Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 12, 1955 · Page 14
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 14

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1955
Page 14
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. iftltiS,, CUMBERLAND, MO» WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER ^ -»..•», w»uu,»n^ OK THE MAYO ••.;. AND I CITY -•' COUNCIL , OF CUMBEK >.:• LAND. MARYLAND, ENTITLED, "A ORDINANCE TP-PKOVIDB FOB 1111 '.ISSUANCE,': AND SALE, OF SER1A , -COUPON.BONDS IN .THE AMOUNT O i SEVEN HUNDRED AND P1K1Y THOU :.' 'SAND DOLLARS U7SO.WO.OO), TO BbA : ..INTEREST TO BE KIXED BY;™ >•• SUCCESSFUL' BIDDER, PAi AUL V SBMl-ANNUALLY. AND TO BE KNOW. AS-''WATER IMPROVEMENT BOND 'OFl 1*55','ISSUED PURSUANT TO Til AUTHORITY CONTAINED IN SUBSEC - TIDN-'Cd) OK 'SECTION tt OF TH CHARTER OF TIIK MAYOR AND C1T COUNCIL OK CUMBF.HI.AND. AS I'RO VIDED BY CHARTER AMENU.MEN •• 'R1SOLUTION NO. 2 OF THE CHAKTE OF THE MAYOR'AND CITY COUNCI ORi CUMBERLAND.'.MARYLAND, h! -"FECTIVE AUGUST 31, 1955, AND PIK. - VIDiNU HEREIN FOR THE -FORJ •-: TBNOR, DENOMINATION, MATUIII1 1 .DATES AND OTHER PROVISIONS 0 SAID BONDS: PROVIDING FOIl THL . SALE OK SAID BONDS TO THE H1GI EST COMPETITIVE BIDDER AT PUB LIC SALE OX THE BASIS OF Til. LOWEST INTEREST COST TO SA1 MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL OF CUJ BEHLAND: PROVIDING KO11 THE L> -. PEND1TORE- OF THE'PROCEEDS 0 SALE OF SAID BONDS; AND I1KQU1I . ING THE MAYOR "AND CITY .COUNCI: OF CUMBERLAND TO'CHARGE "" COLLECT FOR'THE WATER PLIED TO THE RESIDENTS OF CITY OF CUMBERLAND AND VIC - ' 1TY A SUM SUFFICIENT TO PAY T' EXPENSES HERETOFORE AND HE— XFTER NECESSARY FOR .THE OPER ATION OF THE WATER SYSTEM O' CUMBERLAND. MARYLAND, AND.T PAY FOR THE REDEMPTION OF Tilt BONDS NOW OUTSTANDING ACAINS .' THE CITY OF CUMBERLAND FOR WATER IMPROVEMENTS. AND Till BOND ISSUE. 'AND THE INTEREST W ..ND SUP •II :HE ACL THE BONDED 1NDEBTKDNES OF THE CITY OK CUMBERLAND PEH'TAININO .TO THE- WATER s\s TEM OF SAID CITY;': PROVIDING THAT IF THE RECEIPTS" FROM THE WATER DEPARTMENT SHALL. . BI ' ATER . . '- LESS THAN THE EXPENSES HERl.TO FORE MENTIONED IN. ANY YEAR OR YEARS, THE , MAYOK .AND. CITY COUNCIL OF CUMBERLAND SHAH LEVY FROM TIME 'TO TIME .SUCH AMOUNT ON THE ASSESSABLE PROP ERTY OK THE CITY AS MAY " NECESSARY TO PAY THE. .BON .ISSUED -HEHEUNDER, AND THE '!.. .TCRESTITHEREON. PROVIDED HOW F.VER, THAT IN CASE OF A DEF1CI1 IN THE WATER . DEPARTMENT .IN ANY YEAR . • THE WATER-RATES . . . SHALL BE INCREASED FOB THE'SUC CEF.DING YEAR SUFFICIENT TO PAY -.- OFF. SUCH DEFICIT; AND PROVID NO ': -t-UHTHEB THAT SAID BONDS T'lAY BE ISSUED AT .ANY TIME AFTER , : : (501 DAYS FROM THE PASSAGE OF " THIS ORDINANCE . BUT NOT LATER .'.. 'THAN FOUR «) YEARS . FROM THE 'DATE OF- ITS PASSAGE. SUBJECT, TO SUBSECTION (d) OF SECTION M OF ••: THE CHARTER OF THE MAYOR AND CITY -COUNCIL . OF THE CITY OF CUMBERLAND.". V. :..' : WHEREAS, by vlrtue.of Article 11-E o the Constitution of the Stale of Map-land approved by the voters of this State .a . : the General Election ' held on Novembe ''2 1954 and by .Implementing leiislatlol . enacted by Chapter.4!3 of the Acts_of thi General Assembly :of Maryland of .1955 which said Ac' i added Sections 9 to 43 " • Article 23A of the Annotated Code . : Maryland, title "Municipal Corporations, subtitle "Home. Rule," the various mu - 'nicipalltlcs 'of the State . of Maryland . other than Baltimore City, were liven the' power and authority to amend their . own city charters; and '. • .. ' WHEREAS, pursuant to the aforesali • uthorily, the . Mayor and City Counci of Cumberland, Maryland, .by -Charter : Amendment Resolution No. 2, passed on the llth day of July, J955, and which . said Charter Amendment .became effec- live-on the 31st day of August. 1955,, the ' Mayor and City Council of .Cumberland amended its City- Charier by enacting a : now subsection (d) of Section 82 ot sail! City Charter, giving authority for and providing the procedure to be followed In ' the issuance ot Water Department Bonds and this Ordinance Is being passed In pursuance of said authority and In accordance with the procedure so. estab- Ushed. -. . . . NOW THEREFORF.l . '•; BECT10N J. BE IT SO ORDAINED •' fl¥ THE MAYOR. AND. CITY COUNCIL OF CUMBERLAND, That pursuant to the authority conferred upon it by subsection (dl of Section «Z of the Charter ol the Ch*y of Cumberland. Maryland, salt Mayor and City Council shall .Issue, at .