Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 29, 1927 · Page 14
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 14

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1927
Page 14
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^1 ll . PAGE FOijRTEEN. WAS Cbrlstiimn Kve nlnl ovfrytUin;;]!) llu* NIIIUII lou'ii of JtulibiiiNiJiile was bulil li i;r ovfr Willi ilic tiuic libliiiay H|)irit. IJrlhliiiji ly lighUMl , Cliristiiiuif.trees, liolly wrcatlw and bells slioutMlirousli.ilie windows of -^most every liome in town; while 'etfell-cliurcli joined lii willi its uiiual luletide celebration. A-suoxv storm tlieiflay before liad , clothed the town in'^hite, as If in -preparation for, the jjfeat holiday. The cliildren Just knew liiat it was sent on puri»ose so that Santa Claus could come in his loaded s]e;«h and fill I heir stocl^nss. But amidst all this joy and beauty tiiere was one sail family, who ; lived 'at the far end of Main street. '- They had just received word tha»- their eldest fon, Itay. had betn lost on the tield of battle. Father, ' mother aiid the lour reniuiniii;: children were seated within the living rooDi in silence while the hajipy celebrations were iu full swing on all .siflps of tliein. ICach one was fIll^d with thout'bt-s of oihcr y<'ais and how haiipy llicy had been. Kach • saw visions of the heavily loaded Christmas Iri.-e ;;leainii)- in all ils beauty, while thVir sun and. brother pre»:idcd'over'it;jii Iiis .^aula's oul- li*. Thus thoy sal S|i;'e<,-iilcss, willi ltiin]>s ill their throali. until lieti- tlniy. One l>y one lliey n-lireil : hroUen-liiMrled to linish their" vl- 'sioiis ill the far-o!T ;ircai'ilaiid. . WliVn qiiieliiess covered its cloak over the litlli; town and ihe children's slockiii^'S were all waitin;; for .Santa <'laiis. the iiiidiii^'ht llyer > puiied In. driipiiiii;; off a lone jias- . tenger—Til sipldfcr Imy.- Me li:i<l c-miio to siiriirlse his i ous Chlisimas li beard of the f death, he had Santa (;iaiis. as aiiilly ini llu- ^'lori [iliila.v. .Nut h\viii-,' i U k reiiort of his come to be their of old. •>il:r!d si^lioolm Asihe was huiryiii;,' hutiie lie iiu lie. who liild him the ssd s!ory ^-f how his family hill iiiourned. tliiiikliif: liliii ileiid; itnd lhat I hey had not .lolned in the usual hiiliday festivities. .Siidilciily a lii-aiiOful .«iir|>rlse (llled his coiiseiciusness, and with the'iilil of bis frieii^d he scoured the '•town from end .1" eml. franllcally iiwakeiiing all the- sloiekeeiwrs. I.oaTled with gifts, and with Ids frienil carrying the Christmas tree. Ihey proceeded liomewanl. while Ihe full;winter moon looked down upon iliem, knowiiigly. liiddiiig his comiiaiiiiin n Merry niirislmas,and thaiikiiiu' him luart- - Ily, he ^raivlcd in through the hase- - nieiit w ndow and carefully aseeiid- Pd to'the living room. Here ho irimmoa the tree. Iiaie_'iug all the fmaller ^'jfls tnmli its hiaiiihes ami placing the larg^^r onejs upon the tl(Mir bcnenlti. When it wim comiileted be lay dii\tn upon the old couch of liN childhood mill dreamed hap|iy thoughts, lie. liM>. felt a lump III Ills throat, but 'hi^ v.'as a lump oi, UN Iheil-M bad been one of s:idni'i-.«. • Here he remainedjlii silence, liN iieart llllcd with J<«.V. until Thrist- lii;is inr.rn. .\n he ijelietd the nun (tlimmering ii|)on tluj mjow-cdverert scene, • .flunking • diamonds ever.v- wliere. he reallr.ed iliiit It was to be one of ttipmnst gorgeous Christmas da.v.