Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 2, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 2, 1933
Page 5
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LOCAL FROiDITCE. V^R(?s. flrats . Kggs, ..seconds , .• , Eggs, thli-ds ........... — . ;=Eggs, ungraded ............ Hens; No. 1 Hens. No. 2 ...No. .1 Springs. I'.-i lbs., up . No. 2 Springs Ca^wns over 9 lbs. ........ Capons, ovel" C lbs. CajKins. oyer 7 Ib.s. Ca ions, under 7 lbs. I subs ...;...|.. -Stags, lb. Cocks . Geese, lb. ... Guineas, each White Ducte, lb. Colored bucks, lb. .......3c Hides, per lb .............Ic Mixeri Com, bu. loc , Yol'.ow Com. bii. ....j.... 16^ V/heat. bu.l i 25c ^ K.ifir Corn '.'.':'.'.'.'.'.'.].... :4c kansa.s City Livestock,Close. • • Cattle: Fed siecrs ikneven. steady to 25c lower;, choice aonR yearlings SG.25. •' I Slieep: Lambs \yeak late top and bulk led Hog.s uncliantted. • ' Eslimalod liseslock rcceipus for iomonov.-: Cattle S.OOOi iioy.s' 4.000: f^heep 4.000. ' REOPENS FIGHT FOR 2ci STAMP to 25c lower: lamas S5.2.5. Kansas City Livestock. - City. Jan. '2. iAP>— /USDAi— H08.S. 4.000;; 1.^00 direct; ^mieven, 10-20 lower than . Pi-iday's avoragc; top 2.8Q on choice 170-230 lbs.: pood and choice. 140-250 lljs.. 2.05-8():. 2.50-290 lbs., 2.C0-75; 290-350 lbs.. 2.45-G5: packing; .sows 275-550 lbs.. 1.73-2.25; .slock pi^s. good and Choice, 70-130 lbs.. 2.50-751 , Cattle: 9.000; calvcsj 600; bidding weak to lower on fed| steers; other ela.s-ses comparatively iscarcc. about ;-leadv; steei-s. good and choice 550•100 lbs. 4.75-G.75: HOO-1100 lbs;. 4.50- n.75; J100-1300 lbs.. 4.00-G.25; 13001500 lbs.. 4.0C-5.75: common and medium. .550 Ib.s. up. 2.7.5-4,75: heifers. Rood and choice. 550-900 lbs., 4.50- (j.25; cows. ('Ood 2.25-3.00; vealers, (milk tcdi, medium to choice. 2.50(1.00: cull and common. )/)0-2..50; .slockfr and feedi-r .str>oi 'K. p!ood and -Tlioicf. a :75 -r >.75. . ; Slieep. 5.(ill0; early -sales' Uunbs ivcak.lo 10^ lower; some bids off nvorc: loj) fed lambs 5.50; Ininbs. cood aiid t!Ijoice SO Ib.s. down. 5.00- Oii,- pood and choice (.xi 90-98/ll).s.. J .5,00-40: ev.'cs. Kuod and choice 90- NEWS OF COLONY Charles Short Family, III of InHn- rnza. Under Care of Miss Barron: Schools Open Monday. lady. jDerr. .Jnter- Repiesont ;iiivt • Clyde Kellcy, above, is-tlie bist- friund in Con- Rri-:« ,01 lhe ;i ;l';l two -ci 'nt ,slam)). He \V;UVL,-- ii :b ;ick. claimin;^ that Uncle Sam will make more money carrying loltdr.s lor two cents than lie. dues ,at rhreo. be( lie will (•iiiry miiPe lellitr .s. Kelly. P<-nn- sylvania Republican, is clialrinan of a special sub -Committee wliicli has lecomtvieuded this chanpe till.' House., to i UISINfJ STAR Dec. 31.—Mr., and Mrs. Earnest I 'so" lbs.. ^\25-2m ". <x!-Quot^^^^ olnldren sprnt Imed. on ewes and wethers. ' ^ mji^ day at the parent:il Si umbo _j Jhomc of jMildrcd. Thaso •jpeiulinfi Chri.stnia.s at the - ton. i Daugherty home were Mr. and, Mr.s. : Robert Diuilap returned to IBra.xton Lambeth and children. Alva Fi-iday after spendine a few COLONY. De<;. 31.