Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1933
Page 5
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lOLA, KANSAS KAP)—The new year / THE; IQLA DMLY.REGJSTER^ TUEgDAY EyENING, JANUARY .^1.1933. THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'ri Pop) New York, Jan. 3^ stock nia,rket .began the manifestly uncertain of itself today. 4fter opening a Uttle Blgher, the ^l|st drifted glowly lower, iand closed with numerous losses of Iractlons to more than a point., The final tone was slightly! heavy. Buti the turn-, over ^as only about half a million | shires, or some two-thirds of the! •volume of the first day oif 1932. , 1 ^me of tlie tobaccos Encountered i npich' more iihort covering \ than 'Il^sh seUingirin news of the cigaret •price cut, but elsewhere, the list wa.s under scattei[ed pressure. Commodi- ^ ti^ moved narrowly; and failed to i inpiience thje equity market. The [ w^kly car ijo idings report was too i :Cl<feeiy in lirje with expectations to ' influence pric !S. Is.sues losing eluded Allicci' DOESN'T i vr LOOl* ^ GBAND m m SB a to I'i- points in- Chemical. American i Telephone, i^anta Fe. Case. Wew .York CentrjilJ Union Carbide,; and others. Si Steel was off a minor fradtibn, at life finish, after, selling offiabout a point earlier. Oils; sag- eec§^ moderateh'. Texas Corp. losing 'a point. Ami^ijicait Tobacco "B"and Liggett & Myt than, a point. Cities Serv . • SO iaV Ind J Amn T&T . Amn Tob B Anaconda . -AT&SF ,... Auburn Both; Stonl . CaseU I .. .• Chrysler .... Con Gas ... Con Oil Drug Inc ... DuPont: Gen EIoc j. Gen Slotor.s ' :lnt ;farv .. Mont-Waici f-ackard .... Penney J C i Phillip.s Poir: Radio .. .Sears Roe . .i Socon!^ Vac Std '%ahd.s ».SO of. NJ . i Tex Coi-p .. ussicci ..j: Wp.stin:!h E J tocAii PKontJCE. ERgs, rirsis .1.! . • Eggs; • .^gconcl.'i I .\ . Eggs, thirds i4 ' • • Fags, imsriidi'dl v Hen.s, No. 1 . . I Htins. No. 2 .i;...;. ....... No. 1 Spring.-^;.|1Ib.s.,, up .... "No. 2 SplillR.s 1': Canons over !i lbs Cn;io.ns. .«vf-r lb.s. Capons. im'c;r 7; !1)S Ca'.'on.s.'iinderiii 111.-: Slips .1.. Butlc'rI'aL. II).. .; Hlags. lb. • Cocks ..... -• Geese, lb; •• • G\;ini'ns. icacti White :Ducks,; lb. . -.. Colored pucks, 11: Hides. i %r lb' 1 Mbfri Crin, Ini. . , Y L II OW to!'!,!.! bii • : • • •tVhcat, bu. •• Kaiir Corn . KILLER OF YOUNG WIFE SOUGHT PAGE-PIVH ^t and North American ced a major fraction. High Low Clase 2'- ' 2^•| 21-v 2]-\ •2i:', ..in4 'i 102 "v 103 .. ,5 .7 55'. 57 7'. • 7-'.; .. 4G'j 39 •• 39'4 4S', 49 . . 14'.• i 14 14': .. 41', : 39 's 40 .. 1G\ '• 16', • 16'i. .. 59 -'s 1 .58'.. .59'; .. 5':; 1 5.\ 5',. . . 36-', •! 36 36 .. 37".=:' ^6'L. . 36"; ..15 ; i4--. • 14-;. .. 13'-, 12 • s • 13 'i ! .. 21", 20-, • 20''', i .. 13', 12-, 13 2' • 2-:. .. 24'V '24',. 24'i; .5 4V 4"« .. 5-', 5 5 .. 18", 19'-; . . 7^- 7'i 7 'v .. 1.5'.-. 15 15 . . 30 •, 30 30 . .14 .13 "s 13'.; . . 28H : 2G''; 27'; ! ..: 27-- 27', 27 -v ! HUMBOLDT ."^eviral freiri Humboldt Make Hp ! I Party .Going: to Poor Farm to Pre.sf nt Christmas Service. I'LL pgtEVEftYTlHNG TO HELP YOF. HUMBOLDT. Kas.. Jan. 2.