Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 12, 1955 · Page 21
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 21

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1955
Page 21
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DU) fcr ' r'>*; a ~REALTOR already/knowi about tin rial tttaU'tm^tt! Thi Mat of ii :REALTOR'Stxperienct it your insurance agamt lou.rHitCodt of tthict workt ^^vV'f^Mf^K^ • '• ''i-rvROSE mu/ AVENUE ;;&:• Modern':brick d.elllag coatalnlai Uvlag nohi,f dining'ra.m,.aun i'roaos;. kltcban, klftkli'sl,.nook, powder 'room..aa first doer, thrrt bedrooms,, bath, an sretnd floor. :nardwood'.Ihruout;^gas (ired. hot . water' heat;:' lull-,'.concrete , bnseintnt Garage. Lot 50 >'1M. Located Ml DDK • Hill Avo. • Inspection'*,by., appolntmont '• Immediate possession..;-,'. .•• ..-(.,•.••;•...; , ••JOHNSON HEIGHTS •'.', '• .•'/•' Doubia brick' dwelling, : . sis . rooms, bath ascfl aide; hot 'water. Ittit.'OM alda gas (Ired.. furnace, lull concrete., basament laundry tubs. .'Oarages; .Large lot. 'Prop •rty in excellent condition.. Located cor Ber'MonlgomrrSt;Ave.: and ; St. .Mary's Ave;' Inspection'by appointment: Pricrt lo sell." .••'.' ••:.'-.••• '•• •' ';•••'•.'- "•• " ; JAMES 1 YV. BEACHAM :: BO S. Ceniro .St..'.' Phono.PArtview 1-IHK Nr»ij »si»t* 1 MrsM Iran, noaoo largo llvlu rMai, lull HMaxM, porrnes . . KM air beat .caal -find, garaie. NX* elude* la propiriy natoubly priced. : ,•.-••' "*": - •- ; VIRGINIA.fAVE. ; ..::.;., Mm brick' DOOM,' nlc. f.r 'Isrg. amlly, good kx, near schools. Hot w, ' nest coar fired. .,. . •.:> -.: .. CLARYSyiLLE ';.... I" 'rooms and 'batn' iramt boms U 'mils oil'route 40, iaraie aad otbar buildings ncludlng small blacksraitk shop and oolt. 'Acr. ol land all tor «),300.00. .O-.GA'R'L.-E; SCHMUTZ Re'ai EataU i« s. Lltjerty St. Insurance COLUMBIA STREET DUPLEX Duplex: dwelling containing two com •let. apartments will) three largo room! •nd bath. Modern kitchen..'Gal''fired ateam heat. Entire property, li. in very best condition..:., ~ :..,..;;; -.'•.'•Price uwbn application.'. ?'^-. .*' . 10 JAMES STREET - BUNGALOW Well- built by .'Owner three 'years ago four large rooms and- bath. Hardwood floors, with exception, of bath, and- hail,' which are covered with best rubber tile. Ample closets; , Complete basement with garaft and laundry room Combination" : aluminum . windows - and atorm-windows. Best of hot air. fas fired lurnace. Car; port with .lane patio, over It. •• .•'• u . T- ;VV<•'•': -'. ,..-•'•'• . \. Have us snow you this property at once D; P; MILLERv:GO. ;: ;v • . ' 'INSURANCE fc.REALTORS ., •Ho; 1 N. Liberty St.: - .PfaoM.PA 4-MM 'i—$10,000. "JOHNSON HEIGHTS , Ehd'of'yotir.'aearch.ror'a nice three be_ room brick' semi-bungalow. Not a palacs ut a good substantial family honie. Nice viriaT room, spacious dlhlni room, roomy itchen, .full basement, hot water heat, aa fireplace,, hardwood and pine doors lie bath. Ideal location being near Fort Hill' Hish and Johnsoa Helghla Grade Schools, three blocks to'Constitution Park r*ar. bus/.llnJB :and 'store... Must sell- to settle' an estate.^Immediate- psssessfOR. REALTOR — 'INSURANCE '.*• 30 Soutn Centre Stroet » PA 12414 HGif\AES ; HcMULLEN HIGHWAY;;: 'Modern ''eltht loom Apartment Dwelling wlih-a five and thrce-rodm apartment, hardwood and pine • floors; two baths, steam • heatl 'fas i ire* furnace, concrete basemeht/nlce frontaie on hlihway..'' Inspectloll'. fay . appointment I..