Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE IOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY IEVENING, JANUARY 3,1933. TOLA. KANSAS, TO C. O. C. Some poets seek tbef obscure. mood; In esoteric;:realms they brood;' On mystic testacy tliey thrive, Keeping,tlfeir sickly jnuse alive In caballstfc, secret, ways fhroiigh llghtless nights and pastel , . days. bur manly-sihger, \'illage bard. The flow of life, would not retard; And neither would he send it reeling I la ctazy flights of exce^ ieeling. In simpl,e Beauty, truth, and gOod His robust inuse finds ample food. Nfflay he sings with bardic zeal 'That does; not bear on mankin's 'i\ • weal. Ko concept: glorifies his pen , Tliftt has not sprung in the hearts of men. No astral flashes, lunar gleams. Dart from, the page o'er which he ] • dreams; So cosmic thunders shake his quill— He does nek claim a St. John's skill. The selfisli act, the generous deed, Will richly, earn this poet's meed. Whei^eforei^this toast to C. O. C: He sings to cheir humanity. ' ' —J. M. Leonard-OThompson Mr. and "Mrs. B. E. Thompson announce ths marriage of their deiugh- teTjThelma, to Emmett ;Le<?n.at4 Saturday morning, December 31, at St. !ljouis,,;Mo. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Taylor, "brother-in-law and sister of the -bride: Mrs. Leonard has been associated \i ^th The Orolier society as departmental manager' for several years, -and is a member of the Ladies Chamber of Commerce of Kansas 'City, Mo.,-and a member of the Board of. Sponsors of the Keda ^- dety, an; educational organization for business women. -Mr. Leopard Is a business man of Kansas City, Mo., and that is where the couple^ will make their home. _ •:• <• • •City Federation Meeting The Ciljy Federation of Women's clubs of' iola met yesterday after;noon at 2:30 p. m. in the >Baptist "Temple for the regular 'monthly meeting. :J A brief business session ? in which the .report of the activities, r -of-the va^-ious clubs were given pre> ceded th^ .program. ^Irs. C. ' E. / Locke of the O. E. S. club presented Miss Viola Daigamo, who sang a . solo accopipanied by Miss Margaret Rbberts. ; The Current E^yents • club sponsored the program which con- -sisted of' the: presentation in story form of ihe three famous religious paintings; The story and descrip: tion of the "Slstihe Madonna" was i presented by | Mrs. Harry Bishop, • "Sir Galahad,'' by Mrs. A. W. Young, ; and "The Last Supper" by Mrs. J. H. ; Culbei-tson. Music appropriate for ; each picture was furnished by Mrs. I Pred Bergman, Miss Celeste Grif;: flth, and; Miss Rose Frantz. The - art colleGtion of 42 pictures, secured ; from the art; department' of the : Kansas State jFedtration Qf "Wom; en's clute, was displayed in an interesting? manner and 'i^'as enjoyed ;_by an appreciative audience. At.the close of the program tea was served by the hostess club. A color schenje of green land white predominated at the table: : I . : The Executive board meeting which convened earher in the afternoon voted $50.00 to be given to the Iola Welfare association, $15.00 to the Girl JReserves', and $15.00 to the y. w. c;, A. Gloom.Chasers Meet The Union Gloom Chasers club met December 22 ^ at the home of Mrs. B. M. Zink with eight members and two guests present. .Quilting was .the work of the day. All members are urged to attend the next meeting which will be held with Mrs.! Mabel Shapel. • • • The mamage of Miss Cecyl Wilson, daughter of S. E. Wilson, whp resides south of town, and Marvin Hodges, son of Mr. and Mrs. Noah Hodges, took place Cluistmas eve, December 24, 1932, at the-home of the bride. The Rev. J. Lee Relefbrd read the ^rvice in the. presence of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burns of Carthage, Mo., and of S. E. Wilson. Mrs. Hodges is a graduate of the Iola high school with the class of 1931. ; Mr. and' Mrs. Hodges left immediately for a week's visit in Carthage and Joplin, Mo., They will make their home with Mrs. JHodges's father. .