Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 12, 1955 · Page 13
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
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Wednesday, October 12, 1955
Page 13
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I 'Wf^f&N&p. .\-'-i;,' \ '-...- '••' '. ''. ?•••_. i Swend Section •Women" Siciid -lieiieirii'::, . To Commissioners And Cumberland Council •:;-' . .- Ji The: f Celanese .- , Corporation 'of America 'today anrioiihcct' 'it' plain /to-'anandoh. its plant, at-iHopeweU, -**; ! o" ; '••''•• ;.""• •;-/•'/ •;•;;• '• :'A .-; number. ,6(:\ supervisory, :env '.' plpyes , at , the Celco operation in Hbpsweli • are from •'. 'Cumberland. . . • . v: -they were" transferred' to the Virginia plant when the 'dye house at . .yAmcelie was moved there iii April .'C;of.;i952;' = ; ; :-";: .•---.:;•';. ' : v:,C •: v^THe ,Cci.ancsc,said;.the^consolida- tiiii "program will/hot; affect opera-lions at the' Amcelle plan, at Rock . ":Hill,,..S.:.:,C;;'. Narrows,:, Va:, :,and '' ; ' ; ':- '".": " : *. '. . 'ConsiUJatira Mdyemeiit .' '('•'. :Vttiefe,*; are' 330 .workers ; at .Vrie • Hppewell ..plant, the Celco opera- .;.tiohs-.wijl .be. moved, to; Charlotte^ : ''; ^afcVTh'isVis; inline-. with 'ah-ari- 1 -snour/cemcnt'-, by ! Celariese , that all devcipprhent laboratories .attached ;. .jtolUffi textiie.markef ep^ratlons are '• .being cohsbjidatc'd'-in-' Charlotte.;; .ViThevihnb'uncemcrit at Hopeweli ./.eaughi local ; leaders by surprise. But.they were buoyed by, a. follow: upfstatement by >Richard; S;- Key; npldsjr;-, president : of Reynolds ' '" . ;*;Rcynblds;siid,he wanted to have : a look at Uie abandoned plant. "W* might be able' to 'do something with ':'jt.'''rjie;said/^':.'.''''"" ••'• -.T: .•",'• : ;5? He, .noted' that Reynolds"- which maintains its national headquar- :vt<i<'-jn-'nearby: RicHmond, plans, to construct a 3 million dollar alumi- V-num'-extrusioni plant, in -Chesterr Afield /County: .'" •'"" '' ., ; we/could put . our 'ex- \truslbn plant ' in Hopeweil," he !c; '..:;.'} V.Y.X. .,;:,'-'.,---:-,' Tii.M«lti.Mf«'pty;. : : -,'.^. Marvin C.'Neal said the city would make an all-out effort : to; bring a replacement, industry to Hopeweil. Celco's local plant has •i Conirnunity.'phest, drive, workers bday' rebor'ted^a tqtaLof, $70,621 of :he goal of $124,7*4 Has-.been-coi- ec*ed.-::v/:^- ; :-. ..--.•'.•.' " c '.'*&£: The tabiiiatlon was made at hobii at third report i'meetiiig in Central : YMCA. ,vvV ;' -. •''-'.'/}-' ; The breakdown, of the 'drive so f follows: .•'Advanced'gifts, $«!lbl; classified section, $20,468; sale; army; $2:408 ,and; residential, i,544. ;- : '-.,'...-:'.••••'.•• .'-' '••"*, At,'Moray' meetingr.the coiitributiohs • as' o'f that date Coaled :$54.337.50f or 43.1.' per cent of the/goal. ;.' "- 'Y --.. '.'• ; -•".' '... At. that: time ...advanced-, gifts amounted to. $39,i21. of. the goal of been "engaged^ in ^dycirig, firiishirig jes.OOO; classified, $13,800 of the goal of- $50,000,1 and sales .army, $1.316.50 of i the "goal of-$6,500.; "This year -the Classified; ;and sales: army volunteer solicitors'arc emphasizing the'payroll deduction plan,'which is being offered by many-employers. ::.'-' : .the'"guide,to thoughtful giving" las been set up as a suggested way for-contributors on this plan; '. and weaving: fabric,. • A Celco official said some of the workers would' be transferred to Charlotte when the consolidation is completed by midsummer 1958.V -The official said some.^emplbyes will go to other plants.operated by the firm but: he didn't know, how many could be ^absorbed;•:' It is doubtful, he indicated, that all "can be placed. ?,~t :' . ;' ••'/."• \' .'.