— Clark I Works, farmer, west of Humboldt, reports his entire family suffering j from an attack of flu. I Mr.s. Geo. McKinley of ,South I Ninth, entertained as her New • Vears dinner giicsls. Mi-, and Mrs. J. k. Armol of North Twelfth and .ML's Marv Cl'.nnibcrlain of South Sixth strpel. Mrs. Wr.lta Stevens was unable to take her duty as organist at the Presbyterian church servjce. Sunday • rvL -,ning. owing to sickness. Mis.s Carolcc Drake of Lawrence, is here this week vi.siting with her .several friends. Miss Drake formerly resided in Humboldt, at the • lime lier father hud the Drake bakery. • I Robcit Wood of Kansas City, is; visiting' here this week as the guest 01 his brothir. Alvin Wood.and family. . , , Several of the bridge workers have removed thi.s past week from Hum' boldt. I licii- p.irt. on the bridge prOr 1 jecl having b?en coiu'ileted. NEWS OF MORAN Funeral,of Mrs. J. IVL Spawr, Wife of Pioneer Moran Business Man. Attended by Many, Friends. A DEATH DATE Chester Morris and Mae Clarke in .soenc from "Brearh of Prbmise" at llYe kelley theati."r Wednesday oriy. :!5n Mr.''. Rial'. S[.i-(/se. 2G. above, an emijloye of the Cli'vulai-.d Socicy for the Blind, wa'i I he \iclim of a Inula I muitl(.'rer who Iff I he:- bui- • 22ej ict-pier-.-fd bodv. bound and biind- .17c I . 2L'r ! folded, in liic auto sb<' I'.ad been drivir '4. Poiic'c. almost without a "C j cicv.'. .'-•iiUi'.hl a lorrner cmiiiovc who .. .5( .. .Gc ...4c .11,: . 'M. 7-.. 6c .4c li:id bri'U (ii.schai ;4i'tl they Ifli..' ini'lu ii :iV( grudge. i . ' :!iid who. iiarboii'cl a ,..4c; Kansas City Produce. V City. ,Jan. 3. i.^P)—Eggs 25'-. : j Butter IL Croamr^ry 25; bintr-rfat 10-15; pS'cking but.ter 9. ' • Poultry:-Ileiu; C-!)'-; roosters 3-4; springs 10. > — • • K. ('. Livestock ("lose. . Kansas City Hay. i cattle-Fed steers, vearlinus and _ Kansis City. Jan. 3. ..AP)-H^y: i;.^,^ .-'/"'•^i K, , . •• , r .A '-sR lower. Good to choice: 854 lb. 5rL -lf Lf ?'^.?No. 2^ S5.50. [ ^^^'^ .1 , »r o i tomorrow: Cattle 4.000: hogs 4.000: •.^7 5nT5r' *f'-M-10.00; No. 1,.^^^^ 3 O^tj ^ trnjii : tilt' .suri trnd'.-d the siK 'cial program pre.seni- id at the Pn\sbyterian church Sun-' ;l;ly i-ii !iu:.e. I,y a urou;) of .yoinig i;v(.i )'i' I:om CiiaiuH.e. Harold Thomas, son of Rev. and M!;^•. G. Ti'.omns. v.lio is confined io tl;/- Johnson ho.spital at Cha- r.ute. due to serious illness, is re- I'.onod today to be steadily im-- proviiig. ^ . . Aliss Claudia Glover, daughter'of .Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Glover, of South Ei'-'lith. returned to Neodesha Sim- d:.y evening, to resume her duties n.'- prinrijn-il of .the • grade school Oirrc. follo-ivine vacation. Mrs. L. P. Ressner, Humboldt, has ;:on-- to City for an indefinite visit with her son and other relatives there. , The young people of the Humboldt Chi-istian chtirch had -charge 01 the evening service Sunday, the proin-am being much enjoyed by the Kiirly good audience in attendance. A Christmas .ser\-ice was conducted by Rc\. G. W. Horn. Humboldt Presbyterian minister, at the county 1 iim. Sunday afternoon, being huge!.\ enjoyed by the inmates of the institution. Mrs. Helen Archer, choir; leader, assisted by H.' H. Mc- c:lcihind. Genevieve Stewart, .Mi .s.s Clara Hi.xon and Miss Mable F.ickler., furnished the mu- ,'.ir. coi-isisling of a niuntoer" of Christmas carols. Tlie Humboldt party! included Mrs. L. Grcenman. Mis. Mai-y Braucher and Mrs. G. yi, I-loni. j \ .specially attractive~~Christmas proin.-nm was presented at thePres- byirrjan church Sunday evening undev the joint auspices of the Estimated livestock receljils for : c-hurch and the young people's so- IXnchng ^cl ^ry^at -i -STUANGE INTERLIIDE;' WITH STAR-STIDDE!) CAST Ccmo .s 10 tht' lohi lor .{ W.wx St;ir(in!f Tomorrow. kinds liolit weitiht sl.';rs o-.rnip.p. sleady: most slcrrs lending iowe:-; other cla.sses steady ro'weak; (.ii'.y itop light weight steers .'vGliO: sti-i-s. • 4g j 'iood and ciioice. 5,50-:150O lbs.. .?3.35- '^3g |6.75; commoiJ and medfiim. 55:) lb-, '•"jgju:). .S2.75-4.75: heifers, good and lOc choice. 550-900 Ib-^-. S4.25-G2,5: cows, good, S2.25-3.00: •.ea'.'