- AND L. PARK i/ Six-room, frame. In nelbrit bun'falo*- with three' bedrooms hathi 'spsre 'heater, :• csincrete. basement earife; workibop;; city water, lasr Nice «arden plot. Ideal location for the klddleai 4 room fraire, sprint; water wid electric, full basement,'1% acres Modern ol land. Located (hit side of Old JSSg, 1 !?!, Town, along The Old Town Road, -;••'• '•' .'-•'•'• - .''•• '••' '. : -\- '$3500-00 -.' REALfbi ^ INSUFIANCE : . ,: K South Centre Street.'?' ;<;>;.• ; PA M41I • Loca'ed at Triple Lakes. Texaco bay service station, gton room, sup_ply. room; i rest rooms,'grease "C; all stock oh hand.'4 cottages, 300 feet along Rt'JJO. Price on application. ;• , .. * G. A;-JEWELL AGENCV 4] Brldga St.. Rldgeiey Phona REt-IMf UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY HOME'and: INVESTMENT. At M3-35 Viriinia Ave., is this 2"story frame dwelling apartment house bavin* 15 rooms, 3 batht; porches, ^concrete baiementi automatic, warm-air. las~TCF nace heat, .automatic water, heater, laun dry tubs and -washer.' .3 apartments fur nishfd. All iwd condition. Owner must aacrlllce due to 111 health and livlni ou of City. Lane lot 44-U9 in Business section of Virginia Avenur. + GLENN WATSON A'SON •: all \1rjinla Ave." Phone PA J-40eO - : -••"." FipR-'SALE:'',V- '"'.:•'/ Lease oh The Brooks rfotel, corner of Baltimore Ave. and Front Street Cumberland, Maryland. This Hole las thirty-five'rooms .besides the Lobby "with, ail new furniture' on wo floors. For more information on this —call us. "• ' ••'• D. C. GOODFELLOW Agency REAL ESTATE STORAGE INSURANCE XV Centra Street , Phone PA 4 11)1 LOW PRICED HOUSES : - ' . Immediate Possession ' ..; BIS recilf Ave. (Between Bedford ' and Frederick Sts.)—Frame Bungalow with aluminum •[dins'. Four rooms and bath. Gas door furnace. Remodeling needs to l>o completed. Owner will finance. , : •'-.'. Price $3,830 ..' "... in-lis Independence St.—Double frame duelling. Seven rooms and bath on each side. Garase In rear- Soma repairs need, ed. To settle an estate. .;. Price i ,950 . ; THE J. H. HOLZSHU CO; 21 So. Centre St. Phone PA-2-6555 IXSI/RAXCI - REALTOR! - a»Ot(DING 818 BUCKINGHAM'ROAD —'THE DINGLEVV Attrartivr;..wtU locaird brick borne'- It HM. reftidentia.1. Kctlon. 'Lltlnf room inlni room. rt«n, breakfast room, and modem kitchen, fin! noon, Four bed worn i and modem bitli,' mond floor "(lilihttt room on third floor. Full bite neni with hot water. iai' find, beat lardwood floor*. Insulittd. storm ijoon nd'windov*. Detached i*r«ie. Lot 100 a IB. InifurctSon by ippobitrnent. ; . "•'' • REALTORS '- , INSUHASCE \V!EBEL,& WORk/MEISTER ISM Frederick Sfrtot '. fhoao.PA 4-SM 25—BuiWing Supplin 31—$itu«tks)in WcntW Sliding Closet Doors " TrUscon Steel on 'Nylon Rollers Save Space — Save Money Too 3'x6'8"'opening .