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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, November 30, 1927
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, 1 • COMP. • , • ' CJRGVLATION is the only Coitmodity a Newspaper Ha^ito SeU Its Advei-Users. The REGISTER'S Circulation record open to public inspection at any time J VOLUME XXXI. No. 32. Til.! I.ilii Ually R.Blst .T. ]JKtnb !iiih <Hl 1897. ; • lOLA. KAN'.. WKDNESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 30, 1927. The lola Dally Rrelxter. BMtablixhed 1897. The Weekly^ ReKister, EsUblLihid 1XK7. EIGHT PAGES WBOLE WORLD HELPS SANTA CLAUS FOR THURSDAY NIGHT Needed Background Looms As Possibility To Aid in Picturesqud Pageant On Squarie ^ In loia Tomorrow Night. The whole woHd'.seem.s to ;be co-operating to make Kris Kringle'S visit to lola at 8 o'clock tomorrow night a beautiful pageant, an evening which will, provide something of interest to everyone, young and old. man, woman or child. ' The snow, which promises to re-<* main on the ground, will provide just the needed background for ihi 1^/yi'yiii c Tc T-fm-yi/? beautiful lighting ' effecti^ y^McXx ±^ lAUrfU^ wlUi^appear above the .streets in A \ r\ . , lola's Business district. The wealh- Jl UfftltUTC et- reports indicate that the storm - _ ^ 7j _ will' be over before this issue goes ; /o // 1^/f'MfVTIff/l fto press and .that the temperature -£Vt?AAM/Wa will continue sufflcieml.v cool tc preserve the white blanket now ' covering the city. i.'hristnjas weather. t 'hristuniH j decorations, musii by the De .Molay band, a vi^it; liy. Santa Claus with; free candy and Kskimo pie*^ a Treasury Hunt with hundreds of dollars' worth .of prizes have coni- hihed to turn ev.eryoue'.s ihiiughts tothc Yuletidf! festival and. vuthiis • fasiB is apparent everywhere over • llie,'plans which havo been made to ; celebrate lolu's Grand Chi'istuias : opening. ; j ' Word lias bfen receiveil from tianta C'lau.s atMurips us that all is vreM with hiiii and'that he will be here tomorrow' niglii. approaching fhelsquare by!some one of the 12 I" slrjets leading into it at .S p. m tlej will drive around-the squuri' welcoming the thousands who will be there to see him an<t distrlbul- ^ Ing a barrel of c«ndy and Eskimo ple». The De .Molay ' band will escjrt hlin and will, play several uu ibers during th<' evening. Ilverything is ready for the Tr hsure Hunt. The plans for this an as follows: Yesterday's issue of the. Register contained ai hum- be 'ed coui)on. a different number ap>earing in each paper. The mer- cta ints will display cards in their sb >w windows which will have lai ge numbers upon them. :i dif- fei ent number in each window, a . prize, for each number. Theso cards .will be'"'"-on display froni i Tl ursday evening until Saturday ni, ;bt. Each person holding a lleg- Ister coupon has a chance: of win- ;ni pjje of the prizes. If you hold i coupon with the identitfal number shown In any window you may cl ijm your prize any tithe between m on and the time the stores close Stturday. If ypu havf? a coupon • close to any number dis- •pliyed iU'a window ? you should register your name ^mtl number w th the merchant. If the e.xact m ujber tjS ntit presented the prize w il be given to the one registering thip closest number hefon- the store i Cincinnati, p.. Nov. .10. (AVi Removal of tJt'e furniture from Ceorge Remiis's Price Hill mansion, here, cited hy one witness as the thing which sent Kemus off on fin insane tangent \vhich ended in the slaying of hijj estranged wife, was waid by another witness today in the Rtinus murdi-r trial l<i lijive been done while the de- feudaiK him.self was in personal chaYge of hi.-, property. MS.LiLLIENDAHL UNDER FIRE I^OW IN MURDER CASE Further Testimony Given Concerningr Blood on H€r Clothing Court Room. .May's Landing, X. J.. -N'o'v :!(!. (.