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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 1

Ironwood, Michigan
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Tuesday, July 13, 1965
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TEMPERATURES: 24 lir. period to 12 noon. 80, 66. Previous 24 hr. period: 76, 55. Year ago: High 68; Low 49. Rain .44 in. Precipitation, year to date M'.SS. RONWOOD DAILY GLOBE FORECASTS — Partly cloudy and cooler tonight and Wednesday. Low tonight mostly in the 50s. High Wednesday 65-74. 46lh YEAR, NUMBER 199. ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE NEWS SERVICE IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN, TUESDAY EVENING, JULY 13, 1965. TEN PAGES SINGLE COPY 10 CENTS. M Nears C D With M t Survivor Tells About Crash of AF Radar Plane Only 3 of 19 Crew Members Survive Ky CORNELIUS I . HURLEY FALMOUTH, Mass. <AP» — One of three surviving crewmen. of an Air Foice radar picket- plane that crashed at sea with 15 men aboard was quoted to-, day as saying the huge four-engine craft struck the water "like hitting a brick wall at 100 miles an hour." Otis Air Force Base Wing Commander Raymond Galla- Rhcr talked with the three crewmen at the base hospital as search efforts continued for seven men still missing some 100 miles northeast of NantuckPl Island. Nine bodies were recovered Monday during a massive sea find air search hampered by thick fog, rain and six-fool-high seas. Gallagher said Airman I.e. John N. Puopolo. 2ft. radar technician, of Boston was in the most serious condition of the three survivors. He was carried to the hospital in a stretcher. The two others, Lt. Bruce E. Witcher. navigator, of Otis Air Force Base and Redding, Calif., and Airman 2.C. David A. Surles, 24. technician, of Faland of Raleigh, N.C., ut and bruised, but only , They're in "real good 1 Gallagher said. three men were kept afloat by life jackets for more than eight hours until finally spotted by helicopters, rescued and put aboard a German navy destroyer. Transfers were later made to the U.S. Navy carrier before the men were WELCOMING COMMITTEE—A Mont.agnard soldier watches as long line of U.S. Army First Division soldiers carry duffel bags along beach at Cam Ranh Bay, South Viet Nam. after disembarking from landing craft. About 1.000 soldiers of the famed division were landed as part of U.S. military buildup in Viet Nam. A company of the Montagnard soldiers were brought frpm their nearby mountain villages to watch the landing so they could carry the word back to their villages. (AP Wirephoto by radio from Saigon) LBJ Says New War Decisions May Be Needed Troops to Be Ready For Active Combat WASHINGTON (AP) —President Johnson said today that new and serious decision may be needed on the Vietnamese war in the near future. :e that "increased ag- from the North (North Visiting Realtors Offer Advice On How to Attract Industries Scientists Hope To Get Closeup Photos of Mars Advice on how to attract new nesses in this area, but that it industries to this area was of- j was surprised at not seeing any twart h,, o rrrrvm nf iporii n IT ' ^ e veloped industrial sites or fered by a group of leadi n g bul , dir j s which might be avail . Michigan industrial realtors and i able to new indust ries He members of the Michigan Eco-i stated, however, that the group nomic Expansion Depart ment! would continue its tour of t h e staff at a dinner meeting Mon-!area this morning to visit some: day night at the St. James Hotel industrial sites and buildings i here. j before leaving for Iron Moun-, About 60 persons, including lo-1 tain on the next step of its air ! cal realtors, city officials, mem-! tour of the U. P. bers of GO-INC, rmd interested j Conboy advised the local of- ! persons, met with the visitors; ficials to keep in touch with the: from Lower Michigan, who • industrial realtors, who are i n came here as part of a tour, constant contact with firms in-. they are making of six commu-! terested in new industrial sites. at 7:3 ° a - m - nities in the Upper Peninsula; stranahan, who pointed o u t; witn a command to warm up its and seven in the upper part of, that the late arrival of the! Spacecraft to Pass Planet Wednesday By RALPH DIGHTON AP Science Writer PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — : Jet .Propulsion Laboratory scientists are set to rouse Man- 4 f *°™ * m °* ' _ camera for history's first close- 5 Marines Are Killed, 17 Wounded In 2 Engagements With Guerrillas mouth