$26.35 The Cumberland Cement ond Supply Company Rear 419 N. Centre St PA 4-2000 for quality . LUMBER and BUILDING MATERIALS CALL Th« South Cumberland Planing Mill 'Company S3 queen SL • ,/ PA-2-26()0 • 2-2601 HAGERSTOWN BLOCKS Ray U.'Athey Phone PA-4-4411 • VERMONT " FLAGSTONE : , 6 Colors'. Irregular SUPER CONCRETE CO. 403-11 Henderson Ph.; PA ; 2-4260 26—Help Wonted, JJO.OO DAILY. Sell; 'Luminous Door Plates. Write Reeves. Attleboro, Mr-Free Sample It Details;, HOSPITAL ATTENDANTS (While U 43 yrs.) Two years of high school a must. Hospital experience not necessary. Permanent-positions. This Is a private mental hospital near Baltimore. Personnel Office. Sheppard-Pratt Hos : * pita!, Towson 4; Maryland. . i . "CALIFORNIA Need «1« men and . lour youni ladles lo start immediately, roust be slnile and free to travel to California with chaperoned itroup. Travtllni expenses 'paid. Immediate liberal drawlni ac count. .Averane weekly earnlnrs ap projlm«tely;«». See MR. JAMKULA OR MISS HALE, il .lo IJ a. m. and I to »:P.-. M. "Alleaany Inn Hotel. 27—Fimal« H.lp WanfwJ HOUSEKEEPER lor elderly »oman In Westernport, Md. To llvs In. :Appljr lj letter: Bo« !7, Western port, Md. . M CHRISTMAS CARDS tl.~ Excliislv. bargain Assortment selling like wild; 1M7£ profit on hew TALL Assort menl. Wraps BY-THE.YARD, 40 tor «!.» Personals, Doehla lint, UD others. 5 As • aortmenti on. approval, Imprints FREE • !.» promptM.S,Hit. CARDINAL,-144. Slat., Diiit. 3». .Cincinnati 14. •. . , O : CURB GIRL '. •' "-'Apply. Hy-Burser ' '. ; .-.-. Routa 4A, I miles west Cumberland 2.V-Mart rWp H you can devot. M Hours or Mr* ntr w«k, evealags, ar weekends to tuppM rnent your nresent work. And ar. trul! Interested In a real opporruntlty, I.voult Ilk. I. talk to yoill Apply; IM N. Cantr. • »l.,.t'A. MX. •;•••.•; .' .•.i'-'.-.;:-.-/'.;'.-.':• YOUNG MAN, men's, .wear, Stoad) . paalllaa. 'Write Box 7J1-A e/o Tlmts News, ilv. an. etniksce, reHrtncet »OVS, wnlte, an 14. upr, work alter . school and Saturdays. Earn about I1.M In- Apply I N't. S p m, M««a thrown Friday only: job Preltt. •Mr, IN I imsBwosd tt IXPERIKNCID TREE Study. Mi Writ. io. 7»A «/..T«sio..N*s*.i •RICK «IDlNg. ApHkattrs Knpsi Imsd h ; «lly.'Apply. 411 lltnotiss. An TV • limlkrk »t»r. A HOTHM »lilis»>.nHOSM s« Mr smp lit nesrly as nod u • .(SUM wHh.«t a , nwHsst PM • •onai'tsr nssr ItsnK IP Mas nul ads or Ml snnsat •nM •M want wMk .want M 4st rxf twt, ,. stasutMs' aarf aparUntat nulldlB( krlijlai • rttwiK 14T..O. Iko ill. prtc.. In- cluoad Is In. stotk and rumlaklnfs M a (tinf lotiatiu ud'.nttniirant buHasss, ator A- well: tseat44' l-nsn dwelllag. lasalaric covering wltn 4 mas •n .acl flMr. t natnSi nttrt' banraHnt not-air furnac*, doubn garage, slate roof, rt*my (ro« porcn, an. lavtlr sMt nwa. Lot axl» ft. Insnsctla. br solntment. Prie».t7js»l.:.'A..o,' :' : '-' M Washington St.. 7 robrhaV'two baths Warm air Beat. Garage. Price .«14,W0.4» ix room fram. In.ta. Country —.Two craa tt (rouod, bassmcnt wit. furnac. •rte. '••'.• ; ;...-.;.';;;;..-. v.. „•.;;.;'. ': .nxt.K ::.:;•: ELLERSLIErMD...;,': 3 Ttnii room.ctmemt block with.firne— ••• Heit,- j'Pilee,-;.'.'^.;/;."„•..i S47W.W Church Street—DOUDI« frime—four room >Dd bith'• «ich '»id»t. .-Gil hcit.^-Pilci •; .•:.;'.. /'. •. .;,.'. .'.•.',•;•;;;;•,,-.:; ;•'.•;'.. :$«500.« hipltx—Four roomi «nd bith^oii..*!™ loor —three roomi l ipd bath OB 'iccend loor--f.i*h«it..Prict,...,.;....,,.17350,0 hiplej.-~ Tfcre* roomi «nd b»ih on tin loor tad thrt* roomi - *ud bath. 01 •ccond floor. .Gfti Price ..,'15775.00 D;-:C. Gqodfellow Agjency^ 3LN. C«Btr« Str«t Phone PA 4.2W3 mtat witk ipac* f>r ear. loi"n West «lde, <Owiwr h» rorii; the city and th« jrlca hai redneed for nulck Mle, .' ' ,' : ; D(DUBLE HbUSE;; -f ! Sbc r*omi and btth eich tide. Hot lir bcktiaf »y*t*mi., Coacrttt baitmtaU. CoaitructiOB IB frftmi cdrered with iBMl- rick. Well locctwl in th» South «td. At tbt prewBt nalal th« licom. IM ttwut 2r* iroM M the ifiTutmeat. Piie* >S,0«.