Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 30, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1927
Page 3
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< 5, <1 Nevi-r ayiilii sboiMd'onyonp.quca- tloji thp" infli)«\i<t> of the HeglHtcr. Ycntenlay th^t paiKr iirodalinctl a riirl«tinas oiienliis.—and Iflok at tl'K weatMer lO 'Jav! . ?- Win. Ponti— 5 wnls—A tjiiod rigar —All. Real Silk Hosiery custoni- 'prs wishing 4o plate their Chrisli iiiaa orilers now, write or call OH , -Mrs (k-o. Hubbartl. 'SOG South. St. —Souvenirs to all adults calling on us Thursday from 2 o'plock to fi o'clock p. ni. City- Exchange, across south from Potltoffice. Elzie Marple aud daughter. Vivi-" an. who came Sunday tV> visit their .father aipl grauilfatlifr; W. L. Marple. of C02 Norllh Kentucky street, returned home lust evening. . • --For Heal Estate Loans see Setturitj-JBIdir. A*Ii «an >\s.<,iKiiitll lola, Ks. Office in Fir.',t Xatl. Bank; |he tibii, Trfliulp to yit< I'ortner. Out of rfesiifct t<) the late Mn. Cortuer and as aiv evidence ot sympathy which \\a\i deetrjy appreciated l»y the family, the Kansas Citj' office of the Midland Life In- surhnco Ccmpany. of which Mr. Cortner is a field representative, wasTlosod <|n the day ot the funeral of .Mr.o. Cortner a&d the president and vice-president of th^ company. Mr. Daniel Bobho and Mr. W. J. B-.^le3. I'.rovo down to. lola lo atteind tlic. obgequies. '. l\i addition to these the following out of town r3lative|i and friends were present : RevJ K. L. Cortner.' Borthotid. Colorado; Mr. nnd -Mrs. I. L. Sraither; AVoodston, Kansas; Ilarokl Smith, Topeka: Freda i Smith, Parsons: Mr. jind Mrsi. A. H. Himter, Salina; Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Weiser^and daughter, Concordia; "W T. Mi^Clung, Em^oiia: Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Bone- br;:ke, Kansas City. :>J !o. THE IQLA DAILY REGISTEB^WEDNESDAY EVENING, NOYEjfra^O^Wgji The adilreim of thi! nfternobn wax by Mr. Charle(« R.'Scott. talked on "\Y^pJtl Pcacj." ^ II was gnuof rh«^ fii)cHt ftddremes on the subject that thp audleiiie hai^ erat- been, permitted to- Hear. At ' the cloA>; of hiii address he Svas given the >hite;ribbojl". (Sheer. ; ' Thf white ribboii reiiruit I service was klven jvery efftfctively" Snd little li'an Biigene. Powell • of the {;arlyle nelgbbprhdod waS received by the orranlzfttion. The committee on go/ls ' to" be rsached ' announced tlrnt 'each head of a department in 'any union fn tl^e county .shall represent th6 work of hter department on a poster which wpllH hi •prjesented to the county bonveB- tlon next August apd- that eafch union bring its. organization t6 tfie standard of excellence as given jiii thjB' state minutes. Also that each active member add ah hjonorgry member to her union. •. ' i The evening session was given over to an entertaining lirdgrain of reading, music and extemporaneous speeches,'as follows: I THE WHIFF CURE, FOR SEASICKNESS Are you ncu 'itlck? Mavea .Hcat! Mme. Sielln Nor^lH. singer; fif pictured here tikinR<,<'a new. rispiralory <™Ta ubothrd the trbhs-Ailautlc;' Hn'er Stut'tRQrt, Sftp Is whifflns n mixture ht Oxygen an^> medicinal preparation! cBll^ • "nauscatin.