-,• No estimate was available on the total to be directly affected. ^ Hopeweil ..Chamber of-Cornmerce officials observed that the; annual payroll was ^'considerable.", Ani'.aj- tiiiiatc of The payrqlFalsp:'^" 1 ^"' available.-,; . V : : : ', : ;' ; / X coriipany: official said Celanese would, continue to operate jexien- sive laboratories iri Summit, -N.J., arid. Clark*ood, Texas, for lbng r range research. Although •'. it' was; opened.(by .the Tubizc Rayon', Corp.. the plarit.;at Hopeweli has been in bperation since. 1934.. Tubize.-and Celanese merged in 1945. : •••', -. Moved Fabric Work . Its Tricot -knitting department was : closed - iri, January. 1953, .resulting in the laying, off .of about 90. persons. In • May of that year, Celanese transferred fabric development: work here from Staunton. Ceiahese Corp. of America, said today it is establishing at Charlotte the most complete' development laboratories ever attached to a textile marketing operation:* K. C. Loughlin,'vice president and general manager, said the move is. being effected by solidation' of sales personnel and technical service facilities drawn from Celanese operations in New York-City, Summit,",N. J., Hopewell Va and Burlington N C with those already at Charlotte; John W. Brooks, the. corporation^s.. director of. textile marketing^ will have headquarters at Charlotte. The selling organization will be reinforced by special .technical services designed-to-help textile mills utilize new fibers and create^ profitable; new fabrics from them, Loughlin said. Others To Move Personnel involved in the marketing department consolidation are supervisory • employes .and pilot plant technicians from the : .experimental • weaving, - 'dyeing and finishing plant in Hopeweil. Members of the team which developed arnel and fortisan-36 fibers will come from research laboratories in Summit Some development per sonncl will be shifted from the spun yarn null in Burlington But Loughlin said commercial opera tiohs at/Burlington will not be affected nor will the operations,at Cumberland Md Rock Hill S C Narrows Va and Rome Ga jam producing plants be involved ••'Celanese will continue to operate extensive central research «laboratories in Summit NJ and VClarkwood Tex bate research for "long-range Loughlin .added. The Hopeweil plant will continue to operate for a number ol months It is expected that after the first of the year the plant will be restricted to dyeing and finish ing arncl fabrics < Class Of 1931 Meets Tomorrow Further plans for the 15th anni versary of the Allegany High School clau of 1H1 will be at a meeting tomorrow at l p m, at the Cumberland Hta hem The memben of the clan will It 1 .'attend the meeting, RESERVES PROMOTED^-The officers pictured above have'been . prbmot^?in:F;l.isht>Ji'6f.&.951U 1 Air Fbrcc.';" ; Tiie rprombtibris Were;. announced ..last; .night at, the':;: Naval/arid :-Marihe tidfps'••[Arm^l-byVi.M^r^&iiia^J/.'-Faios.l'- 'coriimandcr. of the uriit;:.Fauss : was eleyated^ from: captain. Pic- ; -: lured abpyei left.tq: 'right in the first rqw : aire'Fauss r ;Captain Joseph " j-'-y'*-"- •'•'•• '-'' '•''' - '-•'-•' -.'•'••"-' ^-.'--'.- •' ;. . .'-.^ .-'-- ; '-...''": .'^' ' ,.''.-, ..'- ( ''. '.' .5.., .-.*-.'-,.•.-•:'; "T.i.T.hi-—'-,.:.>'.;;1.-^--.--- •'.-.>' '•^^•m • '' •"-'' •- '.'"^v A '/i m' '' Airj&seM&G ;.;•'-';E!iev<m : pfficers : of Flight J,of the 9r511th;Air^Reserve Squadron of the Air.Force have been "promoted here... ''>•..:• JJajdr 'Ernesti'J.'!; Fauss, '-commanding officer, announced the promotions-at the weeikly".session last night atV the Naval -and • Marine Corps Armory.