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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
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Saturday, May 8, 1965
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TEN IRONWOOD DAILY GIOEE, I RON WOOD, MICHIGAN SATURDAY, MAYS, 196J. Anniversary of Obituaries V-E Day Noted By JOHN O. KOEHLER BERLIN (AP» — Soviet Premier Alexei N. Kosygin and other Communist leaders gathered in East Berlin today for a giant V-E Day parade as nations on both sides of the Iron Curtain celebrated the 20th anniversary of Nazi Germany's defeat. Kosygin. who shared the spotlight with Premier Josef Cyran- kiewiez of Poland and Deputy Premier Lu Ting-yi of Communist China, used the occasion Friday to blast the United States lor its military activities in Viet Nam and in the Dominican Republic. "They ithe United States* want to make capital out of the difficulties which have arisen in the world Socialist i Communist! movement and it would be wrong to underestimate these devious plans.' Kosygin said. 'Mrs. Brook Tibbs j Mrs. Brook Tibbs. 57, the for; mer Idell Urquhart, daughter of the late Dr. and Mrs. Clyde; Urquhart, died Friday morning! at a Lansing hospital. j Mrs. Tibbs was born at Hur-: , ley and was graduated from the 'J. E. Murphy High School with : the class of 1924. * Surviving her are a son. Peter, and two brothers. Clyde and' John of Holt. Mich. ; Funeral services will be held 'Monday at 2 p.m. at the Weiss; Funeral Home, Milwaukee. Buri-i al will be at a Milwaukee ceme-' tery. Group Assisting in 'Lire-o-Bike' Event Members of the I r o nw o o d Township Airport Road Home Extension Service are assisting in the Veterans of Foreign Wars annual bicycle safety program "Lite-A-Bike." which is being, . . . held today at the Roosev e 11 AFL-CIO warned Friday that the j u £, 'I 1 "?" 18 !' * ale ^ m 1-1 _ i_ _ _ t _i »» __» ._ .« H . . t« • " iVn-vl«-li]l7*nHt"i«frtoif Tt'ncvi O n Jobless Youths Pose Problem WASHINGTON (AP> — The! The L. L. Wright High School class of 1945 will hold a special meeting in regard to the class reunion at the St James Hotel Monday night, May 10. at 7. School and Homesteads Building, giving each bicycle owner! cnarlno- " held Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the basement of St. a card with the rules and reg-, illations for safe bicycl i n g. _iproblem is a major threat, not]Michael's Church. Coffee will Guidepostsfor Business Listed The Extension Division of the only to the economy but to the; also be served, democratic structure of the na-i tion. ' i In the wake of discouraging new government figures on jobless youths, the labor federation said: "It was the jobless, disillusioned youths who grasped at the 'solutions' offered by Hitler . . . America can ill afford to have this sort Training Unit Slated May 25 University of Wisconsin recently conducted a Small Business nnnil iatinn " management workshop for the P°P ujailon , extension resource development 1 agents. Federal school-aid Federal Aid fcr Farms Approved EAST LANSING (AP) — The U.S. Agriculture Department approved Friday a $200,000 „ ! emergency fund to help tornado-1J"" 1 ^." ^^ Vmmtv antipoverty and i stricken Michigan farmers clear f01 l n ! °' nto " °° un A y of discontent of its State Plans Two New Lakes-Parks LANSING (AP) — State Conservation Commission approval will be asked next Friday for an • amoritlous plan to develop two new combination state lakes- state parks in Clinton and Ionia Counties. They represent the first part of an over-all plan to spend some $10 million in 10 years to improve fishing and recreation facilities in southern Michigan. The plans call for creating a 2,700-acre state park about 15 mies northeast of Lansing and a 3,400-acre recreation area about three miles southwest of . A 550-acre lake is planned Waiko E. Spets. director or Civil Defense, has annou need: "that an emergency hospi t a 1 He apparently was referring: training unit will be set up in to the ideological differences tnc Ironwood Memorial Build- bctweei. the Soviet Union and ing May 25. This unit contains Communist China. He rejected; representative portions of seven! claims "of some people that! functional units: Admitting and| only a new world war could re- triage, central supply, labora-i tain