Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 13, 1955 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1955
Page 2
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TWO EVENING 11MES, CUMBERLAND, Ml), THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1*5$ Dial PA-2-4WO for • WANT AD Taktt is - NEW CASTLE. Ind. *-Tlic Per feet Circle foundry was-In'partial production today us tlie company, the striking CIO United Auto -Workers and the Notional. Guard dug in for what shaped up as,an extended deadlock. / The plant had its doors open ''lo anyone who wants to work." The union had vowed that it "backs the strike all the way." Cov George N. Craig had said thai the Guard will stay .as long as there appears to be a threat of rencwec violence. . There wasn't any apparent hope • for a break in the impasse ;bcfore November. Petitions for elections to decertify the union at Pcrfec Circle's Hagerstown and Richmom plants , are before the . National Labor Relations Board, but the UAW has been granted until .Oct 24 lo.file additional briefs.'NLRB 'action will-follow that filing. Trie New Castle foundry is riol involved , in . the decertification move,- but the UAW Has refused to bargain for it separately from the Hagerstown and . Richmond plants in adjoining Wayne.County. The company has declined to sign an agreement, for these- : plants while the 'decertification actions are pending. .- . The.union is 'asking a 21-cchl hourly wage increase; a union shop and a layoff plan. Perfect Circle has. offered. .11 cents. /Present wages range from $1.21 to. more . than $2 an hour. • West Power In Air Tops •• WASHINGTON W> - All things considered, says Secretary.of.,the Air Force Donald Quarles, "there is no other air. force in the worlc that matches our own." .'•He added, in addressing a group of .aviation. writers; yesterday, tna Free World air power is. "quite definitely superior to. that of the Communist bloc." . . Complacency, could cause thai lead to evaporate,. however, he said, and could ."invite the kind of war w;e are avoid." Man-made fibers, such as nylon dacron and orlon, are extra strong. So use sharp shears and cut them with long strokes. ' . • ' CORRECTION! The cocktail party by the Maryland Association, of Insurance Agents at the Cumberland Country Club will be held Monday, October 17, 6 p. m., instead of as previously announc- ed-. Ike To Get Cake Sliver On Birthday DENVER (INS) —President Eisenhower will be served just'» sliver of a special, low-calorie cake when i lie celebrates his 85th. birth- .day Friday in Fitzsimmons: Army Hospital.'*!.Denver. Hospital dieticians have carefully checked-the recipe; of the cake te ensure that tlie President's diet ol only '1,600 calorici a day will not be exceeded. The President's cake will be a Princess Back Home This closeup of Princess Margaret was taken today as slit arrived'm London following a rail trip from Scotland where she .spent her \acalion. With RAF Group Captain Peter Townsend also in London, Britons along with the rest of the world waited for: word about'the couple's i long-reported romance: Story- on Page 1. <AP Photofai) Bernarr McFadden, Rugged Living Exponent, Dies At 87 JERSEY CITY, N.J. UV-Bernarr Alacfadden, colorful exponent ol rugged living who regarded olc age as "just a bad habit," is deac at 87. The onetime millionaire publisher died.last Jersey City Medical Center after im-.attack- of A son was with him when lie died jaundice. His - physician said the attack, which brought him .to (he hospital ast Friday, had been aggravated by a three-day fast. The . deatli certificate listed the cause' of death as "cerebral thrombosis." From a sickly child, Macfadden eluded, the New .York Evening Graphic, .the Detroit Daily,, the Philadelphia' News and the Ne« Haven Times. / During ' his" vigorous : lifetime Macfadden was'wed three times and had a total of nine children. Stage, Movie Stars Probed HOLLYWOOD-dNSi-A House Un American Activities subcom mittee op«ns a secret two day icanng in Hollywood today with Comedian Zero •. Hostel'.-scheduled :o be among the first witnesses The hearing originally was .to be held at the Hollywood.-Roosevelt lotel but plans to move lis loci ion have been made since the news leaked.out. Mpstel ;'was. scheduled to appear before the/committee recently in New York but begged .off .'because of a-theatrical, engagement On the West Coast; He was-featurcd at the .irhe in'-the,'play "Lunatics And jovers," which closed last Saturday in San Francisco. He observed his 83rd birthday bj parachuting 2,500 feet into the Hud son River. . While .'in his early 80s, still piloted his own plane and enjoyed fasl games of tennis. He spurned medicines, whisky,.. tobacco and white bread, and avoided doctors. refused to divulge the built himself into a hardy physical ,, - ' ,, , ii ci specimen and amassed -a fortune Pcrqil Valuables Shewn BUENOS AIRES iffl— Some of Juan and Eva Pertm's wealth- enough jewels, clolhes and art treasures for a king-size rummage spi estimated at one time, at 30 mil- ion .dollars. ... However, involved in recent court disputes with his second and bird wives, he listed his income sale—was put on public display .