were c shape, By PETER ARNETT SAIGON, South Viet Nam <AP> — Five U.S. Marines were killed and 17 wounded in two bloody engagements near the key U.S. air base at Da Nang, a U.S. military spokesman reported today. He said 22 Viet Cong were killed in one action Monday, and unconfirmed reports said 26 guerillas died under Marine fire in the second. In the biggest ot Marine actions Monda ernecks on a sweep operation only three miles southwest of Da Nang ran into a determined Viet Cong band. The spokesman said two Marine F4B Phantoms supported Economic Experts Are Closely Watching Employment Increase I 'H ;said the previous five years, Viet Nam) may require an increased American response on the ground in the south." Johnson said U.S. forces will the Lower Peninsula to get be t-i group had le{t llttle time for a;«P Pictures of Mars. ter acquainted with the com-j tour yesterday, said most of the; . If a11 S° es well, 21 pictures munities and their development! area's available industrial sites ! wi11 be taken some 10 nours lat " possibilities. The visitors gave their defend their own bases andi on various aspects of the inten- 1 structures "they will be available for more s i v e nationwide competition for i are abandoned mine buildings,: views; unus ed schools and similar; active combat," whenever U.S. decide it field commanders necessary. "It is quite possible that new and serious decisions will be necessary in the near future," Johnson said. * * * The President volunteered these observations on the Vietnamese situation at the outset of his meeting with reporters. He said Gen. William C. Westmoreland, U.S. troops commander in South Viet Nam al- as the U.S. spacecraft flies within 6,000 miles of the planet believed most likely to shelter extraterrestrial life. The first industrial expansion and they|* 1 ^~mnuon" w industrraT^nve7tl! ina y be released late Thursday heard John J. Stranahan. exec-! men t m the U P Stranahan 1 or Frida y- utive director of GO-INC, and the s said that unf0 rt un ately, m o s t! u Mariner 4, launched Nov. 28. Rev. Louis C. Cappo, GO-INC j t th j t be pent on has been coasting along at up to v\»-^cM/-1anf fr\r*iYiorl»f r\f TPamcai; . / . ...!•» million wiilnc a riaxr HrwHricf Referring to the report of the ! Assistant Commissioner j ready has authority to use Amer- By NEIL GILBR1DE WASHINGTON (AP) — President Johnson's top economic Harold Goldstein of the Bureau j ican forces in the ways that he experts are closely watching 1 ^ what they view as a dramatic reversal of a five-year drop in goods- producing employment had the two j tne nation's production employ-! been dropping an average of ,', Leath- ment. j 100,000 annually. "It struck us as very impor-' white House experts have tant," said one White House source. His comment followed a Labor Department report that the number of workers engaged in the foot soldiers as they pushed the production of goods has ris-; important new evidence of the through rice paddies arid aam- C n by 820,000 in the past year, ; strength of the economy. jobs to a near record of more : considers most effective. Johnson reported that Secre- said little about the develop! ment so far, but after viewing what one source described as "six months of solid data" they may soon cite the figures as tary of Defense RoDert s> Mc . tnw «nmi« 'K linnr<; plnnspfi hpfni'P borne .0 nouis eiapsea QUOIC f lets where a Viet Cong force of jj^out 200 had been reported ear- than ig million. Communist marksmen killed Mdl me —and not. 10 or 11 as had been reported through most of Monday. Capt Warren C. Mitchell, chief of the Coast Guard search (1p£ ,,i V ipt Wt the ">an Severe Weather P ' /Qn UIVGR Goldstein first called attention to the figures' in a routine Labor Department briefing Monday. The Labor Department , previously had been emphasizing Namara and ambassador-designate Henry Cabot Lodge will leave for Viet Nam Wednesday night. Their trip had previously been announced. When they return, Johnson said, their recommendations wil be carefully considered along with those of Westmoreland and retiring Ambassador Maxwell D. Taylor. McNamara and Lodge will concern themselves, the president said, with both the military and .economic situations. Johnson said he got a report recent- president, formerly of Ramsay and now of Hubbell, expl a i n some of the efforts that have Deen made to bring new industries into the area. * * * As Harold M. Davis, prominent Lansing industrial realtor and head of the Michigan