**. Presto!' That'-'all U lost" feel-f —Cive her a Ho.val .Sweeper for Price $42.r>0. Easy Thursday. December 1—:!.5c. Ii'mis. tK. ('. Eict. and riunib. Co. Prayer by Prof. James H. Cul— IJazaar and roast jchicken din- j bertson; reading. "T^he Cat's Wesson." Evelyn Benton: "An Old Fashioned Reading." Sirs. Cora Korshner: "Prize Essay Reading." ner at .First Christian Church Hazaar and Food Sa:e at Car- lylo •si'liooi house. Friday and Fri<l:iy /-veniUK. V.'afflps. lollce, pie. . l!:im!>H)-ge:-.s and ohl lime nmsic. , .lake FIsiier. oi" North Cliest- luit street. iV'eived woril last uighi lit" the >uililen (loatli of Kolicri Lee IJonu ai Wiiliiia.- Mr. Boon for- 'iiierl.v lived in liil;; and was eiu- . jiloyed by llie lola Brick conipahy. | farjienfer-ronlnU'tor. i—Houses, {.arar'es, ^ tiorihos. re-.'| modeling, built-in cabinets, oak flooring, foofins;. LOwe.-it prices. Frank Kell.v, tlO West .lack.son. .Viigi) Si-reiic. of Welda. wlio has been vi.-iting his aunt. .Mrs. Ellis Ooldeii. ot JMoran. returned home this lifteinoou. -•- V • ! — For your floors and finoleam AV-! know Bakery Products are good. But Have. \(>u " i Tried •Oui^? VA.N UOOXEU .S. use .Irdiusi-iirs electric rciit it fpr' ?1 |>"r day. w;ixer .\ 1 ave a !fu!I liiie iif Wiix. inchuliuK Old'EiiK- ilisli.- Palace Drua; Co. ! I Mil!. IViin :> ccnl* -:\ l.'odd Cltriir Santa Ke iia^scugi'r train. .Vor '.'ill leaving liila ; at ai :.1:!. was lorty minutes laWvttiday. due lo a de- ralliueiii. liciWccM'j Kiclitnond ami l'rlnc<'ioii. liiizaai' ai;d Fond .><alf in I'l r- I'ci BaUerv. lllda.; .'> \, .IcfleriiiMi. ii\ Ciilhiilic l.idii-.*. .•iaMiidili-. • j . — • I • Dr. .1. T. Itei.l, Sursery and -V'liristniaH TiKhtK lor decora-' •'^-ray. Phone ,"..".7. .linns, sel. Jl.flt: •Pillar,. Dru.i; Co. J ' • — < • • I .1 ~'^<\ I>a.v 6'' '^''i'l .Mr.'iiiid .Alr^ .M.vcr.-. of (;as_ Cll.v; j I '''"'ii"'"<'!'' Sli" >>"• T!je be.-^t invest- Miss Margaret Max.soii: talk on ".Methods of Winning." the Rev. Mr. Skinner: "Evil Effects of Tobacco." Mr. Leslie Beeding: violin ] solo .Miss Marie McOinnis; ''I ..OV- ing S<'rvice to the Lining." Mrs. Smith: reading "The IJeeds for a Drunkard." Vada Benton: offering and benediction. and Mr. and '.Mi s. I'ete.'.Ajulcrsi visltcii ai I he Iiou), or .Mr. ai .Mrs. .I;ikc Fisher ycsienliiv. >:jks Attention. -'Resular meeting S p. m. to- iiisht. iCharity ball 9 j). in. tomor- .•ow <Thi!r.sdavl. - FRA.\'K MCCARTHY, E.R. I — . • ^^ii)!; I'eiiu—.'i centf—.\ (•und t' • Attention .S. O. O. B. —Election of offic'ers .-Thursday, I )lec. 1. • Social evtning postponed i until Def. l.i. \ Mrs. C. A. Hubbard. Pres.. fleorije ('. Taylor, who has just recently returned from the Rio (irande Valley, is visiting his .. graniitatlier. i'd" .\orth .lofferson avenue. • r * *• ? * p * * CAPS Cleaned Tiiid Pressed 3 .