the unity" of the interna- tor .v. operating, pharmacy, ward! tional Communist movement. (and X-ray. * * * i This training unit is used to He lashed the United States! train local medical ancl para- for "violating the most elemen-l medical personnel who would be' tary rules of international law" > responsible for the utilizat i o n by its actions in the Congo, forl of tne Packaged Diaster Hospi- landing troop, in the Dominican tal. This group should include Republic and "for the barbaric' Physicians, hospital administra- bombing attacks on the Repub-i tors - Hospital nursing directors their own funds on debris clear-! an 80-100 acre lake at the Ionia recreation area. The Clinton County plan is to lake i stricken Michigan farmers clear programs are , not ! debris from their fields before The following "teh command- enough to solve the problem. j it is . too late to plant crops ments of good business" were s a 'd an article in the labor or-j Farmers must spend some of presented to use by the Depart-; gamzation's magazine, The ment of Commerce. American Federatlonist. These may be of interest to The article businessmen in the area, accord- Labor Department's monthly proved for 10 counties, said: hv ing to H. W. Kinney, resource employment report, showing, Dean Quirin, state executive |S^ " d agent, Iron County, and are that an early surge of _ school-: director of the Agriculture Sta-: Bordering this lake will be Hospital Notes GRAND VIEW. Admitted Friday: Lourae DePew, 300 Oak: St., Hurley, surgery; Mrs. Donald M. Sabec, Gile, Angeline B. Sullivan, Iron Belt, medical. Discharged Friday: Mrs. Stanley Pellinen and baby, Bonn i e Smeeth, Sam Fontecchio, Mrs. Archie Kennedy Ironwood; Pe- Se ™etery oT'the'Treasury Hen- rrfJ 0 ^ 1 ^ 0 * . . _.— Treasury Head Issues Warning By STERLING GREEN HOT SPRINGS, Va. CAP) — ter Biarzo, Montreal; Mrs. mond Rodd, Bessemer. DIVINE INFANT, Wakefield. Admitted Friday: John Michaelson, Marenisco, accident. Discharged Friday. Mrs. Reinhold Ryskey. Marenisco; Richard Sain. Ramsay; John Spargo, Ewen. Fair Exhibitors Ask Price Cut NEW YORK (AP) — International exhibitors at the ry H. Fowler issued a stern warning today against "premature visions of victory in the fight against the payments deficit." In a speech prepared for the Business Council, whose industrialist-members can be a multibillion - dollar share of U.S. foreign trade, Fowler verified payment surpluses apparently were achieved in March and April. "I am disturbed, however, by the undue note of elation over these results that I detect in some quarters," he told the 100 corporation heads. "Let there be no mistake: New j these figures are no more than a . . „ ... , .. . for bluegills, Largemouth bass, i York World's Fair are having! preliminary indications of th Pa ? Ce . g u? r v. i northern pike and possibly mus-i difficulty projecting their im-.i brief respite from the intense tne ; sharing program, which was ap-, kn Tnis would toe done 'age, and they blame it on a! pressures created by a pro- LillV nt'niraH fVir in rruinHoc coirl' °. , , .... ._ ,!,,. f , ,.- • • ; _,jr*'* i.^w-\o cowpl the Little Maple boost in fair admission prices.^ : longed deficit — some sevea "How can a foreign exhibitor'successive years of serious defi- i project an image when there is cits in our balance of pay- Ser-| sleepy Holow state Park ness to use as a guide. The ten boosted the nation's jobless rate' commandments of good business from 4.7 to 4.9 per cent of the t Tne aid, which also includes j £?'"{1 a r P a U "The CHntoiTcountv o,. Q . inhnr fnwa ir> Anrii i* ,_ *-.• * • .1, picnic area, i ne uiinion coumy of people camp grounds, beaches and: project it to?" asked Col. Nils-j The voluntary curbs on ioiare: labor force in April. i funds for fence repair, will go A customei is the most impor- Youth unemployment is ex-it 0 eligible farmers in Allegan, tant person in any business. pected to hit a peak of 2 million A customer is not dependent in June as high schools and col- Barry, Branch, Hillsdale, Kalamazoo, Kent, Lenawee, Monroe, on us, we are dependent on him. leges pour out a flood of young j Montcalm and St. Joseph coun- nniv lie of (North) Viet Nam." and supervisors, pharmac i s t s. The Chinese deputy premier; x - rav ancl laboratory tech n i- also assailed the