\IM—Further testimony regarding blood siplns fouhd oil tbe clothing' Of .Mr.s. Margarc' LillieUi!aliI was presenliMl hy the proBeciitinn today the trial of Mrs. Lilliendabl and "VVtlHs Beach who are <;harge<l with thf murder of the woman's husband. Dr. A. William LnHendahl. .lohn Apleth, Atlantic City chemist and partner of a witiiesB who testifieU yesterday that Htains ou the clothing were of human blooti corroborated the testimony ot his partner. Dr. Louis -Meyers.; ilr.«. Lilliendabl and .Mrs. Beach kissed in open court today. It was Mrs. Beach's first court appearance and she expressed complete confidence in the innocence of the widow ami her huahand. ' Beach introduced the two women and after the kiss iMrs. Beuch told Mrs. LiUielndehl it was Physicians Are Attending dlass Here}for Study The first leciure of the 'post graduate extension course for physicians on "Diseases of Children," was presented here today by Dr. Rupe of St. Ix)uis. authority on the suh- ject. with more than .10, physicians of this: section attending. Lectures and clinics will be held here each week for nine weeks. Six doctors trom lola attended along' with physicians from Garnett, Cha- nuto. Mildred. Moran. Hum- iKi'dt. Elsmore. Benedict: and. Colony. The classes are held between the hours of 9 and 12 o'clock in the morning. COLD WAVE IS LOOMINGDVER KANSASTODAY Snow Flurries in Kansas And Missouri Move In From West LOOMS AS Cnr SURVEY IS PLANl^Ea OF SYSTEM Indications Point Toward Voting Next Spring . On Bond Issu^ to Install New Water System in lola. Tiiat citi/.en.'^ of Tola tliis .sjjring will vole on a bond issue for a filtration p'.ant U) replace the jji-e.^^ent inadequate facilities, was indicated today with the announcement that the engineering firm of Burns & McDonnell had been retained by the board of cit.v commis.-^ioners to make a ^jreliminary survey in ai-rivo at iha amount nece.s.sary for remodeling of the presenl watei'work-^. •Cnder the contract for the sur-*-;-^ tbe city will pay tlie engineer-, works tlie bacteria count of the vey. river lias increascii from ing tirm about »V<iO for iis «ork. -Neosho the ciiv votes »j..nds for the: 300 lo .-..oiio. making it imperative the money would ' that a new system be used in ord- iiltralioii, system. ler to give tlie city a pure water TEMPERATURE DOWN Coldest Weather of Season Predicted for State Tonight Kansas City. .N'ov. ^0. (.M')-^Another cold wave moved into- the middlewest and southwest - today from the Rocky Mountain states. Sharp drops in temperature brought snow flurries to Kansas and .Missouri this ihorning following a snowfall of| from three to seven inches In the northern mountain states yesterday. Temperatures generally remain- j ed in the upper twenties or lower i thirties in Colorado where several mouutain passes y^-ere closed. 'The Iwdy of William .Masters, railroad worker, was found in the mountains near- Grand Colo. He had been missing since he left a train ^ Baxter Pass several days agp. Air mail planes were delayed by the storm in Wyoming. be applied on the cost of const rue tion of the^ new plant. supply. Tin- contract was mailed yester-! -At that time .M (lay following a special ineeiing[of matril that the cost of installing a the coiiiiiiissioncrs .Monday night, new liitralicii and softening sys- Tl:e engineering concern wb.ich. (em, \yotild bo about $7 ."i .opo with Miir-make the survey built ihe;a (nissiUility that ii might run a present luinicipal plant - here ii'; little iibove or a liitle below that 190 (1. .At ilhat time the plant was. amount. adei|uale In meet, tlie needs. Mr! * fpon coiiipl-tioij of the survey .Mclioiiiiell ))0inif (I mil. however tin* city' commissioiiers probably on a receni visit \o lola tliii! .