«. - ;- . • • --. ;;..;. . ...•'• /"HARRY B. SIMPSON' REALTOR - INSURANCE Phones PA J-r« «nd PA 2-37U : FKEDERTCK STBEET-Cozy 5 room brick bunf Alow, joit completed »nd r«-idy or occupancy.'Beautiful oak floori, built- n kitchen with plenty of ciblaeu. food toMt sptc* and many other attracthre eaturci. Full concreU baiement Includ- nc .fintft: IK fired- warm air beat. Bipectioa: by .• appointment at your COB- •eniioctiwitlioiit obllfaUon. M'; p.'REINHART AGENCY : .PARKVIEW Mill . Uteri? Tnl*t Bulldlnf. . .' GOETHE. STREET DOUBLE S'o. IIS O« Goethe street is a larfe rame doubla eoverod.wttb Inaei-bric con- taiaiat 7 ronis. .batli, attic and basement M one sis* and'c rooms, bath, attic and baaement on the other side. .There are font and.rear porches an both aides and ho nous*. Is heated hy 2 warm air fur* nacei to' each room. This' property is In e»cellent condition and . »e think repre- teais a food bur at......... ..lll.»o.» • "see PERRIN, ! ob(ilJt' it" -'. • •• Plrrll sjulldlni on Pershlnf Street ' " '-. -.' PBOS« PA-4-HW ••• 41— Prefttiionil SorrkM EXPERIENCED Personnel- - Ttchnkal, clerical, bookkecptns, sales, Industrial, nurslni, . household. Trl-State Employ' menL licensed. LaVale. PA I-IKJ. 40DEL Day'Nursery *Dd Child Care CerUer.'TraniportatlQn lurnlsbed. Child- rta 1 to f. Dill PA 3-ttlS. . 12—Instructions; JRAIN FOR TODAY'S BEST PROFESSION'' Oar fast trowing school will accorom* data a tew' more "Far^aclni students enroll tods; for rail Claases. Rl-STATE BEAUTY ACADEMY 14 VA. AVE. CUMBERLAND PA-4.)lsa 33—Musical Mtrch*nd>M IAVE R. C. A. "planned Barksround Music" In your establishment, RUPf- ENTHAL'S, 305 Liberty Trust. 14—Lost •nd Found Lost Brindle Boxer Dog Phone PA 2-0580 35—M.K.IIMMII* EPTIC TANKS CtEANlD - ewlpssssat.- ll-Itat. Dlsveul Isrrlea. Write or Phona Lalacmlii IO-34M1. Block Loyinfl & Ccmc-1 Wort PHONE PA-2-M99 ' a>ARUTZ Rom* Co: Bum- fit Contractor. Jofttit'UanrUl* laaelbric SldiRf, Roofinf. Block laylnc. PA-4-C155. WELL DRILLING ns. esp..-.-. Moderst stocl equtpDiwt Pump UsUUstlou, IJiltanlttd Casiu F. V. CARPENTER. WEU DRILLING C«. P. O. Box 332, Cilmb. Ph. RE-I-IMO. QUENTIN L. GRIFFEY BUILDING CONTRACTOR ELLERSLIE, MD . PHONE LAWN MOWER SERVICE ., Sharpenlnc-Repairlic--Motor Repairs 0 East St. , ; ; Phono PA-4SSU HEMODEUNC. Repairl. New Bulldlni, Garaies, Rooms Added, Attics. " " Cellars. F^rank Burton., Building Contractor. PA J-4.M. ••-.-. BUILDING : AND REMODELING • : Repairs o( alt-kinds. COLLINS CONSTRUCTION CO. REI till ASPHALT: PAVING. Drlrtways, aide- walks, parking . areas. .Power rolled. Free estimate. Phone PA Mill, 38—Moving, Storing . - ., AOEnTf, MAVrLOWER nUIOTT CO. LOCAL,'LONG uunAMci MOTINO ULAVUHM TRANSFER CALL PA4-J77I JOHN APPEI' nUNtrEB -•• LOCAU LONG UIC1ANCC MOVINO AOsDiT GRCYVAN LINES. PHONE PA-4-1CO MEADUU niANSI-ER. LOCAL-• UHtO OnTANCB AOEN1 NO«T« AMERICAN VAN LINES Itt PA-4JM GRAPES TRANSFER Local-Long Dittenct PA-2-21SS Transfer aad Storage Co. EtENNETT. Local .—-LongDistance PHONE PA 2-6770 WM. MEOERS Kotrirj and on « NifM> : > f»a>iri>tm PAPERHANGING^ aanan. atl r.,' C sl'iMsii' • OM Mr M • MIS] aJdM-s KOI M |M tM "Msalin;' MM as oM • - " V Ont hous*'• with J : bedrooms «nd modern jarijeaptrtmCTt. 