United States' cians ' hospital engineers and and added A customer is not an interrup- job seekers. of our work, he is the pur-: The AFL-CIO of it. al economic A customer does us a favor create new when he calls, we are not doing ultimately solve the prob \ ties. All were ion. project is expected to cost more than $2 million. The Ionia County Lake wonld be created by damming Ses-jwere lowered sions Creek. This is planned as! asked," he said, Magnus von Arbin, commission-i eign investment and lending er general of the Swedish Pavil- ! asked of industry by President n. Johnson are bringing good re"If the fair admission prices suits, the secretary said. as we have! But he cautioned: "I want 1,0 millions of i emphasize with all the vigor I a year-around trout lake. Camp i more'people would come tu the i can muster the danger of early L.L s ^'- e ^.,° ! sites ' beaches and a skiing area j fair and give us the chance to! or excessive optimism. Early «rd to U f ' ar a v s . ranimv wmi t0rnad0eS T JW [ hlC o r !i ked the Mld * are Planned. This also is a more show them what we came here 'optimism could lead to prema- lapiaiy wm| wes t O n Palm Sunday. •- •- •-•• ' : - ------- •-'-e problem. ; "This funri was an . than $2 million project. This fund was approved to 1 Also before tne commission a demand for a peace treaty with West Germany to officially end World War II and a solution to the Berlin problem. East mier,- French Gaulle, welcoming his proposals as well as sterile sec- maintenance staff, central supply and tions. The county's original unit is a complete 200 bed hospital with Germany's deputy pre- su PP lie s to operate for 30 days. Willy Stoph. praised i ™ s is a tremendous asset to President Charles de' tlie count >' as a standby reserve in the event of diasters, and will be a proposal for a nine- him a favor by serving him. Higher wages and Social Se-|p revent tne loss of 12 months A customer is a part of our curity benefits, shorter hours to|j ncome by farmers who suffered ^ av P vnerimental shootine sea- business, not an outsider. spread employment, and more| tornado dama ge," Quirin said, "on on teal ini September The A customer is not a cold sta- federal spending for roads, hos-i "This is a critical time of i test hunt has been recom- tistic, he is a flesh-and-bl o o d ' Pitals. _education_jind _housing; year . The late spring wea ther mended to see how the water- to show them." ; ture relaxation. ^ ~r-— a ••- — human being with feelings and are urgently needed, it said. ; nas thrown us three weeks be- for a European settlement with- Septs has urged everyone to co- out participation of the United ° pei : ate ln this training session, j States. ; Mlcni B an s Department of In Washington, President Healtn wil1 set U P the training i Johnson, in an obvious ref . i "nit. Hospital and Civil Defense i erence to De Gaulle's proposals, P ei ' sonne l from Ontonagon Coun-; kind of national- assailed "the Ism which would . . . destroy the dream of European unity and Atlantic partnership." He said those who gave their lives in World War II did not die in vain. The "shining achieve- ly are also invited to participate; in the Gogebic County Exercise. All area residents interest e d' in this program are invited to! visit the training unit w h i c h I will be set up and functioning in the Ironwood Memo r i a 1 i An interest- for the day, Spets announced. I Spets said that additional hospital space is a grave concern ofi his as head of civil defense. The! local hospitals, he exclaimed i are filled to capacity and if a i disaster should strike this' area, it would have to rely on! the Packaged Diaster Hospital. emotions like our own. , "The challenge confronting, nind to start W ith," he added. A customer is not someone to the country is tremendous," iti Q U j r j n sa j d notice of the period argue or match wits with. added. i f und ' s approval came from A customer is a person' who Without new jobs, government Agriculture Secretary Orville brings us his wants, it is our job training and education proto fill those wants. grams will fail, it said, adding: A customer is deserving of the "They can lead only to a better- most courteous and attent i v e trained, better-educated body of treatment we can give him. ; unemployed." A customer is the life-blood of Tne federation said 1.5 million this and every other business. ; of the 4 million unemployed last "Many of our businessmen al-iyear were under age 25. ready do a good job of practic-i "Although these young working these commandments, but ers made- up less than 20 per added or renewed emphasis will cent of the civilian work force, help to increase the traffic at '< they accounted for more than 40 your door and thus help to de- P er cent of the nation's unem- fowl stand up under shooting pressure during their migration velop a better business for you," concluded Kinney. ployed. revival of defeated nations, growing European unity and U.S.