- ' For ..those making (up; to $30 a ployed. among; the 11 - men promoted. - He formerly-' held J.the'-rank. of • cap- Stepping 'up ; frorh first lieutenant. lb 'captain: were Leo"> 'G. : LaNeve; John>H.Pfeiffer,' William ; Scott and'Joseph'S-VWybdl'-.Second lieii- enarits promoted '.to"first lieutenants are- Howard A; -'Buchanan, Odbert ,-H. • Corriwell,' Laurell : A. Jainer, Thomas Gracie, Richard D. Heacox, arid Lero'y'"Winterstine: 1 Chemlit at-Amcelle " '•'• Major Fauss is - employed : as''a chemist - and ' supervisor at ,_the Arhcelle plarit- of; Celanese Corpor- atibri' of-', America:' He spent .20 mbriths. overseas' during- • World War. '|j. • Major..Fauss •'is from ^arkersburg, W. Va; . ' ••••• •••; Capt. LaNeve entered ttie service August • 1942 - arid served until December; 1945. -: A, graduate of Si Francis College, 1 h^ is self-em- week,- ; 'ten • cents, deducted each week will'mean-a ^"contribution: 31 .'.to'.-ftW.'" 15 cents for "a total of 7.50;' ^41 to $50, JO cents a week - f lof $ioV$si\to• fn, 23 a total of • 12.50":' S61 to rm/3*-cents, for I15;,$71 to $80, 35 cents.'for $17.50;.$81 :to?.$90. 40 cents"a'.week, $50;.and'$Sl .to $100, 50 cents' a week, .$25. .' i '..'•• The semi-finali report .^meeting of volunteer, workers will bYheld Fri- dayat 6 p. m. in Central YMCA, General Chairman.Kopp-said. ; Sfestor Critical Froiii Injuries ..-'/. . J ••..A 40-year-old Ridgelcy man is n:-.critical 'cond,itlon at .Sacred icart Hospital where he was admitted yesterday for treatment of injuries sustained in a 50-foot fall. Hospital-attaches said this morn- ng that Harold Nestor, RD 1, ^idgeley,: sustained the injuries when he fell while painting the roof of a barn at his; mother's tome in Fort Ashby His injuries included a fractured right'leg, injuries of both armsi a'cerations of the.face and possible head injuries. Capt. Pfeiffer was inducted here in -January..'of 1941 and was .com: missioned from" th'e aviation cadets in 1943. He flew 52 combat mis: sions.' in .thijiSouth; Pacific-.arid crash' landed at "Buna {Cona battlefield; arta'.lh October 1943.; He" is >arti : dcpartinent 'manager, at the :ollihs Studebakcr.Garage. . Capt. Scott entered the service ir,:.February i94Z and was commissioned as a-bombardier-navigator n May, of.''1943:. He had 19-combat missions : over Germany with the 3rilish Air. Force and later served aboard B-29s. He has a chemical engineers degree from Georgia Tech.:. He operates the Dy-De'e Service 'in Cumberland. He is raining officer of Flight 3. Capt. Ohituary GRABENSTEIN — -Mrs. Edward, ;45. Winchester Road. HUMPHREYS — George L., 82, Narrows Park. PLUNkFTT — WillianT M 47 Frostburg: WALKER—Mrs. Bertha, 65, Hambleton W Va .Geone L. Humphreys George L Humphreys 82 hus }and of Mrs Cora (Browniicld) Bumphrcjs Narrows Park died :his morning at Memorial Hospital He was admitted to the hos pital Monday. A native of Fairchance; Pa., he was a son of the late Edward W and Jane (Jorden) Humphreys He resided in this area for 30 years and was a former district man ager for the American Oil Com pany He was a member of Aurora Lodge 43 AF fc AM Scot tish Rite Bodies Knights Templars of Grafton W Va Osiris Temple AAONMS of Wheeling and of Park Place Methodist Church. Besides'his widow, he is survived by two daughters Mrs Irene Lcyh this city and Mrs Edna Orr, Morgantown a broth er Bruce R Humphrejs Fair chance Pa and a grandson George H Leyh Pittsburgh The body will remain at the Kight Funeral Home Where ser vices will be conducted tomorrow at T 30 p m by Rev L K Bur ton pastor of Hancock Mcthodm j| an Injured While Church Interment will be Friday , afternoon in the Falrchance (Pi) remetery ' Mr* Mwanl Grakemtehi Mrs Ulliui Lorttt* Grabemteln 41, wtf* of Edward C Grtbemtcin at|herhome ,,„ ,.~..~~.