Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 27, 1970 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1970
Page 8
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All About Town- The Best Way to Turn on by dot monahan It Is very possible that when the breakthrough comes in a cancer cure, it will be for a simple equation. Very often we look too far beyond. Such is the case with today's youth. No one denies that our youth are living in a confused world. Our generation was never faced with such temptations. For instance, today's commercial advertising often carries suggestive pictures that 20 years ago would have only appeared in cheap pulp magazines sold under the counter. And the only drug addict your writer ever chanced upon was a man lying in a New York gutter. A small crowd gathered. Was he dead? Was he only drunk? A merchant came to the street, and recognizing the man, shrugged his shoulders, and said to the crowd, "Move on. He is a heroin addict." There were still situations to shock our people in 1944, and the crowd spoke in hushed whispers. One said, "I thought only old Chinamen smoked opium in their part of town." How did the world acquire such a drug problem in 26 years? New York is 1400 miles from the sleepy Iowa town in which your writer grew up, and yet today a serious drug problem exists in my home town. Everyone, both king »nd peasant, is looking this way and that, for a solution. Where will it all end? What can we do? Where are all the drugs coming from? What is the source? Laugh if you will, but only from the laboratory of the devil. A fact we often conveniently push into the background, THE DEVIL IS ALMOST AS POWERFUL AS GOD. Why have so many on LSD told of hearing voices, a leaf and being breath. In able to see Denver last year a young mother on LSD was bathing her child, when a "devil voice" told her to cut out the heart of her baby. She took a pop bottle and with a broken curve of it, she neatly cut her baby's beating heart from his body. In California there are many cults of devil worshippers, openly paying their souls to Satan, and wearing the mock robes of monks and nuns. Most of these people are on drugs of one sort or another. Part of the communist plan for world domination in wide-spread use of drugs by the youth of the world. Do you read of the drug problem in Russia? Russia is quietly sitting back instigating brush wars about the globe, and her main target in our country is not Washington, but our youth. Tho tired arguments youth presents that liquor leaves a hang-over, pot does not; Hippies are dirty, but so is the old man staggering from the corner bar, is just that — a tired argument. No one defends drinking. Here again the devil is at work in his mission, and the devil and communism go hand in hand. Lenin was not a bad man; in fact, he possessed more than the average amount of natural virtue, and a great deal of courage, the communist theory has worked in such places as Amana Colonies near Iowa City, where all worked for the common good. But God is a part of their plan. There is no room for God in the Russian plan for communist domination. Somewhere along the line, the devil saw a wonderful instrument to gain control of our world. And whether you want to realize it or not, the race is close, and if you are a teen, you had better decide which side you are only running with. Let us talk about marijuana. Another tired argument, "A guy can smoke pot and never go on to the hard stuff." Maybe the other guy can, but the odds aren't worth the risk. Recently we visited with a friend of our son's in Omaha, who is studying to become 8 chiatrist, and working in a newly-opened ward of a mental hospital in that city. "Don't kid yourself. We have kids in here 'burned out' from marijuana ..." He went on to explain that chemistry make-up of each individual causes the body to react differently to smoking marijuana. Each year taking its own time in the hot summer sun, a sticky alkaloidal ooze, which has the fragrance of mint seeps down from yellow flower clusters above 7-lobed leaves on a tall and ancient female plant. The plant was once said to have had its roots in hell. Is that where you want to go? The ooze is » resin containing the chemical cannavinol, and it had been worrying man and fascinating him for over 3,000 years. It changes consciousness. It helps a guy escape from ail that bothers him, and you know what, when you come back down, it is still there. Do you want to know how to really turn on? You won't have to worry about how you can afford this, and you can stay high all the time. You won't have to worry about getting caught. Try Christ. Go to church, not to please your family, or to sleep. If you see things in your church that you don't like, and believe me, we all do, look beyond. Set a goal in life for yourself, and remember, you were born for a reason. You didn'1 just happen. One thing thai youth today say, and think is their creation is "Do your thing." And good kids who would not say "That's my bag. 1 still will defend his classmate's right to that bag. And the 'good kid' is misguided by what he admires as 'honesty' on his classmate's part. He doesn'1 deny it. He admits what he does. He is