( - v"'i •« yc?r,after taxes. • Macfadden once was publisher it sjcij magazines as Physical Cul- ure, Liberty and True Story, and lis former newspaper holdings in- here .today by the provisional government. . forma, iioris. They names of witnesses subpoenaed, declaring it was against committee policy. : In' .a 1947 report of the House committee, Moste! was described as "a favorite entertainer at Communist affairs and a member of he American Youth for Democracy, formerly the Youth Communist League." The saucer-eyed comic has appeared for many years as a nightclub, radio and television enter- ainer. He also has appeared on he legitimate stage and in several motion pictures! The ukelele became popular in Hawaii about 1877. We make LOANS for almost every purpose... If you're aimed for any worth-while goal, end "credit power" will help "get you off the ground," see us. We lend at low cost — and on convenient terms. Memter /eef«r«J0*/M>«if InturanctCorporal ion two-tier affair, and 16 inches hree-laycr, riches high diameter. Ihe phrase 'Happy Birlhda\ ke." will be inscribed.on the cake, The design of tlie birthday cake vill be completed by miniature American Hags in full color All 2,128 patients and hospital personnel will'also receive portions f the presidential birthday cake The 24 sheet cakes for Mr. Eisen lower s ' guests' will be baked rom the same mixture as his own The important process of baking he cakes will be done today under he supervision of Major Helena D Qumn chief of litzsimmons Food Service Division. He was expe'cted 'friendly", witness. to be a Rep. Clyde-Doyle (D). and Rep. Donald Jackson (R), both of Cali- will preside over the ses- 'rincess .,' , • (Continued from Page 1) f beefy station personnel some 35 ards from the four royal coaches. The Princess, accompanied by er cousin Princess Alexandra, vas welcomed by the morning- oatod, top-hatted station master •ho waited patiently at the door f her car. U;S. Prisoners In China Notified They Can Leave > WASHINGTON Wl-Rcd China s Premier Chou Enlai was reported Joday to have told the Biltlsh at Pelping tliat all Americans inside 'China have been notified they have a right to lea\e That joes beyond a Pcipiiy ladio bioadcast which said ycstci d»y that 47 Americans wcie fice persons India Flood Toll Estimated 1,200 NLW DELHI India W-Offlcials in India s t«o northern states today estimated flood deaths at 1200 I to leave but 19 others had cimimal accusations against them The broadcast said the cases ot the 19 weie being examined one As officials gave ihe latest fig. .ircs-nearly tripling the previous estimated dtath toll-fresh rains , and winds in the northern states Improves With Age The in-between stage—that hobgoblin of. all child actors- holds no terrors for Natalie Wood. She has bridged the gap with ease Natalie, who started in films at the age o{ 4 is shown »t the age of S above and the way she looks today at the age ol 17. .A TV series "Pride of the.Family" helped her bridge the awkward teenage type but she went right from there to leading movie'roles. (AP Pkotttu) Bird 'Look«ut' Left At Home; Thief Nabbed NEW YORK (INS)-^John Long, 22. a young parolee taught his parrot to. yell "cop." But.he failed to take his bird along early'today and:was arrested near a Queens filling station police .say he ad milted robbing three times. ng told police he. had held up the airport citv gasoline station three times - since September- 30, and was about to do it again when three "vigilant detectives nabbeci him. - -He was' held without bail for the grand jury on-charges of assault ;and robbery and burglary. . Asked..why.:he: always- returned to the same station Long said I thought it was a soft touch Dead Actress 9 Last Shoiv Will Appear On TV HOLLYWOOD Hi — Television iewers will see the last perform- . _ ... ance of Carmen Miranda, filmed devicesJn a jury room. Eastland the night before she died, on the NBC Jimmy Durante Show next Saturday night. A preview of the show yesterday is chairman of the subcommittee. Edward H. I.evi, dean of ..the Law School, and Prof. Harry Kalven Jr., a faculty member who is indicated .that : the fiery Brazilian supervising the project, testified entertainer was' as vivacious as ever except that during one strenuous dance number she fell to her tnees, then jokingly - complained consent of the court. hat she had .lost her breath. But she finished the number. She finished the show about. 