—The Charles :'Short family is ill of influenza.'Miss Lois Barron is caring for them. 1: The following schoolmates were i f.'ucst.s at a six o'clock dinner at the Mrs. Anna Derr home. last Satur- tby • evrfning: Mr, and Mrs, Rjiy- , mciid Derr of South Haven; Mr. ' atid Airs, Prank Bennett, of Gar- neit; Mr, and Mrs. Fred Pergu^ and Richard, Ralph {Myers, Miss-lJucUle Fergus. Marion Fergus ' and friend, of Glenlock; Miss_Elsa Ira Derr. and Mrs. Anna Derr Mrs. Annie Molesworth taincci her Sunday .school clajss 6f (Jie United church at a party JjWed- , nrnday evcnin.o. The boys iDJlayed bin.t'o until a late hour when re' freshment.s were served. Tliose jprcs- .' cut, were: Glen Lucas, Robert Lee ; Nj'lRon. Juntor Reynolds, Gordon :-MibIe .';worth.'Robert Dunlap of Tola, .John Tonkin. Kournics Cranmier, • Floyi Denton of Emporia, pean h Brooks. Ma.vnard.-Co.v. Don Mc: Cauuhey. Ellis Chalterlon. John Piiul Riirick, Lyman Hanthorne, and i Jmnes Rhodes. I Mi.<w Prankie Dysart ehtortjilned i (he uuinbers of her Sunday ,sPhool j cliiss Thursday afternoon, BinRO w :is pliiyed. a Christinas treej was jeiitoy.'d and afterwards the j .'er'.efl dainty refre.shnients, JEach ! boy received a candy airplane, T|'ho,se )iresenl were- Ru.ssell Henderson, l.eniy Nelson. Gone Christian, rialph i I'-unnell. Gladden Stanford. Dale i Pilt .s. Mi .ss Frankic Dysart. (Mrs. Molesworth. Kournies Crammer. Gordon Molesworth, Ellis Cha|tter- FIFI D.'ORSAY STARS IN ^'CIRl, FROM CALGARY' HUMBOLDT NEWS A. C. Geflfert, Farmer Near Humboldt Wins Antomobtle Given by the Legion. FEARED SLAIN SPRING; BRANCH I.Mrs. H;!roId G;iy.i Hoc. 30.—Rnndal Shenvood. w)io i pj.^ek i„Kl laniilv. ihc Howard Har- attends hi^'h school at L.-xHarpe; is ; clnldren and Mr. and .Mrs. Char- lola jdays and .spending the Christmas .holida.vs with his parent.s. _Mr- and Mrs. -.Tom Sherwood, i " • ^ ThoH(! who enjoyed a Christmas .dinner at the ,B. F. Spencer home •/.v-ere: JVIr. and'Mr.s. Clinton Snen- •' eerT Glfrn Woldin; Mis-ses.Carol and Doris Spencer. Beryl. . Eh'in. and Ivan Spencei- aiid Mr.- .-md Mrs. B. V. Si)enccr. -Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gay attend- ! Chruslmas at Harley Snyder's. ley Wauntr a)|d Betty Joe. Quit" a nunibi^r attended the pi-o- grain at-school'Friday ip spite of -the bad weatlu-i-. 'Thi; progi-am very good, bid Santa came and Rave a treat of candy, mils and oranyes to every child there. Miss Anna L^'uh Galloway is .spending the hoHda.vs ai home. Clare - Wilson and family spent —ed the wedding of Mrs. Gay's sister, -rMiss Riichel Buiterfield. and Lloyd I.e.she Roitsh. oh Christmas day. at the O.'G. Buttorfield home. Several df the folks iii this cota- munitv are bavins bad colds and the ,n .i. Ml3s Dorothy Colgin and her pu- pi'.s': gave a .short Christmas program on Fi-iday afternoon before several of the patrons of the dist rict. , The children had iheir Chri.slmas exchange and were favor- morning, ed with' a Christmas tree from R Santa. with his aunts, the Annai Maude Francis. Sf !ino! will reconvene Mondavi d.iy after Ne'w 'Vcar's. H. V. Pugh. Yates Center, v ,iaK a visitor in Colony Friday. The- funeral of Henry Vietje' held in the M. E.ichurch Friday ernoon. A larg^ number atterded Interment ".vas