis, croup, stiff neck, sw^htna, nenralgja, heat^che, congestion, pleurisy, riiett- matism, lumbago, pains and aches of back or joints, sprains, sore muacfcs, chilblains, frosted feetand odds Of the diest (it may prevent imeumooia). , , : To Mother*: MiHlcffcJe b made la milder form for i babies aad amall ebildrea.: Aik for ChiUres'* liosterole. Jan & Tabe&

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