-1C - ,\Ve Call For .iint Deliver PIIO.VE Ablesiiii (leaners mcnt. i.llie best r.ictlioil to save. SecurHy Bldir, Sc Koj'.n A«isoclati«n, tola, 1i:insn «i. , R. L. Ciirlner. of Uerthcud. Colo., who was here for tlii> luiieral of .Mr.s. C. .M. Cortner. lefi: Ihi .4 moni- inj; lor l\ans(i.s City. —Dr. Lucy F. Pul.son. Chi-oprac- tor. Xorihrini Bid.!;.'' Phone X2C. , — Dr. A. n. T\v:;dcll. O.s! ^'opath. N'ew Cloh.- Wdg. lilione 191. !; _j . I ilr. anii -All's. Wm. Dingman and Mrs. H. \V. I'rich drov? to Osceola, .Missouri. Monday m take Mr. I'rich's auijt. .Vlr.s. .M. R. • McCloud whojl vviil -spend the win- tvt tlipre -McCioiid h; .Mr. aiirl Mrs. of years, i • wkh relative.s. .Mrs S inaije her home with I'rich for a numi)er I Co. —.\ftcr Decenvber 1 my office will ho at l.'.Vi West Madison.— A. D. Hawthorne, The Conimiihity Hali .Association will meet T^iursdaji night. December 1. at 7;S(> o'clock at the Sec- oiyl Baptist church. •• —Dr. Bonnie Hiclt.s, Chiropractor. Office r2i S. Wasli. Phone 207. .1. F. ,Huiues was in yeslerda.v jin business. Mapleton SI (Jitaranteed electric I'ahici' Drug Co. toasters. William Muni;-. <A' \isithii,' Iti^ (iai Ml tl. is liroilur. Jloliii Burns. Miiir ^Peiin'-.'( cenl>.^ .\ Nood Clmir * 1 - Baz:'.;ir tiiid ror^st chicken dinner at First Ciirislian Church Th:ii-.-day. i)ecciiibcr 1 ".".c.• .\l:-s. L. Lous. 6-*" Bas.sett. r Went to Ottawa lod.iy to visit over j • !\Vm. I'onii—.'i ceiit** A (iood ('Igar *; Mr. ami Mrs. F.. \\\ Borrian. of ^1 Dcnver .'CdiK., who hiiv'c been visit• ' ing ill Tiil.-a. (Ikla.. sioiipi'd in lola ^ lijii.iy eiirr)iiic t(i Kajjs .is City. Tlity • w'cre making the trip 'u ilieir car. *; - If VDii want to bn.v or build[ ' rit.v, cr .^iihuibaii iiroperly, Tlie loltj Bnildini- .v- Loan .\|;s(.i ialion will make-yijii a loan, Ivw Inl'erest rate, no comr.iission. See C. E, Pees. Secretary, at old Register building. soutluvc'Jt corner .•>!' sdtiari-. ' —. \ .Mrs. .\. !i. Sellivaiilt. went to ("lianir.e toiiay-tii si«'iid the after- iiooa wit it .Mrs.' W. (I. Taylor, of Savonburg. WIKI is at the .loiinson hospital fcir treatineut. . Number 2 (Continued from Page One) c'laiiiied any tiiiie during the week All iiunibeiH. to win a, prize.'iiiiisl be preKentijl i ^ometliiii' Satiti<iay December Snl. The sions wliitb are pii^ticipal- ing In the iui |t lire:. 11.- M. Anderson Plumbing Shop. Wlllliiiiis Tipewrlter Hntporiuiu .I.e. Penney Co. .lones KhfclrU: Works. • A. W. P.eck Furniture Co. . Spot Cash Shoe Slore, ! .McLa ill's. L'-ader .^lercantiile Ci>. Itainsay Dry Goods Store. I (iibson's Studio. T. M. I'.nrlels (;!iina Store. Howard Candy Shop. • Senvker Dry Goods Store. (ii^e Clothing Co. .\. R. Sleeper Furniture Self Service Grocery.; Self Service .Market. Brigham Hardware Co. ' • 'The Evans Sinrc The Palace Shoe Store. Anderson Brothers. Cook's Drug Store. Great Atlantic & Paciiic T^aCo. Rnberts .Music Store. Brown's Drug Store. Scarborough Bros. DniR Store. The Hub. Sifer's Confectionery. Porter's Grocery. . BoU'inger Service Station. Elite Theatre. Fry<ir Brothers. Shatinan Hardware. K. ('. Electric & Plumbing Co. Richardson Dry Goods Store. M. & M. Grocery. -M. & .U .Market. Style Shop. Basket Modern Market. -A. W. -Anderson. U'ishanl Hardware StQre. Viniiemeier Studio. Balance Drug Store- i Heniiiuger Furniture Store- Th'ePcrhani Clothing Co. The;Ceiilral -Meat Jlarket. The Central Grocery. Star Clothing & Shoe Co. relay-Shields Clothing Co. NEWSNOT^ OF GAS CITY ! Board .Slrniirds of .H. F. Chiin-h HnhN .MMjtln|r-Ladl ««H' .