in the Lone Elm cpii -ietery. Mr. 93. was the oldest resident in this part of country. Mrs. H. R. Henderson is in Cl^ero- the was aft- A touch of Broadjvay and the footlights iidds glamour to "The Girl From Calgary." Fill D'Grsay has the leading role of cow-girl and stage .star, pie.sen(ing numerous song aiul dance nnvellie!.. "Girl From Calgary" will De pro.seiiled at the a:^ a siiecial ban-ain show. SUPiERSTITIOUS? THEY AREN'T! the I krc visiting 'her parents. Mr. : ?.trs. C. R. Lawrence and family and Mr. and Mrs. Logan Frame and Dec and Mrs. McCov spent Christmas at Sam Frame's near Bayard. Mr.s. Harley-Snyder. Lee. Loren. • ------and Florence Sn.vder were lola visi- and Ridhard, and Mr. and tors Saturday. ' Logan Frame and Dee spent Sun- Mr. Scobco ground feed for Clare day evening at the 'Warren S^sson Wilson Monday afternoon. liome. The 'evening* was spent in A. J. SiMingst.on and Fred .si)cni playing cards and music. Monday at Harley Snyder's. ; ; Charley Sanders and family Arlo Hopkin-f and .Jack Scobee ; lola visitors Saturday, called at Clari Wilson's Monday Lloyd Helms spent Christma^ at Columbus. Kas. ICity Mrs. were Mr and Mrs. Howard Hardy BIT Mi-ss Georgia Pyles of Kansas -indV Sherwood "-md a from ' Pa'--^->''-s of a 12-pound daugh- is spending her Christmas vacation .and.u Sheiwood. and a lienl :iom Wednesdav. Thev formerly at the parental Sam Pyles hoiiie. • , , •, , • , lived in this district. • Mrs. Logan Frame and Det; vi.j" Miss iMalx-l and Jones and .,^.^j -^vjujur Helms and • Monday afternoon at Sam Py, " J'"",,, V- A " , • •• Mr. and Mrs: Wilbur Helms ana: Carendp Abbe spent-Sunday eve-, j Colony spent the holidays; nmg at! B. F . Spencer home, - : ^^^^ parental Helms home. ; Tlie marriage of Miss Marjorie A, Bauer, daughter of James R, Bauer, of Elsmore. and Mr. Clinton F. Spencer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bs P. Kenosha, Wis.—Clarence F. Enck- Harlev Snvder and family spent j sen. newly installed sheriff of Tuesday evening at the Earnest, nosha county, started out the Helms home. Mr. • and Mrs. Ke- ne-w i vear with a resolution to let bygones He Leo MacElvane and j be bygones, politically speaking. Spencer of lola. took place at 4:30 I Bud. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Mills. Sam ; announced he would retain p. lii. Wednesday. December 21; at | Ggi -fi ^en and family. Lcp and Loren ' Schend. his rival for the Repilbli- ited es's. the phrisuan church parsonage. Tlie ceremony was jjerformed by the Rev.i J. Lee Relelord, pastor "of the ehin -ch. The couiile was accom- jianied by Miss Carol Fay Spencer. ' .Mster of the groom and Mr. Glen E. . Weldin. The bride wore a dark blue dress with acces,sories to match. The maid of honor was dressed in pink. ThC; groom wore a dark; blue suit ;ilid the best man was dreised in a da'rk sail. A four-coUrse wedding j .