* time alter, fllty (50) .days from the passage of this Ordinance .but 'not later thin four' (4) years from the date of its paVage. Ills 'negotiable coupon aerial Minis in Ihe amount of Seven- Hundred and* Fifty Thousand Dollars. (J750.000.00), . and" sell the aamc. and 'use the. proceeds thereof Jor the purpose of paying any i expenses of' any kind incurred by it In connection with the construction of a witter pipe line and connections thereto tntm the City ol Cumberland to the vicinity of the Pittsburgh Plale Glass Cohipany Plant, near North Branch .In Dfttrict No. 16. Allegany county, Mary- .lahd, and to use the remainder therco fot expenses of any kind incurred by it In' the repair, rehabilitation and expansion of Its water Plant lacillllcs at or near Lake Gordon, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, and for no other purpose, or puYposcs. Said bonds shall be .of the dc- notaatlon of One Thousand .Dollars (St.OOO.OO) each and bearing the numbers .iffl having the maturities as hereinafter set forth; said bonds shall be signed with the facsimile signature. of tho Mayor of thfl City of Cumbcrlnnd and attested by the manual .signature ot the City Clerk with a facsimile ol the Corporate Sea of' the City, and shall be dated October 1 '1955, and bear Interest from said date at'a rale to be fixed by the successful bidder, but not in excess of four per- celitum W,1 per annum, payable In equal semi-annual installmrnts on the 1st dav ot April, and the 1st day ol October, In'thc year 1956 and in each and every year thereafter, as evidenced by coupons therefor attached to said bonds hearing the lacslmtle signature ot the Mayor of the City. The issue of bonds hereby authorized shall consist ol: Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars ($750,000.00) Water Improvement Bonds of 1955, numbered con- Jecutlvely from No. 1 to No, 750, both numbers inclusive, and maturing In the order ot their consecutive numbers in varying serial Installments over a period of nineteen (19) years, beginning with the year 1962 and including the year 1974. on October 1st of each of such years, twrnty (20) of said bonds maturing in the year 1962; thirty (30) of said bonds maturing In the year .1963; fllty 150) o! said bonds maturing in each of the years 1964 to 1971, Inclusive; one hundred (100) of •aid bonds maturing in the year 1972. 1973 and 1974, inclusive. 'all issued as aforesaid pursuant to the authority'of subsection (d) of Section 82 of the Charier of the City of Cumberland, Maryland. SECTION 2. AND BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, That the form of said Bonds and the coupons thereto attached shall be substantially as follows; . (Back of Bond) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA STATE OF MARYLAND ' . CITY OF. CUMBERLAND ' ' WATER IMPROVEMENT BONDS ' OF 1955 ' ' • DATED OCTOBER 1. 1SS5 NO. ..... . ..... Principal Due , 19.. Interest Payable ................... and - .................. . Principal and Inlcrest Payable at the Office of the'. Treasurer of the City of Cumberland - Cumberland, Maryland t (Face of Bond) - •' " ''• UNITED STATES OK AMERICA . . STATE OF MARYLAND CITY OF CUMBERLAND WATER IMPROVEMENT BONDS •• ' OF 1955 DATED OCTOBER 1. 1955* NO .. ' 11.000.00 KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRES ENTS: 'That the Mayor and City Counci of Cumberland, a. municipal corporation orfiantied and existing, under the. laws o the -Stale of Maryland, hereby acknowl edges ilself Indebted, tor value received and promises to pay to the. bearer hereof on the,. of ...... . ......... , 1*..'... the sum of One Thousand Dollars (II, 000.00) with interest thereon at the rale cf ....percentum (...,.-..«',) per annum payable Kml-annuilly on the ...... <?ay o * ..,,.... and the..,. -day of... ..... ;.. 'In 1 each and every year unlll the maturity hejeof, upon 'presentation and. surrcndc of the respective coupons hereto attached at they,. severally become due and pay able. Both principal and Interest of till bond are payable In lawful money of Ihe United Stales of America at the office e* •til Treasurer of Ihe Clly ol CumberlaW lit the Clly Hall, at Cumberland, Aluj- f?any County, M*rylalK).V . . 'This bond Is one of 11 !«•»• o< »«VM llundrrt *nd Filly bonds, each of Ike H Ttlue ef one Thousand Dalian (ILOW.H) •farefatlnz': Seven Hundred 'and' Fifty TKHsand Mlllrl O7M.WW.OO).' all dated Oteter 1, mi, known «• the "Waler 1m menl Hondi.of. 1J5!,", with Inleres ' .. ,, Ithuwn' payable keinl-anmially, • April I mi October I,' unltr the rcitxctiVr. ma ttrWti of aeld hondi In iccordtncti'wlth . atunx c*ii»e« elii Iktrait. All «. uM.t»Ml in. (MUM l«wr it* «H«t)WM»t» l> nl«, Mint bcr>, nwuirttln Md'Mlemt. Said bond. are > numtxrrt MMKtlllvcly . Irani Nl Ow (1) to N»i S»VM Hundred aid Flit (730), 'both'niltuber. Inclu.lvc, »nd' mi ture ID ' III* • onfcr «l Infeir. eoniccullv* numbcl. In varying iaiUlhncnl, over.r ix-rlM):id. nllKlttn.(!•), yc«rf,.;be|lniilni with Ihc >«ar i«J a»d Includlni th« jta 1974. idn'iOctobtr, irt'.'ol.