The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on March 30, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1894
Page 1
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It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from •every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs ia for sale by all drug- jrists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will uot accept any substitute if offered. OBUKOH DIRECTORY PBISBTTMBIAN. •OKNING services, 11 a. m,; evening unices T 7 p. m.; Y. P. S. 0. B. serf to), « P. m.; Sunu »y school, 12:15 P. ».; Prayer Meeting, Thumday .evening, 7:30 p. m. ^ ^ ^^ ^^ BAVTIST. ORNING tervlce, 11 a. m.; erenlng 7 p. m.j Y. P. 6. C. E. aervloe 6 p. m. ; San. 12:15 p. m,; Prayer Meeting, Tbur»d»y . c . . PMtor . . W. B. CDBRr, Superintendent, «THOD1BT. « OKNINe «errlc«,n «. m,; erenlng aerfloe, i ID, ».; Junior Epworth League. 8 p.m.-, 'Kpwortb League. 6 p. m., Sunday Behoof 12:16 Meeting. TtiuredBr Krenlna, 7:80 » D. m.; p. »„ . DM. WH. HKMPBHIY. Superintendent - - - ' " — ,.. . . MalU ut the office close as tolowt,-. flolng east: 2 :40 and 730 o'clock l>. ui. (iolnS west: 1:30 p. in. and 7^0 o'clock p. n. Office open «>n tjundrty from 9 to 10 ». m. and trom8to4p. in. „, STABUOUTEri. Mt. Curroii Mid Ken nor, iiniiy »*«ept Sundas penurts 12 in., arrives iitfl. -.'Kip m. Koielle, Tuesday, Tburoday, Saturday. 0«p«t * Co?ri ' iBS&i? "Cfcrrollton, tniWr.-Tuwdv, Tburtdftf, Btturdfty, Mrt<»» 12 TO. departi 1 p. m. O. * W. W . lime F*MWH»R THAlKB WWt. Ka. 1 Of wUnd Umiwd .............. m Mo. I Om.b« K»pre». ...... . . ...... .4 go j. m. Ko. t pMwLimllwl ..... | Sg!?8 ffi £ 5'. HO. 1 Pmolfls l£*j)re.ii» .............. Carroll Hxpr««» ............... 9 W p. ra. *nlHA ................. .% ...... 8 zap. No. a Owrland limited. 8 M p. m Jfo 4 GbioBgo K*pi*M»** ..11 *o p. w. M«. 4 P*or«r Limited j i mvM g 15 p , m.'. was evident that the depRitmeut of that city was insufficient to do effective work, The alarm was sent to this city and the yorduugine lost no lime in conveying about ve of of our laddies to the scene of the confl igratioo. But as their bnndpnmp was out of'repair they only took a hose cart and the hook and ladder trucks with them and were in co shape to du effective work. The engine then went on to Bcranton and secured a hand engine jrorn that city, but when it arrived the pumps were frozen and by llie time it was thawed out there was no use for it. The flre spread very rapidly, as the buildings on the north were all frame and llie flvsv one on Ihe smith. The second on the south was a floe two story brick occupied below by the First National banU. This building suould been saved aud would utuloubedly have escaped ha ' it not been for the fuel tbat the iro shutter on the side door bad been bro . offiaudhcw ..r"'; r lie«n replaced, tlo^ over tbe building u - <*' rl service for it was possible for the lire company to prevent the spread of the fire any further to tbe south. The next building was the postofflce and the Postmaster Von Stino had made full preparations to move had tbe flre broken through the brick walls of (he bank. The flre burned out to the street on the north, The last building to burn was W. E. Foster's drug store. Air. Foster hfid hetii busy during the progress of the flre and by Ihe time his building was enveloped in flames the greater part of his stock had been transferred to « place of safety. Anson Potter's confectionary store, Q. W. McNauRht's grocery store. L. H. Banner's boot and shoe store, the Citizen's State bank, P. W. Kempker's hardwaie store avul tUe First National bank were all burned to the ground, The origin of (he fire is a mystery; tbe building in which it started was a hardware store in which there had been iiot flre for over twenty-four hours. The opinion is that H was the work of a flre bug. The wind was very strong and it was a difficult task to prevent Lea's hotelUfroin being burned as it caught flre several times, but waa extinguished before nay very