-European partnership, he added. Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, commander in chief of Allied forces in World War II, said in New York the Communist dominated states of Europe are "a sad monument to the victory we thought we had won 20 years ago." * * * In London, Prime Minister Harold Wilson said in an anniversary statement "'the reunification of Germany in peace and freedom through the principle- p r0 p OS ition II-Shall the the ^£^™}ecS a ™ ° f TrUStees ° f the Prop ° sed com - i MIC AUIlUBlllcntcll UUJcUllve OI rminitv rnllpfrp HiQtrir>t nnm *>t»ti-lcli *\r\T " -iiiuilllrj islllicgc UlotilLft, \j\Ji\.\~ \ urmsn policy. ; prised of the Gogebic Inte rme- j School District, be author-! Election Group Advises No Changes WASHINGTON (AP) — The House Foreign Affairs Committee stood pat Friday, advising against any drastic revision in Dominican Continued from Page One claims that his government is Freeman in Washington. Charges About Flights Denied WASHINGTON (AP) — The Defense Department says "there were no 'Pentagon-sponsored' flights to the Masters Golf Tournament at Augusta, Ga., this year." The statement was issued Thursday after Sen. Stephen M. Young, D-Ohio, charged in a newsletter that hundreds of officers and civilian officials made the trip. Communist-dominated, saying, | Young said $20,000 was spent the foreign program. Previously, the Senate For- Continued from Page One community college district tax proposition. wig Erhard and President Heinrich Luebke placed a wreath on and tangible personal proper t , to the German wan wltnln tne district not to exceed: Erhard said the German peo- ^™'J^* Sa^S! on each $1,000) of the assessed pie have renounced the use of force "but we are not ready to be patient to an injustice and to remain silent when brute force seeks to withhold from us the naturally and solemnly pro-! claimed right of self-determina-i tion.' valuation, as equalized, of the property within the district, in the manner and for the purposes provided by Act 188 of the Pub- 1955 vote J ditional tax levy of not more government regards tha n one and one-half mills (one tentative of ^o!^?KlreS^?r vMSc?£ ClT Ss2 e o? larLSrS iSuS ^^ s S " .. A IHJUOdllUS UI rctllMailb lOOK poph "51 nnn nf valuation I iinnrf part Friday night in the first of j ed forhe * local sha, x of coSe the public observances this financial suSSrt weekend to mark the anniversa-' flnancial SU PP°^ eign Relations Committee had recommended that the adminis- i tration submit a new approach ; to foreign aid by the middle of ! next year. Its chairman, Sen ;J. W. Fulbright, D-Ark., wants i the economic and military por- | tions of the bill separated. ! Said the House group: "We j cannot agree that it would be desirable, or possible, to terminate the program in the near future. Nor do we believe that it is advisable to establish a commission, no matter how distinguished its membership, to undertake still another survey of foreign aid." The House Committee said the military and economic portions are interdependent, and cannot be divided without some harm. Leedy to Get Nomination WASHINGTON (AP) — John "I don't, know any Communists or want to know them." He also said the rank of general was being eliminated from the Dominican armed forces because of "great corruption" among general officers. The highest rank will be lieutenant colonel. Both sides appeared Friday *.o be trying to observe the cease- fire agreed to on Wednesday But sporadic firing was heard in the city during the day. Caamano told newsmen his rebel government was not consulted about bringing an inter- American police force to supervise the cease-fire. "to