< he lia<l ever wltiic^ised. He Hurriedly die.ssed himself In n bright hew Hama out (It. his lienrt wildly thumping as be did so; and be had just seated himself beneath the glowing tree, when he heard bis dear old mother's soft, familiar footsteps upon Ihe stalr^vny. lie ll.«tened breatli|l^sly whljo she descendeij and passed llu-ougli the Imllway into Ihii kitchen. Then •soon the old familiar odors of cotT*ie Here He Trimmed the Tree, Hanging Air the Smaller Gifijs. and griiMle cakes came floating-In. Ily could hardly contain himself, as he wanted to rush out and smolher her with cares.-^es. Witli sheer wil|.i power he remained silent until Ihe family' was called to breakfast. Then little Uulli stole into, llu* living room |o see it li.v chiiiire Santa bad left her nnylhiiig. She ga\e a siream of ileli;:lit its islie hi'- held the marvelous tree liiiidcii wiiii gifts, and Santa himself uclually silting beiiealli It. The next moment the wliole family stood wide-e.ved, gaxtitg uimti the scene before them, too surprised I I tiller a single word. Thoiighls of a practical Joke b.v- liieir friends caiiic Jo them, ami Ihey hardly knew what to do or RJi.v. Tears came to mother's eye> with the niemorios of her lost son. Just . ns fallier was going to .speak, Iioy, their own .«oii. fnilleil til!' majik fmai' his face and smiled a '•Mii-iry clirlstmns." (©. I'jir. Wi-sttrn Newspaper Union.) YOUR Plioto^r HAVE THAT SITTING NOW You need no appointment here — we are always on the job. Myers Home Studio .•J20 .South K cntucky lola. Kansas Confectionery WeSeik)e: \ A Noon Bay Plate Lunch, 25c SANDWICHES HOT CHOCOLATE CHILI I I HOT TAM ALES COFFEE Mixed Christmas Candies, 12y2C Lb. Watch Futurq Editions ^or : Other Christmas; Candy Specials \ Unexcelled Fountain Service 116 East Madison \\. C. niSHOP.. Manaicr Phone 274 ; -hiE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING. NOVE^tBER 29. 1927. • i DoioiirChrhlnias Chopping Winter with its long evenings fo[ reading and study is just around the corner, so be sure, that F.ilhcr and tlin Boys liive comfortabie felt slippers like tliese. ,'\n inox- pen.sive.v ny o: inak-ing home evenings attractive. 79c to $1.49 mi It's Just Around the Corner! Holiday Stocks Here [Are Now At Their Best! Let Usi Serve You I Gifts for Mother—Gifts for Father, Wife, Husband or Grandma! Gifts for the Young Folks—for the Newl3rweds—for the Children—for the New Baby. Whatever your Gift Problems, we can help you in solving them. . No frills here, but Quality at Real Low Prices! Christmas Ifes In Gift Boxes Splendid quality neckwear, with no let- downiti viil'.ie because of the attractive ^'liri.stinas Ho.-ics. .MI -jatterns, aii color- t:Tcets, all the newest nilks; also silk kni.Ucd. .At these low prices— Silk Boied Neckwear 49c 98c $1.49 Boys' Boxed Neckwear 39c and 49c LochLomond Flannel Scarfs 6f All-Wool Imported Flannel Hard to beat one of these, rich-Iookjnjj. cointDrtabie Loch .Loniond .Ml-Wool Imported Flannel Scarfs for Christinas jfift-giviiisj. A variety of colorful and attractive Jacquard patterns to select from. I.arjjc size, well made and unusually good values at a low price— 98c and $1.49 A Safe And Sane Christmas • A striking example of the adju.<tment of an old custom: to the exigencies of modern life, is the adaptation of practical, workaiday articles to Christmas giving. There was a time when a "Christmas gift" must be something with but a single cuality—useless- ness. Today, it is not even good taste,to select such things. 