honest. Lowering oneself to an animal level anc talking about it, does not make it right. Some teen reading this may say, "Boy,. I bet that lady thinks she has perfect kids." Oh, no she doesn't, but let her tell you about a young man she knows. Recently he said, "You know when I was 16, we had a mission at church. A Jesuit monk told us that he didn't expect us to listen to sermons on what to do and what not to do He told us he would leave us with one thought. He said, "If one of God's tiniest birds were to carry a seed into the church each day from that day on, it would take millions of seeds ;o fill the church to the top, and no one could say how many years. But that time could only >e compared to a second of eterinity. Is sin worth it?" That boy made hi* share of mistakes. Today he is in Vietnam, and as we neared the end of today's column, a letter came. "There is a little boy out here, Mom, and he is only six or seven, and he has no family. He lives in the jungle. Yesterday I gave him some of my C-ration and he thinks they are just great. God! I am training a dog for Special Forces, and you know, I can't have the boy near the dog, but I am trying to find a way to take him with me when I am moved." Just before he left for Vietnam, he reminded me of the mission lesson of seven years ago. He took God with him, and there was a time when he was your age that God had no real room in his life. So don't think that newspaper lady is holier- than-thou. There just isn't anyone or anything she loves more than teenage kids. You are all so beautiful. You haven't started to fall apart anywhere yet. The next time someone wants to offer you a "turn-on" of any sort, won't you say, "Nope, thanks, but no thanks. I'm turning on with the Big Man. And I'm high all the time." O.K.? First Meeting For Acradia Cub Scouts Curator Stanley J. Hodziewich, Office of the Postmaster Gel?eral) shows o£f letter which was postmarked on the moon by astronaut Neil Armstrong. The historic document was an outstanding feature of England's Philypia 1970, largest stamp exhibition ever held. Postage ARCADIA — Arcadia Cub Scout Pack 143 held their first meeting Monday evening at the Arcadia Fire Hall, with Lon Diers, Cubmaster, conducting the meeting. Webelos Scouts presented the flag. John Berning and Bradley Kline joined the Cub Scouts. The Silver Arrow was awarded to Kyle Branning. Mrs. Wilbur Hinners, Webelos Den Leader, presented award pins to the following Webelos members: Alan Glass, Aquanaut, Engineer, Forester, Out- doorsman and Showman; Richard L u s s m a n, Aquanaut; James Hinners, Artist, Athlete, Engineer, Geologist, Naturalist; Joseph Schweers, Athlete, Traveler; Russell Wolterman, Artist, Sportsman; Steven Staples, Scientist, Scholar. Webelos Scout graduation certificates were given to Steven Staples and Alan Glass. The Webelos Scouts presented a Halloween skit. Lunch was served by Den 2, with Mrs. Robert Erps in charge. Sr. Mary Lee Cox was a guest. MARYCREST STUDENTS Three Carroll girls are among the 1,062 students registered for the fall semester at Marycrest College in Davenport. They are Barbara Burg, a sophomore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard F. Burg; Mary Greteman, a junior, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis B. Greteman; and Nancy Pollastrini, a sophomore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ido J. Pollastrini. For o Professional Solution To Your Insurance Problems MID-IOWA INSURANCE ASSOCIATES Representing 22 Major Companies to handle all your insurance needs. The IOc insurance test. It could rh$an Hundred? of dollars to you on car and home insurance. Spend lOc to call your insurance.-man. Right now.. Tell him you want to know how to file a clqim. If, he says, "Call,or write tht Claims Department," you're in troyb'le, That means he probably works only as a salesman for an insurance company and isn't interested in you or your claim., Put call us, and we'll say, "We'll, help you do it." Because we're professional independent agents. Let H« completely enalys* y • u r specific protection neeM, et home and away, eite* recommend! the coverage jutt for you. The services of our staff of insurance consultants is yours at no cost o* obligation. • Fire • Farm • Auto • Business • Accident & Health • Life Insurance • Robert J. DoUxal • John Fortune) • Tom Dolezal • Jamtf J. Kratoika • Frtd DoUxal • G*org* Coffin THE HELPING HAND INSURANCE PEOPLE MID-IOWA INSURANCE ASSOCIATES 'Adopt a Ship' Plan a Success By Wanda Throckmorton (Carroll Education Association) To "adopt a ship" means corresponding with 'the captain of an American Merchant i Marine ship. This correspondence brings realism and awareness about the printed names of places found in the social studies textbooks of the junior high students at the Carroll Community School. Th* "Adopt A Ship Plan" Is sponsored by the National Profiler Club with its headquarters in New York, N.Y. After a ship has been assigned to a class, the teacher's first letter to the captain requests information as to the ship's itinerary and easiest means of communication. With the sincere cooperation of the captain, the correspondence is launched. . For several years, th« ship assigned