\l«l . , llotU <i KnziDir. G.\S CITV. .NOV. 30. .Mrs. Biyi Demitz wJio yislted here^ several dayst left for ler home at .Ahblng- don. Illinois. Siinda.v iiioriiinx. PRAIRIE. UNION (Mrs. O .-'n .'Sti'lck'ler.) Nov. .2S.-Frank B. Strickler arrived from Alluris. Calif., .Monday nioruing, called .h-irc by the iieath of his falher-.-ilake Strick> ler. .Mr. and .Mrs. .\'. T. Stiicklpr, .N'ola mill Crandina Strickler, Harry King-ley. Wil'. Swugerly. Frank Strickler and Mr. and .Mrs.' W. T. .M .itlliew:-; ..-lA-iit Tliank:g|ving day wltli t !ic ora Strickler family. OF THE HAY Vlft DfstrojK BcNldenrn nn T. L. VLIttJW Pariu. V. V. Bi-oul Cf>h»iiilerablv fiiriilturo wks'saroil but ill !hi> bed iooiu wlieie Clio I (ire martt'd wna tbe bcddiuf; and clofhlpg and' tbeae were all lost. .Mrft. Martin and children hud Kiine t to'town tind 'lie* chick when car- 1 rii'd fl-ortl the house showed II ! s:r,i>;)td ;it .nil sis lonij a^tef &«rm' ' rf > ''Itttti^rbi! r l: i, hot thought ^IW*?-"! .^?"«- t.-. ;pos-,!ble the l::- coiild have clught. fifcin thr fin or the kitchen range, atul since the fire in the kitchen /x.-^ r. u B >«wi 1 : had been th« cniy one In the hotise ^ • I ^ i '"'n^'g 'i^y '-^ Is 'H 'leed a mys- -MQRA'N.. K.'»ns:, SQY. 2.V—Our | (eiy .as to how it occurred. Insur- sprlng-llko weather has continued, .tncf v\:;s carried o.i boih. the for the past several ijays. but ac-' iin^sc a:id coitants and a uew resi- coFdlnyto the forecast we are due ;'f ,,I '"-!L "-\''''''\f T *• necessary p'ans can be made. In for a change before long. the i.ioantime the family will make PACE THREE, Tvn .vctMH Bito t6dtiy-Ul»'» •RainliDW Divirilnn:' of the irnll— StHies Artiiv rejidj^d >^-3n>o.:: If •Seveuty-:!vc yoats iDgo^' 'tiT Ju 'ilns Bfi!"-. Booth, i tjia »l -I over We are glad to report that C. F.' titeir homa with relat:ves. Brotiillard who was critically illi Vi.-. and Mrs; CHff Laughlin liavc mich of.last week is now greatlv '"^^"'''^^ -^f- \- Shetlar'resi- * • ' dciKt- property and will soon oc- improved and w thongnt ne wiii j c.^j. jj 11,^;^ home. ^° ^'^ ''^^•'''' i ""'Of located and f ,.BOod news to many i ;,andsome re.=ideuces of the frfepda, ^is daughter, Mrs. Jake 1 .^^d will maki Foyaker ot California, arrived j jjome bbirii^ Saturday aud with the oth- This of the town a .most comfoi-iuble er- ibem)>ers of the family who Mrs. p., Harper of Kansas and Mr. Ooodson ot Carrolton. City .Mo.. Eniriii.h uaseiiian, died vilie wiiit> ri'i truing fr^nli.^ juci tiv. r.r .i .r :U •"ai!r'..rnlai • .Scf.l'^iiu-ii il(.> world will ..'•.:* I tiie festival of St. :Sk- di-ev .;. from time imincntor ^jil has .'hmn regarded ' ' L. t sainl "i Sciittand. Tlic Order' of Scottish Cl»n«, tlT^I largest cf the orsanizat.Joi}^' 'PB T Scotsmen lind I'twir ile.'JCondarilis ii America, today enters upon fiftieth year. ' . ~ 4l (J^ovcriioi .lohri E. AVeoks liasCi is • called ."