Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on July 24, 1933 · Page 7
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 7

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, July 24, 1933
Page 7
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w DAILY TlIBtTNE TIMES. AMZS. IOWA MONDAY, JULY 24, Germany Closes i Jewish Agency News Service BERLIN, (UJy— Th« fov*rnmect has ordered the JewUb Telegraph agtncy to close its office here and rease service to German newapa : pers "for protection of puWlc security and order." The action was designed' as ",de- lense against possible futnre ac- tivfties dangerous to the state." It vas believed howev«r that the function jf the agency a? a distributor of German neia abroad would not be disturbed. The offices for distribution of news in Europe probably will be moved to another city soon. At Nuremberg; police completed a series of bouse to house searches In which they confiscated material they said was dangerous to the state. Many jews were arrested but later were conditionally released after questioning. "Not one Jew is under arrest at Nuremberg at present." the police said, denying London reports that 300. bad been jailed. The government also announced that freshmen in the East Prussian universities wonld be con. scripted for the grain harvest this yoar. WHALES ARE. FACING EXTINCTION WASHINGTON <U.E)—AJ In th« case of the pig. where leather, food mnd gelatine manufacturers use "everything but the squeal," the great whales of the Arctic and Antarctic should be used In industry, says Dr. Lewis Rad- cllfle, of the United States bureau of fisheries. Extermination of the whale is threatened. Dr. Radcllffe declares, for two reasons: The treaty of the league of nations designed to save this lW)0'0-year- old industry has not been sanctioned by a sufficient number of countries to make it effeci>t »nd nian^' whales are killed Mtoiy tor "Aside from the extraction of the oil, we safely may conclude that not more than 10 per cent of the other available products of the whale fisheries of the , world now fs utilized," Radcliffe said. "Because of the urge for ! speed In filling the oil' tanks of the factory ships penetrating the Ross sea during the short open (season of a. few weeks, and be- 1 cause of the present lack of stor- j age space, fire hazards and other difficulties, the incentive to .save (other products at present price 'levels .is small." { Since whales feed on marine • life, there is available to them • a greater variety of mineral ele- jments than is available to tend r*ei mi CACTUS R*»1 T KRKCTEJ> WESTFiELW, Mass. (U.E)—Last jyear Mrs. Raymond J. West decided that her 30-year-old cactus i had died and threw it into the i cellar. Recently she noted signs jof life in it, brought it upstairs, land was surprised when within a short time 126 crimson buds appeared'. New Deal for Chorus Girls of Hollywood Result of Accident was based came into the Warner-1 of .hi year. National studios in the ordin- When Bound pictures first'' ary course of production and was Chicken Wa* Gold Hoarder BURR OAK, Kan. OLD — Per- song are not the only gold hoard- I ers. One of LaVtrnc Ayre»' chick- I ens had three fair-sired gold nug- j gets in Its gizzard when dressed. , '" •* •""' ' ----J— ™^^^^» animals, Radcliffe declares, and whale meat should therefore be of great value to the farmer in feeding his cattle, hogs and chickens. HOLLYWOOD, <U.E> — Once starving chorines of Hollywood have learned their "new deal" of luxurious apartments and foreign motore was an accident. * The "cycle" of musical films that has put ladhj of the chorus back in the $100 a week class and made Hollywood kneel again at tin pan alley's throne owes its origin, it was learned, to a chance, but lucky decision. A few months ago the girls who diet and dance were clubbing together to save rent and lining up by the hundreds each tim« a stu- dip had a job for one or two. Now they live in swanky apartments, drive sleek roadsters and condescend to producers. The same holds true for tune writers. who