prepare barracks to house the generals and other brass." Hearing Set on Rail Petition By petition the Chicago and North Western Railway C o m- pany proposes to expand its central agency plan in the State of Michigan and to serve its customers at Wakefield from a cen- Von Arbin is chairman of the| "We can allow no let-up. In- International Exhibitors Asso- i deed we must continue to redou- ciation which earlier this weekible all our efforts until we have fair President Robert restored our international pay- to drop the admission!ments to balance once again, prices from $2.50 to $2 for adults i and until we have maintained during the daytime and to $1 in! that balance not for one or two the evening 'quarters, but for a sufficient, Moses said no. He raised the j t i m e to demonstrate our price in the hope of helping to i strength and determination, and make up the fair's $17 million to allow a more permanent solu- deficit of last year. The fair admission price, which Moses raised from last year's $2, has been blamtd in some quarters for a drop in at- tion to take hold." Fowler said that the projected gain of $1.2 billion from industry's voluntary plans to curb foreign payments and enlarge take into tendance under last year when' ex P° rts does the fair fell 13 million short of j fount such trends as may devel- raagency CO. its expected total attendance of 40 million. "If the admissions were low-j at Marenis-1 ered ' millions of residents of the ' j area would be able to come; op in tourist outlays, imports or military spending. It further proposes to provide i three and four and five timet to , ** * ,„ " ye s as a means of projecting this the fair," Von Arbin said. only carlbad freight service at the stations of Wakefield, Bessemer and Caspian, and to discontinue less-than-carload service at such stations. It also proposes to remove and i tne y can in one da y- have to run from one pavilion to he said. The Cabinet officer also renewed his plea for restraint in any excise tax reduction. Johnson's plan to trim the sales tax- billion is a prudent one, Fowler said, "designed to fur- l-he Defense Department re- retire its depot facilities at the! So. you find people running; ih th economic stimulus we stations of Wakefield, Besse-1 through a foreign pavilion so| need wltnout ser iously impend_.... .... fas t that the people we brought;, our progress toward balance of in- here from our homelands can't i 1nBnnr h, lri p P t >• ° P | mer and Caspian. In order that all parties be heard * th is open or prepare any billets beyond those normally in use at Ft. Gordon (near Augusta)." Officers to Be Nominated Nomination of officers for even halt them long enough to j' explain the exhibit." our budget.' THE Service Commission will conduct a hearing in the supervisors' room, Gogebic Co u n t y Courthouse at Bessemer, com-i--. mencing at 9:30 a.m. on Thurs-1 TEMI»I:UATI;RES IN IIIONWOOD i Saturday, May 8, Illli.V For 24 hi-, period ending ill 11 a.m. I fi p.m. BO 2 a.m. (J0 ( l(> H.m. fill i 8 p.m. 59i 4 a.m. 5911 a.m. 6li < the I Relative humidity 96 per cent. j Barometer: 6 a.m. 29.79; 11 a.m. 29.80. i Battle Creek Firm Low Bidder on Project day, June 10. Planes Continued from Page One CHICAGO (AP) — The General Services Administration said Wednesday Murray Construction Co. of Battle Creek, was the apparent low at $60,900 for improving federal center in Battle He did not say what position • Post clubrooms. his regime would take when the force being set up by the Organization of American States arrives in Santo Domingo. The Panamanian government announced today that five nurses were en route to the Dominican Republic, via Miami, Fla., and San Juan, P.R., as Panama's contribution to the inter-American force. Four Panamanian doctors were standing by, but the government said it had been advised by the OAS that there was no immediate need for them. In Washington, Latin-Ameri- Ironwood American Legion Post] miles northeast of Saigon, a 5 will be held at a meeting!U.S. Army officer stepped on a THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE the | ml ne which blew off his left! By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ! foot. High Low Pr. slated next Tuesday at LEGALS Offices to be filled inc 1 u d e post commander, first vice commander, second