• s^iccial'scs'sion of th6 ;"Vep* !iioj:t rU-gislaiiire to . assemble to* day^ tin consider flood reconstfiil^ lioti t-rostams. •An an.:: Red River coi^ sorviition and flood control 'con^ came earlier in the week .will r'e-; w'e ^^siUne VheTr brot"ver and l^*'!''''^" Oklahoma mam for oatto an e .xtended visit. 4 b^mhe 'rin -Uw^l'w": Sdeman ^^„'„^t ^"rproMe^^ •ifaarvin. Paul, physical director in ; ,„.j r^^.u- =,„., j^e MileJ, Temple- LV'^^^lf ^^l ^^^ll^'^'^^^^^^ man family, at LaHarp-^.: ' . . The Rev. Mr. Peck of;the P.-es- dayst left for ler lioiiie at .Ahblng- , , ' don. Illinois, i ^utida.v morning. ' '•• W, -M;''''"-;- "»'l ramfly quite a number from here at- . f Ka^l'''-C-ui'and .ende.1 the VV. V. T V institute '^^^^^^l S^;^^^'' which WHS htid at LaHarpe Mon- , ,, . , , day and Monday'night. ' :u.d Mrs. .lohii l|einleln and Evil visiled frotii .Suiiilay afMrnona here: Tlnirsday until with .eilative .9 We are sorry to icpoi^ .Mrs. John Boyei and .Mrs. Harry Hylton on the .sick li.'^t. We^iire hoping for a speedv recoverv. I j Mr. and .Mrs. N. T. Strlcklor. .Nola \ inifeling o: the board of .stew- 1 nil (;ranilma Strickler. Harry ards o^ thv M. E. cbiiivb was held ' KIngshy atnl Frank Strickler vi.s- ai tHe home of .Mr.-*. -Maud Smith ' i'cd Sunday at Elmer Stricklcrs.. Tuesday evening tor the purpose of I .Mi.:- Xnla ."^trickier spent Sat- checking up oiiithe linancei^ for thci !iril;iy night' with her sister, -Mrb. third auartnr. j\fiei- the business I Van ilcstcr ind fninily. meeting dclif^ous refreshments" I .,,„, C. Heinleiu, Mary I were serve<l bjS .Mrs. .Maud Smith., j.^, Prcd aud M,-. aild Mrs. John I Don 't forget the b^-zaar and {,p;„;^.ij, .j,„, ^^a vi.sited Sundav at chicken supper at the school house; j^i„j xjp.,jp home. Saturday evening. ; .Mr.-.m-i .Mrs. Corbin and Mr. and m't'Uir „ : , j Mrs. Cox cf Colony ate Thanksgiv- —-^t Gas scl^Jol house Satr.rday tfie Junction City high school. spent the Thanksgiving vacation ,. „....„. here with his parents, -Air. and Mrs.! byterian church attended the C. E. J. J. Paul, other relat' friends. Blynn Smith and family ueft\3'Vrere guests of rela Sn^iday. wire .Sundaj- dinner .gtie -sfs ^of the Mr.and Mrs. Elmer Ei'Iin enter-• i-idjd .MtCormack family at Bay- tainetl with a Thanksgiving dinner! ;>ril. , a;ia hall as their guest .s; .\Ir. and; On Tliank-giviug day .Mrs. E D. ; Mrs, C. Stanley and children. Mr. iLMn.y and daughter. .Mr^. Keith en- and Mrs. B. T. McKirhan and chil-1 tertaincd the .Mel I^cey family of (Iren of Howard, Kansas anil Airs. | luj;,. .Miss Jennie Culbertson. .Airs. .Milchel of Crestoii, low.-!. .A!r. j ppHo Wycoff of LaHar|»e and Q. E. ; Archie EfUn aiid sons. Wayn.- :tiid;i.;-iy and family. Carl ShU'ely Dale. • :ind f.iniily ..ini! ,\ir. and .Mr :s.' Roll -Mr. and .Mrs. Oscar Johason ami j 'lohart and diildren of A'ales Cen- ; baby son of l.allari)e visited wilh.ti;. and nli .Suiiday. they IJad as.' .Mrs. .Maggie Wheeler and otlur j ;.i <.ir guests. .