great damage was done. The citizens of QUddf.n feel tery greaUul for the out side assistance that answered their call for uelp and showed such a willing disposition. . Dr. Dunkle was among the heaviest losers, for all of Ms hooka and library and surgical instruments were in the rooms over the First National btvnk and were completely destroyed. Estinatcd losses are as follows: First National bank, loss fl.500, insurance #1.000. Citizens' State bank, loss $1,500, insurance $1,000. L. H. Banner, loss f5,000, insurance $8,060. P. W. Renipker, loss f5,000, .insurance $9,000. A. P. Poller, loss $800, insurance $200. W. E. Foster, loss $l,800insuraiio$800. Q. W. McNauKUt.lossff.OQO.iasiirance $4,800. Dr. 8. C. Dunkle, loss $1.000, uo insurance. MAJOR-GENERAL NELSON A. MILES. By General Howard's retirement this year General Mile's becomes commimder of the diVision of the Atlantic. He is 54 rears of age and mado a most gallant record ns a soldior during the -war and the more recent Indian troubles. Uo « not a West Pointer and hag rison from the rank of lieutenant of volunteers. Jno. Guam made a very creditable appearing messenger. Tbe olimax waa reached when tbe , reconciliation betwqaa He^r Becker and f'lorenoonrt was consummated Both on their knees they again and again clasped each other in their arma and the i eoene waa truly an affecting one,and amid j the wild approbation of all present the . certain wae rung down on one of the moetsuooessful entertaiumenta ever given at Music bull. The ueit thing on the program was a ball given under tbe maungement of tbe house turners. This al«o proved a eucoeoa and the ball rootn WAS crowded until four o'clock in the morning when Ihe party adjourned and escorted the visiting brethren from Idn Grove to the train. Financially. «s wall us socially tbe boye have every reason to feel encouraged for the hard work and time consumed in arranging for the entertainment. . *••••; To My Friends A» you nre Well uwiir« tlmt I would not recommend tbat wlilc-li 1 did not believe to bt> good, I deslro to sny to nil who need a good, tellable, family medicine, tlmt t uollove one bottle of Sulphur Bitters will do you mure good limn «iir other remedy I ever si»w.--Hev. oeplme Soule. curew the cases lie undertakes and does not hold out delusivo hopes in incur able cases. Ho has cured thousands of cases winch baffled the skill of other physicians and specialists. He is one of the greatest and most successful specialists in the Unilud SUtes. Be treats all cases in » scicniitc manner und^his remarkable cures have ensnted wonder in the cities he has visi'ed. No matter who has failed to-tmre you consult the most successful and reliable specialist when he visits this citv Balimlnv, April 7, at Burke's hotel. Advertised Letters. The following letters remain uncalled for at the postofflce, March 20,11894. Unless delivered within thirty days from date they will be forwarded to the dead letter oflice at Washington, D. C.: Jasper-Johnson Xeil Melvlu Mrs. j3vrt. Farlow Josia Bully L. G. Carroll Anna Sparls phRS. Walroth Hugo IPesswnberg Minnie Wennor Mrs. Catherine Uabes The law provides that one cent shall be paid lor all letters advertised. When enHini! for same please state dnte of ad- vorti»umtnt. JNO. L. Powisus, P. M. to exclude voids, or fill the several spaces between their irregular faces and angles. No single piece will fit closely against smother throughout their several edges or surfaces. When dumped *n,to it loose heap upon the ground, the spaces between the separate stones make tip a large aggregate, and no amount of rolling will bring these stones so closely in contact as to materially reduce these spaces. If we take a water tight box containing exactly two cubic feet and fill it evenly with broken macadam road i metal, we shall find that itbout one cubic j foot of water can be poured into the bo* without overflowing the top, thus showing that only about one-half of the j space contained in the box is filled by • the pieces of