Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 29, 1927 · Page 15
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 15

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1927
Page 15
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, HEWSEVENTS mmmm VIvcHnRdnd Attend CkiMtBii - Ende&tor District ('«ni«B. lliiB—Local and Social iHunfmpbs of iBtere^t TOLA DAILY REGIgpR, JFT^^SDAY E\^K?iyG. NOVEMBER 29.192 -1 PAGE FIFTKMj- NOBEL PRIZE HIS • , I (Francis Cnlver) HUMBpLDT. Kan.,: Nov. 28.— .The SoutfaeasterD Kansas Chris. tian pndeavor ' convention., which ha.s Iteen h«-Id here for the pa &t fhro^ days, was plused last night.. This convention. was very sticcesK-' ful. even when comparod to the conventions lield in much larRer tDWHs'than Humboldt. The reRlo- trililons alone nnmher ai>*)iit three hwnclred. while the total • atten- dtfnr • at the convention is : esri; hjiiieli at nearly tfye hundred. The <ofiv ntlon Ufsaa on Rrlday n(«ht, , .Voveknl)or i.'). At tbiH oileniaK nieetlnK Itev. \V. R.-Babb of (Jirard .- Was the principal speaker. Diir- Inx the Satttrdtty morninK conference, a number of the Endeavorers ' ttinji^liout the district contrlhiited to I tie proKram. but -the main ;' speaker.s were R. F. Hiippertz. ' "Sreiieral field ."secretary of l^an.Ka;-. Miss Mary .Louise Anfos enter. tain'id five tallies of bridj5e_at'her home Friday nigbt. DurinT; the evenini; the announcement of her , ensagenient to Mr. Ualphael Shook of i»[)okane. Washinjiton. was mailej , " I ; In'the Saturday afternoon and evening meetings, E. F. Huppertz -made the principal addreBseSj. On . Sunday the program bepan with a *--iinirise prayer meetin^g and <-on- '''iinui?d through the'morning • and afte|rnoon nntiljan address by Roy Hreg on Sunaay .evening cJosed the tonventioni On Saturday nf- temoon the new oftic>rs of the district were .elected as follows: I'lesident, • Dr.: Harold Loviti- of fola; pVe president. Louis *»'k'p>; of p'fttsburg; secretary, Vivian Ktgg.s of lola: irea.<urtr. li. <:. C.ibson of Bajcter Springs: past president. JJyrtle of. Independence. Alleii, county was' fur-i ther represfinted among the super-, intendents of activities by Francis' , -Anderson of loja.' superintendent -of efficiency.'and Frank Hoover of HuilllMjldt, superintendent of the I'rof. Arthur Compton of the rnlverslty of :('!iittigo has been awarded^ the .\oh<l prl/e for physics . for L'.ilT. 'i"he •Acadetuy of ?(•', u, >• at Stockholm. j Sw.-il-i., wblcli .'makes the j award, joinjly named Prof, if.'harlcs Jhomp- son Ree«-\Vilson of C'ambriilge ; rniversltj*. EUKland. flying squadron.' E. F.iHuppertz ' of liallas, Texas, am] Roy IJreg of I Topeka were p'^rhap..^ ih^ most ini- ! pdrtaiit ones of.the gne.sts at tlie I convention. Bj>m are outstanding leaders in Christlaii ^Endi-avor wurR 'and t.htlir presepce stimulated th" I good affects of Ithi.' convention. .\ niitaiber of other'out-of-town g'nest.s I made, intere;<tin.s addresses and j short;-talks. Thi:? conventioi; would , not have had sjich a. larce measure of suoc^ss'iiad it not lieen for the ?iix-week /canipaian y >f the ' Hunil)ol(lt • flying squaiiron umifT •the leadcfship .of Frank Uoovvi-. organization, coi^posed of- tn^m- and Miss Mary McJCitfrick. • This bers of the Humboldtl societies, made motor trips all over: southeastern Kansas, for several weeks advertising the: Humboldt convention. ' i Mrs. O. C. Payne,' who spent the lalst week at her home jiere. re- tu-med today to Kansas City where i she i.s keeping house for her son. jEtlwin. a voice student a't Horner i Institute. .Mrs.;. Payne was acconj- j pjinied by Miss>- Wediii. who j Wjll bj her gficat for a few days. •; y.rf. L. T. Lantion entertaine<l a member of friends at a bridge ; party at her home Friday night. I ,Vr-. E L. SiniC and children. ! Evelyn and Edwin, wt!re hor^ to- {liav. KuestH at heme of .Mr. and .Mr!