^inie'Wtll ilrjiit bond proposal to be .McDonnell esti- consiruciion of the preseni «a:rr • voir:l on mxt spring. BUSINESS SURVEY EXCLTESINTEREST KiDWELl IS NOT TO INTPVENE IN OF lOLA PROPOSAL' MISTRIAL PLANS Juror No. 11 Is Denied Permission to Intervene Survey May Be Undertaken for lola at Early Date .Mr. R. K.. Shannon, of Washing-1. AVasbington. Nov. 30. (AP)—The ton. Iowa, junior member ot thc|P«t"f"n Edward J. KlJvcell. a l|irm - of Elder & Shannon who publish thp AVasbington Daily .fournal. was tl)" speaker at the Chaniljer ot Commerv 'e luitcheon at trial juror In the Fall-SlnclalfNcaSe asking permission to Intervene in the contempt proceedings growing out of the mistrial, was denied to- Ijiy by .lusfice Siddons in the su- Child Injured When Struck By Truck in City Blllie Boy Orr. a^^-year-old- son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Orr. i lllS North Cottonwood, was seriously but not 'fatally injured last nig^t when he was .struck by a t belonging to tlij township. No the accident, ently had bee distance as his cinders. His lick, supposedly |e county or lola one witnessed JThe child appar- i pulled i some face was cut by ight arm was the truck api| passed over tendants are prove fital to SOVIET severely brttisid, a wheel of farently ,having t. Medical at- of the opinion that the -injhrles will not he little fellow. BOMB TOSSED INTOLEAGUE Delegate Urges Abolishing of All Air, Navy And Army Forces COMMENT~AROUSED THOUSANDS KILLED TO SUPPRESS REVOLT IN UKRAINE, SAYS REPORT Dispatch to New York Times From Kishineff, Bessarabia, Says 5,000 Lives Were Lost Duringr Three Months. New York, NOA '. 30. (lAlO—Suppression of a reA'oIt in the Ukraine at a cost of 5,000 liA -es during three months of bit^ ter fighting i.s reported in a special copyrighted dispatch ftom Kishineff, Be .s.sarabia, to the NeAV York Times. ~—• ^ The dispatch, telling ot niasaa.- I cres and street clashes in townii Air Mail Pilot Is Killed When Caught in Wind Delegate Sees It As Near , Pten League Works I Toward • Ceneva. Nov. P.O. (AP»—The United States cannot co-operate in the labors of the special •security committee, bugh R. AVilhon, American delegate to the. pivparatory disariuament commission, told the commission tjijday. -Air. AA'ilson, however, added that when the security committee submits its recommendations to the preparatory commission, the U. S. will be glad to take these recommendations under 'careful consideration. ja in me |(;'l,aralx>r ot Commerce luncheon aiiujiy ny .nisiice siunon.s m <»u- Junctlon. I th»; VprHni'l Ho'e' '"••»>• prenie court of the District of Qo\y Snow Reported Covering Kansas ... , . ,!she had to! go throtich this ordeal cIp.seR' Saturday night. In case of the widow replied brightly that a lie the prize will b" given to tnei ^^.^^ confident, of complete viu- hikhest aumber. In cases where i ^ • tht exact niimber was not picsent- Topeka, .\<yv. 30. (AP)—AVith snow reported over the efltire State and cloudy skies prerailing. the weather bureau this morning predicted Kansas tonight would experience the coldest weather of . the season. Temperatures are ex"i!*™" I Pp<^t«d <o about 10 degrees iii the western part of the state and to I'O in the eastern half. The fall of moisture was general (.-di Saturday the uanif of the one w-lio registered the nearest number and hence is entitled to the prlz6 will be announced in -Alon- 'dafs Register. Priz<'S <an then be Uloiithiued on Pnae >o. i) CHARITY BALL IS TOMORROW WGHT Elks I -111. iiv for i ;in e Sponsors Big Dance to Aid Poor Children dication. ^ Jlast night ranging from 1.30 inch- Mrs. Beach told reporters she did, pj. at Oswego, in southeastern Kan- not believe the "stories'" that; have been circulated about her hus-band end Mrs. LilKendahl. Asked if-she liked the widow, she answered simply, "yes." The prosecution then began battering at the alibi defense of Beach. I... U. Collins. :i Kiavevard molni- m'iUt maker, was the first witness prodiiced against Beacli. the previous ;!(! bavin? S'ven testimony solely affecting the widow. Coat Is Stolen ,dut Of Schultice Car sas. to .04 of an. inch at" Kansas Cit.v. f;oodland and Dodge. City reported .14 of an inch; AVichita. .16; • Concordia, .08. and Topeka. .0.'). This would indicate, said S. D. Flora, meteorologist, one to one and a half inches of. snow in western Kansas and one-half to one inch in tlie eastern .section. Thf low mark last night was U degrees, reported by Ooodland. Dodge City has a low of 28;. Topeka. 