stone. To illustrate this fact in another way, it has been determined Unit a cubic yard , of solid stono weighs about SJ tons, while' a cubic yard of broken macadam road metal made from the Bamo stoue will weigh only about one-half this amount, or H tons. It follows theii that in order to insure a solid roadway and to fill this largo proportion of voids or interstices between the different pieces of broken stone, some finer material ruast be introduced into the structure of the roadway, and this material is usually called a binder, or by some roadinakers a "filler." There used to be tnucb. contention regarding the use of binding material in the making of a macadam road, but it ie now conceded by nearly all practical and experienced voadmakers both in Europe aud America tluvt tbe use of a binding material is essential to the proper construction of a good macadam road. It adds to its solidity, insures tightness by closing all of the spaces between the loose, irregular atone aud binds together the macadam crust in a way that gives It firmness, elasticity and durability.— Good Roads. ble, called \ilkes—are sinking into tbe post, nndthiit the smooth, compact road, scientifically built, nnd that of material calculated to bind mid lock and endure, is coming into being. The first lino of railroad in Norway was opened in 1855. The TTuion Pacific; railroad was began in 1803, and the first train through left Chicago for Sun Francisco on May 1, 18C9, The fastest time between Now 'Sotk and San Francisco was made by a special theatrical train in 1886—3 days, 7 hours, 30 minutes aud 10 seconds. An electric engino has been tried on the railway between Ha^re and Paris. It \viis attached to a train of 13 carriages aud attimitni u speed of 73 miles an hour. J. B. Klinke, Prussian commissioner of railroads, who has been studying American railroad methods, is reported as saying that, while Germany surpasses this country in the construction of tracks, he finds American car equipment superior. Woman a- Corbay J. ':.£ J. C: fini-Uln K. Yjfrubster Marion* Wuber; S o. U. . . Btetllug PaMenger ......... 8 20 a.m. o. M Vn&iit, V«t Side to HOOD.. . l» 16 •• ». , «OT« OJTT AH!) »O»1ULJI B«A»WO»- AHlTM 0* !8BB« a, it. mat. P. a'jr. rMUMam IHUHI AT MA«m« TVAIM »0«» IMV. 2.50 p. 0. ru*#u'itor'»»ie»iVB»o«»», AIM ••< Mbootu. FIRE ATLIOOEH, Beven Buuiueaa Hougea Goue Up la Smok«, 1'weuty-llve Wortli ori»ron«rty Origin ot tbe Vir« a My«ter>. Monday inoruIUK tho bright «utt ehooo down on tho unoulderfuK ruins of levon ot the principal bvi»ln«aa uout>e» iu tho proiperou* «ud llourlihlne town of Ulld- " fj den. Ahout 8 o'clock tho tiro was dhh covered lu luo hurawuro »toru of P. W. H^ittiwtor, ouo door north of tho First ,J{»tJou»l biuk. Tho 'ft*wu» wuro will uddor heailw*v wh«u Luiidlonl Lea first dUcoverod that the flre fi«ud wua ugulu I loom lu their ollv- The alarm was d prouiptly{regpoudod to, but i under BUCK headway thttl TOBN VKUKIN EXHIBITION. Mopday evening tbe Turo Vereia of thii city useiBted by a similar aooiety irom IdH Qiove gav» • very creditable and pleasing entertainment at Masio bull. Tbe turueri were greeted with » orowdad houae uud their performance on tbe bar elicited hearty applause. Tbe boys •bowed tbeuuelvwi apt student* iu tbi« work M waa rnwta mwittat by ootnptr- iug (be work done by them Monduy night with what tbey did adbairltwMutertaiu- maul. Their luroiug aud aota on tbe parallel bait were alt ot higher grade aud abowad tbat tb« (uambora ot tbe bora vewin faava bean doiug good work duriug tbo paal moutb. Tbe mueio tarniabed by 'the tinging tioB, witb Wm. Kttrt» aa maaioa director, waa ooa of »h« jileaaaut attractions of tbe aveuiug. Tba aiogiug marob under tba laadarabip Ed. Riobmau waa heartily applauded by tbe audience. Tb« oompftttj ot mftretwrd perforuisd aoma pleaaiogevolution*, keeping perfect lima to tba melody ot tttair own mnsio. Xuaatiok drill by Iba Idf Qton Verelu was well given and produced • vary aaiugotttug* iatb* pto|»»un. Tbe O»rmau |»Jay