^oi vwcl years, bond, numbtrtii fwm;one,<l)'l twenty (JO) Inclu.llt.. inacurlnj In, 19(2 bond, huinbcnd-tweiiy^iM (Jl> lo.flfl 150) Inclusive. maturing In 1963}'. bond numbered fifty-em (SI) ;to one hundred (100) Inclusive, ni.turlDjc 'la. 1W4{ • bond iorship' of Fort Cumberland- Pos 13, American-Legion, according to indrid Thomas F.'Coniori, chairman.... .'•> ncusve, g ' numbered one hundred-and one (101)'I ' • one hundred and fllty': (150) ' Incluit niaturlne in 1965;-bonds numbeixd .01 IiiiiNlrcd and fifty-one.'(151) -to two : hu drcd'(200) Inclusive-; • maturing In .196 bond, numbered two . hundred -and •" (SOI) to two hundred, and'fifty,, (250)] ... elusive, maturing . in 11967} 'bonds flum bcrcd two hundred and flfty^one. (251)'' three hundred (300) •inclusive,, niaturl In 19G8: bonds numbered 'three 'hundr** and one UOI) to three hundred'and fiil> (330) inclusive, iriatiirlrig In 1969i bond numbered three hundred'. arid . fifty-one (.lit) to four hundred («00> inclusive; ma luring in 1970: bonds numbered four hu' drcd and one (401) to four hundred ai fifly (450) inclusive, maturing >in 197. bonds numbered four hundred and fifty one (4S1) to'fivc liundrcd and fifty. (550 inclusive, maluririt in l'J72: bonds Bum bc-red five hundred and fifly-one (551) U sis hundred and fitly (650) inclusive, ma luring in 1973; and bonds hundred and liny-one.ffisi) Io seven hup drcd and fifly 1750) inclusive, mallirin in 1974. • '...-• .-. '.. ' '' ; . Said bonds are issued under aulhorlt of Ordinance No. ...... of Ihe Mayor an Clly Council.of Cumberland. Maryland, municipal corporation,. adopleil Scplem her . 1955: Ihe aulhority of salt Mayor anil Cily Council of Cumberland Maryland. Io pass said Ordinance-No . bclnc given to said Mayor and Citj Council of Cumberland. Maryland..- b) subsection (d) of Section C2 ol Ihe Char tcr of Ihc City of Cumberland. Mai-ylanc as provided by Charter Amendment Rcso iulion No. 2 of flic Mayor and City Coun cil of Cumberland. Maryland, which sal< Charier Amendmcnl was made pursuan io Ihe authority given to the municipal! Lies of tile Stale of Maryland, with Ih exception of. Baltimore City, by Artlcl 11-E of Ihe Constilulion *>f Ihc.Slate b Maryland approved by the .yolers of In State of Maryland al the general election held on November 2; 1954, and by impl- mcntlnfi Legislalion enacted by Chapit. 423 of Ihe Acts of ihe General Assembly of Maryland of 1955. Said bonds ar- issued for Ibe'purpose, of firsl payin any expenses of any kind incurred by Ih Mayor'and Clly Council of Cumberland Maryland, in connection with the eon strucli9n of a water pipe'line and con riections thereto from the City of Cum berland to the vicinity of the Pittsburg] Plale Glass Company, near North Bra— u in District 16 of Ailegany County, ML.. and and the use of the remaining pro cceds from the sale of said bonds lor ex >ensea of any kind incurred by the Mayor >nd Clly Council of Cumberland, Mary and, lii tht repair, rehabilitation and ex panslon of it, water plant facilities at 01 near Lak. Gordon, Bedford County, Penn sylvania, and' for no other purpos. 01 purposes. • . .-.:•<' ' Said Ordinance No. . —. of tht Mayor and Cily Council of Cumberland, aulhor zes the Mayor and .City Council Io charge and collccl lor the water mppllci 10 the residents of the Clly ot Cumbci land and vlcinlly. a sum sufficient to pa: the expenses heretofore and. hercaftc necessary for the operation of the watc system of Cumberland, Maryland, and t< pay the principal of and interest on Hit Jonds of the Clly of Cumberland, now outstanding, pelalnlne to th« water »ys em of said Cily and this bond issue, a! he same fail due; and the money. sc charged and collected shall be kept and malnlalned in a fund separate: il-being he'Intention .of this Acl to . enable the ,Iayor and Ciiy Council of Cumberlam o so operate the water supply of said City lhat Ihe revenue therefrom shall be jsed to defray the heretofore or hereafter xpenses connected therewith, provided, il he receipts from the .Water Department hall be less lhan the expenses in-any or years, the Mayor and City Coun- 11 shall levy from time Io time auch mount on the assessable property of the City as may be necessary to pay the onds issued hereunder, and the Interest hereon. provided, however, thai Ihe wsler rates shall be Increased for the ucceedlng year sufficient to pay off such These bonds are exempt from Stale, County and Municipal taxation in the Stale of Maryland, and the full faith anti credit of the Mayor and city Council of Cumberland Is hereby Irrevocably pledged or'the payment of-the same and of Ihc iterest. to accrue thereon. . .. . It U hereby certified and recited, that neh and'every act. condition, and fhln« equlred to exist, to be..done, to have appened and to be performed, precedent o and In the issuance of this bond, docs xlst has been done, has happened and been performed in full and alrlcl ompllance with the Constitution and aws of the State of Maryland, and the rders and ordinances of the Mayor and "Ity Council of Cumberland, and that the ssue ol bonds, ot which this Is one, to- ether with all hlher Indcblcdness of the layor and City Council of Cumberland, s within every debt and other limit prc- cribcd by the Constilulion and Laws of his State. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, The Mayor *nd City Council of Cumberland. has caused this bond to be signed with the acslmlle signature ol the Mayor ot laid Citv and to be attested by the manual Ig'nature of the City ClerK, wilh a facsimile ot Its corporate seal, and the coupons attached hereto to be signed with he facsimile signature of the Mayor, all ,f of 19 --" - MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL OF CUMBERLAND: BY * MAYOR ATTEST: Various civic, veterans arid .fra te.rnal.organizations .and niusica ta groups are. being scrit invitations m to appear Jn..the line : of.march. Services Start At Wiley F«3rd !' services will be held a ! the'/Wiley.; Ford "Church- of ..the Nazariehe today 1 . through October 23,at-7:30,i).m. \ ..... Rev.: J.;; S. Brahnon, commis sioned evangelist of the West Vir ginia District of. the Church of. the Nazarehe will speak each night. ; Rev;, L. A. Fahrihger, pastor said there will be a musical pro gram. ,'•".' -. ' ,• ....;;":'.-..;.. . ;; . CITY CLERK (Form of Coupon) ftO . I The Mayor and Cily Council of Cumberland., a municipal corporation ol Ihf slale of Maryland, will pay Io the bearer in the day of - — Doliari','at'ihe Office of the Treasurer ot he CSty ot Cumberland, Maryland, upon presentation and surrender of this coupon Bclns the semi-annual inlercst Ihcn due n its Water Improvement Bonds of 1953 S'o. dated < " .'"MAYOR '.••• • SECTION 3. AND BE IT.FURTHER ORDAINED, That, In the evenl no refer- ndum 'Is requested by the requisite num- icr uf petilioners within forty (40) days rom the date of the passage of this Irdlnance; the Commissioner of Finance and Revenue be, and he Is hereby direct- d to 1 prepare and offer for'sale 1 bonds in he amount of Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars (S750.000.00) to be issucc inder this Ordinance and .known " •Water Improvement Bonds of 1955,' a he said Commissioner of Finance and levenue shall cause advertisement to be made and inserted in two daily news tapers printed and circulated In the Citi Cumberland, nut less than ten (10) ,'s prior to the dale of Ihe sale therc- and such further 1 advertisement as may deem proper, giving notice thai ne will olfcr said bonds for sale on Ihe Slh day of November, 1955, at 10:00 rclock A. M. : • . , . Scaled bids for the entire Issue ol said Kinds will be received by the City Clerk mlil the time aforesaid and at said lime ihall be opened by him upon said day at en o'clock A. M., in the Cily Hall, Cuir berland, Maryland. In the • presence < e Mayor and City Council of Cumhci nd, in public meeting. No bid for less nan par and accrued .inlcTesl to date of delivery, and no condilional bid. shall be entertained A bid conditioned upon ap proval of the -bidder or of his counsel imed or unnamed, shall be deemed a condilional bid. Unless all bids are re k^ctcd, th« bonds shall be awarded to the responsible ' bidder offering to purchase he bonds «t the lowest Interesl cost to the City, such cos: to be dclcrmlncd by deducting the 1 total amount of the prc mlum bid, tf any. the aggregate upo bid amount of interest upon all of Ihe bonds until their respective maturities. If-two more responsible bidders have made uius, each of which represents the lowest nlerest cost to the City, Ihen such bonds may be'awarded In a. ratable proportion long such bidder,. The time and place lettlement ihall be mutually agreed ,-n between-Ill. City .and the successlu' Idde'r. .r. ... ' . : F.ach of said bid, ihall state thr amount of money per One Hundred Dol >rs (JlOO.M) which the bidder will paj for said bonds. Bidder, shall be request cd to name the Interest rate or rate,, not exceeding four percenlum Mc£) per. annum.'. In. multiple, of one-eighth ol one ptreentum (Vfc of 1£>, and each bidder mutt apeclly In his bid the Interest rale for In* bond..of each maturity, .Bidder, may nanit • dilferenl rate of Interest for each maturity, but all bondl of any one maturity muit btar Interciljat tha same "•nie Mayor and City Coulcll of Cum berland shall ind doe. hereby reterve Ihe rlihl Io reject «ny .nil .11 bid,., «n<l In th< (vent of idrh refection II ihall n >dverllw-lor further bid, by (Ivlnl 1" (10) day,- notice'thereof a, aforeiaM from tlrnt tn time, until said hnnd, an •old. All Mdl Ihall be iccUmpanM. by - TiWMni'i tt ---"—' Parade Plaiiried :A:iwradc..wiii be held Initurn bcrland on, Veterans Day; Friday Obituary , , ______________ , ..