1'": AVichifa. and Concordia, 'i^. and Kansas Cit.v. :{2. WEATHER and ROADS .A blue corduroy coal with sheep J lining was stolen from the car of j ^ I). C. Schultice, resident engineer ! uifinnni ihUiliy ball, given.f,,,. ,i„. „tate blgbway department, hii B;ks l.odge.lo pioylde fumls 1,,^, „|^i,| parked on South he work of the coiiiiinuulty w.-l-L„rg,., Schultice parked the unmltier. will be held at !!,,.,while going Into a restaurant for something to eat. o 'cJi ck tomorrow night In the rliib IS. "I'he 'music will IK - furn- by Vdungbi-rg's ()i'<')iestr» to be one of the best in section of Kansas. Will M. i^harimaii of the welfare 'f'om nittee is in charge of all ar-. rangemcnts. Pidbab|ly everyone iii lola. at Kom' time during the past yean, has sho(| boys roqi Ishe admllWed f'js' <ink Pwo Bids Received on North Oak Graveling K.WS.l.S: Piirtly cionilj nnd Thuniduy; colder In extreiiie e»«i| iinrtion toiilKht. Tor lola mu\ VIrinil)': rnrtlj- rliiitilj f-inlu'lit and Thiirsduy: rold» fr tonlxhl. Temperature—Highest yesterilay «!». at :i p. m.: lowest last night. 33, at fi a. m.t normal for today. 38; excess yesterda.v. i;!; excess since ,Ianuary Isl. ir>4 degrees; this ttite last .vear. higbest„-CS; lowest. 40. Precipitation for the 24 hours ending at 7 a. m. today. .12; total for this year to date. 51..i2; excess since '.laiinary 1st. 1."».17 inches.. Relative .huniiditv at 12 noon yes­ terda.v. per cent; 7 a. m. toilay, 92 per cent; barometer reduced to Two bids for graveling of a "-block on North. Oak street were received at yesterday afternoon's meeting of the lioard of city com- ""?r'>" '"f'^sioners. No action wa-s. taken Will, „n« ''•''nK fitted of the absence of Mayor With new. .stout .shoes aiid stock-|„„rmon Hobart and Rav Knfield Tlfe'e chlbir;„"'r;,". ?.l"nr:;"ir,'"''- ••^"^••"«>-- "l""*^ sea level. 29.97 Inches The.e children arc bemg provided: „„„ .Aliller and Frv Brothels Con- Sun rises 719 am • with warm footwear with the s.n.clion icompanv ^ \,:h"p ^ ' nion iy which is sub.stribed'to the ii .m. Coin uuniL>' Welfare Committee Ijast year ninety children were given s hoes and stockings. Tl e'charit.v ball is coniplinipui-'i ary o those who hiive donated to the fund and is alwa.vs one of the sun sets, vim. Peun—5 rents--A Cood Cigar Wm. Penu— 3 cents—A Cood Cigar St social events iof the season AnMher important, although not so well known use-to which these fundi are priividing milk .for ' nourished school children :annqt purchase the milk pre- id by the school nurse. Last foryi'-eig^ht school children given milk each day during 7hool y^ir by the community w:elfj^ coiumittee., largi undc • WlJO scrlb year were the Wnv ^Trails Jilorse Takes y Probate Judge Oath Travis recently appointed; pr)bate Judge by Governor Ben S. P« Ulen, ! yeiiterday iiosted his bond and took iTie" oath of office. He Is now seffleil In his new <»ffl<e ai lh| (iourt house. Henn -'i ci-nis-A Oood Cigar Soaring Flames Signal Death of iNegro, Ly}ichedBy200Armed Men .lenkin.s. Ky.. .N'ov. .-tO. (API- Soaring flames mounting from the top of Cumberland mountain sig­ nalled the death of I.,eonard AA'oods. .Vegro. who was lynched by a mob of 7nore tluin 200 armed men early today. • j • AVootIs, arrested for the slaving of llarshell Deaton. :!ri. mine foreman for the RIkton Coal corjwa- tlon at Fleming. Ky.. was shot to death a« he .faced a lialf circle of rif!<>>•. Theii his !