The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1948
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JUNK 15, 1948 BI,YTMKVn,I,K (ARK.)' COURJKR NEWS Porot ^y /s Dream Boot Springs a Leak Filibuster Looms Eairman Thr««t«n« Fi^ht After Senate Commit*. Okay. Act WASHINGTON, J lm » u _(U P) —UP)— A Serial? filibuster by Southwn Democratic vas In the offing today »nci could b« launchert by »ny Republican effort to oil up »n *nlMynclilng bill approved -ven- t*rrl»y by the Sennit Judiciary Com- Imm«ll»tely ,(ier thr Senate committee, approved the measure by i 10 U) J vote. Sen. J.mes O. Easl'•"?,• D " Ml«.. threatened to spark » flllbUKer M the bill renches the I B«n«^ floor. The other oemmtttee members who cast opposing votes *ere Sens. J. William Fulbrlght, D, .Ark., and Wward H. Moore, R., Okla. "The statement Is made that what If in the hill Is already In the law," Easlland told reporters. "If thai is true, it uhe bill) is »n attempt to humiliate the South and I'm going to fight 11 nulil hell freezes over." Sen Homer Ferguson, R., Mich., who sponsored the committee's origin"! bill, said he was not satisfied with the approved measure. It did not contain his oiiginal plan for imposition of money penalties upon municipalities or counties with police jurisdiction in an area where a lynching occurs. But he said he Itiinke "H can be made effect)'e wild a;i attorney general who Is interested in enforcing it," He added: Sees Good Effect "I can make lynching very unhealthy and I think it will have » good elect the country over." | Under ihe bill, lynch mob mem-1 The fact that he already has a wife and does not hiive much eash doesn't seem to bother Danny Wicker, [>;iyt(ina Beach, Kin., Iflvern- keepor and liifih bidder foi Ihe $10,1)11(1 wanl-iid fiancee,'Dorothy l.awlor of Hcmpsieod, N. Y,, as they prepare lo shove oJT on a one- day, set-acquninled cruise aboard the newly-cllristcued boat, "Dorothy Lawlor." They were chaperoned on the trip by Ihe owner of the boat and his wife. Cily at Bl.vtlievllle, r. R Jack- »oii. Mayor and W. I. U»tln, City Cleric. Garntihee. H*KVIN<; OXIIKK The rtdeiulani., Odis Tallpy. Is warned to appear in the Municipal Court for the City ol Blythevllle witftin thirty days »nd answer the coiiiplalnl of tfi* plaintiff, R. C, Allen. Witness my hand, a* i-lrilt of skirl Court, and Ihe «eal tlierenl, on this the 3rd Any of June, 1£46 W. I. MA1,!N Oleik of Municipal CouH Percy X WrtRht «nd T. J. Crowder. attys for put, M. Q. Partlow. *M art lilftn. Residents of Town to Be So/ci At Auction Plan Own Strategy PKOPOSKO CONSTITUTIONAL AMKNDMKNT NO. 39 SVHMITTKI) BV rirrr-six'i'H CJKKKRAI. ASSEMBLY BK IT RKSOI.VED HY THE SENATE OP THK STATE OF AD- WANSAS AND BV THK HOUSE OF RBPllKSENTATIVKS. A MA-I JOR1TY Of ALL THK MEMBERS i KI.KCTEl) TO EACH HOUSK AOHEKINO THKRETO: Tlmt (lit following Is hereby proposed as an amendment to I lie Con- slilullmi of the Slate of Arkansas, ami upon beinv; , .svlhiniUed lo the electors at the State lor approval j or rejection al ihe next genpral clor- tion lor I?p|»ro.-icn(julves and SOIIA- tors. if u majority of Hie electors voting tlifreon, at sucli an election, \ lutupt such amendment, the same ! shall become a pun of ih« consil- lutlon of 111* Stale ol Ark.-in.ias, lo-wii: SKCTION 1. That tlif Constitution :>( the Stale of Ark»nsn.s be amended by inorlilylnK Section 'i of Article 3 of said Coivlilulloii so a* to permit the legislating lo enact. a law providing for « registration C. 0. HAl.l,, .Si'i-retiiry of stale. NOW of volcr*. i 6!<-ll-]«-J!l-»'l-»-I9-n-je-7|(l-l|.Jft. I Said fonstilutmnai miirnrtinciil ; 2T-t;3-iO-11-J4-SI-»j7-U - 11-M-l^S- I. shall renil as folliws, to-wlt: i I2-19-2*. IJ "UK IT KNACTHI) HY THK PRO-1 HI.E OK THK STA'l'K Of AH- ._._._.......___... KANSAS:" - - - - -"The ripnonu Assembly .sluill huve | power lo enuct laws provlitliiK for H | registration of voters prior lo nny general, spi'vial. or primary plecHiui, land to reiiniro Ihal (lie rixht lo viile jal any such <>lecli»n Minll ilcpcnil ' llin)n .txu-h prevHHis rcnisiriillon." •f'iifd In the office of S.'invliiry of Stale on the 2SII1 day of March 1941. Witness my luuul ami seal of office on this Ihe 13Hi iluy of April, at FOUNTAINS Kv*rywh*n>! at FOUNTAINS Everywhere! THE TOT SHOP Everything for Children Up to 6 110 S. Second !>hon« 2308 Wednesday afternoon blp crimes against the federal government and penalties: 1. Conspiracy Between any member of a. lynch mob and an officer I , state, or poll- 1 day. The whole village—some 200 ;' homes, schoolbtllldings. , shopping j center and all, went on the block or employe of federal, state, or poll- ln fronl "' thc sch ool a' 10 tic»l subdivisions lo commit liisti- | The P co p l!! kn °"' Private firms will \ the gate. Incite, organize aid or nbet 15-nching: J10.000 fin*, JO years imprisonment, or both. J. Willful failure'by an employe. P |ai ™of l state or political sub-division -,I llchiu ' 1 be bidding for their town. They, too, hflve formed a corporation, but they are keeping mum about their not they will but, and Indications; 1 are that they may consider a i J "friendly alliance" with one of the ' I private bidders. They «-ould w v -|- ' J '™: i c .