- ,. ,,™ —~ „... A native of Vale Summit she _... . hold the reunion lometlme next wai • daughter of the late John all** above both eye* when he June General chairman of the wd Loretta (Hlgglns) Neat She struck his head on the panel board program Jack DelnGrange said was a member of SS Peter and of his airplane He Mid Ma craft all members of the claaa are urged Paul Catholic Church and the struck a ifflall rock whtn landing (Continued on Page 14) .: S;,\yb<id,:Captiiin:Leo G. LaNeve, First tt.":0d'bert : H.'Cbfnwell and >First,Lt. Leroy,Wiiiterstirie. Second riw left-to right;are : Captain. i^ John^ H. ! Pfeiffef,,First It. Hbward'A.-Buchariari,.Captain 1 William .''Scott,".,First'.-Lt. Richard,'Heacox, 1 .First'.'Lt/ Thomas : Gracie and; • First Lt.• LairelPAy'Gaiherl;' The uriit has v bDeriihgs. for 'veterans in the Reserve'program of the:Air'Force; : '-' : •";'• : ; • . •' .''''""',.'. ''"'""^"^r' Meeting Here cbrnrnander.'.was The 1936. Maryland -Encampment of the Veterans of 'Foreign Wars will .be. staged, in .Cumberland "in June, according .'to"' Harry'; Reiber^ Jiird district ^commander. . ', . ReibeK •- a past commander of [lenry. : Hart .fpst , 1411, :. said-' this iibrnihg that' the decision .to hold i'e /.state ^convention." here .was Tiade'at.a department, council', of pressiori that is-made-on-.visitors administration njefeting', last' Sunday (and possibly prospective 'business- in Glen .Burnie." Dates; of the en- camprnent will be arinouhced: later. . Officers. of" the • Third District will meet this Sunday;at 2 p.'m.; at;the.local VFW Home:..:;;.. . : . ^Edward . ; '-Tatman, ..department commander, .and., his. staff-'from Salisbury, will- attend,the'meeting. The Third District- is. composed of Cumberland,. Hagerstqwri, . Loha- cohing, .Froslbiirg,' /'McCo'ole, Mt: Savage, -.Oldtown and Friendsy'ille. Tatma'n and his staff "will meet .REV. DAVID PRESSMAN PriestWili; Mark JuJbilee Served In Pacific Wyod resides at Luke where he operates a radio and television repair service. '- ' He entered the service in. November 1940 and was commissioned 1943. -Capt:-Wyod was-an nstructor - in radio fundamentals and- served in. the South Pacific 'or-18 months. Lt'Buchanan entered the Army as a pmate in 1946 and was with :he occupation. : forces in - Korea after World War II Joining the Reserves he was commissioned after graduating from the Umver sity of Maryland where he was a member of the Air Force ROTC unit. iNext-.Sun'day.'at;»:30"a.m<'.at.SS. 'eler arid Paul .Catholic -Church, he Hev. David Dressman,.-O.F.M. ;ap.. will observe his silver jubilee n the priesthood with a - solemn ugh mass. - Father David is now in' his sixth •ear as guardian of St. Joseph's ilonastery and pastor of the parish n Dover, Ohio. : Born March 16, 1905, he 'entered he Capuchin order July 14, 1925, and was ordained to the priesthood September- 23, 1930. After entering he order he studied at St.- Fidelis Seminary, Herman, Pa.; St. Fidel- s Monastery, Victoria, .-'Kansas; ,nd-Capuchin College of Catholic University, Washington. - • •' During his quarter-century - in he priesthood, Father David has spent about six years in his home parish at SS. Peter and Paul Monastery: ..During that period he .was n,charge of the Capuchin order's wo. Garrett. county missions. Stl Anne's at.Avilton and St. Stephen's it .Grarilsville. In the course of his priesthood: Father David also has served as luperior •• of the - Capuchin Mission 3and at' Toner' Institute, Pitts- He :s employed as comptroller burgh (Continued on Page 14) Child Drowns In Water Vat The 16-months-old son'of a Gamesboro couple was pronounced dead from drowning oh arrival Monday at ^Winchester Memorial Hospital. Arlie Ray Crites, son of.Mr. arid Mrs Arlie \V Crites Frederick County was found in a vat of water near the kitchen porch of their, home. The container was kept there filled with water while well was being drilled The child had been playing in