>ody was placed oii a platforrn recently «'rected for tlie de'licatltm cereqionjes at the openinz of ithe Kentacky-Virglnia highway, fiasoline was poured over It .ind ii match loil.hed off the structure. hodv was found Sunday. Crowing excitement caused officers to takeit" their prisoner to A\niitcsburg yesterday for safe keeping. Late last night a motorcade of more than 150 cars arrived in AVhiteshurg. An unmasked throng of men approached the jail, sawed thi'ough its iron bars, placed a chain around tbe Negro's neck and led hitn away. Mrs. ;Fess AN'hittaker. the jailer, yaid the mob made no demonstration at the jail. She was power- leiis to' resist the intruders, she said. Two, Negro women, "v'howere arrested with AVoods in connection witn th^ sl.aving. wer.- unmolested. Denton fun shot to dei>th when he refused to allow AA'oods and the The Negro; had been arrested near j two. women to ride in his AUtbmo- Flemnig shortly after Dealon'P I bl|o. Sunday night, i addpess perhaps excited more com-; umbiii ineiu than any which has been de- ; ; KidweM. known, as Juror No. 11. llVefed b^re the club tor som*. time. .Air. Shannon. In addition lo his jnewspaper work directs and condnct.-*^ business siirve.vs for any cily% desirius his vervin-s. The AUnreys an- made thrniigli the use of qiit'stiimnaiies intended to elicit front the peopl- wlio trH <|i' in a towii the opinion these people have of the town 'as a whtile' iiiid of Its individual nienhanis. When tlie questionnaires ai,\- hlled In and re- :)r^cii-»e(: in aljldiiviis lile<l with the court of having said he expected material gain- from his jury s<rvice. The juror denied making >ui 11 siatenii'iit.s. and demande<I the riKJit to be included in tlie proceed- :>gaiiisi Marry V. Sinclair Willi- in .1. Burns, founder of the ISii'M-- Drii'c'ive agency, and their ;!ssociates. which have been set for I'learing. Dec. .•>. Tin- Contempt proceedings are turned they form as a whole a. ba,sed on srirvetllance of the trial most interesting sijmmary of pub-I jniT by Mums operatives. Justice lie opinion, as a fesnit of which individual, merchanjs may ilerive much profit through seeing themselves as others s-e, them while tbe community ailarce may lie hnlpfd to a better niiitnal understanding. A survey of this -kind WMS niadi' In Lawrenc»* two months ••.nn .-ind one at Ottawa will be cniiiplpt -d Siddons in his ruling tinlay said: "I ilo not pause to state reasons. Ilevoml sa.viiig that it is clear he (Kidwellicould not be admitted as a party petitioner nor. in the opinion of I hi- <-oiirt. may he be ailmit- Ted ;is II nspollilent in tills pro- le'eiiiiig. on his application." .At the time District .Attorney 'lonloii asked that Sinclair. Burns within a day or two. So much in-! and others' be cite<l to appear for terest; was awakene<l here by the address of .Air. Shannon that a survey may be • undertaken lola at an early date. contempt; Justice Siddons asked the District Attorney lo file a petition for; making Kidwell a party to the proceedings. SANTA FE TRAIN CHAMBER STANDS NORTH WRECKED I FIRM INELIEF • • i Early MomingTrain Hits Still Urge $400,000,000 Freight—No ^erious Reduction in Taxes Injuries Of Nation . Siinl.i I'e southboiitid triiin .No Washington. .N'ov^ 30. (Al'l -In L'OHlue here at noon, was delayed „pi,^. „f ,.r|,i,.i.s,„ from the. AVhlte .xonie time today when forced ' detour over the MIssmirl Paclllc at Ottaw. because of a wre<'k at Rich- House, the Chamber of Commerce of the I'nited stands firm in its m(ind, 16 miles south of Dttawa. j belief that Several passengers were shaken upj when Santa Fe passenger No 208, northbound, struck the reai tax is reduction totuliiig both .sound and $400.(100.01)0 practicable. AVith the House AA'ays and Means recess, a CeneW, Switzerland, Nov. 30. (AP»—Soviet Russia today threw a "peace bomb" Into the opening session of the, preparatory disarmament commission by formally pro- poi^iQg the coiqplAte . abolition of all land, marlne'ahd air forces. Admitting, that the Soviet project was a . radical suggestion, .Alaxitti Utvlnorf, chief of the soviet delegation, called'for the dissolution of all land, sea and air forces and the lion-admittance ot their existence in any concealed form whatsoever. The proposal caused a profot^nd sensation at the conference, "Although many delegates werespeen to smile as