°" le any pl "" lo l<ft Harris remain ' I clean peaceful, and orderly I ' BOB MALONE thereof to prevent the lynching of i perron In his custody; JS.OOO fine, five years imprisonment, or both. .1. Willful failure by an officer or employe of the federal government tn prevent the lynching of a per- *nn in his custody. 13.000 fine, five years imprisonment., or both. The bill also provides thai a per- *m who suffers bodily or property damage, or the kin of a person kilf- • «d In a lynching, may bring iction for damages through the at- frney general against any person who violates »bovf. the three provisions WARNING O«IIKR In the Chancery Court. • Chicka- «A^ba District, Mis«J(wippi County, Arkansas. James T. Stewart, Plaintiff vs. No. 10.4S8 Doris C. Stewart, Defendant The de/endant, Dora C. Stewart, If hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of me plaintiff, James T. Stewart. Dated this 20ih riav of May. 1643 HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk By Rosa Sa1ih», D. C C A. Cooper, atty. for Ptf. Ed B. Cook, atty. ad litem. 5 21 28-64 il •d Kilbourne, head of the Citizens Corporation said. M( is loo close to D-Day for its to lei our competitors kno« f anything Thev aren't telling us what they're going to do." This much Is known. Any person who bids tomorrow must Ji.ive 150.000 cash to plank down on the spot. By Aug 31, one-fourth of the rest of ihe bid *price musl be handed over, and T-V-A has set the minimum it will unidentified bidder has cash guarantee to bid the community U has been lor 15 years. The T-V-A turned down an | earlier request of the citizens to set the date of sale r.s true us It-Rally possible to allow additional time to plan and to "discouraKe -specu- ^ latlon." : The only statement from T-V-A has been that the town will go to Plast o r V I and civil i "M.™ « take. One paid price and the citizens have learned at least two others plan to bid. . The residents group by late last month already had signer! nearly 200 families under contracts to buy their individual homes with J* 15 Gunmen Shoot Farmer, Take His Rare Bible the highest, bidder. Georee Baker, chief of the T-V-A land grant division look Ihc stand in front of the schoolhmise. He explained why the toun is being sold. It has served its purpose as a cpm- sirnction town for the big Morris Dam. T-V-A has no further lis« for it. Tlieii he turned Ihc gai-el over to his assistant., Robert ,). Coker. Cokcr cried ihe snlc ss the people of Norris watched ten.sely--each one with his home at stake. >N THE MUNICIPAL (.'OUHT FOR THE CITY OP BI,YTKEVIIJ.F,, ARKANSAS R. C, Alien Aliens Service Station, Ptf. vs. No. I06« OdiB Talley. Dft. Stucco Phone 2029 Abacus Whiz Only 12. Takeko Matsushita compiled with adults in Japan's National Abacus Championships. Th« Tokyo lass failed to win, but proved herself a prodigy on Ih* ancient computing device. j HARRISONVILLE, Mn., June 14. fUPi—Sheriff's deputies today • hunted tor tlirce gunmen who shot ' an elderly fanner when he refused to tell where IIP had hidden an an- , cient ' and rare Genmn Lutheran i Bible. I After wounding 63-year-old J. Frank Miller In his homo seven miles north of here yesterday, the bandits ransacked his home, found the Bible, and fled in a late model csr. j Miller later worked himself loose ] from his nnnds and staggered to ; R neighbor's home for aid. At- i tendanU at Memorial Hospital here I said Miller was (rested for B flesh wound in the neck and released. Miller was alone in the two story farm house when the men pulled up shortly after noon. One bandit pointed a pistol m him. Miller made a grab for \t and the bandit shot him in the neck. Then they trussed him up. blindfolded him and searched, thp house. They torceri npon a small ap.fe and scattered the content.*, Including jewelry and watches, About the house. They finally found the Bibte In a bureau drawer but passed up nearly SlflO in currency In another drawer of the same bureau. Miller's son, .(or. of Pleasant Hill, | Mo., told Cass County ShrrilT Tcm- j pie Forrest that the Bible \vas one ' of only two in existence and was '"between 100 apd 500 years old." >lr said it had been in thr family j for many generations. SMOOTHER because it's. SEE YOUR PONTIAC DEALER Sales - Service - Parts Goodwill Used Cars i«an* thai fin* Gl*m~nor* wtmti«i or* b'»n<j*d choicest grain neutral ipiriti but IntlAaH of h«ing bollttd imm«diot«ly, "Thompion" li put back Into barrels to mofct if smoother, loilier. <ilrair:hl Ihkn pro uel trt < jtum mor« olrl. 7 neuimt STEEL BUILDINGS } ADAPTABLE To Many Industrial, Commercial and Farm Uses TRUSS-CLEAR ... NO WASTED SPACE • low Coil p«i M. H. • Coil Un le bur 114 ntiin- Inn. • CouviiiKiit SUM — 40' widlti. length in iimlliplit ol 10: y»|jo 3?' inif ?0' wdlhi, leniih>«mullipl<i ol 12'. • Stioiif lrul^l«si construe do" lull uietblc tpici. • Iticttd n, <ji)i iniltid »l • UIIH MfC. COMfANY C. A. TANT CONST. CO. 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