„. . .. November 11 at 8 p.m. under sjwn- Chrl>ti»n Mothers ; of the parish. L.-II-I-''-.--*-^- ^.^•...i.ij.m. . glides hjf husband, ;( she is survived by Edward R. Grabensteih, parade will form in the vi- land; Charles, Richard and Francis cini^'-oVthe^SUU'.'^^^''^^!^^^ South.;Centre;Street at .7; p.|h; ter,'• .\-Betty. : ,'Jo;^'.Grabjnsijln 1 . ./'ill Cii.b Pack'To Meet' Cub; Pack ;lb of "the* LaVale School will meet Friday at 7:3< p.' m.. at the school. Parents of children interested in joining the 3roup are asked to.faring them to :he .meeting. . ... .. . ek on ii responsible banking institution the amount of Eighteen..Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Doliari. (SIB, 750.00),.payable to the-Mayor and City Council of Cumberland. ... ' . ' SECTION 4. AND BE IT. FURTHER ORDAINED, That upon the receipt of the proceeds from the sale of said bonds,-the mmissioner-«f Finance arid Revenue his capacity a, City. Treasurer, shal deposit the same. in. Ihe Cily Depository or Depositories of Cumberland, and aai( proceeds shall be used for the purpose o paying any. expenses-.of any kind incur red by said City in the issuance of said bonds and in • connection with the con- slntclion'of a .wafer pipe line and con neclions ;thereto from, the City of Cum berland to the vicinity.of the Pittsburgh Plate Glasa Company. Plant, near 'Norf Kranch In-'District 16, Allegany County p Maryland, and the 'remainder .shall be *>*: used for paying the expenses of any kind ncurred by said City In the repair, Vabllftatlon and- expansion of Its .water ilant facilities at or near Lake Gordon Bedford County, Pennsylvania, and for no her purpose or purposes. SECTION S. AND BE IT FURTHER ORDAINF.D, That the Mayor and Clly Council shall charge and collect - for the water supplied to the residents of the City'of Cumberland and vicinity, a sum sufficient to pay the expenses heretofore a'nd hereafter necessary for the operation if the water system ol . Cumberland Maryland,' pay the principal ol and interest on the bonds of.Ihe city of Cumberland, now outstanding:, pertaining o Ihe waler system of said City, anc his bond issue, as the same : fall due; and the money so charged and collcclec shall be kept and maintained'in a fund separate, it being the intention of this Irdinance to enable Ihe Mayor and Cily Council of'Cumberland Io so operate the Vacer Department of aald City, that the renue therefrom shall be used to di ray the.heretofore or hereafter expcnt, . onnectcd therewith; Including . interest ind principal on Water Department bonds, .irovided, if the receipts from the Water )eparlment shall he less lhan the ex- tenses In. any year or years, the Mayor ind. City Council shall levy from time to ime such amount on the assessable prop- rty of the City as may be necessary to lay the bonds issued hereunder, and the nterest thereon, provided, however, that n any year In which a deficit occurs In he Water Department, the water, rates shall bt Increased for Ihe nexl succeed- ng year aufflcient'to pay off such deficit. Nothinc in .this ordinance. shall . be aken 'a, limiting, or. diminiahinff fn .'any manner th* .security to which said bonds r coupons are for any reason entitled nder said "subsection (d) of Section 82 f the Charter of the Mayor and City ouncil of Cumberland, and this Ordin- nce shall constitute a contract upon the art of the Mayor and City Council ol Cumberland with the holders of said s for the payment of the same in ccotdance .with their maturity dates as icrein fixed and the.Interest thereon, as nd when the same shall be due and SECTION 6. AND BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED. That this Ordinance shall be published once a week, for at least foui . successive Weeks in one or mon dally newspapers in the Cily of Cumber- and, pursuant to subsection (d) of Sec- lop 82 of the.Charter of the Mayor and City Council of Cumberland, Maryland. SECTION 7. AND BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, That this ordinance shall ike effect from the date of Its pa: Passed this 19lh day of September, 1355. /s/ ROY W. EVES, Mayor Attest: WALLACE C. ULLERV, City Clerk —Adv. Sept T-2B Oct 5-12-19 THE STATE TAX COMMISSION OF MARYLAND icreby Rives notice that ARTICLES OF DISSOLUTION of THE CUMBERLAND WESTERNPORT. .TRANSIT COMPANY were received for record oh Aug. ust 8, .1955. in accordance with the pro- Islons of Sec. 73 of Art. 23 of the Code (1991 Edition). OWEN E. HITCHINS CORNELIUS