if they considered the scheme more than Utopian as Ut- vinotf developed the sweeping soviet project. The Russian delegate subniitted as the other cardinal iwints oif the project that all weapons and military supplies, means for chemical warfare and all other material forms of! armament be destroyed, that all warships, military aild air cr.ift be- scrapped and tha£. the s.vstem 6t calling up citizens for military ^training . be discontinued. The soviet delegation Introduced a resolution calliniT for the imrae-' Miate working out In detail of a draft coiivention for complete general di^rmament on principles submitted hy them. The resolution also provided tor the convocation ot a disarmament conference not later than .Alar<;h. 1928. Scrapping of all warships and the deetruc- tion of all fortresses. If accepted by the powers, would be carried out in a perlpd of from onetto four .vears under the soviet scheme. After introduction of the Russian resolution, tlie forenoon session of the commission adjourned, but not befre Dr. J. J. Ludon, of Holland, who presided, had declared that It was clear that the difference between the Russian ylew- point and that of the other nations ..was not in Its aim. but ,ln Its method of apjiroach to the problem. end of a freight train at Richmond it'Oinmittee in recess, a statement Jjrt. 208 left lola about 4 :30 o'clock; from tliat organization reiterating thjs morning. .No serious injuries j its position and replyng to its wtjre reported in the accident. The critics hiid a clear field today In caboose of the freight train was<the capitals tax, discussions, wrecked and two coal cars bumped! Not only Is It the right of busi- offj the track. .V srecial from Ot-jnesti organizations to express their tawa carried the passengers off No. j views of taxation, tbe National 20,S north. The line is expected to b^ qleared this afternoon. -Tile freight train had not quite cleared the main line for. the aiding, when the passenger train running late and making up time struck the caboose. A swirling snow prevented the ebglnemen of the passenger train from seeing the freight train until too late to uVoid a .'collision, it was reported. Road Conditions In Kansas Today Hutchinson, snowing, roads slui^h covered; Arkansas City, rain and snow,' roads slippery: Cotfeyville. snowing, roads slippery: Manhattan jcloudy. snow, last night, roc^ds fair': Sallna. snow, roads open: Topeka. snowing, road.< slick; Emporia, snowing, roads slippery: Pittsburir, snowing, roads muddy and slippery: Dodge City', clear. light ' snow nn roads; snow., , roails sljppery; snowing, roads slippery. Wichita. Ottawa. chamber said, but it-is their duty as well, particularly when .their oidnlons ; have been reached thru expert study, full discussion and referendum vote. There is no direct reference to President Coolidge who. It was said last week at the AVhlte House! was highly displeased with the Chamber for Its persistency in advocating a $400,000,000 tax slash.In the face of the administrations insistence that the prospective reduction be limited to $225,000,000. On ,AIr. Coolidge's behalf, tt was said as well, that he considered the Chamber's attitude om department expenditures Inconsistent with its tax reduction' positloii. Cow Testing Group To! Meet Sattirday Wm. Penn— 5 cents—A ^ood Cigar will be given. The Allen county Cow fTestlng association w^ill hold its -annual meeting at 8 o'clock Saturday night in the Chamber of Commerce rooms at ^lemorlal hall. Plans for next year's wgrlt.wlll l>e made and the cow tester's {(nnual report Ford Spe<^ifications Given at Showing Here Newspaper men and a few lola hnsiness men were present last .night at an advance showing of charts and ppecitications of the new Ford car ht the M<'Carthy sales rooms. Mr. McCarthy pave a short talk in which he explained thcvew car, answering questions as to the various changes in the mechanism of the car.' Kendallville, Ind., Nov. 30. (.