Economic Expansion Department's Real Estate Advisory Counc i 1, said, the visitors did not bring any "magic formula" to cure the area's economic ills, but they did offer advice on what could be done and stated their willingness to help the area in possible way. They said they were favorably impressed with the efforts being made to improve the econo my of the area, but they stressed j t j iron ore mining operations i n of the U. P. and area. He said th i s area still has a 'diminisning economy due to loss of the iron mines. * * + It was stated by Stranahan that the great asset of this area is "its people of vision, courage, determination and great loyalty to the area." He noted that since the de- a million miles a day, dozing since the last command of Its electronic brain June 14 corrected its fix on the star Cano- pus, the star by which it is steering on the 325-million mile journey. About 5:30 p.m. Wednesday Mariner 4 will start a 25-minute camera run from north to south across the face of Mars, starting with a bright, desert-like region called Elysium and a cline of the iron mining industry, ! dark area ' Trivium_ Charontis. "~ the area has started to capital- * * * ize on its abundant snow, with i Some scientists believe the the development of Indianhead I dark areas could be vegetation, Mt. and and the of the hill, and that it /i/iiv\I->o,11t c'ont to company sent to he P an embattled government » miles south caugm » a of Da bdy KANSAS CITY (AP) — A tornado and severe thunderstorm forecast was issued today for parts of central and north- Wisconsin and southern and rescue unit in Boston, said outpost the original word of 10 or 11 sur-. ?* an ? Y aS ui ™- ^ /-. f ..u^v-i.. ,,.o^.^.. «..~ vivors >ame from searching air- Hrefignt with^a^Viet^cong toice • portion of upper Michigan, craft which apparently listed " """" """ ""™"™" bodies in the water as "survivors. ' — such as finance, insurance, trade, utilities and government — while employment in the production of goods was declining. Government economists now of a healthier bal- economy with the in production jobsI He Mid that not until surface craft reached the site through fog could an accurate head count be made. Otis and Brunswick Naval Air Station, Brunswick, Maine, had received a radio report from the of about one company. The spokesman said one Marine was killed and three were wounded as the Leathernecks drove off the attackers. Vietnamese militiamen holding the The weather bureau said: "A few severe thunderstorms Black, former head of the World Bank. * *, * Johnson left wide open the possibility that he may decide to call up military reservists and increase draft calls because of increasing demands for man- in the. Vietnamese con- service employment — up 1.4 million the past year, xhe White House source said pt rn ff today 23 Viet Cong weie „ 220 mUes north- 19 in an operation that 15 . ended Monday. The fighting 385 miles northeast of Saigon was j not far from ! the Phu Bai pilot Sunday night that one en-' ^st of Saigon in Phu Yen Prov- gine was afire, another feath- ince - Four government troops ered and then came the words: wei ' e kllled and four wounded. "Altitude 200 feet. I am ditch- In Tnua Thien Province, two ing." The crewmen said the pilot told them that they were going to ditch when they were at 000 feet altitude. Surles said the plane apparently broke into two or three pieces — that the nose seemed to dive straight into the water. The men said the big EC121 — a military version of the Lockheed Super G Constellation equipped with scanning radar domes above and below the midsection — went under in two or three minutes. , . , Surles climbed out through a > which apparently was hole. Witcher said the first thing | P°^ lon ^J^ 6 .? 0 ^ he knew was that he was in the water floating on what might have been a wing and he with one or two tornadoes, large the production figures indicated a new surge of confidence coupled with rising consumer income. They are part of "the same phenomenon," he said. It also reflects "a big step up in investments," he added. In the late 1950s and early 1960s when production employment was declining, many consumers had less income and postponed purchases of big items like autos and appliances, he said. I In addition, he said the new l surge of employment in the hail ancl dama e in B winds are expected this afternoon and eve- m f 2 tn 8 pm in the area 60 miles either side ol a line from 30 miles south of Eau Clah . e wis ^ t(J 6Q miles south