during the exile of musical pictures were thankful to sell a song for juat that. "42nd Street," the picture generally credileo with putting the film city back on the bandwagon, has left a score or more musical films in its wake, either produced or In the proceps. Th'i "inside story" of 42nd street is that it wasn't intended as a musical at all. , The story on which the picture of life in the broadway showshops. The studios clung to the conviction that musicals were a thing either of the future or the past. Warners had Just purchased Eddie Cantor's "Kid froir Spain" for distribution, figuring that if 'anybody wanted to see a musical this season, he would have to see that one. Since the story of "42nd Street" involved the production of a stage show, it was decided that a few lend realism. Few. it appeared anticipated the success which resulted. The numbers "made" the picture, and it be- developed, the obvious opportunity for musical films resulted io a wave of them that left movie fan» apathetic. Musicals became box office poison and movie mojuU put them out of their lives. That's all changed now. The film that became a musical by accident has brot a rain of dollars to dancers and ivory poundera along Hollywood bulevard. Where once chorines were glad to get $3 a day jobs as extras, with a box lunch thrown in, .they are now playing one producer .,—^.., _v -. *-„ u^-^^u^M i**«*v a *%" N.I. c UVT¥ yi<t/mK um? yrouUCcr song and dance numbers might- against the other. One girl was offered $85 a week to join the chorus of a projected musical. "Sorry, I have ^n offer of $125 at another studio." ihe said. WAUKESHA, Wisconsin, <U.E)- "Am^ricanitis," a disease caused by the speed, suspense and noise of modern living, is attacking modern life today, arcording to Dr. F. J. Woodhead. "In the machine age, it is the survival of the fleetest," says Dr. Woodhead. 'The strain of the age Is demonstrated by the fact that altho disease and the death rate are decreasing, the number of insane in the United States is increasing. "If nerves were made of steel like the vast sinews of machinery, there could be no objection to the efSiciency of modern Industry, but Dresden. China, is no more fragile than the human nervous system. Either may break nn'der unnatural strain or rough handling. "Time was when people who complained of uoisc were told. 'You'll get used to it.' but recent studies have proved definitely that noise is a nunaee to health. The Wall street crash of 1929 took a greater toll of health than an epidemic. Dr. Woodhead believes. "The worry and suspense which gripped men wa* the cause of the largest share of functional nervous dlseasts during that period," he said. LOST $30 on FREAK CALF i HADDAM. Kan.. (U.E) — F. L. Larrabee was offered $300 for a freak calf which, had three eyes, a hole for another, two noses and two upper lips. He turned down the offer and decided to exhibit- the animal at the world's fair. The day after the offei was made, the calf died. Stars Sparkle in Gay White Way Adrienne Ames White is always glamorous and HIP Hollywood stars know it! \dricnne Ames wears a perfectly beautiful pajama costume ol corded white silk. The trouserh are cut very full to allow com fort and tlic sleeves, with ex ti'omcly full nrmholCH. tnper down nejuly ill If') 1 wrlals. Slie add> I lie rVdiiirni l;ol( ' of • 1 <>n'™«t b - v , ,,„,,. Kl - • "•n>iii bow, tien cl uini'-i' licr cliin. Mof e, VALUE for Hard Earned Dollars at WARDS CLEARANCE SPECIALS! SILK PRINTS One lot of fine all silk prints and plain pastels at less than half price. ?Cl* Values to Jl.OO. Per yard ..... *5«» MEN'S UNDERWEAR Athletic union suits in nainsook and rayon. Values 'to 6;9c SCRAMBLE TABLE Articles from all departments at greatly reduced prices. Some reduced to one- tenth their original val- ]/ ue. AD less, than ..... /2 NOTION SPECIAL One lot of bias tape, hair pins, lingerie tape and measuring tapes, lOc values . . . RAYON DAMASK 36-inch plain and striped, fine * quality; Sunfast; 49c value. . . . CURTAIN SETS 5 dozen sets which formerly