in ona act ww wall r«o«irad. fiwrr Bwk«r, witb a large oavalry aword dauiiiogat bia batto «ud •u ugly looktof bnU dog ravolvar under bteMati, witb aelouob but ou, prtaauWd • formitable appaarauoa, wbiob ww wall intwded to atrika terror to tba braaal ot tba avarage oivlllan. F. Florapoonrt waa » bundle ot iUa aud inttmiiUe* hobbling about tba «tage with «u uu- oontrollable tamper, totad bin |>wt wall and kept every body iu an uproar ot Uuguter. Bl»y Kudu and *V»d Httuwwh THIS STOUY of TUB LETTBB Box. Carroll bus a letter box used to deposit mail ia by those who do not o»re to go to the postoflloe for that purpose. About eight years ^ago when tbe poat- ofuoe weut Damooratio aud was moved to tba weal purl ot town* this box wue placed at tbe jioruer of Main and Fittb street and waa known as tbe Republican branch ot tbe Carroll poetofUoe. Four years later a ouauge oama o'nr tbe spirit of out dream aud the Dmuoorata were fired nuoeremaaiously (ram evary («deral position with a salary attachment aud tba poitofflae vibrated baok to tbe other eud ot tbe city. Tbe little Republican box w«a raobrUteoed and pUoaii j|*t tbe corner of Adams aad Fittb street and was tbe only thing bearing tbe slump of UuoieBum chat the Democrats oould cull Uieir own. 'the trauetormationj bud been complete and tbe work thorough but wa good naturally auoepted Iba result kuowiug tbat time would at last make all things even. " Went the reuu wltU flflng lootttep, WUIle ibalr ntur W«M ut Iw.lielglu; uui the dfttkneuukMe ou tiukkly, Aud (lie gloaming turned to iHgiil. 1 " Today tbe little latter box can be et*u at tbe original place at tbe corner ot Uain aud Fittb street aud about it ouroum- scribed tbe reflection ot a Democratic triumph. Tbe poatoBioe ia again in tba western part ot tbe oity and tbe broadened smile aud tbe cheerful expression ot ua out weat tells tba story of approbation witb which we great ita return. AlHtlL MlULAND Tim splwndiil April Midland Monthly (Ues Moiws, losva is out. it has seven- ken contributions, is profusely Illustrated and U a (east of good V-lngs. Among the contribution aro tli '^ K>\wl»8' <ll) ' ftr Ueacliing Charity,; 1 ~}>V U. Tilllngliast, U an Interesting cliar P Wr ' ln v* number leading to a profuself*. Jli'strii(<;d sketch of Uusalan life with the heretofore untold story of what Iowa's ship-load of corn has accomplished forthuroUetuf starving peas ants in tlussla. "James IFIIson McDlU" Is the subject of a One blograhplcal sketch by Judges. It. l>avi» of Creston. Judge McIMll'srcoent ili'uth gives added Interest to the paj>»r. -'Some ThoiiKht!) oil Education and Labor," by J. M. Pile of Ne- braskn. Tbe Wldland editor describes Itv- liig and a London audience, and gives tne reader a morning with great artist*. Liter- ury tliuuius *ntl suKKosttous to youtig au- tliois lijl ttm editorial The Co»t of Good Roada Lessenlug. Data already gathered 8ht>w that new roads are already constructing in many parts of the country, and that increased knowledge and skill, improved machinery and methods and extended practical experience are rapidly lessening the cost of good roads. Civil jLuotn*™. Hr.T"'" 011 of Asbury Park, N. J., is authority~for the statement tbat while two or three years ago the cost of roadbuilding was 110,000 per mile it was last year $3,500 per mile. Professor J. B. Hunnicnt of the University of Georgia, in response to an inquiry from the road bureau of tbe agricultural department, states that tbe coat of good, bard roads recently built in Georgia, providing for a track of stone and cue of earth, was $1,200 a wile. Supervisor Cbapin of Canandaigua, N. Y., | in a letter to General Roy Stone, report' that 10 miles of a single track stone road, with an earth track each side, was built in that town for $700 a mile. Active interest in the movement for better roads is shown by the railroads generally. Special reduced rates are ofV fered by many of the railroads, and a tabulated statement of tho various concessions in shipment rates by a large