southeast of Marquette, Mich „ By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS An early morning fog bank extended from the Louisiana Gulf Coast to New York today, hampering transportation in iTiciny iijflsiiGi n cities. Extremely hot weather was limited mostly to the southern plains and the interior of the . ... . . Southwest where temperatures American planes continued to. were expected to again top the 100-degree mark. After a night of thunderstorms flict. When he was asked whether he would take such actions, he said no decisions have been made and that "we will be in better position toact" on matters of that sort after the McNamara- Lodge survey trip. Marks Heads Information WASHINGTON (AP) —President Johnson today named' Leonard H. Marks to succeed! Carl T. Rowan as director of the U.S. Information Agency, production of goods bucked an Marks, a lawyer, has been serv- the campaign without letup over a period of many years, if necessary. "It's a 365-day a year job," declared James B. Grant of Detroit, national regional director and past state president of the Michigan Chapter of the Society of Industrial Realtors. It takes a lot of work You have to educate the rest of the w o r 1 d where you are and what you have got." Others in the visiting group Big Powderhorn M t i fed *>y canals from white polar proposed construction: ca P s which appear to grow in Copper Peak ski flying; winter and melt in summer, also has a t-1 Trivium is especially interesting . because it reflects radar waves strongly, like a mirror reflects light. Scientists say the radar brightness may indicate metallic surface material or perhaps plants in the county. Stranahan asserted that "the great hope for the area" is development of a fiber conversion a swamp. project to make use of the vast After covering other deserts timber resources for the production of flakeboard, particle- board and similar wood products. He said this area has the raw material, transporta t ion, manpower and willingness t o produce such products and that it could deliver flakeboard t o and dark areas — all linked canal-like lines which some astronomers believe are evidence of intelligent beings — the cam- the south polar the spacecraft into the night who took part in the discussion! Chicago for a fraction of t h e I in addition to Davis and Grant, I amount now being spent included B. M. Conboy of Lansing, director of the Michigan transport It from Oregon to to Chicago. He urged the realtors era should see cap before curves around side of Mars. A laboratory spokesman gave this schedule of expected events: At 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, a Olil^ , M41 V»V VWJ. W* ViiVrf AT* J. \f J. 1 • £) « ** v.«B»wfc«ow. *AW H&QM** w*»w *.VM*VW*U|, .. . ,, Department of Ecnomic Expan-ito keep this in mind w h e n j tracking station at Johannes- dealing with firms interested in | bur ?- South Africa, tells a wide- sion; John R. Achterhoff, Muskegon, vice president of the Michigan Real Estate Association; Bert Saunders, executive vice president of the association; Bruce J. Annett, Pontiac, past president of the association and director of the Michigan S.I.R.; Edward G. Hacker, Lansing, prominent real estate coun- sellor and past nresident of the association; and Charles Horner, a vice president of the association. In * opening * * the such a plant. After hearing Stranahan's report, Achterhoff comment e d: "You have attacked the problem in a businesslike manner.' angle light sensor on the spacecraft to search for Mars. This signal will take 12 minutes to reach Mariner 4 across 134 million miles of space. Confirmation that the search has begun is Davis explained some of the! ex P ected to reach earth at 7:54 things industry looks foi in mov- a ' m - discussion, and in Aii- tons of 750-' 750 raid dumped 21 pound bombs int< Son La army depot 12; west northwest of Hanoi. Pilots reported 90 per cent destruction in the target zone, on!y a Four F105 Thunderchiefs hit a ferry complex 70 miles west of cratering the eastern historic trend of a declining manufacturing labor force due to modern equipment that produces more with fewer workers. ing as a board member of the Communications Satellite Corp. WASHINGTON (AP) —President Johnson announced today Conboy said the realtors had asked to make the tour because they realized the numer o u s new industrial developments being made in the Upper Peninsula and because they are anxious to carry out their role of advisors. He noted that Operati