The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1948
Page 5
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*V«KUT, /UNK 14, 1046 KoreanWounded By Soviet Gunfire Russians Continue To Inflamt Situation I" Occupation Zon« .. . *J J a«>'« K. Hoiwr r* SU " < ; »"»P««'<i'-«t ""* I5 ' ltJP '-A Korean "" Alllp ™<»> "wn ami H 'I' 6 '** 1 ' 0 " 8ro«|) ha* beivi ed alo,,g llle UJS .-s 0 viet bor- «„ by 8unfire " om thc c^.* 0116 ' "*• ofllcali reix> '' v - ,,.! h V hooU " g occurred yesterday '" . «»nsl>yo, on n,e OneJin Peninsula, 95 ln ;ie s Northwest ol Seoul. 'he Army reported.thai the Kki- re«n, *no worked as an interpreter, wa-s wounded by a burst rrom an • UMnmic weapon while standing "n the AmericHii side of (lie border. on* bullet penetrated his arm It was bc:ieved that North Korean police, who guard the Russian woe of Hie border under Russian a:rec!joi!, were responsible for the shooting. An American civilian, who also was inspecting dam and irrigation Irom U. Gen. John R, Hocisc. American-Soviet border, wns wounded in tlie same neighborhood May 2fi The Russians )mve ignored a demand from Lt. Gen. oJhn H. Hodge, American jone commander, that the Rus- fiau occupation chief apologize lor the shooting. Meantime atl economic crisis has hit American-occupied Southern Korea became of a shortage of tlccuicity. The shortage was caused by Communists who pulled the switch on power fiovdne the American zone a month ago. The American military government has been only 50 per cent successful in its efforts to replace the po»er previously supplied by hydroelectric plants in the North. As a result, much Southern industry has been slowed to one-fourth of capacity, food production is drooping, prices are rising and the water supply is endangered. BLYTMKV1LLH (ARJC.) COUMM Linen Gives Crisp Touch to Togs Son Francisco Authoress of 60 Books Dies SAN FRANCISCO, June 15. — 'UP)—A link between the present and San Francisco's colorful past was broken today upon the death of novelist Gertrude Atherlon, whose life spanned all but eight Irish linen >c«ssorle» will add their crisp touch In costumes this summer. The girl, center above, twirls a whit* parasol as a CCK- lume ac«ent tor her afternoon print dress. More linen refreshers picdirrd include fiiidy-liirkril handing, lower lefl; blue bottro upper left; saniliils. npurr i IK lit. dyed pink to match the dress;'and t°ruich i:iilor's In'iet in white banded with navy, lower right. gold rush. Mrs. Atherlon died in Stanford Hospital at 5:15 p.m. yesterday at the age of M. she was hospitalized two weeks ago after suffering a cerebral stroke, aggravated by the Infirmities of her age. The author of 60 books. Mrs. Atherton rightly earned tor herself the name "Grand Duchess of American Literature." Up to a short time before her death, .she continued to write 1,000 wdids a day. Her first bopk, "The Dooms- woman,' was published In 1892. After one book a year, and sometimes two. Some of her best known novels in- . eluded "Rezanov" c!906>. "Tower ol t Ivory" (1910), and "The Sophisticates" (1931). I The most successful was "Black Oxen." which created a sensation' in 1923 because it described the then indelicate theme of rejuvenation liy x-ray treatments and gland opera- Mi " °I >( '» tion.s. • ' '"" -' Mrs. Alhcrlon herself submitted | to two rejuvenation experiments | one at the age of 77. because she said "my fiction tract felt iisclt entitled to a fertilizer." 'Y' We the Women amp Opens In Park Tomorrow 's Three Stores Pause and refresh yourself while shopping in Air-Con- dirioned comfort — All three Kirby Stores are Air Conditioned. Fathers Day-Next Sunday, June 20th Old Spice Shaving Sets .to $6.00 After Shave Lotion $1.00 Hot Weather Cologne ... $1.00 Sheaffer Pen and Pencil Sets or Sheaffer Pens only. D.D.T. Bombs for moths, flies and mosquitoes.. High pressure bomb regular $2.98 value only $1.75 Low pressure bombs only $1.50 Courtley Shaving Sets to $6.00 After Shave $1.00 to $5.00 Amity Bill Folds f 0 $10 Tobacco, Pouches, Pipes Tartan Sun Tan 59 C Mexana for Heat 29c Kiddie Heat Powder 25c Prescriptions are our specialty and the ninsl important part of our business. See your doctor—then brine your prescriptions fo us to save «-ilh safelv. Gtiaranlecd hcsl prices —guaranteed freshest drtifrs. • ' ' ' At Kirby's Three