-rs. nnilkrcdi , ••jg I medium to choice. S2,50-G.t:0: .-siiirk- •'jgjer and feeder steers, pood ami • j ^P i choice 83.75-5,75. ,16r-j- Sheep: 4.C00: killing classes niiiy .25c I steady with Monday 's ' laic Iracie or .14c 1 low--time; top and bulk fed ui.^ibs j$5.25: lambs, good and choice iX' 90 lbs. dow-n. .$5,00-35; .cood and choice iX> 90-98 lbs,. S4,75 -,"i .25: ewes, siood and choice. 9(I-I5(i r .i:;,, 1.25-2.00. . iXi Quotations based on'- I 'Wes and wethers. ' . (Mrs. G. H. Ford.) MORAN, Kas., Jan. 2.—It was indeed fitting that the final rites for Mrs. J. M. Spawr who passed away Thursday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Clarence Watson, Tola, should have been held [here at the Christian church where the family were so many years among its most devoted members. Aside from a few years spent in California and the past three years in lola, the deceased had made lipi- homo in this community since 1882. Mr. Spawr, was one pf Moran's earliest business men, and throughout the long residence here tire family have been held in highest esteem by all who knew them and the sincere- sympathy, of many old . friends is extendod-the members of ! the family i in their bereavement. Rev'. J. Lee Roleford of; the Chris- j t.ian church. lola, iiad charge of the seiwice conducted Sunday afternoon at three o'clock; attended by a large ccmuany of friends. Out of town relatives included it .son of the do- cea.sed Marshal Si)awr. Palestine. Texas; a niece. Mrs. Jane Wilhoit and three children. Wichita; Mr. and Mrs. Broughton. Mr. and Mrs. Clemmings and Mrs. Berry. Bron- scn. Interment was made in the family lot in the Moran cemetery beside her husband who ijassed away a few years ago. Mr. and Mrs. E\'prett N.orton and daughter, Kansas City, camr down Saturday evening for a visit until I Mond.nv afternoon with relatives. I Mrs. C. G. Staley who was called j to Leavenworth early last week by t he deatli of her mother. Mrs. Ellen West. retui-ne'd-~herc wftth Iheni. W..A. Cline. who has lx>en confined to his bed for the week i with an attack of influenza, is not j jet able to be up. but it is hoped I he will soon Ije improving, j One of the very happy reunions I and Christmas day dinner parties i w^as enjoyed at the home of Mr. D. j A. Spafford. when the following I members of his family gathered for I the day; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Broughton, Miss Grace Spafford. Kansas Citv. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Spafford and Helen, Mr. i and Mr.s. Harry Spafford. Mr. and Mrs. Victor .'Anderson, all of Chanute; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tide and Junior, of northeast of town; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dozier, Bayard; and Will ; Spafford, who lives at Iionie with considered tke greatest of all American dramas. V^-^^'^^'^r'^. ro-Goldw-yn-Mayer;s production, of -Strange Interlude" offers a talented , C\\.y. was a guest of the family cast in a pitiuro.which introduces a .'^i.irtling new- technique in story tell-1 also. NORMA SHEARER,RALPH MORGAN a^^af CLARK GABLE i ' 'STRANGE INTERLUDE" • Piesenting whai City Grain.. ! Seattle—Mrs. Rtiby von Duhn was ' Kansjjs^ City. Mo.. Jan. 3- 1 APi— Mrrilated. The stove wouldn't burn. Wheat: 2.17 tl tlars.. Unchanged tn. '.-c up. No.: lidarji hard 42-'",-43',;, No. 2 • her luisband had goiK -•+l',-45'-,|; N water flooded the cellar, .she thought to a iiarty Jo. 2 hard 40-43''ic; ,No. I without her and the chlldreni had trt :t: 40-41'',c;- i!lo. ;j red 41-43-',e; No. I be spaiikcd. So she took (loison. :t: nom. 38'',-4-J' JC .