o n ACTION U.P. reported yesterday that commitments for over $150 million in industrial expan- in Minnesota, skies cleared for; covery " that indicated a much " stronger base for the entire economy than in several years. Last month's total of 18,068,000 manufacturing jobs was just short of the all-time high of 18,074,000 in November 1943, the Goldstein called it "a big re-[he will nominate federal Judge sion had been made in the U.P. thought three others were with him.. "A big wave came all of a sudden and two of them disappeared," he said. Children Are Much Different Than Their Parents... They Grow Their growing sometimes poses a money problem to their parents They outgrow their clothing and playthings. Smart parents have found a sure way to solve this problem. They advertise outgrown clothing ancl playthings in the Daily Globe Want Ads and raise cash to buy new ones. The cost is small. the results are big. On The Rung* and in Th* Onionagon Country It's The Iron wood Daily Globe Want Ads Get the Quick Action Results jPhone 932-2211 for Miss Ad Taker the All-Star baseball game in the Twin Cities. According to late reports from Minnesota, two persons . were killed near Cosmos—about 50 miles west of Minneapolis-St. Paul—when a possible tornado blew down a barn on the victims. The thunderstorms struck i scattered sections from Minnesota to Colorado with other showers sprinkling the south- Spokesmen said two Navy A6 eastern section of the nation. Intruders cratered approaches Tornadoes and funnel clouds tc two bridges 220 miles south of were reported in several areas "" ; lot Thurgood Marshall, a Negro and i during the first six months of peak of World War II production when industry was grinding out mountains of war materiel. a long-time legal battler for civil rights, to be Solicitor General of the United States. Marshall, who was present as the President held a news conference broadcast to the nation, ing into a community. He stated that industry "goes only where it is wanted badly" and ca n flourish. He said industry looks for a site that has roads and utilities, such as sewer, water, If the earth command fails to get through, an automatic timer on the spacecraft will start the search at 8:41 a.m. About 3:15 p.m. a signal will tell Mariner 4's radio to stop electricity and gas, already in-j- sending engineering data on stalled or readily available, and instrument performance and get that it also is interested i n ready to send picture signals, good schools, hospitals, library By 4:50 p.m. the wide-angle and recreational f a c i 1 i ties, sensor should have found Mars Strict enforcement of a zoning" and positioned the camera at ordinance which is favorable to j the proper angle, industry also is an important as- ] * * * set, he said. | At 5:20 p.m. a narrow-angle * * * ! sensor focuses on Mars and While challenging the local! starts a roll of tape on which the residents to take steps to pre- < pictures will be recorded much pare for new industries, D a v is as television shows are recorded also urged them to do every- on tape. Each picture will con- this year. [thing possible to help the in- :S ist of 200 lines of 200 dots of Conboy said the group, which. dustries already established! varying shades of gray arrived here late yesterd a y! here. j If t he camera does not start Hacker said yesterday's brief on time automatically, a signal tour "told us you have what it lse nt at 5:13 p.m. will start it at afternoon and was taken on a tour of the Indianhead Mt. and Big Powderhorn Mt. ski areas, approach to the river ferry and destroying a wooden bridge, the reported. will succeed Archibald Cox. The was "impressed and interested" ' President said Cox is retiring to return to Massachusetts. in the emphasis being put on the tourist and recreation busi- Four Air Force F105s dropped a half million propaganda leaflets over Minn Binh, a major town 55 miles south of Hanoi, the spokesmen said. The landing of 2,900 men of jSUburb of Rap i d city, the U.S. 1st Infantry Division in South Viet Nam has been delayed until Wednesday, military officials reported. le storm belts but no inju- were reported. The Weather Bureau said twisters skipped across areas in the Black Hills of South Dakota, southwest of Lead and near Blackhawk, a Ford Says President Johnson Is Trying To Drown Out Any Views Other Than His By HARRY KELLY The big civil rights battle thisi that Prede L MucCulch of Onto «n that Piesident L. Muccuiiocn of Ohio, ranking At Monday's news conference, Ford and McCulloch accused Johnson of voting against civil takes to be successful We a re; 5. 