--dinner was served at 7 p'clock at the home. Of Mr. and Mrsi'iHarold Gay attended only by the | bride, and groom and their atteiidants.'Mre. Spencbr attended school at Savon- 'fbiirg;- Mr. Spepcer aUlended high • ».rVlio ~ol at Sabctha. KasJ They will ix' at hom<' to ihcir friends for the .jjresent at the home of jthe groom's parents, northeast of lola. We extend con^rafeiiations and wishe.s lo Mr. ancf Mrs. Clinton ' Si)encer. • \ ' Tlie Progressive club met on •Thui'sday. December 29' with Mrs. \Vilbcrn Colgin. Work lor the day wa .s, quilting, an air-pla'he quilt for — MiijS Dorothy Colgin. At the nOPn liour a bountiful dinnerl.was served ' to the following menibcrs:Mrs. Shenvood. Mrs. Spencer. Mrs. Gay. S ' Mi .s.s \,Ethel SKinrier and the hostess. iMrs., Colgin. 'Dinner guests were. .Mr. Wilbcrn.Colgin, Misses Dorothy and; Ruby Colgin. Mrs, Berkihis.r r— and Charlcne alteitded iii the afternoon. The club will hold a New Year 's eve watch party at the B. F. .Spencer home. The "ndxt meeting will be January 12. with Mrs. E. R. ~^ Weldin. ' - Mre. Minnie McCully and Irma .spent Thursday afternoon with Mrs. A: ,E. Skinner." t Snyder. Mr. and Mrs. Clare Wilson can nomination, as his deputy. JOHN D. JR., AT MUSIC HALL PREMI THE J. P. GRENNAN PRODUCE CO. C. p. COG HILL, Mgr. MULTItY ANn EGGS Kg? Cases and Snpptiea :old and Reliable—EstaljUslied 1911 Corner Monroe abi Elm (Just'West of the Water Tower) Thirteen Chicagoans for 13 days will defy all the superstitions they can think of as a ritual of the Anti-Superstition Society. Here they are. practicing. Annamac Downey supplies three on a match. Nathaniel Lcver- nioi-e smashes mirrors while he stands under a ladder, while Herman Powers holds a black cat he lets crn .ss his path. And the cat has .seven claws on each paw. HUMBOLDT, Dec. 31.—The Rev. and Mrs. C. H. Thomas whej visited their son Harold, at the Ghanute hospital Pi-iday afternoon, reported him to be so'mewhat impl"o\'ed. Harold is being treated for acut^ glandular trouble. i Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Patchem who have been making their home for the past- several months with Mrs. Patchem's ; parents. Rev. arid Mrs., C. M. Thomas, will remove the first of the week to Tulsa.' Okla., whei-c Mr. Patchem has ; secured employment. • 1- It is estimated that fully 500 people lined the streets of Hiimboldt Thursday evening, awaiting jthe results of the draw put on by Algy Post of the American Legion, in which A. C. Geffert, farmer, north of Humboldt, wa.s the winner. Miss Marjorie j Louise Casper Is spending her vacation with Mks.s Lucilc Smith, lola. The annual meeting of the City Aid .society will be held at the home of the president, Mrs. Lizzie Holt- .schneidcr, Tue.sday afternoon, January 3, ttt 3 o'clock. All members are urged to att((nd. The Oldening as.sembly chapel program of tlie lilgh .school for next year, will be held Tuesday morning, January 3. at 10:30 o'clock. Tltls program will be given by members of the alumni, and promises to be one of the best. All the alunini present are asked to register as they enter the school auditorium. The public is invited. _ i Mrs; E. E. Peak and daughter Miss Ruth, have returned from Kansas City following an extended visit with friends.' ; The Misses 'Viola and Clarice Byers of Coflfeyville are the guests thi,s week of Mr. and Mrs. James GibtaB here. ;' Mrs. William Mailey and daughter Miss Eanri, liave rctun-jcd