P. MUNDY Adv—T-Oct. 5-12-19 2fi Commissioners (Continued from P«» 13) stationed with the,'; Army/.in. Ehg- home;; three sisters,' Mrs.: Bud Aldertori and Mrs. Thomas -Morgan,- ;both of this city, and Mrs. William Michaels,; Eckhart, -arid tiiree brothers, Thomas ..Neat, Crtvsaptown; Orville. Neat, .Cleveland, and .Earl Neat, Akron.; .'The booy.will remain at the 1 John J*.; Hater Chapel' of the'Hills Mor- tiia'ry. Funeral arrangements are incomplete pending the arriyal'-.of her son; from England./ . " ';. Vyilliam:M: Plunkelt - FROSTBURG —. William ^Plunkett,; 47, of 97 Mt: Pleasarit Street; died yesterday in Miners Hospital where he.was admitted last/Suh 1 day. He had been in ill health/'for the past .six :years:'. :•'. :;.•. .' : , : M lie was a son of the late Maurice and Helen (Preston)'Plunkett; He was a member of First Methodist Church;' He is survived, by,- his widow, Mrs. 'Margaret (Whitfield) Plunkett;. a daughter, Mrs.'.John - J. Preston, Baltimore; a soil, William--L. -Piunke'lt,' Frostbtirg; s sister, Mrs. Le'ota, Miller, •. Frost burg; a brother;. Enoch Plunkett, Hagerstpvyn, .arid' .two grand' children. '.. ........ • The body is at the Hafer Funeral Home here.' ;.- Mrs. Bertha;Walker HAMBLETQN — Mrs. Bertha (Paugh) Walker, 65, died;Monday in Tucker County Hospital, Parsons. She'was a daughter of .the late Abraham B. and Ida (Knapp).Hel- She resided at Lake Lynn, until 'two .months, ago when ihe came, here .to -reside: with daughter, Mrs. Howard Rhodes. Besides her daughter, - she .'is survived., by ..-her husband, . B Henry Walker; a son, Jonathan Paugh, Mpdrefield; four other daughters,. Mrs. Mildred ; Kelly, Washington, Mrs. Pauline Weaver, Cleveland, Mrs. Dorothy Watkins, Kingwood, and Mrs. Esther,Shaf- 'er, of here; two brothers, Dewey rlelmick, Parkersburg, and'.W. B. Helmick, Fort Ashby; three 'sis- :ers, Mrs. Florence . Lipscoinb, Thomas, Mrs. Flossie-Luzier, Pat- .on, Pa., and Mrs. Edna Sutton, Harlstown, Pa.; a half-brother, Waiter Helmick, Thomas, and two lalf-sisters, Mrs. Georgianna Fike, _',^ and Mrs. Ella Sipes, Richmond; 10 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Her first husband was the late 3r. Samuel Paugh, who died in May 1945; Mrs.. Walker was a member of ;he Church of the Brethren.. . the ; body is at the Rhodes residence here, where funeral services will be held tomorrow at 2:30 p. m vith Rev. G. Bland Brady, .pastor if Parsons EUB Church pfficiat- ng. Interment will be in McNeely Cemetery at Hendricks.. Hartman Services PETERSBURG — Services . for ;gt. First Class Ralph William Hartman, 27, of here, who was :il|ed Sunday at Chipley, Ga., in ,n automobile accident, will be conducted tomorrow at 2 p. m. at :h« Petersburg Methodist Church. Rev. Lawrence Sherwood, pas,or of the church, will officiate, assisted by Rev. L. .H.' Schinzing, pastor of the Petersburg Gospel Tabernacle. Burial will be in Mt. febron Cemetery at Maysville. ville. The body will be at the Schaeffer Funeral Home here. SFC Hartman had been .a prisoner of the Chinese Communists in Korea for 3314 months before his release in 1953. Hopcralt Services for Mrs. Regi'na E. Hopcraft, wife of Jesse Hopcraft, 219 Maryland Avenue, who died ycs- EXH1BIT C FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF THE INDUSTRIAL PROMOTION FUND OF THE CUMBERLAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE .JULY 1. lil.w TO JUNE 3d. 1<I5S ; CONDITION OF FUND AS OF JUNE 30. USI Total subscriptions as Bhown on books of Chamber ot Commerce'. • . ' . payable on or before March 31. 195J ' ...:..'. $163,775.16 Net Contribution of Cumberland and Allegany Induslrlal Promollon Company - % • • .• • - : .«• intcrcsl on Deposits .' Cash collections on subscriptions as of June 30, 1955 ...1155,529.66 Cash conlrrbullon from Cumberland and Allegany ' Industrial Promotion Company 3,593.02 :nterest on deposits ....: : 1,590.32 ,. tl60,713.00' '2H.99 ............. 1,6(7,00 ........'.'.... 3,313.51 Total. Cash Received 3 subscription installments delinquent . since December 31, 1952 ...: 63 subscription installments delinquent ilnca March 31, 1953 ........: :. 91 subscription installments delinquent since March 31. 1954 .:...' TOTALS ;...,.... ;..;'.....1168,958.50 S1M,938.30 OPERATION OF FUND FROM JULY 1, U» TO JUNE 80, Total Cash Receipts as shown above to June 30, 1955 $160,713.00 EXPENDITURES Expenditures for the fiscal years ended June 30, 1933 and June 30, 1954 detailed in financial atalemcnts for those years: . ' Fiscal year ended June 30,-1953 - ; . .1 16,220.28 Fiscal year ended June 30,- 1954 .'. : :...- 26,440.04 EXPENDITURES FOR FISCAL YEAR JULY 1, 1933 TO JUNE 30, 1034 Office Furniture arid Fixture, ...... 1 30.00 Salaries: ..':/: . . • • . A. H. Hargreaves ..:.... '..:.;' ^'"''iS P. F. Thrasher ;;..'