the vard and when his parents missed him they found him head first in the vat They administered artificial respiration and rushed him to the hospital where c was pronounced dead Services will be conducted tomorrow at 2 p m at Crites Cemetery Petersburg Besides his parents he is sur vived by a brother Woodrow S Crites at home a sister Linda Lou Crites «t home his ma ternal grandparents Mr and Mrs James Sites of Gamesboro and his paternal grandparents Mr and Mrs Walter R Cntes Moorefleld Following the mass a dinner will be held at 11 15 for the immediate amily and friends at the parish (Continued on Page. 14) Landing Plane At'Port . "I A 27year-oH Oldtown man wii treated »t Memorial Hospiul last _. night »fter being tarred wMle WnWhwter, ROM), died yeiterdi* Undlng Mi «lrpl«« at the Com^.k. k~» 1 berland Airport ' ^ WOlUnti O'Neal sustained lacer threw him Allegany .County, bfficials are bef ng urged by. the Junior Woman's Civic -Club of.Cumberland;to approve a county wide planning and zoning law.-.:/-;.'•;';-.','.-. .''•'-'. .' Communications are'; being -sent o the Mayor and Council, of Cum- >erland and, the'. Ajlegariy County jpard of Cqmrnissioners from the club's civic !imprqverh ; ent chair-, rriari, Miss.Earlene Grim.'- '' : The" letter:is :: as follows:'•",. , .'.".This Junior-Woman's Civic Club of .Cumberland, in accordance with : its purpose of achieving civic betterment; is'-quite eager to see the establishment .of a more extensive and. more powerful planning commission .for the: city, and county. .We.'feel- that,'-in view of he .number of surveys that have ieeh .made of. community ; needs, here : , should be available a suffi: cierit quantity'Of concrete'-sugges- ioris arid .recommendations- on which to base a new.zoning law. No Question Of Need . "Certainly there can be no. ques- iqn as to. the' immediate heed for his sort of action: It-would, serve o stimulate the improvement. f existing properties, arid e'ricoiiraje he establishment'6f. finer homes arid.businesses.; '"'..'•"•• ••'..."We should, like to. see more small'. .park:;".;areas'.. established around the city in. a general "face- ifting" campaign. -Loss'of taxable propcrty.from this'action would be small-Joss compared to the great improvement ih.'.the"general ,.im- Saturday in Westrninster to . discuss membership,,. quartermaster duties.and!general instructions for ifficers'pf the WW,.and will:then motor .to .'Cumberland, for Sunday's meeting. Reiberrequested'that all officers of the Third .District attend.' Plans for the state conirentibnjhere wil be discussed. More th'an'^persons are expected fo attend..^ - •/the.Third. Dis'trict Jwill .hojdlits regulai her L liar meeting •'on: Sunday,. Octo- beflarid'amorig'the : pione< 23,' in'Hager^lowri,',;;'-';•'.••;•;•; er^thari'the'late-comers,.; Scliopl Sti'iJfee Letup Seen DAVIS-Signs. ;'of a letup in .the stride by .local students attending Thomas High School under a consolidation plan - authored. by ,the Tucker County Board .of Education., were reported - this rriqrning jy- school authorities.' been remainingraway from .classes reported to :Thomas'-High . this morning, it was stated, although the majority of -.the - local high school students did not do so. of Education was. held yesterday afternoon, when the • situation was discussed. Officials said no; repre- striking,, students - attended ..the meeting. NbXofficial absentee report.:was available this moriiirig. Yesterday's absentees included 35 local high school students who failed to LEADING ROLE^-Jerry Har- dirii above,. will have .one of the 'leading parts in "Dial M For • Murder" • when it is pre : sented at Allegany .High School :tbday at: 8:30 p. m. by the • Barter Theatre players. : . The play is sponsored by the Cum- bcrlarid Junior. Association of Commerce. * Hardin-:was selected in 1955 as "Young actor bf.the year." : Hopkins Unit Reports On '- .: :''•''-' '. ' '• .' Eiiyer Acids Sewage Gfoiip Hears Results 6i Study By Potomac Basin Grant ATKANTIC CITY,;' N. J, Ifl Chemists at Johns Hopkins.Univer- ity may have come up with men'arid ..citizens) in.our, community. . '•" ' : . . :. - •'.