from a .several days visit with relatives in lola. Miss Loretta Lea Harding is spending the week at the home of her grand parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Thompson of Leanna. • Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Moore. Kenneth Richard and Emily Rose, Miss Ruth Harris and "Bud" Poster, all of Jacksboro. Tex., have returned to their homes following p several days' visit here with relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. 'Voss and family of North Ninth street are all confined to their home with an attack of flu. Mrs. F. W. Hartwlg had charge of the December meeting of the Frederick Funston Chapter, i D. A. R., and gave a talk on "The Menace of Isms in America." iiembers responded to roll call with historical events in December. Mrs. Smith, assisted by Miss Aly and Fay Barrickman served refreshments which were symbolic of the Christmas season. Mrs. W. W. 'Works and Mrs. Josephine Asher were guests. Other members present were: Mrs. J, Arthur Smith, Mrs. Susan Barrackman. Mrs. Nannie P. McCarty, Mrs. J. J. Amos and Miss Eva O'Connor. Mrs. E. H. Bowlby, 'teacher for many years in the Methodist church Sunday school, recently received a beautiful gift from the members of her Sunday school class in appreciation of her services. The cla-ss voted to retain her as their teacher for the ensuing year. ; The next regular meeting of the Rebekah Sewing Circle will be held Friday afternoon. January 13. at the I. O, O. P. hall. • Thie four divisions of-the Social society of the Presbyterian church I 'AGi! l''IVK HAPPY \\ NFAVYEAR. We thank all of our cus- j itomerK for the business they have given- u.>< in 1932 and extend to j-ois : all our sincere wisher?that 1933 will be.a; bright ; and prosperous ye.Jar. I ROSSARBUCKLEllARAtlE CHRYSLEK-PlYMpUTH ; Sales—Senice—Parts i ANNOUNCEMENTS . Aactlons R. S. McColn, .above, missing; from his home In Henderson, N.' C, since Dec. 22, may be the murder victim of boy motor bums. Mc-; Coin, former state senator, wa.s; driving his car when he dLsap- peared. An anonymous letter from a "boy in" told state , authorities that McCoin had been' murdered by four youths. Colum, ; bus, Ohio, -police found a bloodr stained car in the place described in the letter, • ^ will meet next Wednesday afternoon. January 4. at 2:30 o'clock, at the following places: divlsicin at the church; second division ftt the home of Mrs. Harvey Markle; third division with Mrs. Lucy Calla- tlne. and the fourth division with Mrs. Wm. Manion. The three-act ^comedy scheduled for last Friday night at the Prairie •View school house, northwest of Humboldt, has been indefinitely postponed owing to so much sickness in the neighborhood. Martin Roos. Hurnboldt. marshal, went to Chanutc Friday night to obtain custody of Sterling Brook, negro, who had beep arrested therp the .same day for the alleged theft of a bicycle from Humboldt. Mrs. Fred ViT. Hartwig. Humboldt, high school music director; was in Chanute Saturday afternoon on business. The Rev. and Mrs. G. W. Horn and son. William, were in Chanute Saturday afternoon on business. Mr. and Mrs.