147, ft: front.: Apirtment vKint Oct. 15th. Write: E. M.: Kirk,'. 1W r B»llevue ; Beckleyj.Wi Va. Phone -Beck"' fJROBErVT W ;Yl)N^ ,' ••"' '•" ' REALTOR".;:." :' .' ,v' : - '- ',.'••: Dial.PA l-3a '.-.•.:•' , MODERN HOME . -• - Mveai room biick 'bom*. . C«« si)^i^.^$^gay| NAVACO D4>4>r Ho*4«i s^.'A»>ls4. In'lwk M)4'<iK| s»,"*s««.y.':/;: han, .CIlVOI •••lit, 1 AT - VVIMDOW ,'JllfaiAaj HOBUCK co. . tM COtUMMA AVI. PA l.Mtll <HO $10 TM. NT 0«y? - BliatsM nstsM. M tstastinmas I s« nsynjM. «sjr.'Osits s*lf. an.; •for l« tors.. W (VlM W tut- lUrfer eamMa sislUHs • Itwi tts* !>. or a4»o .'..•.'. ,., : '. .r.','.--•,..•'".'.-.;' ] Afbia Finance^ Co. i H. ctmn ii. . PM. »A. 4-iteo I'The cheetah, or hunMn( l»rg«.cit inhabiting -the plain* 'of ^ • " ' fistest known unimal overi distarices," .';' -''.v.':.' ..',:•; '«••' I: I HOOM krtelrswise, 4 acres),imiod. ', JiUt cUckn IwtiK. Foruee, electric, • .waltr.--.!! .aftiki out Oldtowi Koad.';',.' SACRIFICE-* nwi brick, I bedrooms. hard»o«d floors, full basement, vena- tian -blinds, • awiinfi. ltl,5W. . Call PA !•«« befort-s; ••• .•..•'•.•:•:•;;.-'• ,. •, JOHNSOIsl'JHEIGI-ITSviiX N'ew\S ;-.rooni : "'brick' 1 •'veneer,''•!all '-.- iaVfe roomi, I - uhflnlilwd ; roomi attic,-; lite •P- bath *Bd kitctMD. built Jo.cabinett; hardwood floort^palBted walls,/door chimes, automatic fas heat, farafe in basement, black top driveway," 3W Jarte loti, walks nd landscaped,, aluminum romblnatlo.1 rlndows. Price .i18,«0., -'.:,-•.-•-.•••': .---.'. ••^ Phone; PA;4-0870;; -; : ;:: ^1-VISIT LOANS i —!,»« eo-iw k'.W ^{SS^ff,^ nlnws, tasfsa Bswn'. 1 Wi.«.ws| I Weaifcritrifting PA2-46S7\ TRI-STATI ALUMINUM BOOH AND WINDOW SUfftY riVEiROOM BUNGALOW ,"i... . .- is Acres Ground . •• . • Sprtn« Gap. W. Va. .Apply 17 Oak St. 4 ROOM bouse, part bath, hot water 'fumaeei' nice lot 'fruit .'trees'^ Reduced s4l»..Corr!ganvl!le. Md. w. O. TcUr, 'PA j.C2?g., .:-"',• --.,:;..•-.'•':•,-•>..•.'.•.•-• FOR RENT ..or .Sale^.WO sq. .ft. <of 'Warehouse Space located near centavof •Cumberland on rail sldlnf. Write: P.O. lift, Curnberland, Md. ••-.".;: ',-:.:>'; -'•.-•' 5'ROOllf BUNGALOW- ;;. - : .. .';. '.• Homewood. 'Additioh , ; ' .iApply Forrest Rlley.after S p.m.' WILL BUY—4 , bedroom • house, LaValc. . West S\te. Bowling Green. Write full particulars Box 734-A,.c/o Times-News. SALE or Rent, small 4 room' cottage. no bath, City, $800. tZO.inonth rent. PA 2-02M, •' '' .' .- - , . . - 48—RooKng, •. New Rooflnti; QsRUrn, Cobchteton . Keul 4*or». all types Roof. Painting U yrs. Ely. ALEX J. SCHUTE PA-I-6M ROOFING SPOUTING FURNACES GUARANTEED WORst : „ ALFRED FAUiALL. PHONE PA-MW3 I ROOFING. SIDWG, ; PauBIni, Spoutinr • General repairs. CaJ] Cumb. PA^4-3494, I 71 Rl. ; Frea •atlmatea I 1 50—Upholitering : UpHolstertng, Drapenr,. tup cover A I : Dress rabrtcs. Sertms-tMJrter. Cr.O.. BRAGG, LaVALE, PH. PA-4-4*!! NEvy BRICK BUNGALOW; •oorraa votrriNa «iDmc I .rears to par Guarantor : work" '.-,:• Andrew wilt.; Pton.; CO-4-K47 - JSAViS Y<)U TIM? AND MONET • •" • - 4 Tat* Af*tf '''CITlnj .I TarSlai 1 * ' "'' •' . ". .. ' • J* I KafM.*.^ •. jfcsPIA I wit-' . •; ; ..-. • Rutiedljr conitrticlfd .1 WST5 EXTRUD- ' ED sJuminum. InclodH two itorm «»4l .':«ine:"«cr«ei-' itctin'. -Tliaitrtlp..^^"^^^^; '"'• tnt aitows : maidmaiii year 'rooni >rt). itcti.i. C.mplettlj I SELF STORING. ;.;.• •;;• ALSO; >: '..'."