-. . ..'. .'.'Another rieed is for more off- street parking facilities,''both for he.husiness.section, a re: qiiiremeht • for • a building permit n" residential .areas. : . ' •• •''.-/More Exact Science ••• . ."Certainly much" has been : done ri recerityears to pull Cumberland out 'of'• its' doldrums,-' and we congratulate the : administrators responsible for the establishment of new industry, .spot clean-up campaigns, street improvements and construction, better traffic control, arid those many .improvements-to a more desirable community. But now .we feel that .a complete, forward-looking, all inclusive, plan is needed. ' . . . . ".'. .''-•"City planning is.-now a-more exact'science,.'with living" proof:of its' values... It encourages:private enterprise, as 'well as community spTrit, :p woiijd'Iike to seetCum- •---•---• ••-•—--- "-'-•- : --' rath- •as given yesterday at a rneeirag f the federation of Sewage and ndustrial-Wastes. : ..-''..'. • • ; Hopkins scientists rioted-, that a mall quantity of hydrogen .sullide, chemical, always present in coal lines, touched off an action that; esulted in the production .of sul- huric' acid. Further .experiments! bowed the formation, of the acid' ould. be.halted with solutions of ihosphate or chromate.' . '•-'•".- Test In Field : Walter A. Patrick, professor .em- :ritus of chemistry at Hopkins, vould not prediction the basis of aboratory tests, how long, the in- libitirig 'action would be effective. He'Indicated'a. real test could be the mine fields.. and the-mineral pyrite, which includes both, iron and sulphur, unite "We pledge'.''Our help 'and feel itire.'that other civic-minded citizens will do likewise." Riclgeley Plans For Recreation Mayor Charles H. Fryer was a guest of- the' Hi'dgeley Lions Club at their dinner meeting-at Perabee Lounge last night. Mayor Fryer discussed plans for recreation for Some - of the students-, who had Ridgeley youth arid the Lions voted o give four boys membership in the Central YMCA for one year., It was announced that the next regular, meeting October 25 woul be'devoted to the Ridgeley Civilian A special:meeting of the:Board Defense program under the direc lion of'Mrs. Virginia Halterman. On No\ember, 8 Cpl. Frank H. Trihbet of-the West Virginia State sentation .from .the parents of the Police'will talk- '.6 the club.on the activities of-the State Police in Mineral County. . ' Lion President William Knierierri appointed .Eston H.-Turner and Clarence Hartman a visiting committee' to call ori sick members. report to Thomas High,' ,4* '-who He also announced that the direc- failed to. report to'Davis Junior tors meetings would be held the High, apparently in sympathy with third Thursday of each month at the high school strikers and nine 7 30 p m. in the office of Leon from'Davis-Elementary School. Hammond. DEDICATION AMn-TbeM two youngiten offered Governor 1 Th»odore R' Mckeklln .an a»lit restorday wnen the Cumberland fttdgtley bridf* w*a dwHciWA Ditptqrtac • ptiKne on • girder are Patricia Hope JoJleph (Wtl* of Cum-: berland and Carol Pape of Hidgeley;.In -the background li the governor;- Notice the'tpK»: for the name of the bridge to M«nk."' •: ution to one of the.nation's riiost government. efiou's industrial- problems—pollii- ion-of rivers* by mine acad. Steps Taken On Sewage Att Westernport Health Hazard Listed ' As Result Of Drainage From Town