to our class traveled throughout the Southeast Asia area. Its itinerary included such- places as Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Korea and Taiwan. It was always with expectations that we watched the mail, because we did receive -a letter and mementos every four to six weeks. The letter would answer the questions asked by the class and the other printed matter would be detailed information about the ports visited. As this material was read and examined, the history and geography of the area became a reality. Since it is difficult to study one subject without the involvement. of the other, the students do get the opportunity to do additional reading research. The material received is catalogued and compiled into a scrapbook, and used for future references, \ This year the class has been assigned to a ship which travels the east coast of South America, Mexico, numerous ; islands in the Caribbean Sea an4 along the west coast of Africa; The itinerary has been pinpointed on a map and the class is eagerly awaiting answers..,to questions which were included in their letter sent to Matadi, Congo. The Japanese Grand Kabuki Theatre fuses elements of music, dance and drama with pictorial art. Polirr Judge ^ Has Good Word i for the Young \ Floyd Rombough. Carroll po- i lice court judge, put in a good word for the younger generation Monday night when he spoke to members of the Carroll Rotary Club at Tony's Restaurant. He said only a small minority — possibly five per cent — of the young people in Carroll ever get into trouble with the law. "We don't hear much about the nice kids," he said. "It's the delinquents who get most of the publicity." Nearly every boy or girl at some time or another kicks over the traces, he said. But the majority get back to normal In a short time. Rombough conceded, however, that "we have a very small group of young people in Carroll that will never be any good." The magistrate said delinquency can be traced to family life. "In most cases," he said, "parents do not spend enough time with their children. Publicity is another factor. Some kids actually like the publicity and actively seek it. Another factor is weak laws, especially traffic laws. Some of the young people get to thinking they are Time* F?era?<f, Carreff, t«. A Tuesdoy, Oct. 27, 1970 * above the law And some of our young people have lost respect for the police. But by defying an officer the offender is not defying the individual policeman, but the badge of authority given to him by the people." Rombough said "we can do more for the young people of our community by trying to understand them and keeping an open mind. They are not going to the devil and they are not worse than we once were. We could develop a better relationship with the young if we would be more tolerant and give them a pat on the back once in a while instead of kicking them around. We ought to show them kindness and avoid doing too much preaching." The speaker was introduced by Leo Loxterkamp. Guests were Rotarians Clarence Babcock of Fort Dodge and Paul Thompson of Glenwood, and Students Celestina Trinidad, Elin Jacobson, Sue Gradoville and Paula Severin. Group Visits fit Storm Lake Home (Time* Herald New* Service) ARCADIA — Art Enters of Denison and Mr. and Mrs. Emil Grundmeier and Leona Ehlers were Sunday dinner guests in the Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ehlers home in Storm Lake. Mrs. William Walter s'pent, the weekend with Captain ^and Mrs. Lowell Walter and farnily at Kansas City, Mo. En route home s(he visited in "the Robert Ellington home at Maryville, Mo. ,, Mr. and Mrs. William Jefttzen attended Parents Day ofi' the I.S.U. Campus in Ames over the weekend. On Saturday afternoon they attended a coffee at the Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity House where their son Bill is a member. At the election of the Mothers Club which consists of fraternity brothers mothers, Mrs. Jenteen was elected the new president Mr. and Mrs, Jentzen were overnight guests in the Stephen Ransom home in Ames. HE WAS FIRST Billy Schriver of the Chicago club of the National League was the first baseball player to catch a ball dropped from the Wasington Monument. He accomplished ibhe feat on Aug. 29, 1892. WEST IS BEST 213 Wtit 4th St. (Thonut Pl«») Phone 792-4324 hoatesa. She will have lovely gift* and helpful information fqr the bride and groom* to-be. Phone 792-360? It's Founder's Day! Let Mr. Penney help you fight the high cost of living. SAVE 15% ON BOY'S AND GIRLS JACKETS I Sale 12" Reg. $15. Hooded cotton corduroy, lined and trimmed with acrylic pile; laminated to polyurethane foam. 7 to 14. SaleH 80 Reg. $14. Double breasted Orion® acrylic pile, lined with acetate taffeta quilted to polyester fiberfill, 3-6x. Sizes 7 to 14, reg. $17; Sale 14.40. Sale11 80 Beg. 13.98. Cotton corduroy. Pile lined with cotton backed acrylic. Sizes 6-14. Sizes 3-7, Reg, 10.98, Sale 9.30 Sale-12 70 Reg. 14.98. Shirt jacket of wool/ nylon. Lined with cotton backed acrylic pile. Assorted plaids. Sizes S-M-L-XL. SPECIAL BUY! 'Men's circular knit thermal shirts and drawers. 100% cotton. S,M,L,XL 1 22 Sale 950 Reg. 11.00. 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