The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 2, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 2, 1933
Page 8
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8 .THE BAKERSF1ELD CALIFORNIAN, MONDAY, JANUARY 2.1933 Amusement 1 inaa '',.,,'' i .','• ' ,' ' ' ' ' - • '' ksfV l 1*il$ >« ! li • Lyad ..', -... -A^'V^iL ;'.> v..V^'.^t.. . :•..-. ./.,....»- ^^....-M^fe •ruble Gives Fiery Picture oi' IIurtl-Boilcd Hone in New Film ''Clark Gable, Idol of America's fern- Ijlno fllmgoerH, appcurH for tho first flme in a. Paramount, picture an the star of "No Man of Her Own," which opened a run yesterday at tho Fox theater. As "Babe" Stewart, blg-Htakfi gambler with curds und women, Gable adds to his laurels with a fiery characterization which ninka with the beat rolca lie has done. He Is given unusually competent support by Carole Lombard and Dorothy Mackaill, UH the conflicting frmlnlne forces In Ills llfu und by favorite screen vctpraiiM like Grant Mitchell, Oeorgo Bnrblor and J. Kan-ell MacDomild. Wesley Rugbies directed from an original screen play liy Edmund Colliding and Benjamin Cilazer. Miss Mackalll, as Kay TSvnrley, Is a "come-on" for Oublo In his hlgh- filaltes card games. Police learn of •tho racket and make It KO hot for Gable that ho leaves town for a time. At sleepy little Olendale,. the hiding place, which ho picks by the Hltnplu expedient, of sticking a pin Into it railroad timetable, Cable meets Carolo Lombard, playing the role of Connie Hnndull, a librarian. This time It's , Jove, although originally liable married the girl with some sort of a "love 'em and leave "em" Idea In mind. They return to tho big city where Carole, quite unconsciously, helps Gable fleece his lambs. GABLE ADDS TO LAURELS CLARK QABLE AND CAROLE LOMBARD AT FOX 333,1 M.—KHJ—900 K. 0:15—CBS programs to 7:15. 7:10—To be announced. 7:30—CBS programs to 8. S—Blue Monday Jamboree. 10—News Hems; Blsqulck band. 10:15—Stanley .Smith orchestra. 11—.Dancing with the Stars. 12 to 1 a. in.—Marshall Grant, organist. NoManofHerOtn rODAY and TOMORROW MATINEE TO S P. M 15c AIIIORXIA EVENINGS, BALCONY 15c •CONTINUOUS, 1:30 TO 11:00- TODAY AND TOMORROW—TWO BIG FEATURES! BORN TO LOVE . . . TWO UNTAMED HEARTS IN A MERCILESS WORLDI aymond—Mary Aator A HERO TODAY . . . BUT WHAT OF TOMORROW? Stars Open 1.2 to 11 p. m. REX Matinees 15c 300 Seats Any Time 15c TODAY AND TOMORROW HAROLD LLOYD Movie Crazy CONSTANCE CUMMINGS PKODUCiD k, H/JOLD tJftvD CORP. And a Mystery Act—Ball Game—Cartoon and News VIRGINIA • Continuous 12 M. to 11 p. m. 300 SEATS—Any Time, 15c Today and Tuesday First Showing in Bukersfield MTUVMC Ik PRIDt OFTHiUGlON With the Famous Police Dog Rin-Tin-Tin, Jr. And an All-Star Castl Barbara Kent, J, Farrell McDonald, Lucien Llttlefleld, Sally Blane, Victory Jory and Others Comedy, News and Cartoon RIALTO 3 to 6 >. M.. lit! AfUf 8, 13:. 29(1 Today and Tuesday TWO BIG FEATURES WHEELER and WOOLSEY In "Hold 'em Jail" With Edna Mae Oliver, Roscoe Ates and Edgar Kennedy And Edw. G. Robinson'in a Gripping Drama of the Sea "TIGER SHARK" News and Cartoon G RANAD 618 Kentucky Street TilKIni Pleturei Every Diy A ANY SEAT, ANY TIME, 16c Children Always 10c Today and Tuesday TWO BIG FEATURES EDMUND LOWE Victor McLaglen, Richard Arlen "GUILTY AS HELL" and a Great Melodrama "THIS SPORTING AGE" Also News and Comedy La Granada Ballroom 55c DANCE TONIGHT One Step Contest Finals LUCKY SPOT—OTHER NOVELTIES Quinn Johnson's Marvelous La Granada Ballroom Orchestra Also Dancing Every Wednesday and Saturday, 8:30 to 12 LADIES FREE TO 9; AFTER 9, 16c -<*> 215.5 M.—KNX—1050 K, fl—News. 8:15—Hill, Mnc and Jimmy. , .0:30—HI and Elmer. 0:45—Currier's Seronaders. 7—Frank Watanabo and Honorable Archie, 7:15—"PiereH of Right." 7:30—Musical program. S—T/lght concert muslu. 8:30—Playlet. 9—News. 9:16—Anson Weeks (electrical transcription). 9:30—Calmon Lubovlskl, vlollnltit. 10—KNX dance band. 10:30—Organ recital. 11 to 12 midnight—New Purls Inn. KERN—1200 K. 6—Ttuth Etttng, Music That Satisfies. 0:15—Tarzan of the Apes." G:30—Dancing at the Bellrlve.' 7—To bo announced. 7:15—Juanlta Tennyson song recital. 7:30—Columbia Revue. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. S—Blue Monday .lainborce. 10—Carnation Albera Cross Cuts. 10:06—All-request hour. 10:40—Recordings. 11—Dancing with the Stars. 468.5 M.—KFI—640 K. 5:30—NBC-KOO programs to «. 8—"Makers of History." 6:80—The Bulck program. 7—Male octet. 7:15—Beck man orchestra. 7:80—NBG-KQO programs to. 0. 9—KPI Pun Kactory Unlimited. 10—NBC-KGO program. 10:15—Phil Harris' orchestra. 10:46 to 12 midnight—NBG-KOO program. MAN'S CASE UP TO NEffJpCUIIR (United Press Leased Ifire) PHOENIX, Ariz., Jan. 2.— Prosecution of John J. (Happy Jack) Halloran, Indicted us an alleged accessor] iftcr the murder of Agnes Ann Lnrol for whose death Winnie Iluth Judt iaa boon condomifcd to die, depondei today upon the attitude of a new ounty prosecutor. Henz I.. Jennings today replaced as prosecutor Uoyd Andrews, who last iveok obtained the indictment from tho county Grand Jury. Jennings was reported contemplating a request for a. continuance when Halloran Is arraigned tomorrow, so that, he may have more opportunity to Investigate the charges that the wealthy lumberman helped dispose of the bodies o Mrs. Lerol and Hedvlg Samuelson whoso death also has been blamed on Mrs. Judd. • A request for a continuance will vlgoroi'mly fought, according to Franl O. Smith, Hnlloran's attorney, who said he would demand an early trla or dismissal of tho Indictment. Audlcnce-tostedl And audlonce-ap- rovodt ' ' A label bearing those words might egltlmataly be attached to any Harold .loyd picture. For none ever goes into Irciilatlon until U has boon previewed oforo Heveral audiences of various ypcH, and their reaction to It cata- ogued. "Movie Crazy," starring Lloyd, 'with CoiiHtanco CummlngH opposite him, which opened at tho Rex theater Sunday, IN no exception to that rule. Tt. was previewed In Fresno, Santa Barbara' and San Diego, immediately t WHS complotnd. As tho result of the dictions of the three audiences, sev- ral minor changes 'wore made before t. was released generally. Harold Tjloyd is tho owner of the nost difficult golf course hi the world. L'horo Is a bounty of $100 for anyone who shoots a par on it. It measures about 1800 yards for the nine holes—but they are the most trou- )lcsome 1800 yards ever built into a aen'bry for golfers. Harold Lloyd has more golf balls in water than Spaldl'ng has on dry land. fls artificial waterway makes his sourso the world's most Intricate. There aro 19 water hazards In tl\o nine tales. KIBBIE ALMOST STEALS SHOW IN "CENTRAL PARK," AT NILE lonslunce Cummings Plays Opppsite Star; Film Is Highly Praised . AT CALIFORNIA JEAN HARLOW TJI/ACE two such magnetic personal A Hies as Clark Gable and Jean Harow together on the screen. Give them the sensuous and exciting backgrounc of Cochin, China. Surround them with such competent supporting players a& Gene Raymond, Mary Astbr, Donalc Crisp and Tully Marshall. Give them the astute, finished direction, of, .Vld- tor Fleming. You are bound''to have a smash screen, hit. And that's just what you have In "Red Dust," whlcl' opened yesterday at the California theater. • Richard Cromwell, the most sought- after young leading man in Hollywood, plays the principal role In Columbia's football film, "That's My Roy," adapted from Francis Wallace's novel of the same name. Tho picture stresses tho temptations and tribula- tions'which befall a national gridiron hero, as seen through his mother's eyes. "That's My Boy" and "Red Dust constitute a great double feature pro- cram. DOMINICAN JURIST DIES PARIS, Jan. 2. (A. P.)—Francisco J. Peynado, minister of justice of th Dominican republic and for five year the minister from Santo Domingo a Washington, died In a hospital her last night from pneumonia. He wai 05 years old<- » IS STILL MISBEHAVING (A»»ocin>eA Press tented Wire) DURANGO, Colo., Jan. L'.