> « Fitzmanrice-Bogle Miss Gladys Bogle of Iola and Gerald Htzmaurice of Humboldt were married Satmday afternoon, December 31^ at Erie, Kansals, by the Christiaij minister of that place. Mrs.. FitAiaurice is.the daughter of Mrs. Cora Bogle and has been employed by the Southwestern Bell Telephone company for the past nine years. Mr. Fitzmam-ice is a resident of Humboldt, .having lived there for several years and is an employe of the Stanolind Pipeline company. Mr. and Mrs. Fitzmaurice will make their home in Humboldt. . • • • Good WUl Cinb Meets The Good Will club met Thursday,'December 29, wi»h Mrs. Will Thayer. Knotting comforts and piecing quilt blocks was the work for the hostess. The club gave a blooming flower to Mrs. Fred Hienz who recently underwent a major operation at St; John's hospital, and fresh fruit to Mrs'. John Boling, southeast of Iola. Mrs. Will Gay and Mrs. Hsjrold McAnulty were appointed to pet flowers for Mrs. Byron Gregg Vfho is quite ill. A flower fund was started. The I visitors were Mona Brooks. Marie Williams, Atha Monfort, Ester Thayer; Max Lee Willis, Loris Hall, Ivan Curtis, Will Thayer, and Harvey Esiep, Oklahoma. ""^^ The members present we^e Mesdames JEarl Monfort, Elmer Belknap, John Troutwine,. Ivan Curtis, Will Gay, Virgil Eptep, Russell Boyer, Sam .Williams,; M. E. Denning, Lee Willis, Baker, Dora : : Lawiience 1908: at the Mrs. the m ler and The most dings, dist. ceremd sang Harold McAnultjr, Elmer Glen Cleaver, and Miss Mar- / garet ijlohfort.' Two new members were added, Mrs. FJoley and Miss Letha Troutwine. The bext meeting will be January 12 with Mrs. Floyd McKaig. ' • • • Bin?lc^-Frye Journal of January 2, jAt. 4:30 yesterday afternoon home of the bride's mother, E. Bingler, was solemnized Triage of Miss Alverta Bing- Mr. Verne D. Prye of Iola. wadding was the prettiest and prominent of the holiday wed- Dr. Nethercut of the Metho- cl^rch officiated. Before the ny. Miss Elizabeth Tusten charmingly, "I Love You FAMED SCIENTISTS IN DEBATE OVER PATE OF UNIVERSE Is the universe slowly being destroyed'. . . or is it subject to a gradual process of r^-creatibn? That was the dramatic subject for heated deljate between the two celebrated physicists here pbown as they appeared before members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science at Atlantic City. Dr. Robert A. Millikan, left, and Prof. Arthur H. Compton, both Nobel Prize .winners, based their arguments on opposing theories of the nature of the cosmifc ray. Between them are cosmic ray detectors used by the scientists in their research work. SISTER N^RYS very HORIZOXTAL .1 Valise.' • 5 prove at high speed-. 10 Man 01' boy. 14 St'aplfe food In . China., 15 Theater guide. Iff At tips ;place. 17 Toward sea. . ISFineiyj stratified, rock. 3.6 Opposite' of " aweailier. 20 Madhouse. 22 Gerhart ^ Hauptmann is . a famous • draraatist? 24 Irons. .27 Dreads. 'Sl Female fowl. Z2 Incited. ., 37 Monster. . SSWaWs on the, skin.; 39 Edge; of the roof.'" 40 Rough sports. 42Beeri r^Z Flat iplate. 44 Boy.; 45 Existed. 47 Feldspar. Answer to Previous Puzzle 50 Lovor. 54 Secular. 5^ Seventh note. 57Morindin dye 58 Part of church. 59.Species of ^ pier. ' r 60 To elude. C2 Pieces out. 63 Observes. Cll'liin inner 'soles. 65 Tiny depres- filqn. ^•BKTICAL 1 ~ 2 To apcend. 3 Frosted as cakeJ 4 Sofm'd of a bell. 5 Depl atory. C Tree of tough •wood: 7 General von Schl^iclier is thc-'iew Ger-; man! ? 8 Snaky fish. 9 Lees; 10 To i^corcli. •11 Tilleli-. 12Rcgibii. 13 Typo of ham- r mer. 21 Onager. '2'A Native poach. 25 Genus of OS- triclics. I'U To put lip a poker st.nke. 27 I'S .Self. 23 Branch. 30 Facsimiles! ,33Tliouglit logically. 44 Clianiiel. 35Niglit before. 36 Lair of a 41 Perched. 43 Tablet. 45 To restrain. 46 What prince recently visited Ireland for the first time? 47 Exclamation. 48 Narrow way. 49, Morsel. 51 Garden tool. 52 Level. 53 To slumber. : 50 yellow bugle. 57 To total. • €1 Form of "a." . SISTER MARY \ NEA Service Writer | 'T'HERE are innumerable inter•*• esting and attractive' ways of using left-over meats. Well made hash is excellent and tests; the skill of the cook, but therej are other, less usual means of re-serving the left-overs. When cold cooked meat is served up in some other way it; is often politely called a "rechauf-i fee." Slices of meat are reheated' in the left-over gravy, or a brown sauce is made, flavoring it as; wanted. Sometimes a teaspoonful; of Warcestershire or other table j sauce can be used.. Again, one-^ fourth teaspoon each of curry po-.v- 1 der, mustard and paprika will be' liked'. Heat the sauce to the boil- 1 ing point, add thin slices of cold meat and let stand over hot water until heated through. Serve at once. A stew is similar to. a rechauffee with the addition of vegetables. Make a stock from the bones of the roast and with this stock make a thlii brown sauce. Add pieces , of cold meat of any variety. For 1 each cup of meat add 1 cup pared and sliced potatoes, V* cup each of cubed turnips, and carrots, and % small onion minced. Simmier until vegetables are tender. A ragout is a rich stew in which both the meat and vegetables are cubed. The brown sauce in this case is highly' seasoned' with table sauce and onion juice. The vegetables used are cooked celery and peas. Any kind of meat is used in a ragout. 