Addition Steps toward clearing up a definite sewage hazard irr iy?sternp$irt were discussed yesterday by .representatives of the Marylarid Department of. Health with Westernport officials . _. The sta'te was represented >by J H SLhilpp of the health department's bureau-of engineering! and''J. Bi-yon Dowljrig, state sanitarian for this:county. They met .with Mayor .Okey Michaels arid Comrhissioher Ha'frjf. M. Richards in regard to the situation. Definite Hazards Dowling said "the results of the suuey completed yesteiday shows that: there are definite sewage hazards for a : distance - of 1,500 feet caused by the runoff water and sewage .from approxirn'ately 69 ttomes in the New Green-Addition iri Westernport. This sewage'.. settles. in the natural drain behind Jacob Wilson's tavern, store and auto parts buildings; -•'.>.-.• •. ; .. Y, It was'suggested that the Mayor and Council of Westernport obtain a, competent engineer to .plan the sanitary .system, for- the 'com-: m'unity.:' , ,":'.' . -: • Dowlirig pointed out this'-would eliminate the present town - government from leaving many sanitary'.problems for the succeeding ' Dowling 'said it" was also suggested that-property^ owners taken A report on :the. development care of on these new sewage lines should pay tappage fees. Dowling said the sewage - and : runoff water.from 'the .dditton is laying stagnant in the run behind the Wilson property, causing offensive odors and, constituting 'a health hazard to children' playing in the area. . ... -. -. ... •'.' '•: . It was decided that the Allegany' County Health Department would ask the State' Board - of Health for- a permit to lay approximately 500 feet, of 48-inch pipe in tlie natural drain behind the Wilson property." ' . Start.of Improvements .,'.'. The laying of this pipe will be the start of,.improvements for this ection. Wilson has agreed'to give fie Town of Westernport the.right- Scientists, know that air, - water of-way for the drainage . line. )pwling said. bowling also said•'. that' it was inside' mines to' produce millions suggested at the -meeting that •• septic tanks must be installed: on of tons of dilute sulphuric acid an Dually;'.,'.-.; ...' ;•'-..',- "/'.•'.:';'„.. '... ."Because of-'its', corrosive;.riature such. j»116[ed ; water,damage5 r pow er - plants",-" boats, •". Jocks, , s bridges, water; : ;systems' :ana' ; other .'equipment. Fish are driven downstream destroyed. Soil drained by the vater becomes excessively acid ind infertile. '.Under Patricks direction, with he assistance of Floyd W. Me- ;ollurri, graduate student in chem- cal engineering, .on investigation if the acid-forming process was icgun in the Hopkins labs. The re- earch was sponsored by a grant rom the Interstate Commission on he Potomac River Basin arid the U. S. Public Health .Service. Prime Question A prime 'question posed by Patick: Could it be that an unde- ecle'd chemical present in the Id mines triggered the. weathering of iyrite which resulted in the pro- properties having.-lnadequate sew- oge-.lines qr.-water under.:pressui'e. vSchiipp reminded the "group, ttiat he town must obtain a' permit fjd •• approval .frorri.ithe: State •Depart. - ment of Health'before any sewer, ines are.laid.'. ''." ' ' ',„<. Last winter the council -. pur- hased 252 feet of 48-inch concrete ewer pipe and planned this summer to lay it from Georges Creek o a point in the area of the WU- on garage, but could not start vork without a written right-of- luction of acid? In a report on- the experiments, 'atricfc • said the addition of mi- rule, amounts' of hydrogen "sullide irings about a reaction which produces • ferric hydroxcide arid sulphuric . acid .