...; ;...;......... ;.,. 2,400.00. Robert Will •;'•.;.V.;..-.':'.''. i 8,390.33 Alien R. William, .' .• ; 69-25 Extra Clerical Help .'I... ;..:.: , 697.16 : Travel Expenses- ..'..•..•..'.-•:... .'....•....;.'.;:. ..5,191.23 Stationery, Supplies and General office Expense. —...:... -532.14: Postage ..'.. ..f.....'.;'.'.:.; :......... -409.87 Telephone and Telegraph' .'.......:......-...... -1,191.21 -Kent ..-,..-..;•....'.•;;;..:.,,..•.... : ;.'..'....;;..': I.I40.00 Promotional Material .:........;.....;.......:.; -.;.• 3,925.02 Dues and Subscriptlohi .::...: :.....;..; : . 235.00 Payroll'Taxes ......::..:.....V........:..V '. :.... ' S17.7I AudltlnB ..:..;.,. ::....-..,..<'. 50.00 Fidelity Bond ......;...'..:'...:...' .....;...'..'........; 5.00 .' CASH BALANCE ;....';„........,.:...''.;..;..;.:....'......'.:•....:. . :• - '.-- '': •'.•; .. ; '.-'. ," CASM SITIJATIOIil '-'., Taih Balance ...;....:..- •' .'..:... Cash oh deposit In varying amounts in The Liberty Trust Company,: Second Nali.-.n«i Bunk, Flnt. National'. Bank, .. . Commercial Savings Bank, Cumberland • Savlnl,': Bank. .-'.. •',:,: '.. and .First Federal. Saving,- * ' I/i>n - Auoclallon, 'all if . •• ,;•-'• CumberUnn,'Maryland, on June 3d, 1155 ..,...::,.....'....I M.UO.M Travel.liind f«r UM nf-man,«er:.i..,,.,',..,..........i.'..'..: "'HOO.OO Depoalt'for Air.Travel Card ...'...;;....../...:..,.:... : : 425.00., Petty Cash F««l ;.:;.. ::. ....:...; :... 100.00 ..........;.« «,4M3« ~'i' Wrebv eertliy ttuYt I "«« «x'amiiKd Iki reeorii «V lb« CumberlM* Cli«mbtr - M™1«1 lai rteord, ol Ike TruiUw «( lh« Irvdurtrial Pron»Oo« Ijjjjjj UuiltM Imiolw HcwM Ii « wmtt ,laUmeix'«< t>« eiMHIm^ •> . _I uM MM Iran July 1,1M> <• MM M, 1HI, a, MMWI by HM nw**, wr'wrlHy•MM U» *HiHi,W Mlel F«Ml III the BtaM-mMtMlM IMMW IIMIUIMH •••< "»«• »• 1M3; mra perwnally mrllltd by me, aM I >|M «r1OK Ih. travel fund •< HH.H, UM Alr^rivtl Card dfpoilt o( tUSM, and (to pttijr el* m ,,. , . JOHN W, ROLLINS, JR., . ., ... OclftWr 5,. IMS- My«1lHiMlt-N«et. U. terday ! «t the.Evans Nursing Home in Oakland,, will be conducted tomorrow at 9 a. m. in St. Patrick's Catholic 1 '. Church;;.,:Interment • will be in the 'church cemetery. '";! : The.body is.'at.the Stein Funeral " ' ! " " Frietids Aware School Project .Plans regarding the transportation 1 of < students . to :; the ;'speclal classes : being .' held at ' La Vale School will be discussed at a meeting of Friends Aware of -Handicapped Children, tomorrow at -. f p.m. at the Cumberland Savings Bank; t ' ..•'"- '•.'•'••••'.. ''•'.' :'. .The parents of the, children at- tehdihg the classes have .been asked 'to attend so that a decision can be'inade in the matter, according/ to 'Mrs. -John ; J. Long; president, who: added that several fund raising projects will also be .discussed. . , .... ' '.'Mrs. Marcus . Naughton will . be in ' charge vof .a 'social following the meetirig. She will be assisted by Mrs.. Charles' Statler and Mrs. Helen. Wolford. ... ... ;; have been" even greater, had it not CKarles.p^Harris; a.member "of been for the layoff of about 500 the;Standard- teW^ Board; ,sart workers at. the Fairchild' Aircraft Division at Hagcrstown. The coni- beeri pany announced it'had-to reduce ... .. ^ .,.-.. jts work forceat least temporarily »«™..* -.^PJ™*v because it was near the end of ah Eleven Of ficers I • (Continued from Page 13) at the .Buchanan • Lumber .Company- . ." ;.. . ; -. . • ;-•• -.-,'.' Lt. Cornwell is a nalive 'of Moatsville and is affiliated with Keyser Air Service as a pilot and aircraft arid power plant mechanic. He was called to. active duty in 1943 and commissioned in June of that year, as a pilot. He is a graduate of West. Virginia University. Lt: Gainer of Romhey. entered the Air Force in July of 1952 and was commissioned- two years later: lie is a pharmacist at-Gainer's''D Store in Rorhney arid,is a graduate of Wes't/Virginia University; RecniUing Party. : Li. Gra'cie, bf Frostburg, enlisted in.December-of 1942 and^was com ; missidned in . 1944.' He.: attended Xavier University and is co-owner of. the Clarysvill'e Jlotors, 'Frostburg. ' "••-••"• ._ .'•-.••• ';•: Lt. Heacpx,-a.native of.Cumber- land,..enlisted in July of J942'and served in Africa; Italy.and : Frarice. He has bachelor of science degree in economics . from Franklin, and College and is "secretary- treasurer of Webb's Shoe Store. t.