25 pm Proud to see what you are do-, ' ing." He noted, however, that' every village, town and city in: in either case the rampra win for 25 rnirnirpt be lion's great sion, Hacker economic said "you r expan- m u s t He said everyone in - s the Johnson is trying to "drown Republican out" any views other than his Committee, W^athe'r'Bi^reau also said' 0 7 on d °mestic and foreign .as a rival touched down near i p ° ol ^' reason for thiSi Ford con .; B ut' Ford on the Judiciary offered a GOP bill to the administra- rights in the Senate 100 per cent I munity should support the e f fort with work and money. After being informed that An Important Stage PANAMA (AP) - Negotiations for a new Canal Zone trea- in Colorado, Montana, ty between the United States "an important N r Dev- . ir s Lake N D. Lake Charles tended - 1S P° lltlcs ' La f and 50 miles southeast o BUl'ings Mont Winds S ging un to 75 m on lasheci Tvndal SD during a thunderstorm' one-party government." strong winds 8 also buffeted areas acknowledged 'Frankly, we had trouble ting the message across rain fell in many sec- Ford at a news conference Monday accused Johnson of our bill was as good or better being "a dangerous advocate of; than theirs." After the GOP proposals were In a follow-up interview today crushed and the administra- he added: "Johnson wants a. lion's bill passed Friday night, return of a Congress that will do | Johnson issued a statement say- Leader ing the Ford- McCulloch plan' rebuke of the time until 1957. They added: "The President embraces a form of consensus! that which in effect says •].amBright, | comSiinity"c6ite?e~Horner said'iP- m - there wil1 °e time for only get- everyone else is wrong. I am for tne presence of Jan educational S 15 or 16 before Mariner 4 swings institution can be benefitial toi Dehind Mars, where it will be image will seconds. The pictures will be taken with four alternating filters, two ~ 0 " m _ blue-green and two orange-red, to emphasize the swamp-like and desert- like areas. Up to 21 pictures are expected If t he camera starts at 5:25 If the camera starts at 5:5 that good; you are for evil.' He tolerates no constructive differences ot opinion. As such, he is a dangerous advocate of one-party Panama's two negotiators said Monday night. Roberto Aleman and Diogenes Delarosa returned from Washington for consultations. Ford said Senate Democratic Mike Mansfield's sharp of Ford for urging the county residents recently voted establishment of a new employers as well as to t h e to ° dark for people of the area. Education Closest approach. 5,400 miles, is vitally important to a com- wil1 com e at 6:03 p m. but on munity, he declared. | fcl ? e surface below it will be Speaking on means of financ-i ni S httim e. ing projects, Horner advised his listerner to rain drenched Tallaha-see Pla rain arencnea lananassee, tia. House leader in January with i voting rights bill. the mission of improving the I Ford said this tactic may GOP's image and getting more" have backfired because the Re- Republicans elected to Congress I publicans in replying were able Will Work on Bill WASHINGTON (AP)—A Sen- next year. Delarjsa said they needed ad-] ate-House conference will begin As in the 1964 election, civil ditional instructions on propos-i work Wednesday on the dbcial rights are likely to be a big is- bombing of Hanoi missile sites | banks and was another effort to mute a Republican voice. Ford said he had no doubt! work other with the investment agencies in the area and t o consider the possibility of form- syndicates of local people Mansfield's speech was instigat- [ who are willing to put up sorae on als advanced at Ihe talks. i Security-health care bill. • sue in 1966. to share the White House lime-jed by the White House and was; of their own money. light and "get a better chance i "an attempt to stop Republicans! Annett cited example? of what to sell our story than we did all j from giving Johnson anything j has been accomplished in Pon- last week." I but a blank check." See REALTORS—Page S At 7:12 p.m. the spacecraft will disappear behind the planet, then reappear on the other side at 8:05 p.m. One minute before disappearance and one minute after reappearance its radio signals will be measured closely to determine the density and depth ol Mars' atmosphere. Scientist See SCIENTISTS—Page 8.

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