•'•• v \',';':'":' ; : :'-•'•;. f COMBINATIONi DOORS '• JALOUSIES " • PERMANJENf AWNINtSS 'Aii AJPC/'MElTAL, : PBiOplJCtS" ;•;;; Ibk 43i 6\&o*n Rood Phone PA-4-1234 : - Blttlnfer-Barkett , Furnitiire jUpholstering. . Repairs Canvas ii .' Alurnimim Awiings . Mast Reliable - ortr a Yeara .In Citj Ul Frederick . St? : ..' '.: Phone. PA-M715 UPHOLSTERING -ESSS. '• »UTO CONV1RTIBLE TOPS TRUCK SEATS TARPAULINS HASTINGS ALUMINUM AWNINGS Geo. S. Warner, 1323 Va. Ave. PA-4-trm UPHOLSTERING John Troxcll. SM Dtridjon JSt-PA-4-3094 UPHOUTERlTfG Rtcovtrliif iod retylnt • C. C. Erode 555 Gmne. PA-M890 NOW! While Stocks Are CompItU 51— Vacuum Cltanert VACUUM CLEANER Part* & Service '..•' PA-2-5070 1302 VA. AVE display Clasiifitd DIAMONDS . }•• mjt seloctien ot Columblo Diamonds' with • oxcluilva • ."Guordlafi Angel" protoetlon CEI I >C JIWElItt ITOHI OtLL a IT p«,hi M it IMia U Hit Otllell Tri State Detective Nlflt Walcimai aad Patrol lerrie* III Tim ;««jffBotlon— H /.'o«rl Vitf Phone PA-M1I1 «14 LIBERTY TRUtT DRESSMAKING - AJttratlon-Taltoriic 111 ltlttoor« SU Phone PA4-S7» •ERTHA AV1I iEARLES EYEGLASS RIPAIR1NG. Broken Leni Replaced - Pnacriptioaa ruled. Thos. C Hubba, 59 Pershlnc SL 43— Pioin Tutilitt 3 iono Tuning and'Repairing Laurence Griffith .PA-2-1633 Att COWHTIONINO •T Cj trier i INGINEEIINO * SUPPLT H r.ur CAIIIII Itntt, DUNLOP TIRE and BATTERY SERVICE 6 Williams Street . Phone PA 2-3190 Near A & P Super Market' CUMBERLAND, MARYUkND OBERT W. IIORELAND, ASPT. TUes, I Repairs School. Church, .and Hone I Plaaoa. FA-(-IOSI. Used pianos. 46—Radio, T-V S«r*k« Allegany Amuserrient TV rtetarj t*t>iotii*4'KTttt* ; j| Omtfttt /4tefofsY.Mi *• Rerrlct dilly 9 i.m. to U p.m. undij 1 p.m. to. 11 p.m. PA 2-47S3 I fr»as A (Aosalial) u I fZamllt). »A t. Cnm It PA 3 TJX I A«tr < >a«H PA J1114. CUMBERLAND ELECTRIC CO; rv sirrlcn «o all anatu-Gaarussad. II Mte-Sunday. aarrlea avaUabl.. PA-241S1 I GUARANTEEb RADIO (ERVICE , pedallilni la Mma arxl radls- . DOLAN'S 11 N. Ceorn St. PA-4 S3M IAVE your TV repaired al ftoraa bj I tcehnlclan •! M ITS. elaetrottlc expan- I ••ace. Reasonable prices. PA-4-1718. " 47—Ktol tttfltt For Sal* IODERN S room bnck. Franklin Street. I! Finished attic. "Tils Bath. .Weather- I stripped." lasslated. Gara».... Dial I PA 4-16X. -'••-' HAYGURYPOmro REALTY AGENCY REAL ESTATE BBOKERS , PHONE PIEDMONT Mil Club LoU acraata.. ot* wat«r. tas. Improved I roads., Bowline. Gr««o. Petomaa Park. I Small pavoieat plat. Phoas PA 4-14M. I « Acre* land on Pattcrwi's Cicdt I loud, beinit a p»rt of tl» Cillowtyjl Farm..Price .........,.".. «2,50.>.II 4'.Rtomi, Bath,. .GiioliiM . StatiM, I ircaH-.lticki 'Grocery Stor*' complett. I M ft.,(rentlBf Routt If, Short Gap. I «• Rwmt, bfth; fuci*c«, (trait ^ IB I btMmtat, bnnittfiat* potKitioi CTM-I *•!«• ..:.'..;'. *.;...".- N ,;-"• .:'• FLOYD P. GRACE REALTOR . . Dial RE I»M I Fresh Country Medium < doL49c, 3-ioz; * HAMS ^wift Prtmlum, Wilton's It). 53C HAMS Worrell'* Lean Picnics ....... |b. 3 3c SAUSAGE Fre.h AH Pork 3 IBs. $1.00 BEEF Chuck Roast ....•............,:......'.;.: --.-lb^'39c H E A RTS, Fresh ... I b. 39c SALT FlSH Tasty Uki Herring 4 IBs. 89c OYSTERSBuik-Hom. M.d.SAUERKRAUf FLOUR S. u z:*,. 25 Ib.bag $2.09 , b .39c Pepper, . Htnst—4 lam rooms k bath. Ni« tot, Bariala. «.»». -..'•' . {•.,: .'-PA 4-47H bata, lurnaer, A-l eoa> I SUtisn. Price ndnml City Vt«w Terrace. 