-Vnhi'i ICtlin and frlfuds at Ibe Victoria bote! Sua.-! MIUS. X'.'a.y.ic and Dale, and .\ir. day. * I .A >r- KIi:i -r Kfliii. The residence on the T. IC. Wilis-i Mrs. V.'.'.I. :;iiiiili.-| has returned low' farm'soutlivve...t of Uuvii! irmii nu 1 >.i'.nil<i! visit with bis completely destroyed *by fire Sai-i .iaiiulitcr. .Mrs. Ciiirli ; L'^icli and prday afternoon: during ilic aii- sence of Ihe fftmlly froni ho'.ni' and the orfglu ctinnot be illstov.r- ed. .Mr. Martin and a near ncigli- bor. .Mr. DuKuan.. weic Iti liie corn field but yvere about .1 iialf iuilf from till' 'lioiise when. tiu y firs; saw the siiioke. Tluy 'hastened back and called help lui' v .-crt- compelled to g.) lo a nci .^iihurs to call ;ut the .••nioke was MI il 'U.-A- in the house when tliey r< .iciuil ii they could not enter. Hd.. ili <-lud- ing the chemical fire engine from town resiMind '.'d ciuickly but tiie fire spread so rai /idiy that, the house was soon a heap of ruins. One of the iunportant Aibra^ ham ^ Lincoln manuscripts. Ills Sectionalism." |wriltea on October at auction to^ f.;riii:»- at t'awhiis.'i 1. OUla. ShurLTaB.^ By Thtiu:£bt>'nl .UyllaTs .\ Pr!i;;syiV!uiiaii Miitbcr siiyf;: "I Kin »• IIK ' •vi ;rtli 11.' Fii'cy'i Hon-] i cy and Tr.r We iiseM i'.' I lor vi .-!rs. a ;id it :i-|Vcr fatleii lis. I '''..r ciDUVy i-lildr -1. teverish colli . ili^turl'ii'.); r .ig'ir cimghs.. it !.';'•, us :i fi ..(liitg iif security to h ;:V'; Foley'-; Hoiii-y and Tar Comi ..<>;iiid ir. the bouse." No opiate-s, cii!i )r,>forin. Foley's Honey and .T:i>- Coino'iiini; carries a strong appeal to thoughtful mothers f vcrywherc'. -\sk for it.—Bro«T> Drug .Store. > THE PRIZE^ BREAKFXST:^ Per Pound 24c M.^M. MARKET; Meat That You (Jan Eat December 3. by. Ladies' .Aid. Chicken supped at .5:30. I'rice :i5c. .Mid-week services at the .M. E church Thursday night. We invite everybody. i .Mrs. A. T. Cundy motored to KinCaid last -Friday. Mr., and .-^Irs. Cornell and two daughters of Ida. were Sunday I evening callers at the home of the lattcfs parents, Mr. and .Mrs. R. S Gobje. - ' I I By Roberta Le*. 1 ing dinner with .Mr. and Mrs. O. AV. Hamey. Mr. ami Mrs. LeSlie King and two bays, of Humboldt spent Sat-' urday night and Sunday at the j Russel Hand home. . ) WESLEY CH^EL iK. A. Vouuji.) Waiter Vyuiig. whni iinderw^-nt an dpciaiion in St. Jnlin's husjijial for abs;-es-cs cn his ling .tiling nicely and. jis expected 1 IKI'IIC S <III1I. Q. Is rile ex<-ha:ige of visiting i cards with strangers proper? A. It is fon-iilered bad form unle.s's under nntisuai i ircum- stances. Q. How long before Juncheon hour should the guests as.<emble? -A. From five to ten minutes before tlie hour. ; I). To whom are wedding presents sent'.' A. To the bride. (jood Krniedy for Bud Cough. "A bard persistent wearing cougii k!-pl nil- awake for several rm. is sei- 1 „jg;,|.. .,„,|, «.Iien iny druggist I reccniijiendcd Foley's- Honey and , ,, 1 Tar Coiiipoiiiid. I was eager to try .Mrs. Isaac and .Norma, iind -Mrs. ^1 ,„ ,wotlavs,-mv cough Silii |iel called on Mr.s. Young'Sun- 1 os „irelv gnne." y.Vvs this satis- djy lul.'rnoon. - i fled user from Nebraska. No opi- Mr.