\PI—Caught in a high wind and rain storm, which swept northern Indiana last night Pilot Edwarrf Exberg, making his first flight aa an air mail flyer, was Wfled when his plane crashed.'on a farm eight miles northwest ot here. . The plane fell on the farm of George Simons two and a bait miles northeast of Corunna. SENATOR CAPPER SOUNDS WARNMG INFARMPROBLEM Sectional Disparity Will Hamper Business in East, He Says Philadelphia, Nov. 30. (AP»— Sounding a warning against a continuance of the "sectional disparity" of the East and AVest lest .the whole United States becomes economically imperilled. Senator Arthur Capper, of Kansas, in an address here today, extended a plea fdr congressional alleviation of the ills of the agricultural western region. He spoke at a luncheoii of the Rotary club. •There are two possible methods of relief for the present condition, in the AVest," Senator Capper said. "Either lower the tariff on what the farmer buys, so he can get the bnefit of lower prices on goods made in Europe; or extend the aid of the government in disposing of our surplus farm products abroad so that the excess will not disastrously depress the home market." There is no hatred among the farmers of the Weat against the Industrial East and Its "present era of prosperity," the senator asserted. Rather, he .said, the AVest wants a "square deal" from congress in the way of bringiiiB the c .7untry to "an economical level, either up or down. "The West wants to raise its level to that of the prosperous East. It has no desire to depress the business of the East by bringing down commodity prices. "The West haa waited as patiently as possible for the same degree of legislative assistance and relief that the .government nearly always has extended to the industrial East. But the AVest cannot wait forever." The speaker claimed eastern Industry must depend to a?large degree on tlie purchasing power of the AVest. and added: "Eastern prosperity will eventually sag unless the buying power of the .Aliddlc AVest Is substantially iucrcased through economic justice j to the farmer, whose dollar is! smaller than that of any other class of workers. alongj the Dueister, which forms the JRussian-Rumanian botindary line, confirms Jin large measure ren- cent ^dispatches to the Associated Press; from^ Bucharestv citing .as account of fighting in'the. Ukraine reported by the Rumanian' newspa-. per Dimineata. Soviet reinforceuieiit^ which' have arrived in the Ukraine in the past'two weeks turned the tide Of the i-evolutjohary movement and after a series of clashes in Various towns the revolt was crushed'out In a bloody disaster for the revo-_ Intionaries. r Soviet officials have made denial' of any extensive revolt in the Ukraine, specifically denying any lighting at Kam^netz-Podolsk, but tbe sound of prolonged firing beyond the Ukrainian hills can be heard daily from the Rumanian side of the frontier, the dispatch, says. Tile towns affected by the revolutionary movement were stated to be Tiraspol. .Aloghilcu'. Kaiqenetz-' Podolsk and smaller villages. Thie revolutionists obtained possession of Tiraspol. Moghileu and Kanleil- etz-Podolsk, killing many S(^et officials, but were driven out after a few days when^ Sovie'l forces retook the town. • Refugees who succeeded I crossing the border from in the Ukraine Into Bessarabia told the times correspondent of tbe burning of several villages and the. destruction of crops during the revolutionary fighting. The revolt. |the dispatch says had its inception in the reappearance of government agents, and- troops in the district east of Moghi­ leu as tax collectors. This arpn^se^ .the JMasants^ who killed tov agents an da number of soldiers. More agents and troops appeared soon afterward. bumed_ two yit- lages and proceeded ' eastwiird along the Dneister. Their path, the dispatch says, was marked by frequent fighting and pillaging, and in two villages all the Inhabitants: about 00. were killed. The troops eventually reached dessa; where they were reinforced and then returned to the scene of the revolt. Meanwhile a few of the larger towns were taken by the, revolutionists who, either killed or imprisoned the governmeiit reiH - resentativeS. AVhen Kanenetz-PO-' dolsk was captured all the loya? troops were massacred aiid the .flag of the revolutionists was flown for. four days before Soviet troops re-_ captured the place by surprise. 