sold as high as $100. Panels, criss cross, cottage sets ....... . . •I IV jour You'd Expect to Pay 25% More! Atlas Roofing! $1.50 forWards Drastic Cut in Riverside Spark Ping Prices NOW! 42C •ocA insets Equal to makes costing 60c! These are 1st quality spark plugs in every way. And again Ward's reduces price! Bay now in sets. Keep Cool with this Insulated Door Gas Range! $42.95 85 down, $5.50 monthly, Snail carrying charg* Full porcelain enamel inside and ont—easy to\ clean. Colon «re spring green and ivory. Save 25% average price! PvRoll Fine quality roofing at '/« less than the average cost of similar grade. Waterproof, fire- resisting! Do that roofing job now before prices advance. Covers 100 tq. ft. With nails and cement. You Can't 100% Pure Ward's Marprooi Varnish dries in 4 hrs.. Costs less! Equals or surpasses 22 leading brands all costing more! PLAT WALL PAINT dries overnight. Wash- DRY FAST ENAMEL. dries in 1 hours. 3uart . . . BRUSHES lOc to $1.35 Wards Automatic* Water System! Economical to Operate— Just a few cents a day $49*95 And Ward's priwi saves you al least • S10! Here's a powerfully motored, dependable system for wells 22 ft. deep or (ess. Will pomp 250 gal*, per hour. Buy Better 0il!~ Pennsylvanta Oil 59c GALLON ..- w SHY. eantcintr Save half on 1st quality motor oil! Riverside 1007o pure Pennsylvania Oil will not break down under intense heat! Service stations get double Ward's price! Quick Drain Valve FREE with 5 gals, or more. It ends getting under car to drain. RIVERSIDE GREASES | mission Grease, 5 Ib. at Ward Savings: Cup 69c; Hi Pressure Grease, Grease, 5 Ib. 55c; Trans- | 1 Ib. i8c, 5 Ib. 75c. All Yoiir Washing In 3O Minutes! It'i Easy With Word's HEW Weaker $ m f^m $4 Down, 51.00 o v, — Small carrying charge Here's 1933's super value in electric washers. Ward's 'exclusive ripple tub provides gentle washboard action! It gets clothes whiter! A whole tubfnl in 6 minutes! Saves time—work! Has porcelain enameled tub inside and outside. Guaranteed 100% overload motor. And other important, features! Yet Ward's price saves yon 20%! Also With Brig?* A Stratton GOT Engine for hom*t without electricity A Great Refrigerator value! Tr n Kohl Electric 50 JSeAW* NEW 1933 MODEL ONLY Here's real value—real savinp! This new TruKold Junior compare* in efficiency with other famous makes costing up to $100! Has 4 cu. ft. of food storage space and seven square feet of shelf space. Fall 2^ inch insulation all around. Freezes 42 io« cubes. And it» cooling unit rum and uses cunrnt only % of the time! That means greater economy, longer Uff. Other new TruKolds up to $l<&.50. Food Chopper A Ward Vo/v. $1,00 Cuts 3 Ibs. a minute, and cuts dean. No shredding. It is h e a v- ily tinned. Two-Burner A Ward Vain Portable' gasoline stove with bnilt-in brass onran. Instant lighting. Safe! $8.50 Zinc-ite Wears longer—and costs you 25% less! $249 Gal. On booses and in laboratories, it ont-covers, ont- wears and "hides" better than lead and o i 1 painU. Comes in 21 attractive colors. ROOF PAINT. per gal. . . . 75c BRUSHES, all kinds, lOc up to $1.25 Motor A Won/ '/a-gal. size Keeps contents hot or cold for 24 hours! 1£ Lb. Iron A Ward Valoe $1.00 Leu Corrf Set AreaJ u boy"! FnH-size, fin- i sh e d in gleaming nickel. Cable $2.69 . 100 ft. Lij'.ou oy lin- d erwri t er i. Safe, easy to u*c. Yon ean't h n v better Trouble Light A Ward Valu* 89c 20-Ju .. * I r a heavy nibber cord. Guard protects bnlb. Lijhi This Oil Range Heats Oven at Gas Range Speed $29.9$ $3 down, 95 monthly, small carrying charge As speedy, as hot as gas! 5 big. wick]ess automatic burners. Oven and cooking top 30-40% larger than on other oil ranges costing 25% more. You'd expect to Pay at least f fais Radio! $12-95 lisrc ire i.,> •.„,:<!!• . ity features: Super- dynamic speaker; Superheterodyne circuit; Automatic volume control; short waves down to 73 meters, in ad- ditjon In regular broadcast*. Gets pt>lic«i calls, ships. S tabes licensed by R.CA. A.C or D.C. O;N T G O M E R/Y iWAR D

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