Stores The Bl.vlhr-villc "Y" Day Camp - ... thfr ( | yenr of oiiera- tiou at Wnlker I'ark loinorrow morning ill .'1:00 o'clock. Tile cninp will be 0 |)en six days a neck from 0:00 to 11:30 umler the ilirec- (ion of iUiss Barbara Ciillison on tile following sclieriulc: Girls—1st to 3rd grades—Monday anci Thtirsdny. Clirls Ith to Bth grades -Tuestlny and Fritlay. Boys- 1st to Gth grades—Wednesday and Saturday. Among the arts and cratl.s to Ije featured arc spnUcr pnintinp. fici- ger patnllng. slicMcrait. decoraltnii of trays, mats and other Items of woodwork, making book ends and bird houses. The cnmp is nl.TO equipped for a [number of games sncti us Softball. «y Ruth Mlllrll NEA Slalf Writer Southern Amateur Gplf Tournament Opens in Atlanta ATUANTA, Co., June 16. (UP) — The best of ihe South'* golfers went out on ihe steaming fairways ol the Capital City Country Club today In quest, of the gam«'» greato-st re- gLoniil honors, A Held of I7« was rrglsli'ird for the 42nd annual Southern Amateur cla«tc being played on the rolling turf of the historic course. A heavy ralu fell last night, but Hie jiros- peot wa* for extreme heat today »nd throusliotit (he week. Today and lomorrow player.s will shoot 18-hole rounds In llic «t- tcmpt to qunlify for (lie 32-uuni championship lligln. •rhurscliiy and M<1ay will each sec two rounds of match play, wllh the. 36-holc finals due on Saturday. There wan no paitictilur larorllu »» play hegan but locker-room KW«il> lalVert of the ffj, to iu- under Biookhuvc-n's par. lh»t Oen« D»hl- bender, Jr., of Atlanta posted Saturday In « friendly match. That round, and die Ws shot ywterulv by 17-jear- U !,i Bitty Key, of Columbus, Qa., ' and young Bobby Jones III, LI! Atlanta, were the best pre-loinncy scwe« their m*ken were revealing. NOW! See E. H. FORD Before You' DIE! at FOUNTAINS: Everywhere! ton "Chorus utrls linvc Rotten smart. niui n |,out the wroiiK tilings. Prnctltnlly nil the new' ones nrc college Blrls. They'n stiulyliiK Plnlo instead of men. And they nrcn't innrrylnit inll- lionnircs, the wny (he B l r is used lo do." So says a New York wardrobe intstves.s, \vhu 1ms been I studying showgirls niirl following i their careers (or 20 years. The liujy ims H point. And It rtocsn'l apply Just to the ccucgc Bills who BO Into show business. U applies to all girls. It doesn't, pay a woman— In the long run— (o study any subjcst at the expense of sliulylng men. Bc- ransR the w,iy Jor an nm- blllons slrl lo cinch a secure future for herself Is to pick out th« man and lend litin to (he (Ic.-k tennis, volley ball, horse| shoes. U'ther ball and badminton. In addition (o the day camp, th,^ "Y" icill continue lo oucratc tlie game room in city Hall every day ; except Sunclny fnun n:OI) ji.iii. tli) 15:30 p.m. Softball leaRiics for lyjys | will be played at the Division Street playRr.miutt and (be Lan"O School grounds will he opened witii- in a ten days a; a playground. altar. Blytheville Has Quota Of 20 for 'Y' Boys' Camp Four Dlytlieville boys have resis- ' tered a I, the ulythcvillc 'V to attend the summer camp at Mammoth Knrinss operaled by the Mcm- 1 phis Y.M.C.A.. it was announced lo! day by ,1. P. Garrott, 'Y' director, wliu said that arrangement.? also } ;iaie bm: nuirir by the city'.s 11):-je I civic clubs lor each club to send a LJOV to the camp. Blylltcvillc can .send jip to 2o boys to the camp for the perior.1 from July 12 lo 26- Those who have reg- istt'ieti and paid their fees include: Robert Holl Ni:ky Wccdmnn. Nnr- lx?rt Klankensliip and Joe Shanks Jr. Working, But Weary In a career, a woman can never i let down, never on her laurels, never feel tlmt no matter what happens she will b€ taken care of. The only career open to women Hint offers nil those things Is l wise marriage. No wonder (he wardrobe mistress feels sorry for today's educated showKlrls. No matter how much time they've spent In classrooms, they aren't bright If they don't realize that a good marrlngc is Ihe best career Tor a woman. When she is at her most sciluc- i live ape. a woman had better con- r centrate on gcttitiK a husband Instead of <on m.iking a name for herself. More people suffered at'tncks of infantile paralysis In 15)411 than In any single year since iOlf!. It Is said that two-thirds of all t known kinds of creatures can glide or fly through