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An excellent toy I • . Mechanical Toys That Cost . Very Little Even tiie smallest boy likes toys with action— you will find many here to delight him. Intercity bat with fric- tior. motor $1.69 Fire Truck—with aerial Udder .$1.69 Dump Trucks ........98e Broughsm, ' handxomely oaHl $1,98 Trolley, with gong... .93e Musi^l Toys • Boy.s Like Them We have a wide selection of all kind.s of (musical loy.K ranging in price from— 23c ™ $1.98 Most Every Litde <iirl Wants A Doll for Christmas The most fun of all is to play "mother" to a cunning doll that is really her own baby. She is sure to want pne from Santa. Baby Dolls—Lady Dolls Real baby dolls with, rosy checks and snch life-like expressions—dainty misses with .77-^<?organdie dresses and bonnets •y-^**—some with eyes that ciosf 9^ to $9.90 Toy Cedar Chests For little girls to keep their dolly clothes in. A large as.sortment of .'izes priced at— 98c ™ $3.98 When Girls Are "Pliying House" Di^es aad Kitchen , Ware U Necessary $1.98 The most youthful house-: keepers are particular aljoutl their dishes—njany will ^+ant • Santa Claus to bring them some I Aluminum Setsi 7 piece* . J49c ! 2rpieet* $1.98 Cookinr S-tf, 0 pieces 89c ' tandry Sets 49G to Sl.9.3 '31 i .rtfej mm Is A DoilCab OD Your Daughter's Christmas List? Fiber reed cabs are just the' thmg in which to take doll children foe a ride. $2.29 to $5.99 Red Fire Track A fully equipped fire truck that will thrill any boy; $7.90 Pompoi.iS nnd hrocad- cd are words liaiiJ tn resist, in slippers itnd thi downy c 11 £ h i (\ n solp makes ti!?i:i dr,i;hly attractive. I 69c to $1.49 When Shopping for Her iGift r Remember a Handbag If .you know the predominating color of her cos'tiimfc —so much the better! Ihtt whether you do or not, she will appreciate yc>ur selection. , Many Styles! Reptilian and hand-tooled eflccts — poucli a\u\ envelopes. It's a uelight to select one. 98c to $7.90 19c to 9Sc Useful? Ves And Decorative, Too. Turkish towel and ivash cloth sets will please your friends. 49c 98c 1.98 Two wash cloths to match the towel—in plaid or novelty jacquard patterns. Holiday Sets For F»';- ur.^ Women A score of gift conibina- ticn sets—gurters ami handkerchiefs, i. "^-S^x ;.3,1 belts and niiny oth- R ers from 23c to 98c Yes! Hosiery For Christmas Good looking silk and 'rayon liose—fi-.U-fashi.oncd, They're On Every Christmas List! Fine HandkereHiefs ! For a small gift—or a large one — but always in good taste — give one or several handkerchiefs! Ifoxed handkerchiefs are especially nice for gilts. Novelty Silks lOc to -49c Embroidered corners, c b lo r e d hems, lace edges-;—a score of n|pvel- ties yeu'll like.' Boxed Henffico'cluefs, 25c to 89c Lined Gloves For a Man's Ouristmas Gift Fleece lined and fur-lfned; warmth with style; mcdiuni and heavy weights— $149 to $2.98 C^t Hose For Men Pure.I thread silk socks with n^scerized top. heel, toe and sole—new Tu-Toe double ftrcngtli fciiture. Also a large display of fancy silk and rayon socks-— 49c arming Embroid^ed Gifts Don't Take Long to Make A table scarf, abuffct set or luncheon | set for your friend who entertains crften —pillow cases a-id fancy towels—ra score of attractive suggrstions tor Christmas . gifts are in our Penimaid .-Xrt Needlework line.

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