vice commander, second vice commander, adjutant, finance officer, historian, sergeant-at-arms and board of directors, which con-|" tains six members. Peking's New China News j Albany, cloudy .52 45 Agency quoted a Hanoi an-! Albuquerque, clear 78 36 nouncement as saying North | Atlanta, clear 84 61 Vietnamese shot down three ] Bismarck, cloudy 63 41 U.S. F105 jet fighter-bombers i Boise, clear M 41 Friday. The announcement said | Boston, cloudy 49 45 others" were damaged. The report, monitored in To- All members have been asked j k y«. said "waves of the U.S. by Adjutant A. W. Bulinski to F1 05 Jet fighters, coming from attend and offer names in nomination for the offices listed. Attorney Thailand, bombed some places Buffalo, clear Chicago, cloudy , Cincinnati, clear Cleveland, clear Denver, cloudy along the communication line in : Des Moines, rain ry. Norway will observe minutes of silence at to commemorate its liberation from Nazi occupation. Military parades and other observances will be held Sunday in Moscow and Prague. A "no" vote rejects the propos-| al for additional millage levy. Proposition III — Election of noon college district trustees w h o will constitute the Board of Trustees which is empowered by velopment in Paris. Tyler will laws to administer all matters t become ambassador to the M. Leedy will be nominated by j can diplomats said growing con- President Johnson to succeed j ce rn over Communist subver- Continued from Pace One the north part of Thanh Hoa Province." U.S. officials Friday announced a raid by 41 of the Detroit, cloudy Fairbanks, clear Fort Worth, cloudy Helena, clear FlOSs and 40 fighters on the | Honolulu, clear 66 83 84 81 67 85 81 52 84 50 76 William Tyler as assistant sec- j sion pr0 duced the historic dec'i- retary of state for European Leedy has been U.S. ambassador to the Organization for European Cooperation and De- pertaining to the establishment and operation of the college. There are 18 candidates who were nominated by petition of citizens. Each voter will vote for no more than six. Candidates are running at-large. Individual vot-' Netherlands, diplomats. Both are career sion to establish an inter-American force for use in the Dominican Republic. Cheatham also lives at Fort De- j Thanh Hoa highway and rail- i Indianapolis, cloudy 84 posit. Both men disavowed any affiliation with the Klan, but said they had joined the pro-segrega- Ition White Citizens Council. They also said Washington Cheatham said he is still a made no attempt to strong-arm member; Lee, an ex-member, them, a claim voiced this week! "I didn't accept his (Rowe's) by the Soviet Union. Alejajidro Magnet, Chile's Extension Club Holds Election An election of officers was held at the meeting of the Green-. e rs'" mly"se7ecTany "s'ixTof the : field Heights Extension Study ros ter regardless of the place of: Club Tuesday evening at t h e j residence of the candidate or of home of Mrs. Steve Soltis. j the elector. The following were elected: i * * * Chairman, Mrs. Henry Van- candidates listed on the ballot dfenberg; vice chairman, Mrs. are: Roy Swanson; secretary-treasur- R 0y R. Ahonen, Howard er. Mrs. Peter Nickel Jr.; Shop-: Brown, Jack E McKensie Ray. portumty chairman, Mrs. P a u 1 j Lutwitzi, Rutger F. Erick son Cyr Jr.; international c h a i r-' clarence B. Forslund, Charles! man, Mrs. John Fmco; council'E. Gotta, Harold John Graves, 1 delegate, Mrs. Rudolph Rezatto.; Allgot B. Johnson, Rudolph In compliance with the s t a t e ; Kemppainen. Carl E. Kleimola constitution, all officers takelpaul E. Manilla, Charles W. office immediately. j Mascotti, Donald E. Olson. * Plans were made for the an-1 Thomas P. Steiger, Mary Louise. nual dinner to be held Wednes- ] Thompson, Caesar L. Tizi a n i day, June 2. ' and Dominic L. Valesano. The Michigan Week disp 1 a y i m order to proceed with acti- loi- .the Greenland Heights Club vation of the community college Will be in the Hellie Insurance as proposed, all three proposals • window during Michigan Week, must be approved by simple ma- May 12-16. ; jority votes of the electors vot-, There are six members plan-;ing. j ning to attend the over n i t e; if any of the three proposals ! Charles W. Aclair Jr., another| O AS ambassador, said "there career Foreign Service officer. was sworn In Friday as ambas- O 'n me Veither"sideTn~tne testimony," explained Cheatham, "not when he swore before God and broke his oath." He was no pressure whatever put i referred to the KKK oath of se- road bridge 80 miles south of Hanoi. They said one of the F105s was shot down but the pilot reached the South China Sea, where he parachuted and was picked up safely by an American amphibious plane. 