9 \ For a fricassee the meat is i cut in neat slices for serving |ind rolled in flour. The pieces jare then snii^'-fl Kn'lf" or drippinsts. Tomorrow's Menu : BREAKI'^AST: Chilled tomato juice, cereal cooked with dates, cream, oven toast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON': Cream of onion soup, baked bean and bacon salad. ! rye bread, cJierry cup puddings, lemon- afle. : D I .N N E R: Meat pie, inr-shod potatoes, browned parsiiipK, cheese balls in nest .-i of shredded lettuce Willi Fi. Ill h dressing, peach liavarinii creani, milk, cot- fee. until brown all over and are served in a brown sauce. Points of toast or split baking powder biscuits are attractive to serve with a fricassee. A casserole is made of meat and vegetables combined in a brown sauce. The contents of the refrigerator .well can determine the ingredients. This is baked, covered, in the oven for about an hour. • Two- cups meat, 3 cups mixed vegetables and 1 cup brown sauce are.good proportions to use. Meat pie is a rechauffee covered with baking powder biscuit dougli and baked in a hot oven until the crust is done. Sliced po-; tatoes or other vegetables can be combined with the meat if wanted. Pork or beef is very good when reheated in brown sadce With chili peppers, chopped ripe olives and raisins. This is put. intoj a baking dish lined with corhmeal mush, covered with rounds of mush and baked. w • • Truly." Following this. Mrs. Byron Bums of Dallas, Texas, sister of jthe groom, played Iblendelssohn's yred- ding march. Miss Ola Bingler, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid and Mr. Walter Ward of Wellington acted as groomsman. In the; evening between the hours of 7 an^i 8 a reception was given which fiirnlshed opportunity for the friends of the bride, and the groom to offer congratulations. Mrs; Frye is one of Lawrence's most bhanning and capable young ladies. She is a g^duate of the University last spring. She is a member of the Kappa Alpha Thcta sorority. Mr. Prye is a member of Sigma Chi and was well liked in the University. Tlie young couple left this noon, for a wedding trip atad will be at home after February l|at South Pittsburg, Tenn., where:Mr. Frye has a position as civil and electrical engineer. New York—Another of the problems that bother bUnd folk has been solved. The first check ever written In "Braille" has been cashed by the Bank qf Manhattan company. AugustUie J. Smith, philanthropist, who wanted to conduct the experiment, had the check drawn; in the raised writing and bank officials de­ cided'It was "in yrriting signed by the maker" and therefore was legal. • The tools Iwhich the men in Pleistocene times carried about with them were miserable bits of stone and bone. QUIVERJN^ NERVES Yield 4o LycUa E. Piokham's Vegetable €onq>oui|d ' When you are just <^ .edge A . wfaea' yaa Jcan't'. 4tand die children's noise...when eveirythuig is a burden ... when you fite irrU table sad bhie ... try this medl- .dne. 98 out of 100 Women report {benefit. It will ^ve you lust the.extra mw^U^a^ ne^ .,l«lfe w|U .«e^ NEW HOPE Dec.! 28.—Danny Black, Girard, is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. John Perkins this week. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Zteglcr and Curtis, Mrs. Kffie Vemer, Mrs. Thelma Llneberger and Virginia STOP GETTINC UP NIGHTS Physic the Bladder With Juniper Oil Drive out the impimtles and excess" acids that, cause "in-itation, burning and frequent desire. Juniper oil is pleasant to take in the form of BUKETS, the bladder physic, also containing buchu leaves, etc. Works oh the bladder similar to castor oil on the bowels. Get a 25c box from any drug store. After four.days if not relieved Of "gett-ing up. nights" go back and get yom- money. If you are bothered with backache or leg pains caused from bladder disorders you are boimd to feel Ijetter after this cleansmg and you get your regular sleep. Sold by Brown's Drug Store, Palace Drug Store. mmm APSET Get at the: real cause. TTiat's what thousands of stomadi suSerers are doing now. Instead, of/(taking tonics, or, trying to.patch up apoor digestion, they are attacking the-real cause of the ailment—clogged liver and disordered bowels. Dr. Edwaixis. Olive Tablets help arouse the liver in a soothing, healing way. When the liver and bowels are performing their' natural functions, people; rarely suffer from jbdigesfion and stomach troubles. ^ave you a bad taste, coated tongue, poor appetite, a lazy, don't-care feel- jng, no ambition or energy, trouble with undigested foods?' Try Olive Tablets, the substitute for c^omel. Dr. Edwards .Olive Tablets are a purely vegetable compound. Know them .by their olive OJlor. They do the work without griping, cramps or pain. All druggists. I5c, 30c and 60c. Take one or two at bedtime for qtiick relief. Eat what you like. Lee, Franklin Zieigler and Joy Cloyd' spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Vern Cloi^d. Mr. and Mrs. Tcim Russell and Miss Betty Gilham spent Christmas with Mrs; Russell's i parents, R. B'. Reeder and wife. i Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Russell spent Christmas in Kansas City with Mr. arid Mrs. Howard Smith:and sons. Mrs. Smith and' sons accompanied them home for a week's visit. They all spent Wednesday with J. J. Windle and famHy, Bronson; Joe Talley and family spent Christmas at E. O. Wordens. Bsrt Worden is spending this week with them. Miss Lorene Pool is on the sick list. . j Jim Laslie and family spent Christmas with-Dick Statelers. Loyd Ross and family spent Chi'istmas' with Eari Gamp and family. .Johnnie Camac Jr., and family spent Christmas with JoJm Camac Sr., and family. Mrs. Dewey Starne and J. D. Jr., are spending this week with- Loyd Ross arid family. GAS CITY EVENTS Miss Kaihryn TJbomas Returns Home After Two-Week Visit in Neosho FaUs. GAS CITY, Jan. .2.—The Epworth Leaguers held a watch party Saturday night at the Bill Gtunfory home. Games and, music furnished the entertainment for the evening. Refreslimefats were served. j Mr. and Mrs. Edward Russell spent New Year's.eve at the A. F. Holten'fionie; ! Mrs. JBert Damitz and son. Harvey, spent last wefek at the Cliarlie Bogan home in Kincaid. Mrs. Lucy Foster and grandson, Harold Moore, of i Iola, spent Sunday at the Douglas Moore home. Mrs. Bemice Mildrim and son, Edgar Mildrim, arid Mr. and Mrs. Conner of Kansas City are viisiting with John Thomas. Mrs. Dora White returned Saturday from Coffeyvllle where she spent a few days visiting relatives. Miss Ruth; Searcy spent Friday and Saturday at the home of her sister, Mrs. Ray Springston and family of south of LaHarpe. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilhite and daughter, Edith, and Mrs. Will Wright of Humboldt visited Thursday at the home of the former's sister, Mrs. E. W. Ellsworth and Mr. Ellsworth. ICarl Dawson of Ashgrove, Mo., spent the week-end with his sister, Mrs. Lena. Perkins. Mrs. Thurman Morris of Diamond district, who has been visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. M. "S. Skeen, returned honie Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Brundage and son Jutt of Spring Branch spent Sunday at the home of their son and brother, Joe Brundage and family. Mr. and Mrs. Vern Peterson of Humlwldt visited Friday at the home of- the lat'ter,'s brother, Ralph Perkins and family. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maley and children of : Spring Branch were \'isitors Sunday at the M. S. Skeen home. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fine of Kansas City spent the holidays here visiting relatives. Mrs. Josephine Wolford arid children are visiting relatlvbs in Neosho Palls. , I Clifford Jones and Robert Goodpastor of Eldorado, Mo., visited Friday at the' home of Mr. and. Mrs. Fred Toriipklns. • The former is a nephew of Mrs. Tompkins., MLss I , Kathryn Thomas has Ve- turned .home after spending the past two weeks in Neosho Falls with Miss Edith Dykes. ' • ] . Miss Mabel Marsh, returned missionary from Kuala Lumper, Malaysia, and G. W. Marsh of Kincaid were visitors last week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Cundy. Donald Mountain, who visited last week at the Roscoe Thomas home, became 11^ with the "flu, and after returning to his home in LeRoy pneiunonia developed; At this time he is somewhat improved. .Harry Morris of Garnett arid Bert Shannessy of LaHarpe visited Pri- .day evening with Clyde MUler. Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Skeeii and daughter, Mrs. "Thunrian Morris, f Y/flAT ISlTHE WORLD'S .i?EC01?b " SKI JUMP" \^ V/KAT YEA.? WAS THE QX 'JADIAN 03NFi KAT ;0 N FOCMED WiWTWASTHE'FiSST STATE TO WWEiA PJfJE i, FOODLAy^? (Answers will be found onfPag^ 3) visited one day last week with rela- i tives in LaHarpe. Viola and Hcni-y I Maley came; ihbme Kvith Xiicm t9 make a few ddys' visit. Richard Douglas Moore, little of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Moore, been a.uite ill for the past v ,eL 'l:.s. We are hoping for lus spt^edy recovery. Quite a number in this commujiity are ill with the flu. bufatjihis t all seem to be steadily improving. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kirizcr. and Mrs. Arley Poc. Mrs. Maijtha I Taylor, and Mrs. Eunice Cain md cliildren, Melvin and' -Eileen. Iola. were Sunday visitors at the hom^ of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd, Cain. Mr. and Mrs. P.' A. Bcrgstenj of Savonburs yisited Sunday afternoon at the Hoiten home; Miss Viplet Holten returned with tliem to Wan- nersburg. The M.E. churdi prayer mee( will be held at the home of Mr. ind Mrs. A. T. Cundy at 7:30 Thursday evening;. Charles Moore r.j^ont the hoIi<^ays at the home of his sister, Mrs. Roscoe' Thomas. , Mr. .and Mr.s. Alfred Tompkins spent Sunday in Geneva at home of the lattcr'.s parents, Mr. Mrs. J. Q. .Laym'on. Mrs. Silas Morgan went to Harpe Monday: to visit her daujgh- ter, Mr.s. A. L.' Bamcs and family. O. F. Hlxon of Topeka called one day week at the E. W. Ellsworth home. ' Miss Bessie Searcy of Iola spent ! Sunday afternoon at the home of licr parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. H- 'Searoy. ' ' I Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mort of-Hume. Ma, are \Tsiting the latter's brothers. Frank and Neil Howard. Mrs. Albert Brundage of Spring ; Branch was a caller Sunday evening ; at the home of: Mrs. Lena Perkins. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Osborn and family motored i to Humljoldt Sunday to visit relatives. Mrs. Morris Rosebaugh ind daughter. Lena, were^ Sunday afternoon j visitors at the Searcy horpe. .id here from Ashgrove, Mo., were din-, ncr guests Satiarday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Perkins. ! : Grandma .'ITpmRkins has been qu^tc : ill. but is Sbinewhat improved p.t this time. , |. • Mr. and Mrs, Edmon Kidd and lit- tie son, Eddie Jr., were guests Suri-, day at the ho^Jne of Mr. and Mrs.^ Roscoe Thomas. John Becdinji was a dinner gucjst Monday at the home of Mr. and- Mrs. A. T. CunMy. ' ! : Mr. and Mife. Vern Green and daughter of LaHarpe a.nd Mrs. Len- . ton Sherman apd children of Clear- ; water. Kas., visited Sunday at the' Cecil Perkins home iniBassett. Mrs. Lena Perkins arid Carl i Dawson wete : afternoon callers. Mrs. C. F. West and Mrs. C. L. Osborn and little gi-andson. Frederick Fine, were Monday morning callers at' the.' home of Mrs. Bert Damitz. Ease$ Burden of Childrens Howard Lociiwood arid Orion : Bur.shes of Kincpid callec on Clyde Miller Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Lena Perkins land brother, Carl Dawson "wh]o has bebn visiting Youhave.'Vi?ksyapoRub—themod- ^ ern external way of treating colds. Now get Vicks Nose Drops—the new aid in preventifig colds. Use as di- • rec.ted in,VjcksPIan for better Control of Colds —fuUy^^ explained in ? each Vicks package. ' . ' ' :;c^icdsrs'WoR;E REGISTER CLASSIFIED ADS GIVE YOU MANY AN OPPORTUNITY TO GET IT AND SAVE IT . . . . . Things you no longer need ... or things you wish to replace with something new always find a ready market in Register Classified Ads. You'll find fhem iQveryday u iture.l Radios, Us Both:Sellcrs and umns the m^st Use the* want ad >dcr .such classifications as Furn!d Cars. Office Equ{|)ment, Etc. Buyers find Ihe Classified col- l)gical xnieans for Quick Action, to buy and sell .... rOLtUL FIND IT PAYS; REGISTER G3LA.SSIFIED ADS—Phone 18

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