the air. Collared lizards can run on their hinri ICBS (or a distance of 30 yards or inoic. Refined Woman Sales minded, .'15 (o 50, good character references, for per- nianciil work. Hours convenient for women selected. Wiilp, jfivc phone to Suifc 225, Haiti more Hldg., Memphis, Tenn. Unvarying quality for 76 years has created such demand for this fine Kentucky Bourbon that there has never been enough Yellowstone, 100 PROOF oiflcd in Bond undcr^U. S. Govt. supervision-Yellowwont Inc., Louisville, Kentucky —"•-••- lt LIOUOR 0 C A L { R SPECIAL ON BATTERIES! Yes. for jus( :in days licjfinninjc today, June M, w« are offering an exceptionally hijfh trade-in value on your old ha ((cry KKGAIilH.KSS OK CONDITION. So don't »;tit for your present baUery (o full. If thai bitilcrv is over a ye;ir old, briny it in now and (ak« advantage «f this outstanding offer. Buy Now Buy Now. . . Buy Now Still & Young Motor Co. "Eventually We Will iic Recommended lo You" \Valnut a( First I'hont 4333 or 4331 Boys! Gfrlsi Win A Prize Ride Your Bicycle in WARDS BIKE PARADE TO BE HELD IN JUNE • REGISTER AT WARDS . . . Hurry, everyone's cnlcring! No fee. • DECORATE YOUR BIKE '. . '. or wear n runny costume. Uc original! • RIDE IN THE PARADE . . . lltcii llic real fun will slnrl. l:jiier iiowl •WIN A PRIZE . . . sec |]ie ninny valuable prize-sal Wards! DON'T DEIAY ENTER THE PARADE NOW! EITEINMEIT SUE MINI SUIPUS CHAPEL BUILDI1CS (For Oft-SHu UM O^*y> Lo«rt«4 At Cup Joseph 1. UTTLI ROCK, AIKANSAS lor purchaw and lajmov«l «4 kill chap.l buhdlrg. wllh Ihalr pmwiHy STo'v. 'il« frjr'u'*' "°* '°"'* <l ** **• o World Wai II <J tl d' »"*••"•''?«,?,,.'. >«J| "miu of wnnMp. »ia Irwil.d on -. ai (i, whar» )j" baffi, «ru4 ferltffr dticilrjtd ai lallowi: Nln* typ-j CH-I Ch.pali, 7001, 293, 2019, 398, 4*1, , 784, 6001, and 9313, with it«am heating plarft, solid con<r«t* foundation and Inner plori support ttt« Jtruclurx. Interior wall » 10S siding, interior wall It V\" wall board, rolled typo asphalt roof, celling finished centermatch with exposed trusses, chimney it brick with cement mortar and lined with tile flu* liner, including presently installed fixtures, heating and electrical equipment. Efecrric organ, if any, i* not Included. HOW—WHEN— AND WHERE TO SUY Arplfcarloni mini U lubmlHad on Hunt formi ohtninabU from ]h« Oflica iam»d htlow. 1M| term daieribct Iht 'I ula and prcvldil IntrruHioni on ho' THIS OFFERING IS SUSIECT TO THE roaowiNc PBIORITIES IN ORDEX LISTED: !. StJl. «nd I. Non Ptofil cjl inl AqincU* THtSE PRIORITIES WIU. EXPIRE AT 1:00 A. M.. CST. JUNE 25. 1141 link ad*ar1h»rn«nl 1| no) a UsU for A*q<>. liilion ««d War AlKli ASmlrmtration 5.-II >h* rlg^t 1o tor.lldir all bldi In liqhl cf lh» ^ppUc^b't ablactiv*! Q| Surplui fropiflr Aef. *rtd to («|«ct or all ptQpoiall. ll»nil curr«nHr biin^ purchaivd by Ihi F»otr»l Govvrnminl lor Mlional ojafinia <ri iiibiict lo »ilhd.a.<l »p lo llm. o( • commllm«nl lot tala. Appllcallooi vlll t. ,,t.I»,d »t Ih. War Auali Admlnritration Rtfilonal Oltict Horlh AmirlcAn AvIaHon riant "A '' , Inipicllon ol H)« ptopirl^ miy b« 41. rino.d wllh Ih. ONit. n'jmid b»lo» a, (hi Rtifdani Miniqir on Ih* Sju I-QO AM. lo <.JO F.M,, Mondit trough Frldaj. For'lh. r.quir.d applkillon lorm .nd lor hrcllMr Ijform.lton iddr.u Ih, Oflk. thovn balow: Grand Pralrl« Buioral Otfic* REGION 7 P. O. BOX 6O30 DALLAS 1, TEXAS GPMt PROTECT YOUR WITH POA'TJAC SERVICE Care that matches the car! Most Pontiac owners will use nothing bin authorized Pomnic Service —because Po/nmc Service is so precisely matched 10 (fie fine car they arc driving. Our men who work on your car are skilled mechanics (rained by factory experts. To them every part is a familiar pan. The ci|nipmcni they use is all selected especially to service Pomiacs. I ill's assures low cost and accufate work. And if new pans arc required, a large supply of fartory-ciigiiiccrcd parts is available. Each part fits exactly— as if it were bcrng used back at the factory. It's our policy to do only (he work you need and order—to do it right and as /ast as possible. That saves you time and money and assures you complete satisfaction. Let us serve you regularly. A PnJntt ,/G,*,r*l Malm N* |P«>CI Pitta* hr mtt-Tm li IM Sent Im M M* SMITH PONTIAC CO. 123 So. Lilly ' ' Phone 4371

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