1\ was estimated that there were 1,600. dead lying in the streets after tbe fight. - . ; The dispatch adds that confirmation was obtained of the mutiny. of a Black Sea warship, that the res^ sel was e\<entually captured, and its crew executed. , W.C.1U. HOLDS COUNTY MEETlNa Delegations Attend From Many Towns in County Mayor Hobart Attends Meeting at Topeka Mayor Harmon Hobart was in Topeka yesterday attending a meeting of city officials and oil men at the office of AVilliam A. Smith, attorney general of Kansas. Pollution of city, water by oil wells was discussed iii an effort. to get at some solution of the difficulty, agreeable both to the cities Vnd to the oil men. • i' Wm. Penn—.-. cents—A Good Cigar | ^"arpe . 1 "Prohibition The Woman's Christian Temper- lance-Union of Allen County held !an all-day institute in the Metho- i ilisi church of LaHarpe Monday, with ilelegations present from lola, {Jas City, Humboldt Carlyle, Bayard and Mildred. ' i . "The program began at 9t30 o'clock with devotk>nals by the Rev. Carrie M.*Flower. reading the 91st Psalm. Mrs. Edward Russell., county, president, appointed xoin- mlttees as follow.s: counties, Mrs.. Andrews.' .Airs, citford and MrSi Green of LaHarpe: goals. Mrs. Paul Bustard, lola;- Mrs. Thomp- Ison. Humboldt; Mrs. Hlggln^ bothani. Carlyle: .Mrs. Virginia* JDlckerson. Gas City and Mrs. Wil-* Josephine Isn V Adopted Daughter , E. Haldetnan-Julius Asserts Tokay Girard. Kan.s.. Nov. .30. fAP)— E. Haldeman-Julius today depicted the companionate marriage of his 18-year-old daughter Josephine to Aubrey C. Roselle here recently as a sequel to his romance with Anna Marcet Haldeman. starting when she was a student at: Bryn Mawr college 20 years ago. In an interview stating he wished to- correct an iQipression that Josephine was an adopted daughter., the publisher and author said his Carriage in 1916 was delayed nearly slj^ years after her bjrth. largely becaqse of economic reasons. He explained that Josephine made her home with friends of Miss Ilaldemsn agd himself unMl \ they bad established a homi here. This, he said, led to the general belief she was an adopted daughter. • - " I • Mr. Haldeman-Julius said that young Roselle, who is 20 years old and has started a college ijourse, faced virtually the same finlanclal problems as confronted Mlsji Haldeman and himself, when he was a i^eporter on the New York Call, a socialist paper. In the announcement of the inar- rlage of Josephine and young Roselle,. their parents arranged to as- economtc' responsibility Promotes Prosper-, ity" was tbe keynote of the Idsti- tute and was given by the 6tvte worker. Mrs. Cora Kershner. ^rs. S. I. Gifford, president of^ LaHarpe union, gave tlie welcome and Mrs.^ Edward Russell the response. She- also greeted the delegates. .IL Tlinothy 2:1.5., a vision as to the institute's meaning, was read, after which the department work was taken up In the form of a.iquesdbn" box. Mrs. Hnscher of Humboldt* conducted a noontide prayer ser-vice. There was a basket dinner^ at noon and at one. o'clock .i&e.' ['department work was cpnduci^'* by Mrs. Cora Kershner. The Her. Mr. Andrews of LaHarpe'gave'aU* excellent talk on "Methods by which we Might Do Our 'VVoirk' More Efficiently." Miss Dollla' Adams, county superintendent ot'. schools, gave an Interesting talk, the teaching of temperance in- - /i some- air until their children had obtained on educations andjiecome finaodally the public schools. Independent," ' (Contlnaed on Ps^ », X». 1)

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