10 lome to a party for friends and was found dead of a heart-attack he next morning. Producer Wiliam' Harmon said Durante had planned io abandon the show but ihanged his mind on request ol >Ii:s Miranda's family and fans. Air Warning (Continued from Page 1) las the only big strategic air force imong the Western nations. merger of land, sea and air serv- ces seemed bound to bring re- iction in the United States. One of |the greatest points of contention Margaret grimaced slightly as ajin the years-long wrangle of the lattery of Hash bulbs lit the area, services over' unification was the nit she recovered quickly, smiled possibility 'of "merger," in which nd raised her' hand in the famil- Ihe separate services would dis< ar."duty" wave. ' . The cameras caught pictures of seemingly happy and definitely chic young woman dressed in a 'ink mushroom suit with a pleated skirt. . She wore gunmetal • very high- iceled shoes, and gray sailor-type lot was perched saucily on her lead. Townsend, meanwhile, was holed up in his apartment in the Kensing- on section of tlie .city some two niles from the royal residence.. And on every busy street corner, tabloid headlines screamed the question: "Is It Yes?" • The answer, if it is ."yes,"Was lot expected to come until after Parliament'reconvenes on'the 25th. appear. • The present- Unification system,. giving over-all .direction to the Defense Department, was worked out as compromise. Montgomery applied'.his views to the forces of all nations, not singling out the United States. He contended that "until this is done we limit ourselves to approaching, but • not achieving, ah ultimate goal of economy of force in the real sense of the word." with • the dignity of royalty to an- nounce that a princess was not going to marry someone. x . No major developments can occur until Queen Elizabeth returns from Balmoral next Monday. With the court; maintaining its usual silence, attention focused on Any 'Statement from Clarence Townsend, who already has been Britons.' The slim and handsome flier ing to bick out on their Sept 10 us rcpresemau\e in r«.-i|nug ... agreement that Peipmg will "adopt the absence of Ub recognition of appiopnate mcaiuies so that (the Amei icans in China) can -cxpeai- tiously exercise their right to ictiirn The same agreement s^d!tVThe°Cmnese 1 ''communists pledged Red China to give it wide still may be dying to use the 19 1/ubhuly io tilt detained Amen- jailed Americans as pawns m the cans would know their rights repatriation talks under wa> since Red China: Some U.S. officials professed to see in that announcement the pos- Solons Rap Jury Room Recordings WASHINGTON * — Robert AI Cowger a former asst U ,S at torney, testified today he agreed to permit a University of Chicago research team to record jury deliberations In a condemnation case he was prosecuting for the gov ernment in May 1954. Cowger a Topeka Kan lawyer told the Senate Internal Security subcommittee that he was asked in the chambers of Federal Dis trict-Judge Delnias Hill if he had any objection to a recording being made. At the tune I stated I did not.' said Cowger. who served as asst U. S. attorney in Kansas .from March 1954 until the following November. This is the second day of the hearings. At the close of the first Sen. Easlland (D-Miss) said he and Sen. Jenner (R-Ind) favored making it a felony to. place recording Aug: 1 at Geneva. If so, that would put the Red Chinese in the position of appear yesterday that a microphone was concealed in a federal jury room in Wichita, Kan., in 1954 with the They said recordings of jury deliberations were made in live or six civil cases in an effort to'find o'clock the night of Aug. 4, went out how juries operate and the extent to which they understand the instructions of judges and are able to deal with difficult problems of evidence. Kalven said the recordings were only one phase of a project'to collect "new basic data on how juries do their work." The. overall project is being financed with grants totaling 11,400,000 frohvthe Ford Foundation. "The recording of a very limited number of actual jury delibcra- To Bring Reaction tions was undertaken as a neccs- Montgomery's- comments about sary check on our'other technio.ues J * u ° « j _ - i-.---_i;-,_!;_-, M t/alttAn fft lA of investigation," Kalven said. Eastland told him: "I'll guarantee that you'll not do any more 'bugging' alter Congress has passed -some legislation." Legion Backs CD Activities MIAMI, Fla. UV^-The American Legion wants 8,000 rescue teams formed, trained'and equipped for use. in civil, defense. A resolution adopted by the Legion's national convention here urged the 4,000 Legion posts in the country to.form rescue teams for use in case of enemy, attack or natural disaster. It said 10,000 such . teams are heeded, and 2,000 already exist. It asked, too, that the federal government dig. into its pocket more deeply to support civil defense activity.- . . • - .. -.. The present position of the fed- dubbed "Prince" Peter by many eral government, that civil defense is primarily a responsibility pi the states, "controverts . the -federal House almost would certainly coincide with a formal announcement in Parliament. If the answer is "no," the news will not come officially from the , — court, it would not he in keeping ed : himself last, night with a plea defense to the. national -govern- whose" divorce from his first wife Constitution which clearly assigns has caused all the difficulty seclud- the responsibility for the common to newsmen to "leave me alone." mcnt," said the Legion. 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