—May 38'' U : j Revived she said; "Suicide lisn't al­ and .July lia -'Lc.. , Corn;: UlCsirs. Unchanged to '-.c ifp. No,; 2 wljlt(> 22'.c; No. 3 noni. •.>l':-2-2c; No. 2 yellow nom. 22',.- 23c; No.; 3 22|'i :C; No. 2 mixed 22''.c; No. 3 ni)iy.-2i-21'.c;—May at '23.-',e:; Ju|y 24'^•.c. fOats; ^"car.l;.. U|) '-^c. No. 2 white nom. 17!j'-18't.c, No. 3 IG'-.e. ? Milo maize 53-53'ic. Kafir 43- iGe, Rye 110m. 31 !;-32c' Barley a! 2fl'jc! wa.vs a (U'Sl 'ure of tragedy. It can be a gesture of sheer disi^ust with petty Irritations." ciety i of Chanute. Following processional by the choir.. Rev. G. W. Horn, minister, introduced Miss .•Mice Drox, mcmbel- of the C. E. (•al );ni'i of Manlinttan. Kas.. who took jeharge of the devotional part of the .service. She; in turn, introduced Dr. B. H. Cubbage, who presented Mi.sscs Kariine Dyer, Mar- Jorie Robert.s. Phyllis Arm.strong and Katherliie NeWon. all of Cha-' niiio , who acquitted themselves spendldly in a profe^ram of Christmas rCTrilngs and solos. Mrs, Dave ; Pette Or . punis Have you a for rent (or .sale'.' Want to buy anything'? TiiimljiokU. choir rendering the an- lisc the Cla .vsilied columns! .ihenij "The Birthday of the King," .son, Chanute. acted as accom- for.the Chanute soloist, the RI:LATIM:S S!]ARCH FOR MISSING MAN I ban ^^Mo'nd: weitili'ts u?> m ir,0-220 lbs.; Kansai City Lives-lock. Kan.:-,;i.s-City, Jan, 3. 1AP1 -.-IU S, IJi^it^gi -o— Hoirs: 4.000: no di- lectsflsfuiftveri. steady to 10 higher jy's average; Ilshter pst; l<ip $2,90 on choice [iTOod and, choice, l40r 3fiO lbs,. $2,|i5-0O:' 'packing .sow.s; .S2.75-5.50 lbs., SI.75-2.25; .stock pigs, t'bod and ciioice. 70-130 lbs.. '$2.5075. • • • Cattlei: -5.000; calves: 400; , b-tter to tee Who Can Write: ; If you have desire for and feel: ing of ability 10 write stories. ; fcaltn-e articles. e.s.says, cdltor- • iais. )->oem.s.; etc.. with- merit and ; wish to: market your "stuff" in : a whole.saie way. with rcason- ; able ipr^it. you need to get into ; a;Syndic;Ue. You are invited tcf- write. ; .ii'DGE .IOI:L E. SMITFI SIIIKKMICKE IIOTE^, • WirHIT.A. - - KANSA.S THElJ.iF^ GRENNAN : PllODUCE CO. C. O. COGHILL. Manager T POULTRY AND EGGS i Ejjtr Ca ^ie.'^ and Supplies ing. The audience is enabled to hear the secret thoughts of the players throughout an epic tale of romantic .splendor and a woman's neurotic loves. • • ' -i^eing due to flu conditions. Ottawa—J. E, Forbes. 85, a resident of Ottawa for 52 years, died yesterday. He was engaged In the hardware business here until 1922 when he retired. Survivors include the widow, two daughters, and a brother, D. H. Forbes, Topeka. Mr: and Mrs. Robert Feriieaux went to Garnett Saturday lor a visit until Stinday with Mrs. ,.Fcr- neaux's brother, Mr. Hugh Fergus and family and lier nieces, Mrs. Blynn Smith and family and Mrs. Lincoln Holmes and family. Jimmie Shlvely who wa.s quite ill the last of the week is reported improved today, but it will ibe several their two children came from Kan- ,sas City Saturday evening for a visit over the week-end with ivirs, Prout 'K '' sister. - Mrs. E. T. Gllmore and family. On Sunday the' 84th birthday anniversary of Mrs. Prout'.s and Mrs. Gilmore's father, F. N. Hnrtzog, was celebrated nt hl.s home in LsHarpe, his birthday having occurred on Saturday. Mr. Hartzog's old Moran friends extend congratulations and wish for him many happy returns of the day. Miss Eva Hurely and Miss Doris and H. If. McClelland and Bcnjamii- ' Edwardsville — Dempsey Sinclair Barfoot rendering a selected duct. Haines, one of the oldest postmas- The program was witncs.scd by :\ , tors in point-of -service