nuiuber of companies has been prepared. —Exchange. TOWNSHIP LOANS FOR ROAOS. HUKUMAT1BM CUHSl) IN A l)iV,-"My»llO torBli«uiu»tl«ni «udN«uralKl«. ruaioully GUNS la oa« to (Ur«e <UJ». »» ftotlou upon tue «Iiwiu U r*w»rkuble and lunurloui. it r«- BINDING HUAD MEVAL. How to 8onnro tlio Hcut Itumilt* In Sulldl- fyliie llrukeu Stoue. After the necessary excavation to contain the road metal has been completed, the broken stoue should bo spread broadcast with sliovela to insure a thorough mixing of tho various sized pieces uud rakod until tho layer is of the proper thickness. For a roadway 10 feet wido it will be best to make tho thickuees ot tUo luyev about two inches thicker at tlio center ot the midway than at tho ex- trtmio edgoa, bucauso the wear will be most uxcossivri ut tho coaler uud tho extra thickness will not only jwovWo for this, but will also servo to give the tin- inhuil roadway » proper crown, und thus liisurt) good draiuHtfc, If the final tliiokuessof tho compaoted rouilwivy is to bo 4 Inches, one layer will bo suffloioiit, uud when put ou Iposely from thecurts it should boubout7luoium thick at the centur and about 5 inches thick at the nidus. U tho final thiokuww full dres* »iid uotad their parka well. Ed. Riobwiu) w»» a dud* iu di»guiee •u dUittad about the itttg* witb all the I jaunty app«ar*uoa ot a N»w York «w«U. Tb* nr«t Uo»s grtmilf Nuenu 76ct». Sold by J. W. U»ttondnmgl»t Carroll. Y. M. C. A. like committee appointed to secure the uaiuoa of those who were willing to joiu a Y. M. C. A,, if uuo could ,bo oa-uul^ed iu our oUy Utt» lUotwklU ruuiftrkable good success aud have nuourod ovur one buud- red iittuiesaud will uxporlouuu no trouble )» «eUii)K lltly more. This naguiai the orgMUlKUtlou iu thU city mul tue slate naoralury will bo bora u«it Muudnyovcu- lug to porfeot ihu organlztttiuu. 1)1*. UUWMN'U, Tho skillful aud rvllkble DpuolulUt from Obic«g<>. will oouiluuu to visit Uilssooliou throughout tb« your, llo ha« Hiuuy uikUouts lu thU pan of »h« sUlo who visit him hero uud iu tbie way buve tha udvautttge his poreouul slloutlou, lie nu,)u> AND «> U to bo 0 inched, it U guuorully lio«t to put ou two layers, wwh having » fiilok- UO»H of ubout 5 inches at tho center and about 8i inchi'u ut tho sides, and in case two aepartttv layers «vo to bo put ou oavo should* ho ttiktw to thoroughly roll and bind tho hot torn Invar before thosuc- oud layur ta unuliud. If wo oxuwluu u tluKou plticos of stoua takuji ut wudow from u ht'iipof road iiiftul as it oouiiw from tho crushur, wo uliull find them to bo of most iiTUgular sliaiius and geuuvallv lacking uniformity in size It will bo impossible to lay thww Btouuv olwoly iu coutuot with ouyh othor so ua Tliuy Have Done In r«nn»ylv»nl». Tlio PtutliiB of the I'lke. ThoPonnsylvauiastute board of agriculture has a committee employed to se- curo such facts nsnmy boot viiluobear- lug on tho question of road improvement. Hon. S. B. Downing, chairman of thnt toiwiDittoe, iu a recent report said: Roada havo been built nnd a beginning mado in Pennsylvania, this chiefly in counties adjoining cities or townships adjoining boroughs. Roads also have huen built loading to railway stations, und in many cases this hits boon dono by private subscriptions. Several townships in tho vicinity of Philii- (llvnhin hnvo made loims and built roiula nt n cost to contractors of about |7,000 per niilo, whilo ouo township, 20 miles out, built its own rouda for $5,000 per milu, saving lust year |1,7SO in maintenance over tho old cost, holding tho uiiluugo down to an oxctiw of but half a milu over tho old miloage and. turning into tho pockets of its citl- cons tho proceeds of tho loan for tho service of crushing and hauling stono. True, other townships adjoining tho ono citwl havo built roads for cash with but littlu mlse in taxation. The«u towu- shins, howover, ar« building but single miles und fragumiitsof mill's yearly, so that at tho present rato of building It will require 1« to 15 years to roach the uiilongy uf road