-. Young and Effio >oungU;i..„. „„ ..hlorbform, a really valu- clleil .Ml Mis. Hank .McAdam and r,.,„,.,iv („v eou-,'hs. <olds. Air.. 'I'Diti Cnrley Friday .after- j „,roai and' br^uchial ' Irritations. ., , „ , 'Accept no siibstiiiite for Foley's l.aiii! Mae and Lloyd Cirley - I). L. Ciix. .M I). Spec Eye. !-:ar. Nose and Tiiioat. .iaflst. le week-end witli .^Ir. Long, who 'is i-miiloyed there. '-"VaiL-s Bread." rood as ever. Haziiiir —at M. E. Cliurcb Friday. Dec. .2. CafereWi! lunch." 11::',(» to' 2:,0n. •'chicken dinner. 7>::u\ to 7:00. Ciia.-i. K. .May vjcnt to K:insas City liiis atternuoli. I'aiicd there by !he svriims illness iof his father. .1. W. May. and liii grandmother. .Mrs. .Mary C. Daniels. .Mrs. Daniels, who is aliout 9l> year.-i of age. is rejiorted mar death, having been unconscious for some time. Mr. j .Mny is suffering from severe heart attacks and his condition is viewed by his family and jliss .Stella Roberts, who has with alarm •fbe<'ir spending a week wit.h her friends. il(ai=eiits. Air. and- Airs. C. L. Rob- — ert .sTof Oarlyle. returned to Kan- 1 —Dr. Montgomery, Chiropractor, "sav City this aftt^rnoon. I lola Laundry BIdg. Phone 138, • » » • « * « * * : * * [ K. U P.. LE.UKLL, >r. 1>. Special n'fenti'-,;i given Diseases of Colon tind Rectum. EJectro-Hiysiothel'apy ; Off itclola State Bank Bldg. Phones—117= and 705 Mrs. J. A. AVeeks'went to Gariett this afternoon ,to visit her daiigh,- ter, .Mrs.'Prank'Swiuey. » • • The members of th'e Best hr'et 1-11 club, of'stivonbiirg, Kanta.";. "will bo guests; of E. VauHyning, manager of the Kelliy theater, and OebV L. Willii <iiis< crrculatlou manager o^ the RCgliiter. Saturday afternoon. The ;dull inem'ners in. fiutie:. Wnnritt Harnett. WanlLa ^Ba'rueit, Nina IRitih Briener, l^ouiiie .Ctinningbam, Kvii Jordan, Arlean i'Llbhy, Annie fMbby; KISIo LIbby, I-Vs^iclH .Mllleri »da Moody. AVIlma Ifplerkon*- Gladyti Roberlif, Eva 1 ijtnfsell. Fern Kusscll uind Pearl I iTl^lpIe. 4 MP ^' ^ White la clqb g afleiiiiretii etonomyj A'dd ChrUtnus Scab to * .. .yonr,4!st.>. -pent .'Saturday night with their ancle and aunt, .Mr. and Mrs. Hank McAilatn. in .Mildred. . KMriiiers are .setting! along very well with corn gathering. Harry Young aud Miss! Effie Alyers were married last W^ednes- ilay in Fort Scott. They were accompanied by tlie btiide'-s sister, -Miss Oaa Al.vers. aud the groom's cousin. .Miss Viola Ciirlej.-.. We wi--!i tiieni a happy life and >)ros- ;>orit.v. Thyy wiil make Alildred their Iioine for the jiresent. t .].: .\. Young and inqfher spent :;uiiday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Sam I'yiis. Their little daughter has been very bad with who.-iplng cough, but' Is some better. John A'oungberg visited . Frank Curley's Sunday uight. .Mr. and Mrs." Hopkins visited Sattirday night a week ago with .\lrsi Young aud famiji". ("^ The suit case which was foiind near the Chapel has not been called .for. Ilaney and Cumiioiiiid. Gel llie' genuine- Brown Dntg Store. WAVERLY (Airs. Simp.son.) .Nov. 2:5.