in tlie Unit- large and appreciative audience— I ed States, died here yesterday. He including 32 people from Chaiiiite. j was appointed postmaster here b.v I The ? Humboldt ..schools resumed ., ^ , , their work following the Christmas : ""d held Uic position; ever; smce vacation, Mondav morning, with ap- I ""^ exception of a break of proxim.itoly 85 per cent of the regu-^""r years during the Grover Cleve- lar attendance—the slight fallinr off | '-"la administration Haines also served a term as representative in the state legislature from Wyandotte county! Gazing at an old cliair will sometimes set the fancy intola trance of contemplation as to a.departed iTla- tive or friend, and the whole thought in connection with it will be pictured by the mind. . Old ,1 1911 and fteliable—Established Corper [Monroe and' Elm (Just West of the Water Tower) Considerable mystery accompanies disappearance of R. S. McCoin. former | .<tate .senator of Henderson. S. C. and two of his relatives are shown \ isearching for liim at Hagerstown. Md. H. C. Linthicum <left> a nephew.' Edward Linthicum icentcn.^ind Se:-gt. Diivid A. Peterson of the Marj-land slate police search for tlie mar after police received a note that McCoin .had been killed and his body buried near the Maryland city. McCoin's blood stained automobile was found in Columbus, O. e 1833 BY WA SCTWCt inc. . . <-iJ The Astoniflhinr Ferfonnsniee and Smoothness of the New Plymoiitll Six' ^is in large measiu-e the re- ':, suit of its patented FLOAT- • ING Pp'WER, a revolulibnary ; principle developed by CHRYSLER. A .sk us about it—and prove it \ to yourself in Qur demon^trat- : • ot • . ' , . ^ ROSS ARBUCEE GARAGE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Sales—Service—PartS' \ reaching there Mr. Koppers and ; Louise became ill with iiifluenza and \ tile family will not return home im- ; til they are fiilly recovereo.: > Mrs;, Nettie McCprmack is visit* ing-today at the home of her slstep Mrs. W. A. Cline, • apd assiisting lii i the care of Mr. Cline. who remain.'i ; qiiite ill. ANNOUNCEMENTS Personals OLD MAGAZINES and books wan«~ ed. When moving or :cieanin({ 'nouse giV3 thepi to the lola PubJi Uc Library, Phone 1406 or 382 an4 iwe will get them AUTOMOTIVE 'AutomoMfes For Sale SALES • ^^^^^ SEXE p^y^"o"tH Dependable U.sed^Cars andTrucka- ELLIS MOTOR CO. : . P h o n e 3 01 • Gash— Trade—Terms HUDSOI^-ESSEX—Parts and Serv^ jce. Bud White Motor Co.. 20!) South street. Phone 60. PONTIAC - BUICK GOOD WILL USED CARS SHISLLY MOTOR; Op. Authorized Bulck-Ponliac 214 N. Jefferson—Pho. 80 Bepairing—Garages I BATTERY Recharging, 50c. Ideai I Garage. • ' : Mrs. \Vinnie Ruth Judd .smiled as she relurned to jail after "tcUing all" about the "trunk murders" of twp v.-omen to a .grand jury'in Phoeiiix. But. a few hours later Mrs. Judd's last legal hope to escape the gallows was dashed by the Arizona supreme court, which set her death date as February 17. A jail matron is .shown behind Mrs. Judd. • ! EMPLOYMENT 14 Help Wanted—Male Harris who have been .sijcnding the holitiny season at home, returned to Kansas :City Monday afternoon. Mi.'^s Hurley is teachih?.; in the Kan- sals City schools and;Miss Harris i& attending the Secretarial Busine.s.s; college there. Mr., and Mr.s. Warren Jinhnson and l-.vo children Ral);!