- Winterstine of Ridgeley entered the service in June 1943 and was commissioned a pilot in 1944. He is a yard brakeman for the Western Maryland Railway. Major Fauss also announced-last night that plans for a recruiting drive with a party at the Herman Rooni of the'Queen City Brewery on Friday night.' Films will be shown. •'' t - ..,-.. There" are: openings Flight J for : admiriistration,; aircraft mechanic, and non-commissioned officers courses. The .latter' is for veterans who held the rank of .irman first class or higher. Grant County Man .n Good Condition William G. Aycrs, 25, Grant County, is reported in "good" condition at Potomac Valley Hospital in Keyser where he was admitted last Friday following a hunting accident. ' ;. Hospital attaches said Ayers was admitted with approximately 100 shotgun pellets in his body. Authorities said he was wounded jy a shot from a weapon reportedly ' fired by Marvin, Likens of Laurel Dale. Employment -Security i-eported ?ay, returning to about' the, average i maintained through the -siiiri- jiisti 'this : ' • ' - mer'after a one week spiirt. ' There were 3,625 claim's the pi-e- State .cmployiss. ..-•.. '' /(bus week.'The increase, then: was . , .. .. attributed 'almost entirely .to the 40 hours '.work ;: per "'week. shutdown of two automobile asserri- models. the drop- in new 'claims woilid coverage.', Air: Force contract for "building "EYuiheV-rRnvrafc"•' ;1 -• \ ':'."•' fled ::: Employe^ AjssnS: agreed ''to i 'is ::\if'- ' i^ -Geheral : .. ..-.. . , . .;2. : '0yertime'pay. f6r..more: than " ' „ ^workers,-! ite employes have a stroni j. Walter Goiigh' was, VeellcSdJt: president 'of- the; associaUon.-, i^:.;;-;-; •:in Harney National Forest iii,the ; .i Black Hills of-South pakota',';ii6r:.,> cupines cause .more damaj!e-.;tbj| trees-ihah : .do fires'.:-: '••''•'',' ' V.v':'' ; . i Social Security coverage be- bly plants in .the Baltimore area ytiiijl present State fetiremeht sys- so 'they could be fstdoled : for new t'eirt benefits'.. .••.•'.;.;.;:; >.'.•;";! ' . .... .. .4.,tfncmpl6yment , compensatioii . he .couldn't : divulge '.details of : the board's.acUdn^qnla pay raise, : but *AAeiA iu\* l rAU"An/iniir*ba>HV'hv-tho Other sources indicate the;board :New -'claims : at. Hagerstown jumped from 78 to 188 last week. New applications : at':- Frederick also continued higher than the re : cent average, last week's 115 rep-| resenting • an increase, bf ; 18 over the' previous week. There was. a continuing effect, of the' cancellation of a private firm's scientific development contract at . Canip Detrick..:' . '.-". • >',;-'/ '"';'•.•..'. The Baltimdre. arid ..Towsbh fig. ures dropped sharply last week, as sharply arid as suddenly as'they had increased the week before because of the shutdown at the automobile plants; ' ' . ..-: .'.-.. Last week's total of new claims in the state — 2,171 — compared with 3,076; in the "corresponding week of 1954 and-.1,979 in. the corresponding week of 1953. A year ago, the nation's economy : was showing /strong sighs.-; of- moving forward .again after the "recession", or. "roiling adjustment" which, began- late, in -1933.. Two years ago, the first-signs of the setback were just becoming apparent and the weekly claims load began a more or less steady climb until it hit.a peak of 9,000 in the.winter, and spring of 1954. Priest Will (Continued 'from Page 13)hall. A reception will he held from 8 to 10 p.m. at the church hall with Mrs. J. Walter Byer,. chairman. She .will be assisted by Mrs. George Carney. Mrs. Kathleen Click Murray, .Mrs. Samuel.Dru- beck, Mrs. Frederick A. -Pudcr- batigh, Mrs. Carol Soethe, Mrs. Albert Hill! Mrs. ..Richard P. Shireman, Mrs. Stephen Hornick and Mrs. Richard F. McMullen. Enrolls In College Among the students',enrolled In the electrical!-engineering, department at 'Tri-Slate- College; Angola, [hd., is Wayne'"L. Long, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie C. Long, 436 -Race Itreet. . . • has • recommended that ,a!l 'State employes .be. moved.• iip 'one : notch on the- merit system salary: scale ext July. Such a proposal .would!' South Cumberland Retidtnts . . . It's more convenient :to pay your telephone -.ana, jlectric bills here. . Cumberland Savings Bank . •V'' s ; . FUNERAL FLOWERS Try >R Ml f««'«l Our QlUU taik.l BOPP'S FLOWERS 19 N. lib.tly St. Ph. PA-3-4330 Gwiltney^s SMITHFIELD HAMS * I9e — M ASOM'S JUG STORES— * 1 120 Virginia Av«.-La«y MM. OPEN DAILY nd SUNDAYS YOU SAVE AT FACTORY-TO-YOU PRICES Natural Birch Kitchen Cabinets Open Weekdays 8 A. M. to 9 f. M. :< CUMBERLAND KITCHENS CUSTOM BUILT Oiiploy *«m and, lUtXSllE, MO. Ph«n. PA 1-510] AMAZING DECORATION Cots *n like paint C**r* walk like platter 5-lb. Package Cavers Up to 85 Sq. Ft. •oton ... align Ibit "AS - wiiili." SK tin Itoflf IM* Color Tntm i» rgSr old dnfc walk, HMO •nr tin nirfic* im a ao Come in aha talk over Your Point Problems 301 — AVMW* - facihc DMaltir. ; ± ,•••'-•'"•'• : /;'i'v;.'M.;^:'.J''v;i^.(i !: r f ; ' " •{•';.:'•!• '^•^••JM^(

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