- Mrs. .Miles Templeman and Wesley attended the lecture lourse in l.aHarpe Alonday night. Airs. Charlie Morrison Spent Tu'.'oda.v afternoon with .Airs. Newton Dickonsis .Miss Cleo Morrison, a nieco of Mr. and .Mi ^s. Charlie Morrison, re- turneil to !i?r brime In Kansas City .ifter a coupie days visit with relatives here. While in Kansas City. Air. and Mrs. Charlie .Morri^son drove on to Lansing. Kans.. to visit .Mr. Mor- risoii 's broiht-r. • John .Morrison and family. ! Air. ; .Mrs. L. D. Vatrs o.' La- I Ifarpe spi:it Thanksgiving at the ' home of their daiighter. >Mrs. Will , Silmpson and family. Ii'i the aft^ ernoon .Mrs. Yateit tind -^^rs. Simii- son diove to the Ted Penland Ivome near Lone Elm ID iitspT-ct Ibe new house ihey are building. Mr. and .Mrs. Bell Pennington of LaHarpe were Thanksgiving guests at the parental 1'enipleman home. Most all t !:e farnurs in liiis .vi- linity (•i':ebra .!eri Thiinksgiving by j husking corn. j .Mr. and Mrs. .laiiie!^ AIoKaughn wfi -e giirsts ai tiic hiftic of their niece. .Mj -s. Rober: Stewart, and laniily. srlutli of LaHatlpe. Tii 'anks- giVing day. I //V . taine — At .S.l years of agje Herbert T. Ames has bceti elected mayor of Wllliii'msport, Pa. . • WHEN HOUSmiQU)EIiS MUST BORROW Emergencies in, family finances often drive Iwu.seholders into the hands of un- .scriipuIou .*5 money-lenders who charge iintere.«:t. Thfs bank has often been ahl6 to offer advice, that prevented honest but unfoi-tun- ate per.soflS facing into the clutches of Laan sharks. • ive are restricted by the banking laws in S egard to loaning- Every transaction' of a arik nrn-st be on a .souna basis. But your requirements may com^ within rogukir banking. practice. At least you ntiay'be helpietl by talking ov^r your financial problems. '^oinc in ami confer ^ith us. \ H ER engagement ring! Treasured symbol of enduring love! How modestly, yet proudly, she showed it to her friends. Their exclamations of praise and delight at its sparkling beauty were adding to her happiness. How,carefully she and her fiancee had cfiosen it, How glad she was to use woman's inherent trait to compare .... to compare "the'' beauty bf one with anotheruntil they foimd the one-and^only one. Comparison ... helpfiil, indeed, in suet a- great event. Helpfijl, too, in everyday affairs. This is true in buying coffee also. '' Folger's Coffee is the supreme of the .world 's coffees. Inviting, appetizing... its rich, marvelous flavor IS matched by no other coffee. There's cheer in each steaming cup ... for the £amou3 flavor of Folger 's" newer fails to refresh and sati^. Compare Folger's by making the famous Folger Coffee Test. The Folger Coffee Test: Drink Folger's Coffee tomorrow mom' ing; the next mocning diink the coffee you have l^een using; the third morning drink Folger 's again. You will; decidedly favor one brand or die odier.. The Best Coffee Wins. That's fa&, isn't it? ^he first thoit^M in the

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