} and Eleanor, parsons, w-ere giiests of Mr. aud- Mrs. W. E. North, .from Thursday until Stinda.v evening. T le Moran postoffide and thC; rural route carriers are observing today as a holiday, all oilier, busi-. ness including the reoi!)ening of the' city school is being conducted as usual. Our lola junior college students are having a few day.s extra vacation on account of the prevalence pf influenza amoiiK the student body. Mabel Keith, who has bi'cn here during the liolidav season, ati the home of her sister, ,Mi-s. J. W; Rumbel. w-ill return to liei- work a,<i teacher'in the St. Loui;-. city sciiools todiiy. • , ; Mrs. Edwtird Hosley. Mildred; visited here from .Saturday iiighti until .Sijnday evening, the gtiest of her brothers, Walter and (/urtis Strong and their ta.milie.s and olheri relatives. • Miss Mabel'Mae Wilson will inakc her-home with Mr. and Mrs. W. E, North until the Koppers family who are jx'ing detained by illness ill Hurnboldt, can return liome. Mi's. J. M. Paul, who hns been quite ill for several days is now mucii improved. ' • Mr. and Mrs. John Koiipers and two children. Constance and Loiiise. spent, the wc'ck-end with rc-latlves and j friends In Humboldt. After ~N^E\V LC. HEAD" Thel new- chairmah of the Inter^ statjj Commerce Commission is Patrick, J. Fa.rrell (above), a member of the coinmission for 32 years. He succeeds Claude R. Porter, who resigned, and assumes office on January 1. ' AMBITIOUS, reliable man. wantetji immediately, handl Watkins Prod -r ucts in lola. Business established,: Excellent opportunity, steady emJ ployment, rapid advanceinent for, riglit man. See Mr. Harper, Hotel Kellev. 11:00 a. m. to 1;00 p. m.. , or 5;00 p.- 7:00 p.^m. 15 SKoations Wanted—Female WOMAN—Age 40, wants hOusekeep-i ing or care of invalid. Florence ^ Curry, Bayard^as. . ^~ FmANciAL 17 Business QpportunUies BAKERY EQUIPMENT—Consisting of revolving oven, mixer, wrapping, machine, show cases, etc., a bar- guin. Iota Land Co, ^ LIVE STOCK" 21: Horses, Cattle. Vehicles COWS — Just frosh, and cows to freshen soon. J. C. Butcher. West? Street road. COW—Young Jersey, fresh • soon;' also gan'g plow. 'W. H. Morrison,' LaHarpe. EXCEPTIONAL regu>[^ 2-year-old tered Jersey bull; win trade for' livestock or ciar. McCarthy Moto ^ Company. ., '• ""MERCHANDISE ^ 24 Articles For Sale BATTERIES — Guaranteed, $4.9S.; Ideal Oarage, MOTOR OIL—60c gah; 5 gal., ^.111 Ideal aaragc. Phone 174- PLOWS—Several good used sulky and gang plows, priced to sell. _'Allen County Irfiplcmeht Co. . 27 Feed, Fuel, Fertillsera ALFALFA and prairie hay for sale. C. R. Banta, East Lawn. Phone? P75P2. WOOD—$1.50 per rank, green ori dry, delivered any time. Phone 88. Brownie's. ; j > 28 Uoasehold Oooda BARGAIN LIST—16 gauge shotgun, • like new. $5; 22X36 plate gliiss, SI. 75; lard press, $5; battery ra- j dio. $5: table phonograph, $2; console phonographs. $3.50. records, f DC each; typewriter desks, $2.50; barrel butter churn, $3.50, like > new; Vac washing machine and wringer, $5; electric washer, mO-» tor good. $12.50; small airtight' heater, $L :Store packed; See us. for bargains. Hennlger's Furniture Store, West. Madison. CLOSE-OUT • PRICES—Circulators, wood and: combhiation heaters.: Trade in old. Curtis', 10 N. Wash..^ USED COAL HEATERS and Gas Circulators priced to sell immediately. W. H. Wood Pme Purni- ture Store, 202 S. Jeff. Phone 190. Real Estate For Rent 37 Houses For Bent FOR RENT—.Houses, good location. " See G. E. Pees. 36 Farms and Land For Bent 15 ACRES SUBURBAN—Gas City. , Allen County Investment. Cp.. 520 S. Waahfagton, lola^Phohe 901. ' Real Estate For Sale 40 Farms ^nd.Land For Sale. 40 ACRES—Adjoining high school' town, Allen county, on hard road; - 4-roiom house,, bam, some fruit,; fine land. Price $1600. Terms, $340 cash, $1260 long time at %. •Wonderful bargain. Possession. No • trade. Box 367, lola, |Cas.

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