built by the township making tho Umt.. In thu mutter of township louna tor roada conditions may so dill'ur that whoro lu ouu township it may bo snfo atid u guod uioinsy uporatiun to loan in 10 townships it might bu tluugorona mid n loss to borrow mouoy. Thus, ««- loiiniud und unadvuwd an to th«iw varying conditions throughout tho stuto, wo uro not fret) to cuiumoiul tho loan plun to ovtii) 1 towiibhip throughout tho stiitv, finding that whilo it is ovidontly wiuo for boroughs to borrow fur streets or Jighttf or schools it may bo mi\vi»i>Jo8o borrow upun tho port uf tuwiiMhil>s thnt may liu iniilor tho wmu> luui of prohibitory cDiKlltiniiH, It own IHI «iiid withuu ulfroiit to uny ono that tho building tho boat roads «t thu lowest cost Uop*iuda tiuiiiil)' ujiun iliu luuiiit(»jin iutiiglit, «piri <iud fortw wf »«<' ciiiiioiiu »>f a inwimhip Thu cry id heiinl Ilirotighotit otirwlutu "W« do not wttut uny nioro pikes." 1 eonms us yot not reiilUwl that pikes-— tho htiiidmiului'uud, thu sprawling, oi'iiiiiuato dyaoHlt of IOUBU, CWUMO » % uji Woman Is a nonundruni most denldedlj. Still we do not proiiose to glw Uer up Let a woman nnvc Uer health and spirits und she Is the sunshine of the house. But BttpposG she Is stek, what then? 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Thus Hood's Sarsa- pnrllla combines economy and strength and Is theonli remedy of which "HO Doses Ooe Dollar" I true. Be sura to get Hood's. Hood's pills do not purge, ualn or gripe, but act promptly, easily and effi -lently. ^ Parasols of white silk overlaid with embroidered chiffon and edged with double ruffles of \>lain chiffon. ^_ Don'c Tobacco Sptt or Smoke your Life Away IB the truthful, startling tttlo of a little Vooll that tolls nil about No-to-bacthu wonderful, (idniiloss Kusntdtocd tobscco habit cure. The coet Is frilling nad the man who wants to quit and oan't runs no physical oy financial risk ID using"Ko-To-Bao,"8cM i>y J. W. llaUon. . Book at gloro or by mall free, addraii, Tho Sterling Hemody Co.. Indiana Mloenl Springs, Ind. Children Cry for Pitcher'* Caetorla. Thu Kitten and tlio Moute. The publicbuiUliugconimission's office employees tnko great puiiia with the education of Sam, tlio half grown Maltese kitten which takes snch an interest in the proceedings of that body ou meeting days. They have an idea that all cata should catch 'mice aud rats, so the other day a mouse was brought into the office and tied fust by nifaus of a string attached to Ita tail. When this had been dono, Sam's attention was directed toward it. Ho looked at it for some time with » wild dtfgrv* °( wonder depicted on hi* countenance uud then quietly walked over to thu terrified mouse, siuolled it aud lay down. All efforts to induce the kitten to kill tho mount) failed, so ho was finally let alone. Ho continued to lay within reach of tho mouse's tether, and in a few inln- nteti the men wore surprised to see tha mouse port-hud contentedly on tho kitten's buck.—Phihtdylnbi* Press. in a quarrel at Ladoga, Iiul., James Starko struck Joliu Llukuubrok?r with it luljatul klll'-il him. Tho Mmiel« district Knights of Pj-thlfW •HI meet lu annual convention In Alun- l(k JIM!.. AwU 10, A Bright Ten yean ot ago, tut who ttudlue* to glf • hit ttume tu ihu inihllo, ii\akos ihu uutlioiU«4, coutliliiullnl atutviu«ut to ut: " When 1 wni uuu year uhl, my miuunia illed. ot cuiiiiiuuUtuu. Thu Uuvtor »»Ul UiM 1, t<i<), H (mill tn«)ii dlo. ami all uur neighbors IhoiiKht thnt evvu u 1 vlltl uuV iHo, 1 \voul4 iH'vi-r ho ulilu tu wtilk, titvttutu I wita 10, WKiik imU (tuny. A gutherlua (urtu««l ttiut liiokv vimUT uiy ttvm. ) hurt hi) Oiiucr HUU ll |t:Ulu<ii>tl »ii(l throw out uieuua uf huue. II I hint uiykulf tu «» tu (il'««K tho >klu,U WHS «IIID ID ht>i't>uit) u ruuiilnu (ore. I hiM tu laku lula u! uuuUciiic, but iliino niw »o niiu'li - • -- - ••>• * \*WM HUUitt ItM I AYER'8 8artapar)lla PMJ>»I«I by Ut . J. 0. Ay«» k Co., U*«», Uu*. Ouroa othert, wUi «ur« yott

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