'RMaa .niifalQw.v'rurnars, watar to I ->, Urn M. WIMj Ford. 4 Room btinialow. bata, furnace, cttyll water aid atwif.. WIMr Ford. Larc* .traint bulldinc,-.11 rooms, .sult' bl«> (or apartments or business. Kaay I ersns. WlHy Ford..--',--, \ '• Rftom .nonss, .snodorn .«icept nsat; I Good location. Ridnitr. ' J. S. HUTION, Realtor Rldttlej. W. Va.' , Phna RE MWll VealChops 2L r MMty 89c OleolT, QuetB 1.00 MlIK 9 for GroniidBeef 3 Pork Chops 2U 1.00 1.00 Steaksr 5 Ham,™* Tuna Cheese Purt Block . Small •Bon* ,59c Minced Half Hilli Tart Good Amcri. j or Pimento 2 Ib loof' I.M Gi'eeiB<a.u. H :r is 1.M Fresh Brain 5 wl-M 6 ,1.00 STRAWBERRY PRESERVES 3 CAN SELL YOUR PROPERTY! OPIE ANNAN ' PHONE PA-J-773Sl Purt 1 Lb. Pkg. Domino AC $A AA 10lbi.9lc>nsU URA Ritr IIDV Crackers . ._ ClMW 1.00 ,,33e To. aUaWUJ H. PLatTOKXIl Co: ,. Mtrtmio •nttsm-ltnl: lauto-lnamun i PHA .;,••.sMr.rd.; Pa Pbons IMI . T/«!| FKOSTBUMO.-ISMlbrlc Kml-l . H'IMSH, .nntk; lMt;.wnur |as<lli>sl| tvmac., atsm . wlndknrs. lasulalasl. II Afft» UWalrt «., Fr«4l«f | n m Pnw. en 4-4177. Ill St., TO SETTLE ESTATE, MJ Anwtt Terr*cc Tw« starr. « IMOSS IM Mtk, krkk tMl aklMl. dwclllni will (MUMS] m n*n*,l IM air Met *Hk tM e«Mrfo« bursw.l Applyi TRUST DEFT, '' Ubtrty Trwt C«. C«riin|'i, Duquttnt, Expert, GtniMn, Ttth,; BEER * SCOTCH SPECIAL,, >1.79 «'SJS* OINH ' 11 N. Frtnf St. MARKETS <L « A. M. to MUmil 04*1 PA-2.1170 MAM fOUt WAT. 04/fCaUr ' KOMI' T45WM.' roiiatl.' ' All VistAIMACTION* IN NIVA: CT. NO CM TAPf. CHOOII TOM OWN 10AN HAN . AM» .RlfATMINT ICHID- UU. NO WOltHT >IMON iirutu. . .coon IN oi MOM TOPAT lot MUM; HATI MtVICI. .; - : ';!.' .'•-' .O«DE»' Km-,'.-.<. •' ;:•:.•. .+.*• In The Matter Of The Salt Of The Heal Estate .Of David ',!,•: Le«li;, Deceased. In The. Orphans' Court Of/ Alle^any—' County, Maryland. . ; ' .'." - , . '. .. Ordered this day of .October.. 1*5. ~l by the orphans' Court of Allexany Coun-' ... ty,' Maryland, /that .the sale of rtell? Estate, msilt by Charles Tj'Ctostta 'in«^'* D. 1 Llridley Sloan, Executors of Daviifll. , Lewis, late of 'said. County' and • SfatVi deceased, andJreportcd to the Orphans'* Court on Ihls^th day of October, IMS, be ratified, and confirmed; unless caMs* to the contrary thereof : be .shown on. or t before the 4th day of Novein|)er; l^JV- provided a copy of this order be inserted in soine^ nowapaper.printed and published In Allcgany County, Maryland, once.js_ . week for three suuuessivc weeks Befor* ,„ the 2811] day of Oclobon 1055. ' . , > ,i\,t, lt : The report .states the amount of H\t n ^;n to be S19.MO.OO. - ' ' ,;.t-! WILLIAM C.' ABBOTT:'•' ,,,„; • . • J, FRENCH VAN METER,,. HUGH STEVENSON . : .'u, R -•• Judges of the orphans' Court True Copy . , .,-,rm Test: .A. Charles Stewart, Register *( Wills. ' ,,i-,'j; Adv.—T-Oct. 5-12-38 National Loan Ul.vld Slc«l, MIT. Display Classified WHITACRE'S I Sales ond Servke PA.9.97QA II 31 N. Mithonic SI. rM * ^.'**f.l- STORM DOORS-WINDOWS - AWNINGS- JOHN E. SHARP & CO. Ill 481 N. Mechanic . Ph. PA-2-762B NPrVJ fOft YOUR HO**t NEW AND NU-TREADED WINTER TREAD TIRES ••'••• .Best Selection of Treads in Town . . •••• 2-l> Town and Couniry; Suburbanite, Military Mud ' • ' and Snow'jIBor Type, Wire Treads, Etc. Immediate Delivery-All Sizes in Stock Including 600:16 and 650:16 & Tubelets Exchange prices on top caps os low as..'.- 600x16; O.95. : - 650*16 lf)-95 each'' ,O ; each : *•" . .670x1.5 O.95 ''.710x15' . 