49 65 54 63 40 64 57 28 71 29 71 62 61 33 66 51 60 „. May 1,8 15. 22 •"STATE OF MICHIGAN. Probate Court : for the County of Gogcbic Estate of Matt A. Haanpaa, Deceased. • • , It is Ordered that on the 27th <la» of May. 1965. at ten A.M.. in the Probate Courtroom, Court House, Bessemer, Michigan a hearinR be held on the petition of Wiljo W. Tornberg. Administrator, for license to sell real estatu of said deceased. Persons Interested in said estate ;irc directed to appear at said hearing to show cause why such license should not be granted. Publication ancl service shall be rnnri* as provided by Statute and Court Rule. Dated: April 28 1965. LEONARD .1. McMANMAN. A Certified Copy: Judge of. Probate. ANN S. MASS1E. Register of Probate. .04 .48 Licenses to Wed BESSEMER— Applications for adrninVste?eTtrthe U pBl' "? a " la * e . licen ses were made ' w . . i — •• = when he became ^tpnn^ri , m tn •'« t ' with Ecuador - Mexico, Peru and; member of the hooded order. ?!?.? p !?_. u P. l ?.. a ?. s }? tant .. se . cre '! Ur u8uay. voted a g3inst the i Lee agreed with Jacksonville, clear 89 Juneau, cloudy 47 Kansas City, rain . 89 Los Angeles, clear 68 Louisville, clear ... 84 Memphis, cloudy . . 87 66 Miami, cloudy 79 74 Milwaukee, cloudy 85 58 Mpls.-St Paul, rain 77 New Orleans, cloudy 85 New York, clody . 52 Oklahoma City, cldy 79 Omaha, cloudy 80 62 64 M 68 58 Philadelphia, cloudy 53 47 Phoenix. tary of state for inter-American affairs. ROTC to Be Banned at Segregated Schools peace force The Chilean government announced Friday night without jHe said "me and him pretty well are on the same side." A strong plea for white su- elaboration that Magnet has | premacy by Klan attorney Matt been ordered to go to Santo JH. Murphy Jr. of Birmingham WASHINGTON (API Domingo to survey the situation The j and report directly to President Defense Department announced lEduardo Frei. Friday that ROTC units will be i During a three-hour meeting banned at any college, military!of the United Nations Security school or high school that discriminates. The ruling was established earlier this year and was made public in reply to a query from Sen. A. Willis Robertson, D-Va. Robertson said he had learned that steps were being taken to desegregate private preparatory schools which have ROTC and asked where such authority originated. Council Friday, the Soviet Union and Cuba attacked the OAS resolution making U.S. troops the basis of an inter-American force. The council recessed until Tuesday morning after debating the Dominican question the past five days. Communist China said today the U.S "put antagonized some on the jury. from nearby Letohatchie ancl I one of those who voted for con- i viction. "I think a great many of us were insulted," Sallee commented. "He must have thought we were ignorant to be taken <n by that kind of thing." Murphy blamed himself for the failure t< office of the Goge b i c County clerk by: Robert Dale Stockhaus, iron-' Plloenix - clear 70 40 Pittsburgh, clear 82 59 Portland, ME., cldy 54 44 Mi'chaerDea'n'westeen, Besse-i Portlancl - Ore - clear 64 40 mer, and Diane Marie Russell, j Rapld Cltv - rain 66 39 Milwaukee, Wis. j Richmond, cloudy .69 54 Glenn Edward Beissel, Ram-! st - Louis > clear 88 62 Salt Lake City, rain 47 38 69 50 49 '• Apr. 24, May 1. 