<. Morgan. ! .Mrs. Lloyd .lohnson was ' to .four fnhl.-s of bridge at her ; ho.ihi' Friday niht. .\rtliur U'adi'. who undnrwent an } oii >T :Uio !i for appehdlcilis at Dr.] P.r. ;ii's .i.lii'rKcitry hosiiiial i .v.-.el;s. i^ ii'covetihi; «|uite satis-' •failoiily, aicording- to Tati-st re-I pjtrts. i . Til • <(dI<K.' and university stii- | il.'iit.f. who were here lar*! week;' Mr Tbunk.^giving vacation, return•'•(1 lo their respective V<ohooIs y.-s- I I idair and today.: Many a man vcitlh a, .sill -f )\U own has a codii'il addrH to-it bv,' his. wife. M^M MARKET SUFFERERS Get thfs handy tuba Inftaat. roothiny relirf aadinar- snteed toenra ItcmniTtBtlDdor Fro- MZO OINTMENT RHEUMATISM May be relieved, by rational Ireatment— it can hot be rubbed away.\ Ar^ you one of those nnfortu- natea who suffer with pains in your iHuscles and joints, commonly called rheu^iatism, making you miserable, lc -4s efficient, interfering v.ith your workinjj . iioata,. ruining yo^i- sleep? Yoii may have tried many, tlilnfrs without relief. . Wiiy jn.r try S.S .S.? For more than 100 "yenra it hu.s liccji givlnif ixlicf in Ihousund.i of cn:;c .M. as ttstiJiid to in un «:'j!icitli'(l K'ttern of rialitutlc. ' "I suirclc.l fniin rhviiituitism for n (rood, many years. At tin'ici • l^y joints? would i;wcli i o, I couldif 't walk. I tried almost ev«rythintE. Hot .Sicinea .... then finally ilccidcU tj try S.S.S. I tof .k a Tn a short time ,xh'3 ihcuinatic paina entirely left mo. I am now in perfect hcaUh,' rn'.'' w.-.nt to add that 1 h;iv.;' ir: .1 u!i ki;;d:i of medicines Li;: I tiii::';'.S..S.S. is the l/cn," ' i;.vl ( . (•..iuiihell. ill W'l^t .M':i;ii ;;t.'i.t. .;uhi::u);i fily, . Tw .il. : ; S .n .P. i< ;"ir-;y V b C3tl|-."!.;il fn ..1 iS, • of Plid i lil.rr; ' Kiv <"i t (i *.'a !'.::ir v.!.a, ill iiuildi'.iti: .V Ml u;i ...1 isyiitMn 'liirmvi i -"t tin; cafi S..S..^. i stores 41) I V tizu i;; moi • ••.lie. It ; -li r<ioli( !i: • urii !-uj: c<i:;o!iiical. Prices catch the shopper's eye! hut Quality hol^s the customer. Come, in ar-d see about our prices and quality i hat !Tiakc5? every shopper a customer. TliTS WEEK'S SPECIALS Pure Porli Saiisa ?fe, no corea!, no ; vrater, 1 Ih. t7c; 2 Ihs. ,?Av i Sw !ft'«l Pi^einiurii Hams, half or whf)!e • v/e "uaVarttee these hams to plejise, per lb. .\ ... Fancy Lard, the best, Ih FaiK*> Hahy [Jeef Roasts, Ih. . . Bacon Squares or Brisket, I!). .. IMr.k Shoulder Roasts or Steaks, N5'jo nnd ]^>a:i, lb. Hi-iiins, per lb : ^ I;v> Sail I'ork, ?h., ii6e Sale! of Musical Merchandise Now in Progress But the End Is Near * ' . - ? • ' • , •-- • We haVe had a wonderful response to our advertisinsr of the past v/eek and will close this mammoth sale irra very few days. We have delivered and shipped Pianos for many miles and still have some v, onderful values left. If you are need- injg anything in the musical line, see us AT ONCE! .24c .17c .20c 20c JL :i:i;i!l Pianos, Player-Pianos, Phonograjjh.:. Radios, Band an'd-Orchestra Instruments, are izoinir Vn this sale at'astounding: •cv prices and oii the most reasonable terms. DO NOT DELAY Needs Good Food And Lots. ofltJ ' ;You'lI want .'special delicacie.