—Carboi mountain, the wild bronc of tli Rocking with a burr under Its saddle started Iho new your off with a bang About :i o'clock Sunday morning, a loud explosion was fullowcd by a slid of 260 feot of a section of tho moun tain 150 feet hluh. Sulphur fume fnorouKod materially, adding strength to tliu bollof mi Ignited coal bed deep In tlio earth IH providing the push for tho disturbnnoo. Tho gulnli below Carbon mountain has filled to a depth of about 7D feet with boulders and dirt, pushing up against tho nldr of another mountain. All day Simduy und Sunday night, rumblings contlnupd und avalanches were noted. The explosive New Year greeting \va» ascribed by watching geologists to a gas pocket. Several years ago, u coal mine was worked in C'urbon mountain, but the mine was abandoned when gas became so thick that further work was dangerous. Tom Mix Has Not Quit Movie Field PresB Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Jan. S.— Tom Mix, hero of many u western film thriller, has no Intention of retiring permanently from the movlea, lie announced upon liiK arrival here yesterday with hla wife. But, ho said, ho does object to "the way tho llfn gf tliu west la being rhanBi'il to Niilt Hcenariotj," adding that lie watt out until he IH "glvon u picture bhowing thlngb au they aro on wcbtern runolioa." Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT New Years d» -| f\f\ Dinner . . . «M.UU Today, to 9:30 p. m. Golden Gate Fruit Cocktail Celery en Branche Bourdelatse Olives Sweet Pickles Chicken Soup a la Relne Consomme Chantllly Roast Kern County Tom Turkey OyBter Dressing Cranberry Sauco Roast Peltln Ducklings Dressing Currant Jelly Iloast Pi-lino Hlb of Uaby Boef au .Tun Baked. Idaho Potatoes Snowflukn Potatoes Garden Peas au Beurro Cauliflower au Gratln Sweet Apulo cider or Llmo Ice Assorted Dinner Rolls • El Tejnn Combination Salad, 1000 Island Dressing Hot Mlncp. Pumpkin or Apple Plo or IStiglltili Plum Puddlnt; • ' Hard on Brandy Sauco NoBBolrodc or Peppermint Candy lee Cream and Cako Tea Coffee Milk After Dinner Jllnts Dance Tonight Canaday's Pavilion Admission 75c Ladies Free PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY Now Carries SHEET MUSIC IN NILE FILM GUY KIBBEK RADIO DRAMA SLATED TO With an all-star cast of. Broadway's eadlng footlight favorites In a heurt- tlrrlng, nerve-tingling series of romantic adventure episodes, radio's newest dramatic feature, "Unknown •lands," will first be presented from tatlon.KHJ at 9:1G p. in. tomorrow evening under the sponsorship of the Beech Nut Packing Company. Over J5 selected stations west of ho Mississippi, this exceptional mys- ery thriller will be heard each Tuesday and Friday evening. A love serial )ullt on tho themo of trusting youth, black villainy and Intrigue, eftch Installment is packed with breath-tak- ng action and puzzling suspense, vhllo tho'story unfolds In the exotic ocale of an uninhabited south sea Bland. Headed by Pedro de Cordobo, Eu- ilce Howard and Roberta Beatty, the Beech Nut cast Includes such other stage and screen hcadllners as Donald Woods, Johnny Kane, A. J. 'Herbert, Madeline Grey, Mark Smith, Florence Karle and Royal Cutter. In ?lot, action and dialogue, "Unknown Hands" rivals a season's best seller. Tt Is from tho pen of Walter Craig, under whose experienced stage ami studio direction Its final episodes are now being electrically transcribed In tho New Tork Studios of the World Broadcasting, System. t I /-1UT KlBBBtS almost steals the act\y trig ' honors 111 - "Central Park," Warner Brothers' .aU»actl'on • hit of 933, which opened .yesterday at tho Mle.. "Central "Park" fs. an .episodic larrative of dramatic happenings in ew York's largest parkway, packing tremendous wallop through all of Us exciting sequences, Modeled along .the formula that 'nothing ever happens In Central ?ark," when anything and everything s occurring, the picture traces a ser- es of events colncldentally Interwoven so that they ; affect tho lives of'a half- dozen unrelated individuals. A girl and 1 boy (Joan Blondell and Wallace Ford), both hungry, both Job- ess, meet by accident in ; the'park and uiart an acquaintance. , .The girl be- :omos Involved with some racketeers, the boy through his acquaintance with ler becomes enmeshed in a spectacular holdup. ., The park policeman, Guy Klbbeo, who has befriended the boy, saves lilm from the tolls of the law later. By chance the boy saves the policeman's honor. There IE an escaped lunatic, an ex-lion keeper, who tosses an enemy Into the lions', cage; there Is an escaped lion who runs amuck through the park, Into a taxlcab, Into a socially Important dance, and there are a myriad of characters and exciting Incidents In tho drama which are Inextricably connected. 