— the .ferric acid topping out when the : two reach a stream. . Tests showed, he said, -that solu- ions of phosphate .or chromate sprayed on the pyrite halt the for; mation of the sulphuric acid. He said only tests in the mine ields will determine the practicability of the technique for commercial : application.' Msgr. Kelly Elites Planned The body, of Rt. Rev..Msgr. Wilam E. Kelly, who died Saturday vening at Mercy Hospital, Wash- ngton, will arrive at St. Mary's Catholic Church this evening. An honor' guard from the Fourth )egree of Cumberland Council 586, Cnights of Columbus, will stand rfgil throughout the night. The psary will be recited at 8 p. m.'at he church. 'A two-car escort will be furn- shed by the Maryland State Police o St. Mary's. The body will be met at the District of Columbia ine, with the escort's working in clays. . ' ' • ' . Sgt." William F. Baker of the Cumberland . Barracks said two squad • cars from here will meet J., Baltimore, a daughter yes- ierday in •". .Wo; irrian's Hospital there. '..The mother is the former Miss Mollie Pitcher,' daughter of Mr. arid Mrs. Ronald W. Pitcher, 308 Schley Street. EVANSr-Mr. and Mrs:. Edward T., 4«.Goethe Street, a son yesterday at Memorial Hospital. •". : FRAM — Mr. and Mrs. : . Frank, ' Hyat,tsville; a; son.:yesterday at -Sacred Heart Hospital. ' - • GRAYSON-iCapt;. arid Mrs'.; Leroy Vance:-'Air Force Base, - Enid Okla!, a son.on.Tuesday at the ••base hospital.,The mother is the former Miss,Alma.Lee Phillips '^daughterVof; Claude A; Phillips ': Bowling'Green.' ', : ': , JENKINS-Mr. and Mrs. Edward RD/;i, Hyridman, a : son this morning,at: Memorial.; McMAHON-Mr and Mrs. John E.','.-:Bowling Green, ^daughter ,:, t this ^morning".'at Sacred Heart Sgt.. arid Mrs 'Hospital.': SAVAGE-Mastcr '.'Scott,'' Frankfor'd, Germany,' a of > son on' September 24 at Frank •-fort.''- The father is a.son of Mr /and-Mrs. Ross-Savage, U Alle ••giny. Street; Lonaconing. ; . : Ulyi'^epoirte^i- IBelleJr^; County Inveatigator Edwin R tUya,:J)l Carroll Street,/li, r ported in satisfactory condition' at Memorial Hospital "where, he .was admitted' ; Sunday'after ——'-- llllght heart attack at hi» home ' ' the cortege at the Allegany County ine. The/local barracks will also - urnish a two-car escort 1 from St. ff I ft it ft . Mary's to Frostburg tomorrow for he interment. . A solemn high requiem riiass will BUCHHOLTZ-i-Mr. and Mrs. Paul be celebrated tomorrow at 10 a. m. at the church. Msgr. Kelly, one of .the best known. Catholic priests in'.. Mary- . arid, was a native of Vale.Summit,. and well.knowri in Western".Maryand; He received his early ediica- iori iri Cumberland, - and was. a brmer assistant . pastor•"of , St. Peter's Church iri Westernport..-. Rt. 'Rev. Msgr.' Henry Graben- ' stein,, pastor of St. -'Anthony's Church,: Washington, will be celebrant of the mass. Rev..-Marius ,- - Elsencr, OFM, Cap.; pastor of SS. Peter -and .Paul .Church; will be .. deacon; Rev. John U: Lyness, assistant .pastor of St. Patrick'* Church, will be sub-deacon, -. and Rev. : Robert- Hopkins; assistant' iastor of St. Mary's Church,; will je master of ceremonies. Interment •': will be in . St. Michael'i Cemetery.' in,'F.rdstburg..', ','•'. : '-: >',V '• ':Pallbearers will be Rev. Regis, Lafkin,,'assistant: pastor::of.-ISt;.- "; Michael's; Rev. ;John Buckley, pas- v tor of St. Joseph's Church' in!Mid- . land; Rev. Michael Smyth, pastor : of: St 'Patrick's: of SMt Savage;.; r Rev. Leo Hewitt,'local ; MaryknoU Missionary;' Rev. .SenieurJudf. , OFM, Cap., arid Rev. Kenan Crow?:,.'' ley, OFM,;Cap.; both^of SS.;Pe^r;;, , ' v -'' . . ,^re- fare; ' ._..,.-Aii*iaUon>W:"iin»* ';>l*'-; day'at : t'.-ai;hi.'-.ana-;l-|».-si».'y», it. *v«i»_.-••_!• ••~t-Jllul.bM: / .k*--'4ki • CUM City e< Cumberland,'! ^•^f-^: 1 :--:;::-^

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