^: for holiday meal.s aiicj I parlieii. You'll get the quality on the niarket at tht'' most reasonable price.'J at Fryer Bro.s. We take your order over the phone and deliver any place in town. CHRISTMAS DELICACIES ' Pitted Dates. Stuffed Date.-;; Pulled V\)s>. Stuffeti Fijc^, f.'andie'd Cherries. Candied Pineapple, ('itroii. Orange Peel, [.emon Peel, 'BiaQched Alrfiond .s. Raw Poanut.s, Plum Puddinjf, Fijf Puddinjf. Friiit Cake.s Slincc .M<!at. all kintil .H of nuts and a lai'trc a.s.stJrtnient of ( hri .-tmas candies. ;u e,s. • fhri.-ftma.s Tree-. Holly. Wreaths, .Mistj.tdc. Clh-isi- inas wTjappintr papcr> ' i! WEFK END PRICES Peached No. 1 Tall, i < syrup. 2 can-s C-Ii,^ Pineapple, broken sll<- ?s. No. 2V2.can.s 2 for CoflFee, fresh roasted. lOc grade, .'i pounds Syrup, Campfire. I nir* can Syrup, Rob Ross. 1 q'l; rf can - .. ; Flour, 6cst Y'et, your i oney will buy no better 24-Pound bag I-J 48-Pound 6ag —— • Flour, Whiie Suiishine, {niarantee<d in every way 24-Ponnd Bag _ - — i . 48-P6und Bag IJ— 2.'>c ._si.o,o ._20c -Sl.lO .-§2.13 _.?l.fln ..SI.95 J^Iew Customers —arb coming- to us d^ily on recorhmenda- tRm of ou}- old customers who have enjoyed the satisfaction of saving" on I 'elia- ' ble merchandise. Buy your everyday needs of a store that owns its merchandise at a price that it can and will ' Save You Money CRACKERS—3-lb. box Loose-Wiles Krispys 39c (One Cake Eater Bar Free) Kxpiiii'-ion (.1 II «• II (iiiirilyV (lioifp, IS It!>? rf.i>^lr<« (Ue >t lioiir A'^ Miljil iU the |>rli-i>. is aJI^^^ $2.20 ii'.|.i.iiL' RAISINS—3 lbs. new^ crop Seec^Iess BEANS—7 lbs. Idaho Navys .;. sue;AR—2.5 lb. bag Pure Cane. .. 1- • r ...25c ...50c .S1.6S .. .2(k-. ...35c- i-\ tUV 1 H'S<" TO I AT We Deliver CORN MEAI^5 lb. bajj . • • \ lU lb. bag i MAXARONI or SPAGHETTI,! 4 pkjfs 25c PEACHES—No, 2'•! Roscdale Medium Syrup, 2 cans for . \..., i5c; PINEAPPLE-No; 2'if Sliced or Crushed, 2 cans for t5c SALMON—2 tall cans Fancy Pink) 35c BULK BATES—1 lb. pkg. loc 1$2.50 '•25c. per ba.'^ket = $1.85 GINGER SNAPS—per pound .. .L . .. •. ^ .10c FIG BARS—2 pounds for .25c COFFEE—Our New York Master Bleild, Si SI ss m Jonathans ?, liis.|25t Per basket _ iBlack Twi"<. .-, li... 2 pounds for Again we appeaLto every i-ed-bloodetl man in this vicinity to make this a woith while Christmas. Just glance over oiv!- nationally known items—they include gifts for every member of the family, and afford the best opportunities for Christmas shopping". Gifts Whose Value Is Assured: Frigidaire lieatrola ^ Easy Electric Washes Dexter Doulile Tub Washef' Copper Clad Range Great Majestic Easige Winchester Gani, QmcH Meal Rang^ Crosley or Kolst^r Radio Deleo Light CREATE PERSONAL (ilFTS FOR CHRISTMAS withi P17CO iof- instance, .cinall j)iece.^ \n furniture, such a.s end lal ^Ie?.. hanging book .^hc'Ivf-.^ and magazine raQk.s are iieing purcha.sed unfin- i.-hed and decorated in beau- lifiil cc/ior .scheme.s with Duco. Ask for Our Christmas Merchandiser. Containing 260 Items "V\fhich Are Worth- i while Gifts. : • '••^.^ 87c Sec us for yonr Christinas Candv and Nuts. ' Our Pr.e i wiil bo complete. Come to lola fhursdav evening and see Santa Oaub. Oti the Square at th^ East Side S Hardware and Implemeiitip Over 30 Years in Tola ' ti -

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