'Central Park" Is the screen version of an original story by Ward Moorehouse, famous , New Tork dramatic critic and columnist. i J. REYNOLDS IDS ELIZABETH DILLARO (Associated Prcn Leased Wire) JVTNSTON-SAtiEM, N. C.,'Jan. 2.— Richard J. Reynolds, Jr., heir to millions of a tobacco fortune, has taken the' granddaughter of one of his father's early business rivals as his bride. He was married In a- quiet ceremony at St. Paul's Episcopal church here at 5. p. m. yesterday to Elizabeth McCaw Dlllard, of Wlnston-Salem. Today they were on a motor trip and honeymoon to San Fernando, Calif. Mrs. Reynolds is the granddaughter of Will Taylor, who established the first tobacco, manufacturing plant here, Taylor Brothers CAupany. The loto R. J. Reynolds, when building tho company which bears his name, bought and consolidated numerous tobacco manufacturing plants, but could never persuade Taylor to sell him his business. Mrs. Reynolds' father Is John L. Dll- lard, a contractor. She Is a brunette and a recent graduate of Sweet Briar College. When Reynolds arrives .at his twenty-eighth birthday on April 7, 1934, he will receive approximately $20,000,000 from his father's .estate, •now held in trust. LAST TWO DAYS Continues Today THE ALL-ACTION HIT OF 1933! Enough excitement for a dozen pictures crowded Into .one hour of thrills! J O A N BLONDELL WALLACE DRAMA THAT WILL ECHO DOWN THE AGES!...... ID WAR DO. OBINS0N SILVER DOLLAR It Starts Wednesday With Bebe Daniel* Aline MacMahon 1933 Specials on PAINTS, Outsid* Paint, 10 color* gal. 95c Excellent Guaranteed Paint, all color* gal. 11.35 Asphalt Roof Coating, 60o gal., B-gal. can $2.49 Kalaomlne, all colon 25 Ibs. »1.19 Wi <M nv< yiu ninty »n our c»ra«l«te lint «t Pilnti, Eninxli and Vimlihei. Free City' Delivery United Iron & JVIctal Co. 2810 Chester Ave. Phone 144! REDUCED PRICES on PLATES Quick Service Office Over Klmball A stone Nineteenth und Chester OR. GOODNIGHT "' —NEW STORE HOURS-^ ,v,,., OPEN AT 9 O'CLOCK, MORNINGS , 't> CLOSE AS USUAL AT 6 P. M, ,.." : I-REDLICK'S V; about fhes e s ' -'.I Goats §nd Dresses I January Clearance Reductions For Coats Worth Up to $10 While this group is limited to number (to be exact just twenty-nine) the qualities are extraordinary and the male- rials are absolutely all pure wool. The offering includes . . . both tweed street, coats and also sport models. . FIVE EIGHTY-FIVE For Coats Worth Up to $15 Here are forty-one high quality sport and polo coals, made of fine all- wool materials, in plain cloths, tweed mixtures, and high class novelty, woolens. The size range is most complete and the values are exceptional. NINE EIGHTY-FIVE, $ 33 Fur-Trimmed Goats! Regular Price $25 17.65 Just thirty-three coats in this lot. , Each an individual model, no two alike* made of the finest selected 100 per cent all-wool materials. The colors: Black, brown, green and blue. The fur trimmings are fitch, marinink, Muncuriun wolf and pointed fox. Luxurious coats for little money. SEVENTEEN SIXTY-FIVE DRESS SALE! Y For Dresses Worth Up to $10 The above price covers a group of silk, knitted and light woolen frocks. . . . They are values which one would expecl in January . . . Ihe clearance month. The group includes not only late fall styles but there is u small of early spring models which adds to Ihe altractiveness of the lot. FOUR NINETY-FIVE For Dresses Worth Up to $15 The above price covers several racks of ideal dresses for all occasions. There are silks, knitted dresses, iine light weight woolens . . . and novelty silks in a profusion of colors and styles. In this' group we also include half-size dresses for the woman who is a litlle harder to flt. NINE EIGHTY-FIVE Every Department in the Redlick Store Has Its Own 'Special January Reductions LOOK FOR THE HUNDREDS OF BARGAIN TABLES AND THE JANUARY SALE-PRICE CARDS, GREEN STAMPS GIVEN With Every Purchase—

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