-VViil Kelley, Hum'- boldt, motored to LaHarpe Friday afternoon on a combined business and pleasure trjp. Roscoe Simmons and Katherlne Vaught, both of Wichita, were unit> ed in marriage at the Presbyterian manse here Saturday by Dr. G. W. Horn, pastor of t'he Presbyterian church. AUCTION—As I lam leaving thf county I will sell at public auction on Tuesday. January':3. at 1-.30 p. m. my furniture consisting o'f 8 rooms at 702 N. Kentucky. BeMs. dressers, commodes, library, table, chifferobe. \valnut chest of drftwr ers and dresser to match, 3 -plsce living- room suite, dining table, chairs, buffet, rockers. stovTs. rugs, majiy other articles tod numerous te mention.. Fi-ed Taylor. C.'S. Bishop, Auctioneer.-_ z. , Personals ; OLD MAGAZINES and books wanted. When moving on- cleaning house give them to the-lola Public Library. J>hone 1405 or 382 ulid we wUl get them, ; L_ AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale SALES '•: \ ^^'^Se Plymoutlv Dcpendfiblc Used Cars and Trucks j ELllS MOTOR CO. ^ Phone301 Cash—Trade—Teniia BEST TJBED CARS TN TOWNi 1931 Chevrolet dual wheel iriuk, sliort wheel base 1931 Chevrolet, Truck, lone, wheel base 1928 Chevrolet Truck 1932 Chevrolet Plck-Up : 1929 Chevrolet Coupe 1927 Chrysler Roadster 1929 Essex Coupe 1929 Hud.son Sedan 11)28 Pontlac Coach 1930 Pontiac Coach 1931 Pontlac Sedan 1928 Hup 8 Coupe Plenty of Other Bargains BUD WHITE MOTOR CO. OUT OUR WAY By Williams VOU'l-l- PUWCH KAE. Otvi T^A' ^O^^, VMvA^Ki VOO A &REE .O NOT To HIT KAoee , VV\v.l_ VOO? M- l-'tOOL POMC'H KAE. INJ ' <5»T0MACH , AFVeR AGREE -iMGr NOT -TO i -K\T Tt-\E^^ / W »V .L. VOO? GRAB HtM.MAi HOUO HM FORME.? —<:'~>^ AT Wev^, MA -X CANT, VMITHV \ GLoviEe OKi _Ep? OPF Ftp? \ V40U0 -Tt-\" OOOR -TiLLX C'M GlT OuTA V ^eRE.* FtR GOSH SAV^tS / DO SOMPM' - - y -To HE.V.P A Gov ~ -SHE. R.VJKIS RVGHT IMTO PuNCVAt^,! NtM se.22. i ! John D. Rockefeller Jrj. ilefu was the hnanciai genius responsible for creation of tile new Rockefener Center in Ne-w York and he is seen here attending opening of the new Music Hall in the quarter while others in attendance were (ui)per t-ight) Amelia Earhart. whose solo flight to Ireland inspired one of the murals in the foyer, and (.lower right) Gene Timney. ' »F I HE.U=>,»-\v(M ,TLl. ) MAVJE. A B»Gr Foe.^ ON VAV HAKiOS. — AMO iT^iX MEUP HEf?, t'i-L -STW -U HAVje. A Fu ^'S,-AMD IF I -STAV , N £0-mA\_ , X'u. enuV- V^AVJE. A Fuss — Ort,VA<HfltT DO.^ PONTIAC - BUTCfC GOOD WILL USED CAIJS SHELLY MOTOR CO.! Authorized Bulck-Poiiti;ic 214 N.. Jefferson—Pho.: 80 Repalring-rGara^es' BATTERY Recharging, .50c. i Ideal Garage. EMPLOYMENT 14 Help Wanted—Male yyviBITIOUS, reliable nian wantec inimedlately, handl Watkltis Prod-: ucts In lola. Buslnes.s established; Excellent opportunity; steady employment, rapid advancement foP right man. See Mr. Harper, Hotef Kelley.. 11:00 a. m. to 1:00 p, m.j or 5:0() p. m. to 7:00 p. m. ^ 15 Situations Wanted—Female WOMAN—Age 40, wants housekeep-; ing or care of invalid. Florence' _gurry,_Bayard, Kas. . ' "~ LIVESTOCK 21 Horses, Cattle, Vehicles LAGRANDE bee. 26.—Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Morrison. Mr. and Mrs. Ru-ssell Morrison and Orval and Cai-ol w-cre dinner guests Chri.stmas day at the.Ira MOrrLson home. ' Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Gerdsen, Charles. Ralph. Minnie and ' Fannie^ Mr. and Mrs. Roy Love. Juan- ilaand Maxine. were dinner guests Christmas day at the Charley Gcrd- .sen home. , Everett Reade of lola, spent Christmas day with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Reade. On account o.f siclcness his wife and daughters wore unable to come. Mr. and Mrs. plarcnce Houk and fa!mily spent Christmas night at the parental Reade home. Mr. and Mr.s. Claude Mj^ers and Gleeford, Mi', and Mrs.' Roy Myers and Colleta. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Myers and family, and Mrs. Claude Schooley and two little sons were dinner guests Christmas at the pa- Will Myers home. Roy Bouchef.-Gas City, and-Bill Brixy were guests Christmas at llie L. B. WilUapis home. Mr. and Mrs. Earl He.sseltlne. spent Christmas at the , parental' He.s.seltine home. 'The Christmas program and tree, given by .the school and Sunday school was hold Sunday evening Instead of Friday evening and was enjoyed by all who attended. , Mr. and Mrs. Charley Ensmlnger and family. Miss Bell Ensminger and their .father, Mr! 'Phillip Ensminger,; were guests Christmas at the Will Ensminger home. . Mr. and Mrs. Clarence ; ;Thomas and Shirley. lola. Miss Rutli. Hoern- Ing, Chanute, and Johnny Hoerning, Kansas City, visited Monday afternoon with their sister, Mrs. Will En.sminger and family. COW—Young Jersey, fresh- sooni., also gang plow. W. H. Mbrrl.son:' . LaHai-pe. EXCEPTIO'NAL a -year -old: regi*: tered Jersey bull; will trade foli- livestock or car. Company. McCarthy MotOi MERCHANDISE 24 Articles For Sale B.'VTTERIES — Guaranteed, $4.95.; Ideal Garage. • f ,. EIGHT ACRES of good kafir fodder.^ one-fourth cent a bundle. Funston; Farm, Carlyle. ' ^ Have you a.;house for rent? Or for sale? Want to buy anything? the Classified colunins!, ANNOUNGEMEI^TS A^G^UJS COMMUNITY SALE—Every/ -Wednesday, at J. e. Butcher's Sale Barn, Col. Smock, Auctioneer. MOTOR OIL—50c gal.; 5 gat, $2.19i: Ideal Garage. Phone 174. 2 USED office safes, desks, and ta-' bles. Hennlnger's Store. V 27 Feed, Fuel, FertHliera WOOD—$150 per rank, green or. dry, delivered any time. Phone 88. Brownie's. ' • • 28 Household Goods BIG LOT used kitchen cabinets and. gas ranges. Hennlnger's Store. CLOSE-OUT PRICES—Circulators.' wood and combination heaters.' Trade in old. Curtis', 10 N. Wash.^ USED PIANOS—Large selection.' Easy terms. W. H. Wood Pine' Furniture, 202 S. Jeff. Phoiie 190. 30 Mnsical, Badio USED CROSLEY RADIO, $13.50. Hennlnger's Store. _j ; Real Estate For Rent 37 Booses For Bent ' FOR RENT—Houses, good location.^ See G. E. Pees. HOUSE—8 , rooms with or without furniture,' near Junior high school,modem,: garage^ Phone 387. ' Real Estate For Sale 40^vFarms and Land For Sale 40 ACRES—Adjoining high school L town, Allen county, on hard road;' 4-room house, bam, some fruit. fine land. Price $1800. Terms. $340; cash, $1260 long time at 5!i%..' - Wonderful bargain. Possession. No' trade. Box 367, lola, Kas,

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