8 • Ul ( STATE OF MICHIGAN, Probate Court for the County nf GoKebic ; Estate of SAM NICHOLAS, Deceased. • i It is Ordered that nn the 1st day nf I July. 1965. at 10:00 A.M., in the Probate „,, Courtroom Bessemer, Michigan R • l '* J ing be held at which time all creditors .51 i of said deceased arc required to pro\ e their claims. Creditors must file sworn • j claims with the Court and serve n copy . . i upon Ethel Nicholas of 424 East Clovcr- I land Drive, Ironwood, Michigan prior • • I to said hearing. Publication and service shall be mad« as provided by Statute and Court fUile. LEONARD J. McMANMAN. .62 i A certified Copy: Judge of Probate, in! ANN S. MASSIE. "I Register of Probate. M i SANTINI & JACOBS I Attorney for Estate _. i Brogan Building .74! Ironwood, Michigan. ' San Francisco, clear 65 Motorist Is Charged In Accident Friday Frank Litty of Hyde Par k,, N. Y., a student at Wisconsin : State College, Superior, was! charged by officers of the Iron I Seattle clear Tampa, clear . Washington, cloudy Winnipeg, cloudy . . (M— Missing) 62 88 61 55 39 68 50 36 .04 .07 .19 .02 RANGE SKIES Sunset today 8:19. Sunrise to- eamp at Little Girl's Point extension building, Aug. 18 and 19. The fine arts craft will start fail to be approved, by a major- j ity vote, the establishment and operation of a county-wide corn-' another noose "i tried to win this one on the i been reported ..„,,... .. ! round lts neck wncn ll sent,state's evidence and on cross-' Littv officers He applied his inquiry specifi-; troops into the Dominican Re-1 examination alone" said the omceis cally to Fork Union Military;public. ! defense lawyer ' himself a Academy in Virginia. Robertson Anti - American demonstra-jKlansman "The'next time I'll ar,H n H- f H >,- a r a ? qmtta1 ' > County sheriff's department with' morrow 5:34. Moonset tomorrow and predicted his client would, reckless driving, following an ! 3:24 a.m. Full Moon May 15 be found innocent when tried j accident that occurred Friday in j Prominent Star—Regulus near ! Mercer on Highway 51, it has. the Moon. (The telescopic planet ' \ Apr. 24, May 1. 8, 15 Fi> ^ 171HT STATE OF MICHIGAN, Probate Court for the County nf Gogebir Estate of MARY DEL CUCCO, D*- ceaseed. It is Ordered that on the 1st dav nl July, 19B5. at ten A.M., in the Probat* Courtroom. Court House, Bessemer Michigan a hearing be held at which all creditors of said deceased arc required • to prove their claims. Creditor! must file sworn claims with the Court and serve a copy on Arthur l.ongliinf Administrator of said estate, whose ad. dress is: 21 Newport Heights. Ironwood Michigan, prior to s;iid hearing ' Publication and service shall be rnnrl* ns provided by Statute and Court Rule Dated: April 21. 1985. LEONARD J. McMANMAN A Certified Copy: Judge of Probate ANN S. MASSIE. 'ooute. Register of Probate. B. E. LARSON Attorney for Administrator Ironwood, Michigan. again. STATE OF MICHIGAN. Probate Court for the County of Gogebir Estate of CARL FOREST!-I' A\f> MARY FORESTER, DECEASKH " is «"»i is a board school. member for that first meeting of the falljmunlty college as a locally i An albino is a human being or •ration Sept. 7. j controlled Institution, partly sup- I animal whose skin, hair and Officers were compll-1 ported by local funds, becomes eyes do not contain pigment or tor their work. i a dead issue. dark coloring matter. tions protesting U.S. involvement in the Dominican Republic occurred around the world. Students demonstrated at U.S. embassies In Paris, Vienna. Jakarta, and Bogota, Antloqula and jMcdcllin. in Colombia. put on some testimony and blow this case out of the water." True cranes fly with their Neptune, now in the south at , ,_ K . , ,„ nn struck the midnight, is about 2,723..000,000 • tar er cJ, 8ul ?troom 10B i lnB ^c l mc" 1 M^' "; parked car owned miles from the Earth tonight, the ? hearing be held on thn netit,o n n f by Virgil Lynch, Leopolis, Wis,j nearest it will be this year « neo . r 5m.J!lMr B a r r fo?^"™'' A passenger in the Litty car,; Sunday — Sunset 8:20. Sunrise tion of heirs - "ic.muia. necks outstretched, while h e r- nnrted *-\MO rt1*v*n*m 4>.«.1. At- -. I •_ _ _ • i •"****"**• Jerome Dolksi of Kewaunee, Wis sustained facial cuts and severe head laceration that requl red 17 stitches to close, officers re- ons always tuck theirs back on! i their shoulders. I USJS DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS Monday 5:33. Moonset Monday 3:50 a.m. Visible Planets—Mars, near the Moon. Jupiter, sets 9:03 p.m. Saturn, rises 3:55 a.m. Mercury, now leaving the morn- Ing sky, will return as an eve- star in July. Publication and service shall h. made as provided by Statute and Court Diilrd: May 4. 19ti.V LEONARD .1. McMANMAV A Certified Copy: Judge of Prm,^i. ANN S. MASSIE. i»l,,,l.. Register ol Probate SANTINI «.- JACOBS ' Attorney for KxlaN> Brogan Building, Iron woof.

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