11.95 each • *?' • each . •••-••• . : ' WHITE WALLS AVAILABLE 'V: ' . 5-Year guarantee Heavy Duty Battery; Group 1 Regular'Price #25.95, SPECIAL +17.9.5 Exchange '.: "'. '• ••'• •-.:'• :. GOOOVSED^TIRES H»5. UP. ^ •'. '' : ,&£*. HOOSET1ME eOAMnffl ; WROUGHT IRON RAILINGS WWHER'S tooi RAKES fOR LAND-'-? .CLEAHING •-. I3J3 VA. AVI. •'• PA 4:0774 Now I* The Tim* To Buy A Better Used Car, From THOMPSON BUICK I *"95 $1795 $1895I $1595I $1795 $1495 Excavating — Trtrtching .— Grading '-, Wt An fqu/pperf To Op foi/i Job ':_ ViltH 200 PiKtl ol f<fuipm«rf Bioveis, CrinSK, g«k Hotv Irenchinf Machines, ..Doxars,'' Compressors .- anal • Driils, Bucket Loaders, Tractor-IroiLars far Htavy rtaulinp,. Trucks, on. : TOMOIl FILIGIOUNTJ HOADMATBIIAl Baughman Contracting, Inc. TELEPHONE PA-2-4SII POT Your • Old Washer On A New OD, Puff M CHEV. sEL AIR . Wagon 8-paH. ... tfj BUICK. SPEC. RIV. M BUICIC SUP. SDti: . .-Clsonesl in town . M MERCURY X-DR-. CUST., »H .....;. ||nJJ.fiOCA.O MArFAII I l.|»,H,j, 0|>/ i^...;;.;.. Lat yo r old I4Q r 1 " $1195 BUICK ROADMASTER-. 4EQ4R SEDAN, Cl.on ^T"*** BUICK SUPER,' Dyno. 4EOilE Rodin, etc., Clean .'.. *T** NASH RAMBLER Ct%«f>« Slolion Woson ...... * ol »'. PLYMOUTH SEIV. 4CO^C Hardtop, Nice ^O^* OL05 "tl" 4-DR.: C945 CADILLAC "4!" {1395 PACKARD -2-DR. $.195 rORD V-8 4ataC^sZ 2-DOOR *W^» PONIIAC X-DR. CsS^C a t ,imdvr: »o*»a BUICK SPEC.'sifaiaht 4EC^C Dri... .xtell.nt cond. V"-»« CHEVROLET CONV. CCaC Rtpoint, Top OK .. *«»3 MERCURY . : S495 , ' thai ' down - paymin! ;• t/p'To 24 tMohtM to Pay ' ^ . £oit*it Tirms In Town : -, WOLFF«rjiii«reCo. Open Monday Eves I AUTO GLASS Ni<» Use your 1st Nail. Charge Account | LINCOLN 4-BI. : Cotmopolilan S445 THOMPSON BUICK USED CAR LOT 1 42t N. MECHANIC ST. PA 1-1424 1 BEERMAN AUTO PAITS llMtl H. Hechasls It, Host akaia Tallej it) .'.''' PA 4X1250 , . • SALESAAAN WANT'ED^$7,000 TO $9,000- ; '.. r Here's «.r«wardtn» top job with prestige for a salesman, presently «m? J ployed, who wants greater earnings, opportunity for the. future and greater I liability.- If you have real sales ability and .can prove it with actual record; I here Is a' llfetimt opportunity to become associated-with'a leading manu- I facturer. International-in Its growth and leadership. , You will hav« an exclusive territory. Tbfa is creative, Industrial leiling. I advislnc amall and lirce>p]ants eh new methods and money saving uses ot I our products. Broadly promoted and nationally advertised. Used by thousands I of'thVaation'a blue chip.industry..Hllh comraisclon. • - ;• •• Required: At least S years sales experience; age 26 to 45, car, knowledi-i I of metals and machiatry. sood eye sight and manual skill. . If you hav* no sales txpedenc* do not apply. Call MR. HURLEMAN, Fort.Cumberland notel Monday.thru Wednesday 1 P, M. to I P. M. for appointment concn ^ POWER * ST£EL SH-inC TANK EXCAVATING STORAGE TANKS TRENCHING PILE BROTHERS McMEltei Bwy. MOT l«i.rm«U»i CM: PA-i-»tM M.Z-MSi.:'.-_;:; W Extra CASH for FALL! *20 to $ 1500 • y»v ctfoou mmt N««d c*ds for mionri \arnt nt*in... tuition ... clotjnw ...tmlmifptyia*TbrttPlmri4***»y.f*y*Jtwm*n n in. OMb, mwr in law monthly unouiU. N* nd *f», *•" nifiriTTi flrrlr ""*•]• r^"^' < 1 THRIFT PUIN LOANS iNRirr n»M PINANM COM OF CUMIIIUND l"»*»nV-

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